Getting started in microcontrollers

Does anyone know a website or book that can help me get started with microcontrollers without Arduino?

Posted by starwing123 9 years ago

Microcontroller Help!!!

I want to connect a microcontroller to LEDs to make them blink. I know how to wire LEDs and how to write computer programs, but I don't know which controller to use, where to get it, or how to wire it. Any help?

Posted by JayGilly6 10 years ago

Need help to spec a microcontroller.

​Hello! I am looking for a bit of guidance as I have limited knowledge in programming Microcontrollers...amateur experience covers a bit of Arduino and LabVIEW (mostly). My goal is to have an LCD display (Module size +- 65 x 40 mm, with SPI or I2C Comms, Monochromatic) to display small error message/codes and other information as for example temperature, speed, Test number and Timer. I do not know what would be the best Microcontroller to use that is off the shelf, that will still be in production for years to come and is "less complicated" to learn...from what I have read, perhaps the best microcontroller might be the Atmel just don't know what model (am open to other suggestions) Also there shall be 20 push buttons connected to the microcontroller. All that the microcontroller does is read the buttons as a byte and send it to another controller and receive information from that controller to know what information to display on the LCD. It shall also inform the controller of any error that it is experiencing.  I do hope that I am providing with clear and enough information so that someone could point me in the right direction.  Thank you in advance.

Posted by Art_Rob 1 year ago

Trying to add to a contest but it's not listed

Hi, I'm trying to add my instructable ( to the Microcontroller contest but when I click to add it, that particular contest isn't listed. Would appreciate some help here. Thanks.

Posted by g6nhu 1 year ago


What can I make with Cmucam4 and Arduino ? Please help me to make a project with Cmucam4 and Arduino

Posted by PardingotanR 2 years ago

2 small more microcontroller questions...

Getting it in the mail soon, so I might as well ask while i wait. 1: Can you put 9V into a input, and out a output.. or is that way too much for the poor guy? 2: Do micro controllers have ability's to read voltage on the input? Like if I want to say when its lower than 1V on input0 it will open output 0 (which sounds a buzzer) for beginner projects. I don't expect examples. I example a yes/no answer. If you feel you need to give an example, feel free. Just don't want you guys to think im requesting codes!

Posted by Killa-X 10 years ago

HELP. i need thy help.

Hi. ive been wanting to get into micro controllers, and programming them for a while. unfortunately i have only a VERY basic knowledge of electricity, and my best is lighting up a few LEDs, and playing with some motors. I need to know (since i can't find one topic that makes sense to me) what i will need to start, how much it will cost, and if my computer will handle it. im looking to start with either PIC or AVR... thanks!

Posted by DELETED_craz meanman 9 years ago

Which microcontroller to choose?

Hi all, I need to use a microcontroller for my project and am thinking of getting the arduino UNO R3 development board which composes of the ATmega328 microcontroller. I have to connect a small motor, a 16x2 LCD display and a miniature heating element to the arduino. I would like to know if the UNO R3 is suitable for my project. PS: I am very new and noob regarding microcontrollers

Posted by kurtselva 5 years ago

Need info on an instructable.

I was reading the instructable for the LED rave glasses.  This one here: In the instructable as in this image: It seems as if everything is simply wired to the microcontroller.  Unfortunately, the wiring schematic was never added.  Is this LED matrix possible by just using the microcontroller as in the pic?  Would appreciate any word.

Posted by bernaserra 5 years ago

Microcontroller question!!!!

Non of the online tutorials are helping me, How do i set a high/low output to a SPECIFIC pin on my AT2313 tiny??? All I fine alone is OUT PORTD,0xFF which sets ALL ports on portD to high 255 aka OFF. But How can i set like pin 4 (PD4 aka PortD 4) and not all portD? someone help me!!

Posted by Killa-X 10 years ago

Survey on Physical Computing and Microcontroller

Dear user, I need YOUR help in order to get some insight into the substance of microcontrollers and physical computing. The basic question that needs to be answered is, what the problems are that occur in the process of physical prototyping, what the reasons for these problems are, and how these problems can be avoided. The results will be used in a bachelor thesis, that deals with this topic, trying to find out how easy - or difficult - it is to enter that particular field. I kindly ask you to follow the following link and to participate at this survey. Thank you very much in advance! Vletsou Ioanna LMU - University of Munich  

Posted by asking-student 7 years ago

Coming Soon: Microcontroller Contest

Hear ye, hear ye! We will be starting a microcontroller contest on January 17. It will be a relatively short contest (3-4 weeks long). So, if you're working on something, wait until then to publish. If you weren't, maybe now is the time to try out an Arduino or any other microcontroller. More info next week. UPDATE: We have partnered with SparkFun for the contest! We will be giving away: 3 First Prizes - $250 worth of goods from SparkFun + laser-etched Leatherman Squirt E4 + Prize Pack 5 Second Prizes - $50 worth of goods from SparkFun + laser-etched Leatherman Squirt E4 + Prize Pack 5 Runners-Up Prizes - laser-etched Leatherman Squirt E4 + Prize Pack UPDATE 2: The contest is now live. See it here.

Posted by fungus amungus 7 years ago

PIC Microcontrollers

Hello. I'm just making my entrance into the world of microcontrollers. But as I self learning everything I have a few questions. I recently purchased 2 PICS (16F648A) and a programming board. The board works fine and I got it to connect to the computer and reconize the PIC. I guess my first question is, Is all hex code PIC specific? Meaning would I be able to use this code "" for my PIC? The models are very similar but not exact. If not, I would like to do the standard "Blink an LED" as my first project. How would I write my code for this PIC and what materials would I need? Thanks!

Posted by jefferson987 11 years ago

Tessel: a new quick-prototyping microcontroller, programmable in JS

I haven't been very active on Instructables lately because I've been a part of starting a company (! I thought the Instructables community would want to see: Tessel is an internet-connected microcontroller programmable in JavaScript that enables developers to extend the reach of the web to physical things. Since Tessel is compatible with Node.js and leverages the Node Package Manager, adding additional capabilities is as easy as plugging in a Tessel module and npm installing its firmware. Get Tessel and start making smart, internet connected devices! We have eight days left of crowdfunding:, so you can see our whole story there. Since Instructables still has a claim on my heart, you've got an open line to me if you have any questions. Miss you! Selkeymoonbeam

Posted by SelkeyMoonbeam 5 years ago

need help with programming

Im new at programming microcontrollers and im trying to program an attiny13. i have the cradle and a USB Programmer but im really confused on how to add the code to the microcontroller. i tried to download a sample version here to test it out but i dont understand what im looking at (the code i want to test with is called test_leds.hex( this just makes the leds flash to test it) and its near the bottom under "pulling it together".i downloaded the WinAVR program which i believe is used to right the code and im using the notepad it came with to right the code but i dont understand how to transfer that code to the microcontroller and i cant seem to make it into a hex file.can anyone tell me what steps i need to take to program the attiny13? and how to use avrdude and to make hex files with winavr? i know its a lot to ask but i seriously want to learn how to do this.

Posted by KT Gadget 10 years ago

Aquarium project

I hope I'm not stepping on anyones toes here. I just posted a new topic in Aquarium Projects. It involves using a microcontroller (starting with Parallax BS2 and eventually switching to AVR) to automate some of the tank maintains. Please delete this if it is some sort of violation to refer to a topic in another forum. Otherwise, it is at: would really appreciate any advice I can get.Thanks!

Posted by GlobalVillageIdiot 10 years ago

Lets discuss our project interest here

Hello everyone, share your thoughts & ideas here..

Posted by ALP Electronic Innovation 4 years ago

power up an MCU using another MCU

Dear all, Here is a concept i would like to prove. I am hoping to power up a microcontroller (MCU) using another MCU. The reason is I would like to make multiple replicates of a base circuitry and connect them to each other, two by two. The catch (what i think would be the catch) is to power up the second one using the first one. I am not sure how this would be possible!? would i be able to change the use of two i/o ports to have both the power and data RX/TX ing? Any help is very much appreciated. Regards, KarimS

Posted by karimskarim 3 years ago

Help with programming a PIC16f877A with Pickit2

I am having a really hard time programming a PIC16f877A with a Pickit2 programmer or a homemade serial programmer. I have tried several ICSP interface circuits but neither programmer can read the microcontroller.  I have been able to program other PICs with each programmer without any problems. I am beginning to think that I just have a bad chip. Does anyone have experience using Pickit2? A step by step breakdown would be extremely helpful.  Can anyone suggest a good interface for the PIC16f877A? I have tried connecting the pins directly to the programmer. I have also tried using pullup resistors on MCLR, and used a schematic for ICSP that I found on the Microchip website.  One thing I have yet to try is powering the chip with an external power supply, Would this method work? 

Posted by carjo3000 8 years ago

Electronics and Microcontroller guide?

Is there a a basic intro to electronics and microcontrollers? I know about the basic components, but no clue about microcontrollers =) Thanks!! Wes

Posted by wesie42 8 years ago

Microcontroller programming

What are the sbi and cbi functions in microcontroller programming??????????????

Posted by sweetramy 10 years ago

USB Controlled Microcontroller

Hi, i'm new to microcontrollers and I want to make a Usb powered and controlled 5 x 20 Led array using charlieplexing, and I have a few questions: - Is there only 1 led on at a time when charlieplexing? - What microcontroller should I use? - Is there a good instructable on connecting a USB to a microcontroller? (i've searched) - Does anyone have a suggestion for a programmer. Thank You, Sander

Posted by DELETED_svkatwijk 10 years ago

Where to get microcontrollers in India?

Tonnes of instructables are based on microcontrollers, and i can't seem to find any. I can't get anything off of the internet, so that does no count. by the way, i live in india. And I will appreciate any help, just reply even if you think it would not be very helpful, it might just be.

Posted by DrCoolSanta 10 years ago

microcontroller using Nuvoton and lm35

Hello, anyone here know how to use Nuvoton NUC 140 VE3CN? I get some trouble on connecting the pin and using what kind of library to activate the pin. We already success in compose the main.c but the data can not show in the LCD. I got text like this: warning: unknown conversion type character 0x20 in format [-Wformat=] Thank you in advance

Posted by diah ajengS1 3 years ago

Microcontroller inputs in C language?

I'm having problems finding and figuring how to do inputs with mirocontrollers VIA button press >> led goes on.(I have a ATTINY2313)Outputs are as simple as PORTB = 0x10 (being hex for pin 16). Keep in mind I'm very new to micros and C. The most I've done was fast-slow blink patterns. How can i do inputs though? SIMPLE code sample is welcomed!

Posted by Killa-X 10 years ago

How can I send the video captured by a web cam using Microcontroller,wireless.???

I am building an All terrain bot which will be wireless controlled from a host computer. So I want to send video from the bot to the host...Can any one suggest any mechanism within a reasonable budget ????

Posted by Paramount 7 years ago


Hi, I want to get into microcontrollers and stuff. Doo you think that an Arduino is the best way to get into this stuff. I live in the UK and I've been looking at this. I need something that interfaces via USB or serial ( via a usb to serial adater) and this looks ideal. What do you think about these? Are they any good?BTW: Does anyone know a place (other than ebay to get these in the UK?)-josh

Posted by josh92176 11 years ago

High Powered LED Lighting - Interfacing LED Driver with Microcontroller

Hello. I am pretty new to electronics but have slowly been getting my head around everything. I was hoping that someone may be able to give me some advice regarding circuit design. I am planning on constructing a high powered LED lighting system for my new marine aquarium. The high end LED units are still really expensive and so I thought I would construct my own for a lot cheaper. I understand the need for LED drivers to power these types of LEDs. But what I want to be able to do is control the brightness of the LEDs using a microcontroller to emulate sunrise/midday/sunset and of course moon light. But I am uncertain how you go about interfacing a LED driver to a microcontroller. Does anyone know of any useful tutorials or have any advice on how I go about completing this task? Thanks in advance, Steve

Posted by steven847 4 years ago

Looking for someone to help me construct an idea i have.

Hello everyone I am looking for someone who can design circuit boards and knows a programming language to program a microcontroller. I would like to talk to someone local if possible, I live in tuscawaras county, Ohio. I am looking basically to control 4 rgb leds. Its not something I can find on instructables but after the project is completed i would like to make an instructable about it. So if you live in ohio and would like to help me please let me know. Must beable to program a microcontroller to controller rgb leds and must beable to design a circuit board knowing what components to use and what not. Thank you and I look forward to some responses. Pay will be negotiable.

Posted by mybills2356 6 years ago

Microcontroller Timered Surge Protector

OK. So I have an indoor garden. A homemade Aeroponics setup for all kinds of lettuce, tomatoes even roses or other flowers for the girlfriend (dude this makes all of it worth it) but I want to be as clutter free as possible and well a gaggle of timers hooked to surge protectos is a hassle. I am looking to integrate a USB stick for the program into a microcontroller that will fit in one of those 8 outlet power bricks. There is quite a bit of unused room in these (almost enough for another row of 4 outlets). In Fact I have seen some of the 12 outlet models with the same overall size profile as the 8 that I have. It is just a regular old belkin entertainment center surge protector but I have a box full of various surge protectors etc. I even have an old backup UPS with a shot battery that I could use that housing but I would prefer a slimmer profile. I want to also use these to control the entertainment area kind of like a smart Kill-A-Watt. Maybe even the computers too. Each outlet could be individually controlled as well as master shutoffs. If you wanted to get really creative you could even set power usage limits for each plug or other Then you would just need a small desktop application to plug all the parameters into. This would by far be the most tedious depending on what microcontroller you use. I am always popping up with these ideas but I lack the expertise in several areas to develop something like this on my own. But I am pretty good at following directions.

Posted by stusatwork 9 years ago


Hello how I can programming this chips and use in different work like use USB interface with flash disk to read and write data. what is software, and programmer, any help I will be appreciated. Best Regards hosam matar

Posted by hosammatar 2 years ago

Mitch Altman presents "Hacking Cool Things with Microcontrollers" in Shanghai

XinCheJian Hack Day: Hacking Cool Things with Microcontrollers! Start Date: Apr 17, 2011 Time: 2PM-5PM Location: No.76 Anhua Road Suite 301 (near Jiangsu Road), Changning District, Shanghai, China Fee: 30rmb/person Mitch Altman, Inventor of the famous TV-B-Gone, a remote control keychain that turns off TVs in public places. He is co-founder of Noisebridge, a San Francisco hackerspace, creator of the Brain Machine project in MAKE Magazine, gives workshops around the world on how to solder and make cool things with microcontrollers, and is CEO of Cornfield Electronics. We're very lucky to have Mitch visiting XinCheJian and give a talk on Hacking Cool Things with Microcontrollers! Everyone can learn and have fun making cool things with electronics! After the talk, there will be a workshop for interested people to experience fun making cool stuffs: TV-B-Gone (turn off TVs in public places!) Material cost: 130rmb Brain Machine (Meditate, Hallucinate, and Trip Out!) Material cost: 130rmb LEDcube (cool cube of blinky lights!) Material cost: 130rmb Mignonette Game (play fun games!) Material cost: 197rmb Trippy RGB Waves (interactive colored blinky lights!) Material cost: 70rmb MiniPOV (more cool blinky lights!) Material cost: 130rmb MintyBoost (charge your USB enabled gadgets!) Material cost: 130rmb The workshop is free, you only pay for the materials used for the project of your choice and you can bring it back home! Come join us on April 17th! Please register here for the event:;_id=5&name;_of_event=MitchAltman-HackingCoolThingswithMicrocontrollers! References: 

Posted by xinchejian 7 years ago

Announcing the Roboduino - the ultimate Arduino-compatible Microcontroller

The Roboduino is finally on sale!!! $40 for a kit and $55 for an assembled version More info and sales information here: Features / Specs:100% Compatible with Arduino software.Power buses along side pwm and analog pins easily accept standard servo and sensor connectors.Powered can be supplied from USB, barrel plug or 3-pin male header. You'll need a suitable power supply when driving multiple servos.dedicated UART 3-pin male header6 PWM outputs with neighboring unregulated power pins6 analog pins14 digital pinsReverse polarity protection for board circuitry (not for unregulated power pins)Optional I2C pull-up resistor locations

Posted by Erobots 9 years ago


This is the beginning of a project I've been wanting to do for a while now. I'm just learning microcontrollers and electronics, so anyone if there is anyone out there who notices me doing something stupid, please let me know. I have a 12-gallon Nano Cube reef aquarium. I want to automate as much of the maintenance as I can. I'm going to start with adding top-off water. This is Topper v1.0 and like any vX.0 you can count on it having problems.Now I know some of you are probably wondering why I don't write this up as an instructable. Well, that is on my list, but it has a ways to go before its ready. I mean, take a look at it! Isn't that the ugliest thing you've ever seen?When the whole thing is finished and prettied up I'll make an instructable out of it. Eventually I'll want to switch to an AVR microcontroller because of the cost. But the Parallax Basic Stamp is just so much easier for quick and dirty programming.Here is the initial controller program.'---------------------------------------------------------------' FloatSwitchTest.bs2' First attempt to control the top off pump with the Stamp' {$STAMP BS2}' {$PBASIC 2.5}DO IF (IN15 = 0) THEN 'Reads float switch HIGH 14 'Turns on pump HIGH 6 'Turns on LED ELSE LOW 14 'Turns off pump LOW 6 'Turns off LED ENDIF PAUSE 1000 'One second pauseLOOP'----------------------------------------------------------------This is just to get things started, but already its nice not having to top it off every day and even at that, the swing in salinity was more than I was happy with.The pump is a Tom Aquarium Products AW-20. At 3.5 gph and a 30" head, with nearly that from top off water to tank and a "one way valve" I wasn't sure how often it would come on or how long it would run at a time. So far, its been running 3-4 times a day for 35 - 40 seconds at a shot. I've started adding Kent Marine Superbuffer-dKH to the top off watch. I want to keep it at about 10 dKH.Anyone looking closely at the photo will notice an IC not listed on the circuit diagram. Its a DS1302 real-time clock and microcontroller isn't currently using it. Next up is connecting that and a 16x2 LCD display to show the time and track how long the pump runs.All comments are welcome, from "I'm curious why you..." to "ARE YOU INSANE?!?!".

Posted by GlobalVillageIdiot 10 years ago

Choosing an Arduino compatible board

Hey everyone. I'm very new to microcontrollers. I've never dealt with them but I do know how to program. I'm interested in creating a wall-avoiding RC truck on a tight budget. I'm mostly going to be following this instructable as well as this one I'm thinking about getting this arduino-compatible board.;=item4d0e0629e4 This is a motor module I'm looking at.;=item565f5299e3 I'm wondering if anyone has experience with arduino-compatible boards or maybe even tosduino specifically. Are they fairly reliable? Is this motor module something that could work? Why is it only $4 while the motor shield for arduino is $20 - $30. I really have no idea as I would just be following tutorials to get my feet wet in the arduino world. Thanks, BlueShorts

Posted by BlueShorts 4 years ago

Help with basic arduino sketch for Halloween

Hello all, I'm very new to Arduino programming, and was trying to write a basic sketch to flash some LEDs in a jack o lantern for halloween, but I'm struggling with the code. Essentially what I wanted to accomplish was blinking a LED from pin 13 x times, followed by fading (pulsing) another LED from pin 9 x times and then repeat.   If anyone would be so kind as to help me accomplish this, I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance.

Posted by SubEclipse 5 years ago

Designing a simple circuit

Ok guys.. so i think this might actually be my first post ever here! Down to business... without giving away my design before I have a chance to build it and such, ill be a little general, and using a different scenario than my actual plan.. i hope you guys are ok with this. It will be an instructable after i get going, i promise you that. So I was hired (i'm running a small business doing custom LED work) to make a project for a league I play in. The premise is simple. We need a way to keep everyone informed as to who's turn it is for the game. As it stands, there is simply a matter of the players staring at you, or mentioning, "let's go!"  which is quite embarrassing. So the design is relatively simple. I have one button (LED center) and one switch per person.   The button signals that you've completed your turn, the switch (when moved to the OFF position [preferably OPEN] )indicates to the microcontroller, or whatever I design to replicate the microcontroller, to skip your LED button if your turn should come around again, and go to the next person in turn. Using the most simplistic way, how would i go about this? I may make a picture of my idea, but its really late and im headed to bed lol, so that will be done tomorrow.  I'll give another example, say there are 4 people at a table, and player 1 and 2 complete their turns. player 3 chooses not to play for the remainder of the session. Player 3 turns their switch off, and play passes to player 4. Player 1 goes, Player 2 quits like player 3 (switch goes to off position), and then it goes to player 4.  Pay attention to the bold in the previous paragraph. How would this be accomplished? Remember, an LED button is being pressed to signal end-of-turn. Any ideas or nudges in the right direction would be perfect. I'm not looking for a handout, so just suggest, NICELY PLEASE or link to related materials. I like learning, so handouts will not benefit me, unless you tell me WHY, so that i can remember it for next time, if there is a next time lol. I appreciate this you guys and gals. I take a lot of knowledge away from every instructable I follow along with.  --Mikel

Posted by mikelspencr 7 years ago

Linkit One not working

I have a Linkit One that keeps disappearing from my ports when I try to upload a sketch. I was doing some testing of a sketch I had made and I keep getting the message that there was not board on the port I had selected. I have successfully uploaded sketches with this setup before. This was on a Macbook Pro running Yosemite 10.10.5. After several attempts to fix the problem I moved my setup to my Windows 7 machine. The issue is similar. I cannot get the board to remain visible on the port for any amount of time. I plug it in and it shows up for a few second before disappearing again. I fear my board's usb port has gone bad. I can upload to my arduino uno with no problems.   If it is a bad usb port is there anything I can do? Can I upload sketches another way? I would hate to lose the use of this board. Thanks for your time.

Posted by ehudwill 2 years ago

I want some one to help me at making RC car controlled by wifi esp2866 and AVR atmega 32?

Greetings,iam mustafa,working right now as it technical support engineer for 3 years and 7 months .I have never made project for RC car or any project related to embedded systems as i was always scared and think that people who create these things are super smart and iam not smart enough .i always wish to work as embedded software engineer but i've never made a project in real life. i studied c programming and materials related with avr architecture and had many interviews but i fail always .At last interview, i'd failed and the interviewer asked me to do a project so that i get better .i decided to challenge myself and build an rc car .i asked a friend of mine to help me in project& i made a code using atmel studio IDE and simulator(proteus) to test my code could move the dc motor right ,left and backward and forward till this moment on the simulator (proteus software) .After while i was sick and my friend was busy as he traveled abroad cause of his work.and iam very disappointed as i didn't finish my project .i get older and i want to make a shift career and work as an embedded software engineer but iam afraid that i won't achieve my dream . i hope this post will give me a hope to continue the path of achieving my dream careeri have bought this things: 4 DC motors 12 vwifi moduleH bridge moduleresistors and wires and breadboard===============================i hope that i find some one who is patient and keep an eye on me while i do the project .Thanks all

Posted by MustafaS72 6 months ago

Advice on microcontrollers

Hey everyone. Long-time member of the site, but just now starting to get into microcontrollers. Looking for some help on choosing a good, easy line of microcontrollers/programmer (easy to use without sacrificing too much function) which would be good for someone new to microcontrollers. Would the ATTiny line of microcontrollers be any good, or would pic be better? Oh, I'm also a university student so cost of the microcontroller/programmer is something I'd like to keep low (if possible). Thanks to anyone who might be able to help me. Either respond here or send me a private message ... Thanks again :)

Posted by Murf 10 years ago

z8f042a Microcontroller

hi to all!!!       can somebody teach me how to program the z8f042a microcontroller that controls a 9x6 LED matrix having different patterns...and i'm using a rotary switch for each pattern...please!!!! it can be 6 patterns...

Posted by janesan_14 8 years ago

Microcontroler Newbie... Which To Choose ?? Anyone help??

Looking to get into microcontrollers. Looking for a line of microcontrollers which is fairly easy to program (newbie), not too hard on the budget (poor grad student) and fairly versitile. Anyone know a good starting point ?? Any help would be greatly appreaciated!

Posted by Murf 11 years ago

ATtiny 13

I need help choosing a software for ATtiny13 microcontroller. I do not want to program in cmd and need something that is compatible with USBtinyISP.

Posted by sotsirh194 9 years ago

AVR Tutorial?

So I built a nice little programmer, and now I want to learn to program my AVR microcontrollers. WHERE DO I FIND A TUTORIAL?! I've been looking for hours, and all I can find is information on building a programmer for AVR microcontrollers. I already did that! I can't find a single tutorial on how the programming language for AVRs work. Does anybody know where I can find a tutorial on the programming language for AVRs, or the AVR assembly lnaguage? This is the only thing that there seems to be nothing about on the internet.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 8 years ago

Help picking the right dev board and microcontroller??

After reading a lot of sites (and a few instructables *cough*westfw*cough*:) on microcontrollers, I want to finally buy one. the only thing though is I also need a development board and im stuck. Theres so many, I can't even begin to know which I should get.I was looking into the Z80 since I could buy a development board for 40$, which is pretty high for me (50 is around my max), and it also has a usb programmer, my laptop doesn't have a serial connection, but Im not so sure anymore. I know *some* c++ and I'm willing to learn c so I don't need a basic module or anything.Do you guys know of any good ones for me?

Posted by pwnz32 10 years ago

USBeDuino Project

Hi, I just want to inform you about a new project, which bring a tiny microcontroller board for your home automatication, to you. It is called "USBeDuino". What is USBeDuino? basically it is a microcontroller board with 3 shields, which, when combined make a very great platform for home automatication. Features: Processor: Attiny85 2 x 3A PWM Output sink channel 3 x Analog input channel 1 onboard poti 2 onboard Buttons Input Voltage 5-24V Small size The idea behind the board: Sometimes you need only projects with very less pins, such as light controlling or pump controll (in the garden). Then you dont want to use a full arduino, with a power or a relay shield... then you can use the USbeDuino! Please tell me, what do you think about this project? Does it have potential?

Posted by Jan_Henrik 4 years ago

I need a mini-arduino! Help with finding one!

Hey guys! I had a question! I got several ATtiny85s and they were great! I was able to use my Arduino Sketches and my use Arduino to upload the code to them. But now I have a new project and I need more then 2 outputs! I need another microcontroller just like the Attiny85 but with say 4-10 outputs. Any sugggestions? Oh, I have to be able to use my Arduino sketches with it, so I can't use things like the picaxe thingy. I also don't want to buy a miniduino or microduino. Thanks!

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago

8051 Project Ideas Needed

I have used Arduino's & RasPi's in the past for quite a few projects.  For my electronics college project I have to use an 8051(Arduino,etc are not allowed). After using Arduino's for the past 6 year's in most of my projects, I can't think of a good project which is possible to make on an 8051. I hope this thread turns into repository of 8051 projects that are still relevant today. The ideas posted in the comments could also be used in the Microcontroller Contest 2018. Please suggest in any 8051 project ideas in the comments below. Also mention the difficulty level & if possible a link to the project. Easy = No Sensors only Actuators Medium = Sensors + Actuators Hard = Sensors + Actuators + Communication(Wifi,Bluetooth) + Awesomeness

Posted by Jonathanrjpereira 1 year ago

2014 - Arduino Day!

Hey guys! This Saturday, March 29 2014 is Arduino Day!  What are some of your favorite Arduino projects?  I am personally a fan of the Twittering Office Chair, The Arduino Step Sequencer, and this Tiny Arduino Laser Cutter (so cute!). If you want a good place to start with Arduino, check out this Instructable!

Posted by audreyobscura 4 years ago

Forward/Reverse engine using 2 micro pins - How?

I've been wanting to get into more advance projects after i've down lights, tunes, and other things. So first to mind, knex and motors. have tones of it. The only problem, How can i get a forward/backward on the engine, with just 2 micro pins? This is a normle + - motor.

Posted by Killa-X 10 years ago