never ending contest!!!!

Just made a little thing up, if you comment on one of my instructables with in 2minuets after its been published, i will subscribe to you!!! this forum is included so add a comment quick!!! this will aply to every single thing i post in the future so remember to add a comment as quickly as possible to any of my new instructables.

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There is never no hope left

Sometimes, when I'm discouraged, I watch this video. It gives me hope.Moving Windmills.

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how can i set up xp not to save cookies or web pages cause of fast enough internet connection ?

Seems like this is where all the malware comes from anyways i dont want a web page or anything else storing anyfiles on my comp my internet is fast enough i dont need to

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Newsletter patch never received!

Hello! My Instructable was featured in the April 7th newsletter under a modified name (Look for "Portable Rickroll") but I never received a newsletter patch! I know that this is kind of ego centric but could somebody see if I was supposed to get a patch? I really like patches! They are like achievements for! Many Thanks, -XtremD

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I want to know, in full disclosure, what future plans HQ has for the delete function..Please do not put us off, with I will submit your concern's, But go to the decision maker to get the REAL information !.If there is fear for your position, then assign someone planning to leave, for resolving important this task..

Topic by iceng 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Forum Topics Never Post

I've recently posted to the forums: It does not get posted to the specified forum; however, if I search under my profile I do see it has been made "public" in a way. I've had this problem years ago and was told I was most likely caught by the filter robot-something-mer-other.. So.. I'd like to ask if I can be white listed or cleared. It is very frustrating, especially when I eventually do make an instructable I always have to ask to be cleared for it to show on the site.

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NEVER DO THIS! my story.

So, i have been working on making a coil gun. and for that, i need a cap bank. so i took twenty caps from cameras and put them in parallel. it was a lot of capacitors. i went to go charge them up late at night and believe me, that was a big mistake. i flip the switch and started waiting for the light to come on. until, i cap exploded. i couldn't hear for almost 15 seconds. it scared the crap out of me, and i am sure that it would of hurt if i touched it. don't do this. i got in big trouble from my

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Never receive my prize

Hi I was a winner (First 5) of the cardboard contest. I already received the instructables prize with my robot t-shirt.  Thanks it is great :) A few weeks ago I received a mail (not email) from Fedex describing the sending of my prize. I'm surprise to see that it mentions the sending of the prize "Three Month HowToons Subscription". First because I don't received this pack, I only received the tshirt from instructables (thanks it is great). And also because I'm in the First(5) winners and it's normally six month HowToons subscription and not three. Could you please tell me if I will receive it? Thanks for your response. Have a good day

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Never throw snowballs at a hummer...

Around 200 people in Washington DC got a shock after a maroon hummer got caught in the cross-fire of a friendly snowball fight. The driver got out and pulled a gun. The driver was a cop... The cop, who was off-duty at the time of the incident, was later filmed admitting the over-zealous action, saying: "I did it because I got hit with snowballs." Assistant Chief Pete Newsham said: "We have to see what the entire circumstance was. But just a snowball fight, not in my mind, that doesn't seem a situation where we would pull out a service weapon." The officer has been placed on desk duty pending the results of an investigation, which could be finished in as quickly as "weeks". BBC story UK Sun story (source of main image) Associated Press article (source of second image)  

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What causes irrational numbers such as pi to never form patterns? Answered


Question by Oblivitus 10 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Once in a lifetime, people!

Ok, so maybe this isn't a burning question, but I had to post it, because I knew nothing like this would ever happen again. Ever. Check out the pic. Posts: 1111 Replies: 12534 (Re-arrange that. It goes 12345.) Now this moment will be forever remembered. Unless someone flags it :D But I know no one would do that. Please don't do that!

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"Meow", the joke that never gets noticed!

    Okay, the joke I am going to be showing you is called "Meow".  It was invented by my brother in 8th grade, and it is absolutely hilarious! Oh, and by the by, you need to be able to keep a straight face for this joke, or it will not work.     So, the joke is very simple. You just insert a subtle "meow" into your sentence when you are talking to someone.  Example:     "Hey, man! How are you doing?"  "Oh, pretty good, meow."  "That's great."  "So, meow, umm, have you heard of the concert coming to town? meow."  "Yeah, I've heard of it."  "Are you going? meow."  "No, I can't."  "meow. Well, that sucks. meow. Well, I'm going to the concert. meow."  "Well, see you later, I have a bus to catch."  "Okay, meow. See you later!"      It really helps to make the pitch of the "meow"s to be the same as the sentence before or after.  My brother had to do a speech in front of the class, and he said "meow" FIFTY-TWO times in the the speech, and nobody noticed!

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knex never-made before contest!

This contest is for anyone who can send me a picture of thier never-made before build. there is 3 places that recieve prizes. if you come first you win a subscribe and 5* on all of your instructables and forums and questions... if you come second you will get a subscribe and 5* on all of your instructions... if you come third you will get a subscribe.   to enter build something  from knex  that has never been done before and send me a picture of it before 2011 at midnight. i will alow models you have made that are still new but made before this contest started.  good luck.

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Search has never once worked

I've had a pro membership for some time. In the couple years as a member never once have I ever received any results any time I have tried to use the search functions on the site. By never, I do mean in fact not once, ever. It would be a really empowering thing to be able to search for specific items/terms. Assistance greatly appreciated.

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Never needed a warranty in my life?

What's with people needing like, 3 years cover for everything they own? Seriously, what do people do with their tech? I've never needed to honour a warranty in my life, and I void them without care. Wen people buy a TV, do they expect it not to work? I bet most warranties are really just some technophobe who accidentally messed with their settings and can't fix them again, or people who dropped their stuff and said it came like that.

Topic by baneat 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

I never thought I'd post this...

"Please look at my Instructable"Some bug is preventing it showing up on the "recent" search, but RedneckOreo could see it via my page, so you should be able to as well. It's called How to be a Great White Hunter in the privacy of your own home.

Topic by Kiteman 11 years ago

Ideas that never quite got finnished....

This topic is intended as somewhere to abandon ideas we can't seem to get to work. Fully auto k'nex guns, new designs, ect. If you finnish someone else's project or take inspiration from them, please post props. Have fun, Snipe

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Premium memberships upgrades never work

I have at least 11 premium membership upgrades Iv'e acquired over the years and they never work.  I am logged in, click "redeem, then it asks me to log in again, then I am taken to the homepage.   Nothing.   I tried on Chrome, Canary and FF.  (highSierra) A while back I gave a few memberships to friends and they had similar experiences.   Ultimately it's no huge deal for me, my experience doesn't change, but its a bummer when I am trying to loop people into this community and the onboarding reward fails ya know?  I see quite a few posts here with similar experiences too. Thanks in advance.

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My never-published K'nex creations

These are just a couple of my creations that I never posted. I'm don't have most of them anymore, so don't even ask for me to post. Hope you like them! 1 And 2 are my gatling gun. This was a great gun, but the motor was not powerful enough to push the triggers. I liked it because it had the switch for the motor build right onto the handle. 3 And 4 are my version of spider massacre. It was a great gun, it shot 60 feet with 2 rubberbands (the ones on in the picture). 5 And 6 are a really good magazine I made. 7 Is my modded dd-27. It was not a big mod, but it is still one of my favorite guns. 8 Is my Semi-Auto. This was a excellent gun, but took a while to reload. 9: The front of my modded Pineapplebob's sniper. This mod helped a lot. 10 is my sniper. Silentassasin actually made a Instructable for this one. 11 and 12: A really old mod of foresthell12's gun. it was excellent. Redneckobseesed expanded a little more on this one and came up with the ROSP. Thats it! Thanks for having a look at this forum.

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Never Swerve When Driving the Bus

Here's an interview with Autodesk's CEO, Carl Bass, that hits many of the reasons why I'm still fired up to do the stuff we're doing on Instructables and in Autodesk.  There are frustrations and challenges being in a big company, but the positive impact we can have on the world is undeniably larger.  I particularly like the analogy of measuring the light from a star far away -- the light might still be visible when the source has long ago faded away. And the analogy for me is that a small company’s a ball-peen hammer; you can move it back and forth really quickly. Big companies are more sledgehammers. It takes a lot to move them, but when you do you can actually have a big impact. So you start realizing that a lot of the work you’re doing, which might not feel that satisfying in the short term, is really necessary so that you can swing the sledgehammer and have a bigger impact. .... This is my current fascination: it’s this whole idea about keeping companies entrepreneurial and innovative and cutting-edge. The thing that I worry about a lot is how companies measure themselves. The analogy is that you can see light from a star that burned out a long time ago — it’s 100 light years away, and three years ago that star died.  Never Swerve When Driving the Bus

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Is sour cream sour? I've never had it.

Question by mynameiswillem 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Instructable was featured but never appeared on the home page

I published an instructable yesterday ( and received an email saying that it had been featured. It has the little "featured!" Banner over the icon, too. But it never appeared on the home page. I checked "explore --> featured", and found five or so instructables that were featured around the time mine was that never appeared on the home page, either.  I don't know if is is an actual bug, or if things are just done differently now. I just thought I would mention it. :p

Topic by SnazzyBot 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Front Page Feature Never Showed Up

I got an email stating that my latest instructable was featured on the front page, but I never saw it there. Did anyone else? I got the email around 5:30 am, does that mean it was featured for a bit in the early morning and then disappeared into the tech category? Is there a significant delay between the time something is chosen to be featured and the time it appears on the front page? Thanks! Xellers

Topic by Xellers 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

I entered a into a contest and never showed up.

So I entered into a contest around 1 hour before it ended.  It did not show next morning in the voting area. Once finished reviewing by moderator, will it be in the voting process the goes to May 8th.

Topic by CarterBond 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Featured instructable never made the main page?

Do all featured instructables go on the main page? usually, when I get a feature, It is featured right away, and for the next day or so, I see it on the main page. I posted a cutting board a couple days ago that got featured about 24 hours later. The problem is that when it was featured it was too late to go on the main page... Is this common? I get a lot of views while on the main page...

Topic by SlickSqueegie 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

I've never been able to upload images.

I can upload images, but they don't seem to store anywhere. The only time it has worked, I accidently uploaded a dumb picture as my avatar when I didn't want one. All I did was upload and suddenly, dumb avatar. I couldn't get rid of it, so uploaded another barely acceptable pic in it's place. I can't put anything in my library, or find any standard patch pictures anywhere. Is it me or my software, or a bug? Windows XP Professional V2002 Service pack 3. IE 7.

Topic by caarntedd 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Things your instructor never told you...

I was chatting about changing driving tests with a colleague today, and I realised that I had been driving longer than she has been alive, in often rougher conditions.That means I knew a couple of things about driving that she didn't. Others here are in a similar state as I am, but many are in a similar state to her - young, and only learning (or yearning to learn) to drive.How about sharing tricks that make your driving easier and/or safer that your driving instructor never taught you?Here're my starters:Reverse is lower gear than first - if you're stuck in a pothole, or trying to get up a hill your car can't quite manage, try again backwards.Watch your thumbs - when driving in water, snow or mud, or otherwise uneven ground, keep your thumbs on the steering wheel, not in the "hole" - sudden unevenness can kick the wheel and spin it with enough force to break thumbs, especially if you don't have power steering.Brake as you enter a sharp turn, accelerate as you leave it.In urban driving, skill beats power every time (me and my 900cc mini could beat my mate and his three-litre Capri Sport across town every time).On icy wet roads, slow down gradually with the gears instead of with the brakes

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My plaster of paris molds never work

I tried making one part and also two part (push) molds with plaster of paris. I followed the directions and mixed two parts of plaster to one part of cool water and poured into a box (dunno the technical name for it) over my shape. But the plaster sticks to my shape no matter what. I can't get my shape (positive) out without breaking my mold b/c it won't release. I've tried mineral oil, silicone release spray, and vaseline. The vaseline has worked the best but I can't use it on every part. I've tried making a mold of a piece of wood and a concrete paver and neither of which worked.  I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It seems fairly straight forward. Lubricate the positive (what I want to make a mold of), put a slab of clay down, put the box around the positive and imbed into the clay to prevent leaking from the bottom, and then pour the plaster over the positive. 

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Controversy drives sales - will tabloids never learn?

There's a small family company, BrickArms, which plies its trade online, selling modified Lego minifigs.They are genuine Lego pieces, but modified into (mainly) military garb.Recently, their sales rose so dramatically that they have had to stop taking orders. Not bad, for a company selling individual Lego figures for ten times their originalpurchase price in the middle of a credit crunch.What happened?The media, that's what happened. In the UK, right-wing tabloid Daily Mail found out about the company, and immediately got all in a tizzy because the characters glorify terrorism - they all wear head-scarves or Nazi uniforms. They got a quote from a Muslim and a Jew to say how horrified they were. They got a quote from Lego to emphasise they were not official.They completely ignored half the company's range - as well as Germans and desert-clad figures, they have US marines, a Bond-style secret agent, a Colonial Marine and a zombie-assault set. The figures are meant for diorama-style displays, not to be played with by small children.Things aren't all bad, though - as soon as many readers saw the article, they went straight off to find out where they could be bought. Sales have soared. Even their UK distributor has had to close their ordering systems to catch up.Maybe somebody from BrickArms ought to write a letter of thanks?BrickArms website

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Why people dream of something that would never happen?

Question by Gliucoza 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Recess a medicine cabinet? Never cut wallboard before.

I have a stud finder, a friend with proper type of saw for wallboard. Need instruction

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Never type again -how slackers make instructables

Check out my new instructable. It shows you how to never have to type using a free service called jott. You can then take that, add pictures, and make a complete ible without ever touching your keyboard. do you think?Eric, do you approve? Other Instructables staff?

Topic by LinuxH4x0r 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Received confirmation, but instructable never showed up in contest

I received an email yesterday telling me my instructable "Bookcase with dog parts" was accepted in the Pets Contest, but so far it has not showed up.

Topic by knife141 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Kiteman, I would never expect this from you!

I've seen DJ Radio, Keith Kid, and GorrilazMiko up to these shenanigans, but Kiteman?? Honestly, now.Thoughts, my fellow Iblians?

Topic by Labot2001 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Published Instructables never appear - spam filter bug

Without fail, every instructable I publish gets stuck in the Instructables spam filter. Now some might consider my Instructables to be spam, but it's a real pain to put a lot of effort into an instructable, and never see it make it through to official published status. I always have to send a PM to @jessyratfink to ask her to release the Instructable from the filtering system. It would be awesome if whatever it is that is causing my Instructables to be tagged as NGFI (Not Good For Instructables), be corrected. That way I would not have to bug @jessyratfink every time I hit the publish button!

Topic by MidnightMaker 4 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Some random guns I never displayed on ibles

Alright, so I never really worried about it before, but I figured I'd show them now. These are a bunch of old weapons that I had at KI or KA but never bothered showing here. There's nothing huge that you've missed out on, but you might see something you never knew was done before. 1. This was in a video so you guys probably saw it, but I don't think I ever put pictures here. This is one of the first (don't know how many, if any, others there were) horizontal magazine guns. It loaded dark greys with green rods. I have tried making a more compact version for a while but I could never get one to load as reliably. 2. I guess this was the precursor to the BAW. I honestly forgot about it until now. Basically, before I figured out SK's removable magazine concept but after I learned how to make a decent magazine for yellows, I tried making a shelled-round gun with removable magazines. It had a really crude way of attaching but it worked. It fired very well, actually. But the shells didn't want to eject so you had to manually eject them. It was too crude of a weapon so I never kept working with it. I have tried making other shelled-round weapons but none have quite pleased me. 3. This is probably one of the more interesting ones. With my trigger concept that I loved so much, I tried making a bullpup bolt action. It worked I guess, but it had bad range because the trigger required I made a barrel up to it. I could've vastly improved this by using the PDR trigger, but I figured out, well one I didn't have the pieces and two the stock would be uncomfortably long if I did. 4. I don't know if I showed this here. I had thread on KI for it, though. It was my attempt at a Thompson M1A1. Bleh, it was very crude but I figured I'd show it anyways. 5. Here comes an assortment of assault pistols I worked on while at KA. I have notes written on them so apparently I brought them over here, but I don't remember where I may have displayed them, so I'll post them anyways. The first is a "revolver" using the redone concept by oompa on his revolver. 6. This one was a redo of the first one I mad a long time ago. Back before oodammo but after the TDS and all other side arms were being overdone, assault pistols were pretty much the new fad, and it became my obsession for a while to make the perfect one after seeing bitz's. This one fired blue rods. It's funny looking at it now, I could easily make one better in so many ways if I didn't care about using plain magazines. 7. This was my last one (not counting the revolver, which was done for kicks 'n' giggles) before oodammo. I tossed the blue rod magazine in favor of a removable, internal pusher darkgrey+green rod magazine. Lol, looking at this thing now...I was happy with the magazine at the time back when detachables weren't entirely common. So yeah, that's all I can find for now. You guys are welcome to dig around and see if you can't find something you've never shown before.

Topic by TheDunkis 7 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

If you've never subscribed to Make, now's a good time.

I love to read Make, when I'm at the bookstore having coffee. I just can't generally justify $15 for an issue, but loved Make 21 and all the rapid prototyping stuff. I didn't quite breakdown and buy it, but I did tear out a subscription insert, 4 issues for $35. Fast forward a week and there's a link on the front page of BoingBoing, right now Feb 01,  5 issues for $30 bucks, and even better if you agree to auto renew you get an additional $5 off, Suh-weet!!!  5 issues for $25, had to get that as a B'day present for myself, too darn good a deal to pass up.

Topic by Tool Using Animal 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Why do instructables pictures never work as they are supposed to?

Anyone else notice the two javascript errors written into every instructable? Why has nobody fixed this? One of the errors is a simple problem of someone forgot a '}' but the other error is a more annoying one. 'imageSpot is undefined'. The upshot for my old computer, as well as my other newer home computer, is that images do not desplay correctly. I can see the thumbnails, but clicking on the images does nothing. Its extremely infuriating to read a great instructable, complete with lots of images and not be able to see the details on any one image! Why has this not been addressed! Just define the damn variable, and fix the bracket and we can all read instructables in peace. Thanks, -Mike

Topic by CoolMike 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Countdown timer doesn't exit and the loop never repeats?

We want to run the stepper motor by 180 degrees and want to repeat it after long delay (say 2 hours or so) with a countdown timer displayed in LCD attached to Arduino. Every thing happening successfully except the loop doesn't start after the countdown ends. #include #include const int stepsPerRevolution = 200;  // change this to fit the number of steps per revolution // for your motor // initialize the stepper library on pins 8 through 11: Stepper myStepper(stepsPerRevolution, 8, 9, 10, 11); // initialize the library with the numbers of the interface pins LiquidCrystal lcd(7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2); int hours = 0; // start hours int minutes = 0; //start min int seconds = 10; //start seconds int stepCount = 0;         // number of steps the motor has taken void setup() {   // initialize the serial port:   Serial.begin(9600);   pinMode(13, OUTPUT);   // set up the LCD's number of columns and rows:   lcd.begin(16, 2);   // Print a message to the LCD. } void loop() {   // set the cursor to column 0, line 0   // (note: line 0 is the first row, since counting begins with 0):   lcd.setCursor(0, 0);   lcd.print("DRUM ROTAING");   for (int i = 0; i <= 100; i++) {     // step one step:     myStepper.step(1);     Serial.print("steps:");     Serial.println(stepCount);     stepCount++;     delay(125);   }   lcd.clear();   lcd.setCursor(0, 0);   lcd.begin(16, 2);   lcd.print("Count Down Timer ");   delay(150);   while (hours > 0 || minutes > 0 || seconds >= 0) {     lcd.setCursor(4, 2);     (hours < 10) ? lcd.print("0") : NULL;     lcd.print(hours);     lcd.print(":");     (minutes < 10) ? lcd.print("0") : NULL;     lcd.print(minutes);     lcd.print(":");     (seconds < 10) ? lcd.print("0") : NULL;     lcd.print(seconds);     lcd.display();     stepDown();     delay(1000);   } } void stepDown() {   if (seconds > 0) {     seconds -= 1;   } else {     if (minutes > 0) {       seconds = 59;       minutes -= 1;     } else {       if (hours > 0) {         seconds = 59;         minutes = 59;         hours -= 1;       } else {               }     }   } } We used break, return 0, continue, etc. but somehow didn't work. Kindly tell how to exit so that program repeats itself. Thanks.

Question by meetshivam 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Why can I NEVER seem to get a gusset attached correctly for a box pillow? The corners never work out correctly!

Sewing a gusset, sewing home dec box cushions,

Question by 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

A BALONY detection kit....I have never seen this before.

I thought this was REALLY useful. Check it out and lt me know what you all think: Some thing real to grasp hold of, from the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science.

Topic by Goodhart 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Annotation/Note boxes never line up where they are supposed to.

Annotation box may not be the right word, because I've never done an Instructable, but I am talking about the "Note" boxes that you hover over to see the author's note on his project images. They rarely line up with what they are supposed to, no matter what Instructable I view. So I don't think it's the author's fault (Sometimes they are even way out of whack, like on the wrong side of an image), I think it's a bug.For example, scroll down to the image of the pear painted on the glass on this page, and notice where the note is. Several of his images are that way, some are worse off than others:

Topic by MCWHAMMER 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and NEVER shop at RadioShack

So, tips for building things that I've learned today:Have some strange piece of hardware that you're trying to take apart? Like that dead cell phone, for its pager motor? I just found the bristlebot project, and it's too cute. Also, I'm home for winter, and all that Highschool-Star left here was a pile of magnet wire, and some electrical tape. Not even a breadboard! (Ah well, thanks highschool-Star, for what stuff is here - Star-of-the-future gets none!).So, without a tiny Torx-6 screwdriver that I'm sure my family would use exactly once (I mean, that I would use exactly once), I drove to the nearest place and - did not buy one.I walked in, unscrewed the screws I needed out, and put it back on the shelf.$15, saved!Also, don't buy batteries at radioshack, ever. 3V coin-cells were the same price as 1.5-volters, and, at $6, all of them cost less than a frappucino at Starbucks. Six dollars! That's around $2 per VOLT, at best! So I left and went to the drugstore where two 3V coincells cost $2. Much better.

Topic by stasterisk 11 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

never mind I figured out how to wire it correctly!!

I have a generator that puts out 14 dc volts when you pedal fast on a bike. I need to wire it to both a light and a rechargeable battery pack.  The switch has 3 contacts on each side for a total of 6. I want to be able to switch the light off so the battery pack gets charged during the day. The light has wires coming from it. Please Help!!!

Question by TOCO 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Mythbusters! New never before seen clips! (Banned from Discovery)

Hi,Here are a few clips most of you have probably never seen before. They are banned from discovery and never actually aired on tv. They aren't even on the mythbusters site. So here for your enjoyment 2 never before seen Myths. Missing flatus experiments (Lighting Farts, Do pretty Girls Fart :) Just a quick note. There are two versions of mythbusters. One with a British announcer and one with a stupid American announcer> I hate the American announcer. He sounds so stupid. In general British people sound smarter than Americans in my opinion. I think that Americans think British sound smarter because Americans are only exposed to the only the smarter smaller percentage of the British. Why do you think British people sound smarter than Americans and what do you think of this great hidden clips.Thanks

Topic by joejoerowley 11 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

A good, never mind, Great way to start metal forging/casting

I am pretty new, wait, very new to this, ok im a straight complete noob and i only know what i have seen (not much, but i do know how to scavenge anything and modd things to make it work...) and i was just wondering what would be the best way to make a medium sized forge and what to use to fuel it.

Topic by FunkNattidelic 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

how to make a baby sensor so never forget the baby at the car?

I want to build a device that i put on the baby chair and when i put the baby it "feel" the weight and knows is there/ if i go more then 5 meter from the car it will start bip me that the my child is still there can any one please help me build something like that or at least in what RF transmission-resiver use and also what micro controller i should use with?? any help is blessed thank in advance

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Deadline Question from a Person Who Never Pays Attention To Deadlines

Hey instructables community, I just had a question that Im pretty sure I know the answer too, but since I thought of my contest idea 4 1\2 days in advance (of course), Every day of building and counts. Anyway, enough babbling, on to my very simple question - With the Gorilla Glue Contest, the deadline in August 30th. This does mean you can still enter on August 30th, correct? I was pretty sure of this, but since Im investing all my spare time for the next 2 days into it, I didnt wanna rush through and then be like "Awww..." . So anywho, if somebody could clear that up for me, it'd be appriciated. Thanks! -xD

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Can't edit Instructable, Page says Updating but never finishes. HELP!

I'm in a quandary now. I was editing an instructable and adding an image to it from my image library when the page dimmed with the message "Updating" but it never finished. It's now stuck in that mode and I can't edit it. I tried another instructable I had started and get the same problem.  The screen is dimmed with the "Updating" text and busy signal and I can't do anything.  I can't even start a new instructable. I've closed my browser and reopened it. I've tried different browsers, nothing works.  I fear I may have lost all my work creating the instructable which took days.  My username is lauckstreet.  Can someone please help me and fix this problem. Thanks, Bob Hunt

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what the best ipod touch app game,that never gets old or very addicting?

What the best ipod touch app game,that never gets old or very addicting?

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