What's your motivation?

You know, what makes you stay on instructables instead of wandering? oh, and

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Staying motivated to complete a projects . . thoughts?

We've all been there, and I'm right there currently with a specific project:I was excited at first and started making this thing, and about midway through I've lost complete interest in the project and am struggling with motivation to finish it!For me, the contests here on Instructables were a great motivator with specific deadlines that always kept me motivated . . . but I work here now and cannot participate in them ; )When I lose interest in a project, it's often because the intriguing creative challenges have all been solved, but the project isn't yet completed. However I'm ready to move on to the next thing . . so the half-finished projects keep piling up. I've found that I'm far more interested in the active problem-solving process that "making" provides, than in actually producing completed things. It's an odd dilemma, and maybe I'm not alone in this. Do you experience this same mid-project disinterest? Aside from deadlines, what do you do to stay motivated to complete projects once the interest begins to dissipate?I'd love to hear my fellow Instructables authors' thoughts. Let's have a conversation!

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Help I lost my Mojo

Help, I dont know why but  I've lost my motivation to write Instructables.  Ive got a number of nearly finished instructables, ( go kart   vinyl cutter  ) and a 1/2 finished 3d printed cnc mill project,  just need a push to get them done. Anyone got some motivation I can borrow?

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What are the motives of making and sharing documentation of DIY Projects?

Hi, I am building a documentation system specially for fab labs. I have noticed that some fab lab users do not wish to make documentation of their projects because they think "there is no reader". Guys, Can you share your thoughts on why you post instructables here? For personal interest? For wider project viewers? Best, Zhao

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Looking for a project buddy in Toronto

Hello, my name is Michael and I am looking for a project buddy (like a workout buddy) to help maintain motivation when working on projects. I live in Toronto, and due to size constraints I cannot work on projects in my apartment. I have access to a workspace located at www.interaccess.org (corner of Queen St and Ossington). I am looking for someone who would like to join me in working on projects. Much like a workout buddy. The goal is to find someone to meet up with and to go work on projects together so that we can both help keep each other motivated. In terms of the projects involved - We can either work together on the same project together (one week we could work on mine, one week we could work on yours), - We could meet up together at the same place (the interaccess workspace) and work on our separate & respective projects. Me I am a mechanical engineer with a machinist license, and an electronics and software background. I am an excellent tutor and have excellent fabrication and coaching skills. The workspace also has some electronic tools and shop tools. Please let me know if anyone is interested in joining me.

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How can I motivate lazy club members? Answered

I'm president of a club at my college. For the most part we just sit around at watch cartoons but as a college club there are certain things we have to do. Like raise money for charity. If we don't do these things, we lose our club accreditation. Most of the members do nothing to help out, even when I wave the threat of no longer being a club above them. They want all sorts of benefits and extras and things but are unwilling to put forth the time to earn them. How can I get these lazy students to care about the club and help out?

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What motivates you to upload online guides/instructable

Hi there, hope you can all help me for my dissertation...I'm looking at motivations to uploading knowledge/online guides for projects on an online social community for free. I have a short survey and if you have uploaded an instructable/project would you please please please take a few minutes to complete it? http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5DHMLSB Would be such a big help! Thanks very much! Kat

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Unknown fear in parkour?? Answered

     Okay, my sicheeaytion is this:          I'm practicing for parkour, and I practice my vaults and rolls by jumping off of my porch. The rail is very easy to go over, and it really isn't that high. About 6 feet. I was leaping off of it like crazy, not getting hurt. But within, oh, 17 hours or so, I was always stopping mid jump, just as I was going over the rail. I always put my foot down, stopping myself.  I've tried all of the tips, like motivation, visualization, and believing. I don't even think of the bad outcomes that are possible. But every time, I stop.     What is happening??????    

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why did you make intructables? Answered

Why. what motivated you

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Why do people post instructables? Answered

What drives so many people put in all the time and effort to make instructables?   I'm awed by how much is here - the instructables themselves plus all the answers and comments.  So what  are the motivations that make so many people active on this site?   

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How do you motivate people to pick up trash so that roadways are safer and wild life and planet do not suffer?

I see so much trash along the highways here in Texas. It is dangerous because it draws boars (wild pigs)who get hit by cars and trucks, Lately there has been so much I fell like telling people Trash Texas instead of please do not litter or Don't Mess With Texas. How can a person motivate others to beautify the Road ways again?

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What's the prize for having the best answer? Answered

I would be motivated to answer more questions if there was some cool prize.

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How do I find the motivation to completely declutter my entire apartment? Answered

I've had my apartment now for 7 months, but it's always cluttered; making me feel kind of lazy and sloppy. It also drains all inspiration for other projects (miniature modeling/sculpting/painting) I'd like to turn my workspace into an office, but it's all crammed into my living room; so space is an important factor here. How and where do i start decluttering? I've still got boxes filled with stuff I don't regularly use and maybe don't even need. Should i start there and then move forward to turning my workspace into an office?

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register as a class in school for Arduino challenge?

There is a motivated group of students that would like to enter as a class to the Arduino challenge.  Is there a way that could happen?

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How do I motivate myself to work out? Alternate Title: How do I get a six-pack? ?

I've been trying for around 3 months now to start a solid exercise regimen, but so far my efforts have been fruitless. I'm a junior in high school who runs cross-country and track, but I have decided not to do track this year. I can run a 21 minute 5k, so stamina isn't really an issue. But to be frank, I would really like to build some muscular definition. I have all the necessary equipment, (treadmill, weight machine) but I'm unable to start and maintain a consistent schedule. At most I may exercise for a week or two at a time, and then relax for a week. My main issue is a lack of results, which leads to a lack of motivation. TLDR; I WANT SEXY BOD NAO PLZZZZZ!!!1!

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Birds! a little challenge/contest

Can I do it?      Thank you! I will give away some of my backlog of pro memberships as prizes Here is the contest:  birds Some bird music to get you motivated

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Ajleeces rock of the day.

Just to giving a little motivation to all the knexperts(yes jollex I am talking to you) a chance to do something different.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXaZmY52gHM 14th Novemberhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-AYAv0IoWI 15th November

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introduction of my instructable and myself :)

Hi my name is leith and im introducing myself and my design . i am very motivated and really need to work if anyone is interested in a collaboration or another project please contact me . thanks

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Kids!! What makes you want to start the day??

Instead of letting the moms of the world plot against you, why not have YOUR say? https://www.instructables.com/id/Top-10-Evil-Techniques-to-Get-your-Teen-out-of-Bed/

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scalable geometric construction system

Hi my name is leith and im introducing myself and my design . i am very motivated and really need to work if anyone is interested in a collaboration or another project please contact me . thanks

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Extensive knowledge on VRLA , AGM, MOTIVE POWER batteries. 1 to 24 cell batteries. 6,12,24,36,48 volts. Up to 2000 amp hr. The bonus here is I work with gentleman who has the worlds fastest street legal electric car. Videoinvalid movie: , {width:425, height:350}Videoinvalid movie: http://www.plasmaboyracing.com/videos.phphttp://www.plasmaboyracing.com/

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Chair of recycled acrylic

Chair of recycled acrylic With concern for the environment, having as one of its core values actions aiming at sustainability. It is for this noble motive that some companies in Brazil, arrive annually to collect about 480 tons of plastic waste per year for recycling. The acrylic sheet recycled exhibit properties similar to the original acrylic plates and cost much less. In this project, I show the creation of a chair design with fully functional and above all sustainable.

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Hey Guys.

Okay. 1st off, sorry about my long absence. I had a busy summer, and I'm kinda running low on motivation. I'm going to be checking back regularly soon though. 2nd off, sorry if I missed some of your folks comments. When I came back a few weeks ago I had a few hundred comments that I tried to respond to, so if I missed any or your questions or such, please post them again here. My bad. 3rd, I'm going to be posting a video of a huge project I've recently finished. No instructions, as its rather unique to my bathroom *cough*cough*. Also, I've decided I've had it with my danged safe. I'm going to strip away the casing I made and just post instructions for the new mech. I'm really just out of motivation for the project, and others have posted safes and such too, so its not so new and cool anymore. And finally, I want to build a cannon bigger than the V1. Will happen this winter hopefully. Thanks folks, ~IaC

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I need cheap ideas for remodeling a bathroom using pebbles or mosaic that I can do my own?

I'm planning in remodeling my bathroom and always liked pebbles or nature motives to do so. What you recomend? I going to get rid of a bathtub and putting a shower instead, because I always had limited space, maybe 6' x 10' square feet. Give me creative and cheap ideas!

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The K'nex Innovations Challenge (KIC) - Setup Topic

I think we all know how slowly things have been going for a while on this site, and I've been thinking, we need to encourage some innovation. So I'm holding a new competition, to see what we can get out of people when they have a bit more motivation. I'll need two impartial judges (to work with me), and a lot of contestants. The way this competition will work is as follows: The judges will mark each entry on a certain set of criteria, depending on the specification and brief for each round. There will be 5 rounds. The first round is free for anybody to enter. The 20 best-performing entries will move through to round two, with a new brief. The second round is only accessible to the top 20 from round one. The top 10 entries will make it through to round three. Round three will host 10 candidates, and the top 5 entries will proceed to round 4. Following round 4, the final three contestants will be chosen, and round five will be the final round/decider, and one winner will be chosen. The winner will recieve a prize (to be agreed upon with the judges), possibly pro membership, and will definitely recieve a dedicated forum topic congratulating them on their victory. Judges I will need a pair of judges who are willing to give up time to build creations, and are able to talk on Skype or MSN about the competition for judging purposes. The judges will be impartial to the competition (i.e. can't enter) and non-biassed. Please contact me here. As soon as the judges have been appointed and the topic and deadlines are chosen, I will post a topic signalling the start of round one. Please do not post any entries until the opening date as the entries will be produced to fit a brief agreed by the judges. Judge 1: The Jamalam Judge 2: DJ Radio Judge 3: Lowney I have nothing else to say, but any requests for briefs and applications for judge-hood are welcome. Round one is now live!

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IDEA: Statistics for "data geeks"

Numbers motivate me. I guess I can call myself a "data geek", as some people like to call it. I remember pretty much the amount of views each one of my Instructables has, but that's not the point. I love all sorts of numbers, and I know I'm not the only one. With the new update, we can now see less numbers, which is a bit disappointing... As I wrote, numbers motivate me. I don't know if this would ever happen, but it would be nice to see what actual "achievements" we have.  For example, it would be nice if something like these, would show up in my YOU page, which I know is being updated right now: Most viewed Instructable: My most viewed Instructable is ranked the 154th most viewed on the site... Followers: I am the 67th most followed member on the site... Total views: I am the 35th most viewed member on the site... Total number of Instructables: I am ranked at number 62 as a member with the most published Instructables in total... Number of contest wins: I've won in __ contests which is the most on the whole website!... It would actually be pretty funny if one of these were actually true...

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Project X is Finally Here!

Can you believe it?!::flourish::Project X is here!After those seven approximate months of the unfinished instructable sitting in my pile, Noah finally encouraged and motivated me to finish it (even while my teachers were still throwing work at me).So, without any further adieu, I give you....==PROJECT X==For those of you that don't know what Project X is, check out my internship log starting here, up till day nine.

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Effective Way to Wake You Up

Getting up in the morning is not the easiest thing to do--but with the proper motivation, we all might be a little more inclined to hop out of bed. This alarm clock provides that: if you don't wake up, it will randomly dial someone from your cell phone's address book. An early morning call to your family, friends, or random person whose number you've got stored in there will guarantee that you have some awkward explaining to do.Link viaEngadget

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How to Encourage "newbies"

*********************How to __Discourage__ "newbies"*****************Speak of them in the 3rd person.Condescend.Demonstrate a lack of patience.Other methods? ***************************How To __Encourage___ Newbies:Ask clarifying questions about their poorly formed inquiry.Assume the best of their motives.If in doubt, assume that english may not be their first language. Don't assume that a person has had the same educational advantages available that you may have had. Just about anyone on earth with extremely varied socio-economic status, etc may arrive here. patience.Other tips?

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Open Note To Those Who Are Harassing Others

. I don't know if y'all realize it or not, but most of y'all have left enough hints as to who you really are that a motivated person could track you down without a whole lot of effort. If that same person has a White Knight complex, it could mean serious problems for you. . As far as I know, no one like that exists on Ibles, but are you willing to take the risk? If I were you, I'd find another way to get my jollies. . Just another tip from Ol' Uncle Nacho. ;)

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requests to publish instructable for someone else

Having had some recent successful instructables i have been approached by some asking me to publish their instructable, naturally i have no intention of doing so, however i wonder why someone would do this instead of publishing it themselves? i also wonder what the rules are with regard to external links in instructables and if the external links in this instructable are the motivation for this person wanting his instructable on the site. the instructable he has created does not look innocuous as far as i can tell but it is not feature worthy as it has no images at all and that then begs the question whats the point?

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What is your biggest challenge to finishing a project?

Hey Guys, I have struggled with procrastination in the past, and its always been a constant challenge for me to finish a project due to it. I was curious if you lot had similar struggles when tackling a project. What is the biggest obstacle in your path to accomplish something? Is it just starting the work/project? Is it distractions? ADD? How about lack of motivation? Do you reach a plateau and eventually stop working on the project when your 60% done? If so, what goes through your head? How do you deal with it?

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Possible to combine a 50cc scooter w/ a 250 watt dc electric scooter motor to add "boost" after gas engine tops out?

Other than mounting the motor with a hub and adding in extra chain, how would you calculate the right gearing ratio to provide power at top RPM?   Also could the dc motor be used as an "alternator" to provide hybrid like recharging of the batteries from the gas engine?  Looking for anyone who may have insight on this.   The motive here is to be able to keep up in uphill traffic without having a line of angry cars behind you.  

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Glueing acrylic to wood?

Evening all, I have recently been contemplating throwing together something of a monitor mount. I am currently contemplating whether it would be possible to finish a wood box by attaching a plasticy black surface(plastic, acrylic or what have you) to it. At this stage I am motivated by wanting a black plastic finish that will go with my monitors while at the same time attaching a vesa mount to wood seems like it would be more sturdy than an entirely acrylic box. So long story short, would a sheet of acrylic glue nicely onto a sheet of wood with some sort of epoxy?

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 Im interested in the motivations behind people collecting things, the value that these objects have to the owner and how these objects are displayed within the home environment. Any pictures you could take of your own 'collections' of objects ( these could be anything from stamps to vinyl toys to fabrics etc) would be great too. Im interested in whether an emotional bond with the collection grows with the amount of objects in the collection. How people interact with their collections? Any rituals performed around your collections? etc any help would be awesome comments feedback etc. Are there any social aspects of collecting which are important to you? -cheers  chris

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My personal DIY blog; The Pink Hammer blog

Hi all!  I am in the process of (finally) starting up my own DIY blog to share my tips, tricks, projects and ideas with others to empower them (thats you!) to try things on their own!      You can head on over to my new blog here;  http://www.thepinkhammer.wordpress.com AND even better you can follow The Pink Hammer on Facebook  to see even more project photos, ideas, and get loads of motivation & inspiration here; https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Pink-Hammer/294017640641429 Stop on by and say hi!!! 

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How do I design an eductor-jet or venturi system to rapidly remove the sand from a pool filter?

A friend of mine regularly changes pool filter sand for his clients and asked me to build a more effective way of doing this. So far I think an eductor would work best check this out: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eductor-jet_pump Requirements: 1. be able to remove a large quantity of sand suspended in water - approximately 50kg (110 lbs) 2. use a pump to supply the motive force - 3/4 hp pump is readily available 3. the pump MAY NOT VACUUM OUT THE SAND DIRECTLY! that would ruin the pump's impellers instantly. It is essential that the pump only provides a motive force in the form of a fast-running jet of water which will create a venturi effect that sucks the sand/water slurry out of the filter. 4. the "vacuum hose" must be between 700mm and 1m long (27 - 40 inches) and about 1inch diameter. 5. The eductor/venturi must be strong enough to suck a sand/water mixture all the way up that pipe against gravity. Check the attached diagram and tell me if my venturi design looks reasonable, also what diameters should I have at points 1 - 6? I also attached a sketchup model of what I'm planning to build Facilities at my disposal: Welder, drill press, cutoff saw, dremel, various grinders, jig saw. I DON'T HAVE A LATHE OR MILLING MACHINE BUT IF IT IS ESSENTIAL I COULD ORGANISE ACCESS TO ONE OK, that's about it. Your commentary is appreciated!

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Survey for makers on new industrial revolution & makers movement

Dear makers,I'd like to kindly ask you to contribute with your time and your opinions to my survey on http://survey.gregor-design.eu/As part of my research internship, I am working on the subject of the new industrial revolution, third places, digital manufacturing and their effect on our lives, on education, on work, on architecture and their capabilities. to produce social innovation.In this study, I try to find an answer to the following questions: Who is the maker? What are his/hers motives ? How does he/she see the present and the future? This movement, is it viable? Does this have the potential to reshape our society?THANK YOU very much!!

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Pro memberships not expiring

Greetings ibles! So I've got a current pro membership that should be expired, and was about to redeem a new code - but it is still showing my expired membership as my current, my upcoming as still upcoming (even though it should be active by now) - and an unredeemed as it should.  See attached.  The existing membership expired at June 8, 2012...and it's August 2012 (in case anyone is reading this from the future). Am I okay with it being indefinite pro...sure...but dues where they're due, I like the motivation to crank out new projects! -Jamie (Frollard) PS: in case it is at all browser/OS specific: Firefox 5.0.1 portable on Win XP pro SP3 https://www.instructables.com/you/ in the 'pro membership' tab.

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Patches, rewards, badges and social engineering

Love the site. I wanted to suggest that in the social engineering area of the site, a badge system similar to CNN iReport's might be more motivating then patches. The iReport site awards badges (see attached pic) automatically based on stats - a badge for your first post, 10th post, first vetted post, a certain number of comments, 100th post, first time featured on CNN TV, etc. The badges are coveted and they show very quickly who's good at what and what they've done. Perhaps you could do patches for your first instructable, your 10th, your first one with 10 comments, featured ones, etc. until if you get enough badges, you get a pro account?

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Dirty, dirty little inkjet printer

This one isn't really an instructable, because (duh) it doesn't actually describe how to make something, however, I think it might be of interest to some people of the same sort of mindset - it's about inkjet printers, and what you might find if you dismantle one.I've taken quite a few apart (I work in IT and I have to dispose of them when they die) - they have something called a 'waste ink reservoir' - and it's quite surprising how much ink they actually 'waste' into it.The Dirty Little Secret of Inkjet PrintersThe 'waste' is ostensibly to clean the print heads - and yes, some of that is inevitable by nature of the technology, however, I'm pretty sure there are other motives behind it too - that ink ain't cheap...

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Exercycle Generator

63% of Americans are struggling with obesity (http://www.americansportsdata.com/obesitystats.asp). There is also a large green movement going on. So what if we combine these two ideas? I have been looking at instructables on how to build your own wind turbine, and instructables on how to use your bike as a generator for charging ipods and cellphones... why not combine the two ideas and create a stationary bike that puts electricity back into the power grid, much the way a home turbine does? Granted... it wouldn't be much power, but the more you exercise, the more money you save--and the better shape you get in. And those pennies each month add up to dollars each year... and again... the health benefits. It's almost like getting paid to exercise, which can be a big motivating factor. Thoughts?

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Always-On Multi-day Countdown Clock with Raspberry Pi or Arduino

I extremely dislike the school I am going to. As such, I have a timer counting down to the day I graduate. However, that timer is a program on my computer. I was wondering if anyone knew a way to, maybe with a little display and a Raspberry Pi or an Arduino Board, create an always-on countdown timer that will count the days (roughly 850 of them) to my graduation that I could make and mount to a wall somewhere. It'd make for a great motivational item, I guess. I've found a few tutorials, but none of them detail a timer that would count more than a few minutes. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Audio: 8 hours of Amory Lovins lectures

Video with slides http://www.rmi.org/sitepages/pid231.phpmp3 audio only http://sic.conversationsnetwork.org/series/si-energy.htmlAmory Lovins runs the Rocky Mountain Institute, working on cars made from thermoplastic/carbon re-formable body panels among other projects.He's a charismatic motivational speaker on the subject of energy solutions. Listen to this stuff to get enthused again after you get burned out by hearing about what our idiocracy is doing to us and the world. It's a really it's nice to hear him saying that thetechnology solutions exist and all our dreams will come true once we switch tothem. And this crisis is just the thing to get us off the dumb old methods thatare only used from habit.

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Can someone start this idea for an electric company? Electricity would be free. Answered

My brother came up with this idea. An electric company that is powered by people working out on bikes and other stuff. I don't know if it's possible but think of the possibilities. People would supply their own electricity by working out and getting fit.  All the people working out would be volunteers and maybe they could get paid based on how much energy they produce. That would give people motivation to exercise. Instead of paying for a gym membership they would get paid to get fit and they would be helping the community.  For the community electricity might be free if not a whole lot cheaper. I don't know a lot about electricity but if this idea is possible someone should start it because it would do a lot of good in a lot of communities.

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Two or three of my six grand kids have the potential to be DefCon Kids now what ?

So I have access to six young minds by helping my wife and retired teacher to sit with them 4 days a week. Four I drive to school while the parents (my children) earn a living.  Two are easily motivated and do well with Legos.  One likes robots, they all do math window games. I teach chess and play when thy want ( no Queen or rooks for me ) Programming is my artistic expression but I would push too hard and blow them away. What low level intros can be a leap into DefCon Kid status that you know worked well in your experiences ?

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Request for notepad in profile pages

I come up with ideas all of the time and I, unfortunately, tend to forget what I had come up with.  I am certain that a lot of good ideas are lost this way.  I was mulling this over and I thought "What if instructables had a Notepad in the profiles page.  Allow it to be public or private.  This will allow a simple way for members to keep track of their idea backlogs and share them with others.  Just a simple list.  I know that the forums and the profile "About me" can be used this way but neither are optimized for this purpose.  I think this feature would likely get a lot of use.  Just a thought.  PS:  Thanks for the great site.  I get a lot of inspiration and motivation here.  I hit it all the time with StumbleUpon but I never payed attention to the site when I would hit a random project.

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Instructables: Quality Standards

I was thinking..... as I do. Quite a few of instructables, on.... instructables, havn't meet the quality standards of a good instructable, let alone get featured. Why do people bother make instructables 2 steps long? Wouldn't they like to be in the newsletter and get nice feedback? If you put all you effort in to an instructable you will get repaid with nice comments (normally). I wouldn't like to see instructables as a website with few featured instructables lots of quick put to gether nonsense. I would like to see quality, and a archive of fun things to do and make for all the family. A while back a published an instructable called 'professional water rocket guide'. I spend along time on it and was pleased with my self when it got featured, and it was in the newsletter. This it was gives me motivation to do good instructables. What do you think about poor informative an qualitive instructables? Thanks

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Instructables YouTube Show/Series

Hello! I had the idea of making a YouTube show promoting great tutorials and projects from Instructables about 3 years ago. At the time I didn't have the skills to create it. After taking up a short course in video editing and graphics, I was finally able to create it!  I wanted the show to really help get the word out not only about Instructables, but also the world of DIY, recycling, re-using, creativity and the hands on building skills that many of us are losing because of the impact of new technologies. If the show motivates just one person who isn't familiar with Instructables to create something, I think it's a great success! Here's the first episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RXky2Ot7cOg I hope you like it! There'll be more episodes to come! Thanks,  - Nick PS. All authors gave me permission to feature their Instructables in the video. 

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Wind-powered phone-charger

Here's one for the tower-block dwellers - a wind turbine you stick to your window. On the inside, you stick the matching base-station, and the set uses electromagnetic induction to transfer energy from the spinning turbine to the phone in the charger's cradle. It's a neat idea, but I don't know if it's a real product - I tried tracing the links back, and ended up going round in circles in the blogosphere. What I am sure of, though, is that somebody reading this has got the skills and motivation to build their own version.  You don't need to use the same design of turbine blades, and it's up to you how it sticks to the window (suckers?  magnets through the glass?), but I bet you can do it. Just remember to post an Instructable. Traced back to Yanko Design.  Originally seen on NOTCOT.

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