Microlight trick

Hii want to make a microlight trick .and i want to use a honda G200 engine with 4 stroke i would like to know if it is possible,email conlens@hotmail.comthanksSean

Question by ShaE3 1 year ago

what leds are in the iNova colored microlights?

The leds in the inova microlights are INSANELY bright. I have green, blue, and red ones. Where can i find these?! Almost all the red green and blue leds online are WAYY too dim in comparison...

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LED board ideas?

So first and foremost, I'm new to DIY electronics and the forum, so apologies in advance, i was linked to this forum through google.(if this isnt the correct forum to ask or against TOS apologies in advance.) What im looking to do is make some sort of LED controller, that allows me to program strobe on/off delay (set how long the lights on, as well as how much time between each strobe)  Not too sure where I would need to begin im assuming, and arduino board would be the best start. I laready own a bunch of these (http://www.emazinglights.com/rave-microlights/elite/elite-multi-mode/elite-matrix-chip.html)  I'm just wanting to tinker around and make my own larger scale ones to incorporate into household items, and still have some of the same functionality.  I am not too concerned with size or anything like that either.

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How can I lift a 38kg hang-glider wing on to my van's roof-rack (without help) without breaking my back? Answered

Hi, I fly a microlight, the trike of which fits nicely in my van (see link). The wing folds into a sausage shaped, zip-up bag, which can be carried on a roof-rack made by bolting a ladder to the roof of the van....but getting it up there is an issue. I can get help from a neighbour when I set out, but I am on my own at the airfield, when it comes to getting the wing down....and later putting it back up.I have wondered about a pulley system, a stepped system, a winch, etcanyone got any suggestions?http://tinworm-wings.blogspot.com/all help very much appreciated-Tinworm

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I want to make an RGB LED microlight that has multiple modes for which it flashes with PWM. rainbow fade, slow/fastblink

Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqq0doh7Dto I want to make my own version of this. I'm willing to do whatever it takes. Can someone point me in the right direction? Its has to be a small portable flashlight and run off of small batteries. It has to have multiple modes: one of which is a rainbow fade, another of which is a super fast blinking mode). I understand Pulse Width Modulation achieves this, but I've only seen LARGE circuits that achieve this in comparison with the size of a microlight. I don't think a 555 timer circuit would work for me since it would be too large and I would need 3 to controller the RGB. I understand that microcontrollers are needed to control the modes, what type of microcontroller could i use that is that small? If filmed under time lapse, I want to achieve the effect in the picture for a mode: http://lightzombies.com/store/images/Blending%20Rainbow%20-%20White%20Blue%20Green%20(1).JPG Any help is very very welcome. This is an extremely important project to me.

Question by SpiffyChee 8 years ago

How can you connect an LCD screen to a YSB001 (MD80 rip-off) camera so you can see what you are filming?

When you film with a good video camera, you can usually see what you are filming by looking at the LCD / viewfinder... but I have bought one of those very cool, tiny cameras that cost about £10, can be bought on eBay and which come from Hong Kong But in return for being tiny, it does not have any kind of viewfinder. I bought mine to experiment with fixing it to my hang glider/microlight to film flights. I figure I can, by trial and error, work out what the actual field of view/ frame is but I'd much prefer to be able to set up my camera with a monitor of some kind (perhaps using my mobile phone camera?) Better still, I would like to be able to monitor the camera all through the flight (perhaps be able to move the mount remotely?) Is there a simple method for achieving this or do I need to do electronics?

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