Does mobile have an option to unlock after taking thumb impression of owner instead of password?

Does mobile have an option to unlock after taking thumb impression of owner instead of password? I mean to say that, mobile should not be unlocked without the thumb impression of the owner. does this option available in any mobile? If not how to do this?

Asked by myanimation 5 years ago

how open mobile phones to any networks?

My mobile is a single network subscriber i want it to be opened to any network so that i can change sim cards for corresponding networks in my country ,Philippines.

Asked by jovenhatsjr 9 years ago

how to protect mobile phones using rfid tags?

We have plenty of mobile phones used inside our office for testing and those need to be traced if it stolen or hand carried by outsiders,is it possible to use rfid tags to track those phones in exit points using rfid readers

Asked by 8 years ago

when i start my android mobile it stuck on android logo?

When i start it then i found that beside touch panel display circuit was heating so i open display adapter and measure it with multimeter one of its shows 44.6 volts what should be problem is it display drive or else & i also try to flash also hang . it micromax D320 android kitkat . thanks

Asked by HarishK95 11 months ago

how can i convert an old nokia colour phone to a small computer, which can be used to download data from internet.?

I want to make something like BEAGLE BOARD from an old mobile phone. 

Asked by sibusaman 8 years ago

solar phone charger

Https:// <<< can i replace that with cheap nokia phone?? i need it for my school project =)?

Asked by Syaril 7 years ago

Window Phone Nokia will work in USA ?

Hi guys i have Nokia lumia 610 that i brought from Bangkok and now am moving to USA but am not sure if it will work in USA. IF you guys know about this please give help with that :)

Asked by blade. 4 years ago

How to Create Mobile App?

Am quite familiar with java and android platforms , however am still lacking with where to start develop the mobile application.

Asked by danial32 3 years ago

please check if this circuit diagram of mobile detector work? Answered

This handy mobile bug or cell phone detector, pocket-size mobile transmission detector or sniffer can sense the presence of an activated mobile cellphone from a distance of one and-a-half metres. So it can be used to prevent use of mobile phones in examination halls, confidential rooms, etc. It is also useful for detecting the use of mobile phone for spying and unauthorised video transmission. please check if it  works?

Asked by yhdesai 4 years ago

how to use mobile as a modem so, to use internet in computer ?

I need to browse web pages in computer using mobile phone as modem?

Asked by 8 years ago

Help regarding mobiles

'can anyone tell me the link where i can study the working of mobile(NOKIA) phones in depth?i mean the circuit diagram, symbian programming,about their memory structure etc.....

Posted by surendar 10 years ago

how do i make the best mobile charger ?

There are so many designs available which design is the best and economical to charge?

Asked by imakethings 9 years ago

Mobile charger from wind/air like windmill

Hi All, I want to make mobile charger with wind power like when i am bike/car/public transport at 60km/hr, i should able to charge my mobile. power genrated should be 5 volt at 2 amp. Could you provide me idea to construct one?

Posted by vindude5 2 years ago

What needs haven't been met by mobile technology?

What needs haven't been met by mobile technology?This is the fifth of five questions from the FM:Tech Battle Royale moderated by Ask a Ninja. Help me answer. Disclosure: The FM site is sponsored by Toshiba who is also an advertiser on Instructables.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

how to install the themes on motorola v3i. plz help me?

I have motorola v3i mobile. how can i install the themes on mobile. plz.. help me..

Asked by sahil_watts 8 years ago

I think there is now a mobile version of instructables now.

I was on my iPod Touch, and I was looking at a instructable, but I forgot that I wasnt logged in, and there was what looked like a mobile version of the site, but I cant find a way to log in yet, unless I go to the homepage, which is the normal webpage, and when I log in the mobile site ability is gone, Has anyone else seen this?  And I dont have an image at this moment, but you can just go on your phone to and test it out.

Posted by dombeef 6 years ago

how does a mobile phone charger work?

 i just want to know how does a cell phone charger works. i know that it uses a transformer and diodes for rectification. my actual doubt is that i have read in a news paper that there would be 30% losses when the charger is given supply and no mobile is connected. am surprised how there can be so much loss

Asked by spartans 8 years ago

I am working on a mobile version of my site using mobile XHTML how do I get it to refer to this when using a cell phone? Answered

I am sharing a server with several other schools using FTP and I am editing my site in dreamweaver CS4.  If there are any other things I missed please comment and I will answer so I can solve this problem.

Asked by Rowleysh 8 years ago

"See All" button for be at the top of the mobile site as it is for your general site

It would be great to not have to scroll to the bottom of a page on a mobile device to then click the "see all" link and then scroll down through all the items again.  I also frequently find myself accidentally clicking on an image while trying to scroll, and when I hit the back button it takes me to the top of the page, requiring more scrolling and searching to find my previous location --- maybe it should open images in new tabs... TIA

Posted by poldim 5 years ago

how to find a cell phone number?


Asked by 9 years ago

fax machines mobile comunication and working

Well im just trying to air an idea see if anyone can help what im trying to achieve is linking afaxmachine to acell phone NOT receiving or sending via email with athird party host any ideas guys an girls please note im most grateful to too many names i've built my micro workshop on others projects my turn now to try and add something

Posted by trapper23 9 years ago

Unlocking mobiles - advice please (UK specific)

Right: Kitewife has bought me a mobile for my impending 40th. It is a Sony Ericsson W710i, locked to Vodafone pay-as-you-go. However, I currently use Virgin pay-as-you-go. All my friends know this number, the tariff suits my usage profile. I asked Vodafone for the codes to unlock the phone, but they want me to pay £20 (about $40) to not have to do business with them. I see many websites offering much lower-priced unlocking services, but I don't know which to try / trust. Does anybody have any advice / experience that would help me free up my nice new phone?

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Cheap phone cards with no expiration?

Whats the best (and by best I mean cheapest) calling card I can get that doesn't have an expiration. I only need 30 or so minutes. I want to be able to call international (middle east) from my cell phone (T-mobile prepaid) without being charged ridiculous amounts. I want something that i can leave in my wallet for a year and not have to worry about it being expired when I need it. The picture is totally unrelated, its a windmill

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 9 years ago

Moble phone blinky lights - wireless

This really annoys me, how do you make one of those wireless power mobile stickers, no where on the internet do they say anything about it.I been searching for at least a schematic for years...

Posted by akimbo m 10 years ago

Feedback iPhone Support

Mobile continuity is missing.  I get an email saying i have a comment on my comment but when i click the link it takes me to a web page thats says install the iphone app.  But i already have it installed.  I say no thanks and it takes me to the mobile version of the web page  I reply to the comment but can't click submit.  I go to the iphone app (via the same link) but it doesnt open to the article.  i search for the article but can't see comments to comments nor can i apply to them.  i go to the full site and that doesn't work either.  I click in Contact Us and it tells me it can't find that article.

Posted by djharris 4 years ago

how do i put a verizon pre paid card on my at?

Purchased a prepaid verizon phone card plus want to use it on my at&t go phone

Asked by d1963 8 years ago

What do Nokia use to glue LCD/ main board cables with ?

Opening a Nokia 1661 mobile phone (its an uber-cheap UK phone ) to replace the LCD, I have the usual orangey flex PCB material off the LCD, basically GLUED to the mating surface on the main  PCB. The old display tails peeled off, but I can't identify the strange grey glue they used to mate the connections. Has anyone any ideas ? It almost looks like partially cooked solder paste, but that would conduct all over, and I can't see any isolation. Its not "rubbery" that I can tell. Thanks Steve

Asked by steveastrouk 8 years ago

I'd like to know how 2 seniors in a caravan can access internet via a laptop without breaking the bank? Answered

I have a long history of #8 fencing wire technology. While I'm computer literate enough to make good use of the internet and spreadsheets I get very baffled by the like of downloading software. Laurie

Asked by 9 years ago

How to make a cell phone dead zone box?

To test an application under conditions where the carrier's signal drops (someone driving into a tunnel for instance), I'm curious if there's some sort of box available (or easy enough to make) that I could put the phone into and close it, effectively blocking out the carrier's signal and dropping the call. Thoughts anyone? Thanks! -Chris

Posted by bennett468 7 years ago

Nokia N95 8gb,Nokia N96,Apple iPhone 16gb,Apple iPod Touch 16gb


Posted by comeandbuy 10 years ago

My BE project is sound charger.Can i use a transformer to amplify signal from microphone from 3mV to 3Volts.?

I want to charge cellphone with the power of sound for which we are using a microphone.The output of the microphone is in millivolts.I would like to know if I can amplify my signal with a transformer because I cannot use any external power supply.Also we are thinking to store this amplified signal in an inductor.Is this the right way to go?If yes also suggest the transformer design for the same.

Asked by abhishekardile 4 years ago

how to construct a gps mobile locator?


Asked by patelvijay12007 9 years ago

What happened to the mobile app?

It no longer will sign in, and isn't in the appstore. What happened?

Asked by FreePvp 10 months ago

Wire for mobiles (in SF bay area) ?

Hi - I have yet to visit the SF Hobby Shop but am wondering if any Instructblite knows off a good place to get wire for making hanging mobiles or this sort -!

Posted by susie 10 years ago

Any way to always go to full site on mobile site?

I have been on the mobile site a lot recently and every time I go to the site it is the mobile version (I like the nonmobile site better) Is there a way to permanently  go to only the computer site?

Posted by bravoechonovember1 3 years ago

How to design and setup a mobile phone jammer?

As a part of my academic project, I would like to build a mobile phone jammer, sufficient enough to block CDMA and GSM signals. Where shall I get technical assistance for that? 

Asked by 8 years ago

Bokeh on mobile

I have seen how to make heart shape bokeh on instructables, is there any way to do such from phone camera. Any help is appreciated .

Posted by geekrex 2 years ago

Reuse of old mobile

I am using a mobile phone  tracker site to track my car in case it is stolen.  I wanted to adapt the old mobile phone by stripping it down to essentials to ensure that the sim signal was still running but there was no need for the display / keyboard.  Is there an instructable or website that offers advice on how to do that? The phones are old nokia phones so not worried if they get trashed.

Posted by carter54 4 years ago

Contest voting on mobile?

Hi all, I did try and search for the answer to this but did not find it.   Someone was (very kindly) attempting to vote for my project in a contest via mobile but the voting button is not there.  Or is it and I missed it completely when I looked for it myself?  Seems odd that someone would not be able to vote while looking at an Instructable on their phone especially since most folks are mobile-oriented.  If someone could clue me in, that'd be great. Thanks!

Posted by Humboldtartdept 11 months ago

mobile camera to pc

I have a nokia 3110c camera i detached from the board i want to connect it with pc and without the phone board and i want to know the pinout (v+, Gnd, D+, D-) ? please Help

Posted by MinaN7 1 year ago

Mobile site profile view

I was directing a friend to my profile page. He had never seen Instructables before and I whatsapp'd him the link. He said he liked my projects and then mentioned some which weren't mine. Confused, I opened the link I sent him. On the mobile, obviously the mobile version popped up which goes like ''. In the mobile version, the favourite instructables appear on the top while after scrolling a bit, we come to the instructables which the person has published. Shouldn't it be the other way round, so the person's instructables appear on top as soon as someone views the profile?

Posted by Antzy Carmasaic 4 years ago

Mobile Browser | Contest paging missing

I was on my droid and using opera mobile browser when i came across a design glitch. When i get to contest there is no "more" button on the page, means what i am able to see is just the few contest on page. No next button no more button where i can go to next set of contests

Posted by samalert 5 years ago

Malware Mobile Ads

The mobile site for Instructables has been presenting rather unpleasant popup advertising. This twitter thread captures it rather well: Attempting to close these, or go back, results in more pop-up. The instructables content cannot actually be got to. It's not that users don't appreciate the need for ads. advertising maker sites - places for buying stuff, perfectly cool, and likely to get attention. Pop ups like this really make makers not want to avoid Instructables on phones. Seen on both Android and IOS.

Posted by dannystaple 11 months ago

mobile battery in cheap mp3 player

Help me i hv a cheap mp3 player which is not charging now...and i cant find its battery replacement in market... so i am thinking of attaching a mobile's battery(nokia bl-5b which i hv 3 in spare) to the mp3 player as power source ... my question is will it work since both battery gives output of 3.7v ??? and will it give longer playing time my... mp3 player was previously giving me roughly 1 hour of play time with that tiny 3.7v battery... ???

Posted by D3zire 4 years ago