Can I change the three "More by" links that appear with my instructable?

Is there a way to change the three "More by" links that appear with my instructable? I would like to have them point to my best work. Thank you.

Posted by JRV31 3 years ago

Can I change the three "More by" links that appear with my instructable?

Is there a way to change the three "More by" links that appear with my instructable? I would like to have them point to my best work. Thank you.

Posted by JRV31 3 years ago

How do I get more patches to send to people ?

The title says it all,  how do I get more patches to send to people?  Should you get more when you get an membership extension, I have 1 year + 3 x 3 months pro which I won / earned but I only ever got 3 patches to send.

Posted by scraptopower 7 years ago

Five more to go!

Rachel recently moved all of the guides I've written out of my account and into Instructables Guides and now I have an accurate count of my total Instructables: 95. Which means I'm just five shy of a full 100. Number 96 should go up tomorrow. I have plenty more ideas to do and even a few that just need to be written up, but if anyone has any suggestions for a 100th Instructable, I'm willing to hear it.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

More patches/delete some patches.

Is there anyway that I can either obtain more patches? And if not, is it possible for me to delete some that I have give to give new ones?

Posted by KnexFreek 8 years ago

Multiple drafts?

With many projects happening at once, how do I create multiple drafts. I seem to be able to only make one, finish, then start another. There is a counter but not the ability to multi task.

Posted by Random_Canadian 2 years ago

many many more origami

Well i have many more to come some are dogs head,house,doll,cube cube with spikes and much more

Posted by knexsuperbuilderfreak 9 years ago

1 more day!

Only one more day before the 2 year anniversary of knex on instructables!!!! i have a special present for knex so make sure to see it tomorrow!

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

No More Ratings

Thanks to some guy who unpublished my latest rating because it was posted an instructable can be blamed for me stopping my rating system. Sorry DjRadio because I can't post them as forum topics and I'm not going to waste my time transferring them. As for Dj, the Ar-3 was great and shot 70 feet. Best true bolt action ever. Sorry about this but I'm going back to making new things.

Posted by Electroinnovation 9 years ago

Need More Entrants in Art Contest

Ugh!!! I need more people for this contest!!! Please join my art contest!-> Thanx!

Posted by lil larry 7 years ago

instructables site idea to make more money!!!

How instructables staff could make more money to run the siet is to make an option for members to turn the adverts on or off. if this option was here then i would turn them on inso instructables will last longer and get better sooner.

Posted by slithien 7 years ago

Want more subscribers on youtube? sub 4 sub here!

Heres an idea,if you want more subscribers on youtube go to my channel and subscribe! Ill sub back! 2 birds one stone!

Posted by sharlston 6 years ago

Steve HAS 800 BEST ANSWERS Probably More Tonight

I will see Venus before getting anywhere close to steveastrouk's scoring. Just hand me a tissue to wipe my eyes please ;-) A

Posted by iceng 6 years ago


It is just me or does it look like the random sort option has been removed with the website update?   Is anyone else completely bummed out by this?  How will I randomly find new things to try?!?!?! Please bring it back instructables!

Posted by BooRan 5 years ago

Click to Scroll through Options (Yonatan24)

If you came here, you're probably** one of my followers. If you're one of my followers, you're probably interested in my Instructables. If you're interested in my Instructables, well... You get the point... If you're interested in seeing my projects in action, and more, Subscribe to my new YouTube Channel! Maybe these (deleted) embed links might decide to work one day... If you are on mobile or want to watch my channel trailer, Click here) Have an idea for a project that you think I can make? Post it here, or send it in a Private Message! If I win in an Instructables contest with your idea, I'll send you a FREE 1 YEAR PRO Membership! You can always contact me by Private message, though for something that's really important, you can send me an email using common sense and the period of this sentence, which contains my email address.   More links: Free PRO Membership Membership Giveaways My collection of my favorite projects My first I'ble My first featured I'ble My Twitter (haven't decided what I want to do there...) **(If you came here through the forums, this Forum Topic has been linked from My Instructables Page. Since I now have no Orangeboard, and have several different sites that I want to link through my profile page, I thought that I would do it like this...)

Posted by Yonatan24 1 year ago

Adding more speakers to hi fi stereo?!

Hi, i was just wondering whether anyone knew of anything that will allow me to add more speakers to my sony hi-fi without losing in volume. my stereo only allows me to add 2 speakers, and i have seen that you can get stereo speaker splitter allowing to add more speakers but i don't know whether one of those leads to a loss in volume aswell. I was wondering whether there is anything like a booster/amplifier to prevent the loss (almost like an aerial booster for TV's). Any help would be great thanks! Dan

Posted by Dantallica 8 years ago

New Colaboration Partner

Hello, im looking for a colaberation partner, i have an idea for full auto, posibly semiauto gun, lots of power, true trigger, bullpup. Need help with looks and a tester, i have only 1 Rubberband. Anyone?

Posted by knex gun builder freak 8 years ago

Opening and closing beam katana (Tsubaki from No More Heroes)

I recently decided I'm going to go as Travis Touchdown for Halloween, and a friend and I decided we were going to attempt to make the Tsubaki Beam Katana. (the one in the middle)We've thought about making one that is always closed, (not able to extend out to open position) so I can wear it on my belt. But where's the fun in that. So we thought of course about making one that will always be extended out, (not able to collapse into closed position) but it would be cumbersome at times that I would need both my hands wherever I was, and I don't like putting things down, just so I can come back to it to see that it's been handled by someone else and broken, (I plan on it being sturdy, but still, someone will find a way) or even worse... missing. So I guess the only option would be to make a fully functioning one (being able to extend and collapse through the use of buttons, and when extended out, pressing a switch to turn on a light for the "beam")So basically this without the hitting of people part. lolThere is multiple ways I've thought on how to approach this, the simplest, but non awesome way, would be to just use gravity, like the old school toy lightsabers. If there's no other way, I guess that will be what I have to end up doing. But, lets not give up so soon shall we? I've thought of using a long spring, but the only place I thought of where to put that would be in the tube that would light up for the 'beam', but once lit up you would be able to see the shadow of the spring projected onto the tube, and I don't really want that. Another idea was to use air pressure somehow, I really don't know how though, this kind of stuff isn't exactly my forte. And my last idea was some gears that could possibly be used on the stick piece that extends on the outside of the beam, to hold the top of the whole beam katana, but that might be hard to pull off since that piece is going to be sectioned like an antenna that extends out.So what I'm asking for is different ideas that I could possibly use to get this thing to shoot open on command. I would like for it to shoot open and snap closed, but being able to get it to only shoot open seems more plausible in this situation. (and just manually close it by hand) But if you have ideas for it to open AND close on command, then please share, for I just may try it.Thank you for your time in reading this, and any help you have to offer.

Posted by SamuraiSamori 9 years ago

Please read: An urgent appeal from Instructables member The Ideanator

I’m an I'bler. Like the thousands of others who write and publish Ibles, I have tons of fun doing so, and I can tell you, I wasn't expecting to get this big. I am finally adding more Ibles and other things to my profile, to build a resume, and to develop my semi-technical writing skills. Since I've joined, I've had over 37,100 total views, my goal is to top 40,000 by new years. Instructables, in all its glory has produced some incredible view totals. It’s a stretch, It would take about 500 views per day overall to get there. Please help me get to that 40k total, its as easy as peeking through my I'bles. The Ideanator Instructables member. To get you started: Mounting an LCD screen on the wall in your shop/lab The ever-popular geek bling A DIY magazine holder A large number of photos I took at the Maker Faire here in Detroit, some pretty good photos. A clothing "organizer" of my own design

Posted by The Ideanator 7 years ago

[Site UI] read more and read less on member overview page display improperly

When I press "read more »" on the Member Overview page, the page displays "« less" Instead of (presumably) "read less «".  Bug Info: 1. Windows 8.1 (also tested on Android 4.4.3 Chrome Browser) 2. Chrome 41.0.2272.89 m (Windows) and 41.0.2272.96 (Android) also Firefox 35.0.1 (Windows) 3. Two Examples: 4. Screen shots attached 5. Visit URL. Scroll to affected region (circled in yellow in screen shot). The bug occurs directly below "Location" and "Joined" on the Member Overview Page.  ... Also I'm not very fond of the semantics of using French quotes as a part of UI, even though it is a common practice... /rant See (off-topic; not original author)

Posted by mtheriot 3 years ago

New K'nex ideas and a request.

'Sup people, K'nex.X here, I got something to ask you, does anyone has any ideas for a new K'nex gun? I've practically ran dry and I'd love to have something new to work on. Don't come showing me pictures of models, I'm talking about real innovation like bolt action, lever action and/or semi auto's with a potential range over 30 feet. Next, I got an idea. What if we stop focussing on making models, replicating them as best as we can with the limited forms of k'nex pieces? We could focus on real innovation, the world needs about a 100 more Oblivitus and Kinetic's. Just check it out. Even though most have given up hopes, there are still loads of ideas to improve, perform or make. Take a look at thedunkis' forum topics, Oblivitus' concepts I'ble and Kinetic's mechs. For example, I'm now working on a bullpup, bolt action, horizontal magazine gun. Concepts are far more challenging than replicas. Just try it out for yourself.  Another thing, the veterans left. So stop making a 1001 forum topics about where everybody is, they have left. Mepain, DJRadio, Oodalumps, Zak, Shadowninja31, Coolbas, Killer-safecracker, IamCanadian, KILLERK. They all left. stop complaining, instead of whining, go out there and design something new! The red book of westmarch, Senior waffleman, Drrichtofen and all the awesome new(er) guys. You are the future of K'nex guns! Yours sincerely, Knex.X

Posted by Knex.X 5 years ago

Total Views Count - 23/09/2010

What with the excitement of publishing a new instructable, I forgot to post this last night! Here are this weeks total views comparisons. Instructabler 16/09/2010 24/09/2010                      Gain canida 3,595,747 3,627,875 32,128 scoochmaroo 2,658,157 2,702,208 44,051 Kiteman 1,623,313 1,633,436 10,123 Plasmana 1,482,089 1,492,928 10,839 Tool Using Animal 1,479,744 1,487,143 7,399 killerjackalope 881,825 888,631 6,806 gmjhowe 863,355 870,524 7,169 SaskView 753,836 759,324 5,488 lemonie 691,471 699,648 8,177 PKM 480,782 484,135 3,353 ChrysN 452,654 461,260 8,606 mikey77 455,115 458,072 2,957 laxap 392,449 395,597 3,148 jeff-o 379,991 386,836 6,845 depotdevoid 283,997 299,414 15,417 Spl1nt3rC3ll 265,365 266,601 1,236 Jayefuu 238,811 250,194 11,383 KentsOkay 228,029 229,513 1,484 ModMischief 216,271 221,543 5,272 reukpower 214,729 219,479 4,750 Doctor What 196,170 197,317 1,147 AngryRedhead 167,292 169,293 2,001 comodore 142,869 143,985 1,116 Lithium Rain 130,914 132,160 1,246 yokozuna 130,087 130,576 489 Kaelessin 122,588 124,357 1,769 Ninzerbean 122,248 123,686 1,438 Lynne Bruning 118,045 118,895 850 The Jamalam 113,465 114,258 793 BrittLiv 102,434 110,721 8,287 Hiyadudez 105,236 108,357 3,121 bertus52x11 100,693 102,117 1,424 thermoelectric 86,984 87,987 1,003 Goodhart 78,518 79,169 651 DJ Radio 77,474 78,308 834 janw 68,799 69,575 776 RavingMadStudios 58,212 61,712 3,500 MichelMoermans 50,235 51,440 1,205 Killer%7ESafeCracker 47,305 47,773 468 TNEN 42,242 42,571 329 kelseymh 40,920 41,178 258 Sunkicked 39,243 39,518 275 Berkin 32,682 33,014 332 Shadowman39 23,571 26,817 3,246 knuckel 25,242 25,767 525 The Ideanator 23,349 23,861 512 nickodemus 15,416 22,991 7,575 m6233555m 22,405 22,478 73 peguiono 20,503 20,889 386 artificialintelligence 19,401 19,854 453 plane phanatic 18,033 18,222 189 Derin 17,691 17,884 193 Rsbarr96 17,524 17,730 206 MotaBoi 16,871 17,361 490 TSC 15,952 16,655 703 possum888 16,409 16,648 239 zascecs 15,533 15,632 99 steveastrouk 15,299 15,493 194 tombuckey 14,686 14,859 173 jwystup   12,817   knexsuperbulderfreak 12,593 12,681 88 kcls 11,344 11,695 351 uberdum05 10,914 11,052 138 floris2burn   10,605   Legofanatic 9,939 10,259 320 NachoMahma 9,996 10,044 48 masterochicken 9,239 9,307 68 qazwsx755 7,414 8,041 627 acidbass 7,359 7,512 153 lizzyastro 5,438 5,634 196 Kryptonite 5,406 5,590 184 cherishcherub 4,312 4,437 125 zero.gx 4,221 4,264 43 jamesdude 3,494 3,531 37 moocowdog 3,178 3,287 109 megametal8 3,007 2,422 -585 cj81499 2,317 2,325 8 Jimmy Proton 1,863 2,146 283 slithien 1,971 2,050 79 sorunome   1,307   RNB 616 625 9 shadon 473 497 24 dombeef 425 438 13 randomguy65 280 343 63 knexman1999   135   tbcross 0 0 0 yo man 0 0 0 NachoTest01 0 0 0 hempnecklacestore 0 0 0 leafydave 0 0 0 Sketch98 0 0 0 daniel benny 0 0 0

Posted by Jayefuu 7 years ago

How to make a Lego NXT Warehouse that moves and supllies

I just want to know how to make one after i saw the youtube vid :) please tell what time what you need, and what spftware to program and how to program :)

Posted by awesome3612 6 years ago

More vector Illustration tutorials?

Anyone interested in reading some more? :)

Posted by darkmotion 11 years ago

We have quite a few instructables now!

We have quite a few instructables now! More more more!

Posted by Noodle93 10 years ago


AddsNow come in "Middle-o-The Page" flavor!?!

Posted by bumpus 10 years ago

"Read more" doesn't actually allow me to read more

The "read more" link that's on the right when I'm viewing someone's profile, including my own, doesn't seem to do anything. All the text is already visible, nothing happens when I click the link. I'm assuming that the link would work if there is something that's not being shown, but why have the link at all when there is nothing more to show? Testing now... no, even when there is something more to show, the link doesn't work for me, in SeaMonkey or Firefox (latest versions) on XP. It just doesn't respond when I click it.

Posted by Moem 5 years ago

The Starting...

My Group Will Now Be Making Knex Guns Now Because I Just Bought More KNEX and im getting more members...we need more members.Now That I Have More KNEX I Can Buid The PSniper,One of my earlyer creations...

Posted by Antony 11 years ago

Instructables seems to be more popular!

Wow first instructables has sprint ads and now toyota ads. I think instructables is really getting more popular i see more and more new members join. Wow i think instructables.Growing do you think instructables is growing?

Posted by Easy Button 10 years ago

We need more people

Calling people in my group! We need to get more people to join our group. any ideas?

Posted by Torpe 8 years ago

This deserves more views

This project deserves more views.hailtothkngbby has taken a cardboard idea of mine and rendered it in shiny, durable aluminium, as well as adding a couple of refinements.Go, see.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

IOS App not working any more

Instructables team when you will be upgrading iOS app for iOS11?

Posted by nitingautam 6 weeks ago

How To get More Viewers & Teach online?

How do I get more viewers on Instructables.  And how could I teach upcycling on instructables?

Posted by renewalof48 1 year ago

Will there be more in future can we make owr own contests?

Will there be any more USB contests in future can we make owr own contestsin future with prizes?

Posted by churchman 7 years ago

why do some of the more basic classes not have more advanced counterparts

(this is targeted more towards HQ so if any body can either get them to see this or answer with what they would say, please do) i have a few questions:  - why do the most of the simple classes not have more advanced counterparts  - what qualifies a class suggestion to be made  - how long do classes usually take to make

Posted by Vortetty 7 months ago


If I'm viewing a slideshow and I hover over the See More, the slideshow is infront of the menu. Is it just me?

Posted by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl 8 years ago

No More Unsubscribe

I no longer see the option to unsubscribe through someone's Instructable or user page. Firefox 3.6.8 WinXP

Posted by AngryRedhead 7 years ago

We need more people

Does anybody wonder why there are only five of us in this group?

Posted by OfficerKarl 9 years ago

More devices from recycled electronic parts???

I am interested in finding more ibles and external links to functional devices built from recycled, unrelated electronic parts and devices. This: is an example.

Posted by tinkernaut 9 years ago

more than 4-8 panal foot bag

I want to know how to make a foot bag with more than 8 panals.

Posted by J_SCAP 9 years ago

"The more science you know, the less worried you are about climate"

"Americans with higher levels of scientific and mathematical knowledge are more skeptical regarding the dangers of climate change than their more poorly educated fellow citizens, a U.S. National Science Foundation-funded study has found." See link here: What do you believe?

Posted by mikey77 6 years ago

Slingshot Bullpup Rifle Mech

Just a mech I made a while ago. Makes for a much more piece efficient slingshot with more power (more barrel length). Makes for a great cross section too.

Posted by Trauts 9 years ago

More patches?

According to my "you" page... Soon, you'll be able to buy or earn more [patches]. For now, wait until next month for your next batch of patches. Do we get a monthly supply, or does that text need changing?

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

we need more members so please invite your friends.

Knexbulderfreak if you could please help find more members that would be great!

Posted by Pumpkin$ 10 years ago

Possible way to help the economy?

So, I was thinking for a few days, and have came up with a few questions, and some possible answers(solutions?) 1) Companies and buisnesses are loosing employees because they can't pay them, or employees are quiting because they aren't payed enough, and therefor, companies are loosing more money, correct? Well, what if people volunteer to work at buissnesses(for this example, we'll use a restaurant) to help out. Obviously, they wold have to be qualified, and still be "hired" In doing so, companies would more help, better work efficiency and hopefully, more buissness(more money) When they get more income, they can pay their volunteers and both the buissness, and the (now paid) vounteers make more income. 2)How are we loosing money? I never really understood how we're loosing money as a nation, and why the government can't make more. Who's to say that we can't print more money, and give it to people, and companies, and even other countries? 3) People can't buy products because of the price. Companies are raising prices, which means more people can't buy products. If companies and buisnesses were to lower prices, people would be able to buy the products, thus companies would make money. Maybe at a slower rate, but eventually companies would have more money to pay employees, and more money to hire and pay more employees. Employment rates would possibly go up, and so would the economy. What are your guys thoughts?

Posted by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

Male or Female Instructables, which are more looked at?

I need to know if I should cater more to male or female viewers?  I think more men are on this website than females but I was woundering if anyone could tell me the truth.  I would also like to know the adv age of people on this web site so I can cater to those ages better???  Thanks Denae :)

Posted by denaetak 6 years ago

More club buddys needed!

We need more club buddys!(Sorry, my imagination just went dry and that is the only phrase that I can think of.) Does anyone want to help and does anyone agree with me?

Posted by will421 9 years ago


We need more people

Posted by ballad of NJ 11 years ago

Stats are fixed

We fixed the stats, and even gave them a little upgrade -- they now update more frequently. More fixes and new stuff coming soon.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago