FS: BIG electric motors

've got three 36v forklift steering motors. They're big, beefy, and used. Rated as 1 1/3 HP "special" duty. They draw 4.1A no load at 36v. With the gearbox, they draw 4.3A no load. Speed for the motor alone 3225RPM , with the gearbox is 75RPM. Torque must be something outrageous. They have an optional mating 43:1 Sumitomo-made gearbox which I reckon would make these some great drive motors for a large heavy project. Without gearbox, they would be excellent for go-karts, suicidal ebikes, etc. I even know of a e-car project that used a similar motor. (forkenswift) The motors alone weigh about 18lbs. Not sure what they weigh with the gearbox. You want one. I have three. I'm asking $100 each for the whole motor/gearbox shebang. Pictures:http://www.majhost.com/gallery/Ned/misc/big_motor1.jpghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/Ned/misc/big_motor2.jpghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/Ned/misc/big_motor3.jpghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/Ned/misc/big_motor_4.jpghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/Ned/misc/big_motor_5.jpghttp://www.majhost.com/gallery/Ned/misc/big_motor6.jpg

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Were can i find kno3 Answered

I ned to find relativly cheap kno3 somewere

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how do you install the bigwater 760is?

I ned help really fast

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hard disk spindle motor voltage

I have detached the spindle motor from the hardisk. Ho can I run this motor. What are the voltages ned to be given ? Please help me Thanks Rijas PA rijas2010@gmail.com

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Ned help wth plans for a turret

I'm creating a remote controlled coil gun turret that autoloads, and is able to adjust aim in any direction using the remote control. I can figure out the spin aspect of the turret pretty well, but I'm having issues incorporating the vertical aspect to the barrel (to adjust the angle of fire), the only ideas I have for this seems too elaborate, I was wondering what people that had approached the idea previously had attempted. I'm ignorant to the working of turrets in general, this includes any terms associated with them, but I do have the rest of the gun figured out for the most part, I'm researching the turret before any construction begins, so I can put it together correctly. I'm 15 years old, and willing to learn, so any help is appreciated.

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What's the opposite of a header called?

What's the opposite of a header called (in electronics)? Like if I was searching mouser, what would I call it? A header receptacle? I dunno Basically I want a 2x3 socket thingamadousy for programming AVRs. In my ned project space is a factor and I need the 2x3 instead of 2x5

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i want something to build!!!

I would like to build something for some one!! anything reasonable! i do make and forge custom knifes. i will soon begin construction on many projects, but i just like to build stuff and do a pretty good job of it....     i won't do it for free, but i'm not trying to make a gross profit it's more for the challenge. oh one last request, please don't have me make anything you intend on patenting, unless i get to have a share of the patent lol!!

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science fair

I know theres a contest that just ended with the title science fair, but his post is because i need help with a schoool science fair. I don't want to use something already made because that would be too easy and I want to make something of my own. I'm in 9th grade honors physical science and I ned to come up with a topic soon and I just need some help. can you help me? pretty pretty please?

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arduino code nedded

HI, MY  NAME IS THIAGO IKEDA AND HERE IS MY FIRST "ASK" my english is VERY bad. well sorry anyway FIRST  i made this arduino tank (named ardutank) with ladyada motor shield and i used library and worked then i like WOW I SUPER GENIUS so i buy an HC-SR04(ULTRASONIC SENSOR) to put with ARDUTANK, and i used the library too but when i upload the code the ARDUTANK START make some wild noises. i dont know what to do to ARDUTANK work with the sensor obs: in first mode (with out ultrasonic sensor) one motor spins more fast than other, WHY? the bouth motors are the same motor. but when i put to HIM to RUN HE make lil curve. here is code WITH SENSOR PLEASE IGNORE THE RELE AND BUZER NEXT TO SENSOR // Adafruit Motor shield library // copyright Adafruit Industries LLC, 2009 // this code is public domain, enjoy! #include #include #define TRIGGER_PIN  12 #define ECHO_PIN     13 int distance; Ultrasonic ultrasonic(TRIGGER_PIN, ECHO_PIN); AF_DCMotor motor1(1); AF_DCMotor motor2(2); void setup() {   Serial.begin(9600);           // set up Serial library at 9600 bps   Serial.println("Motor test!");   // turn on motor   delay(10);   motor1.setSpeed(20);   motor2.setSpeed(20); motor2.run(RELEASE);   motor1.run(RELEASE); } void loop() {   uint8_t i;   float cmMsec, inMsec;   long microsec = ultrasonic.timing();   cmMsec = ultrasonic.convert(microsec, Ultrasonic::CM);   inMsec = ultrasonic.convert(microsec, Ultrasonic::IN);   Serial.print("tick");   motor1.run(FORWARD);   motor2.run(FORWARD);   if(distance {    motor1.run(RELEASE);    motor2.run(RELEASE); } else {    motor1.run(FORWARD);   motor2.run(FORWARD); } }

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Bad DSL connection...! HELP.?

OK so I have SBC(now A&T) as my ISP. how onnection has always been fine u untill about 3-4 months ago. I have done EVERYTHING. I called them mutlile times and got multiple answers. 1)Bad modem(we had it for seven years)           >I bought a new actiontec modem. it still goes out! 2)Bad filter          >took off the filter and plugged the phone into a diff line with a filter and the dsl directly          >to the jack 3)Bad line         >some of our hone jacks in the house are not wired right so they recieve no dialtone         >the jack the phone and dsl are plugged into has a tone. only thing is  the jack its in has two         >cat5 I cannot figure out there are for either. The phone company says the line to our house is ok and no one else in our area is having the same prob. They can send out a tech to check the line to our house(no charge) but if he goes in the house and finds a problem(even if he doesnt fix it) we will be charged for the labor. I have googled this for hours and called tons of ppl. I dont ned an answer how to fix it(i would like one) but i really want to know what is causing it.

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2007 High Country tour of sustainable Living

Hi all. So here I am on fall break. Two days of not going to classes. I decided to tell ya'll (I'm in the south, I'm allowed to say that) about this weekend.This weekend was a big weekend up here in the mountains, and ASU's Homecoming eclipsed some great stuff, let me tell ya'. Instead of going to the game I decided to go on the 2007 High Country Tour of Sustainable Living. It was amazing! let me fill you in on some of what happened.Friday evening I found out about this and decided I couldn't miss it. So I got up bright and early Saturday morning, put on my robot t-shirt, and headed out. People started arriving around 8 AM and kept coming until 8:45 when we were finishing up breakfast . We all piled onto a biodiesel fueled bus and started for our first destination. I had had my coffee so I was up for talking at 8:45 on a Saturday morning. Right away I met some neat people, and we talked about bio-fuel in general, Who Killed The Electric Car, and the Appropriate technologies department at the university. We pulled up to a farm to be greeted by Ned Trivette and a 65' tall wind turbine, back dropped by the beautiful mountain scenery. Grid-tied and nearly maintenance free, this turbine provides about about 10% of Ned's household power usage.After talking about wind power and how Ned's setup works we loaded up again and headed to the Kennedy residence out in Vilas. We made it as far as the road that turns off to go to their house. There was no way that bus was going to make it up the hill to the house, so we all got out and the few cars that were there started shuttling people up while others of us walked. I walked, and let me tell you, that hill is STEEP. We got to the house without any mishaps and learned about this high efficiency house. It was facing south so it can soak up the sun in the winter months and had deep overhangs to shade the house in the summer months. By far the coolest (pun intended) part of this house was the thermal radiant heating system. Panels on the roof heated the 750 gallon Carolina water stove, and from there the water was pumped throughout the house to the radiant heating system in all the floors. Highly efficient and fascinating. After this we headed off once again. Here's where our schedule got interesting, and everyone was helpfully flexible. We apparently decided to take a "short cut." Someone thought we could make it on this steep dirt road that we took. We did make it, but not before getting stuck a few times and running over a rock. pieces of the bus were falling off and smoke from the tires was going everywhere! Once we finally made it over the hill we didn't have much more trouble. Instead of going to lunch, like we were supposed to do, we went to the ASU Biodiesel research facility. This was the highlight of the tour for me. I learned so much related to my latest endeavor, biodiesel. (for some reason spell check doesn't like that word.) We met Jeremy Ferrell, the guy in charge of all of it. He showed us the process they use to make it, and discussed all the latest research. This facility is amazing! It's completely sustainable. They have solar panels so they're making as much power as they're using, and in their passive solar greenhouse they have a "living machine" to recycle their gray water. There were things (algae and the like) growing everywhere, and the same solar thermal system that we had seen earlier, to heat water. I'm actually going back there sometime in the next few weeks to pick Jeremy's brain about biodiesel "stuff." ASU Collaborative BioDiesel projectAfter this was over and I was dragged back onto the bus we finally went to get some lunch. We were starving.We went to the Hill/Mitchell Residence for lunch. This house was awesome. It was only about 1600 square feet and had a concrete slab between the two floors, to retain heat. They had the radiant heating as well. I didn't get any pictures of the inside of the house but it was at least as cool as the outside. They also had a great garden going. Over lunch we had a speaker who talked about green building, and a lot of what goes into it. (I don't remember his name, sorry!)Our last destination was the Marland residence. It stands up on a hill above the university, in direct sunlight. This house is incredibly energy efficient and quite pleasing to the eye. (it was purple). With very few electric lights in the house that need to be on in the daytime, most of the windows face the sun, with overhangs on the roof for shade in the summer. It also had a tank-less hot water heater, which I had never seen before. It's apparently very energy efficient. So that was this years tour! (or the good parts, at least.) apparently it happens every year, so I plan on going in the future. Let me know if you guys have any questions or comments, in case I got any of the info wrong or left some out. (a lot of this is from memory and the handout we got)Thanks for reading,-DMC

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Hass and Associates - Å datasnoke er vondt lett : Enhver kan være deg!

Http://blogs.tribune.com.pk/story/16275/beware-its-painfully-easy-for-anybody-to-be-you/ Å ha tatt dagen av, var jeg på hjem lyd sovende. Telefonen ringte omkring 10am. Jeg har ikke brydd å plukke det opp. Det stanset å ringing og som jeg ble halv klar over at det ble mottatt av vår tjenestepike. Hva komplett tok meg ved overraskelse og laget meg springer mot full konsentrasjon var hennes samtale med den andre personen på ledningen. Dette er hva jeg hørte hennes ordspråk : «Det er ikke noen hjemme akkurat nå bortsett fra Chotay Sahib. Choti Bibi er i hennes rom sove. Baray Sahib forlot om morgenen å falle Chotay Miyan og har ikke kommet tilbake ennå». Jeg nærmet meg kvinnen mens dette fant sted og spurte som hun snakket med. Jeg ble fortalt at telefonabonnenten «lød som» en av mine søskenbarn, så hun fortalte ham disse tingene. Jeg tok mottakeren fra henne og murret en hilsen. Personen på den andre slutten legge på. Med skjelver ned min ryggrad, betraktet jeg som dette individet (med et uidentifiserbart antall) kunne ha vært. Det kunne ha vært noen – en markedsfører, en potensiell burglar, men en ting var for sikker ; denne personen var en «sosial ingeniør». Sosialt ingeniørarbeid er kunsten av bruken sosial mulighet å manipulere folk ved gjennomføreen visse tiltaks eller røpingseinformasjon som den er ikke toalett til. Det er en av de mest farlige formene av å datasnoke mens det ikke krever noen virkelige tekniske ferdigheter. Vi gjør all det på noe nivå i våre liv grunn forskjellige grunder. Når brukt av fagmenn imidlertid det blir et forskjellig ballspill alt i alt. I dette tilfellen ble de indre arbeidene av min husholdning utsatt mens noen leder vår tjenestepike inn i å troing at han var del av familien. Mest av hovedinnbruddene ved Kevin Mitnick, dubbet mens «de mest farlige datasnokene i verdenen» var gjennom sosialt ingeniørarbeid. Lar oss studerer et tilfelle. http://www.myvideo.de/watch/8995998/Hass_Associates_Technology_Madrid_Noen_ofre_for_Online_Hacking_kanten_inn_i_lyset

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Rush å fikse Storbritannias Cyber politiet

Http://www.techweekeurope.co.uk/news/fixing-cyber-police-security-pceu-soca-national-crime-agency-106466 Eksklusivt: TechWeekEurope FOIs utsette usammenhengende metoder i cyber politiarbeid over Storbritannia, som tjenestemenn begynner å slite over forestående dannelsen av National Cyber Crime Unit Når jeg spør Charlie McMurdie, leder for Mets politiet sentrale e-Crime Unit (PCeU), og hvis hun er bekymret for dannelsen av National Cyber Crime Unit, hennes hender dekke øynene i fortvilelse, halv-hånlig, halv-ekte. Hun vet at i de neste ni månedene, vil hun bli oppgave med å fullføre sammenslåingen av PCeU med cyber-arm av den alvorlige organisert kriminalitet Agency(SOCA), å danne Storbritannias bly cyber politiet troppen, NCCU. McMurdie vet dette kommer til å ta en monumental innsats, en som vil se slutten av PCeU, som hun hjalp satt opp i 2008. Hun er fretting over det faktum at NCCU ikke engang har et riktig hjem ennå, og heller ikke en sjef å lede britiske cyber politiarbeid inn i en ny epoke. Og hun engang vet ikke hvis hun vil fortsatt være politiarbeid cyber-kriminalitet på slutten av det hele. Britiske cyber politiet Men innsatsen kan godt være verdt det, for Storbritannias offentlige og bedrifter både. Det er fordi britiske politiarbeid av e-kriminalitet, på landsbasis, mangler i en rekke avgjørende områder. Frihet av informasjon (FSM) forespørsler sendt av TechWeekEurope til hver politistyrke i Storbritannia har avdekket stark forskjellene i registreringer av cyber-kriminalitet over hele Storbritannia. Metropolitan politiet, ikke overraskende, har sett de fleste handlingen. Det så en økning i Computer Misuse Act lovbrudd fra 11,181 i 2010 til 12,817 i 2012 (til November). Ennå ble 997 enkeltpersoner belastet, mindre enn i 2010, når 1291 ble belastet, eller 2011, da antall var 1262. Hvorfor nedgangen i kostnader når antallet lovbrudd har økt med over 1000 i London-området alene? Politiet, som har ikke klart å forbedre deres håndtering av cyber tilfeller de siste tre årene? Dataene kan indikere dette. Andre steder, ser politiet liten cyber-relaterte tiltak, i forhold til andre vanlige forbrytelser for eksempel innbrudd eller hærverk. Faktisk, det synes å ha jevnet i mange områder, mens bare en håndfull av personer har blitt fakturert de siste tre årene. I Leicestershire gikk Internett-baserte bedragerier ned fra 298 i 2010 til 167 i 2011 og 143 i 2012, opp til November. I Hertfordshire det ble bare 189 cyber-relaterte lovbrudd og 21 belastet fra 1 januar 2010 til 1 November 2012. Lancashire innspilt 19 Internett-baserte lovbrudd i samme tidsrom, seks under Computer Misuse Act. Bare ett ble belastet-de mottatt en fengselsstraff, men det involverte andre tilkoblede lovbrudd. Strathclyde rapportert 466 cyber forbrytelser i 2010, 543 i 2011 men så bare 143 mellom januar og oktober i 2012. Surrey har sett en nedgang i Computer Misuse Act lovbrudd, fra 45 i 2010 til 17 i 2012, og det har bare belastet en person. I alle FOI svar var det en nedgang eller meget beskjeden vekst i poster av cyber-kriminalitet. Det er til tross for indikasjoner fra mange kilder som viser Internett kriminalitet er på vei oppover. De siste tallene fra British Retail konsortiet viste totalkostnadene for detaljhandel kriminalitet i Storbritannia hoppet 15,6 prosent i et år. E-kriminalitet steg til å bli den mest kostbare av alle detaljhandel forbrytelser, regnskap for 37 prosent av totalt £1.6 milliarder tapt i ett år. I noen tilfeller, politiet utsette innspillingen av cyber-kriminalitet til nasjonale svindel intelligens Bureau (NFIB), men det gjør ikke rede for mangel på noen bemerkelsesverdige stiger i e-kriminalitet poster på tvers av britiske styrker. Usammenhengende politiarbeid Men hva alle disse tallene fortelle oss? De angir en nasjonal lappverk i cyber politiarbeid, hvor styrkene utenfor Met bare ikke har nok evne eller vilje til å opp sin innsats, sikkerhetseksperter mener. Kartet nedenfor høydepunkter denne lappverk, viser forskjeller i nivåer av cyber-kriminalitet og i kvaliteten på registrerer innen politiet styrker (disse styrkene ikke på kartet var ute av stand til å levere data): Se flere relaterte videoer og emner: http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xxe8cu_hass-and-associates-cyber-security-pc-scam_news#.USqpdqJTBWI http://www.good.is/posts/helgen-tech-lesing-hong-kong-blog-hass-associates-online

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