sidearm of mine

This is some handle loaded pistol I made today whilst I was in bed 'ill.' Yes, it occasionally jams, but the power makes up for that.

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Lately I've been into coding, so I made this cool game called MINE BATTLE. The point of the game is to collect all the coins without being destroyed by the barrel bombs or the Skeletons. This is a single player game. The avatar is controlled using the arrows. No one has ever beat this game so far! Can You!?

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Star Mine

Well, I made a star mine today,video taped it, and wanted to see what people think.So:

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A Story of Mine:

I've been a working on a tale for quite a while now. I've managed to finally write the proluge (like 1 page lol), and I'd appreciate it if you had a looksee and tell me what you thinkee. It's a fantasy/sci-fi story about a guy who gets himself drawn into an alternate universe full of elves, vampires, dragons, and tings that go bump in the night... Please excuse my rather poor story-writing skills, my brain runs on a graphics-based OS, not text-based.

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CO2 land mine.

I have a great idea for a paint mine. If anybody has suggestions please tell me. Its my first. The reason I need help with this is because I have people Sneaking up in my tree fort at night and either want to shoot them with a BB (preferred) or soak them in paint. I like both. But I just want some suggestions on this. I am including the mine sketchup file in this post along with a pic. Thanks, Mike

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A few Pictures of mine

Now, I wouldn't say this is art, nor am I an artist. I just enjoy taking pictures. These are a few of my favorites. The last is noisy, I know, I just thought it was funny. Hope you like them!

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Bolt actions, and mine

I've noticed there are alot of "bolt action knex gun"'s, and it really ticks me off when I click to see that they're simple ram pull, please, don't call them bolt actions. Also, still got my semi auto, made a very close to true bolt action (the breech doesn't open when the bolt is pulled back) its my 2nd bolt action, also, once I've posted my Semi auto V4 and my Bolt Action v2, I'll make a single shot, (or mag fed if I'm lucky) that when the bolt is pulled back it exposes a breech to put one or two bullets in, this will be shellfed, so you can't exactly shout about the singleshot. Thankyou for reading this, Yerjoking

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A few projects of mine

I have just come back from a nice long holiday up to snells beach (i dont really think that i needed to say that since i am the only new zealander on ibles but what the heck) and did some building. First thing is my prototype tank. i ran out of peices (only the gears) so it wont go any further. and yes the track does move thing is my new crossbow. it is damn good. look out for it current project is re-desingning my side arm because the handle angle is the same as the dunkis's sidearm. i have succesfuly redesigned it (it is awesome) and finishing soon. goes well. the last image's are of my new sniper. i took way too many peices and took about 2 hours to build the barrel so it is a no go

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Any good airsoft trip mines?

I already made 2 different kinds but i want to see if there is any good ideas for another!

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How do I tell what rating I gave to an iBle? Or if I've even rated that iBle?

.  Immediately after I rate an iBle, it tells me what rating I gave. If I reload the page, my rating disappears, never to be seen again. .  How can I tell what I rated an iBle or if I have rated it at all?

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Anti-Land Mine Robot

I have started design and concept design on a robot to mark (via GPS and UV paint) and destroy unexploded ordinance in Cambodia.  I am assembling teams for various aspects of the project (mechanical, electronics/power, practical application, coding and programming, construction, etc).  While many people have offered their experience and knowledge, the more people contributing can only benefit the end product.  This is not a money-maker, it's a life sustainer.  I'm looking for people who are interested in using their skills to better someone else's existence.   Though it is brand new, you can visit the project's blog at   All advice is welcomed.  Project updates will be regular. Thank you for your time, Huck

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Two Knex Walkers of mine

Here are two knex walking machines of mine. Neither are bad, but both aren't great. I Might post the second one if I can make it better. They are both powered by two Knex Powerpacks. The first video is of the smaller one, and the second and third are the larger one.

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Knex Bouncing Betty: Anyone Interested?

How do you feel about using tactical items like mines?  I'm just looking for an opinion from people, since recently I made one for fun. It resembles a 'Bouncing Betty' and it works by tripping a switch. By the way it's built, it's usable outside and inside. Tell me what you think of it, and I will post it up soon. Update 4/28/11: Posted Photo Instructable. Please see the first model and subscribe for future variations.

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Minecraft Messed Up? Answered

I play minecraft for free at . I play on both creative mode and survival mode. On creative, I cannot spawn any of the monsters using the spawn eggs. (i.e. zombies, creepers, spiders, ect.) On survival mode, they do not show up at all! What should I do, if there is anything to do?

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wireless activation device need help creating a suitable output device possible use of electromagnets Answered

I need help developing the output system for my remote system. currently I'm using a wireless doorbell as the receiver planing on replacing the speaker with some kind of device that will activate when the transmitter sends a signal. basically I'm trying to make a remote mine like the one in the following links and;=1276804389-;=/cart/listcategory.html&RID;=1&NL;=&CA;=1&kiosk;=&Show;=107 it appears that both are using some kind of magnetic system as the release and I am a bit out of my league. Any ideas are appreciated I will also include a basic drawing of where I currently am at in my project and what I would like to accomplish and lastly if any one owns one of these and knows how they function please let us know.

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Are there any gas powered trip mines?

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Everyone welcome boolash, a friend of mine.

This welcome topic is a few months late, but I had some trouble finding his account.anyway, boolash is a professional eye doctor and lasik surgeon. He is my sunday school teacher as well, and I introduced him to the site a few months back, but I didnt get his username right.anyway, Welcome to ibles!!

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Update: Help Needed- Land Mine

This is kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing, but an idea for an airsoft land mine just popped into my head. I already own a land mine, but it is horribly ineffective. It shoots baking soda barely an inch off the ground. People easy claim they did not get hit, and it's hardly realistic. I could use your help building this. I only came up with a design, but not how get it to actually work. The *crudely drawn* design is below; it involves the unwitting victim stepping on a pressure sensitive plate. This plate triggers four air cannons buried in the ground loaded with baking powder and BBs. This hopefully blasts out in a much more realistic and impressive burst, and the victim knows they are dead. Any ideas on how to get it working?Here's another idea: make it spring powered. Saves the hassle of trying to build an air compressor. Place a spring in a pipe, attach it to a locking mechanism that releases when stepped on, place a platform on the spring. It would be kind of like a piston. (See second *crudely drawn* schematic.) It's ALIVE!. I made the switch to spring powered, and the prototype worked! It shoots BBs 28 feet and baking soda about 4 feet. Now I need to improve it and make an Instructable.

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Couple New knex guns of mine

Now, I know I said a load of s**t about my assault pistol, but here are a couple of creations and one accessory for the big one...#1QuadripodWell, here it is, the first ever K'nex 'pod' that has more than two legs.Its a VERY simple 'second support' for most knex guns.The instructable will probably be up today.#2 I cant think of a name...Simple handgun. Whatever.#3 HBF's Assault RifleNothing to say.It will work with the quadripod...

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Working SRv3 and Directional Mine Prototype

I haven't had the time to work on the SRv3 in a while so here is what I am thinking of doing. Let me know what you think. I want to release an ible on what I have built up to this point. Which by the way is a working shooting gun that shoots exactly how I want it to I just need the body, front, grip, stock, and bi pod to be designed and built. If you build what I present your SRv3 will shoot 500ft. What do you think? I want to make this gun a collaboration of design ideas so we can all build the gun as a community. Let me know if this sounds fun to you all. If so I'll post pics this weekend! 08/11/2013 Pics of both my working SRv3 and Directional Mine Prototype coming soon! Just a few fun stats of the two. The SRv3 has been recorded to shoot over 500ft and is extremely accurate. The Directional Mine launches 25+ K'nex green rods over 50ft in a nice spread pattern that can be activated by both trip wire and pull cord. Both are shooting great and are extremely fun to use! I hope to get a video and ible/forum up soon showing how to build both and how they preform! 08/14/2013 Go check out the Directional Mine Prototype on my ible NOW!

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Are your eyes better than mine?

I've been watching and re-watching this video of a kite flying (I can't make Vimeo embed). It's based on the tetrahedral kite, a tried and tested design.  In my experience, kites like this have amazing stability and huge amounts of lift.  This thing should have needed a serious effort to restrain. But it only gets a few feet off the ground, and then only just. The huge banner will have something to do with it, but not a lot. I've squinted at the video of it in flight, and I may be imagining it, but are a lot of the triangular cells the wrong way round, contributing no lift at all, just a lot of drag? Can you have a look, and see if you can work it out?

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A couple new Knex guns of mine

Here's some pictures of guns I've made lately. I most likely won't make instructions because they use too many pieces for most people to build. Tell me what you guys think. Cannon 2.0: This cannon mod shoots rods instead of blocks of Knex. I can say without a doubt, it is the farthest shooting Knex gun out there (yes, farther than KILLERK's pistol). And no more crap-handle :3 Pump-action fully-auto: I made this yesterday. It's a pump-action that gives 6 shots for 1 pump. Because I haven't built a good trigger for it yet, it is shot by pressing down that thing sticking out of the top (shoots 1 at a time, but very quickly depending on how fast you press it) . Shoots green rods with surprising accuracy and distance. Holds 42 bullets. Doubt I will post.

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Hello, fellow instructablers, I am working on a HUGE Minecraft instructable, and I would like your help. If you would like to collaborate on this, just respond, simple as that. Tnx Gaiz, <3 Buzz P.S. That picture Is of my minecraft sandcastle, the forth tower is now complete and so is the first bridge. To the right is the beginning of the HUGE (at 20 units high now) wall for my mining fortress. Just some fun stuff to get you interested.

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Hey I made an instructable about finding iron and diamonds. So I made this forum! Use it to chat frequently! Lol!

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I need help with ModLoader for Minecraft! Answered

I keep getting this error and it is a biatch to capture. I finally did, but what do I do? What did I do wrong? EDIT: Btw The only mod I had currently installed was timber! But that's it. And don't say its because its 1.8 because I have tried other mods multiple times before 1.8 and they did the same thing I'm pretty sure.

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What do I do about this circuit discovery? Answered

I recently began fiddling with transistors and discovered a way to create a neat IC-less circuit. My problem, however, is that my supplies are limited and therefore I am limited in my abilities to test a theory to increase the circuit's abilities. My current circuit is small (in a sense) and it's setup inevitably takes more parts that I don't have, nor have my substitutions worked, so I can't really thoroughly check my theory for expansion and function. Because I can't be sure of my findings I have so much limited information to give to people through an instructable and i can't quite afford the parts as of now. So what should I do? Should I create an instructable/forum topic explaining what I know right now and later expand the information when I can finish my experiments, or should I wait for the time when I can afford to test it all thoroughly to check my results, which may scrap my current work  (which is still kinda cool) or have it possibly discovered by someone else? (At the moment I sorta consider what i found to be brand new because I haven't found any remote similarities in google searches, therefore i sorta consider this my idea.) (As of now i may just post a video of my findings on youtube to "seal the deal" but i really don't want to come off as cocky)

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what is a good trip wire mine for airsoft?

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how to make the biggest tnt in mine craft? Answered

I wanna know

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what are the role of the scientists when mining zinc.

Im doing a assignment and i cant find anywhere what the roles of the scientists are. Can you help me?

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How did this happen? How is mine not better? Answered

This is my idea: This is the other idea: The second idea was a finalist in a contest on Instructables. I was also in the contest with the first idea. I was wondering exactly how this was a finalist over mine? My idea was the same thing, but improved. It was even entered before his! My idea featured some of the things that people commented as an improvement in his instructable. The only thing I can think of is maybe the simplicity of design? Mine has more to it than just a secret box though, and it was far more concealed.

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are there any circuit diagrams for the laser trip mine??

I really need the circuit diagram for the laser trip mine because we're going to have it as our project. can you help me??? i don't have much knowledge about electronics, i'm just currently learning about it now. please.. thanks a lot...

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Knex Gun Builder's P90 - pictures of mine

Because it didn't work to give Knex Gun Builder my pictures with a comment or whatever I made a topic. For stupid people, 100% CREDIT TO KNEX GUN BUILDER Now about the gun, IT IS AWESOME. I changed the barrel a bit, so the ram rod reach further and the range was so suprising, I got with a lot of rubber bands 21 metres! (uhmm.. about 60 feet I think)!! But that's really good! the only weak thing about the firing was that the bullet flipped sometimes in midair. About the looks, ... Even more amazing. A true masterpiece haha:) And the last thing is that is pretty comfortable.

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the laser trip alarm

Https:// I find this project absolutley great but I want to know if there is a way to make it so when the alarm is triggered i can be notified without having to look at the LED on the circuit board. so for example i have the laster and circuit board at the enterance to my house, and im in the basement 1 floor under, is there a way to make it so a light or buzzer is triggered where i am as opposed to upstairs?

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Yo-yo Friction Stickers - are mine "used up"?

I bought a Duncan Mosquito yo-yo 2 days ago, which is the first one I've owned that has a ball-bearing axle and friction stickers. I have been pleased with the long sleep times and pretty good response. Lately, however, both of those have been not so good. The sleep time is okay, although it is somewhat weaker. It seems my string is sliding off of the yo-yo and not getting enough friction to give it extra spin. The previous problem may be related to the following one. When I bought the yo-yo, the friction stickers (which are rubber) were coated in a somewhat sticky substance. After playing with the yo-yo and examining it every now and then, the substance has worn off, and there is no more of it to speak of. My yo-yo has experienced an extreme decrease in response, except at high spin speeds. Although I have learned to bind, I would prefer my yo-yo to respond at least a little bit. Are my friction stickers already ruined? I'm not a pro, so I don't guess I played with it too hard. Is there anything I can do to "fix" my stickers? Thanks, and good luck to all who enter the contest!

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What are your Quick links?

What quick links do you have? its the links at the top that give you faster access to the features you go to the most. Mine are: inbox, comments, favorites, published, unpublished so what are yours?

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My Knex Gun Rating System

I QUIT, SORRY. I am starting a new business. I will rate any of your guns (as long as they're not too big) and post a detailed rating of it. I work on a first come first serve basis. Allow up to 2 weeks for each gun and keep in mind if there are 8 in front of you, it could take me a month or 2 to get to yours. All I ask in return is for you to post a link of my rating on the front page of the gun I rated. Hope to see a few guns before next Saturday. I would have done Pros Cons Stats Does It Have...? Can It Be...? Rating Overall Would I recommend It Final Rating

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Minecraft Server: Land of Arcania

Land of Arcania The Land or Arcania server is a small, whitelisted community playing on a custom map. The server will be vanilla for the players, but there will be plugins protecting the server spawn, as it took a long time for me to build. There will be 15 slots but we will accept probably a few more than that. Myself and the fellow admins will do our best to play legit and with the other players on the server and help them do projects such as an enderman or blaze farm. A couple rules before going to submit an application... 1) No griefing, this is a friendly community and it doesn't make sense to destroy someone else s work.  2) No stealing, however minor pranks are allowed. Use your best  judgement 3) Obey the admins, we won't ask much but if we need you to test someone, please do it. 4) Please spread out, if you wish to live with a friend that is fine. There is a lot of space in the map, use it. 5) The map has terrain very different from a normal minecraft world, be careful if you die we won't retrieve your things 6) I worked hard to make the world look natural, please keep it like that. No halfway cut down trees. Also, don't build near spawn 7) No climbing on the masts 8) Pvp is allowed. However it is really only meant for fooling around or maybe dueling to see who gets those diamond you two found. 9) Have fun! Probably the most generic rule, but really we didn't make this server to bore you. 10) To prove you read the rules, if you wish to submit an application please include the word caterpillar somewhere in it. 11) NO hacks, x-ray, modded clients or anything that would give you an advantage. To submit an application: Copy/paste the questions into a comment and fill them out. If you have been accepted you will be Pm'ed a message saying the IP. If you have not been accepted, you probably will not hear back. Please answer the question to the best of your ability. IGN {In game name}: Age: How long have you been playing minecraft: Why should I pick you: How could the server benefit from having you on it: Would you help enjoy helping in community projects: Why do you want to play on this server: A brief description of yourself: Note: Those are REAL screenshots of about 1% of the entire map

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DIY airsoft grenade that isn't a wad of bb's duct taped to a firecracker?

 Okay, so here's what I'm thinking; an aluminum rod with holes in the sides for the bb's, the holes are a little larger than the bb's, and have a styrofoam chunk in each of them to hold the bb's in. Then a hole the size of the CO2 canister in the middle. I haven't worked out the timing mechanism yet, or even started to, but the firing mechanism would be a spring attached to a hammer with a spike on the end of it, pull the pin, hammer hits the co2 canister, boom. Any help/suggestions here?

Question by iBurn 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

is there a way using A high End GPU in a Productive way Not MINING? Answered

I have a HD6990 . I need to know a way to use such graphics card to do some thing Productive apart from gaming and mining with minimum user interface. 

Question by Samiran 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

long-term, vacation dog-sitting: her place or mine?

When puppy-sitting for a family member's dog, does it matter whether I go to her home or she comes to mine? the one year-old dog knows me well (we are good friends), and has been to my house a few times -- but it is two states away from hers, and she has only previously visited with her owner? her owner will be gone for one week

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Is this metallic rock i found at a tin mine tin ore? Answered

Hello, Last year i took a trip down to a tin mine, and while i was there, or rather when we were leaving, my little 6yo brother threw a tantrum because he wanted a shiny rock, which weighs about 3Kg, so my dad let him keep it. Like all things like 6yo children pickup that arent valuable or toys, he didnt want it anymore by the time he next left the car. Now i want to auction it off on ebay, but i dont actually know if its just a fine suspension if silicon plates or scales, or if its actually tin ore, which i would suspect since it was found in a tin mine. ive attached a picture for your observations It tooks a bit though like it could also be some kind of petrified log, which im open to selling it as as well. Ide love it if it were both.

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Tesla's "magnetic wave" communications idea proposed for mine safety

A report in Science Magazine describes a proposal to use Nikola Tesla's magnetic amplitude modulation as a way for trapped miners to communicate with the surface.

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How do i separate gold from sulphides without using chemicals or dieing from sulpheric acid? Answered

My freind has a large supply of microscopic gold particles, however they need to be separated from sulphides. there is a high concentration of gold in this solution, and millions of dollars could be made. however, heating the sulphides will make sulpheric acid, which burns away your lungs (also used in chemical warfare). chemicals currently used for the process of separating sulphides from gold are very toxic, and also expensive. the chemical process is very inefficient too. i am looking for a way to separate sulphides from gold without using (toxic, dangerous, expensive, rare) chemicals.

Question by biolethal 9 years ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

mine that has 40% silver and 50% gold how do i separate it in the separater

My mine has 40% silver and as it come out of the gold separater how can i recover the silver

Question by gold dust 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How can you shrink a silicone wristband? Mine is too wide!?

Question by D@V1D 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Where is the CMOS battery in an HP xh485: mine is hiding and probably dead!?

The great old dinosaur died and symptoms are like a dead bios battery...but I can't find one, even after removing the bottom cover, the HD, KYBD, etc.

Question by buddy03 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How can I compose midi music for a video game of mine?

I recently started a video game company to my some money and have a reason to design video games. I've used the resources that came with the creation program, but there is only one background music file. The program uses midi files background music, and I can't find a FREE midi composition program. Anyone have some recomendations. By the way the software I use is GameMaker 8.

Question by Super_Nerd 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

How much more messier is your room/house/workshop compared to mine?

I was just wondering how much messier is your room/house/workshop compared to mine, If so how much messier, Post a pic to show us if possible

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Im in need of help for a friend of mine he wants to construct a mosquito trap.

The electronic devices needed to make one.

Question by jmslegs23 7 years ago