What music do all of you people listen to? techno/trance/rap/pop/rock/metal/country?

Posted by ravebot 10 years ago


Does anybody think that it would be possible without slowing down the site that much to add music like myspace? (when you go onto someones file it plays)

Posted by ich bin ein pyro 11 years ago

Music to Sheet Music Converter

I play the violin and some of the music that I want to play is not available in sheet music. Has anyone ever come across a computer program that converts regular music into readable sheet music?

Posted by Sedgewick17 10 years ago

free music

Where and how can i download music without buying it......

Posted by m5industriesinc 7 years ago

Is this actual music? Answered

Is this real music or is this NOT the band room?

Asked by onrust 8 years ago

What is the name of this music?

Hi, This music was very nice, but don't know what is the name of music.this recorded with a mobile phone.excuse, the music have low quality. Please listen the attachment music. Thx.

Posted by trymusic 6 years ago

Myspace Music Profile

Check out my music.

Posted by Oblivitus 7 years ago

GRV music

Can any one give me some definition to the GRV music? all i know it is remixed from another music !

Posted by Motaz Bany-Amer 3 years ago

My music

I've been writing music, probably for a game. What do you think?

Posted by The Jamalam 9 years ago

Rick Roll music

What's the name of the music from smouch? I REALLY liked it!

Posted by Camisado 9 years ago

Your own created melodies

I`m a beginner,it`s about 1 month I`m taking classes,I`ve created one,and remixed another.what about U? I will try to share them.

Posted by Aralooloo 5 years ago

hack old laptop 4 music making?

Hp pavillion ze44oo and other random oldskool parts. any suggestions just for beat making ect?

Asked by abstrakt 8 years ago

how do you go about hosting a music show? Answered

Me and a couple of friends are looking to bring alittle culture to our small town. We havea venue, some mics, some amps and some people who are willing to perform music for free for the first few shows.Is there anything else we need other then advertising? Am I missing something important?

Asked by sgt.pepper 9 years ago

How to quiet my neighbour's loud music?

My next door neighbour has a bad, annoying and rude behavior playing his music loud while I'm sleeping fairly early in the morning and in the evening, around 8 or 9, when I'm trying to relax. I need a device or a circuit to disrupt the sound momentarily or that will deliver a low but irritating high frequency squeal to transmit via his stereo speakers without hurting him or his equipment.

Asked by Jmeister 9 years ago

how to download MIDI Jam?

Asked by 9 years ago

Does anyone have any ideas for a wireless headset design?

I'm trying to create a new project that sends music wirelessly with a transmitter and a receiver out of a head phone jack, but I don't know how to make it. Does anyone have any ideas?

Asked by Agent South 5 years ago

youtube help

On youtube i see that people have slowed and sped up video's is there a way i can do this?

Asked by adambro 7 years ago

Which is the best foreign acoustic guitar pickup now avaliable?

Plz give the clear idea about prices of acoustic guitar pickups.. 

Asked by tijoabraham1 8 years ago

How can I find a DOBRO guitar insructor in Wichia, Ks.?

Nothing else to add other than I am a beginning student...

Asked by 9 years ago

my ipod 1st generation i plug into itunes dosent connect it turns on and shows apple sign

My ipod turns on shows apple sign and turns off right away

Asked by 8 years ago

can i learn key board through instructables?


Asked by sebastian8296 9 years ago

In what way is a 60-key keyboard different from an 88-key keyboard? (read description)

Do they just take off 9 keys from the far right & left edges? What, then, is the point of doing that?

Asked by deedeedee9 9 years ago



Asked by FLYASH 9 years ago

My Ipod has a white screen. I don't know how to fix it. Can you tell me how?

White Screen on my Ipod. Can it be fixed without going to a repair person.

Asked by crsgorley 7 years ago

what instrument is this?

We all know girls just want to have fun, but from 1:00 to 1:50 what is the instrument that has its own solo? there is a bet on the answer going. but i think its a xylophone but a run through google shows no answer anybody know so they can help me out?

Asked by slimguy379 8 years ago

What is the normal range of a 3,5mm output? Answered

Hey everyone! I want to make a switch between three or more 3,5mm input jacks. I've found an instructables instruction on how to do this, I only don't know which switch to pick. It has to be a rotary switch. Now my question: what are the minimum specs (volts, amperes, switch current etc) to keep good sound quality? Yours

Asked by dijh 2 years ago

User1877 I need help getting windows vista to identify and install successfully, my "c240" version - SANSA Mp3 player.

Hey, I'm just wondering how to get the Mp3 player I just got to work on 64-bit Windows Vista Premium?  I plugged it in... - and what do I get: "Error: MTP Device Not Installed Successfully.  How do I make it work?

Asked by User1877 6 years ago

aany swedish music lovers

Can be any type as long as in swedish mine:sång om ingenting

Posted by GASSYPOOTS 6 years ago

How do you delete music off of a music CD-R? Answered

I need to know because i don't like the music on it and i want to put new music on the CD so i can give it to a friend.

Asked by acidbass 7 years ago

free (legal) music?

Where do you go for good, free (legal) music downloads?

Asked by threecheersfornick 9 years ago

How do you read music?

Asked by Amanda101 8 years ago

Electronic music class

We are running a eight weeks long electronic music class at Karkhana where kids build their own electronic music instrument and upload the instruction to make it in website. 

Posted by sunojshrestha 3 years ago

music string

I was wonder how to make a electronic harp by connect the line to sound sensor. any one can help?

Posted by carlosong 6 years ago

The ultimate combination of woodworking, music, and ingenuity

This was sent to me and I thought it was well worth sharing. An impressive project.  http://

Posted by Vyger 7 years ago

Music made from ONLY Carboard Instruments

What can i say, I love this type of thing.

Posted by laminterious 10 years ago

Stepper Motor Music!

Some guy used steppers to play tones and music using an arduino :DSource And a few others

Posted by ReCreate 9 years ago

Highly Synced Music LED

So, I've just registered today at instructables, I was here for one thing, then I kept surfing instructables for another!  Anyway, I've been looking at DIY Synced Music LED, but most of them don't really look synced. They move sometimes, but not in a regular form, and intensity (or anything changing/moving according to change in music rhythm) doesn't look really good. Is there any Instructables of highly synced music LED? 

Posted by jaja1990 7 years ago