Since this area does not require an account or login to post a question,Shouldn't we start moderating this place? I can imagine that spam will start to fill this place soon and we need to get some moderators here. I do believe that there was a topic about this elsewhere but i am unable to find it! So if there is one could you point me to it. Also,i would like becoming a moderator here.

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Can somebody please start moderating what is in this group?There's so much non-batch file related nonsense._ =)Ouch

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Is the addition of I'bles to the MAKE forum moderated?

I don't see a way to find this out for myself, so I'm asking the group (esp. the group admins). Is anyone allowed to add their own or other's I'bles to the "MAKE Magazine" Instructables Group? If not, what is the appropriate channel for suggestions or self-promotion?

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moderators applicattion form

Neone who wants to be a mod for this group post here. tell me why you would make a good mod, ect.

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Moderation Rules in a Contest

I submitted my instructable into the epilog contest BEFORE the closing time, however is hasnt been reviwed yet. If my instructable is reviewed AFTER the contest closes will my instructable still be entered as I dont want to miss out.TomHere is my instructable

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Entry Moderating Time

How long does it take for them to decide wether my contest entry should be accepted or not? I submitted entry "A" to contest "A", and I submitted entry "B" to contests "B", "C", and "D" only an hour after entry "A". Entry "A" got accepted into contest "A" in 17 hours, entry "B" got rejected from contest "B" in 20 hours, and it's been over 2 days and I have not heard anything about contests "C" or "D".  How long will this process take? 

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Contest Moderation Criteria

I have entered several contests and put a lot of work into my Instructables. After the project is done it takes me 4 or 5 hours to put together the photos, write out the steps, proof read etc. I am proud of the work I have done and want to share not just the end result but my thought process and the steps for others to inpsire them give them the head start I did not have... So this being said when I see a contest that is moderated and then when it sometimes takes a week for my entry to be "Approved" I would think that there is some criteria that must be met and that they review each instructable in detail to ensure only the quality ones get the honor of entering the contest.. But then I look at some of the other contest entries.. (a small number but still usually more then a couple in each contest) and these instructables do not seem to have any thought behind them, do not show anything new and in some cases seem to be faked. I am not going to point to exact ones but one I saw had a picture of a product and the instructable had like five lines of text: Go to store buy product open box follow instructions on box use product as it was intended  and that was it!!! What do others think? Should the moderators for the contest be "Pickier" about what gets "Approved"? I think it would help the people who are submitting to create a better Instructable if these would get rejected with an explaination. And motivate the others to raise the bar a bit. I also feel sorry for the judges as some contest are now getting over 600 entries and there seems to be 1 or 2 being judged every week or two that they have to read through every single entry. Just my 2 cents... :-)

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Contest Moderation Ideas

Hi guys. I want to talk about contests. Contests have an age limit that prevents I'bles that are over a month old from entering. The age limit is there because of a valid issue, but in my opinion, it's not our best solution. If there were no limits at all, people would try to enter all of their Instructables into every contest, which is no good. The one month age limit encourages people to create new Instructables for specific contests. Which is great. It's what we want. The contests are here to encourage us to make new I'bles and grow the site. That's not always what happens though. It's tempting to try to enter every new Instructable into every current contest. Most of the time this tactic doesn't work, but sometimes it works better than it should. Actually, it's seeming to me like the first potential contest entry always seems to get accepted, no matter how irrelevant it is. What's up with that? Maybe we need a new set of guidelines to follow when deciding whether an Instructable should enter a contest. Something like this: 1.  Instructables can only enter, say, 7 contests. 2.  Instructables cannot win more than one contest. 3.  Instructables cannot try to enter more than, say, 15 contests. This way a user must consider whether a certain contest is really the right contest to enter. Contests become a limited resource; something to choose between wisely. The age limit may encourage the creation of many new I'bles, but the alternative system I have proposed gives people the incentive to make wiser choices, which in turn helps moderate the contests. While the number of new Instructables might drop a little, this alternative system could keep our wonderful website in better order. What about you guys? Do you have any ideas for better contest moderation systems? Do you agree or disagree with my idea? It's just an idea, but maybe it'll spark a discussion that could lead to some good.

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How long does it take to get an instructable moderated for a contest??? Answered

Please Answer!!

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i am unable to add my instructable in competition

Https:// above instructable is not entring in photography competetion and same with  below instructable

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dremel guide (for admins or moderators)

I think that you guys (instructables) should make a guide on dremel care, hacks, fixes, and projects (emphasis on projects) i just bought a dremel and i love it but i want something to do with it. please consider this -kieran eglin (qballcat)

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slow moderation for make it stick it

Hi I finished and entered my instructable on friday for the make it stick it contest and it has had no confirmation for being entered. It uses three different adhesives so compliance is not a problem. I appears no other entry have been accepted for a few days either. I am concerned about loosing votes. Its now been view over 700 times but with no vote button that gets me no closer to a prize. Thanks

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Is the answerers group still open to join? Answered

NachoMahma is the creator of the "answerers group". I've tried to join it a couple of times over the past month or so, and all I get is a message that the group is "moderated". I've tried sending NachoMahma a PM, and it hasn't been read after 5 days.... I know the rule is you must have more than one "best answer", but in my case I don't think that's a problem. Anyone know if this group is still active? 

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Open Discussion of Chatroom Moderation Techniques

As chatroom mods, we try to keep the chatroom up to snuff. Sifting out the bad, making the room presentable to new members. So, speaking for all of the moderators in the Instructables Chatroom, how well/bad/mediocre are we doing our jobs? Is there anything we can improve on, would you like to join us, and be a mod? Make your voice heard!

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Instructables content - moderation and peer review

Following a discussion in this forum I thought is might be a good idea to create a new thread.Adrian Monk "That's one reason I'm a little apprehensive about the future of Instructables-you don't want a police state, but if it gets humongous you start to lose control unless you moderate well. It's quite selfish, but that's why part of me wants Instructables to stay (relatively) small, and not become a phenomenon."Kiteman"That's the thing, we aren't heavily moderated - there are no people who have a specific moderating responsibility."LemonieSome time ago, people were talking towards things like peer-review (I can't remember who). Allowing anyone to post anything does have some drawbacks.As a suggestion - new posts would submit to a "review" stage, where administrators and their delegates would have the opportunity to click "publish" or "reject"."Publish" would move the new post to it's normal published state, "Reject" would force a comment to be added to that effect, leaving it in the "review" stage.It would mean changing the system, but a group of people would be filtering new posts.It would preempt having to flag things and post comments asking for withdrawal or fixing afterwards.With a group of people having the option to publish, no one person would be able to hold a new post back, and the group would be able to see "reject" comments and add to them. Users posting would also be able to see comments against their submitted posts.By "the group" I mean people who are flagging and commenting already.Safety catch: after X-days with no action, posts publish automatically.Forum for general ideas, do with it what you will...RegardsL

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How do you find/contact the moderator of the Burning Question 7 contest?

Need a clarify on one of the image rules and can't seem to find how to contact the moderator for the contest. Shouldn't be too difficult. Thanks

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How do you find/contact the moderator of the Burning Question 7 contest?

Need a clarify on one of the image rules and can't seem to find how to contact the moderator for the contest. Shouldn't be too difficult. Thanks

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How to moderate new submissions to a Community Group Workshop?

I am the owner/moderator for the Community Group Workshop, Arch Reactor Hackerspace. I am currently am able to moderate who becomes members and I can edit the Workshop page. I have added my own new Instructables to the Workshop and received a message that the moderator would need to approve them.  However, there is no place that I can find to moderate the submitted Instructables from myself or other members of our hackerspace's Workshop. Under "Admin Features" the only choices I have are: "Manage Admins" "PM Group", "Edit Group", and "Categories". If I turn off the "Moderate New Instructables", it will allow submitted Instructables to post, but I'm not able to moderate the new submissions individually. There also seems to be a second bug that does not allow me to add more Categories to my Workshop. Typing a new Category name on a second line will only add the second category to the end of the first one.  It is as thought I'm only allowed to have one Category. Any assistance would be extremely helpful. Sincerely, Gene

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BUG: 500 servlet exception errors when moderating group members

I formed a new group last night and attempted to moderate the members (to approve join requests I knew were pending) but was unable to do so. I get 500 servlet exceptions every time. I gave it overnight but it's still not working today.

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Come there a moderator for this place? Workshop is filling with crap articles this week. Answered

Today: This week has had horrible articles that don't belong in Workshop, but now it is a genocide article? Need some moderation, or at least moving things to where they belong...

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A non-toxic sealing material that can resist moderate temperatures?

What should I use to seal two glass plates which will make up the sides of a shallow tank of a solar water heater? It should be able to resist temperatures of up to 80 degrees Celsuis.

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Alternative Cooling design idea – Southeast moderate to high humidity

I need some serious feedback!  I have an 1896 Victorian, about 3800 sq.ft. but we did it right. Foamed the walls, floors, all new everything; a/c upstairs(2ton) and 5 ton downstairs.  It cools fine, but it's big and with only 3 of us, we only use about 2 rooms most of the time. Practically a new home. I've was studying underground piping for cooling but I have a new though. I can not use swamp coolers because it's to humid in Middle Ga. I have a well that the water is about 49-58 degrees. If I build a box with a cage fan and use small radiators (desinged for this purpose; not auto radiators), to pass the cold well water thru, wouldn't this work to cool the air for a room or two? I would design it to use a thermostat to open a valve when the water reached about 70 degrees and have it to RETURN the water back to the well (have have an opening to do so on the well). What I'm visioning is, the air would pass a hundred or so coils with circulated cold water all the time. I understand I need to also consider humidity dropping and cycle that out. Keep in mind, I'm not talking about passing air over a wet pad. I'm leaning toward passing air over cold coils that might be as deep as 3 feet. I really would like some detailed opinions. I'll email drawing if I have to.  Best regards.  Chris - Macon Ga.

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How do i make an instructables group? Answered

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halloween photo editing contest

Hi there I entered my instructable into the halloween photo editing contest  over the weekend and it said needs to be moderator approved i am just worried it will not get moderated and added to the contest in time as the deadline tonight. Many thanks. 

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Question on contest entry! Answered

It has been 5 days since I entered my instructable in the Launch it Contest, but it still says pending moderator approval? Is there something wrong or will it just take some more time The instructable is

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Moderate electronic project idea help. Answered

I am out of ideas to build and i need new ones. Please give me ideas to build and make. I enjoy building with electronics and wood. Whoever comments I give a HUGE thank you to. Please give me ideas. Thanks!! project_builder

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Entering a draft in a contest

I noticed that, when viewing a draft, the "add instructable to contest" button is active. Could you use this button to wait out the moderation and publish after it has been accepted into the contest or would the moderator not approve an unpublished ibble? It's always sad when you've been knocked off the front page before being accepted into a contest. 

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how do I do removed by author or community request ? Answered


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I can't enter in the Arduino contest!

I want to enter in the Arduino contest with this my instructable: , but it say: "Arduino Contest is moderated. Arduino Led Dice has been entered in Arduino Contest pending moderator approval" from two hour ago...but the contest ends soon! I've also add a screen of the problem. How to solve it? Thanks.

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Birdwatchers' group

In light of recent avatar-fashions, I decided to start a new group.Feel free to join, but beware that membership is moderated.

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is anybody here active?

Is anybody here active? This group has the most members, and is still pretty boring, we need to talk more or something

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A NON-Instructable: How to PREVENT SPAN in this site we all LOVE

Hi guy Latelly spam is getting nasty. I do my best in flagging it all out as much as I can, because I hate spam nad love the site I've come up with a couple of ideas that could help  preventing spam: - Moderate the first 'ible of new users: Almost all spam comes from new users and their very fist 'ible is spam. Just hold the 'first ible of any new user 'till a moderator sees it and approves it. - Allow site users to do the job for you: That's what web2.0 is all about: users signal with the spam flag and you can remove the posts asap (saw this happend seldom times, or with a long delay) - Promote some users as moderators that have the right to "umpublish" (not delete)  posts that are flagged as SPAM. This status can be revoked if user gets nasty and bossy. How about it? Thanks Emcysquare

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How to insure your vote for projects:

Sometimes I see a really impressive project that I want to vote for, but the project hasn't yet made it through the moderation process. In this case, I add the Ible to my favorite's list so I can return to it quickly and cast my vote after the entry has been accepted.  Are there other suggestions for members to keep track of entries they deem vote-worthy... without sifting through pages of contest entries?

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Instructables at Conference on World Affairs at University of Boulder April 9-13, 2012

I'm speaking at the Conference on World Affairs at the University of Boulder this week in Boulder, CO.  The conference is free and open to the public, so if you are nearby I encourage you to attend.   I'll be speaking on the following panels.  Let me know if you can make it to any of these -- I love meeting the Instructables community in person! 1116 Creativity in the Arts and Sciences 9:00-10:20 on Monday April 9, 2012 ATLAS Black Box Panelists: Henry Butler Michael Fink Vivian Siegel Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Paul Bauman 1869 Extreme Living: Taking It to the Edge 4:30-5:50 on Monday April 9, 2012 Chemistry 140 Panelists: Arlene Blum William Nack James Tanabe Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Adam Chase 2612 DIY: Hipster Economy 2:00-3:20 on Tuesday April 10, 2012 ATLAS Black Box Panelists: Mark Frauenfelder Tom Preston-Werner Kiki Sanford Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Josie Heath 2768 New Business Models Powered by Technology 3:30-4:50 on Tuesday April 10, 2012 Visual Arts Complex 1B20 Panelists: Donna Morton Yolanda "Cookie" Parker Tom Preston-Werner Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Andrew Franklin 3714 The New Masculine 3:00-4:20 on Wednesday April 11, 2012 UMC East Ballroom Panelists: Tom Edmonds William Nack Howard Schultz Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Lew Harvey 4466 The Future of 3D 12:30-1:50 on Thursday April 12, 2012 ATLAS Black Box Panelists: Jim Emerson Michael Fink Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Patti Bruck 5116 More Technology, More Isolation 9:00-10:20 on Friday April 13, 2012 UMC West Ballroom Panelists: Maggie Koerth-Baker Tom Preston-Werner Jon Sinton Eric J. Wilhelm Moderator: Luke Beatty

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chronological order Answered

WHY don't the questions appear in chronological  order? you have to look back through the list to see if any new questions have been inserted - is this to do with moderation?

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Comments "In [insert number here] minutes"??

So recently I've had a huge influx of comments on one of my instructables, and when I go answer them a lot of the time the comment will have the heading "Dangerously Explosive (author) in reply to ___, in [#] minutes" rather than saying "[#] minutes ago". Why does it do this, and what does it mean? Is it just going through a moderation stack, or does Instructables have a comment per unit time limit?

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Is there a newsletter archive? Answered

Is there a newsletter archive? And if you are not subscribed to the newsletter can you still be featured in it? And the last one, if one of the moderators put your 'ible in a newsletter how can you tell if you are in it or not?

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Contest entering problem

My sling I entered into the pocket sized contest had said pending moderation. This would be fine but it has said that for about 4 days.

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"Published" Instructable, but can't be found?

My Instructable "120V A/C Lamp Flicker from LED Votive Candle Type 1 (COB)" shows published in my personal account info, but I can't seem to locate in the regular search. It also shows 0 views, which is pretty unusual. Note: I did enter this in the Halloween contest (1st contest entry), which I know is moderated. Does it have to be approved by the contest moderator before it shows up to the general public or have I screwed something up? Thanks! Steve

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Is writing an art form?

Is writing considered as an art form? I think it is. You create highly emotive pictures using pen and paper instead of paint or other mediums. Your opinions?

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How can i connect a solar air compressor to an A.C. so that it can cool my house?

I wanna build a project for my engineering educational syllabus plz guide me anyone how can i use solar air compressor to cool my house by A.C. Climatic conditions of my town :- Hot round 38/22 Celsius. and mostly moderate humid. Please guide me about my project

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Samsung Omnia Icon

I'm thinking of getting a Samsung Omnia Icon soon. I was wondering if anyone has this phone and whether it is good or has any major issues. All help appreciated. Thanks.

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Why my new instructable can't add to the Moderated group"New authors, come get some free stuff!" ?

Hi! I'm a new author,just now I have published my first instructable,and want to add it to the group:New authors(www.instructables,com/group/newauthors/ ) to participate in the activity,but it says: You currently have no eligible Instructables, Videos, or Photos that aren't already added to this group. Submit an Instructable to Enter Now! What does it mean?I think my new instcuctable is eligible to this group.And what can I do to add to it? Thank you!

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Every time I try to access Goodhart's profile page Mcafee keeps blocking it. I don't know if anyone has the same problem with other pages. Is this an error or is Instructables harbouring an evil virus lurking around?

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Edward Tufte - Our experiences in moderating a forum

Here's an interesting point of view for moderating a web forum. Our "be nice" policy is similar, but doesn't reach this level. I have spent long periods of time thinking about and debating how to value the contributions of essentially anonymous authors. Anyone can contribute an Instructable, forum topic, or comment, and their value varies wildly. Would Instructables be better if we aggressively pruned contributions deemed to be low value? How would we do so in a scalable way? Catching swear words is a good first step, and maybe misspellings are next, but reviewing content is really best done by humans. Should each Instructable author be able to moderate the comments on their Instructables? We've been loathe to do this because the potential for abuse seems to outweigh any benefit. Democratic systems are good in theory, but in practice a vocal minority tends to dominate the conversation. Moderating a forum is fairly straightforward: knowing what you want, deleting entire threads that aren't going anywhere, correcting the spelling of the word "it's," fixing URLs, deleting individual contributions that fail to advance the thread. It helps to have experience writing and editing (and reading student papers, refereeing journal articles, reviewing manuscripts and grant proposals).As clearly indicated to potential contributors, we do a lot of deleting--only about half of all submitted contributions survive for more than a month. This doubtless hurts a few feelings but substantially raises the quality of the board. Very few published contributions are edited at all, other than silently to correct spelling, update an URL, or to delete a sour note in an otherwise good answer. Our view is that every contribution to Ask E.T. should advance the analytical quality of the thread. We particularly seek to avoid the chronic internet disease of "All Opinions, All the Time." The idea is to have an interesting and excellent board on analytical design that serves the content and the readers, not a board logging every attempt at publication. We also are ruthless in deleting contributions with incivilities, rants, taunts, and personal commentary on other contributors....For some boards, a bozo filter may prove useful by automatically deflecting certain trigger words. My friend Philip Greenspun constructed a filter at which bounced all those who misspelled the word "aperture," on the grounds that they did not know much about photography.Our experiences in moderating a forum: What's best, not what's newThanks to Nivi for the find.

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What would I need to build a handheld apparatus capable of spinning and launching moderately sized steel balls?

Preferably one that's not excessively bulky. The balls in question are slightly larger than a golfball.

Asked by Weather Report 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Last minute entry to Jack Daniels contest

Hi, I entered my video last night an hour or two before the deadline, but no moderator has addressed it for approval.  Voting however has already started.  I read the rules closely, and I'm fairly certain I met the criteria.  I got an email telling me to wait a day or two for approval, but by then, the voting will be over.  Should I expect my video to be considered?  If not, what rule did I violate? Very truly yours, emcelhannon Ernie McElhannon

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Adding an instructable to the Deconstruction Group

Hi folks - The Rabbit Hole team here from the Deconstruction... We uploaded an instructable for the Deconstruction group from the Rabbit Hole team - rather than do this a million times (and not see it in the group), is it awaiting moderator approval?

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