pics of models

Show off your origami here!

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I need a material semi transparent like gelo ,but time resistant.How can create it?

I need a material semi transparent like gel ,but time resistant. How can create it? I need this material for a ship model and the gel painted blue mast representing the sea

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Model sailboat for teaching?

Hello, I work at a Boy Scout Camp over the summer, and one of the merit badges we teach is Small Boat Sailing.  Most of the merit badge goes smoothly, but kids seem to have a hard time with points of sail.  Our plan is to make a small model to put in a tub of water and use a handheld fan to demonstrate the effect the wind will have on the boat at different angles and sail positions.  Any tips on this?  I tried finding models that were accurate, but they were out of our price range.  I want the sail and mast to be able to rotate smoothly, and the mainsheet to be able to be locked and unlocked.

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realistic model water?

I have a model PT boat 109 ( in 1/72 scale) and the propellers are broken. I figure the best way to do this is to just throw the boat in a diorama scene, so it is at the waterline. Can anyone help, because I have no idea how to do the water, and i was wondering if there was any realistic water things that I can make at home, or buy for pretty cheap.

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3d Tutorial: Model A Sacred Merkaba For 3D Printing

In this quick tutorial, we model what is known as a Sacred Merkaba for 3d printing or digital asset design.  Symbolic of ancient spirituality and mysticism, this shape has been part of religious iconography for thousands of years.  Geometers and mathematicians recognize it as a Stellated Octahedron, or Star Tetrahedron.  I'm using 3dsmax 2012 for this example, but the techniques can be translated to any capable polygonal modeling package. 3dsmax: Blender 3D:

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Questions about Sugru

Until finding this site a couple of weeks ago, I had never heard of sugru. Then when I first saw it mentioned here, I think the name put me off - I kept thinking sugar craft / marzipan. Anyway, after looking around the site a bit more thoroughly, I've since discovered that this product looks extremely interesting and something I definitely want to try. Which leads me to a few questions. Is it available in shops, or do I have to order it online - more specifically, if it is available in shops, where in Australia would I get it? One use I saw for it was to take the place (sometimes) of poly clay in my modeling. One method I use is to make a ball out of foil and cover this with polyclay. Then after cooking, I cut a small area out of the clay (usually while it's still warm and not quite completely cured) and pull the foil out. This leaves me with a hollow vessel. So I'm wondering if I use Sugru, would I be able to cut a piece of the model out (maybe before it hardens completely) and will I be able to remove the foil or will the sugru stick to the foil. Another question. I see that the coloured sugru can be combined to create new colours. Has anybody tried successfully using paint or some sort of pigment to colour the sugru? Thanks Norma

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Hello, i am T.Y. Mech Engg. student. I want to know how software's like PRO/E are made. I mean how do they create the graphics (links of free download available graphics library's would be appreciated). Also how do they connect that(graphics) with their kernel? I know c++ already, which else languages or concepts do i need to know to create such a software? Also i would like to know how FEA is integrated in these software's. Expecting detailed reply's from all the experienced people who have worked on PARASOLID or Granite (PTC) or any other CAD/CAM software!

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Plastics modeling techniques?

Hey im and architecture student and im wanting to experient with a moldable plastic (in model building) to design a sculptural screen wall. To replicate a "nurbs" surface that is digitally modeled, so its all wavey and stuff. If anyone has any suggestions on material or modeling techniques let me know! thanks

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Modeling Mathematical Objects for 3D Print in 3dsmax or Blender3d

Hello, everyone.  I'm making my first post here to share some techniques and tips for getting started with polygonal modeling of interesting mathematical shapes, which could be used in 3d printing.  Math objects are quite popular in the 3d printing community due to their seemingly complex visual appearance, and overall unique aesthetic for creation of jewelry and other useful printed objects.  These tutorials are for use primarily with the modeling and animation software, Autodesk 3dsmax, or the free open-sourse Blender 3d.  However, the basic principals of these techniques can be translated to almost any capable polygonal modeling software. 3D Tutorial | Modeling Triply Twisted Torus With Holes | 3dsmax 3D Tutorial | Model A Mobius Strip Pendant | 3dsmax Modeling a Mobius Strip Pendant In Blender 2.73 3D Tutorial | Model a Scherk-Collins Saddle Surface Ring | 3dsmax 3d Tutorial | Voronoi Style Bracelet | 3dsmax Model A Voronoi Style Bracelet In Blender 2.74 These are but an example of nearly a dozen different mathematical and abstract models at my channel.  All tutorials are 100% free, of course, and I'd be happy to help you with any issues you may face along the way.  Keep in mind, in order to follow along with these videos, you will need to use the Autodesk 3dsmax software, or the free Blender 3d software, and have at least some intermediate  experience in polygonal modeling in general. These tutorials are not intended for total beginners to 3d modeling, unfortunately. Enjoy, and I hope you find something useful.

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How can I make a light, durrible sculpture that can be hung on a wall?

I want to make a sculpt someting for my wall around 10' x 3'. I want it to be large, so I need something lightweight. I want it to have nooks with little shelves so it needs to be strong and not flake. I also would like something that would not easily deteriorate. I don't mind putting planks or something under the sculpted matterial. I was also thinking I might cover it with plaster or someting to prevent flaking but i'm worried that might make it too heavy. Anyone know anything about this?

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Anyone know of a strong, lightweight modeling material?

I am an avid airsoft player and I have always been intrigued and interested in the fancy masks they sell. But honestly, I see no need to pay $89.95 for one with a design if a simple one can be less than $20. I plan on buying one of the cheap masks and sculpting on it the design and pattern I want. The only thing is, I can't think of a good material to sculpt with. Water-based clays dry fairly brittle, and plaster gets heavy.... SO INSTRUCTABLES COMMUNITY, what is a lightweight, yet strong material that i could sculpt with and NOT have shatter or break when shot with airsoft bb's?

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does anyone have ideas on how to model a oil derrick?

An oil derrick from the 1900s. thanks

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Which 3d modeling and engineering program

Hello all, I am new to 3d modeling and printing. Before I go and buy or build a 3d printer I would like to start 3d modeling. Out there is chaos. I mean there are over 15 programs that do 3d modeling. Each  friend I ask he uses a different one. So I need some help. Here are the requirements: 1)Software must be good for 3d printing 2)I don't care if it is hard to learn (if the results are good and the possibilities are endless) 3)Must be  also engineering  compatible (e.g I would like to build a suspension, or apply heat to a model and see what happens,  or apply pressure at a specific  point and see what happens) 4)Cost is not a problem,because my boss is paying 5)I have windows 7 64bit 4GB ram Thank you all

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Alternatives to Blender?

I hate blender, I really do, I hate Python and I hate the interface and most of all I hate wading through their site, does anyone know another good free 3d modeling software, preferably one with .nif capabilities>

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Advice on how to go from 3D model to laser cutting vector file?

Hello,   I've been getting my feet wet in 3D modeling to try to build board game inserts. These are generally a series of boxes and trays that fit together to hold components and fill the space of the box properly. I have access to a 3D printer, but I can't figure out how to go from my model (in tinkercad or sketchup, generally) to the 2D vector files of the components I need for Corel to print them on the laser cutter. I suspect the process is more than someone could explain to me in the confines of this forum, but if someone in the know could give me a push in the right direction to find the resources I need, even that would be great! I've done a lot of research trying to figure this out, and all I have come up with are some Sketchup plugins that no longer seem to work, or websites that will lonely let me build one box at a time with no extra features (like scallops for card draws). Thanks in advance for any help anyone can offer. Todd

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Connecting 3D printing with selling

Hi guys, I spent over 2 months recording a course all around 3D printing with more then 4 hours content, how to model and what to produce with 3D printers. So if you are interesting let me know. Learn how to model 3D objects and how to sell them. The course consists of three parts: 1. Creating 3D objects using variety of software products; 2. 3D printing; 3. Selling and promoting. You will discover more than 30 websites, over 60 links, and 4 hours of content. You will find new niches for selling products and you will get everything you need to become an entrepreneur using 3D and marketing skills. You will get everything needed to become entrepreneur using 3D and Marketing skills based on selling in multiply levels. Starting business without investment is possible, learn how! Just let me know you if want to be part of growing community and part of my course!!!!

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Embed 3D models with SketchUp

If you want to share a 3D view of your SketchUp model, you can now use embed code to place it into a webpage. First the model needs to be in the SketchUp 3D Warehouse, but once it's there you scroll to the bottom and select Include > 3D View to get the code.Here's one of Saint Basil's Cathedral.

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Canada Amateur Model Rocketry?

I've recently been looking into model rocketry, and was excited at the prospect of making and testing my own small sugar rocket motors. I've done quite a bit of research, and have discovered that many of the oxidizers i would need to use are not available in Canada (ex. KNO3, ammonium nitrate etc...). The only option I discovered was to synthesize KClO3, which I'm not interested in considering how dangerous and unstable it seems to be. I was wondering if any fellow Canadians have found anything that can be used as a substitute/any way for me to pursue this as a hobby without buying motors pre-made, which I'm not interested in. Any help is appreciated.

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[Help] Custom sounds for model

I've created a resin cast of a gun (raygun) from a video game (Black ops 2) and as part of making it as authentic as possible I would like to have it emit sounds I've pulled from the game at the press of a button, much like a toy gun. I don't know where to go with the idea from here. I would like something that's relatively easy to hear and not too quite and powered by batteries. If someone could point me in the right direction as far as parts I would need to achieve this I would appreciate it.

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I can make 3D model from photo of a part, technical drawing or your drawing. (starting from 4$))

Hello everyone! What I want to offer you is my skills in 3D modeling. I can make a 3D model of your idea just from a photo of simple drawing, technical drawing. It can be anything that will give me the thought of the shape. If you need a custom part for your quadcopter just draw it and put some measurments on any holes, or just draw it, and i will tell you what measurments I need. Any model can be done for 4$ and if it is more complex, or time consuming to build the cost may be quite higher.   Simple models can be done even in the same day I get drawing!  I can also send you some renders of finished model. Just contact me here at instructables, send me a link to drawing/photo and I will tell you the cost. Remember! You pay only for ready model. I will not charge you until the model is finished. I accept only Paypal. Below you can see some of my work.

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could a simulator game like sim city model a eco friendly community model?

Lyn city is a open source sim city that is configured by text files. Now if someoen went to home power magazine and entered the costs input and output of wind solar housing farming ... and consumption # of peep.. lynn city cold be a simulator for a eco friendly biosphere....

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Modeling 2D Life-Size Files on the Computer

Hey community! I have a slight dilemma! So say I want to make my own laser cut frame, and I have paper designs, how do I transfer my paper designs to a computer? What (free :) program can I use to make a lifesize model? Like for instance, if I have a 4x4" square in the program when I send it to print after it's printed it's exactly 4x4". Also, do I need to do anything extra for sending it to a laser cutter? Will Adobe Illustrator work? Thanks!

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Where can I download .123d files?

I was wondering if there was anywhere on the internet where I  can download .123d models for free. I have downloaded them from autodesks website but they have a rather limitted selection. Thanks.

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How to make a Three Axis computer inpite device for 3D modeling?

Does anybody know how to, or have they made an input device for 3D modeling that tracks horizontal movement, vertical, and depth?I'm looking to build something similar to this device. Link:

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Electroplate tech used for 3D printing

Obviously it wouldn't work for large scale objects, but could high current, localized "plating" be used to deposit large, controlled amounts of metal to sculpt an object??

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How To Make A Model of Skywalker Ranch?

Hi, Looking for the best way to make a model of the Skywalker Ranch including best materials to use,recommended size,etc. Could you anyone help me with this project? Thanks                                                                             Bill M.

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Pictures of your Paper/cardboard models

Any pictures of all paper creations are allowed in this forum. It can be anything from paper knives to a cardboard guitar.

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Simple 3 Floor Elevator Model

Hello I want to make a simple 3 floor elevator model. The Elevator should have UP and DOWN switches on every floor and should act as all normal elevator.  I need a simple and detailed circuit design and which components should I use for it. Circuit using Arduino Uno R3 is also preferred.  Can someone please help me?  Thanks

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How do I get a Python script to work in Blender?

I am using Blender quite extensively right now, and I would like to be able to import and export md5 models. Unfortunately, Blender does not do this natively, so I had to find and download a Python script. That's when the trouble started. I am new to Python, so I have no idea where to properly place the scripts and how to run them. After some searching, I believe I located the correct folder: Blender/contents/MacOS/2.57/scripts Within this folder are 5 folders. They are as follows: -addons -modules -presets -startup -templates There is also a python folder in the 2.57 folder which contains a library for scripts, but I believe these are for python itself rather than Blender. The files I am trying to install are as follows: I tried opening each of these in terminal to attempt to 'install' them, but got this message: File "/Applications/blender-2.57-release-OSX_10.5_i386/", line 33, in import Blender ImportError: No module named Blender (I did not include some command lines because they contain my name and my computer's name.) What am I doing wrong? Where do I put these files? Is there something wrong with the filenames? Do I have to do anything fancy to get them to run in Blender? Any help is appreciated! I am running Blender 2.57 on Mac OSX v. 10.6.7 

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How to hang a model airplane from the ceiling? Answered

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how to make fake welds on a model car? Answered


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what model kit instructables are there?

I cant find any model or model kit instructables, can anyone tell me a few?

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Looking for a model or patern for a rollercoaster for physics class?

I need a pattern or design for a rollercoaster model for physics class that would have at least one vertical loop. This coaster must run on gravity only, no magnets.

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I've got a leftover FOLDABLE KEYBOARD for an HP iPAQ (circa 2002) -model G750- that I'd love to use with my current laptop (an HP). This is a wired device with a broad, flat connector - not a USB terminal.  Anybody had any success in converting this or this type of device for use with full-sized current model laptops?  Maybe its a conversion plug or an adapter??  If you know where to get one these I'd like to know. Thanks, KEY~

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Estes Model Rocket Motor Propellant Type? Answered

What is the propellant in an Estes rocket motor?  Also at what ratio are the ingredients in the propellant.  Any help is appreciated.

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Knex guns modeled after real guns

I'm looking for instructables that show you how to make guns out of Knex that are modeled after real guns. They don't have to be perfect, just look very much like the real thing. (Example: The SOCOM pistol in Metal Gear Solid is DEFINITELY one I would love to make). Also, I would like to see the Halo weapons. (I saw a pic of the energy sword, but it wasn't an instructable). Anyone nice enough to take the time to tell me, please reply with a link in it so I can make them. Thanks to everyone who helps me out, and have fun building.

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How do you make an action figure or a model with plastic?

Http:// and many others have ever wondered how to create those beautiful Third dimensional vessels of imagination without get a crumbly, inanimated or/and flaccid modelling clay and sigh at the creations of others or the lack of imagination of some commercial figures.Why, i in my frustration learned to create Plas-ti-li-ne, clay and paper figures with great detail and now i seek to learn (and im pretty sure im not alone in this) the way to create permanent models just like the one´s we see at toy stores, hobby´s shops and the internet. But some times for one or another reason we are unable to find someone in flesh and bone to teach us as in my case in wich i live in the middle of nowhere.If i just knew the way to create those models i would had a way to give great gifts, to teach others and see my toughts in form but i cant go at trial and error forever, so i beg you to teach how to create an articulated shape! /@_@/ what is the material to make figures?what is the secret to turn a piece of ductil and malleable material into hard beautiful soft feeling piece of plastic?The Pieces of an articulated figure (like a detailed humanoid shape) must be shaped all together and then dismantled ?the experience of shaping is similar of that of modelage?I wish i know!!!

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A good use for old glass jars aka an experiment in drum modeling

This evening, I decided to try something out. As a bassist, it is key that I keep time, and play along with the drum beat. But metronomes are boring, and drum machines are too expensive. So, I set out to discover another way to capture drums beats. At the same time, I was looking at a few empty glass jars I had sitting around. An idea struck me - I would use the jars for my drum modeling machine! But how would I do this? It turns out, it is very simple. I won't give away the secret here, but I will hopefully post an instructable sometime this week that tells you how. I will link the instructable when it is up.

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Find out (exactly) where your steak comes from

My friend just forwarded me a link to the Bovine Myology and Muscle Profiling website. It's got a pretty impressive 3D visualizer for all the different layers of the cow flesh, an incredibly thorough how-to style video library useful for breaking down a cow, and is simply neat for anyone interested in biology, animals, or just plain weird stuff like this. via benjaneer

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models on harnessing energy?


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how do i make a model heart?

Asked by 9 years ago

where is the scale model forum?

Ive heard of a scale modeling forum, but i cant find it. can anyone help me? 

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How to make a model out of electronic waste?

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how to make a model of an organ as the heart, lung or a model of bones?

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Paper Models

This is a forum for paper model enthusiasts. Post you paper crafts pics, ideas, and what your working on here.

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scale modeling papercraft?

I do scale models, and I was wondering; are there any places where you can download free papercraft things like buildings, army vehicles, ships, etc. for free that are in the equivelant scale of most models, suck as 1/48, 1/72, 1/35?

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