How do you fix an infrared mouse?

I need help my mouse light is on but it wont move or click

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can i make a mouse (comp mouse) (whc i opend) work using a 9v battery??

Will the led work in the same way(brighting when i keep anythng near it? )?

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how the usb optical mouse works exactly in detail?

I m working on a project of B.E final year so need a detail

Asked by pratham2411 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

logitech t400 not left clicking?

The mouse is not left clicking i have pulled the top off and tried it with out the buttons, just pressing the circuit board and left clicking still does not work but middle and right click work fine any ideas?

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mouse reassembling

How to reassemble a broken optical mouse?

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what are the four techniques of mouse?

The four techniques of a mouse

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Challenge: find a weirder mouse

I challenge you to find a weirder mouse than this beastie (the mouse mouse doesn't count, I've seen that)From Engadget

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How to make mouse restrainer? Answered

Can someone know how to make a mouse restrainer? To hold mouse for tail vein injection.

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Mice or mouses?

I was going to go off topic on an I'ble, but thought the question would be better asked in the forums. I have always wondered if the plural of mouse (as in the one connected to your PC) is the same as the plural of mouse as in the rodent (or favourite cartoon character). I think that the PC mouse is named after the rodent because of the physical similarity, but does that mean that they are the same? Plural of mouse (rodent), is mice. Plural of mouse (PC), mice or mouses? What are your thoughts? N.B. I have been drinking.

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Anything I can do with a Computer mouse?

I have an extra Optical mouse and was wondering if there were any projects i could make with it

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Replacing led with mouse? Answered

I won a  mouse on ebay for $0.01. now i am annoyed with the red led due to the mouse transparency. i want to know if i can swap the red led with an infrared led just to get rid of the red light and still has the same performance By the way. there was another blue led in it that i chopped out without hesitation.

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How do I rewire my mouse to make a pistol mouse? Answered

I found this tutorial and I would love to know how to rewire my mouse to make into a pistol mouse? I have a Gateway MOAKUO optical mouse. On the back of the circuit board my mouse has the left click switch in a vertical position and the right click switch on a horizontal position right next to the switch for the wheel. My problem is that I don't know in which of the terminals of the switch do I connect the cables that come from the controller, the switches have 3 little thingies where I can connect them.  In the instructable would be step # 3. I have some pics of my mouse. LC stands for left click switch, RC stands for right click stich and the red little squares represent where the little red push button on the switch would be placed on the other side of the picture. thank you very much for your time. Please help.

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air mouse?

Hi everyone,  I was checking out this ible' and i was wondering if that could be adapted for a mouse.  If you could give me basic instructions, or a website. i dont know how i would hook up right and left clicking but ill think about it.-kieran?

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Use computer ball mouse as a tethered power controller? Answered

Making a "vibrabot" w 2 cellphone motors. I want to use a ball mouse as a tethered power controller 4 the motors. ie. More juice 2 one motor 2 make it turn. Like to use the buttons & perhaps the roller ball. Holding the mouse upside down so I can thumb roll the ball. Whaddya' think?

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Let me know I need to create one micro mouse and programming? Please Help!!!!!

I want to create a micro mouse and programming, and can not find how to do it.I have 1 arduino Uno, IR Beacon Transceiver and two motors.I wonder if I need something more???. As I program the micro mouse???. If you can help me, I'd appreciate. Thanks  

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Good evening, has anyone ever had a mac mouse apart, the single click rollerball type?

I have a mac desk top with a single button short tail mouse, the roller ball will move the screen up but not down. I have cleaned it the way mac suggests and with alcohol as well, also using a lint free cloth. Will this mouse come apart with out destroying it? If so how? or should I just replace it? (4th one)

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How come my mouse wont work?

I just bought a giga ware usb optical mouse. i got home and plugged it in and it wont work. it says stuff like something went wrong so your hardware might not work properly and stuff like that. oh and im using an hp compaq nc6400 runs on windows xp professional. please help

Asked by garebare12 9 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

PS2 controller to PS / 2 mouse: PIC? Arduino? Custom Logic? Answered

I've got an old PlayStation 2 controller which has a broken button, so I was thinking of making some sort of hand-held presenter mouse with one of the thumbsticks. I presume that the thumbstick consists of two potentiometers, and I can easily wire up some microswitches from the PS2 controller or an old ball mouse I've got lying around. The problem is the communication with the PC. I'm studying A-level Electronics, so I understand the protocol, but a logic circuit would be massive unless it was on a custom chip. I've found a microchip that can handle the PS2 communication, but its inputs are for light gates, like you might find in an old ball mouse. The other thing I considered was a PIC or Arduino (which I've been wanting an excuse to play around with for ages). Anyone got any ideas?

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Battery holder drop voltages?

Recently my wireless mouse stop working, so I open it to inspect around, and I found out that at the connecting terminal between the battery holder and the mouse PCB, the voltage is only 1V (unplugged from the mouse itself) , but when I take the battery out to measure, each of the battery got 1.5V. And when I measure on the 2 metal ends (of the holder), my multimeter read 1.7V. So, what's wrong with it? Can anyone help me with this? It's really the first time I have a situation like this

Asked by Mad Fox 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Looking for a low voltage LED (mouse LED replacement)

I ran into a problem when changing the LED of a mouse. It seems to output only 1V, and that, of course is not enough to drive the 3V LEDs which I currently have in stock. The problem is, I can't find any LEDs of my preferred color (yellow, green or white) that would be OK with 1V. Closest thing I can find is diffused 1.5V 3mm yellow LEDs, but I doubt that'll do the trick, as the original is 5mm. Any ideas where I could find a LED that'd match my requirements?

Asked by Atoss 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Disassemble a microsoft 2000 wireless mouse (keyboard combo)?

Its middle click is wayyy too hard, I found a guide which says it can be fixed, but I can't figure out a way to open this piece. There are no visible screws , I tried pealing off the bottom rubber pads, but found 0 screws. Also pealed off some sticker below the batteries, still nothing. Help please !

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what voltage do wired mice run at (the mice you use for your computer)?

I have been wondering what voltage that mice run at so i can make a hover mouse

Asked by jacob2910 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Looking for thoughts.

My PC wnt a bit wonky this morning.  Mouse pointer moved around just fine but the system wouldn't recognize any clicks. Well at first i could click on the web browser and open a new tab but that was it. I restarted the system and had the same problem. So i wasn't able to lick to log in. So i tried another mouse and got the same result. Then i tried both mice on different USB connection both on the front and rear of the system. No change. Out of frustration i slammed the mouse down on the keyboard tray a couple of time and then everything started working fine again. Any thoughts on what happened? I suspect it's an issue with the keyboard. Being a wireless keyboard that came with a wireless mouse i think the keyboard had something to do with it. I've had an occasion where the keys stopped working on the keyboard till i moved the receiver around a bit. oh well.

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Victor mouse Traps?

I am using the good old VICTOR spring mouse traps. I caught the first two bang with good old peanut butter. The next one i baited with peanut butter. They licked it clean! Not even a speck of peanut butter any where. Tried another victor trap. I thought the 3rd one might be defective? NO! The 4th trap, same thing> My son said I wasn't using enough peanut butter. So I crammed as much inside of it as normal. Then I added a bit more on top and sides. Again they cleaned it all off. Not even a speck left on the trap. Does anyone have a better idea? I feel like i am just feeding the mice. Maybe the first two were baby'sher975383@aol.coms?? And these are cunning adults? I am going to use mouse poison if I can't figure this out. My husband doesn't want poison because they can get in the wall an stink for ever. I do not have a better solution. I would be grateful if anyone has an answer for this!!!  I don't want filthy mice in my house! Thank-You, sugarbear

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How to use Mouse.Move()

I am using the new Arduino Due to try and move a mouse on my Macbook pro. On the Arduino website it says that I should be able to just add numbers into Mouse.move(xVal, yVal, wheel). I have tried adding numbers in the xVal and yVal positions ranging from .5 to 1000000, but the mouse never moves. I also am trying to use the code that they have on their website as demo code which takes in voltages from analog ports and puts them into the xVal and yVal. I have set it up with two 1K resistors in series with the analog inputs going into A0 and A1 with a voltage supply of 2.1 V. The amount the mouse moves should depend on how much voltage is entering the Arduino, but I am only getting -6 to 6 V coming into the Arduino. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to make the mouse move with Arduino's demo program or just in general? Thank you so much for the help. Link to Arduino demo code: ... lock#=1 My code: void setup() { Serial.begin(4800); Mouse.begin(); } void loop() { if (analogRead(0) > 500) { Serial.println("Hello"); Mouse.move(100,100,0); } else { Serial.println("Goodbye"); Mouse.move(-100,-100,0); }

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Why doesn't text appear in my instructable "foot operated computer mouse?" Answered

Rolling cursor over the horizontal line of steps and their photos at the top proves that the text was uploaded. However, the text does not appear if an individual step is clicked or in the pdf version. Is there something I need to do differently? This is my 25th Instructable, and I have never seen this problem before. unclesam

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Duck tape mouse pad?

 How can I make a mouse pad out of duck tape for my laser mouse. I tried just making a flat piece of duck tape but my mouse just jumped around the screen.

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Mouse mouse makes it big in Germany

The mouse mouse gets noticed in Germany's version of FHM magazine. The little guy speaks the universal language of bizarre and lovable all at once as his popularity continues to grow.

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What is plural for a computer mouse? Meece? Mousen? Mouses? Moos? Or just plain old mouse? Answered

This has been bugging me for a long time... Help?

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computer mouse, cord, connector type

Asked by crazycatwoman 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Can I use a laptop mouse for a computor mouse? Answered

I have an old laptop mouse (a little pad thing that I took out of an old laptop) and I was wondering if I could wire it up to use it for a computor mouse.

Asked by DIY Dave 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

how to turn a fightstick into a mouse for pc?

How to turn a fightstick/arcadestick into a mouse for pc? I have a few spare stick that I would love to use as mouse to ease the pressure on my palm

Asked by shauku77 3 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Broken Mouse

My mouse for my PC broke!!!! I am on my wii typing all this up. I need a way to get around on my computer (xp) with out a mouse for a few days. Any thoughts our ideas... Any way to turn a keyboard into a mouse?? I have tons of those laying around.

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Mouse glide Pads

Ever have that mouse that fits just right then it starts to drag no matter what the surface? I dont want to give it up but would like to replace the pads that allow it to slide smoothly across the mouse pad. Any ideas? 

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Wireless Mouse Hack

Hay all, I got a USB wireless mouse. I look for a way to make it better or hack it somehow. Just anything cool to do with it...

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I need help rewiring an optical mouse

Hello, I started a project I don't have the tech know-how to finish. I'm trying to rewire a wireless mouse to an arcade style interface. Is there a way I can rewire an optical mouse so as to accept input from an arcade joystick?  Thanks!

Posted by quantumgun 4 years ago

USB mouse cord as power cable?

Hi, is it possible to use an old USB mouse cord as a USB cable? I tried connecting a 5v motor to an old mouse cord but it wont work. The cord has a red, green, blue, and white wires. I hooked the red and white wires to the motor, but with no results. Any help?

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Steampunk Skull Mouse

This creepy, yet amazing, mouse is made from a sheep's skull and bits of brass. Yup, this adds an extra gothic element to steampunkland and it looks so good that I'd be afraid to use it and muck it all up.Link

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What are some good uses for an extra Computer Mouse? Answered

What are some good uses for an extra Computer Mouse or the chip inside it?

Asked by Atomman 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Help With A Mouse-Trap Car

Okay, for physics class, we need to make a mouse-trap car, and I need some help. Basically, the only thing we can't have any electronics, or another mouse-trap. I've seen the ones on ibles here, and lots on google. The basic idea, is to have two CDs, each with a rubber band, or balloon around the edge for traction. But I am asking you, if you were making a mouse-trap car, what would you do?

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Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place while working on my PC? Answered

Why does my mouse pointer get stuck in one place for a few seconds while working on my PC? Is it a memory problem, if so how to rectify it?

Asked by Dipankar 6 years ago | last reply 1 year ago

how can i make a computer program that moves and clicks the mouse for me?

I was just wondering if it is possible to make a program that moves and clicks your mouse for you and if it is, how to make it.

Asked by swagramp 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

"There's a Mouse in my House!!"

There is a mouse in my house!! Isn't he cute!! Any suggestions as how to get rid of him? He has taken a nibble of every single packet in my grocery cabinet.. Must have been looking for a tasty one. Any suggestions would be helpful. Oh... and I do not want to kill him. Thanks

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Easy Computer Mouse Modification / Repair

The first time I did this modification was about 10 years ago, and this is my second attempt. Both times it was done as a repair and not strictly as a modification. There are actually many advantages to a newly "rewired" mouse such as the mouse button being easier and more convenient to press.  (possibly an inexpensive and simple method to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome?) Anyway, the modification is located on one of my website pages: I've seen a lot of mouse modifications on the Internet and I doubt I was the first one to think of this. **************************************************************************** Edited to Add I finally uploaded a picture to this posting.

Posted by wolf1728 8 years ago

how can i devlop my line tracking mouse robot or reprogramming it?

Hi every bodyam new here and i like this site and peoplei have an line tracking mouse robotand i want to devlop itor reprogramming itcan someone learn me how to make it more funnysee some details here: uAhmed

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How do you take apart a Microsoft wireless laser mouse 3000?


Asked by 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Any suggested uses for a screwed mouse circuit board? ~Edit: make that 2 (one digital, one ball)~

I have a circuit board from a mouse that has gone to a better place. Any suggestions for what I can do with the bloody thing? At the moment it is just taking up space in my drawer and any help would be... well... helpful.

Asked by memyselfand1 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago