Sansa 2.0 gb. wont turn on?

When I try to turn it on it is saying, not enoughspace for Music DB please free 90mb. but the prob is I cant get it turned on not even hooked to the computer. I dont have a reset button on the outside of it anywhere...... If anyone can help it would be nice to know how to reset it even if I loose everything at this point I dont care. Thanks :)

Asked by Danniell 7 years ago

Mp3 player power - on/off switch broke

So,I have this mp3 player that is very good for my needs, but its power switch broke off.When I opened the device, I realized that the switch was literally detached from it.This is a photo of the mp3.As the battery was almost detached aswell, I'll weld the it again, that is not a problem...But I'm not sure how I can fix the switch, it can be something improvised, I just need it to work...Any ideas?Thank you so much in advance!!P.S.: Sorry for any english mistakes, it is not my native language.P.S.2.: This is a very old device but a good one, as least for me.

Asked by StephanieC243 3 months ago

where can i get smallish but loud cheap speakersabout say 2cm in diameter? Answered

I need some small speakers for a portable speaker project, i no yes it does sound like every other portable speaker project but it is slightly different. So the speakers need to be smallish about 2 cm across but still quite loud, any easy places to get them from?

Asked by mdog93 9 years ago

Using piezo buzzers from birthday cards and muiscal ties as mp3 speakers. How to wire 2 in series and amplify etc?

Ok so i want to make this instructable: i look around for a musical card but i can't find one. But i do find some miscal things taken out of christmans ties n such and also some old piezo buzzers. I figured these would work the same after tryin for a while with some headphone wires i gave up trying to wire them up as my headphone wires had 2 brown, 1 red and 1 green wire and in the instructable it only had 2; 1 brown and 1 red. After a while i tried a new wire and i got it to work, but it's very quiet. So i thought i would try and wire up the 2nd one to see if it would make it louder, but i couldn't get any sound out of it.THis is what the 1st speaker wired up looks like: first question is can i simply wire the other speaker onto the same wire as this one is currently or do i have to add another set of wires( split them) so there is 2 set of wires (1xred and 1xbrown)?secondly before i cut off the speaker (in it's original christmas song buzzer circuit thing) it was considerably louder, is this because there is an amplification part to this circuit- if so can i take it out?Im guessing not looking at it: this is the original circuit: know that was long winded but thanks to anyone hwo gives their time to try and helpMdog

Asked by mdog93 9 years ago

Iphone charger, 1A.

Hello I have a Iphone 3Gs with the original Iphone charger. On the charger it says that it supply's  5V,1 A, and a normal computer usb-port supply's 5V,0.5 A. Is it safe to use my mp3player with the Iphone charger? On my mp3 players charger it sayd 0.5 A but I lost it. Can my mp3 player's battery break if I use double the current that is recommended? Question 2: If I buy those Iphone chargers on ebay, is it safe to use them on my Iphone? Question 2: If I leave my charger in the outlet will it still draw current? Without any devices attached to it?

Asked by Popstickal 8 years ago

Gameboy Mintyboost Solar ???? You tell me

First off, I'm a noob, but so far I have learned a lot. I have made the mintyboost with the solar ipod charger mod, but I had to put it in something different that a mint can. So naturally I went back to my roots and thought of the old school gameboy. So my ??? for you the educated and creative community is what else can I put in this case for fun?  On the front are 8 possible switches I could use to turn on/off led lights, mp3player, spy camera, taser, simon says, etc I just wanted your ideas on what you would put in. Thanks!

Posted by 007onionrings 8 years ago

stereo audio amplifier lm386 (i need some help)

Any ideas if this would work (i'm a total noob on this) red=negative blue=bass boost black= ground any suggestions on how to: make it work? make it sound better? louder without distorting?  make it more suitable for mp3player/ipod? how to add (and where to put) high and/or low pass filter? the 10k log pot should serve as volume control (hope that's correct XD) my jack's all wrong i need 1/8 stereo how do i put that ? how many watts for the speaker?     is a 9 volt enough to power this ?  would the switch on the bass boost work?

Posted by markuy45 6 years ago

mini 5gb hitachi hdd re-purpose/integrate into speaker system (LOTS OF HELP lol)

Well, where to begin? I have a 5gb hitachi microdrive sitting in my lap right now, and i was thinking of possible  uses. ironically the idea I came up with is pretty much exactly what it came from. mp3player lol. I do have the rest of the mp3, which to my knowledge has no damage except a removed screen that was shattered many moons ago. So i shouldnt have to format it or anything.  ~Can I adapt some other random lcd screen/ externally operate via laptop or phone. ~could it be integrated into an amplifier circuit so that i could hook speakers up direct ~if yes ^ would any of you fine specimen be willing to either guide, or send me links for a VERY simple beginner amplifier circuit. (i dont have an LM386 taken apart tons of stuff, cant find one. and i am very much so a beginner.) ~ are there ANYYY ideas for possible other uses/configurations. I have an arduino but ive yet to begin study (on the grounds that I believe I should start with basic components and circuits b4 code) ~i have questions for dayysss.. would anybody care to do a little tutoring here and there when I have questions? Im no dumby, but I am just beginning so patience may be required, along with a casual tongue.  ~lastly, im poor. I mean like REALLY poor, donations? lmao no jk jk jk. however Im unable to purchase anything at all. I do on the other hand have a mismatched selection of harvested pcb's littered with the good stuff, so if given ample time and alternatives I may posses the required component.                                                                                                                                                                           Much appreciated,                                                                                                                                                                                  Codyb816

Asked by cdb816 1 year ago