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Share Your ideas for modding please!

Posted by MajorRockstar7 8 years ago

Sign up for the Ultimate Mods contest

Ok. I need people to sign up for the contest. However, It has been moderated to shorten judging time.the categories:Computer modsMP3 player modsflash drive modselectronic modsPortable modsother modsplease specify which instructable will go in what category also...

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Actual Mods!

These are actual products!

Posted by erckgillis 10 years ago

are there any mods to the knexsayer? Answered

Well i have a knexsayer and i cant think of any mods and i want to mod it

Asked by Jesus. 9 years ago

Is there an easy mod to the phat PSP that a new guy could do? I am looking for a hardware mod.?

I am looking for a hardware mod. I do not want to mod software atm.

Asked by DJ Radio 9 years ago

How to mod a ps2?

Modding a flat ps2

Asked by alewisnyc 8 years ago

Computer Mod Supplies

Found this great resource for computer mods and mod supplies. They don't really have any hardware, but they have a good deal of water coolers, fans, and even some ridiculous energy drinks....

Posted by natee 10 years ago

will me vulcan break/over heat if i mod it? Answered

The mod is extending the belt

Asked by knexsuperbuilderfreak 8 years ago

KillerK Magnum Mods

This is a forum for posting all Killerk's Magnum mods. this is his gun: Well have fun and keep the language clean!

Posted by Ratchet and Clank 10 years ago


Hey, I was wondering if I was allowed to make an intractable on adding a motion sensor to the Xbox 360. It is technically a mod.. And MSFT hates that.. Is it allowable? -n

Posted by neutrino15 10 years ago

Swypout Card Reader Mods

Anyone know any mods for a swypeout card reader (it uses barcode cards)

Posted by smtgr14 8 years ago

Mods on 360 edition? Answered

Hi! I've seen that many youtubers have mods on their P.C. Is there any way to install mods on 360 edition? Thanks!

Asked by snotz 1 year ago

soft modding help plz!?

When i turn on my xbox after soft mod it loads up as usual then the screen goes black ..or blank  ...this happens even when i try to run a game or dvd ...please help please

Asked by huylerboy 8 years ago

soft mod help

The xbox logo came up then the screen went black i did everything right but its just not loading please help

Asked by huylerboy 8 years ago



Posted by CCH3ST3R 10 years ago

Any way to mod your bike to make it go faster without an engine?

Is there any way at all to make your bike go faster? I'll take any idea u got, but GIVE ME A IDEA!!! it's april break, and i am bored!!!;_;

Posted by MathGuru 10 years ago

Amplifier mod

My old DVD/amplifier's DVD is broken so i thought i would convert it to a portable amplifier with some more inputs and stuff, anyone know where i might find blueprints or something so that i might easier figure out what's what? it's a Centrum Triton 110, (sucks, but then it doesn't matter if i mess with it) thanks

Posted by brunotheman 10 years ago

Does anyone know how i can mod my original Xbox to play Xbox 360 games?

I can not afford an Xbox 360 but i still play my original Xbox, the games for the original are cool but i would like to be able to play better and newer games such as Halo and Call Of Duty. Please answer!!!!

Asked by jmathile 6 years ago

why didn't my controller mod work? (360)?

I just tried modding my controller to do rapid fire. i put the leads on the led p1 and then the middle pin on the trigger, i tested it out and it just shoots once, not rapid fire. i tested it on black ops. i know my soldering was perfect. my controller didnt have that big metal box on the chip but it did have a crystal. my controller came with the new xbox 360 4gb . its black. was i using the wrong type of controller?

Asked by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 6 years ago

Nedd help with a speaker mod

Hey i'm fairly new to this whole DIY thing and I need some help on how to modify some speakers to i have. I want to make them portable ipod speakers but i am not enitrely sure what i will need, they are 2 seperate, 4.5" 5v speakers. It is possble to make them portable? and if so how? Your help is much appreciated.

Posted by jumper985 8 years ago


Looking for some help with a mod.   I need the guts of a bluetooth receiver or headphones(just the bluetooth module) installed into the housing of a hearing aid.  Basically just the receiving module I dont need to talk on it, it is just for audio.  I don't need or want the hearing aid parts to work or anything else inside it other then the bluetooth receiver.  obviously I need the audio from the bluetooth to come out of it though. I just need it to be rechargeable.  I will provide all the materials.   That's all I am looking for and am willing to pay for the time.

Posted by smiegel 5 years ago

Apple-Bose headphones

Hey guys, try this!!!

Posted by Javvy 4 years ago

Does anyone know how to forward router ports? I realy need help! Answered

I need to forward my router ports to host a Garrys mod server can anyone help me?

Asked by west49rules 8 years ago

elwire sound activated inverter mod need help

Hello guys, ive been working on my project suitcase boombox and was searching for cool thing that  i might add to it and found this thing called elwire, so i bought it and now im wondering if theres any way i could hook it up straight to my audio amplifiers channel or something like that instead of using the microphone on the elwire inverter. here is the elwire inverter the amp im using: lepai

Posted by VytasŽ 2 years ago

HELP NEEDED: LCD without circuit board

Greetings! A while back (roughly 5 years or so) I received an LCD monitor. A friend convinced me to use it in a case mod idea and naturally, we started on it. We both lost interest in the project and the parts sat around since. I came across my old LCD and decided to make a new mod out of it. However, I could not find the circuit board that the monitor plugs into. Nor could I find the power supply for it or the casing. Just the LCD screen itself. The LCD S/N: NA19020-500022 Manufacturer: Fujitsu (I Think?) My question to you guys is, could I plug in a circuit board from a different LCD screen into this one? or is this screen worthy of being sold for parts only? Here are some pictures of the LCD screen and it's components: Any any all help, suggestions, and comments are welcome!!

Posted by RealMarkP 8 years ago

what to do with old laptops?

I have two old laptops that are too slow to be of any real use. I have an old IBM thinkpad and an old dell inspiron. I was wondering if anyone had any cool ideas on what to do with either of these machines or their components? Thanks!

Asked by 9 years ago

Re-locate macbook power button

I am working on converting my macbook into a tablet computer, but I need to relocate the power button and remove the keyboard. Does anyone know how to remove the keyboard but still have the ability to power on/off the computer. Thanks in advance

Posted by mbarndt 8 years ago

How do i turn an unbrella into a sword stick?

Sword sticks where traditionally made with a sword hidden inside an every day object, often a cane. I would love to turn my old umbrella into one but don't know how....not even the foggiest.

Posted by wocket 8 years ago

Is there a heat resistant coating I can apply to the inside of my, non-cid headlight housings?

I want to coat the inside of my headlight housings with a, heat resistant, blue liquid to mimic cid headlights. It would save me the price of expensive replacement lamps, but has to be transparent tint.

Asked by Hubiewan 7 years ago

"nuke switch" to power up laptop?

I have been searching the web for so long trying to find a way to do a potentially awesome mod. I have a Toshiba Satellite® L755D-S5204 laptop, and I was wondering if I could (and HOW to) use a "nuke toggle switch"  to power it up or shut it down, and hopefully from USB, as I loathe taking apart computers. The reason is that sometimes I end up crashing my pc from running too many things at once, so I figure if all I have to do is flip a switch, it would be easier than holding the power button for 5 seconds to shut down and another 5 or 6 to power it up. Plus, I think it would look cool. Any suggestions appreciated, thanks

Asked by 5H4D03 6 years ago

Replacing a picture in a mono viewmaster toy

Disney had this line of single pictures viewmasters back in the day   My girlfriend is a huge fan of Lion King and I  wanted to replace the picture inside with one of us.  I was curious if anyone else had attempted a similar project and could offer advice.  Thanks in advance

Asked by mrubesch 6 years ago

Is there any way to manipulate/hack a NWZ-E436F 4gb mp3 player?

I have a NWZ-E436F sony walkman mp3 and mp4 player and i'm getting bored with it. I like the music and video viewing but i would also like to custimize it in any way. Iwould also like to add simple aplications on it like a caculator. My search has been endless and i would greatly admire someone who can help me with my problem. plz and thnx

Asked by 9 years ago

Transformer modification? Answered

2 questions about transformers: - If a certain transformer (let's say, for a power amplifier) is needed, and for example, a microwave transformer is available, can the steel frame be cut to take out the secondary coil, to be replaced by a new one, and subsequently be re-attached (by clamps or so)? Would it need some treatment, like putting varnish, or oil over it?  Would this cutting and re- attaching cause a loss in efficiency, or cause heat build-up? Would it cause more noise in the output? - Some amps have a toroid transformer. Is this just fashionable or is it for a reason? Some industrial amps use sheets of copper instead of wire. Why is this better for industrial, why, and if not for common stuff...?

Asked by BobS 8 years ago

Electric Gramophone?

I've just had an idea for making an mp3 player disguised as an old gramophone, to be used as a set piece/source of music for busking. Problem is, I can't figure out how to pull off some of the details of making it... Heres the idea as it stands: Have an old gramophone that appears to be playing music from a record, but is actually playing music from an Mp3 player. I figure you could interrupt the signal from the needle to the amplifier without to much trouble, as you'd still need the needle there to make it move along the record as it 'plays'. It also shouldn't be too hard to hide a speaker in the trumpet or even embed it into the side of the gramophone. In an ideal world, it would also be great to have some general controls on the back, to select play lists and the like, and that's probably achievable my attaching it to a standard mp3 player. The tricky bit is that I want to get it to play when the needle is placed on the record, and stop when the record finishes, ultimately with a digital replica of the scratch sound that you get at the end of an old record. Does anyone have any ideas on how to go about this part? because I'm absolutely stumped... is it possible that the answer lies somewhere in using the movement of the needle-arm to complete a circuit while in certain positions? Any thoughts, help, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated :) .

Posted by Feral_Messiah 10 years ago

Nerf Mod Ideas

Can anyone leave me a mod for the tech target, maverick, or firefly except the cpvc mod? Also for darts? I also wanted to ask how to get camera pics onto library. Otherwise, I can't tell the nerf maverick mod no one knows about! I just need that help, and some nerf mods and links. Thank you.

Posted by Fenderpony 10 years ago

What is the best mod chip to mod an original xbox? Answered

What is the best chip to mod an original xbox? I'm looking to turn it into a 'media center' type thing where I can play music, movies, etc; Any suggestions?

Asked by N1CK4ND0 9 years ago

Should there be any problem with soft-modding a Xbox with a vista computer?


Asked by atlantic44 8 years ago

Minecraft mods

You play Minecraft and want to know how to install certain mod? I can show you how. First, comment the mod you want instructions on. Then, subscribe to me so that you can see the instructions. I already have instructions on a few mod so please check and see if I already have it. Thx!

Posted by kdbarnes 4 years ago

Do I need mods to change the Tr18 to a Tr8? Answered

 Do I need mods to change the tr18 into a Tr8? If so can you please show me how? Thanks

Asked by ~Z~ 8 years ago

Swagboss Mods

I've made some mods to Zak & Bakenbitz's SwagBoss. The mods include a better shotgun trigger (pull with your pinky!), cheek rest, better stock (my standard curved stock), bolt mods, and a craptastic sight mount. 1. Mine. 2. The shotgun trigger (ask for internal pictures if you want) 3. How I connected the pin guide (lol, but it works) 4. Stock 5. Cheek rest (held in by blue clips) 6. Bolt mods 7. Sight mount THE INSTRUCTIONS. BUILD IT HERE

Posted by Raikou-san 7 years ago

How to make a mod chip for xbox? Answered

Is there a way to make an xbox mod chip out of a microcontroller that I can program and solder onto my original xbox?

Asked by ALogan97 7 years ago

Minecraft mod: Cannon mod 1.7.3

Here is how to make your Minecrafting life much easier than it already is: This mod was created by Berkin and with his help I made this trailer.  It's been well received by the community and reviewed by some big Minecraft channels to boot. Instructions and download:

Posted by DJ Radio 6 years ago

how do i mod a xbox controller without a soldering iron?

I want to make a modded xbox controller without a soldering iron.

Asked by Dakingkong 8 years ago

knex mods


Posted by knex dude 2000 5 years ago

Is there a mod that removes blood from CounterStrike Source?

Is there a mod that removes blood from CounterStrike Source?

Asked by GearsOfAwesome 8 years ago

AR-4 v3 mods.

Ok, so I made some mods to my AR-4 v3. There are 3 major mods, a couple of other minor cosmetic mods, and one performance mod. Picture 2- minor stock mod. This mod allows people to extend their stocks to make it longer. Picture 3- New hopper based off of Killerboy's removable mags. Major mod. By using his hopper as a fixed mag, It now allows me to hold 9 yellow rods, which is pretty big. It does jam, but rarely. The rounds will all stay in the hopper if you vigorously shake it, and you can remove the rounds pretty easily. Picture 4- Minor trigger mod. All it is is replacing the hinge with 2 Y connectors, a white rod, and a purple one slot connector. Picture 5- Scope mod. This connects the scope to the top of the gun, making it a better hand grip for carrying. Picture 6- Yet another scope mod. This mod was made to adapt to the new fake barrel, which was filled up instead of only the middle row having the orange connectors. Picture 7- Mod to the bottom of the gun. The last one was just having blue rods, this one fills it up with connectors. Picture 8- Foregrip mod. This is the second of the 3 major mods. I did away with the bipod and modded the bottom to have a new grip. Mainly a comfort mod. Picture 9- Barrel mod. The last major mod. This mod was made after several people noted that the ammo needed some 'Help' to get into the barrel. I basically just filled in the hollow area where the ammo would jump from the hopper to the barrel, so you dont have to stick your finger in. Picture taken from top of gun. That stuff above it is what you connect the scope to.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

good mods on the deploy

know any?

Posted by dmacdmac 7 years ago