You're welcome.

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My boys are watching Mythbusters behind me, and one line just caught my a disused Naval base in Alameda..."They were using a towed rig to find out if a tissue box on the back shelf of a car would kill the driver in a crash, except they managed to rip an eighteen inch chunk out of the rig instead.Have Squid Labs been hosting Mythbusters?

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Mythbuster Instructables

Is it just me, or are really almost no instructables on here actually from the show.

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Help the Mythbusters!

The Mythbusters want you!From MAKE:Blog:Because it's been so popular with our viewers, this will be our third attempt at a story called Archimedes Death Ray. The myth is that the Roman army defended themselves from invading Greek ships by lining the shores with 300 soldiers. But these soldiers did not use conventional warfare. By using their mirrored shields to focus the sun's rays at the invading ships they could, the myth alleges, set the invading ships on fire and save the city.WHAT WE NEED300- 350 Volunteers to operate mirrors for the one day of experiment (engineering and science backgrounds preferred)VOLUNTEERSWe would require volunteers to be 18 years or older and to Pre-register with us prior to the experiment date by email.All volunteers would be required to sign a Participant Release/Liability waiver.Experiment will take place in September (date still to be determined).Volunteers will need to be available from 9am to 7pm and would have to bring their own lunch and transport themselves to the location (similar to going to an outdoor concert). Possible locations include the Greek Theater, Oyster Point Marina or Alameda NAS.We'll supply volunteers with a MythBusters T-shirt, a signed autograph card and possibly a group photo with Jamie and Adam.HOW TO GET INVOLVEDSend and email to: provide Full Name, Age and Contact InformationPlease write [*MythBusters - Death Ray*] in the subject header.MythBusters will then follow up and contact them with more details verysoon.Anyone in the Bay area fancy it? Could be fun, but also very dull, standing still with a mirror and all.I'd say it's worth it for the TV factor, meeting the Mythbusters and the free T-Shirt.I envy you Bay-dwellers...

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Mythbusters Rock !!!

Don't ya think this show is awsome?It is one of my favourite shows, and is very entertaining. Some of the rigs and machines they build are amazing:e.g one of my favourite:Jamie's " Graplling Gun Ascending Winch " ( Episode- Superhero Hour )The myths are very good aswell such as "The Ice Bullet" .Im Sure you people on instructables watch this show. C'mon!What do you think of it? Fave myth? Fave rig / machine?Did any of the myths help you in life situations?( BTW, Can't wait, going to download series 4 XD)( Too bad they don't show much new episodes in England!)

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Knex on Mythbusters

UPDATE: I have posted a link to this on a mythbusters sugest a myth forum. Cross your fingers everyone! I'm sure most of you have seen at least 1 or 2 episodes of Mythbusters, but wouldn't it be cool if one of our knex guns or other creations were actually on the show. Post a comment saying your name if you want to sign this and then, in a month, I will submit this to the Mythbusters themselves. Every week I will update the count. Remember, the more people, the more likely it will actually be on the Mythbusters. I just need a few more and I'll post it on their comment board. People so far 222222222539 TheDunkis Knexsuperbuilderfreak MrMoonatic1 Tombuckey Qwerty2008 Killerboy RMConstruction Kairah Axiys zx Falco33 Knex mad sprout_less Shadowman39 billythebob NYPA nekie81 bartboy chopstx knex gun builder Killer~Safecracker Mr.McCoy bounty1012 Selezoina Big Z logic boy Motaboi lioneatr Rockstar1000000 Rustymia Bounty1012 Cupcake43 Rec0n MotaBoi danbaha cunningham4 ceaserama H14T4TCH1 ElvenChild Update: so far there are 39 people who signed this petition. Keep it up!!

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MYTHBUSTERS Instructables

If you have some ideas for Mythbusters Instructables post them here. I you know to make something that the Mythbusters built post it here. Discus your ideas whit other fans...

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MythBusters - Accident at M5!

I hope he's ok for next season..

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MythBusters YouTube Live

Discovery Channel's MythBusters blast Jamie with 20,000 paintballs with Leonardo 2.0 at YouTube Live.

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Every body knows Adams phrase I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN or THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM Do you know some more? Give your opinion on them? Which is the funniest to you?

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mythbusters motor cannon

On mythbusters the made a tire shooting thing similar to an automatic piching device with two wheels that rotate in the same direction and you push the ball into them and it flies away i just wanted to know if anyone had made one would have been good for launch it

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Mythbusters! New never before seen clips! (Banned from Discovery)

Hi,Here are a few clips most of you have probably never seen before. They are banned from discovery and never actually aired on tv. They aren't even on the mythbusters site. So here for your enjoyment 2 never before seen Myths. Missing flatus experiments (Lighting Farts, Do pretty Girls Fart :) Just a quick note. There are two versions of mythbusters. One with a British announcer and one with a stupid American announcer> I hate the American announcer. He sounds so stupid. In general British people sound smarter than Americans in my opinion. I think that Americans think British sound smarter because Americans are only exposed to the only the smarter smaller percentage of the British. Why do you think British people sound smarter than Americans and what do you think of this great hidden clips.Thanks

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Buy a massive cryptex built by Mythbusters

Want to buy a massive cryptex? What if it was made by the Mythbusters team? Well now's your chance as this huuuuge 13' long and 6' tall device. Bids are being accepted via eBay and the proceeds go to the EFF. The only catch is that you need to pick it up in person in San Francisco.Hey, wait a second... our office is in San Francisco. I need to go and talk to Eric. eBay auction via Make

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cheap mythbusters

Does anyone know where to get all of the mythbusters episodes at a resonable price like: Season 1 part 1 Season 1 part 2 (is there a second season!?!) season 3 season 4 to buy all of them off of discovery it's 200 bucks!

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Mythbusters to tackle moon landing

Did we really land on the moon? The Mythbusters have run some tests to find out for a future show. Sounds like it'll be awesome and I'll need to find a friend's place to watch it.So can a flag wave in a vacuum? Catch when the show airs to find out. linkvia Neatorama

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It IS Possible to win a Mythbusters Autograph

 It came in the mail today! I am just as excited as the Erik Beck autograph! Both Adam and Jamie signed a cover of Popular Mechanics that I entered to win in a sweepstakes. I sent just one entry in and 6 months later I get a large envelope from Popular Mechanics Headquarters in NYC.

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Who is your favorite mythbuster and why? Is it Adam,Grant,Kary....????

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Has the Instructables staff met the Mythbusters?

This is a question for all the staff of Instructables, or anyone who knows the answer. Since the Instructables HQ is at the former Alameda Air Force Base, and the Mythbusters often do tests there, Has the Instructables staff met the Mythbusters? Statistics show that such a meeting would be awesome. I think Buster and the Ibles robot would get along really well...

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Savage's Wirligig

Hello Mythbuster fans. If any of you have seen the Alaska Week Special you would have seen Adam making a "wirligig". Does anyone know how to make it?

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The GREATEST graph in the universe.

They know it all.

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From the steam canon to the lead balloon,talk about the gadgets and contraptions the mythbusters built.

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I just love the show. It is brilliant. Adam is really funny, and Jamey is always serious, they make one good team. I really liked the new episode "lead balloon myth"... Tell me something you like in the show, what is your favorite myth they busted, what do you think about the junior mythbusters???

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Is "Prototype This" coming back? Answered

I love the show and i want to know if they're is going to be a second season.

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Mythbusters - How to pancake a car Video

A great video of the mythbusters team firing a two-stage rocket sledge into a car in an attempt to pancake it :PAt the point of impact the sledge was traveling at 650mph !!The car doesn't really get pancaked, it just kinda... disintegrates, which is completely awesome.

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Pneumatic soda can cannon on Mythbusters?

I just watched a Mythbusters where they made a pneumatic soda can gun.  Go to 5:50 in this video to see their description of it.  Go to 7:00 to see it in action.;=related My questions are: what is the "fast acting valve" he used?   How do you refill that thing? Anyone seen an instructable for something similar?  I've seen lots of PVC versions, but I like the metal version because it's sexier looking, and potentially higher pressure/power. Thanks!

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online tv ?

Hey anyone know a few free programs to watch online tv like mythbusters and doctor who 

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Do you know some myth that the mythbusters haven't already test. Describe the myth and we will debate it whether it is possible or not.

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I just put this up on the Mythbuster's site......

I just posted the following over there, so hopefully a method can be devised to test this safely: (1999) A US Navy safety publication describes injuries incurred while doing don'ts. One page described the fate of a sailor playing with a multimeter in an unauthorized manner. He was curious about the resistance level of the human body. He had a Simpson 260 multimeter, a small unit powered by a 9-volt battery. That may not seem powerful enough to be dangerous… but it can be deadly in the wrong hands. The sailor took a probe in each hand to measure his bodily resistance from thumb to thumb. But the probes had sharp tips, and in his excitement he pressed his thumbs hard enough against the probes to break the skin. Once the salty conducting fluid known as blood was available, the current from the multimeter traveled right across the sailor's heart, disrupting the electrical regulation of his heartbeat. He died before he could record his Ohms.

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Water rockets! Who doesn' t love them. Cheap, easy, safe, fast....

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Okay, this isn't a complaint about instructables, but a group in instructables. I've noticed that the myth busters group is adding every single instructable that is featured in the weekend builder, and others that have nothing to do with them but the person is using to get page views. I know it's not directly against the rules but could you tell them to stop? It makes them look like they actually had something to do with it...

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electric valve

Where do i buy pilot assisted diaphragm valve used on mythbusters.    it was used in the deadly straw episode. at 3:42 to 4:06 on the youtube video called ;MythBusters Season 4 Episode 18 part 1 .  I want the exact size and brand valve.

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I want to know if it is possible for one or two ducted fans to lift a person off of the ground? Answered

I know it's a crazy and outlandish thought, but I've always wondered if it's possible. I know the Mythbusters tried it with the plans from and failed but Is there a way to fix the problems and make the 'fan-pack' work? Maybe not even in a 'fan-pack' but maybe more of a VTOL type vehicle, but not so complex as the Moller SkyCar. Like the Mythbusters explored, I would want something that the 'average Joe' could create. If anybody has any ideas or even guidance on how to do it, such as hp of an engine, rpm's what to make the ducts and propellors from etc, then I would really love to know what everybody thinks. Thanks, Jack

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555 TImer/Chip Help

I need your help people of Insturctables. I am working on an project, and I need to make a circuit whit a 555 timer/chip so that it makes,for example, an LED light up in every 2 second. I mean when it turns on, it needs to be on for 2seconds than off for 2 second...loop. ON(2 seconds)___OFF(2 seconds)___ON(2 seconds)___OFF(2 seconds)___LOOP I need the output to be 12V. Actually I need it for a fan to turn on and off(the fan runs on 12 volts) Can you help me make a circuit for this, what value of the resistors and capacitors do I need... It would be grate if some one could make a schematic of the circuit in Eagle, or so... If I make an Instructables about my project I will surely mention who helped me realize my idea! Thank you all! -Stanislav

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How close are we to lightsaber tecnolagy? Answered

I am not a starwars nerd or a geekus freekus (latin for nerd)!!! But im just intersested as i was watching mythbusters and they were doing Lasers etc.

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I'd like suggestions to make a shock impact indicator like they did on Mythbusters, but more compact and simpler.

This is to put on a dummy to denote whether a kick or punch could break a bone.?

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What should go in a Techie toolbox?

I want to put together a gift for a friend - a cool tool box with things he might need but definitely doesn't have (he pretty much only has a drill). I don't want just hammers and such, he works with robotics and computers, as well as building various devices with motors and moving parts. I'm looking for things that might help him, a "Mythbuster's" tool box if you will. Does anyone have ideas? What would you like in your collection? What is a basic list that I could start with?

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Save my Christmas Tree!

My Christmas tree is no longer sucking up water,and it is beginning to droop.I remember hearing on Mythbusters that bleach helps the Christmas tree last longer. Is this a good idea,or do you have another suggestion?

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Can you tell me how i can start or what equipments would i need to start my own mythbusters type television show ?

Same as the title. please help needed soon..

Question by arylic 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

WANTED: Winbond Electronics ISD1110 voice record/playback chip

Looking for a Winbond Electronics ISD1110 voice record/playback chip for my project! If you have one and want to sell it to me please pm me or leave a comment! Thank you! -Stanislav

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what would be the best way to make a duct tape boat? Answered

I saw them make one on mythbusters today, and i got to wondering, how much overall would something like that cost, what building methods would be best, and what designs it would be best for?

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Adam & Jamie draw a MONA LISA in 80 milliseconds! at NVIDIA's Show

Adam and Jamie made a robot that fires lots and lots of paint balls. When they shoot on a big piece of paper what you get is a MONA LISA. The MONA LISE appears on the paper in 80 milliseconds!!! Watch the video below and be amazed!!!

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If a snowman got struck by lightening...

If a snowman was struck by lightening, wouldn't it explode? The way I see it, all of the water would be instantly turned into steam, so maybe it wouldn't be classified as an explosion, but it would look dang cool. -Now we just have to have a thunderstorm in the wintertime, or we could get the Mythbusters to bring a snowman to one of those 'Artificial Lightening' places-

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Adam Savage Mentions Instructables in an interview

Albeit briefly, Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) , when asked for project suggestions for a 4.5 year old suggested instructables. Not really huge news, but I found it interesting. (He mentions it at about 26 minutes and 9 seconds in to the video). Not really sure what category this would go under, so I'm putting it here.

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New Scientist

I'm sure people are aware but this weeks issue:Someone in China has spent some time analysing the US power grid, and figured out that it could be collapsed by taking-out a lightly-loaded sub-network. The US department of homeland security is apparently looking into this. However, Prof Ian Fells (a jolly chap with a beard) of Newcastle University UK says "they only need a bunch of guys with Semtex to blow up the gridlines near a power station"The Mythbusters are interviewed, but even they don't know why thermite on ice explodes, do you?And Richard Dawkins has a new book out, from the review:"Implying that your audience is stupid does not qualify as a great new angle. Yet this is precisely what Dawkins does"."It's really kind of comical. If "spot the condecensions" is a new drinking game, then bottoms up! There's one in just about every chapter"LThere's much more, but I mainly wanted to post the Mythbusters link, and the Dawkins review.(There is an article on Velociraptors)

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Real Home made guns?

Hi there, i'm new in this site, but is there instructions here on making lethal homemade guns? Not just bbs or knex, I mean ones that are really lethal. or even beter, is there someone here that knows how to make lethal automatic guns? I wached mythbusters about the paper cross bow and discovered some inmates in the past made guns from plumbing materials. Is there anyone here that knows how to do somthing like that? Waht about home made ammo?

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Reliant Robin Space Shuttle!

I've never heard of it, but apparently BBC makes a Mythbuster-esque show called Top Gear.Anyways someone sent me a video of them turning a Reliant Robin (that funky 3 wheeled car) into a working Space Shuttle. Funny as heck, thought ya'll might enjoy it. Original vid: (won't let me imbed) video:

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Is it hard to make snow?

I've seen stuff around google. but, never trust the internet very much as like mythbusters last episode, it can lie. guy using a nossle like that, with compress air and a garden hose, claims with temps under 30F, and misty-compressed water, you can do this: this real, and the main question, Is this ahrd to make, and How do you...

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I need to make fake hipster glasses

Hello.  In two weeks, I need to look something like this guy: I've already got someone doing Jamie Hyneman.  The only problematic bit for me is the glasses.  See, I already wear glasses, and my frames aren't that thick.  So, in maximizing authenticity, I'd like to do a DIY-conversion for my glasses to make them look like Adam Savage's hipster glasses.  Here's my working hypothesis.  I get some kind of thick, lightweight, cut-able material and cut it into two parts, with a groove lining the inside.  Then I glue the two halves together, fitting around the frames of my current glasses. I'm thinking my best option for a material is thick posterboard - the stuff that's sort of foamy in the middle, with card paper on either side.  The foamy bit would make it easy to carve a groove and fit it around my glasses. Here are my current blueprints: Would love to fish for a few more ideas, though, before I dive headlong into this.  Are there any other materials that might do me better, or a better method altogether?  Input of any sort is appreciated!

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Your urban legends

When I think of urban legends, the Mythbusters come to mind. Perhaps this is because I watch the show almost religiously, or just today's society. Although their methods are often questionable, they have put some definitive legends to the test. However, I often find myself wishing that they would test some less famous and more common everyday topics. For example: Will covering yourself in a fire blanket protect you from an explosion? Will touching an electric fence while wet short out your watch? Your thoughts?

Topic by Firebert010 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago