magnet motor or not ?

Is an angle grinder motor a permanent magnet motor or not ?,

Asked by nicobotha12345 9 years ago

Motors and servos

Please all, what motor could I use to create a to/fro movent?

Posted by ijem 9 months ago

A 6v motor (rated ) and Appiled voltage is 12V

I am making a line following robot and using Two Dc motor with L298N motor Driver and applying a voltage of 12V.I have used PWm to control my speed but my motors are behaving abnormally like one rotates and other one is not rotating . WHy ??Any suggestions

Asked by AbrarA3 2 years ago

i need small motors to make little helicopters with just a motor receiver and led does any one know how?

Just a small dc motor with a receiver,battery,and LED.real simple and i can make masses of them

Asked by andreblue 8 years ago

Hey guys I am using DAYTON Vibrator Motor, 1/200 HP, 1550 RPM, 115 V ,to make chair vibrate

Hey guys I am using DAYTON Vibrator Motor, 1/200 HP, 1550 RPM, 115 V ,to make chair vibrate but i am not sure which motor driver should i use to control the speed and motor . If anyone know about this it will be very helpful?

Asked by JUGGY123 5 years ago

How to decide the motor rating and torque required ?

I want to make manual  wheelchair to be electrically driven. For that I have assumed wheelchair weight to be=20 kg Patient's weight to be=100kg ( max ) Motor  with battery = 30 kg (approx) Thus total weight to be = 150 kg (approx) what kind of DC motor along with its rating should be used ?

Asked by dhanudi 10 months ago

how can i make a motor taken from an old CD drive turn at 1RPM for my CCTV camera? i want to rotate my cctv Camera so ?

I want a motor for my CCTV camera so it rotates at 1RPM old CD Drive motor i have please help me control its speed

Asked by grcnu 7 years ago

What stepper motor should I buy?

I am building a device that goes around a track at set times and am not sure which stepper motor I should buy. I know that it must be able to reach 2000rpm to achieve the quickest time required but don't know where to buy the stepper motor and which stepper motor would be best.The fastest speed the device will need to travel is 10m/s. I am also going to use an arduino to control the speed. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

Asked by alex cooke 3 years ago

How do I add leads to my motors? Answered

Can you please help and also how do i know where to put red lead and black lead.

Asked by sarju7 5 years ago

where can I buy a motor, lipo, esc and arduino?

I am building a device that goes around a track at set times and am not sure what I need and where I should buy it. I know that it must be able to reach 2000rpm to achieve the quickest time required but don't know which motor would be best.The fastest speed the device will need to travel is 10m/s. I have also been told that I will need an arduino, esc and lipo. I am a beginner and don't know where to start. Any responses would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Asked by alex cooke 3 years ago

power wheels too much power?

So here da ting. i got a little 6v power wheels quad at a yard sale for dirt cheap. i figured hey why not ill work on it a little and make it nice. long story short, i ended up with two 18v harbor freight batteries hanging on each back fender like military ammo cans and it looks awesome but now its a little too scary to let my son ride it. i would like to put a voltage regulator on it to turn it up or down depending on how well he can ride it and how safe i feel he can be. most of the ones i have found can barely handle 2 amps. where can i get a regulator to handle the load continuously. p.s. this is the last part i have to figure out before i can make a full instructable.

Asked by snowfox222 2 years ago

how can i build a knex model with 2 classic motors? Answered

How can i build a knex model with 2 classic motors?

Asked by DELETED_storm391 8 years ago

Stepper motors for sale

I have a few large stepper motors I pulled out of a liquid sinilation counter. I'm not exactly sure what thier value is, similair motors are priced around 50-60$ new, so offers are welcome. They operate ~6v and have 0.90 degree steps, I believe they are bipolar. I can upload pics if needed.

Posted by martzsam 5 years ago

Why do rc cars have capacitors on the motor? Answered

Being a hacker or at least a take-it-apart-er, I have seen what looks like one or more small capacitors (I think) soldered directly onto the motors of radio or remote control vehicles. Are these capacitors? I understand the reason for capacitors on large AC motors. Do they serve the same purpose on small DC motors?

Asked by lancma 8 years ago

what is an outrunner moter? Answered

What  is a outrunner motor

Asked by ms10 6 years ago

i want to design a pancake motor, can anyone guide me in how to design?

I want to design a pancake motor as part of my project can anyone help me how to proceed.

Asked by spartans 8 years ago

how can i make a easy rocket motor like what you can by? Answered

I want to make a roket motor because i live in new zealand and cant by any please help me!!!!!

Asked by rug 8 years ago

can we make truck engine starter motor last long time for gokart by rewinding it?

I want to use truck engine starter motor for my gokart or ebike project ? can i rewind it and modify it for long lasting

Asked by rasik4 3 years ago

Adjustment of the speed of a DC motor Answered

I'm working on something that requires a very low speed motor (~.5-4 RPM). I found a motor that runs at 1.5v @ a maximum of 7rpm (5040RPM max with 1428:1 ratio) I need however, something to lower and raise the speed of this motor. I know that people say PWMs for this, but the only one I can find is a 12 volt and has gotten mediocre reviews. Could I use this 12 volt PWM in this system, or could someone point me to a reasonable PWM that would work?

Asked by sblaptopman 7 years ago

Is it 1HP vaccum motor which produce Air Flow of 660CFM can be operate by 12V Rechargeable Battery are available?

I like to use 1HP vacum motor which produce Air Flow of 660FM to powered by 12V Rechargeable battery or Gasoline Engine.IS it workable? Is 12V battery , have enough power to generate air flow of 660CFM sucking power? Is it 1HP vacuum Motor available in Market? Thanks Regard Devarajen 

Asked by devarajen 6 years ago

If I attempt to weld a sprocket onto the shaft of a stepper motor will it damage the motor?

I suspect the answer is yes....anyone got any advise on how to fasten sprockets onto shafts?

Asked by afridave 1 year ago

Need help wiring salvaged electric motor

Hello, I have an electric motor I salvaged from a clothes dryer. I would like to add a three prong plug to it. However, I'm not experienced enough to read a schematic and I can't find any other tutorials that use the same motor. It's from a 2014 Whirlpool Dryer. I need to know where to connect the black, white and green wires. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by ttemple2 1 year ago

Ideas for 2 motors, some switches, and some leds? Answered

I have 2 motors from an old rc car, some on/off switches, some leds, resistors, etc, simple stuff. Any ideas on how to use them in one project? I also dont mind buying more components, but would rather not.

Asked by texpert 6 years ago

can you, program a aurdio to communicate with a rs 458 serial device? Answered

I have a couple of motors, and i want to use them really bad, but i cant figure out how. I can program (some) but I want to know if it is possible, and if so how to communicate with my motors, (they are rs 485 serial motors).

Asked by hurtzmyhead 9 years ago

how do you make an electric motor more powerful?

I am making a battle robot and need to upgrade it to get more torque out of it, in order to lift a 10 pound robot.

Asked by mr.fikeus 9 years ago

Electric Motors 1/6 - 1/2 hp Super Cheap!

Hey Instructable Community! I've fallen into a consistent supply of used electric motors and I'd love to offer them to the people in this community. I was going to start selling them on Ebay but I like you all much more than those randoms and I'm even willing to offer them to you for a lower price because this site has literally changed my life. Not to mention, I be you'll have a much more creative use for an electric motor. Details and Disclosures: These motors are used and are coming out of Air Conditioning Units that a buddy of mine scraps. (He installs units and takes the old ones) He was junking the motors for mixed metal scrap prices and I figured I knew some people that might value them. I have some 115v motors and many more 220v motors. These motors range from 1/6hp to 1/2hp. I test the 115v motors but don't have a current setup for testing the 220v motors. That said, they were working when the units were replaced. I am very flexible on price. Motors range from $25 - $60. (Plus shipping)  I'll go even cheaper if you want a few. After receiving payment I can usually ship within a few days. I'd also be willing to meet up if you are in the general Philly area! This is a great opportunity to power your next AMAZING Instructable. I promise to do honest business lest the Instructables staff delete my account. (I've got about 2 years of pro that I'm not willing to give up) I hope to hear from you all soon!!!

Posted by JosephR25 2 years ago

Help figuring out electric motors

I'm trying to decipher the mystical language of electric motors and need some help. I was at one of my favorite stores yesterday, a place called 'Industrial Liquidators' here in San Diego, and I was looking at their vast supply of electric motors. Big ones, small ones, battery operated ones, flat one, all in latest styles and fashionable colors. I know of plenty of uses for these things but I have no idea what it is I'm looking at. I would like to make my own rock polishing tumbler, so I'd like a motor with a bit or power and a slow rotation, but how can I figure out how strong and fast a motor is?Maybe I'm starting at the wrong place. I must admit that I know next to nothing about electrical stuff. Pretty much the only thing I know about electrical equipment is that it only works when you plug it into a socket.So that being what it is, can anyone direct me to a website that explains how to read these motor labels? Ya know the ones that say how many ohms, volts, amps etc.Thanks for any help.

Posted by astro347 9 years ago

i need help making a cnc hot foam cutter out of scanner motors

Can anyone give me some instructions on a easy cnc hot foam cutter out of old hp scanjet and mustek flatbed scanners, also in the process of getting old copier machines. can I use the controllers on the scanners to run the motors, or am i better off just buying the motors and controllers. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated I am very new to this stuff tia mike

Posted by mgriff 7 years ago

how do you calculate the ohm value of a resistor needed to step down the 6 volts to 3 volts?

I have a 6 volt electric car that i want to use with 3 volt moters and want a simple way to do it said motors will not  tolerate 6 volts 

Asked by saberwing 8 years ago

where in U/K. best place to buy STEPPER/LEAD SCREW mtrs ?

Hi ppl,I have to now make my woodworking mill cnc.because I have developed arthritis and the mill I have, X.Y.Z. is hand wound on the lead screw,I'm beginning to find it too much pain so I'm trying to figure a mount and fittings to take motors to do the donkey work.I need to know where on line I can buy motors to help me,I have been looking at a lot of the DYU. setups and have a few ideas to help me mount and join the motors to shafts,also if anybody knows a good place to buy lead screws I would be most grateful thanks for looking hope you can help.MAC.

Asked by MACSWAG 9 years ago

Controlling anaerobic digesters with arduino

Hi I am new on the Arduino scene and I am trying to build eight anaerobic digester tanks to conduct experiments for my thesis in engineering. The setup will look as follows: -Arduino mega -Arduino motor shield R3 -Two motor stirring the digester at different RPMs. Motors will run at 12 V and around 0.5-1 A. -The motor shield will use the wall jack as power supply via an AC-DC adapter. -Biogas volume measuring device (tipping sensor) -Aquaria air pump to supply Hydrogen Sulphite consuming bacteria with oxygen. This will be controlled with a relay and the volume measuring device. -The pump will use the wall jack as power supply -Temperature sensors DS18B20. -Immersion heater controlled by the temperature sensor and a relay. The digester is supposed to be kept at 37°. Everything will be logged but I haven’t decided if I will connect a Ethernet shield or if I should log on a SD card. I think that I can manage to build it but I have some questions (a lot) but will just post some and post more later. The experiments will run for 4-6 months how will the Arduino, shield and relays handle being on for that long? Do I need something with higher quality? (It would suck to burn down the university) Any spontaneous thoughts that I should know or that could help me?

Posted by joche11 3 years ago

A basic (very basic) description of a Brushless DC motor.

So... before I start... I am not a physicist, nor am I an electrical engineer. Hopefully someone within one of those (or both) professions will chime in and enrich this discussion. That said... I'm going to be using leyman's terms. This thread is specifically meant to explain how a brushless DC electric motor exerts a force, and how that force is used to generate work. To start off, I'd Like to explain the components which comprise a brushless DC motor: First... You have an axil. The axil's purpose is to spin. Next you have natural magnets, or solid state magnet; I use the terms somewhat incorrectly, since a natural magnet refers specifically to nickel or ferrous base magnets, but there exist a large variety of compounds and composites that exhibit the ability to produce magnetic fields. In practice you have many in a motor, but for our purposes... we can pretend we have one. The natural magnet's job is exert a magnetic field while attached to the axil. After that we have an electrical coil. Once again, in Brushless DC motors, we have many of these, but for our purposes we'll use 3. The electrical coil's job is to produce a magnetic field which can move in a circle. Finally we have the engine housing. The purpose of the engine housing is to hold everything together. Note: I'm intentionally leaving out the computer control mechanism. there are alot of great instructables on microcontrollers. Most Brushless DC motors requrie one to work since there is no mechanical timing device, as there is in a brushed engine. So... how does this fit together? In this setup the natural magnet produces a force when next to the electrical coil (This coil is also known as an electromagnet). This is because the charge of the coil is opposite to the charge of the natural magnet. Once the Natural magnet and the electromagnetic coil align with each other, the first coil shuts off and the second turns on. Once again the natural magnet is drawn towards the magnetic pole. This process repeats until the natural magnet has spun in a circle (note: usually you want it to continue to spin beyond a single revolution.) That's the basic (very basic) idea behind a Brushless DC Motor.

Posted by Qcks 10 years ago

Does anyone know where I can buy metal belt pulleys in the New York City area? No luck on Canal street.

Need some metal pulleys for a project and can't find them here in NYC. I tried Grainger but they said they only sell to companies, not individuals. There used to be a motor store on Canal but he moved around the corner and got rid of his smaller stuff, parts, etc. Any info appreciated.

Asked by buffysissy1 7 years ago

Pager motors: Removing weight and driving wheels

Hello fellow life forms, I am currently working volunteerily at a local school, teaching young kids a bit about telescopes and astronomy. One topic I am currently planning is the mars rover(s) and I am planning on building a simple line follower as activity. As the budget is very low but I still want the kids to be able to build something to take home I am trying to keep it as simple as possible. After I ordered a pager/iphone motor a year back or so, I now ordered 100 vibration motors for $28.50 at aliexpress. They work fine but are smaller then the one I had before, a rubbery encasing makes them the same form factor.  (excuse the horrible pictures, I just have a older android phone) 1) The first problem is removing the weight. I have searched and found several tutorials (for example and aproaces, heat and regular pliers failed, for everything else I lack smaller tools.   I consider ordering those grip pliers here in germany, which one would be better? or I also considered a watch wrist band tool as I have only a limited set of tools, or or But I don't think I can adapt them to hold the motors. Any other tricks? 2) The second problem is to drive small wheels with those motors. With the vibration weight attached I can't drive a small foam or cardboard wheel, neither via friction nor a rubber band/belt. I hope it will work once the weight is off. I hope I can solve this issue, else I am stuck with 100 motors that are only suitable for bristle bots ;-) The vibration is strong enoug to move something, also attaching the motors to a cardboard square and directly touch the ground seems to have enough power. I could use a 3d printer to print a gear, but I would like to keep it as simple as possible. Also the groove bearing + shrink tube drive I have seen on another project would not be ideal to build with younger children. I initially was thinking of using bottle caps as wheels and wrap the motor axis with shrink tubing or isolation tape to drive the bottle cap by friction. Thanks for any ideas, advice or suggestions! -Marcus

Posted by schorhr 4 years ago

Advice needed on vibrating motors.? Answered

For a quirky present for a friend I am making a sink plunger seat like this one . Instead of just a saddle I plan to make the seat bigger and in the design of something vaguely saddle/potty-shaped (a veebeam if you are interested, as he worked on them). Anyway for amusement rather than kinky reasons(!) I thought it would be cool to make it vibrate with a remote control. And as I know nothing about vibrating things, my question is does anyone know what I should be searching for? Brand names would be great. It doesn't have to be strong but it needs to be felt through a thick pad of stiff padding/foam and preferably with a separate remote control. Also, is there anything I need to be worried about or such like? Sorry for such a rooky question but I've spent two hours on the internet and all I kind find is how to convert vibrating chairs into XBox chairs and things that are not safe for work(!) Thank you for any help Poppy

Asked by minipoppy 6 years ago

Hi experts I would like to build a cart to move items around my yard. Sort of like a four wheeled wheel barrow

I do not have a tractor but would like  it to be able to carry mulch and things.  Electric powered. i am thinking two drive wheels and two casters. If i can drive wheels independent of each other than i should be able to steer the cart. My lot is pretty flat. no more than a couple feet rise in 100 feet. No steep slopes. I thing the total weight of the cart empty will be 1200 lbs with a load of around 800 +-.  No need to be a speed machine as I will walk behind Any help would be great thanks Bill

Asked by heattreat 5 years ago

tiny motors& gears

I need someone to convert a motorized tooth brush into a reciprocating needle tool for me,for a fee.

Posted by gag 10 years ago

how can I build a simple servo motor

How can I build a simple servo motor from a normal DC motor, what are the components of an original servomotor and how are they connected?

Asked by 9 years ago


I'am making a car that should carry 50 kg and move at a speed of 10 km/hr. Can anyone help me in choosing the right DC motor??

Posted by Masked_r 1 year ago

Heavy duty motor controller system

I'm attempting to build a rather large bot using wheelchair motors as it seems many other people have done. However I'm trying to determine the best way to control them. Anyone have any suggestions on a motor shield/motor control board powerful enough to do so or have a recommendation for a specific motor controller or arduino relay board that could work?

Posted by dstech 3 years ago

How to dismantle bicycle hub motors?

I need to open up the hub motor to repair the wires which have been ripped out of the hollow axle. I am reluctant to use force to separate the motor shell and it does not seem to want to separate after removing the allen screws. Which side is the best to remove? It is an ebikekit 500wat motor.

Asked by etransport 8 years ago

where can you find stepper motors?

Iam having a lot of c car motors and iam planning to make a robotic arm but there are no simple ways to slow it down, so where can i find stepper motors which can rotate slowly??

Asked by DELETED_zerofreak 8 years ago