how to fix motors?

How make motors run better

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how to electronically reverse an AC motor? Answered

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how to control the rpm of pmdc motor?

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How to run a DC motor? Answered

I had a motor with four pins i dont know how to wire the motor to run.Can anyone tell me how to run that?  

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Cannon printer motor 24v Answered

What is the use of this toroid here?

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Dc motor for a stair climbing wheel chair?

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12v dc motor selection Answered

I have made chassis for my robot which is around 15-20kg.which motor would suitable for it?

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DC-motor, Encoder wires?

Can any one help me to distinguish between the wires of the encoder in this motor below?

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how to start a 230v motor with ir transmitter and reciever?

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How can I make a powerfull electric motor?

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Low Speed Motor?

I want to make a baby night toy with multi color LEDs and a rotation device. For which i need a low speed motor. Can someone help me find such a motor or give any idea on how an ordinary motor can be used for this purpose? thanks in advance for all the feedback.

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got two motors small work how to recycle? Answered

Find a use for two small motors that plug in and work great want to find a use?

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How can I calculate the RPM of a motor running at less than Maximum voltage? Answered

I'm working on a project that needs a certain RPM of motor. I am looking at motors from I will be running these motors at ~5v. Is there an equation I can use to calculate this sort of thing?

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What does an electrostatic motor do?

I am trying to make a robot, but I don't know what kind of motor I should use. So could you tell me what an electrostatic motor does, and how it does it?

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what is the EMF AND torque equation for BLDC motor?

How to calculate BLDC equation paramaeters?

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Sensitive Motor?

Im looking for a small, no bigger than half a roll of quarters, dc motor that can be programmed to spin 50ths of a turn. it needs to have some power and not be super expensive, thanks for the help.

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Unipolar motor driver?

 Dear all  I have this stepper motor and timing for driver(please see photo). Please help me to know time on and off of pulse(frequency) for the  motor rotation 1 turn per minute (1 RPM).Thank you in advance for your time.

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My 12v dc motor won't light even a single led light.

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230V 3 Phase Motor on 240V Single Phase Supply

Hi, I am a ME with very limited knowledge on electrical side of the world. I have ordered a electric motor from Germany with 240 V assuming it will be single phase. The motor has rocked up with 230 V winding but 3phase connections. Is there any chance I can connect this motor to our single phase supply???  Any device which will help to use this motor. Please help.

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What if anything would happen if you were to wrap a motor with wire? Around the out side. Answered

Could you pick up any current from the magnetic field of the motor and feed it back into the motor?

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Help with a one phase induction motor?

I am trying to repair a bandsaw that my dad had he recntly had a stroke and he can not remember how to wire the switch back on to the motor. It is a old Kff  Single phase 110 v motor type km if u need any information to help me ask plz I can get all of the information off the motor I just need help wiring it.

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How to drive 3 Phase AC motor using Arduino Uno?

I am having 3 phase AC motor in farm. I want to control it using GSM. Please tell me how to do that???

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SATA DVD motor control

Hi, how can I control the main motor from SATA pins directly? The point is just simply make it spin. Like this: ...or if someone can explain what bridges to make in circuit itself.

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how to control speed of an dc motor?

I have very small dc motor of 5v 650mah and i am using it in my rc helicopter and it rotates very fast so how to controll its speed plz help me i would be thankful for that

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AC Power Phase Control?

Hello, Can we use AC phase power control Solid State Relay to control the speed of single phase Induction motor, Using PWM as input to the Relay and the output of relay connected to Induction motor, The motor runs at 220v AC,50Hz,55Watt.

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motors , and AC supply ! Answered

 hi  , my question is what  would happen if i connected a simple motor ( 3v ) to an AC power supply of the same volt ? will the motor keep turning in both directions right and left .. and so on ? if yes , how can i convert a 3v DC to AC ? and how to control the speed ? coz i need an idea to make a power circuit that can make a simple motor do so (turn right and left and right and left and so on ..... in a controllable speed ) , can you help me?

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Quick (And stupid) gear motor question Answered

So here is my situation, i plan on building ( and i was about to order all the parts and i wondered, why there are so many types of gear motors! my current understanding is the higher "1st" digit (ex 1000:1)means the motor is more accurate and precise and slow. So does that mean one with a low number first (ex 10:1) would be faster? please tell me if i am wrong. So i would like a FAST gear motor for my robot, could anyone post me a link to a good fast gear motor. Much appreciated!!!

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Where can I get a strong motor(like in a golf car)?

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How to size a DC motor? Answered

I want to rotate a stainless steel shaft that is in a vertical position having a 40 mm diameter and 300 mm length. The motor will be attached to the bottom of the shaft, so when the motor is turned, the said shaft will rotate. The shaft is not driving anything, it just turns on its own. The shaft's mass is 3kg(according to my calculations).  I want the shaft to rotate at an angular speed of 45 degrees per second. Having this information, how can i size the motor that will do the job. What kind of torque would i need, what kind of wattage. Please show me some calculations so I can know how motor sizing is correctly done.  Very much appreciated, Chris

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Treadmill DC Motor Control

Hi all,I have been given a treadmill motor by a friend, sadly none of the control boards have come with it, just the motor and a transformer bolted to the same bracket.I'm hoping someone can tell me the best way for a layman to hook this up for variable speed, as I would like to improve on my 1/4hp single phase motor currently attached to my lathe.I don't know much about the motor and could not find a datasheet, but a pic is attached.Is there any plug and play options that don't cost the earth, ideally i would like to be able to plug it into the mains (UK) and just control with a pot.As always thanks in advance, you guys make this place a great resource for us noobs.

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what motor to use??

I'm a novice with motors, so would appreciate some help and advice. I envision a project with two blocks of wood side by side.   Just a couple of 12 inch wood squares, for example.   I want to rotate each individually, though to different degrees and at different increments.  The first block should rotate 90 degrees at 15 second intervals.  The second block should rotate 180 degrees at 30 second intervals. How would you recommend i accomplish this?  what motor would you recommend? must i use a microcontroller and a step motor?  I have some experience with arduino, but wondering whether there is a simple circuit or a simpler mechanism of some kind Thanks very much in advance.

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i require a 3000rpm motor of small size

I am planing to run cutting blade which weights approx of 350-500 gm (for worst case) so i need good torque and rechargeable battery for capable running for at max of 2-3 hrs

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my motor does not work ?

I have made a motor but it just does not work. I wrapped 0,25 mm sq copper wire 300 times around a magnet. And i connect the beginning and the end of the wire with some copper so that electricity can go through ( i do not know if it is right or wrong ). I tried to put on some batteries, i even tried to connect the wire to the electric socket but it does not work, either. What have i done wrong ? thanks a lots

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400 Volts 3 phase to 240 Volts Single phase Motor

Hello we bought a cutter from Europe.  It came with 400V 0.75W  3 phase  motor. The motor has leads W2, U2, V2 U1,V1, W1 To convert to the 240 V single phase we jumped (W2,U1), (U2, V1), (V2,W1). We also put 50uf capacitor between (W2,U1), and (V2,W1) .See attached pictures. However the motor starts and spins for about 5mins then it trips the breaker. The motor heats up . Voltage reading Between (W2,U1) and (U2, V1) =240v Between (W2,U1) and (V2,W1) = 370v Between (U2, V1) and (V2,W1) =240v We thought  (W2,U1) and (V2,W1) = 370v was little high. Also the resistance between winding W1W2 is 36 ohms, U1U2 20 ohms, V1V2 20ohms Can someone help? I will really appreciate you help

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Not sure where to find a 60 to 120 rpm AC motor

I'd like to add a small motor to a hand cranked coffee grinder (Hario Skerton Coffee Grinder).  It's conical burr style grinder that produces a consistent particle size (much more so than the mini blender, whirlly style grinder).  I'll expand on why that's important when I build the thing.   My problem is that is takes 10 minutes or so to grind enough coffee for two people. I'd like to put a motor on it.  I tried spinning it with a battery powered drill, but the RPMs were too high.  The burr spun faster than coffee beans could feed.  I'd like a motor in the 60 to 120 rpm range.  I still need to determine the torque required.  Additionally, I'd like to plug this right in to a 110 outlet.  Does anyone have a suggestion on an appliance I could scavenge or the type of motor I should look to buy?   Thanks, Mike

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Do I need to use a resistor?

Hello! I am totally green at this so forgive me if this is a stupid question! I want to connect a motor with these values Rated Voltage DC 12V Rated Current 0.03A Speed ​​20000RPM For a battery type this. Lead-acid battery Voltage 12 V Capacity 2.0Ah Do I need to use a resistor to avoid burning the motor? / Wolf

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What projects could I do with an industrial electric motor (1 to 7.5 HP)? Answered

My local Habitat for Humanity ReStore has a bunch of used Baldor Brand AC motors for $40. Power ranges from 1HP to 7.5 HP. It seems like a good deal since these things retail for a couple of hundred. I was wondering what I could use one of these for. Also, could I just wire one of these things up to a wall outlet to make it run, or would I need some kind of controller. What considerations should I take in picking which motor to buy? power? 3 phase vs 1 phase? etc?

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Where can we buy servos in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (for people who live in Riyadh)?

I live in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and i wanna know is there is any shop where i can buy servo motors..

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Can someone tell me how I choose an electric motor, please?

 Hi Everybody, I've been away for a while, partly because my pc would not let me post to Instructables, and partly through illness. I will get to my projects very shortly and complete them. I need to buy an electric motor for a friends current project, but I don't know how to choose one wisely. Essentially it is a Ferris Wheel for Teddies, yes, really! We indulge our kids! We have worked out the frame weighs about 6 kilos and the contents will weigh about 30 kilos. The wheel will not spin at the centre, but at the edge, like a real Ferris wheel. So I think I will need a slow motor with high torque. Each revoloution should take about one hour (some of the kids are disabled and physically slow, plus if it goes slow enough they'll fall asleep through boredom! Only kidding! I really do need this slow) Additionally it would be great if the motor could be low voltage. So any tips on how I would achieve this, please?

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To change Magnet coil 240 volts ac to 120 volts ac Answered

 Hi  All,,, I have a motor an aquarium air pump 240v ac 3 watts Supposing this motor winding with 3000 turns 32 gauge wire. Now I like to rewinding for 120vac.(3watts ) Please help me to know :  - Must  rewind 1500 turns with 32 gauge wire  or other way....                                                        Thank you in advance for your time and sorry my English not well.                                                                           Lam                                               

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is there a way to use a joystick from a ps2 controller to move a rc motor forward and reverse ?

 i just wont to know if i can use a  joystick  for forward and reverse on the motor i put a picture of the sort i meen  like useing it like a dtdp switch its for a electric telescope focuser im making i have it set up mag with 2 microswitches for forward and reverse but just wanted to see if i could solder one of the joystick in place and not the microswitches and without a  arduino if anyone can help that would be great thank you  

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A while back you may (or may not) have seen this Japanese electric motorcycle prototype called the EV-X7. It was advertised to use a "Super Electric Motor" that was the combination of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet (isn't that was a motor is?) which would allow the vehicle a range as much as 180 kilometers (111.846815 miles) on one charge with a top speed of about 150 kilometers per hour (93.2056788 mi / hr).A few sources said that in about a year they would start producing a smaller version... That was 2007, and the company's website doesn't look very promising...Ok, so now what? Too bad, eh? Well, yes...However, the research company, Genesis, seemed to have posted something on their website:Translated WebsiteAnyone wanna see if they can build one? =D

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I am wonderging would this work: Answered

If you  see in my picture if u put magnets at an angle so the poles would be opposite of 1 below it would it turn a wheel like this in my pic : i don't know how to put a pick in here so look at my profile pic please .

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magnet motor or not ?

Is an angle grinder motor a permanent magnet motor or not ?,

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Anyone out there no a way you can convert a 0.5HP electric single speed motor to a variable speed motor (if it can be done)

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Electric motor

What would cause an electric motor, running a table saw, to suddenly start running at a faster speed than normal?

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