is the movie "9" any good? and what is it about? (no spoilers please)

Is the movie "9" any good? and what is it about? (no spoilers please)

Asked by oldanvilyoungsmith 8 years ago

can people give me any movie ideas?

I am a rising director needing ideas i have a movie group that me and my friends started and we are looking for good movie ideas worthy enough to be in one of our short films. so people please give ideas

Asked by SomethingR 1 year ago

Whats this movie?

In one part the kids were watching tv and it went fuzzy like in the picture and a person was talking through it and guys with buisiness suits and the kids saving their brother.  Please help!

Asked by builderkidj 7 years ago

movie brainstorm

 Hi everyone reading this I hope everyone enjoys this topic and I look forward to seeing a good diversity of people show up. Good day chaps

Posted by acidbass 8 years ago

Can I have movie ideas please .?

Hi I am Liz and I am trying to get move ideas,. The movie has to be about " Family Business" and I have gone blank. I promise that if your idea is chosen that you will get credit.

Asked by ElizabethCole 4 years ago

what is this movie? I really wanna know? Answered

Its about this guy who works at a hardware store and he has a white car time machine and he goes to a time when there is a book that needs to be protected and there is skeletons that fight the protectors of the book and I just dont remember can anyone help?

Asked by builderkidj 6 years ago

Movie / Email / iPod / survallance screen on you eyeglasses anyone?

Check this funky pair of glasses out: Movie glasses video link

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

does any1 know any go movie making programs?

Any way of making short vids with analog audio???? any links????

Asked by andybuda 8 years ago

Sell movie on website?

My boss wants to sell his movie on his already existing website.  I don't have much... or any web developing experience, but I'm looking for a way to sell one-time views of this movie from his page.  The key here is that we don't want them to download and keep a file they can watch anytime.  We just want them to pay to see it once.   Please help!

Asked by ksopher 6 years ago

I need a download link for the movie Hero of Time!?

Basically, I heard about a movie dubbed "Hero of Time", which is a fan made movie of the game Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. However, I heard about it just after it was taken off, due to impending legal action from Nintendo. If you want more info, go to their website, Anyway, can anyone provide me with a good quality download, preferably mp4? I couldn't find any myself.

Asked by GearsOfAwesome 8 years ago

Movie made with iPhone 4

The new iPhone has just been out for a few days and someone's already made a short film with it. Shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4 over 48 hours, "Apple of My Eye" is a gripping tale of ice cream and model train nostalgia. Check out the video below to see the movie and some behind the scenes footage.

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

I have a idea for a movie

You know how people are remaking movies that had come out a long time ago? Maybe some one has thought about this one..."One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest." Originally played by Jack Nicholson...perhaps he can do a cameo, but I was thinking of John Malchovich as the main character. What do you think?

Posted by mbakerhollister 7 years ago

Does This Make a Good Movie?

I've been making up movie titles over the past few months, one of them is called London's Nightmare. It features JK Rowling's Big 7 & some of their families, who actually play themselves in it. It is about a psycotic serial killer who chooses 7 indeviduals to survive a series of grusome & horrifying events. They must fight & avoid ther way through the terrifying & 'paranormal' death traps, enemies & all in order to save London from the horrific nighmare it suffers in the hands of the madness.

Asked by SweetStreetGX 6 years ago

What car is this? Answered

Http://   I just saw this movie and there was much debate over the make of this car.  Granted the link is a dark picture, but at 1:30:24 and 1:35:33, there are some shots of this car.  If you could kindly take the time I'd be most grateful....... not to mention you would settle an argument. Thanks

Asked by onrust 7 years ago

My friends are making their first movie!

Some close friends of mine are wrapping up their first self made feature length film titled "The Aviation Cocktail" and I have to say what I've seen so far is pretty darn impressive. It's amazing what they've done with the budget they have. The writer/director is the husband of one of my co workers- we've worked together for eleven years so it's really fantastic to see all their hard work finally come to fruition. Dave is an extremely talented individual and it shows in the trailer. The trailer is here- They've set up a website for the film here (no real content yet)-

Posted by Honus 6 years ago

i want to see my idea in lights

Short and sweet i have a movie not a author [except published poetry] im not a producer or any of that.what is a real number to call or site to check outto get rid of my idea i think its a A lister comedy with mind n blowing twists and uneasy perversion and intoxication.oh and its a sequal would b #3 if ever used

Posted by jennifer29 6 years ago

Any scale- model makers?

Hi, I am the art director on a very low-budget but so-far amazing movie. I want to make an inexpensive but professional looking model of an observatory. So far, I am thinking of using sculpey. Can anyone please help with some leads? I know I could put this together, but instructables, websites, or comments about materials or construction would help immensely. This website is full of resourceful people. Thanks!

Posted by seditesrawt 9 years ago

i have a second hand sony SMP-N200 web reader.i cant get netflix...grrrrr help me please?

I got this thing second hand..but i am trying to get it to read netflix.....i hear there was difficulty between sony and netflix...i hope this is not the case or i will have a useless christmas present

Asked by maninamousesuit 5 years ago

How do I transfer my tapes from my video camera to DVD on my Mac? Answered

I have the right cable, I have imovie. When it says to import from camera do I have the tape running at the same time I select that option? Do I need to do more? Is this easy? Is it easy to import to YouTube once it is a DVD or do I do this right from imovie? Sorry if these are dumb questions, I feel like my brain is running on glue today, I just can't think.

Asked by Ninzerbean 9 years ago

What is the best movie editor? Answered

I don't want to buy something that's $1000, but are there any cheaper movie editors that are really good?

Asked by chilll2009 7 years ago

Windows Movie Maker: PLESE REPLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Does anyone know how to get "tv" results with Windows Movie Maker? Especially graphics!!!!!!!

Posted by bdcoco 10 years ago

Latest Video Game Movie Adaptation: Microsoft's Minesweeper

I'd pay to watch this one =)

Posted by gyromild 10 years ago

IIs there a way to take a song from a movie and turn it into an MP3?

I have a play that was released on DVD as well as other not so well known movies, and there are some songs in the movies that I can't find in any store or online as I don't think they have been released as a soundtrack.  Is there any way that I can take the songs from the movie and convert them into MP3 format?

Asked by karmielNZ 7 years ago

I have a great Idea for a movie but I don't know who to contact ?

Hello every one I have an amazing idea for a movie... I don't know how can I contact a producer. This Idea could be a great 2 hour movie if I can get a great producer to contact me.. It will have History past present future action adventurer and fantasy. I have wrote down the move idea but if I do get a contact from someone I was hopping to make a little business out of the idea 3% of what the movie makes. And if I'm right the movie will be the best seller in all the movies ever made so far.... thenx

Asked by xgoxhaj 5 years ago

Ah A very DIFFERENT Sherlock Holmes is about to reveal himself....

The movie is to be released  Dec. 25th if I read that correctly..... Sherlock Holmes:  the movie

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

Movie-Editing Software?

I've been getting into short film recently and I'm looking for some movie-editing software. I want something that:works on Windowsis free/open sourceis easy to usehas a good amount of useful featuresI like iMovie, but I'm not spending the money on a Mac.Help?

Posted by Labot2001 10 years ago

Video Game Movies?

Hi guys! Ive been working on some video game movies. Any suggestions? -Mario -Mario Kart -Minecraft -Halo (distant future) -Zelda (short film only =P  ) -?????? -suggestions welcome down below PS I'll try to post behind the scenes instructables Thanx =)

Posted by the_real_mccoy_ 5 years ago

Which movie maker version is it possible to...? Answered

In which version of windows movie maker can you put a video in the title overlay? I know it is possible because I did it with one of the old versions on my other computer, but when I threw it out I didn't remember to check. Any form of help would be greatly appreciated!

Asked by earthquakegames 6 years ago

Interstellar Movie Tars Robot

Hello! I would really love if someone could make me a replica of the robot from the movie Interstellar. My version of the robot can be much more simple. I have no need for a robot that can actually fix a spaceship lol. I would just like for it to be able to walk (in the movie the robot moves several ways - but one way is enough) and talk (only saying four or five phrases). The below link shows the structure pretty well. Can anyone make this happen for me?

Posted by pierce.angela.n 3 years ago

ibles movie media dump

Hi all this forum is where people who want their media(pictures,clips, voice overs.....) can drop them off and we can see if we can fit you in. I am using a ubuntu computer so if you could keep the format a general format. And we can also put together our own movies so we can compare and contrast against other iblers.

Posted by acidbass 7 years ago

I need a cheap, realistic, non firing gun prop for a movie...

   Me and my friends are making a movie. I want to make or buy a pistol which looks a lot like a beretta M9 for very cheap. I'd rather not make it out of cardboard, those guns take a lot of skill to make it look remotely realistic. And I don't have access to wood.    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

Video Game Movies?

Hi guys! Im an indie filmmaker and i want to make a video game short film. Please suggest what you think i should make. Also i want it to be T and under (T,E10,E) no M except for a rare occasion. I will be posting forums semi-frequently like this. Well? HAVE AT IT!!!!     COMMENT!! SUGGEST!!! PLEASE? YAY!!!!!!! PS i will feature you in the creds if i use your idea PPS i will try to make behind-the-scenes instructables w/ wideos PPPS the cake is no lie!

Posted by the_real_mccoy_ 5 years ago

Gran Torino

Well seeing as instructables doesn't have a movies board (that would make it look like it was a warez site right?) I thought I would ask in here specifically at you techies, and see if anyone has seen Gran Torino? If so, what did you think about the ending? I was a little hurt by that.

Posted by Punkguyta 9 years ago

Could someone make this gun?

Could someone make a knex gun like the one in this video

Posted by DELETED_Haon 8 years ago

In Ponyo, is Lisa Sosuke's mom or sister?

I saw the Japanese version with no subs. and I heard Sosuke say nii-san. But when I went online, I saw that Lisa was Sosuke's mother.... according to some people. So what is she exactly????

Asked by special_friend 8 years ago

Head to Head Challenge: 9

Behold, my second attempt at an instructables contest! This is the second installment of the Head to Head challenges, my first one kind of petered out after one winner. :PThe rules are simple: volunteer members will be asked to create an Instructable based on the movie or the short film 9. Whoever creates the better Instructable (higher quality, cooler, featured, most voted for, etc) will win the patch seen below. This time around, there is no deadline (but try to keep it within a month), and you can compete with up to four different people at the same time. Just remember, only one of you will win. I will allow up to four separate competitions, same as the last challenge.Have fun, hope this isn't too confusing! _x_VS._x_ (VS. _x_VS._x_ )_x_VS._x_ (VS. _x_VS._x_ )_x_VS._x_ (VS. _x_VS._x_ ) _x_VS._x_ (VS. _x_VS._x_ )

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 8 years ago

What software do they use in The Italian Job to create the 3D renderings of the buildings? Answered

I was watching The Italian Job last night, and was fascinated by the 3D renderings of the buildings. So, my question is, what software do they use to do that? It seems like it just converts the video that they take into measurements and then creates the image. Is this even a real software, or did they just make it up for fun?

Asked by mbudde 8 years ago

I need ideas for a TV-Series... Does anyone have one?

Hey guys, i am a scriptwriter and I am going to write a script for a TV-Series for a TV channel in my country. It should be in Drama/Mystry/Crime genre. Do you have any big ideas for a long TV Series? Please advise... By the way, No vampire stories or Sci-Fi or supernatural ideas... think classic :)

Asked by atalachian 5 years ago

What is your favorite anime character?

In a combat RPG game; What do you want to play as, who do you want to play as? I am making a board card game and i am asking you, what do you want to be? Examples: Goku, a turtle, volibear, a dire wolf, a swordsman etc... Game must be funny. So choose entertaining characters. I prefer tanky, melee characters bcause they are brute.

Posted by yuno44907 3 years ago

Your favorite documentary?

I actually have several.Planet Earth is amazing. We're halfway through it right now. The next episode is about Jungles. :D I also watched one called Living Dolls on youtube last month and it was really fascinating. And the one about Prussian Blue - Nazi Pop Twins.Oh, and Outfoxed, it's about Fox News. I love to hate them. :DOne more: Who Killed the Electric Car? Watch it and try not to get angry. I think that might be impossible. Now I'll stop rambling. I want to learn about new ones. :D

Posted by jessyratfink 10 years ago

i need a movie idea based on a phone call? Answered

So the movie has to have a phone call in it or the main thing in the movie any help would be great thanks 

Asked by CRClark616 8 years ago

windows movie maker trouble? Answered

I made some movies but it wont let me post them on instructables any suggestions

Asked by knexinventer 7 years ago

Is there much of a difference between Vegas Movie Studio and Vegas Platinum?

I wanted to get one of the two and I was wondering if there was much of a difference between the 2 because if not, I could save some money

Posted by halzep 10 years ago

Green Lantern Movie Costume Replica

 Hi guys, beanie boy here, been looking for costumes and just got my hands on the green lantern game. I want to use fun foam, but I need some ... HELP!!!!! I will be posting an instructable on it as soon as you give me some ... HELP!!!!! PLASE!!!!! NEED SUGJESTIONS!!!!!

Posted by the_real_mccoy_ 6 years ago

Instructables Movie

Hey there I would like to make an ibles movie it would only have to be a couple minutes but I want it to be awesome and represent the ibles community. If there would be any way I would also like to give it to the site founder so he can take it with him to maker faires and such. I will need a ton of help so please list what you can do and please do it I know I can see if I can produce it and send it in so we can be more known by the common people. Thanks! AB

Posted by acidbass 7 years ago

Trailers From Hell - weekend watching

This site has a large number of movie trailers with commentaries. See Galaxy of Terror for a good one. (it won't embed as it's JWPlayer) I'm away for the weekend, bye!

Posted by lemonie 8 years ago

Any way to make any quicktime formatted videos play in Windows Media player or Windows Movie maker?

My iPhone records video in .MOV format, which is only quicktime supported.  This means I can't edit it using Windows Movie maker or play it in Windows media player, however it says there is a codec available for it.  However, google hasn't gotten me any good results.   Is there really any way to play these types of videos in WMP for free?

Asked by DJ Radio 7 years ago

ADAM: 2009 movie about the realionship between a boy with Asperger's and the girl that moves in next door (upstairs) UPDATED....

Adam chronicles the relationship between a normal woman and a man with Asperger's Syndrome...Those with Asperger's, ...look at the world in ways that are fundamentally different...The easiest way to tell this story would be to resort to stereotypes and short-cuts and, to his credit, Mayer largely avoids these. A review Another review Update: The way I learned about this was through an interview on PBS radio in my area. UPDATE #2:  I have seen the movie, and I find a lot of it very accurate....but if you are looking for a nice neat "happily ever after" ending, it might not be for is realistic, and life doesn't always deal us "happily ever after". Just saying....  

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago