ac is to powerful, need help asap!!!!!!!!!!!1

I bought a dimmer switch for a 110v motor. i hooked it up and turned it on, it went to fast for what i need it to and it was on the lowest setting. it is a 600w slide dimmer switch. is there any way i could make it slower?

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

What do i need to cut this?

I am building a vdg and i need to cut a hole threw a heavy duty stainless steal bowl. how do i cut threw it because it is thick at the bottom. could i drill threw it? or is there any place i can take it to to get cut. i have a sawzaw and and a drill? i don't think that will do it. any ideas on how to do it.

Posted by DELETED_DELETED_kruser495 10 years ago

help i need an anvil (not railrode)

I need an anvil that is not railrode and is cheep so a 13 year old may get it. plese i cant make any thing so i cant post any thing and i am helpless.

Posted by knex newbie 11 years ago

mentors for robots hovercrafting and knex

Need mentors for the topics above (over the internet plz)

Posted by grayecastle 10 years ago

Xbox 360 rapid fire controller

I NEED HELP I have a wired Pelican controller. How would I rapid fire mod that?

Posted by luke96 8 years ago

1320 cub cadet lawn tractor

Need help getting the idler pulleys back on a cub cadet 1320, anybody have a picture of the underneath of a 1320 cub?

Posted by ah22 4 years ago

Sound Circuit

What I want to do is set up a switch so that every time it is toggled, one of two sounds are played on a speaker (which I also don't know how to connect). How would I go about doing this? This is for a homemade Aperture Science Handheld Dual Portal Device.

Posted by elementcollector1 7 years ago

Need recycled idea

I need an idea for a project that could be done in a short amount of time (like a week) that uses recycled materials, but is still kinda cool.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Need to build a circuit board

I need to build a small circuit board, with a timer and a led light, small as a nickel, I will provide more details. any idea?

Posted by danielm 10 years ago

I need a famous speech

I need to memorize a 7-10 minute famous speech for debate club.  I need a speech.  I don't want a big black speech because i'm half white and half asian and that would just look weird.  i have a nice powerful voice, but i just need a speech.Anyone?

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

Anyone need a hand?

I dont know why I did the title, but please ignore this topic if you are not Lowney, or spam this top all you want if you feel like it :-)

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

Do we need a lego forum?

I personally think there are enough lego instructibles and enough people who like legos. I mean we have a k'nex forum. Please give your opinion on this. 

Posted by vroom...vroom... 6 years ago

unknown wooden mask

I found a wooden mask (Indonesian,African ?) and need some help identifying it. Contact email is

Posted by ronfoster 5 years ago


I need some idea's for a project. I have a broken ipod i want to use. everything in the ipod works the files are just messed up. So i have a click wheel, hardrive, screen, and whatever else is in an ipod mini! Some friends and i are also throwing around idea's about a senior prank of sorts at our school and if we could use this to "brodcast" stuff over the intercom, or use the camera's or control lights or sumthing!!! we would love it!!! so if you will please let me know what you think

Posted by ninjaguy1 11 years ago

I need a book!!!!

I managed to score a free book of my choice from my local library but I do not know what to get I want a book that has something to do with engenering but I can not seem to find anything on amazon that does not seem like a textbook. I want a book that has a DYI theme going on. Any ideas that you have please post it.

Posted by TheDeadChemist 10 years ago

Are resistors need with mosfet?

I posted a very similar topic a couple minutes ago but I'm pretty sure noone can see it, so I'm copying and pasting the body. I just want to check this before I blow up my mosfet (I've never used mosfets before) Is it correct that you don't have a resistor from the voltage source to the gate (unlike bipolar transistors) Should or shouldn't you have a 1M ohm from gate to ground? Let's say I'm driving a mosfet from a 555, should I have a resistor from the output pin to gate? I think the schematic I'm reading just through a mosfet in where a bipolar use to be without changing that resistor.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

LED project

Here is what I got going; I want to use a 9v battery to power a led for a project on one of my guitars. I'm not sure what kind of resistor I would need. On hand I have a 33ohm and 1m resistors. The led is a 5mm cylinder with an inward cone on top. The led ranges from red, blue, yellow, and green in different patterns. It came from a light up snow flake and the original power source are 3 LR44 button batteries. I'm not sure what rating the led is, since I didn't see anything on the packaging. The schematic is just the same as the original setup minus the 9v(LR44s) and the switch(little slider). Thanks in advance for the help!

Posted by The Guitar 9 years ago

what is this error mean

This is copy paste of the error i got after publication i want to ask u what is exactly mean ERROR 401: edit object EVGV9V7GPBD5LXH - ERROR 401: edit object EVGV9V7GPBD5LXH thank u for seeing it reply must plz

Posted by ROCK FRANCIS 7 years ago

Green Bean chips

A few days ago I had some Green Bean Chips from Wholefoods, and I would like to know how to recreate them. I tried to dehydrate and fry t\ them but they didn't turn out the way I wanted them too. Now I was wondering if anybody would have any other ideas THanks

Posted by milonus 11 years ago

i need ideas!

Nevermind, i have something to work on.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

I need electronic ideas for school

For school I need to come up with a project that I need to make in electronics for my Independent study engineering technology class (you should see the abrieviation!). To my understanding I just get to make stuff in that class under my own free will. So I need cool ideas to make during the school year!

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

i need to put together a game design team

I need to put together a team so if your familiar with blender. message me on facebook  if your not well work are way around it.

Posted by mjay5 5 years ago



Posted by AK1928 7 years ago

9v to 3v

Hey, I need to know how to turn 9v into 3v can anyone help? Thanks, Cory

Posted by Flumesoft 10 years ago

I need a computer controlled milling machine built

I need a computer controlled milling machine that will be about 2'x2' frame and would be portable and able to be attached to a piece of metal sheet and capable of cutting plastic material. What I need it to do is duplicate a profile that a metal sheet has to plastic. To be able to attach this to a panel take a tracer that can copy the profile. I would like to ether partner up with someone or I would gladly pay for you to produce this machine. Please contact me at DMARR35@AOL.COM for more info

Posted by dmarr35 9 years ago

Need help with engine trouble.

Ok, i thought about buying this car, but want an idea on whats wrong with it, they sent me an email saying they checked the catalytic converter when i asked, its a rotary engine but on the post it said "Runs but slowly gets up to speed" and want an idea on that.

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

trying to look for a good gun to get, can anyone help?

I am trying to look for a good, (preferably full-metal, but not needed), efficient, inexpensive airsoft gun. Can anyone give me a hand?

Posted by Sturmgewehr44 9 years ago

jfet strangness NEED HELP

I just got some npn jfet transistors in the mail and I'm having problems. My setup is a +5.5 volt, gnd, -5.5 volt powersupply. I hooked up the LED to a resistor and going through the drain and source to the +5.5 volt and gnd so the LED lights up. Whenever I apply the negative voltage to the gate the transistor should turn off, right? well whenever I do nothing happends. When I touch the gate with my finger the LED turns on (no current) so the LED turns off. Sometimes when I touch it again it turns off (LED on). sometimes it just turns off when I touch it. When I touch a grounded (real ground, for like anti static stuff) aligator clip it does the same as my body. When I touch the -5.5 volt with one hand and touch the gate with the other nothing happends. Sometimes by how far away my finger to the gate the LED goes up and down in brightness. My questions is how can I turn the transistor on (so that the LED turns off) when I apply a voltage to the gate?

Posted by guyfrom7up 11 years ago

Famous Peoples

Kay so I'm doing a project here basically i need you to fill out this survey of people here on ibles just give a name for one category and try to pick the most influential people here and also try to pick someone who you could recognize by their avatar any day Please pick a new member every time Sorry, but Kiteman cannot be an answer he is already forced into another spot 1 who is an ibles member who stands tall and knows to pick their battles wisely 2 who is an ibles member who is always right and has a rock solid defense 3 who is an ibles member who is always here and you can't get enough of I know, there weird questions, but that's the best i can do without giving it away

Posted by Chicken2209 10 years ago

Sound controlled stage lighting

Ladies and Gents:I am seeking help from you guys. I am in a band and want to build something that can control some lighting we have. I am looking for it to be controller by the drummers kick pedal or my bass. Ideally, everytime a certain sound is created i want the light to go on then off. Kinda like a strobe light but only at certain times (the kick pedal of when a certain sound comes from the bass). If you guys have any ideas, let me know. Here is an example of how I'd like it to work. Thanks for any help.

Posted by fightclub 9 years ago

I am desperately searching for a DURAMAX XP 10 000 E GENERATOR, Carburator

Our Generator Broke down in the middle of the 4 day THANKSGIVING SNOW STORM of the north east. Our Repairman helped us get it going, but stated, he was unable to find a Garburator. I believe he called all his professional contacts. I wanted to try to see if any of the tinkerers  , and geniuses, had any ideas whom to ask, and would be so kind to share this information with me? Thank you so much in advance for your kindness SparkySolar/Rima

Posted by SparkySolar 4 years ago

Need More Entrants in Art Contest

Ugh!!! I need more people for this contest!!! Please join my art contest!-> Thanx!

Posted by lil larry 7 years ago

i need a sniper rifle fast!

Someone post me a sniper rifle that looks cool long has at least ammo of five plz!!!

Posted by combatknex 10 years ago

need knex gun ideas

All i want is some ideas so if you have some go ahead and let me know thanks

Posted by bob the HUNTER 6 years ago

I need an idea for a forum game, and I need your help.

And if you have the best suggestion, you get a patch. Lucky you. Well, I have 15 new patches and I need something to do with them. I don't want to give them away, and I don't want to do a super hard forum game (Wiki hide-and-go seek) that barely anyone will try. The rules are(for this topic) Only three suggestions may be suggested per person. That's about it. At the end of the week, I will pick the most suggested idea. (As in, you may suggest someone else's idea. In fact, i hope you do.) If by some stroke of luck, no suggestions are suggested twice, I will pick a random one, and that person who suggested it will get the patch. Thanks for your help.

Posted by Rock Soldier 8 years ago

Need help with DS18B20 1-wire thermometer IC

So I recently bought a DS18B20 1-wire digital thermometer IC to use with an arduino.  But when I hooked it up, I couldn't get any reading at all out of it.  I have the VDD pin wired to 5v on the arduino, the gnd wired to gnd, and the data pin wired to analog pin 0.  Any help would be awesome.

Posted by dudes 3 years ago

boat bottom 4 raft

I have an inflatable raft I want to put a firm (solid) bottom in--need ideas from all--its 41" x 106"--once I have a bottom I want to use w/ a trolling motor--Thanks in advance for any & all suggestions

Posted by zucchini 5 years ago


We really need to connect !  I am looking for other instructable machines to connect with.  We, as humans, are the best machines when we connect with others with similar interests.  I have particular interests, but I would like to match them with ones that I do not have.  We all have ideas, inventions, and other agendas which we can achieve if we pool our efforts together with the right contacts.  Lets do this and get off our collective butts!  We have the potential but we will never realize our goals and dreams if we work purely on our own.

Posted by AMACHINE 9 years ago

Aussie in trouble

Hey all u pyros out there i'm an aussie who is having a little trouble with Blackpowder ingredients, ive got charcoal (obviously) and potassium nitrate from sparklers but sulphur is impossible to find any ideas?

Posted by cor0018 10 years ago

Scale is wrong on free airplane plans

I got some free plans off of the internet, but when i print them off at 100% the scale is off by a little, can anyone help me out I am really hoping to build this plane.

Posted by Steamdnt 10 years ago

Please help me!

Recently, my firewall on my laptop was somehow removed and about 26 malicious files viruses, 5 different trojans and some other things I can't identify got installed, how do I remove them? my service is not registered and when I go to search for the file and delete it (I search my entire pc) it can't find it! HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!

Posted by Pumpkin$ 10 years ago

Does the untangle need ball joint connectors?

I really wanna build it but I dont know if it needs them.

Posted by 345138 8 years ago

Need free leather

Hi, So, I need some leather for a project that im doing. There are no local places where they sell it here either.  If you have so extra, or stuff that you don't need anymore, that be great. Thanks!

Posted by owlart101 6 years ago

I need a tonor printer

I need to make circuit boards for the mashup contest, my school is off for the break. I need a print shop where I can give them the paper and a pdf file and they'll print it out usaing a tonor printer, what I have around: Fedex kinkos ProCopy Walmart I need a place where I can definetly get what I want. I need to do this sometime tormorow!

Posted by guyfrom7up 11 years ago

How to program in C/C++

Wow, I haven't been on for a long time, anyway, does anyone know how to get started in C/C++ programming? I am looking to buy a gp2x to write applications for, and these are the other languages that it will accept, Assembler CACK Fenix Pascal GLBASIC Python Ruby Sdlbasic So what should i learn first, C++ or the other ones, an if you answer could you point me to a good book or guide?

Posted by Steamdnt 9 years ago

need ideas for an invention for school invention convention

Last year for the invention convention i made a hovercraft and everyone was really impressed and now this year i don't know what to do i need to keep up my reputation i just need a good idea.

Posted by Tanners 10 years ago

Help needed! (PLease Read)

Hello everyone, I'm using getphpbb and I was wondering if anyone could find out what the price to obtain your backup is? I cannot log on after receiving several confirmation emails. Also, does anyone think they can help me make a forum layout? Also, moderators are needed! PM me and I will send you what you need! Thanks!

Posted by Murdok 10 years ago

Need a Gas Tank

Hey guys, this is my first time on the forum section of the instructables! Not a bad place to be, really. So here's the thing. I have this old scooter that I've had for as long as I can remember. It was the very first thing I rode that was powered by a motor and my father bought it for me so I could get ready for my first motorcycle (Which was sadly stolen about a year ago :/). Last year, my dad went back to our hometown to visit family and he brought it back with him, but there was one problem. We have no gas tank for it. I have NO idea where it could have gone or why it wasn't brought back. Oh well though. I have this scooter, the same as Wesley666 does. I'm having trouble finding the gas tank on my own. Notice that there is a gas tank that I took from a weed eater just to try it out. But I'm not sure it would work out very well. I mean, look at the size comparison between the two? I also want to keep original parts on this nostalgic machine. Sorry if the pictures are oriented weird, but these are taken with my phone.You can see from the thread posted above there is a picture that shows a blurry close up to the gas tank and I can't really tell what it says. "Something EBR Motor". Long story short I need to get that gas tank, maybe even the gas line that comes with it, in order to get this thing working again. Does anyone know of the brand name of the scooter so I could get the original parts I need? 

Posted by jkristensen1 4 years ago

My PSG-1 (K'nex)

Well, I just finished my PSG-1. Out of nowhere!!!! YEAH! It is full-sized, but the stock is a piece of shi*. I tried my best to copy the Hensoldt 6x42 on the top, but, it's okay. It is converted from Trauts' G36C. It does NOT fire. : ( Pics will be coming soon. EDIT: The gun is now doing what it does best, looking damn fine in my display case. I will be establishing a release date of January 20th. A pic will probably be put up on New Year's day. DOUBLE EDIT: It can be converted into a G3, EASILY. Take off the scope. TRIPLE EDIT: Pics will be up in a couple hours. QUADRUPLE EDIT: I can't get instructions. If you built it, by all means, post it.

Posted by DrWeird117 9 years ago

Need Altoids Tins

I just need some Altoids tins to make survival kits for my family i have all the other stuff I just need the Altoids tins if you want to send some just let me know and we will arrange the shipping!

Posted by I3uckwheat 7 years ago