This deserves more views

This project deserves more views.hailtothkngbby has taken a cardboard idea of mine and rendered it in shiny, durable aluminium, as well as adding a couple of refinements.Go, see.

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Want more subscribers on youtube? sub 4 sub here!

Heres an idea,if you want more subscribers on youtube go to my channel and subscribe! Ill sub back! 2 birds one stone!

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Perhaps a quick question, but I'm starting to wonder why my instructable shows up with 0 views. I do know that I've gotten more than that, what with the comments posted on... Is there some kind of algorithm that decides whether or not something is a view? Thanks if you actually answer :P

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How to get more views to my instructable ? Answered

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Help! Please Donate More Common Sense!

It's not that I don't have common sense, It's because I think like this. I overthink things, when the answer is usually simple. Maybe I take things way too seriously. It probably took Brooklytonia about 20 seconds to read and figure this out... About a week ago, I uploaded an Instructable that I thought would be a HUGE hit. It wasn't. When my Instructable on Dimmable LED Workshop Lighting (Very High Efficiency) got featured in the Newsletter, it got 100K+ views. This is because it was at the top, and it was impossible to miss. When my Instructable on Insanely Bright LED Panel got featured in the newsletter, It got 40K+ views. It was at the bottom left on the email. I figured that it made sense. When my Instructable on Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel got featured in the newsletter, it got ~10K views. This makes no sense! (I've changed the titles to what the staff changed them when they got featured in the newsletter. Not sure why I remember this...) Dimmable LED Workshop Lighting (Very High Efficiency) - Good title. Good thumbnail. Main Instructable - TONS of clicks - 3K views in less than 10 minutes Insanely Bright LED Panel - Okay title (not my fault!). Fairly good thumbnail. Located at the bottom left - Quite a bit of views Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel - Good title. Good thumbnail*. Located in the middle. - Not a lot of clicks - 3K views in several hours. WHY? Of course there are several things that differ between Insanely Bright LED Panel and Articulating 70W Spectrum-Balanced LED Panel. But why such a difference? I mean-- I always compare the statistics of my I'bles, and try to make them better. It's usually hard to compare, and surprising. But why is there such a huge difference between two Instructables that are pretty similar? *I changed it a couple hours before it got featured in the newsletter, with the Instructables Pixlr editor. I know it turned ot a bit weird, but it was the best that I was able to do. The Pixlr site has better fonts, but the biggest on was still soooo small. Maybe I did something wrong. Images of before and after: 

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How do you get more views and followers? Answered

How would you do it without being mentioned by some huge person

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How to get more views for a instructable? Answered

I recently posted an instructable and was wondering of any way to get more views.  Instructable Thanks

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Please read: An urgent appeal from Instructables member The Ideanator

I’m an I'bler. Like the thousands of others who write and publish Ibles, I have tons of fun doing so, and I can tell you, I wasn't expecting to get this big. I am finally adding more Ibles and other things to my profile, to build a resume, and to develop my semi-technical writing skills. Since I've joined, I've had over 37,100 total views, my goal is to top 40,000 by new years. Instructables, in all its glory has produced some incredible view totals. It’s a stretch, It would take about 500 views per day overall to get there. Please help me get to that 40k total, its as easy as peeking through my I'bles. The Ideanator Instructables member. To get you started: Mounting an LCD screen on the wall in your shop/lab The ever-popular geek bling A DIY magazine holder A large number of photos I took at the Maker Faire here in Detroit, some pretty good photos. A clothing "organizer" of my own design

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Ratio of views to comments...

Over some time I've noticed that the ratio of instructables pageviews to commenters has increased on the side of pageviews, both with new and pre-existing instructables. The featuring of instructables in categories and channels has definitely increased pageviews overall but with less commenters. It could be that there are more visitors overall but that more are non-members, or that the community has extended a bit.  Though this isn't unusual on the internet, most places have a ratio of views to comments of less than 1%... Just something I've noticed on my own and few other instructables, not much more than a thought...

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Views, Ratings, or comments?

I was just wondering if more people care about views, rating, or the number of comments on your instructables.

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Total Views Count - 23/09/2010

What with the excitement of publishing a new instructable, I forgot to post this last night! Here are this weeks total views comparisons. Instructabler 16/09/2010 24/09/2010                      Gain canida 3,595,747 3,627,875 32,128 scoochmaroo 2,658,157 2,702,208 44,051 Kiteman 1,623,313 1,633,436 10,123 Plasmana 1,482,089 1,492,928 10,839 Tool Using Animal 1,479,744 1,487,143 7,399 killerjackalope 881,825 888,631 6,806 gmjhowe 863,355 870,524 7,169 SaskView 753,836 759,324 5,488 lemonie 691,471 699,648 8,177 PKM 480,782 484,135 3,353 ChrysN 452,654 461,260 8,606 mikey77 455,115 458,072 2,957 laxap 392,449 395,597 3,148 jeff-o 379,991 386,836 6,845 depotdevoid 283,997 299,414 15,417 Spl1nt3rC3ll 265,365 266,601 1,236 Jayefuu 238,811 250,194 11,383 KentsOkay 228,029 229,513 1,484 ModMischief 216,271 221,543 5,272 reukpower 214,729 219,479 4,750 Doctor What 196,170 197,317 1,147 AngryRedhead 167,292 169,293 2,001 comodore 142,869 143,985 1,116 Lithium Rain 130,914 132,160 1,246 yokozuna 130,087 130,576 489 Kaelessin 122,588 124,357 1,769 Ninzerbean 122,248 123,686 1,438 Lynne Bruning 118,045 118,895 850 The Jamalam 113,465 114,258 793 BrittLiv 102,434 110,721 8,287 Hiyadudez 105,236 108,357 3,121 bertus52x11 100,693 102,117 1,424 thermoelectric 86,984 87,987 1,003 Goodhart 78,518 79,169 651 DJ Radio 77,474 78,308 834 janw 68,799 69,575 776 RavingMadStudios 58,212 61,712 3,500 MichelMoermans 50,235 51,440 1,205 Killer%7ESafeCracker 47,305 47,773 468 TNEN 42,242 42,571 329 kelseymh 40,920 41,178 258 Sunkicked 39,243 39,518 275 Berkin 32,682 33,014 332 Shadowman39 23,571 26,817 3,246 knuckel 25,242 25,767 525 The Ideanator 23,349 23,861 512 nickodemus 15,416 22,991 7,575 m6233555m 22,405 22,478 73 peguiono 20,503 20,889 386 artificialintelligence 19,401 19,854 453 plane phanatic 18,033 18,222 189 Derin 17,691 17,884 193 Rsbarr96 17,524 17,730 206 MotaBoi 16,871 17,361 490 TSC 15,952 16,655 703 possum888 16,409 16,648 239 zascecs 15,533 15,632 99 steveastrouk 15,299 15,493 194 tombuckey 14,686 14,859 173 jwystup   12,817   knexsuperbulderfreak 12,593 12,681 88 kcls 11,344 11,695 351 uberdum05 10,914 11,052 138 floris2burn   10,605   Legofanatic 9,939 10,259 320 NachoMahma 9,996 10,044 48 masterochicken 9,239 9,307 68 qazwsx755 7,414 8,041 627 acidbass 7,359 7,512 153 lizzyastro 5,438 5,634 196 Kryptonite 5,406 5,590 184 cherishcherub 4,312 4,437 125 zero.gx 4,221 4,264 43 jamesdude 3,494 3,531 37 moocowdog 3,178 3,287 109 megametal8 3,007 2,422 -585 cj81499 2,317 2,325 8 Jimmy Proton 1,863 2,146 283 slithien 1,971 2,050 79 sorunome   1,307   RNB 616 625 9 shadon 473 497 24 dombeef 425 438 13 randomguy65 280 343 63 knexman1999   135   tbcross 0 0 0 yo man 0 0 0 NachoTest01 0 0 0 hempnecklacestore 0 0 0 leafydave 0 0 0 Sketch98 0 0 0 daniel benny 0 0 0

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Problem with number of views

Hello, I've a problem with the number of view on my Instructable : I looked for it by the regular way ("Let's make......." :, and on the page of results, it's written that it was seen near 600 times, but when I open it, it's written to the square on the left 1600 views. And the number of view on the result page didn't move for more than to weeks, even if my Instructable get more views. Is that a problem with my PC or with the web site, and how can I fix it ? I tried to clear my browser cache, but it didn't change anything... Thank you in advance :) Win7 x64, Google Chrome

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View spikes on Instructables

Ok, so I was looking at my stat chart, viewing each Instructable individually, and I noticed something. On the day it is published, it gets a few views, and then the next day, there is a large spike and then it goes down again in the following days. How do you get your Instructable to have a more consistent view rate? Does it have to have a big "wow" factor? 

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"view all" is missing

Hi, I noticed, that the "view all" link to see all Instructables in a member profile is missing, when the person has more than 3 and less than six Instructables. I'm using Ubuntu 10.4 and Firefox 14.0.1, but I don't think it has to do with it because the same happens in other browsers and OS as well. Britt

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The Red Book of Westmarch's M21 (More Views)

Hey guys, I just wanted to provide more views for you of my M21. These pics might help you build it, if you want to. Have fun, and enjoy the pics. Pleas rate, comment, and subscribe! -The Red Book of Westmarch

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No more pro memberships?

Hi, I am wondering if you have stopped giving featured instructables pro memberships? My latest instructable was feature an popular but I didn't get a 3 month membership like I did when my last two were featured. I am also having trouble on the contest pages, when I view them I try to vote and it says I am not logged in.

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How can I get more Youtube subscribers?

Hello, I need to know how to get more Youtube subscribers. Thanks. And if you would like to subscribe visit        Thanks again guys and if you know how to get more views please share.

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View numbers stuck?

It might be my imagination but it appears that the views numbers are stuck.  For example, this question was posted yesterday, but the stats say it has only been viewed 17 times and that is on today. Yet I answered it yesterday and it was saying that it was at 17 views then. So 5 people added answers and who knows how many read it but it is still stuck at 17 views. In addition the view numbers are not changeing on my instructables. These are the numbers that show for each instructable when you list your instructables in your profile page. But the stats on the individual instructables show that they have been viewed however the tallies are not changeing.  For example, my most recent instructable, which ends up at the top of the list (Homers Odyssey) is at 4799 and has been for more than a day, (It's an easy number to remember), yet the stats show 16 views today. So something strange is going on. In addition, I mentioned it in another post, I got an email saying that my pro membership is expireing yet the profile tab says the current pro membership is good until March 2013. And finally, I am no longer receiving email notices of questions that I am following, and I double checked the preferences on that. I was getting notices with no problems but the last WatchItem notice I received was at noon on the 29th. Since then, nothing.

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Miscounting View Counter

Recently, I have noticed the amount of "views" shown when I look at my instrucables is inconsistent. Let me provide some back-story... At my house, I use an HP desktop running Windows Vista. On this my family runs Internet Explorer 9. My Mother has a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and she uses the most recent version of the Instructable's mobile app. I have a Samsung Galaxy Media Player 5.0 which also runs the Instructable's app. For those of you familiar with the new and updated app, you know that before selecting any instuctable you are able to see the number of "views" and "favorites" that item has attained. A few days ago I published another instructable. Being very excited to see how the community would react, I was checking the "views" frequently and noticed the numbers seemed odd. After further exploring the topic, I found that my personal device would show one number while my home computer ad my Mom's tablet also showed different. What I mean by this is the number of "views" before I selected my instructable on my device was different from when I clicked on it on the same device. It was also different for the tablet and the computer. I understand that as time goes on my "views" will increase, but these changes were ranging from 2,000 "views" to 4,000 "views". I don't know if this is a side-effect to me since I am the author of these instructables or if this would happen when I view other people's. I also don't know if this affects other attributes (i.e. Favorites, Comments, etc...) or if this happens exclusively with "views". I will keep my eyes open for relevant information and keep anyone interested posted for changes. I know this is not a major issue but it is indeed an inconvenience. If anyone else is experiencing the same problem please leave a comment so I know I'm not the only one. Also, to the people who take care of these bugs, please let me know if there is any more information that you need to help you out.   -mymyjames2000

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Contest, no recent, popular, or veiws buttons anymore?

Just noticed the way you view contest has changed, so how are they arranged now? I thought they might be by most recent, but they seem to be a bit more random.  Just a question why the change?

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How do you get featured?

How do you get featured on the site? How does the process work? Does it involve the # of views or is it a private vote from a group? To me, anything that's featured is more likely to win and it feels slightly unfair for other entries that are just as good. And how do sites refer to your Instructable? I've seen some with a long list of sites that reference them, which gives more publicity. Just wanted to point it out. For my first contest I felt that entries beat me because of views, so I felt discouraged to enter more contests. If it's just a popularity contest, then I'm not likely to ever win. Almost all the older members always gets tons of views right from publishing. I'm sorry if I sound jealous, but that's just how I feel.

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How Can I Get My Instructable More Popular?

I've Made An Instructable And I Want More People To See It. Have Any Tips?

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Total Views Tracker - 06/01/2011

Here's this week's run of total views. Sorry I missed the last two runs over Christmas, was too busy having fun and didn't have the script with me where I was. We have LOTS of new members since the last time I ran it, about 40 more I think! And lots more in the high totals, Fungus Amungus  and Randofo have joined the group so next week we'll be able to see if they're gaining on Canida and whether Fungus is getting enough weekly views to stay ahead of Scoochmaroo. Instructabler 09/12/2010 06/01/2011              Gain canida 4,016,751 4,133,770 117,019 fungus amungus   3,810,955   scoochmaroo 3,396,097 3,566,430 170,333 randofo   2,737,169   Honus 2,472,615 2,503,181 30,566 Kiteman 1,733,654 1,760,269 26,615 Plasmana 1,603,873 1,631,315 27,442 Tool Using Animal 1,565,973 1,586,400 20,427 T3h_Muffinator   1,080,291   zieak 1,006,130 1,036,709 30,579 killerjackalope 956,702 989,201 32,499 gmjhowe 952,161 975,903 23,742 drinkmorecoffee   909,894   Weissensteinburg   851,790   SaskView 827,172 840,127 12,955 lemonie 777,977 793,879 15,902 Brennn10   679,755   ChrysN 575,263 593,019 17,756 mikey77 567,052 582,631 15,579 jeff-o 525,555 540,726 15,171 PKM 519,124 527,697 8,573 laxap 458,068 478,370 20,302 mikeasaurus   440,136   aeray   402,540   belsey 386,587 400,703 14,116 depotdevoid 368,485 377,391 8,906 Jayefuu 344,693 351,698 7,005 ModMischief 325,951 330,818 4,867 scraptopower 290,296 317,326 27,030 Spl1nt3rC3ll 277,916 280,333 2,417 KentsOkay 243,351 245,855 2,504 nmcclana   236,457   AngryRedhead 206,707 219,817 13,110 Doctor What 215,596 219,715 4,119 rimar2000 170,374 182,030 11,656 BrittLiv 151,895 170,049 18,154 Ninzerbean 163,897 168,016 4,119 comodore 154,701 156,851 2,150 Lithium Rain 148,100 151,967 3,867 yokozuna 136,331 145,008 8,677 Kaelessin 140,385 144,778 4,393 Hiyadudez 130,115 134,884 4,769 Lynne Bruning 131,330 133,761 2,431 bertus52x11 123,686 127,354 3,668 The Jamalam 120,388 121,719 1,331 RavingMadStudios 100,547 105,709 5,162 thermoelectric 101,427 104,441 3,014 uniqueutopia 97,394 100,581 3,187 JamesRPatrick   94,541   Goodhart 89,846 92,295 2,449 DJ Radio 88,004 90,497 2,493 janw 79,364 87,283 7,919 jen7714 57,733 64,459 6,726 jen7714 57,733 64,459 6,726 MichelMoermans 61,419 63,651 2,232 Killer%7ESafeCracker 58,893 61,050 2,157 nelson8815   55,564   Re-design   54,114   Shadowman39 45,771 48,570 2,799 TNEN 46,104 46,832 728 kelseymh 45,354 46,203 849 Sunkicked 43,805 44,695 890 40,844 42,220 1,376 ynze 15,664 41,336 25,672 The Ideanator 36,036 39,299 3,263 Berkin 37,659 38,822 1,163 wizgirl   38,030   mman1506   37,123   EmmettO   35,441   Biggsy   34,344   knuckel 32,043 33,935 1,892 artificialintelligence 26,396 30,363 3,967 nickodemus 27,906 28,827 921 TSC 24,535 26,906 2,371 MotaBoi 24,657 25,633 976 jwystup 21,387 25,524 4,137 KoffeeKommando   25,191   cbm104   24,882   peguiono 23,772 24,316 544 m6233555m 23,626 23,965 339 Jimmy Proton 12,837 23,398 10,561 kcls 20,841 22,929 2,088 lilyfrancis 20,950 22,689 1,739 Knex_Gun_Builder 21,624 22,063 439 WARLOCK76 19,349 21,330 1,981 plane phanatic 20,283 20,945 662 CrayfishYAY 20,126 20,756 630 Derin 20,190 20,698 508 steveastrouk 19,237 19,998 761 possum888 18,499 19,233 734 tombuckey 17,016 17,723 707 zascecs 16,698 16,888 190 Tornado96 15,654 16,755 1,101 knexsuperbulderfreak 13,562 14,010 448 floris2burn 13,243 13,799 556 Legofanatic 12,363 13,127 764 uberdum05 12,300 12,626 326 qazwsx755 11,244 11,926 682   10,949   NachoMahma 10,655 10,771 116 masterochicken 10,540 10,758 218 FrozenStar 10,242 10,474 232 acidbass 9,115 9,478 363 cdawisconsin   9,295   zurichko   8,744   lizzyastro 7,738 8,309 571 Kryptonite 6,568 6,769 201 Sorunome 5,690 6,596 906 cherishcherub 5,701 5,942 241 moocowdog 4,773 5,115 342 zero.gx 4,847 4,991 144 drpepper1234   4,595   jamesdude 3,983 4,070 87 slithien 3,535 3,789 254 RNB 2,858 3,369 511 MegaMetal8   3,319   wareneutron 2,513 2,802 289 tbcross 2,513 2,748 235 cj81499 2,464 2,508 44 solarblade90 2,109 2,310 201 Jag56 1,871 1,988 117 Flannel UK 413 1,311 898 shadon 1,100 1,210 110 Randomguy65 941 1,099 158 dombeef 739 788 49 AwesomeSwordGuy 532 727 195 Fr-Pa-Co   191   i like cheese 50 66 16 LivStoleYourPie   56   megametal8 3,150   -3,150 This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views.

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we need more members so please invite your friends.

Knexbulderfreak if you could please help find more members that would be great!

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Total Views Count - Update

Tomorrow will be the first time I've posted stats from my Total Views Count script since January. I had some problems with the script breaking and losing the data, then was very busy throughout February/March since I was at Instructables HQ as an Artist in Residence, then when I got home to the UK I didn't have the motivation to fix it. Well, I've now started work on it again and last Friday I ran it for the first time since January. Tomorrow I'll be running it again and will have a gain value for each group member to share with everyone. It's still not completely finished, below is a description of how it worked before, how I've changed it and what I'm going to change further. Skip to the last bit if you want to read what the group's going to change into. Where it was: I used to run the group once per week by opening a Perl script on my desktop computer. The script automatically visited each of your profiles and added the total views count to a new column in a spreadsheet. Instructables updated some code, my script got confused, didn't update the spreadsheet properly and so all the data went screwy. I had to then post a forum topic and hand out patches, it took a long time. Where it is now: I've rewritten the Perl script, it now saves the data to a MySQL database instead of a spreadsheet. It also gathers far more data: total views, number of instructables, comments total, best answers total, number of forum topics, number of subscribers. I have a web page that looks up the total views from that database and displays a list I can copy to a forum topic. I still have to run it manually like before but it's much less hassle. Where it's going: I have spent a few hours working on learning to get Perl scripts working on my personal website. I can now automatically run them once per day, which I didn't know how to do. I now need to: 1) Check that the total views script will run daily 2) Write functionality to patch automatically 3) Design more patches! Once I have total views patches sending automatically I would like to award people for the following:   Total Views: 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k, 1m Subscribers: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 Answers: 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000 Best Answers: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 Instructables: 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, 100, 200 Comments: 50, 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000 Subscriptions: The newest site update now lets me see how many people YOU'VE subscribed to. The more you subscribe to. You'll earn patches for more subscriptions. If you're arty and want to help out with this bit, please volunteer, it'll save me some time and they'll look prettier. The cartoons Caitlinsdad did for the total views patches were fantastic, but last time I asked he was too busy to design more. 4) Implement automatic sending out of all of the types of patches 5) Change the name of the group to reflect that it no longer really is just to show a list of total views. That's been surpassed when HQ added the baseball cards to profiles. Got a suggestion? Once done, the weekly forum topic that I post will become a pretty list of who's been awarded what patches. Let me know in the comments if you've got feature ideas you'd like to see implemented or want to help out. This group's been going 2 years now! Thanks! James

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How can you get more people to view your Instructable? Answered

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Total Views Count - 12/08/2010

Firstly, sorry about the lack of updates to this group of late. I accepted a job working for steveastrouk and lizzyastro and started 2 months ago. After moving house I was slow to get my internet set up again. Anyway, it's working now, so now I'm back I should be around a lot more. You can have a look at a few of the things I've been up to since moving on my blog. Group-wise, since the last update I posted to this group HQ have rolled out the baseball card update so you can see your total views instantly on your profile. While that makes this group less useful I hope people will still want to pop by each update to see how much their total has increased since the last run. This update also means that my Perl script to fetch the stats now takes 30 seconds instead of 3 hours as it has to load less than 100 pages instead of 1000s, so I can run it more often! I will be running it weekly now, every Thursday after work. Expect the patches to keep coming! So here are the results for this run. Interestingly Scoochmaroo and DJRadio have negative gains, I'm guessing from changes to the way guides work. Instructabler 15/05/2010 01/06/2010 15/06/2010 12/08/2010 Gain canida 3,196,243 3,255,943 3,296,740 3,454,290 157,550 scoochmaroo - - 4,009,488 2,471,778 -1,537,710 Kiteman 1,455,778 1,477,354 1,495,148 1,578,967 83,819 Tool Using Animal 1,339,055 1,366,778 1,382,570 1,442,084 59,514 Plasmana       1,438,782   killerjackalope 721,763 734,416 763,652 852,333 88,681 gmjhowe 743,801 753,871 763,151 836,079 72,928 SaskView - - 655,899 725,035 69,136 lemonie 591,001 601,737 614,045 660,515 46,470 PKM 648,766 656,805 663,391 465,407 -197,984 mikey77       432,017   ChrysN - 379,842 388,125 428,234 40,109 laxap 275,235 283,047 305,706 366,018 60,312 Spl1nt3rC3ll - 242,954 246,237 258,207 11,970 depotdevoid - 222,694 229,477 251,503 22,026 KentsOkay 207,042 209,715 212,097 221,594 9,497 ModMischief - - 179,266 191,480 12,214 Doctor What 175,023 177,233 179,116 189,010 9,894 Jayefuu 148,468 153,747 157,237 187,432 30,195 reukpower 61,096 74,363 85,426 183,884 98,458 AngryRedhead 124,911 131,186 134,771 149,075 14,304 comodore     138,196   Lithium Rain 195,250 198,986 203,001 127,511 -75,490 yokozuna 119,854 121,104 122,166 127,209 5,043 Lynne Bruning 101,396 103,489 104,773 112,837 8,064 Kaelessin       111,887   Ninzerbean 70,748 73,330 78,394 104,910 26,516 bertus52x11 - - 75,894 92,053 16,159 Hiyadudez 66,425 69,878 73,804 90,361 16,557 thermoelectric 70,675 72,733 74,462 82,008 7,546 BrittLiv - 50,922 68,817 78,850 10,033 Goodhart 67,133 68,296 69,342 75,368 6,026 DJ Radio 113,960 116,022 117,654 73,557 -44,097 janw - - 52,517 64,739 12,222 RavingMadStudios - 29,226 30,355 47,866 17,511 Killer%7ESafeCracker - 35,014 36,196 44,124 7,928 MichelMoermans - 19,027 19,679 42,124 22,445 TNEN - - 37,578 40,483 2,905 kelseymh 36,354 36,950 37,559 39,605 2,046 Sunkicked     37,666   Berkin - 32,683 33,520 34,999 1,479 knuckel - 15,725 16,927 22,273 5,346 m6233555m     21,831   Shadowman39 16,442 17,524 18,292 21,815 3,523 The Ideanator     20,964   artificialintelligence - - 15,821 17,557 1,736 plane phanatic 227,946 230,853 233,167 17,044 -216,123 Rsbarr96       16,765   Derin - 14,927 15,203 16,709 1,506 zascecs 13,110 13,564 13,857 14,864 1,007 MotaBoi - 9,180 9,990 14,595 4,605 steveastrouk - - 11,793 14,121 2,328 tombuckey - - 12,350 13,751 1,401 knexsuperbulderfreak - - 11,039 12,026 987 nickodemus - 8,378 9,812 11,780 1,968 TSC       11,494   uberdum05     10,386   NachoMahma 9,329 9,405 9,472 9,823 351 kcls - 5,144 5,709 9,500 3,791 masterochicken 7,764 7,941 8,085 8,864 779 peguiono       8,484   Legofanatic     8,227   acidbass - 4,721 5,076 6,545 1,469 qazwsx755 - - 2,155 6,063 3,908 Kryptonite 3,319 3,888 4,099 4,876 777 lizzyastro - - 1,464 4,192 2,728 zero.gx       4,009   megametal8 - 1,395 1,597 2,603 1,006 moocowdog     2,337   Jimmy Proton     819   RNB - - 345 542 197 dombeef       360   shadon       186   randomguy65     91   tbcross 0 0 0 0 0 yo man 0 0 0 0 0 NachoTest01 0 0 0 0 0 hempnecklacestore 0 0 0 0 0 leafydave     0   Sketch98       0 0 daniel benny     0 0 SteveastroUK - 10,535 11,793    

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The rich get richer

I'm kind of ticked off about a big problem I noticed. The main page in every contest has a big panel for the most viewed instructables posted in the contest. The problem with this is that because a lot of people only click on the instructables they see right in front of them. So all the other instructables no matter how good they are , if they don't have many views , get buried under the most viewed ibles and don't get any views. So the people who don't even need any more views get them piled on and the people with hardly any stay that way. Somebody please do something about this!

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Please help my YouTube channel!!!

WARNING : This thread could be considered "spam". I am trying to get more attention towards my videos. I'm back from a short break! Okay, so here's the thing, I've tried everything to try to get more video views. Facebook, spamming subscibers and random people on Youtube. I was hoping you guys could help me! And just so you know, this isn't the only reason I'm coming back First video of my with my new drumset:   This is my BEST drum solo video (with my old set) Enter Sandman drum cover with my old Set Obscure Alliance Drum Cover with my old set.

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More infos on profile pages.

Hello everybody. What I would like to see, is more infos on users' profiles. Currently there are: Instructables (very good), Views (completely not important I think), Comments (somewhat important if We want to check if user is active). And that's it. Nothing more.  What is missing is: - Instructables User made - super important, right after list of instructables created. I am very surprised it is not there!!! - Some basic info where particular user is from. Description page is not enough. People most often leave it empty or They don't put any usefull infos. - Links to User's YouTube channels or other social media profiles. We don't live only in Instructables. Cheers Radek

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How can I get more views for my instructable?

Is there any way to get more views on my instructable if you want to see it , heres a link

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View All Steps Link-Button

It would be much more friendly if this link referenced an HTML bookmark so that is does not reposition the page to the top. 

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Affirmation without Featured Status

You work hard on a good, clear Instructable with really good photos. The Instructable shows how to do something most thought could not be done at home, but you found a simple way to do the job. Any who follow your Instructable will benefit from it and will save money. It is a better Instructable than others you have done that were featured by the editors. But, this one gets no notice from the editors and is not featured.  It is always nice when an Instructable of yours is featured, but it does not always happen. So, what really counts? I have noticed there is some intangible factor of cool in the minds of editors that may attract viewers to the site and gets an Instructable featured, but has little connection to any real practical value of an Instructable. Ultimately, the site is about drawing viewers and keeping advertising dollars flowing. It means a lot to me when people refer my Instructable to others. It is meaningful when people who can make use of the Instructable view it. When someone marks my Instructable as a favorite that is even better. I really like it when someone makes what I made based on my Instructable. I do not care if that person modified what I did. We do not have the same tools, nor do we have the same skills or needs or materials. What really makes my day is when someone comments or sends a private message to say my Instructable solved a problem. Also very good is when someone searches the Internet for a solution to a problem, and joins Instructables because he or she found my Instructable and it helped with what was needed.  Recently, Instructables published a printed collection of Instructables. Several of mine were chosen to appear in that book. Guess what! Most of those chosen were not featured, yet they were included in the book! That is a very positive affirmation about the real value of those Instructables. I have also had the experience that my Instructable was not featured initially, but months, even years, later an editor took a second look and featured it. In summary, getting featured is nice, but there are other metrics that really are much more meaningful.  

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fixed view 3d room posters

I want a 3d scenic view in my room from a fixed position. To be more clear, i sit at a particular place in my room. From there i need a view (3d), say , as if im on the banks of a river. Is there a software which asks for the variables and transforms the picture or will i have to do it manually on picture editing softwares?

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Total Views Count - 20/01/2011 - UPDATED!

Here's this week's total views count. As requested by a few members, all of the names of members are now links to their profiles so you can compare and subscribe to your favourite members more easily. Yay! This forum topic is a printout of the results of a Perl script I run weekly. To be included in it, join this group. The Perl script visits the profile page of each member of the group and extracts their Total Views then saves them to a file that can be opened by me in Excel. I then post the last 3 columns so everyone can compare their weekly gain with their friends. While you can easily see this data for you on the You page, this script allows people to compare their success/gain with their friends. I hand out patches as achievements when members of the group reach 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k and 1m views. Member Last Week This Week Gain canida 4,161,996 4,188,378 26,382 fungus amungus 3,834,653 3,857,320 22,667 scoochmaroo 3,615,447 3,679,131 63,684 randofo 2,773,785 2,814,522 40,737 Honus 2,513,524 2,526,145 12,621 Kiteman 1,770,772 1,779,675 8,903 Plasmana 1,641,765 1,650,423 8,658 Tool Using Animal 1,594,537 1,601,446 6,909 T3h_Muffinator 1,086,285 1,091,134 4,849 zieak 1,042,266 1,047,210 4,944 killerjackalope 998,201 1,005,393 7,192 gmjhowe 982,225 988,621 6,396 drinkmorecoffee 919,482 929,476 9,994 Weissensteinburg 860,080 868,522 8,442 Creativeman 851,365 857,364 5,999 SaskView 845,603 849,275 3,672 lemonie 799,282 806,958 7,676 seamster 701,378 706,014 4,636 Brennn10 682,737 685,394 2,657 chr 622,118 651,945 29,827 mikey77 588,893 596,831 7,938 CameronSS   588,290 - jeff-o 546,106 550,142 4,036 PKM 530,654 533,132 2,478 laxap 483,278 486,422 3,144 mikeasaurus 442,923 445,215 2,292 belsey 411,442 418,129 6,687 aeray 408,894 414,403 5,509 depotdevoid 380,966 383,931 2,965 ModMischief 343,813 361,678 17,865 Jayefuu 354,518 356,596 2,078 scraptopower 324,968 332,816 7,848 Spl1nt3rC3ll 281,312 282,254 942 scooter76   256,935 - KentsOkay 246,842 247,620 778 AngryRedhead 239,391 245,302 5,911 nmcclana 239,135 241,366 2,231 Doctor What 220,867 222,001 1,134 starshipminivan 216,040 218,530 2,490 rimar2000 196,206 199,966 3,760 BrittLiv 176,371 197,698 21,327 dark sponge 180,981 182,108 1,127 Ninzerbean 169,824 171,415 1,591 comodore 157,584 158,331 747 bongodrummer   158,171 - Lithium Rain 153,355 154,810 1,455 yokozuna 147,602 149,158 1,556 Kaelessin 146,698 148,402 1,704 Hiyadudez 136,759 138,826 2,067 Lynne Bruning 134,699 135,457 758 Dr.Paj 134,359 135,348 989 Technochicken   135,143 - bertus52x11 128,890 130,186 1,296 The Jamalam 122,145 122,551 406 RavingMadStudios 107,171 108,599 1,428 I_am_Canadian   108,567 - thermoelectric 105,660 107,111 1,451 uniqueutopia 101,649 102,759 1,110 JamesRPatrick 95,640 96,547 907 Goodhart 92,918 93,533 615 DJ Radio 91,220 92,192 972 janw 88,480 89,229 749 jen7714 71,279 73,137 1,858 jen7714 71,279 73,137 1,858 MichelMoermans 64,427 65,151 724 Killer%7ESafeCracker 61,535 62,169 634 nelson8815 58,953 61,796 2,843 Re-design 54,553 54,908 355 iminthebathroom   53,997 - wizgirl 49,204 51,450 2,246 Shadowman39 49,472 50,427 955 TNEN 47,144 47,446 302 kelseymh 46,458 46,729 271 ynze 44,679 46,175 1,496 Sunkicked 45,079 45,359 280 42,586 42,849 263 The Ideanator 40,032 40,654 622 Berkin 39,195 39,581 386 mman1506 37,320 37,523 203 EmmettO 35,967 36,576 609 Biggsy 35,704 36,466 762 knuckel 34,444 34,939 495 artificialintelligence 31,235 31,988 753 nickodemus 29,150 29,513 363 TSC 27,545 28,112 567 Jimmy Proton 25,682 27,433 1,751 jwystup 26,326 27,041 715 KoffeeKommando 25,900 26,722 822 MotaBoi 25,940 26,224 284 cbm104 25,275 25,593 318 peguiono 24,510 24,697 187 kcls 23,523 24,179 656 m6233555m 24,082 24,168 86 lilyfrancis 23,386 24,086 700 Mr.Sanchez   22,375 - Knex_Gun_Builder 22,175 22,274 99 plane phanatic 21,201 21,428 227 Derin 20,918 21,134 216 CrayfishYAY 20,881 20,983 102 steveastrouk 20,270 20,502 232 possum888 19,449 19,690 241 Tom Buckey   17,999 - Tornado96 17,025 17,359 334 zascecs 16,964 17,027 63 floris2burn 13,990 14,214 224 knexsuperbuilderfreak   14,212 - Legofanatic 13,424 13,642 218 uberdum05 12,747 12,858 111 TabbyDeAnne   12,511 - qazwsx755 12,193 12,396 203 nutsandbolts_64 11,497 11,754 257 cdawisconsin 10,285 11,324 1,039 masterochicken 10,845 10,897 52 FrozenStar 10,703 10,891 188 NachoMahma 10,827 10,873 46 zurichko 8,976 9,928 952 acidbass 9,613 9,754 141 lizzyastro 8,528 8,743 215 Blue Mullet   8,166 - Sorunome 6,929 7,210 281 Kryptonite 6,849 6,918 69 cherishcherub 6,021 6,124 103 Dr Pepper 4,842 5,508 666 moocowdog 5,226 5,329 103 zero.gx 5,040 5,090 50 jamesdude 4,091 4,120 29 slithien 3,838 3,925 87 RNB 3,527 3,679 152 MegaMetal8 3,382 3,439 57 wareneutron 2,903 2,998 95 tbcross 2,824 2,924 100 mg0930mg 2,800 2,828 28 cj81499 2,515 2,529 14 solarblade90 2,396 2,474 78 Jag56 2,029 2,075 46 Nutrition Man   2,030 - shadon 1,246 1,291 45 Randomguy65 1,153 1,203 50 AwesomeSwordGuy 783 842 59 dombeef 803 823 20 LivStoleYourPie 365 427 62 Fr-Pa-Co 196 203 7 i like cheese 74 79 5

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Filtering bug when viewing more than 15 ibles in a contest

When entering in a contest page, it shows automatically 15 instructables below "Most viewed" title. At the bottom of this section, there is buttons to view more and the button "1" is highlighted. The button "2" links to more instructables, but it changes the filtering option to "rating", so sometimes you can see the same instructable repeated (i.e. is the 2nd in viewing count, but 20th in rating count). This is quite annoying, because then you click "prev" button and you don't see the first 15 ibles. You get crazy thinking there is something wrong with ordering... until you realize that navigation is now with "rating" filtering, not with "views" option! Also, "next entries" doesn't link the same that current page + 1, it starts with "rating" from 1. In short, I suggest to change number buttons with "view" filtering (HITS_TOTAL) instead of rating (RATING), and to link "next entries" button the same of "2" button. (I see this in several contests currently running, it seems to be a general bug).

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What is the point of the 'View All Steps'? Answered

Why, oh why? OF COURSE I WANT TO VIEW ALL STEPS!!! Give me all the steps! Nothing more annoying than an unnecessary middle man. Do you know how many times I've scrolled most of the way through an Instructable, thinking that I WAS viewing all steps, only to find out I was not and that I have to refresh the page and scroll back through? Who's idea was this 'View All Steps' nonsense? Instructables=best website ever. 'View All Steps'=worst idea ever.

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No Views - What am I doing wrong?

I posted an instructable about 2.5 years ago and other than the 2 people I sent the link to - no views and I still cannot find it on the site. I am planning to do a few more (IR beacon-tracking camera, 433 MHz Doppler RDF with PIC, Lights and Sound Greeting Card, and a few more that I have built and wanted to share. However, I actually want people (and myself at the bare minimum) to be able to find them. Maybe I chose poor keywords or an awkward title? I would like to get some advice on this before I take the time to make a few more.

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More thoughts on Video-Only Instructables

Hello, not that I am unable to view videos on instructables, but more and more instructables are simply a video, sometimes with two sentences, sometimes not even that. Not that I dislike video tutorials and such, but many people still have low bandwith, or (like me) can not turn on the sound all the time since it would bug other people. Also sometimes it is more usefull to read instructions, steps and technical data. Plus there might be deaf people interested in some project but unable to understand all steps due to the fact some videos will depend on audio explanation only. My two cents: Include a minimum text length check for instructables. Video only should be youtube or such, not Instructables.

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Instructables not family safe any more

I was disappointed to see the repeating ad for the AXE Undie Run. I was browsing through Instructables with my 10 year old son and the ad kept appearing at the top of the page. I actually DO care what goes into my child's mind.This is not the kind of content I want my son being exposed to yet. Come on? Women taking their clothes off? Headlines that say "Sexy"? What does this have to do with instructables? This just does not fit in with the otherwise wholesome, educational nature of the site. This means I cannot trust the content on this website to be safe for my kids any longer. If you cannot maintain higher standards than that, then I am forced to boycott this website for my family's viewing.

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Valley View Park Update 1

Here's the first update of Valley View Park. Please see the first forum before seeing this one.                                                         June 2010 The park has undergone several changes during the last few months. First of all the main street has been redone with a brick paving as seen in pictures 1 and 2. Peeps seem to like this change as it gives the main street a more "main" feel to it. Blackbeard's voyage has continued to attract a lot of guests as seen in pic 3. The Castle surrounding it gives the peeps a ride to remember. Pic 4 shows the viewing tower which has started to be demolished as not many people have visited the tower. Mr. Fredrickson says that the park will replace the tower with another ride. As we can see in pic 5 Inversion Spinner continues to attract a large amount of peeps due to the intensity of the ride. It has become the most popular ride in the park. Python is also very popular although we can see in pic 6 that a new sign has been put up. It says to wait for the previous person to arrive at the bottom of the slide before you go down. This has been put up because of some accidents that have happened. In the next pic(7) we can see a new ride that has apparently replaced twister as it was not very popular. In pic 8 we can see a large amount of peeps going to the new ride. Pic 9 shows the entrance to the new ride DESTRUCTION. Pic 10 shows that it is a revolution ride that has replaced twister. The new ride attracts much more people than the previous ride. In pic 11 we can see that the park has been able to buy some new land. The barren field was bought but the owner has not revealed what he plans to use it for. This new property has elarged the park. In pic 12 we see that junior wheel has been practically deserted. It would not be a surprise to see this ride demolished. Pic 13 shows an overview of the park. The future of this park lies in the hands of Mr. Fredrickson. 

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Unexpected Finalists

I noticed that only four of the finalists are winning by views or ratings. Why is that? A lot of out of the blue (no offense) Instructables have been promoted to finalists, what is the reason to this? Is this to do with judging or are there other more sinister reasons...

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Valley View Park: An RCT3 park

I have seen many people on the Atari community forums make a park and tell a storyline of the park and it's owner. I decided I would start this one on Instructables. Remember that this storyline stuff is not my own idea but the park is and the actual storyline of this park is also original. I will be explaining each picture in depth.When I put a number in the text it means you should look at that picture. Fun fact: There are 47 pictures! :-O                                                            March 2010 It has been officially announced in the paper that a new theme park has opened on the Spring highway about forty kilometres Northwest of Central Coast, Australia. The funds from several schools and high schools around Central Coast had gone to Mr. Fredrickson to build some kind of entertainment on this small piece of land just after the Trail river bridge. He has apparently decided to build a theme park called Valley View Park. Part of the park can be seen from the bridge as seen in the following picture:1. The entrance can be seen in the following picture.2. It may only be the opening day but it seems people have found out about the inauguration day. People are already coming down the path that leads to the entrance as seen in picture 3. Photographers from local newspapers have been given permission to take pictures and write articles about the new park. Picture 4 shows a camera crew coming across the bridge. Mr Fredrickson has decided to give the camera crew a tour of the park. As the crew enters the park they can see several undercover food stalls as seen in picture 5. There are a few more stalls on the right and an entrance to a garden in picture 6. In picture 7 you can see the rest of the main street including information booths and a bathroom at the end. You must travel through a brick building to get to the garden and picture 8 shows the garden from the inside of the building. Once the crew explored the garden they continued the tour down the main street and found the entrance to main ride of the park which is called Blackbeard's Voyage as seen in pictures 9 and 10. It is surrounded by a castle and can't be seen until the crew enters the castle structure. Upon entering the crew finds out that the ride is a pirate ship ride surrounded by pirate animatronics as seen in picture 11. As they get closer to the entrance of the pirate ship, they get a much better picture of the ride. Picture 12. Mr Fredrickson gave the camera crew a picture of when it had finished being constructed. Picture 13 shows how there are several cannons pointing towards the ship when the ship is in motion. This gives the peeps an experience of being on a pirate ship. Luckily the cannons don't shoot cannonballs. Mr Fredrickson has no plans of relocating it or taking it out of the park as it is the most popular ride and the castle surrounding it brings lots of peeps to the ride. In picture 14 you can see the control booth where the operators are. As the crew exited the ride they saw treasure chest all over he place as seen in picture 15. The exit leads back to the main street so they kept walking and turned right at the entrance of Blackbeard's voyage and saw the top spinner ride called Inversion Spinner seen in pic 16. Before riding the Inversion Spinner Mr Fredrickson wanted to show the camera crew the viewing tower to the left seen in pic 17. Pics 18 and 19 show the flight of stairs and the viewing balcony. After coming out Mr Fredrickson directed the crew to a small garden with an oak tree in the middle. Pics 20 and 21 show the garden. Mr Fredrickson explained that the tree is an endangered oak so he decided to build the park around and keep it in good condition. Pic 22 shows the entrance to Inversion Spinner and pic 23 shows the ride. Pic 24 shows the control booth for this ride. Pics 25 to 27 show the entrance to the Viewing Canopy and pic 28 shows the viewing canopy. Pic 29 shows the bridge from the lookout. People come here to see the the valley and the Trail river which can be seen in pic 30. As the Camera crew exited the viewing canopy Mr Fredrickson took them to the next ride which is a spiral slide named Python. Pics 31 and 32. Pics 33 and 34 show the entrance to the next ride which is a twirler ride named Twister. Pic 35 shows the ride's control booth. Pics 36 and 37 show more of the ride. This ride is not as popular as the other rides so it would not be surprising if it was taken out at some stage. Pic 38 shows the exit of the ride. The park owner then takes the crew to the las ride which is a ferris wheel named Junior Wheel. Pics 39 and 40 show the entrance to the ride and pic 41 shows the ride. pic 42 shows the control booth. This is a popular ride for couples and small kids. Pic 43 shows the park view from the top of the Junior Wheel. After the crew left the ride they headed back to the main street shown in pic 44. Before they left the park they interviewed Mr Fredrickson about upcoming plans. Here is what the park owner had to say: "The staff and I are very happy about how popular our opening day was. We have already been able to determine the most popular rides although this may change in the future. If we get as much money as today for the next few months we'll be able to expand the park and add more rides. We have recieved many questions from guests asking if there is a roller coaster in the park. That may be a possibility in the future. We are now focusing on buying two pieces of land that belong to local farmers. Pic 45 shows both properties. The large property is very barren and the farmer would be happy to sell it at a good price. The second property will be harder to buy because it's owner has had a good harvesting year. If we can raise enough money to buy the properties then it will give us much more land to build on. Any other future plans will not be revealed today." The owner gave the crew a great tour of the park and they plan to publish it in the newspaper as soon as possible. The future looks bright for this new park. Pics 46 and 47 show the park from an aerial view. Be sure to check back every now and then for updates on the park. Any questions will be answered. Please subscribe and thanks for taking your time to read this. The updates won't have to be as long as this one.              

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I'm posting today (my first personal forum post in just over two years of being on this site) to say THANKS! Thank you for following me.  Thank you for giving me a chance to share things with you and thanks for helping to get me to one-million views in just over two years. This comes from a regular, hard working mommy, that just likes to create and share what I've made so others can try it themselves and make it their own. This site is amazing and I wear my Instructables shirts with pride to work, around town and while crafting.  I love looking at so many of your amazing projects and getting to know more about you through comments and personal stories in your own Instructables, reading the forums and never getting bored with all the amazing stuff that goes on here from regular people like myself. I finally made it to one-million views and it's because of all of you. Thank you internet friends!

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Valley View Park Update 4

                                                                       November 2010 Hello Everybody! We decided to visit valley View Park a couple days ago and boy did we get a surprise. The amount of construction has rocketed sky high in the last two months. we'll start with some pics of the car park. As you can see in the 1st picture the park has begun to make space for an expanded car park as there wasn't much room in the old one. The new car park is just across the road. As you can see in pic 2 the old car park has been asphalted except for a few spaces. All these cars are owned by workers or management. As we got closer to the park we saw the closed sign as seen in pic 3. The reason of this was unknown but we we're determined to find out. Behind the entrance we can see a sign. In pic 4 we can see that it's a logo for the park. It's a scenic picture of trees with Valley View Park written in red. We we're allowed in and went to see the garden. It seems the janitors have to come to the park every now and then to water the plants as can be seen in pic 5. we decided to go see How the rides are going. We asked the man in pic 6 about the new name for Inversion Spinner and we received more information than was expected. Apparently Inversion Spinner will be given a new name, a new colour and it will be relocated.. What is going to replace it is still a mystery but we will do our best to find our. There will be nothing done to Dodgems which can be seen in pic 7. No work has been done on Python or Ferris Wheel as seen in pics 8 and 9 We ran into Mr. Fredrickson before going to see destruction. He stopped us from looking at the construction while we took a picture of Destruction. Pic 10. Mr Fredrickson then let us see what has happened at the construction site. We couldn't believe our eyes. We looked up and saw the start of an inverted coaster! Pic 11. Mr. Fredrickson told us that he was able to contact the popular B&M; company from Switzerland to build a coaster in Valley View park. This makes the coaster the first B&M; in Australia. In pic 12 we can see that there are some fences to stop people from falling out. The first drop looms over the path to Destruction. Pic 13.From the Queue line of Destruction we can see the station of the new coaster. Pic 14. We asked Mr. Frederickson what the name of the coaster will be but he kept that a secret. Form the top of the castle of Blackbeard's voyage we can see the whole coaster so far. As we can see in pic 15 the first hill has been built. It has not been confirmed if there will be any inversions but It will still be exciting nonetheless. In pic 16 we can see the crane working with the track pieces. Mr. Fredrickson said that the park will be closed during Summer break. He hopes the park can receive enough money after Summer Break to maintain the park. He is taking a major risk in this action and he is hoping that the new roller coaster will earn enough profit. Unfortunately we will not be able to talk about Valley View Park until the end of Summer Break. Goodbye everyone. Stay tuned.

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Opera bug - viewing user's instructables: next button not working

In Opera, when viewing a user's published instructable list, if the user has more than one page worth of ibles, the next button merely reloads the current page instead of displaying more of his ibles.  

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500 Error when I view my settings

I get an error when I try to view my settings page (/account/settings). I think the site is upset that I am ageless. com.instructables.exception.InstructableRuntimeException: some problem with the settings... at com.instructables.webapp.account.SettingsAction.prepare( ... Caused by: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.instructables.model.persistent.User.getAge( at com.instructables.webapp.account.SettingsForm.( at com.instructables.webapp.account.SettingsAction.prepare( ... 18 more

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101 (or more) ways to see a half-pint of milk

Well, after seeing posts on that forum, and Lemonie suggesting that a book should be made, I decided to make this. All you need to do is post a comment that says: An optimist sees a half pint of milk and says it's half full, a pessimist sees a half pint of milk and says it's half empty. I see a half pint of milk and say (your view of a half pint of milk here.)

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If I'm viewing a slideshow and I hover over the See More, the slideshow is infront of the menu. Is it just me?

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