Modular humioniod robotics? Answered

Hello my name is Alex, I have a very early stage idea for a modular humioniod robotic development platform. I'm looking for information, a point in the right direction to all things modular robotics. Books, threads,forums, drunken scribblings on a napkin I don't mind. What I would really like to do is a open source collaboration, where people can make either the whole thing or just indavidual modules. What do you think? Great idea? Dumb? Totally unachievable? All comments and replays welcome, positive or negative Thanks in advance Alex

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Modular Lighting - help please!

Hullo! For my school project, I am manufacturing a modular lighting unit but I'm a bit lost on the whole electronic side of it. Basically, I can make anything as long as it's vaguely connected to the theme "modular lighting". At the mo, the idea I'm continuing with is flowers in a vase - the flowers are the light source and when it is stuck into the vase, it recharges. I've never done anything remotely related to electronics before so any help as to how I would make this is welcome! :) [or any new ideas] I would just buy a charger to make it easier for me, but I don't know whether I can buy one where, instead of inserting the batteries in, there's wires coming out? Almost like a phone charger or something, so I can connect it to the vase somehow. Thanks!

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Does anyone know where to find instructions for the Five Intersecting Tetrahedra origami model?

My computer won't load video, so I need some directions.

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modular arcade cabinet idea?

Hey guys, For all you gamers and arcade fan out there. I got a chalenge for you. Can you think of a good way to make a modular arcade cabinet that would let you play with joystiq controler AND racing wheel with little as possible change to make. So a mix between a racing cabinet and a regular arcade cabinet. Show me what you can think of :)!

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Ideas and information on modular robotics specifically humionoid but not exclusively

Hello my name Ian Alex, I have a very early stage idea for a modular humioniod robotic development platform. I'm looking for information, a point in the right direction to all things modular robotics. Books, threads,forums, drunken scribblings on a napkin I don't mind. What I would really like to do is a open source collaboration, where people can make either the whole thing or just indavidual modules. What do you think? Great idea? Dumb? Totally unachievable? All comments and replays welcome, positive or negative Thanks in advance Alex

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can someone give me better pictures on how to assemble the modular origami by mascimo??

 i made twelve of the little origami modules for this, but the pictures on how to put them together are very blurry. could you please either give me better pictures for this, or send me a video? anyone?

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Is it ok to post it?

Hey Instructables! So a couple of weeks ago I finished a year long project, automating my room. The project is completly modular so if any piece burns out or fails you can quickly switch it, the project includes automatic lighting controlled via a PIR sensor, an LM35 controlled fan, a miniature green house controlled by another LM35 and it displays the info about humidity and temp, through a 16x2 lcd and DHT11, a combination lock for my door via a keypad, a infrared control that can turn on or of my desk lamp, alarm clock, room lights, solder station and has the function to turn the whole system on or off, it also includes a modified Sony alarm clock, that has a TDA2040 amplifier with aux in and its connected to some speakers around my room. I have all the eagle files and ready to print pdf´s. Everything is controlled by 2 DIY arduinos. I made most of the modules for the sensor array but a couple of the controll modules were made using already existing files on fritzing, and the DIY-Duino Should I redesign this modules and controller board before uploading, or will crediting the authors of this parts will do?

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What is a good cable/socket system for modular circuits?

I've been working on and off on an integrated color organ and vumeter over the past few months.  Part of the design is that there will be a central "hub" that will do all the filtering and user interfacing, allowing me to build the display itself separately.  The intent is that this will allow me more design freedom in a display, since I won't have to fit all the circuitry into it.  It's also cool, since this project is more self education than anything else.  The minor problem is that I have no idea what type of cable or connector to use in order to make the design modular. So, is there a good cable/socket type for this purpose?  It preferably needs at least five wires (high, low, mid, left channel, right channel), which is why I don't think USB is a possibility.  Also, will it be necessary for one of the wires to be hooked up to ground of the central hub?  My intent is for the display and hub to have different power supplies, with the filter outputs hooked up to transistors in the display, which will in turn "trigger" the leds. Forgive me if this is a glaringly obvious question; I'm entirely new to electronics, so I have no experience with cables and the like. edit: the display is going to be at least a foot from the central hub, if not more, so ribbon cables and the likes are out of the picture.

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Wooden pallets turned into modular furniture

Swiss designer Sibylle Stoeckl takes the boring old shipping pallet and turns it into a modular piece that can be used in some novel ways such as the big wheel below.  While the wood in the pallets is not exactly furniture grade the combinations that can be made are pretty cool and it's always fun to see what people can do with something that would otherwise get tossed out. Link

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Modular Furniture Parts (or Legos for Adults)

I've been considering building more flat pack furniture (I'm sick of moving around awkward cheap crap made of MDF or particle board) and I've been thinking of maybe making some kind of modular parts that could be configured in different ways to become different pieces of furniture. Does anyone know if such a thing already exists? Also one of my sketches involved building frames out of posts and cross pieces with some surfaces built from strips of wood suspended on metal rods. I was wondering about the feasibility of making something like that. I realize I'm sort of babbling here so I'm attaching an image from my sketches. Does this make any sense? What could these supports be made of? Originally I liked the idea of using metal for the contrast in materials, but I don't have a metal shop and I think getting them fabricated would be expensive. If anyone has any input, let me know. It would be cool to have an open source modular furniture system (well I think so).

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Can you help me find examples of modular building components?

So far I've found lego duplo kinex snobe origami bloxes drilled paddlepop sticks i also seem to have a memory of a rounded triangle shape in plastic/metal with bits cut out that you can attach together at right angles? no idea what they might be called. Any other suggestions out there?

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how do i make a modular dwelling fast, without a ton of money?

I need to get away from my parents sometimes to make my music and art and to do homework, but sometimes my room just isn't enough. i've read tons about modular dwellings- small shed-like houses you can build in you backyard. can anyone help me? i'd like to do be small (under 10 x 10) and make with a sleeping loft and a sliding door in the front. any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Anyone familiar with the Phonebloks Project?

Anyone familiar with the Phoneblok Project? 

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Anyone know a source for "GorrillaPod" type materials? Answered

I've been searching for a cost-effective source for "GorrillaPod" type parts.  Could be really helpful for many projects.  The closest things I'm able to find are    A bit expensive for many purposes.              Seems like lengths are generally limited to 5.75 inch segments. Both of these products seem very good for what they are intended.  The loc-line looks like it can be joined - so maybe that is a good one. Is loc-line stiff enough to behave similar to gorillapod? It would be really nice if we could snap together pieces to make what ever lengths desired. Maybe this already exists and I've just missed it....  

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20 part modular 3D-printed Gothic cathedral

Here's yet another reason why I intend to make time to build my own 3d printer once I've finished university. Thingiverse member Skimbal has designed and printed this 20 piece modular Gothic cathedral. It just fits in the print area of his 3d printer and can be arranged in lots of different ways to build unique cathedrals. While not particuarly useful it sure is impressive and if I were 10 or 15 years younger, a lot of fun to play with! Will be time to start thinking of what I want to print soon! Yayy! (found via BoingBoing)

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Biofuel powered water pump, no moving parts and modular!

I just added a video about how to make one. It is probably not what you are expecting. I made the prototype and it works. Brian

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Brainstorm: What are good sustainable/modular prefab home materials/designs?

I'm far too young to implement these things at the moment, but I'm interested in your thoughts on a pre-fab home designs and materials. Hopefully something I can make/repair myself. I live in Texas (Dallas currently, perhaps Austin later, climate: mostly dry country with tornadoes.) My idea was to build a pre-fab  workshop/garage and build the house inside of that. Does anyone know of pre-fab underground homes? That would help maximize my land usage. I read an archived article on motherearth news about "Solartron" which sounded perfect, but they seem defunct now. The key areas I would focus on are the garage (mainly automotive), kitchen (small, but professionally inspired), and garden. I'm hoping to have a garden-system with a few miniature goats for milk production later in life and small-scale food production like my grandfather. (Spices, vegetables, fruits) I'm wondering on any thoughts of what you would like in your dream home?

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How do I hook up a module camera directly to a screen.

I am trying to make a gadget that has a modular camera (something like this: directly to a modular screen (something like this: but I don’t want anything else on the screen. Is it possible directly or do I need a raspberry pi? If so how do I hook up the camera to the pi without the raspberry pi gui/clutter.

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Need some help with a parts list for a RGB array.?

Im saving up money to build a wall of 512 RGB LED's from a site called solderlab, and they provide real good documentation, and pics, but im still confused on what I need EXACTLY for the PCB boards. There will be 8 with shift registers, and one for power. I will link pictures to the schematics, renders of the boards. And Ive got some, I think. Also where I can get the custom PCB's made, and or, how much they will be! :D  Heres the Power board: Render of the Power board: One of the 8 Shift register boards: And lastly, The render of The shift register boards: And as far as I can tell, I need: 36 RJ45 Jacks 32 Shift register 74HC595's base resistors 10k Conrad Electronics 64 npn-transitors BD139 Conrad Electronics 64 34 pin ribbon cable connector 3- 22p ceramic caps And they say ( but im not sure what or where to get them) Pull-Up / Pull-Down resistors 10k     x5 4 x pin header quarz 16MHz (Im assuming this is just a 16 mhz crystal. And two Electr. Caps 100 µF So what am I missing? and how do I make/get those little wire bridges? Thanks! :D Im excited.

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Is it possible to make modern looking, cubby style storage out of cat litter pails? Perhaps modular? Answered

Depending on the brand of cat litter, the pails seem very well-suited for being made into stacked, modular storage.  They are so sturdy but cannot be recycled in most areas. It would be ideal not to have to cut off anything, but the edge where the pail is intially sealed prevents the pail from laying level.  Could something as simple as  2" x 4"s help stabilize them?  But would that necessitate an overall structure or lattice holding all the pails together? (Disclaimer: I don't use clay cat litters because of environmental concerns).  And, if the lids could be included in a design, it would be a great way to store all kinds of supplies without dust getting inside.

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The Reactable - A collaborative electronic music instrument

I was watching current earlier on and found this pod:The reactable is a collaborative electronic music instrument with a tabletop tangible multi-touch interface. Several simultaneous performers share complete control over the instrument by moving and rotating physical objects on a luminous round table surface. By moving and relating these objects, representing components of a classic modular synthesizer, users can create complex and dynamic sonic topologies, with generators, filters and modulators, in a kind of tangible modular synthesizer or graspable flow-controlled programming language.The video won't embed, but it's pretty awesome: Current PodThe project's official website is here.The software is open source, although I can't see many details of the hardware.

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need help transfering propane

I am working on desighning an airsoft "noob tube" or grenade launcher, and plan to make a modular fuel/payload combo as shown in the picture. my only problem is I need an efficient way to transfer propane from my tank, shown in picture, to the assembly.

Question by the mechanical engineer 8 years ago

Does anyone know how to hook up a 1930's wall phone to a modular cord? (so it's not fixed on the wall permanently)? Answered

I recently bought a Western Electric Model 202 with the original ringer box, and want it to hang on the wall, but be moveable, kinda like a picture frame. Thanks!

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Jonas done different?

So I was looking for a few alternatives to the Jonas secretary desk when I realized that there's a possible hack here for something thats MUCH stronger and modular.  Should be perfect if you ensure that the measurement is correct for someone sitting at it... Has anyone tried to do a foldout shelf from a effektiv?  If not, maybe I'll have to attempt this from the as-is section...

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looking for ideas on fabric composite thermal barriers ie artic sheltering?

Looking for moderately light weight, flexible,  and not too expensive Want to build a modular out building that I can take apart and transport, but be nice and toasty in the winter when using it. Thinking of a yurt type structure, but want to optimize the wall and roof covering

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Where do I find color changing LED tubes?

Hi all, I'm after a modular/customisable LED tube/other interesting window display lighting options. This is mainly for window display/events. See image below.

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Advice on Autonomous, Helping-Hand Robot Project?!

We are a team of engineers looking to develop an open-source, versatile robotic arm to be used by the maker community. We envisioned a modular, interactive arm that could be programmed to perform a variety of tasks. What sort of projects would you use a product like this for? What requirements should the project adhere to, including cost, size, payload etc. Thanks for the feedback!

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Robot that rebuilds itself after kicked apart

As this video of a modular robot re-assembling itself after being kicked apart by its creators at the University of Pennsylvania shows, the day is soon approaching when even smashing apart our rebellious robot slaves with hammers and axes will not prevent each individually severed body part from crawling towards you across the room, a murderous and autonomous agent of servo-controlled musculature.

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Custom outlets?

I'm planning to build a new computer desk with space inside to manage cables. I would like to include various ports on the side edges of the desk itself (power outlets, USB, hdmi, etc). What could I use to fit these outlets in place and look flush with the desk? I would like to come up with something somewhat modular, so that I can add or remove them as I upgrade my PC.

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snuggle mattress topper

I love this mattress concept Creating a whole mattress seems pretty ambitious, however a mattress topper of a similar concept  seems like an affordable simple way to emulate the concept. when i started looking into materials I was really astonished by the foam thing. there are lots of different kinds all in different density and thickness. What type of foam would be suitable for a project like this?

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24C3 Hacking DNA - A Lecture

Drew Endy, of MIT's Biological Engineering department, gives a lecture on hacking the only thing that is (for now) un-hackable: Us.The talk's all about the frontier on Biological Engineering, in particular DNA programming. Essentially, they're starting to develop abstraction levels for DNA programming, building modular components analogous to those used by mechanical or electrical engineers. Endy speculates that eventually, this will develop into a viable, hackable, source for materials and components that could be used by everyday hackers. I found this incredible, but mostly awesome! What do you think?

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RHD Right Hand Drive Conversion Kit for car auto van

I want to develop, design, and build a right hand drive conversion kit.  My goal is to make it simple as possible, but safe. Easy to make from off the shelf parts. Easy to customize to fit any vehicle. Inexpensive. All input would be greatly appreciated. I am a rural mail carrier and I think we could design and build a modular system that could fit in any car and would help mail carriers across the country. 

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3D Spherical Display, Tailgate Hot Tub, Turkey Recipe

3D Spherical Display Tailgate Hot Tub Ultimate Turkey Recipe Modular Pie Cosahedron 4-Minute Chocolate Mousse How to Microwave Corn Award-Winning Pumpkin Pie Homemade Pie Crust Easy Knit Hat Pattern Make Infused Oil Classic Gravy Recipe Blinking Bicyclist Armband Turn a Belt Into a Pen Mysterious Ring Magic Trick Installing Chair Rail Make a Backyard Path Arduino Music Responsive Light - 82 2nd St. - San Francisco, CA

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Can I reuse my camera from lumia 720 as a CCTV or jsut hook it up to my computer?

I have a broken Lumia 720 but the cameras (both front and back) still work, is there any chance i can use them to make a DIY cctv or webcam of some sorts? They have 6,7 and 1,3 MP.  The main camera is connected to the phone with a ribbon with ~13 pins. Both cameras are modular, they have the circuits in them, is it possible just to connect a few wires to the ribbon and hook it into a computer?

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CHALLENGE! Make this mattress!?

The "Love Mattress" I have seen this thing on the internet for years, and somehow or another, it's been in the prototype phase for years, and I still don't see it on the market.  It was designed by an Iranian designer named Mehdi Mojtabavi, who apparently is in no hurry to sell the darn thing.  So here is the challenge, if anyone is man (or woman) enough to accept... Make one! If my girlfriend doesn't get one soon, she might throw a Veruca Salt temper tantrum (I WANT IT NOW!)

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Instructables on NYC's WCBS-AM 880 Monday

I'll be doing an interview with WCBS New York News Radio talking about "Holiday Gifts Made From Holiday Trash," and The Best of Instructables Volume 1. It will air at 10:20 am, 11:40 am, 12:20pm, 1:40 pm, and 2:20 pm ET. You can listen on the radio if you live in New York, or on their website.If you missed it, there's an MP3 attached here. Stuffed Animal Headphones and Ten-Green Modular Shelving were both mentioned. More news and press about Instructables here.

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Proposal for a Multitasking Robot

Greetings, I am a senior EE major at Polytechnic University. I spent most of my time working with robotics and electronics. I always wanted to enter one of these robots competitions but finding the time and funds was always the problem. Its really interesting that iRobot is deciding to sponser a few teams. After brainstorming I came up with a few robot ideas that I believed novel. Then I thought about it some more and came up with more ideas. Instead of narrowing them down I thought how great would it be if all of them could be made. That led me into designing an idea for an iRobot Butler that can do many tasks. The idea is to create a modular robot that has the ability to dock with its base station and perform multiple tasks with different specialized modules. The project I propose is to develop the modular autonomous docking system and several modular tools for the robot to utilize. These tools can be used for entertainment purposes or for human aid. Here are a few concepts 1) Mobile Music docking station and amplifier - You have a stereo system, great! Only down side is its always stationary so you have to blast it till the neighbors know the lyrics if you want to hear it everywhere in the house. With this kind of a docking station just come home plug it in and let the music follow you. 2) IRobot key fob (that thing that opens your car) - Why have robot if you can't command it when you need it. With a IRobot linked to some off the shelf electronics you could have it meet you in whatever room you are in. 3) Where's the remote? Who knows? But iRobot can help you out by using a embedded universal remote following the sony ir protocol. Just give iRobot a buzz and he could come in and change it to your liking. 4) Not so Clocky Alarm Clock - Clocky is a robotic alarm clock. It rolls off its nightstand, hides somewhere in the room and then starts to wake you by forcing you to find where it hid. With the modular IRobot when you go to sleep it can hook up with its Music docking station and do pretty much the same thing. 5) Life Alert System - Many of us have been hurt at times where we wished someone could come to our aid. If you are in a accident and unable to reach a phone, press on IRobot's key fob and him lock onto another tool which brings you a cordless phone module to call for aid. The Docking Station The docking station for the robotic butler could be tracked using the same method as the self charging station. In order to remove platforms or add them a servo would be placed on the iRobot which would lock or unlock the tray. To maintain electrical connection between the two trays an array of spring header pins could be used. There are many great robotic ideas out there for the iRobot however the expense for one robot to only do one thing is pretty great. In order to compensate for the overhead expenditure a multifunctional robot with inexpensive and optional tools is a possible solution to suit home needs. This way all of the design entries can be utilized. Regarding my qualifications, I taught for three years as a teaching assistant to a freshman engineering course. My most recent completed project is the development of a chemical model car experiment and an Autonomous Underwater Vehicle design project for freshman engineering. Both of these projects underwent a rigourous amount of work and will be shown at the American Society of Engineering Education 2007 conference.

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Free Earphone Buds

Every lose ear buds (the soft part on them), everyone has now you can get free ones from Acoustic Forge, you just pay S/H and you get free earbuds, if you want to support the Acoustic Forge product : IronBuds, which are fully-hackable headphones you can make a pledge at kickstarter (link on webpage). For donating they will send you a pair (or more) of headphones and you will be supporting new, modular, headphones, each part of the headphones is separate, so you can customize the  bud, headphone, cables, and much more! If you lose or break a piece rather than buying an entire new set you just have to get a single part of the headphones!

Topic by Algag 7 years ago

Garage Bay 3D printer for large objects

Is anybody making a 3D printer that is made to fit in a single bay of a garage? Like something the size of a large SUV? Gigabot comes close, but it still smaller. For such a device, I'd like to make a modular head with a lot of potential interchangeable heads: 1. All the typical FDM 2. Milling for CNC type operation. 3. Laser for cutting 4. MIG welding head 5. Arm with gripper for auto-assembly 6. Scanner head 7. FDM using atypical materials, such as dry slurry epoxy (with microspheres or flocked cotton) Combine this with mobile robot arms to manage work pieces, and you're coming close to a complete fab lab.

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KNEX Ideas Wanted!

So it's been a while but I want to post some more stuff here and I would like to get some ideas. I know this has been done a million time but I need a few ideas to get my brain running! And the funny thing is that I have some ideas but I never got around to them so I will put them down here to see what you guys can do! Cryptex I have tried this many times but I have never figured it out. Ball machine in a tree I just don't have the parts but it would be super cool! Modular marble run I may try this my self! See if you can beat me to it!   Don't ask about the picture  I just like it.

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How about a battery operated, motion activated contraption that could scare away pigeons?

They roost on a built-in window air conditioner, so something that could fit on a flat surface, or hang about a foot or two above the ac. A simple fan or propeller device that could spin up would probably do the trick - dont want to hurt them though! They also roost on smaller surface areas on corbels - so both a small version and a larger version would be ideal - or even a modular version so you could adjust the size would be great. It would need to be able to survive outdoor elements. Tried screening them off - but then squirrels made the screened off area their home! Im a novice so I could use some help with someone designing and creating, and posting as an instructable or project.

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Digital control analog synth?

Hi all! I have an idea buzzing round my head and I could really do with some guidance. I'd like to implement digital control over an analog synth so I could have presets saved on a microcontroller. The synth in question is Serge modular. All the info on various modules can be found on the link below. Ultimately I'd like to be able to save and recall knob and switch settings, not patching. I would like this to be at the highest resolution possible, so no MIDI. Ideally 16 or 14 bit resolution. I'm a beginner in this, although I do know how to solder, but I don't have the underlying technical knowledge. So, how doable is this? What do I need to consider? Has anyone done something similar? Thanks!

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3D Printed Solar Electric Vehicle

Last months, as passive and low energy construction business went down in Romania, I had time to revival an old project - Zero Emission Solar Electric Vehicle. While researching online and off-line for chassis, body and materials suppliers and manufacturers, went to the 3D Printing idea for chassis, body and parts! There are already at least 2 cars printed so, and I'd like to share what I know already and also to learn from you. The vehicles will be modular, also. Hope you will love this idea, when I will have design ready and show it here :)  We might use Open Source Vehicles chassis, but not sure about this, because 3D printing will reduce the need of many parts that are in a classical chassis and body.  Your info brought here and your decent comments will be deeply appreciated. Thank you!

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My Sketch Up designs (rendered)

 These were made in Sketch Up over the past 2-4 months. Most of them are almost finished, they just need texturing. Index: List of ships: - 3300mm anti-capital gun - CCM-21b "Heron 2" - Battleship and it's render /w/ editing - XUAP Medium Assault Craft (Atomosphere model, space version coming soon) - Missile Cruiser (based on missile frigate in halo) - MGV (Modular Ground vehicle) And I had an issue on another forum... If you don't like it so much that you have to start flaming... just click the little x in the top right (or the red button on the top left for Mac users) or click the back button. Please, if you wanna use this, give me credit for what I did. I spent about 4 months almost

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LED amplifier from 12V controll to 20-24V 30W 350mAh

Hello everyone,First of all I'm totally new to electronics. Actually I'm a programmer, but wanted to work out some LED home lightning system.My LED Home lightning system will be driven by arduino. I allready figured out how to power 12v RGBW LED strips.But now i want to incorporated 30W RGB LED chips with heat sinks (that I will make into celing lamps), that are driven by 22-24V 350mAh. I want to have RGB LED amplifier/extender, to be able to achieve modularity. So each 30W RGB LED would get input from common anode RGB LED controller (arduino or any other on market RGBW controller) or RGB LED strip.So question would be: Can anyone help me with schematics and transistor or mossfet choices for creating such amplifier?I'm attaching simple ilustration.

Question by LukasM56 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

GSM remote temperature monitoring/ logging

Hello! I currently monitor low energy buildings using temperature, power and CO2 sensors.  These are stand-alone units which log to an internal memory. Which is great if the person is in and you can collect the data - but not so good if they are out. I want to take things to the next level and be able to collect temperature and power logs remotely.  There are bits of kit on the market which do this - but the cost is prohibitive (£1,000+).   There are also various other cheaper GSM based products on the market for GPS trackers, car sensors, home monitoring etc... Is anyone out there clever enough to suggest cheap modular components that could be combined to: 1 - sense a temperature 2 - log the temperature 3 - periodically send the file via a mobile signal I'm up for doing the work  if someone can point me in the right direction - or very happy if some has already done it! Many thanks John

Topic by Cornwalljohn 6 years ago

Tidy Cat Boxes/Container-What should I do

I was hoping to get some of the awesome minds working on a project of mine. I keep reusing my Tidy Cat buckets. I want to find a better, maybe modular furniture way of using them. Currently they are just storage, unfortunately, I haven't gotten really good at labeling so I just wind up opening one box after another. I've tossed around wine rack, some sort of yarn or craft holder, etc. I would like to paint them, which would be neat. The label is painted on and is not tape, so if I do use plastic paint, the words may still show thru. I haven't been able to buy the litter in a bag because I am not able to get the large bag of litter to work correctly with the automated litter box because it doesn't clump well. If you could look at the image and make some suggestions, it would be great.

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Help Needed

I've almost finished my M4 SOPMOD. One problem. I need help making a SOPMOD kit. If you want to help, you can be a collaborator in the 'ible.  Also, for my next project, I would like to make an XM29 OICW. I've included a picture for those of you who don't know what that is. I'd like it to be a collaborative project. Hopefully, The top portion would be a repeating mag fed sling (Pseudo-Semi auto?), and the bottom part would be a mag fed repeater (semi auto?). they would be modular, and be able to fire separately. Also, it would be cool if when connected, they both fired with the same trigger.  If pulled off right, this project could be very innovate, and advance knex considerably. That is, if good range could be achieved. Also, it would be an awesome replica. I'm not sure which part I'll do, but it'd be great if some people wanted to be part of it, and if these people had some good ideas for mechs. 

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Gift Exchange Entry

My skills include:Chainmail, simple latex clothing/accessories, basket weaving, seatmaking, modular origami, electronics What I'd like to make for someone: Stretch/simple Chainmail (bracelets, necklace, anklets), latex face mask (think respirator/goth), a basket, raffia foot stool, sonobe structure, five interlocking tetrahedrons. I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone (choose all that apply): Any size I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Sure What I like: blue, green, origami, wood, electronics What I don't like: crochet I absolutely can't have: None Type of thing I'd love to receive: Wooden Pen, any kind of wood woorking/carving Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? Sure Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Born Dec. 28, 1980

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How do you finish your projects? Answered

Whenever you want to finish a prototype, what kind of checklist do you go thru? things like: How do you decide what case design to use, what materials for that same case, how to solder everything up, what makes you decide if you "lock" the Arduino on that project forever by soldering everything around it. If you decide to make it modular, what techniques do yo use. What kind of material do you use to attach everything together: Hot glue? close everything down with screws, nails,  staples (...)? How would you make it water-proof or resistant to the weather (if it was something to be outside for a long time). If you have to use a lot of cable, do you solder everything up with heat shrink tubing? When do you use connectors and what kind of connecters do you use? I would love to see a video tutorial on how to properly finish up a project, and make it look beautiful inside a case.

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