can i connect my pc to a ps2 slim via usb to usb?

I want to do run dev programs. when connected my lcd tv shows there is something connected but says no signal.

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Actual Mods!

These are actual products!

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Hey, I was wondering if I was allowed to make an intractable on adding a motion sensor to the Xbox 360. It is technically a mod.. And MSFT hates that.. Is it allowable? -n

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Minecraft mods

You play Minecraft and want to know how to install certain mod? I can show you how. First, comment the mod you want instructions on. Then, subscribe to me so that you can see the instructions. I already have instructions on a few mod so please check and see if I already have it. Thx!

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AR-4 v3 mods.

Ok, so I made some mods to my AR-4 v3. There are 3 major mods, a couple of other minor cosmetic mods, and one performance mod. Picture 2- minor stock mod. This mod allows people to extend their stocks to make it longer. Picture 3- New hopper based off of Killerboy's removable mags. Major mod. By using his hopper as a fixed mag, It now allows me to hold 9 yellow rods, which is pretty big. It does jam, but rarely. The rounds will all stay in the hopper if you vigorously shake it, and you can remove the rounds pretty easily. Picture 4- Minor trigger mod. All it is is replacing the hinge with 2 Y connectors, a white rod, and a purple one slot connector. Picture 5- Scope mod. This connects the scope to the top of the gun, making it a better hand grip for carrying. Picture 6- Yet another scope mod. This mod was made to adapt to the new fake barrel, which was filled up instead of only the middle row having the orange connectors. Picture 7- Mod to the bottom of the gun. The last one was just having blue rods, this one fills it up with connectors. Picture 8- Foregrip mod. This is the second of the 3 major mods. I did away with the bipod and modded the bottom to have a new grip. Mainly a comfort mod. Picture 9- Barrel mod. The last major mod. This mod was made after several people noted that the ammo needed some 'Help' to get into the barrel. I basically just filled in the hollow area where the ammo would jump from the hopper to the barrel, so you dont have to stick your finger in. Picture taken from top of gun. That stuff above it is what you connect the scope to.

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Airsoft pistol

I need airsoft pistol mods

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What knex guns should I mod? Answered

I will be starting a series of gun add-ons like bipods, stocks, extended mags, scopes, and so on. If you have any ideas for guns that I could add any of the mods to, post a comment.

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Which Mod do u wanna see?

I dont have time to do all of these so what do you wanna see the most?

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my nerf big bad bow

Should I post the mod please comment

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Can someone make a guide on how to mod a Nerf Secret Strike?

I have a Nerf Scout and a Secret Strike. I want to be able to get more accuracy and/or range on either of them. Also could someone recommend a really good gun, preferably with a clip, but doesnt have to be automatic.

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Random knex challenge 7- The mother of all modification contests. (Edit- Winner)

This is the first random knex contest posted under its new host, me.  I'm taking the operation over.  Sorry I couldn't post it yesterday, but my house got broken into and under that commotion, I forgot. Anyways, the title is what it is.  You can modify ANY knex design on the internet posted (with one exception see below).  However, there are guidelines: Must Improve on original design.  The improvements can be on performance, efficiency, parts conservation, whatever.  However, adding random useless crap on a design is NOT acceptable. Must be original.  The design doesn't have to be yours but the MODS you make to it do. The more improved the design is, the best chance you have of winning. Don't limit yourself to just guns, you can mod ANY design. The one design I will NOT allow in the contest is the TR since it is so open to mods and there is a variety of options for it.  So keep that in mind.   Accepted entries:  Knex gun builder- Modded ZKAR bolt RC-1207SEV- Modded freeslinger Knexfreek- Freeslinger to tankbow transformation. Tigernod- OSNJCKMA2 mods (Can't remember the abbreviation) Edit- The winner is....Tigernod and his modded OSNJCKMA2.  Congrats!  Expect a patch soon Tigernod.

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Nerf Mods

There are so many different nerf mods for ALL nerf guns, But the question is "Which one brings enough power to make a nerf gun shoot far and fast with better accuracy?" Answer is all them, if you put all the mods for one gun into one gun you are going to get a great outcome unless you do the mod bad, take a Recon CS-6 for instance it is a low power nerf rifle not good for wars at all shoots around 20 feet but, mine has been modified and i am currently looking for different modifications for it but it shoots more than 80 feet  measured, exact results are 80 on most shots 1/10 shots shoots around 50 and that is because it was a BAD DART, here is what i did, (P.s: this will be a instructable for the mods in this....) 1 Removed AR 2 stretched out spring by plunger ( not recomended get a new spring if  you can ) 3 put a spring behind plunger to create more friction which pushes the barrel  forward more and causes a stronger air push. 4 made the air tube bigger by the AR with a drill Thats all i did it was easier than most mods i have done ( iremember the maverick i had no idea how to get into the roatating barrel) but it led to the best outcome, P.s doing the same thing makes the Raider CS-35 alot more stronger it will more than likely shoot 90+ I will be getting a longstrike soon so i will show you guys the AR Removal and other mods i know which can be applied to the gun and create another great Nerf Sniper Rifle, Later guys.

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Regular USB camera turned to night vision?

Is it possible to modify a standard USB camera into a night vision camera?

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Nice Changes to the Site!

I really like the new layout, with the different drop down menus, and the tabs. It looks really good. Anyway, just my 2 cents, nice job Instructables team.

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my stampede stopped working after i took off the front orange barrel part

My stampede stopped working after i took off the front orange barrel part i think its the batteries but i dont know help?

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how can you rewire a personal mobility scooter to avoid the stock controls?

I have a pride scooter that was my fathers, the control box on the steering column has gone out for the second time. I want to hack the chair to make a cart for my kids , it seems to me that one could use a foot pedal off a power grinder to by pass the safety laden devise on the column, any ideas?

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Nerf Mods

I will Mod Nerf Guns for you for increased power, cool looks...and you can request more so email me at  You can choose to send your gun (you pay postage) or add the cost of the gun onto the mod cost.  Thank you, more details can be discussed through email.

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Ook, so I realize there are a few groups that have to do with gun modifications. BUT, I couldn't find a FORUM for them, so I am making one. In this forum, we are to share our coolest, most successful mods of knex weapons here. If you are to describe a mod, you MUST include at least one picture, so we can all admire your handy-work.I'll go first. I recently (as in last night) built the mod of Jager's rifle from THIS IBLE and found the gun a bit faulty. Since it uses a lot of pieces, I was in no rush to dismantle it immediately, and rather, I tore its insides out and put my own in. The result is an enormous mod of a mod with a four-shot magazine for orange connectors with grays and a sleek look similar to the original mod.P.S. The picture is from a bad lighting/angle... the gun looks a lot cooler in person.

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whats my next step modded original xbox?

Modded origial xbox the xbox was modded well before i ever resived it with the help of some people from this site i have been abel to regain an FTP connection. To restore it to working order whats my next step id like it to run evox again can i do this throught the FTP server? the file below is the error codes im getting right wen i turn it on

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are there any mods to the knexsayer? Answered

Well i have a knexsayer and i cant think of any mods and i want to mod it

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Swypout Card Reader Mods

Anyone know any mods for a swypeout card reader (it uses barcode cards)

Posted by smtgr14 8 years ago

Swagboss Mods

I've made some mods to Zak & Bakenbitz's SwagBoss. The mods include a better shotgun trigger (pull with your pinky!), cheek rest, better stock (my standard curved stock), bolt mods, and a craptastic sight mount. 1. Mine. 2. The shotgun trigger (ask for internal pictures if you want) 3. How I connected the pin guide (lol, but it works) 4. Stock 5. Cheek rest (held in by blue clips) 6. Bolt mods 7. Sight mount THE INSTRUCTIONS. BUILD IT HERE

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knex AK-47 mods

Before i post instructions for mods in my knex AK-47 i will post them here and ask you if you want them. so far the mods i have are : new butt balljoint in front grey connector in front to stop the barrel form bending frucher mods: mag will replace hand guard anything else i can think of lol

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Lever Action Rifle MODS

A few modifications I made last night to knex mad's Lever Action Rifle. Modifications include: Better Lever, more comfortable handle, and some barrel mod's. Enjoy.

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Gameboy Mods

Has anyone done the gameboy prosound mod or screen backlighting or underclocking, or would they be able to upload an instructable on it? I have found other articles on it, but there not very clear. I also have found a site where you can buy the kits to do these mods (ill post link when i find it) Thanks alot 8BITE P.S - If anyone else is interested in gameboy mods or chiptunes or anything gameboy related, please feel free to contact me, i dont bite : )

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laptop screen case mod help

I have a 14.something laptop i dont use and would like to mod my side panel to acomodate the screen how can i make it work with my computer and what would i need to do this

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How to re-program camera's LCD for PC mod

How to re-program camera's LCD for PC mod i have a old canon powershot S30 camera, so I would like to make a special mod, but, the problem is, i dont know how to reprogram it and use it to display the temp, memory size, frequencies and voltages. Anyone have the guide or already did this before. HELP!

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What other mods can I add to make my Buzzbee Doubleshot that I converted to Airsoft shoot with a higher FPS rate?

I already have taken out the air restrictors in the shells, I am looking for something in the actual gun type of mod.

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DIY LED car rims?

Anyone know how? like to have them behing the rims so they make it glow.......?

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Dual Hard Drive Enclosure

Hey i'm work'n on use'n and old computer as a harddrive enclosure. So it house 4 or more hard drives i seen where you can buy one but you know how the site works it is better if we make them. I have like 20 160gig harddrives needed some thing to do with them. Any help would be great.

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How do you start up in Canon mode with CHDK?

Hi again, I'm considering installing CHDK for my camera, but can't seem to find anything about how you disable or get out of CHDK mode or how can you start the camera in normal Canon mode, so I'd like to know how you can start up in Canon mode and also how do you remove CHDK please Thx in advance super_me

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can any one tell me how to true bypass a vox v847 wah... Answered

Hey how was your day?good i hope. here is the deal im trying to true bypass my vox wah and i realized i have no idea what im doing. so i would appreciate it if someone could explain it to me and  maybe show me a picture of how it should look when it is done...thank you very much...?

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Router antenna hack (two to one)?

I'm in the process of buying a router to add custom firmware such as ddwrt or tomato. Some of the routers have two antennas but I'd like to use just one in order to use it with a high gain antenna. I understand that some routers have a way to disable one antenna in their firmware but I will be using custom firmware. I also understand if one antenna is not disabled in software both antennas needs matching antennas so impedance matches. If impedance insn't matched antenna would not work for long.  My question is could I not just bridge one of the antennas on the pcb to the other in order to have matching impedance? 

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can i get a micro inovations wireless laser mouse to work with a logitech receiver?

I have a micro innovations wireless laser mouse and keyboard but don't have the receiver for it. I do have a logitech wireless keyboard and mouse receiver that i am using for my wireless keyboard. What i am wondering is if there is any way to get the mouse to work on the receiver as well?or can i convert the receiver to work with the micro mouse and keyboard? Is it possible to cord the mouse? i am not toally electronically inclined but i am no noob either.....Just curious if any one knows of anything like this or if i need to try and find a receiver from micro innovations?

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is there a pedal that can control the volume of a effect into the mix by bringing the effect(distortion)?

Ok, Im in a group that plays alot of shows and im allways looking for a way to improve my live sound.What im needin to know is if there is a pedal(like a wah or volume) that can sepratly control my distortion with out affectting my original sound.Now i know that most any pedal does have a affect unless its true bypass but i'm wanting to be able to bring my distortion into my sound like a volume pedal but it only needs to control the distortion and not the volume of my amp.I can get a similar effect by rolling back my volme on my guitar and clicking the pedal on while roling my volume back up and it makes the effect of the distorton being 'breathed' into my sound.Anyway i duno if there is a pedal like this or if i would have to build one. i'v heard this idea somewhere before and never heard how or if it has been done so thank you and i hop someone can help me out! thanks!

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Xbox Mods

Share Your ideas for modding please!

Posted by MajorRockstar7 9 years ago

My nerf gun mod fails?

So I got my Nerf Longshot a few years ago and I decided to mod it. I went and removed the air restrictors. Being Really Excited, I went to go test it out. It turns out that it made the gun shoot half as far with almost no force. What's going on???

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How can you make modded controllers undectectable to xbox live?

I was thinking of making some to sell but how do you make your modded controller undectable to xbox live? Also just a tip for everyone instead of making a button I was just going to connect it to the sync button like how my friend does it.

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1 night stand w/ knex

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Micro Mosquito Mods ??

Ok so i have a micro mosquito and I finally got the repair kit for it (I crashed and burned hard.... broke a rotor) I love the little thing.....very fun to kill 15 minutes with... I've done some looking and I've come up with a few ideas on how to increase power in the tail rotor and make it a little hopefully make forward and reverse flight a little faster.... if I am succesful is there an interest in this? would it be wanted as an instructable? also... I realize its not a load bearing helicopter..... but any ideas on ultra light cameras I could try out?

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Car security ?

So I was wondering if anyone would have any knowledge on car alarms i want to make a app that will send me a notification whenever my car is messed with using a modified viper security system 

Asked by gavinh6 3 years ago

What would you build into a NES controller?

So far I want to put in a mp3 player, usb memory stick, and LED flashlight. Preferably I want to wire in a AA or AAA battery and recharge off usb cable. I'm looking for ideas in an attempt to make a multi-functional NESC.

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Sign up for the Ultimate Mods contest

Ok. I need people to sign up for the contest. However, It has been moderated to shorten judging time.the categories:Computer modsMP3 player modsflash drive modselectronic modsPortable modsother modsplease specify which instructable will go in what category also...

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How to mod a ps2?

Modding a flat ps2

Asked by alewisnyc 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Is there an easy mod to the phat PSP that a new guy could do? I am looking for a hardware mod.?

I am looking for a hardware mod. I do not want to mod software atm.

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Computer Mod Supplies

Found this great resource for computer mods and mod supplies. They don't really have any hardware, but they have a good deal of water coolers, fans, and even some ridiculous energy drinks....

Posted by natee 11 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

will me vulcan break/over heat if i mod it? Answered

The mod is extending the belt

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KillerK Magnum Mods

This is a forum for posting all Killerk's Magnum mods. this is his gun: Well have fun and keep the language clean!

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