How to make a simple microphone? Answered

Hi, i want to make a simple computer microphone i have a microphone i removed it from a old telephone and a 3.5mm jack  with four cords 2 positive and two ground.i want the simplest way exists!

Asked by ubdussamad 5 years ago

Bypassing the wireless microphone signal

I want to know that is it possible to block the signal from a bodypack wireless microphone and then to send signal from another device like my phone?

Asked by harshmittal17 1 year ago

phone into a microphone

I was thinking about trying to turn an old phone into a microphone for a music performance or something? correct me if im wrong and i probably am but, a small crap microphone is a telephone would work would it? i was thinking if i left the whole phone in tact but made the cord come from the phone base into a microphone jack, how would i connect a microphone jack that has 5 legs to a 2 wire phone microphone? it couldnt be done could it? It would work if i just bought a crappy microphone and moved and fitted it into a telephone so it has all the circuit or what ever else is in one already in it I apologize if most of that doesn't make sence

Posted by craig3 9 years ago

what can I use the sima mini soundcatcher wireless remote receiver for ?

What alternative use can I put the sima mini soundcatcher wireless remote receiver to.  This was designed for a digital camcorder but I wonder what I can do with it alternatively. It is a microphone.

Asked by vcipryk 2 years ago

Mic amplifier for ambient sound?

I need a way to pick up distant sound at the mic. I hear output only when i talk too close to mic

Asked by Ejay11 8 months ago

how do i make a microphone that is recognized by my ipod touch?

I've made several of the microphones from instructables, but none of them are recognized by my ipod. any suggestions?

Asked by xadevox 9 years ago

My parabolic microphone is picking up radio stations. What did I do wrong? Answered

I built a parabolic microphone using spare parts. (One stainless steel wok, one dowel rod, one lapel microphone, one snair drum stand, and some scrap metle. Along with some shrink tubing and an old broke toy now blocking the back end of the microphone.  I grabbled an as seen on TV 'Listen Up' personal amp. I removed the microphone built in and replaced it with a 1/8 jack. When I connect it to the parabolic microphone instead of amping the sound it picks up RF radio stations. An easy listening R&B station to be exact. How do I fix that or can it be fixed?

Asked by lncognito 8 years ago

How to pass sound from microphone to earphone

Hi, I need a simple way to pass sound from Condenser microphone though wire and some circuit to one or pair of earphone to be heard, live, just a simple communication tool, is there an instructable for this or please give me exact steps . Thanks .

Asked by achraf52 6 years ago

How to replace mini microphone with more sensitive mic?

Hi I am trying to replace mini microphone (is very similar to mobile phone microphone) of Audio bug with more sensitive Standard electret microphone with intention that it pickup sound from more than 1 metre distance, and in doing so I am getting too much noise in Audio bug out-put. Do I need pre-amp? Is there any better way to do it? If pre-amp then how to harmonise out put of pre-amp to the input of audio bug? Any help..... Thank you.

Posted by ksaus 7 years ago

How to replace mini microphone with more sensitive mic?

Hi I am trying to replace mini microphone (is very similar to mobile phone microphone) of Audio bug with more sensitive Standard electret microphone with intention that it pickup sound from more than 1 metre distance, and in doing so I am getting too much noise in Audio bug out-put. Do I need pre-amp? Is there any better way to do it? If pre-amp then how to harmonise out put of pre-amp to the input of audio bug? Any help..... Thank you.

Posted by ksaus 7 years ago

Simple microphone preamp that can be used with 15 volt power supply?

I am making a project that cosists of amplified speakers with tone and bass and i am planning on adding a 2 way input, 1 for mp3/cd players the other for a microphone, however i have to use seperate preamplifiers for the 2 inputs. The preamplifier will need to be pretty basic and simple so i wont need to include stuff like noice cancelling. Thanks for your help

Asked by COOL_Q 6 years ago

How do I convert an old pair of headphones into a microphone?

So I'm trying to convert a vintage pair of over-the-ear headphones into a microphone (using only one of the earpieces obviously) and I'm not sure how to re-wire it after I went and disconnected the 2nd earpiece. Basic info: The remaining earpiece has a tone knob, volume knob, and a mono/stereo toggle switch. It has a 1/4" cord compromised of positive, negative, and a ground. It's a 0.3W 8ohm speaker. I got the idea for this after seeing an old telephone converted into a microphone and I've been wanting to get a lo-fi sounding mic for a while now and figured I'd save some cash by recycling these old things.

Asked by jlpeters12 6 years ago

Microphone and Speakers HELP

I am having a hard time finding answers for this problem, so i am looking forward to some answers from smart people on this website :), Me and my friends use a Voice chat program and weirdly my friends can hear what i hear without even having my MIC plugged in! If i chat with a headset it doesn't occur but without it. They can hear what i hear. Please i will be watching this thread carefully, I really need this fixed! Thank you!

Posted by Jasekillingspree 9 years ago

Need some help with a microphone Amp Answered

Hey everyone ! I'm trying to throw together a small audio project Using a electrolytic Mic, an amp, and a small speaker, Basically a Hearing Aid. I'm probably going to use small breakout boards (a mic pre-amp, and a power amp) then hook them up to the speaker but I would like to know if anyone has another Idea? Voltage can be 3.3-5V (Running off a Li-po) Speakers are 8-Ohm, 1.5W I'm not looking for outstanding quality, just clear enough to Easily follow a conversation. Preferably from standard components. Any Ideas? Thanks, Wired Mist

Asked by Wired_Mist 3 years ago

Data on a super shotgun mike from 1960?

I am looking for info on a directional  mike design from 40 years ago I cant find a thing on. It used 20 or 30 lenghts of conduit 20 to 40 inches long bundled together. The effect was to add their resonant effect. I beleive it was directional as well and called a shotgun mike. Was in pop electronics type magazines.

Asked by ericsundbergva 8 years ago

Camera Suggestion

I do ALOT of youtube videos, but I also need still good quality still pictures and my camera just died. I have a budget of around $400.00 and need something that takes HD video I would like something that either has an external mic jack or takes good audio, my subscribers complain of a high pitched whistle in my current videos (I cannot hear it) It would also be nice if it could be set up to stream directly to a computer, as I would like to record classes, and some of them are 8-12 hours. If the Contour +2 took still pictures I would compromise on the picture aspect because I shoot a lot of outdoor action stuff, and a waterproof helmet cam would be nice.  Right now I use a Nikon S8000, and liked it, but it just wasn't durable (plus the sound issues) I know I am asking a lot, and will have to compromise something, but I cannot go over $400-$500 budget. Please recommend something you think would work

Posted by tngun 5 years ago

can i make a microphone in to a guitar pickup?

Can i make a microphone in to a guitar pickup?

Asked by orionskys 8 years ago

Microphone how?

I was wondering, How could I turn an old speaker into a microphone?

Posted by batboy61490 10 years ago

How to wire this microphone? Answered

I am wondering how to wire this microphone. I took it off an old kit and i am just wandering as it may come in hand. Thanks Oscar

Asked by oscarthompson 8 years ago

Mr. Microphone build?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows how to build a wireless microphone that can broadcast to a radio like the old Mr. Microphone from the 70s/80s?  If so, can you please post an instructable? The range on it doesn't have to be very far, just a few feet. Thanks

Posted by pennsteve 7 years ago

Will it work if I use a guitar in the microphone input

Sorry, can't really think straight today I'm just wondering if I got an adapter for a standard guitar cable to fit the microphone input in my sound card, would it would it work as a microphone and record off my humbuckers?

Posted by Chicken2209 9 years ago

How to measure distance with a contact microphone?

Hey, I`m trying to create a project about echolocation, so, I´m gonna use contact microphones, give me some ideas mates. PLEASE

Posted by JoséG100 2 years ago

Dreamcast Microphone

I have an old Sega Dreamcast lying around and was wondering if anyone had a microphone attachment for it. I am trying to build a microphone input (using an old vmu) instead of buying one offline for 20$+ If you happen to have one I would appreciate it if you opened it up and took some (good) pictures of the circuitry. Pleaseandthankyou, dan

Posted by TheCheese9921 9 years ago

How can I make a microphone less sensitive?

I have these microphones for a project I am working on, but they are much too sensitive. Can I put some resistors with them to make them not so sensitive? I basically want them to record only what they are aimed at.

Posted by l0cke 10 years ago

How to make circuit with two microphones?

I need to make a wearable headband that has a microphone by each ear that will record everything that is going on around a person. I don't know what else i might need. I need someone to tell me exactly what i need and how to construct it. drawings might be good. thank youuuuu

Asked by PenelopeS6 1 year ago

Microphone to speaker amplifiers

I want to make a microphone to 8 ohm speaker amplifier. I have tried using the lm386 op amp, however, the results were poor. What other IC could I use for this project? PD: It would also be of great help if any of you could send me a schematic along with the new IC since I am relatively new to electronics and still learning.

Posted by MrB12 1 year ago

Help with electret microphone

Hi by checking some information and also some of the projects here, i realized that electet microphones are as good as studio condenser microphones and i was wondering if you can help me to create a condenser quality mic out of an electret element with schematics or actually a tutorial of how to do it the circuit and the pre-amp if necessary ... i got this ""  can you check it out and tell me if it would work or give me some other ideas. thnx

Asked by Markus03 6 years ago

I am having microphone troubles and I don't want to go to a repairman, what do i do? Answered

I was having some microphone troubles before and now I think it's gone FUBAR but I think i can still save it. So i have a studio mic I use to talk with my girlfriend and it was making a bunch of static whenever I moved it around. I found that it's near where the chord comes from the mic and I tried fixing it by putting a straw in it and now the straw won't come out. It's not making any noise and I don't want to buy another 'cause I'm broke. Can somebody please help me? It's a atus ATR 20 studio microphone. If someone can tell me how to take it apart I can just fix it from there

Asked by Iridium7 7 years ago

How to make a simple circuit, that has two unidirectional microphones?

I need to make a wearable headband which has two microphones at either side of the head. I know that i need a battery and two electret microphones and a lily pad??? but i don't know what else. it needs to be extremely simple. and i need someone to show me how to put it together, like an easy to follow drawing with all the parts clearly labelled. I will be recording alot so it needs to store at least 10 mins worth of recordings. Do i need another device for that? would i be able to upload that audio to a computer too?

Asked by PenelopeS6 1 year ago

How do I make a simple, portable P.A. system using a boom box and a microphone? Answered

I have a boom box with dual cassette, AM/FM radio and line-in input.  It also has a microphone input.  I have tried plugging a mic in but it seems to work only when I have a cassette in it and it is on record. What do I need to do or to add to make a simple public address system without running the cassette record?

Asked by blodefood 8 years ago

Wiring up a Electret Microphone to a 3.5mm cord for PC?

My headset's microphone isnt really too good, its wayy too quiet with boost and volume all the way up so I'd like to make a custom mic to hopefully have it perform better then my current mic So I was looking around and saw these ones that come amplified Those look like they can be easier to solder together than this one  Would I be ok to splice up a headphone cord and solder everything up or will i need external power for them or anything else to have it run alright?

Asked by T10NAZ 4 years ago

How to wire/connect to my mixer this beautiful vintage microphone?

Hi everybody,I found this excellent Davoli Krundaal mic from 60ies.I try to restore it but i dont know its wiring!Anyone help? thanks (mail me at

Asked by pipisgr2000 4 months ago

How to protect the conversation in the house from evasdropping using microphone listening through walls?

My house is townhouse, walls are made of concrete, 6 inches thick. The next house beside my house shares the same walls with my house. I think he put the microphone through walls because even I just whispered he can hear it and know every conversation in my house. Please instruct me the countermeasure or cheap DIY device that work effectively to protect this situation. Thank you

Asked by 9 years ago

i have recently installed windows 7 in my TOSHIBA A300 but there are problems with my hardware?

I have recently installed windows 7 but while the assistant manager says that the camera and the microphone are active I cant use them in msn or to record some sounds

Asked by arv_christos 8 years ago

gopro camera and gunfire? Answered

Hello, This question is aimed at anyone who has used a gopro near guns. . . . If I make a chest or head mount for a gopro hero, to use on a shooting range does anyone know if the gunshots are likely to damage the microphone ? If not, is the recording likely to sound like a gun shot or will it be just a clipped phut. Thanks

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 2 years ago

What is this??? Answered

I found this in a box of misc. wires yesterday at a thrift store looks like a toy for a computer game maybe. It has a speaker up top and an adjustable microphone at the bottom. I know that speaker and microphone are self explanatory, but I was curious to know what exactly it may have been used with. It has a place in the middle to put in three AA batteries and it has a removable clip to attach it to something. When I put in the batteries it appeared to work or the little red light indicator  came on and the speaker was on with a real low fuzz sound. I have not plugged it into anything yet , I wanted some input first.Thank you in advance to anyone with help.

Asked by ViolentaniousA 2 years ago

How do I make a Headphone/Microphone hub...

Hello, I'm a tabletop gamer and I have a problem. My problem is that sometimes I play at gaming rooms and there's usually a lot of noise there. What I was wondering is, is there an easy way of making a Headphone/Microphone hub that players at the table can plug in their headsets and thus ignore most of the ambient noise from the other people around them? I have an understanding of electronics and how to work with them. I just don't have the finer knowledge of how to actually make stuff from scratch unless I follow a blueprint with listed components to use. What's needed is something the "host" (be it a Gamemaster or the one who's running the game) can plug his microphone headset into and the players at the table as well (let's say 10 players, so that's 11 headphones and 11 microphones). And the host needs to have a means to talk to just some players at various times, and each player must in turn have the ability to speak to the host as well.  I'm certain this gadget or something similar is or has been made at some point in time, kinda like the conference tools corporations use for their meetings, just a little lower tech than that, and it needs to be easily transportable. I would be grateful for any help on this matter.

Posted by hnakkabuff 5 years ago

DIY Shotgun Microphone (with wind shield & in-built shock mount)

Hey everyone, this is my first post here on Instructables, and I'm here to stay! My name's Matt (hi!), and I have a YouTube account called DIYPerks (like my username). On it I post DIY videos... which is besides the point, so on to what I want to show you... A while ago I made my own shotgun microphone for my camcorder. It's pretty cheap to build at £12, and sounds great because it's got its own wind cover and in-built shock mount! It's very directional too! I've had several requests about how I built it, so I made this detailed overview video so people will be able to build their own. I'm posting it here as I think some of you will find it very interesting. :) Please take a look at tell me what you think!

Posted by DIYPerks 5 years ago

Wireless FM microphone real time voice/play transmitter

Hello I am looking to buy/build a small FM wireless transmitter with built in microphone (similar to karaoke but not exactly ) to transfer voice or sound  from playing  musical instrument  to earphone. It is meant only for practice purpose so does not need  high power, the distance between the microphone (the transmitter ) to earphone  is like from mouth to ear a few centimeters say about  50 cm. I am electronic junior engineer and have knowledge and experience in electronics mechanics and wave buy. Before trying to develop a new product  I was looking for a readymade shelf product. The first way I have searched the internet and reached manufacturer of Bluetooth solutions because of the plenty of Bluetooth earphone that are on the market, but quit a short time after I got some answers from the the Techs engineers  of the manufacturers that Bluetooth will not be my solution because It was not originally designed for true real time transmitting. The main problem is the latency time because there is a delay between the voice or play start until I hear it in the earphone there is improved in Bluetooth 4.1 and 4.2 that is 38 MS and may be not enough while fast playing, So as I was advised I started looking in the RF FM area. FM transmitters are long time in the market of stages and performers, there are high power grate quality transmitters that cost hundreds of dollars. Here is the summary of what I need :        I will need the smallest device (PCB) can be like FM spy bug transmitter. built in microphone (on the PCB ) , built in battery compartment (on the PCB ),built in antenna a copper loop on the PCB (no wire) Since there may be some problems like saturation of microphone or other problems with band width or  sound and sensitivity, sensitivity and control for the Microphone is important. Easy calibration of  tuning and stability , may be digital tuning is better. One option is to use the standard of radio FM 88-108 , but it possible that I can use FM VHF or UHF system that have both transmitter and receiver . If there are no ready made products thatn I can easy build a kit , or from schematic diagrams I will be thank full if you have any ideas. Nevat Ben Haim Recomp Computers

Posted by Nevat 1 year ago

I want to build a voice changer that takes its input from a line out?

Hi I want to build an "in-line" voice changer. There are loads of kits and devices to build one that takes input from a microphone but I cannot find an inline one at a sensible price. I bought a Vellman kit - but this too has an on board mini microphone.   I was considering just replacing the mic with a line-in socket. I will also attach a line out socket to the speaker output pins. I have done some reading and it appears as if: The mic output will be a few millivolts. The line input will be 1-1.5v So looks like something will go phut. Can I just put a resistor in line with the line-in socket - and if so what size? Any other thoughts on how I can do this with hardware (not software). Many thanks Steve

Asked by SteveM290 6 months ago

How would one build an amplified (electronic) megaphone?

Sup guys. Im trying to start buildign an electronic megaphone, but i dont know where to ger started. I've looked online enough on building and amp, but  dont know if using a microphone requires a preamp on it. So far, i have a plastic cone for the physical part, and a 4 ohm 10W mid-tweet speaker to project the sound. All i need is to know if a pocket amp is sufficient to amp a passive mic loud enough over a crowd. I need need any superb audio quality, just something that you can actually hear what is being said. I would appreciate any plans and help. TY

Asked by SteamOh 6 years ago

Mr. Microphone

I had an idea for a Mr. Microphone, is it possible to modify it to run off my MP3 player so that instead of your voice coming in over the radio its your MP3?

Posted by Robo51 7 years ago

Laptop usb microphone Answered

How to make internal laptop microphone usb?

Asked by Mr Qatanani 8 weeks ago

How to join a 3.5mm Jack to a Microphone ?

I want to make it to use it as a Mic.

Asked by Milin 18 5 years ago

Is this an Microphone amplifier and how to make it by myself?

I don't want to spend 150 USD for this thing :), but I want to do it myself. 

Posted by sbaltov 5 years ago

Built-in Microphone

Heres a question, I have a digital audio recorder with a builtiin microphone. I would like to either a) add a jack to plug an external microphone into, or b) replace said built-in mic with a jack. How would one go about doing this? Is it as simple as soldering in the jack? Thanks, Anorath

Posted by Anorath 11 years ago