Hi...Members of Instructables.. I need a Dash Board Mount for my JVC EVARIO camcorder. I want to mount this Camcorder for recording what is happening in front of the car while driving. Even I am ready to purchase if the suitable mount is available with any members. Appreciate your feed back. Thanking you Lakamsani

Asked by GRLAKAMSANI 8 years ago

GoPro Mounts

I'm new to the world of GoPro and was wondering, where are some good spots to mount the camera, other than the helmet?  It would help to know, also, that my main use for it is snowboarding.  Your help is greatly appreciated!  

Asked by FrodoandSam 5 years ago

Airsoft scope?

I am wondering if I got a good deal. I bought a 2.5x 32mm hunting scope for $5. Also what mounts do I need to attach it to a standard airsoft R.I.S. rail system?

Asked by thing 2 7 years ago

how to mount an image? Answered

How do you mount an image using daemon tools

Asked by 8 years ago

How can i mount my tom drum next to the floor tom?

I own a ludwig cs accent custom. I'd like to mount the mid tom next to the floor tom. Is it possible to mount without a clamp? If not what clamp would you use? Thanks

Asked by DistantOverture 5 years ago

iPod touch mount for tripod?

 Looking to mount a new Apple touch on a camera mounting bracket. So ... no gooseneck extention -just a sinple right angle bracket of some sort. I might be over-thinking this - but thanks for your assistance!

Asked by clintbradford 8 years ago

VESA Mount for 24" Monitors ... design request

HI folks. Just wanting to see if anybody had a good way to mount some computer monitors. I'm in the market for two 24" monitors (widescreen) that I want to mount side by each vertically (not using the original mounts that come with the units, as they only go horizontal). Since VESA mounts are standard, I thought there could be a way of putting them onto something behind my desk so that they just fit that way. Any ideas?

Posted by BeeRich 10 years ago

Custom spare wheel mount?

Just wondering if there is an article on building a custom mount for your spare tire, ours (under the truck) broke and we normally just lay it down in the back, but that can make storing other stuff harder, I'd like a article on how to make a custom mount. Thanks :)

Posted by CraigSnedeker 8 years ago

Mounting Science Museum Walkie Talkies to bikes

Hello, I have two Science Museum Walkie Talkies and I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for mounting them to bikes?

Posted by ShaunHill 9 years ago

How should I mount an articulating arm (for a flatscreen TV) to a travel trailer wall?

A travel trailor has thin walls and lighter construction, has anyone had to find a way to mount anything to these kinds of walls?

Asked by GBeardedB 7 years ago

Not needing root access to mount drives?

I have been using sshfs (mounting SFTP servers) with MacFUSE on my Mac Mini (Snow Leopard). When I mount an SSH server, I can do it without having to be root, and i'm fine. My friend, on the other hand, tries to mount my SSH server, and it says access denied. He then runs the mount as root and it works fine. The issue with running as root though, makes it not accessible by Finder. He's an administrator on his computer (which is Snow Leopard on a MacBook (White)). How can he mount it as himself (his account)?

Asked by conradev 8 years ago

Anyone an Idea how to mount something on a Wall without screwing Holes ???

Has anyone an idea how to mount a fold-away table on a wall without drilling holes in the wall ? The problem s that the wall is a chimney. It will be mounted with two hinges so that you can fold it up. Sorry but I cant explain it better. mfg Daniel

Posted by homunkoloss 10 years ago

Has anyone out there changed motor mount (top) on 2003 Ford Focus with the 2.0L SPI engine?? The dealer wants $500.00?

Focus motor mount swap I'm looking for info on changing the top motor mount on a 2003 Ford Focus with 2.0L SPI engine. I have a Haynes repair manual which is of no help.

Asked by geopan81 7 years ago

wrist mounted flame cannons

Should i post an instructable for this?

Posted by budsiskos 9 years ago

window inside panel mount? Answered

Can you mount a solar panel in front of a window but on the inside?or does it need to be on the outside? can the argon gas that's in between the 2 window layers interfere with the charging?

Asked by Salamyman 8 months ago

horizontally mounted LCD for pen/touchscreen.

Hey, I'm looking for an LCD mount with a gooseneck. I'd like for the mount to be able to put the lcd panel flat down on the desktop for pen/touchscreen applications and back up vertical for the typical uses. I'm currently searchng www.rammount.com, but would prefer something a little... slicker. Thanks!

Posted by lonejeeper 11 years ago

DIY Swivel Mount

We don't have swivel mounts here. I need one to hold my notebook+monitor while I'm in bed. Is there any instructable on this? Can you make one if not? I need one that goes up and down, right and left. Right now my monitor is useless as I'm in bed most of the time and I can't use it while I'm in bed. Thank you.

Posted by jaja1990 7 years ago

How to connect BNC_PCB mount 'configuration ' ?! Answered

I need to know the connections 

Asked by nobykobe 5 years ago

lcd stand or bracket?

Hi have an LCD and finding a mount seems to be almost impossible. To attach a mount it first need to be recessed into the screen. The VESA dimensions are 200mm X 100mm. Does any one have any ideas as to as to how I can fix this monitor to the wall. The monitor is a Samsumg 2494HS Thanks

Asked by enoted 7 years ago

How can I mount a lawnmower engine to this RAD frame? Answered

I have this awesome frame and I want to know how to mount a lawnmower engine on it.  I'd appreciate a list of materials in you answer etc. Thanks :-)

Asked by Dread_Neck 6 years ago

(SOLVED) Mounting Slide Potentiometers

I need help for a project I am soon to begin work on ('ible coming soon). It will involve several switches and potentiometers mounted on a piece of hardboard. The switches and rotary potentiometers I have all have washers (or whatever you call the hexagonal things with screw-like threads on the inside) to secure them in place. The slide potentiometers don't. My question is this: How would I mount the slide potentiometers? Thanks in advance, ~H4ZZ

Posted by __DELETED__ 7 years ago

How do you install a mounting bracket for a surelock u-lock bicycle lock?

How do you put the mounting bracket for a u-lock on the seat stem of your bike?

Asked by hpalmer2013 4 years ago

Creative framing / mounting photos

So I have some photos that I would like to print out and mount similar to the way they are in the attached image. Any ideas or advice on how best to do so? I'd like them to be on solid blocks of wood, and kind of like, sealed in and to the wood. Very sturdily mounted, almost like wheat-pasted. The only thing I've thought of so far was using casting resin, but I'm afraid it would eat thru the ink and paper... Also, any other ideas for mounting and hanging photos that are beyond actual 'frames'?

Posted by dozen 9 years ago

how to properly mount a swivel arm lamp?

I picked up these swivel arm lamps on craigslist, I do not know how to mount them properly, it seems like they are missing pieces, but i am not sure. if someone has one of these or knows how to install them i would appreciate it thanks

Asked by embochner 6 years ago

how to prepair deer antlers before being mounted, or after you have removed them from the head?

How to prepair deer antlers for being mounted?  Start details from removing them from the skull.

Asked by easyf150 8 years ago

Threading and pitch for Microphone mount nut or stem? Answered

Does anyone out there know the threading and pitch for a standard condenser mic stem? I lost my mounting nut and even the manufacturer won't provide the info I need. It's a Presonus M7. It should have a standard threaded stem as most universal mounts fit it. I know it's metric, Possibly an M20 or M22 with a #1 pitch. Anyone know for sure?

Asked by Sparkytastic 1 year ago

Where can I find a mounting stick or sticks for wax seals , fancy, ornate or otherwise?

I have a stone, intaglio carved piece, that I would like to mount on a base, metal or wood for use as a sealing wax device. I need leads as to where I can go to have this done or other options to buy the mounting piece and so to accomplish this my self. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance. Peter

Asked by jackaloupe 9 years ago

How can you make Gopro mounts with resin?

I have an HD Hero 2 and I would like to know how to make mounts with resin and harder.

Asked by alspad 6 years ago

What's the best way to mount floating 32"X15" bookshelves that are made of 1" thick pine boards? ?

We were going to use a single piece of 1"X1" pine to mount to the studs and then the bookshelf to the piece, but can't find such a piece of pine locally. We're looking for something we can do ourselves (as amateurs), but that will be able to hold a fair amount of weight.

Asked by mcoppock 6 years ago

looking for motor mounts

I'm wanting to attach a few motors to a wood frame; however I'm not sure how to go about doing this.  The motors I'm using are in the picture; you'll notice their really isn't any holes to attach any mounting brackets of any kind.  I was thinking of using a 3/4'' pipe clamps, but was wondering if anyone here has any advice or experience with this.

Posted by Spaceman Spiff 5 years ago

Mounting an LCD Monitor

Hello everyone! I am working on project that involves mounting a 19in LCD monitor onto a board. The monitor has 4 threaded holes in the back for mounting onto an arm or wall mount. I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of screws to use or has any advice on properly and securely mounting the monitor. The monitor is a Westinghouse 19" LCD. The whole project is going to be a small entertainment center for my monitor. I am going to attach speakers and accent lighting. I am doing this for a class project and drafting it in Vectorworks. *If anyone is interested in looking at the plans I will send them to you; however please don't redistribute them. They will be in DWG format. GC

Posted by genericcomment 9 years ago

What is the least destructive way to mount something that will hold about 100lbs?

I'm building a bike mount in my dorm room. I found that with our top floor high slanting ceilings that I fit the bike above with out bumping my head into it, or having it get in the way at all. The tough part if mounting it to the ceiling while still be able to repair the holes when I move out. My bike is angry at me that I leave it out in the rain all the time! Thanks for the help!

Asked by barnes 8 years ago

Is it possible to build a hood mounted taser powerfull enough to stop cars' electrics during cop chases?

Could a hood mounted 'big' taser be mounted on police cars to knock out the computers or electrical system of speeding cars that are being persued? So many folks are killed during chases gone bad...there must be a better way to stop these things from getting out of hand.

Asked by sonboy85 9 years ago