How to connect multiple computers

I am trying to learn how to connect multiple computers so that they work together as one. How do I do this?

Posted by PlainsPrepper 10 years ago

Multiple comments posted to Instructable

I am seeing that multiple copies of the same comment are being posted to my instructable.  This seems to be a newer bug happening over the last few weeks.  It is only occurring for some posters. For example, user jacobv10 and usmang6 each posted the same comment 3 times.

Posted by ihart 2 years ago

Authoring question

Hello, I'm working on an Instructable (aren't we all?), and was wondering: with a standard membership, can you add multiple authors to an Instructable? This would be very helpful, especially because my brother was the taste tester for this recipe, and he helped me with it. Thanks! Jason

Posted by Xxxjdog57xxX 7 years ago

multiple categories: not possible?

Hey! i just wanted to know if and if, how, it is possible to add an instructable into multiple categories when publishing. or if it does'nt work (which it apprently does not), why not? i had the following "problem" several times already: imagine i would post an instructable for a necklace made from reused paper. when i want to publish it, i now have to make the choice if i add it to category "paper", "jewelry" or "reuse". this choice it not always easy, i have to think if i (in this case) would think it more important that the thing is made of paper, or that it is made from reused material, or that it's jewelry. hope i made my problem clear! thank you

Posted by sursula 5 years ago


Could I post the same instructable into this contest and the Light up your Ride contest?

Posted by pmac93 9 years ago

contest rule multiple entries

I am quite interested in the Shop Bot Challenge, I will have my project done with plenty of time (hopefully) May I enter it in more than one Challenge, and if I win in a lesser one will I be disqualified from the one I really want to win, Shop Bot in this case. In my case I saw the mad scientist challenge and could make that dead line but do not want to jepordize my chances at Shop Bot if I win the other, intution tells me not to enter the same project in both challenges, am I correct in this gut feeling?

Posted by longwinters 6 years ago

Reduced or Increased odds of winning if entering multiple contests?

If I enter three contests and become a finalist or win one of them, does that in any way negatively affect my chances of becoming a finalist or winning in the other day?  Do the "powers that be" decide that since I did well in another, they want to give someone else a chance? Thanks!

Posted by siliconghost 2 years ago

Login trouble

Any reason I can't login in from the laptop and a PC in the same house.  Will not take the passphrase I KNOW is correct!

Posted by jmbenim 3 years ago

Can I enter more than 1 Instructable in the same contest?

I have 2 completely different Instructables. Both would be applicable to the same contest. Can I enter both in the same contest?

Asked by richard62 3 years ago

Instructables appear multiple times in new layout

Not sure it's a bug, they might have intended this. Instructables often appear twice on the main page like this :

Posted by scraptopower 7 years ago

How to make multiple leds flicker at different time

I want to make a picture to hang on my daughters wall, but i want to add multiple leds onto the sky so as they twinkle like stars etc. How would i go about doing this ?? Thankyou.

Posted by Rasca43 10 years ago

Voting on entries that are entered in multiple contests

When an entry is entered in multiple contests, what decides which banner appears above. I have an entry in the hack it contest and the off grid contest. The banner above it is for the hack it contest, so it won't get as many votes for the off grid contest which is in the voting stage. Is it possible for instructables to change it so that the banner is for the contest ending soonest/altready in the voting stage rather than the most recently entered contest ?

Posted by scraptopower 5 years ago

Charging Multiple NiMH

I'm modding something (secret, Instructable later) and there's going to be some integrated NiMH batteries to replace the one 1.5 AA battery that the device use to use. Due to funky space constrictions, I'll be using 7 tiny 320mAh 1.2V NiMH coin cells in parallel (to get a decent amount of maH). How hard is it to charge a bunch of batteries like this? Could I get a chip from a place like Maxim or TI? All of their chips require the batteries to be in series... Thankyou!

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

Two People on an Instructable

My wife and I would like to collaborate on an instructable for the fashion challenge.  Are we still elligible to win a prize in doing so?  Do I need her written consent if we publish this through my account?  The rules indicated that more than one author could exist for a given entry.

Posted by ridiculously.awesome 6 years ago

is there any way to download a massive number of files easily? Answered

I need to download over 500 files. I've tried using URL2FILE but I cannot use the original file name without typing it out, which defeats the purpose. I need to download each file with the original file name without needing to rename them. The URL's are numbered (Eg. ) so I can output them to a .txt file in a matter of seconds if needed.Thanks in advance.

Asked by Nofew 9 years ago

How to make a ice rink with multiple tarps? Answered

Hi I was wondering if there is a way to build a backyard ice rink with four 9 by 12 tarps?

Asked by camping crazy 5 years ago

Single AC Adapter for multiple devices?

Just wondering if there's any downside to re-wiring an AC adapter to run multiple devices. I have 6 of these wall warts near my TV for the following - router - usb hub - phone charger - harmony one charger - clock - PS3 bluetooth/IR converter Most of these run on either 6,9 or 12V. I would be so much cleaner if I can rewire (or splice) a couple of AC adapters to have like two or more outputs. Is there any downside to this? Thanks

Posted by ketchup318 5 years ago

Does anyone know of a good multiple gameboy colour or advance games in one machine? Answered

I'm not looking for a cartridge, just a plug and play style thing like the one used in this tutorial: would use the same one but I can't seem to be able to get hold of one.Thanks Zealous

Asked by Zealous 9 years ago

Multiple entries

Hello all! I am sorry if this has been answered already, but i coldn't find an answer by looking around the site. I want to enter the "Make it glow" Contest and have two instructables that i feel could be good contenders. I'd like to know if it is allowed or OK to add two entries in the contest? What would be the judgment criteria? Would the two entries be valuated independently ? What about winner decisions?

Posted by bhvm 5 years ago

What are the thoughts on multiple instructables?

I plan on building a wooden loft bed for a very small room in my house I like to call an office. I live about 45 minutes from the nearest town in a small house on the lake so I want to make one for my small office so I can still have the space of an office as well as a spare bedroom for visitors. Anyways, there are a few instructables on loft beds and I plan on making one that will be much more functional and better (not that the ones on here are bad) my question is, should I make it an instructable? it will have more features to it, like a shelving unit built in and a built in loft night table. but basically it will be very similar to others. what do you think?

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

has anyone made a multi-USB wall charger?

I'm looking for a USB charger that would charge, for example, two iPhones, while only using one outlet. And doing it safely. :)

Asked by kyzla 8 years ago

Who Judges the Contests ?

Who judges the contests ? The Sponsors or Instructables ? I ask because I noticed that the Little Bits contest and the Microprocessor contest both have 8 of the same finalists. Does that mean one instructable can win more than one contest at the same time ?

Posted by chris.deen 3 years ago

Powering multiple devices with different voltage using one wall wart.

I really hate to post such a remedial question here but after searching the better part of the entire weekend for an answer I'm not much further along than I was at the start. I even went as far as hauling my butt to the radio shack to ask them.... I don't know what I was thinking there... It's always been obvious to me the guys there don't know much more than how to push cell phones - not to say they are all like that but the one by me has never been any help in terms of electronics. Anyway, I want to power a 5mw (3 volt) laser and one PC cooling fan (9 volt?) from one spare 12v wall wart. I've never been much for electronics but I'm thinking I can run the power to a breadboard, then run 2 seperate feeds through various resistors and/or regulators... just can't get any straight answers as to the best approach for this.... what's the best way to cut the voltage to a safe level for each device. I'd be happy with a good instructable for something like this if someone can point me toward one. Thanks for your help!

Posted by feign3 8 years ago

Subscription Updates . . . and updates . . . and UPDATES!

Starting this morning, I have received Subscription Update email notifications from Scoochmaroo.  I have received approximately 50 of these - all of them old guides. I enjoy updates from Scoochmaroo, but it's just disappointing to open an old update.

Posted by Hello Kitty 7 years ago

Linking four(maybe8)24v DC Motors to work together...also possibly a 72v motor as well for a small it feasible??

Is it possible to connect four,or more(maybe8-even possibly 16!!!is that crazy???) 24 volt dc motors together to run a small ev?The motors were used originally to drive hydraulics on tail lifts at 145bar pressure.Also i have a small 72volt motor as well....can all these motors be linked and run together.To get there'power' to the wheels is a different bridge to be crossed at a different time(so says I optimistically...LOL)!But basically can it be done and how?Is it even feasible?.I will be using the same controller I intend to use for a 48v 120amp DC motor in another EV-the controller runs at 144v and 500amps,but will be enquiring about doubling this.The 24v motors are guestimated to be about 12" in circumference and about 11-12"high(possibly slightly smaller by inch or so).I am not an electrical engineer but am mechanically minded.I also have had a lifelong fear of electricity since being blasted with 240v when i was 6yrs old!!SO PLEASE BE GENTLE!!I know that there are more then enough intelligent and knowledgeable people out there who can maybe help me with this problem which is why I chose to use this forum/site.I really really need your help people.I would be very very grateful for a loan of your knowledge and kindness for doing so.Many many many thanks for your time,your help and most importantly your patience....its very deeply appreciated.Again many thanks.Warren

Asked by Look4FreeParts 7 years ago

real-time multiple objects movement tracking

Hi all. is it possible to tracking multiple objects movement in real-time with a webcam or hdcam or ircam? i don't need skeletal motion capture data, i just need 2D top view coordinates of objects in an area and tracking them till the event finish... is this possible and how? thanks

Posted by kenshin3d 5 years ago

Multiple CPUs

Big movie companies have these server type things (rendering clusters?) for processing their 3D and graphics renderings. I found this on makezine as an example of someone who did a linux home version, but there is no description of how it works. I would like to make a windows render cluster but I need some help. There are two reasons I want to do this: 1- I will be able to run my PC uber-fast, and 2- I can create some big time giant renderings of 3d models. I would really appreciate some help. Thanks.

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

Multiple if statements arduino? Answered

Hi everyone, I'm very new to the arduino environment and am having trouble writing some code.  Essentially what I need to do is turn on a relay for different periods of time based on different input.  For example,  If pin 8 is high, turn on relay for 5 minutes if pin 9 is high, turn on relay for 10 minutes if pin 10 is high, turn on relay for 20 minutes if pin 11 is high, turn on relay for 30 minutes There will be only one relay in the circuit. I.e. each pin will turn on the same relay, but for different amounts of time.  I'm not quite sure the best way to do this.  Thanks for you help in advance!  Pete

Asked by pete54321 3 years ago

Unzip Program? Answered

I had winzip something and it was lame, I don't want to buy it and it has a bunch of buttons and stuff.  Is there an unzip program that lets me just select multiple zip folders and drop them all into a folder, with an easy left click, like notepad ++ which has an edit option on all the file sub menus.  I remember back in the day with XP, i believe it had a really good unzip thing.

Asked by 7 years ago

How can I made multiple plaster molds from one clay model?

Hello everyone, I want to use a clay model and have it cast into a two part plaster of paris molds, so I can use it for papier mache. My problem is, I want to have several identical molds of the original copy. I can't figure out how I can do this though, as I would have to pick to clay/plastercine out of the original mold. Has anyone got any ideas to get around this? I was thinking maybe I could make the first plaster mold, make a rubber copy of the model inside and then from there, make the other molds. Could this work? Any help or advice would be brill, Thanks, Yours

Asked by yours 7 years ago

Help: Creating an LCD screen 'multiplex' using Android screens

I want to make a large digital image using multiple small screens. I was considering using Android LCD screen replacements and somehow linking them all up into a 2x4 grid (more or less) and was wondering if this were at all possible, and if so,how would one go about constructing it with minimal space between the screens. I have little electrical engineering knowledge so could use all the help i can get! I want to note that the idea would be NOT to have this connected to a computer, but to a MUCH smaller unit that would store content for the screens. Thanks guys

Posted by tsunamigirl 5 years ago

how many servos can an arduino control?

Hey, im in need of a little bit of help with the arduino. im new to it and need to know how many servos an arduino can independently control as all the pages ive found seem to indicate 2 but i need 3 servos to run through a pre-programmed set of steps. please help. thanks

Posted by budsiskos 9 years ago

Several instructables not showing up and unable to add to groups

I've uploaded several instructables but only two of them show up anywhere other than my own page . . .i can't even add them to groups and such. I pmed fungus amungus a while back but i guess he's really busy because i never got a reply. . . .anyone know what could be causing this?

Posted by Kaelessin 10 years ago

Ethernet selector between 4 different sources

Hello, I'm trying to design a switch box to switch between 4 different ethernet sources and output to one cable. I've checked around and believe I have developed a way to do it, but I am unable to find a switch that uses 4 smaller independent switches. The concept seems pretty straight forward but I don't want to use 16 switches. Please let me know if there is a switch which controls 4 independent connections or if there is a better way that I'm over looking. I look forward to your input! Best Regards, Zach G

Posted by lossofworth 4 years ago

Repeatedly Being Caught in the Filter

Hello All, Please forgive me if any frustration shows through in this post.  I understand all are busy and are probably receving this sort of thing from every angle. I've been caught yet again in the filter preventing my submission from showing on the Recent page.  I seem to be falling into this pit quite frequently despite the very benign nature of my submissions. My submission does not appear while others continue to show.  More frustrating has been how a submission freed from the filter remains in its chronological position, thus putting it far down the page (or on the next  page even). Today I deleted my latest submission, added to the descriptive text (having been told a description too short can trigger the filter) and tried to anticipate/delete any possible trigger word or phrase.  I then resubmitted it - to no avail.  The submission is  a video link.  Were I to add any more text, it would be bulk/fluff.  The subject covers the roasting and brewing of tea - surely a completely benign subject. The submission in this case is: Could someone with the Mojo please review and free it?  Further, any advice as to how I can avoid this problem in future would be most appreciated. Thanks & Cheers.

Posted by Adeldor 3 years ago

Now you can Delete Multiple Pictures!!!!!!

Finally, something I've been ranting about for months!!! Now you can delete multiple pictures at once!!!!I was just adding some pictures to a forum topic about Foods that You Should NOT Feed Your Dog, and noticed a red X next to each picture. When you hover over it, it gives you the option to delete the image.

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

How do I vote for different contests? Answered

I know some people entered multiple contests. Can I chose which contest I want to vote in for someone's instructable? Thanks

Asked by AZNdude 7 years ago

How do you have 5 UIViews in one NIB file in the iOS SDK 4.3?

I have tried numerous ways, but have had no luck.  Any advice for an iOS developer n00b?

Asked by drmjj55 7 years ago

Copy and paste in EAGLE

When creating a schematic in eagle, in a step by step instructions how do you copy and paste multiple components and nets all at once?

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Free multiple photo resizer software? [FOUND]

Hello Instructablers! As my internet is very slow, every time I want to create an ible, I have to resize all of my pictures to 800x600 manually so I am looking for a software that can resize multiple pictures to resize a whole picture folder but that is able to save a copy that is resized and the original one. Anyone knows a free software that do so? Thanks in advise. EDIT: Thanks to Downunder35m for suggesting me Irfan View, It really works well! :) I'll now be able to make more instructable tutorials as I won't have to resize all the photos manually! :P Electrospark

Posted by Electrospark 3 years ago

multiple prepaid master cards

Is it possible to use multiple prepaid master cards to make purchases over 1000 i have no bank account and i dont i can get one right now

Posted by ultra1000 3 years ago

Best way to control many seperate but identical devices remotly?

I need to control many (hundreds to thousands) small devices within a meter by computer so that i can program them and control them simultaneusly. cannot put a microcontroller in the devices, whats best bluetooth, radio waves, infra red? Any sujestions? I need to make the interface to the transmitter USB. I also need to recieve measurements from each device in real time and be able to differentiate for both the data and the devices since i will be controlling them and also recieving information from them. Any ideas?

Asked by amelius 7 years ago

Cricut cartrige modification?

Would it be possible to modify a cricut machine's cartrige so that you could download multiple cartridge's data and use it? it looks pretty simple, but I would have no idea.

Asked by chaoszerom 9 years ago

How to make a Lego NXT Warehouse that moves and supllies

I just want to know how to make one after i saw the youtube vid :) please tell what time what you need, and what spftware to program and how to program :)

Posted by awesome3612 5 years ago

multiple motherboards with one operating system?

i have heard  multiple operating systems linked together to form a 'supercomputer',but it only still has all the operating systems, so my question is multiple motherboards with one operating system?

Asked by sora 7 years ago

drupal to community website with multiple logins and protection for multiple users from robo spamming.?

drupal to community website with multiple logins and protection for multiple users from robo spamming? How would it be done with the least stuff added to drupal 7.9? I know their are plugins are they nessisary? WHat level of functionality is in the basic drupal install and what is the minimum needed to be added?

Asked by josheeg 6 years ago