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When a person reads reviewer comments serially, over a period of time, the order 'newest-to-oldest' works well. But if a person reads a bunch of comments (often spanning a number of days) at once, it is much easier if the comments can be viewed 'oldest-to-newest'. Any chance of adding that option to the instructables page?

Posted by LakeLivin 9 years ago

My new new knex arsenal

Here it is. Take a guess.

Posted by Hiyadudez 8 years ago

My Newest Knex Gun project z

This is my newest knex gun. It is a REAL bolt action and has two modes sniper and assault

Posted by darth acexxacer 10 years ago

"Newest Post" time in forums are off

Yes, for this board. It is hilarious.

Posted by Sorunome 4 years ago

my newest arsenal

This is my newestr arsenal not much but good the sexbow from zak the mezak celebration of zak and mepain the FSSG from logic boy you can see i really like oodammo and just post your newest arsenal i really like to see what's your war kit thanks

Posted by dutchwarlord 8 years ago


My newest gun, check it out.

Posted by bakenbitz 10 years ago

my newest project, should be posted before the end of winter break.

Well, here is a small look at my newest project. should be posted in around a weak(probably less) i was going to post it on december 24, but mepains posting his thing... anyway, here is a picture of it. one good thing about it is that it uses no cut pieces, and only a little tape. but there is one really rare piece that i can't reveal yet, but i will say that it is probably the best knex thing i have ever made.

Posted by dsman195276 9 years ago

My newest gun

This is what I have been working on. It has a bottom rail, front sight, true trigger, bolt action mech, removable storable mags, and a ROF that is zkar or greater. Discuss. Also, help me name it. leave your suggestions in a comment below.

Posted by rec0n 8 years ago


What have you been building????? =D This  is my newest build

Posted by TSC 8 years ago

USB build!

What USB are you  building latey???? This is my newest usb thing that I have made!!

Posted by TSC 8 years ago

My newest gun

This is my final version of this gun. It was originally called an M16 but it doesn't look like one anymore. There are removable clips that you can pre-load, the front grip is detachable as is the top sight rail. I'm posting it on KI at the end of the month. Instructions have been posted

Posted by bakenbitz 10 years ago

my knex guns

Theses are my newest knex guns tell me what you think

Posted by ninjusk 9 years ago

My Newest Instructable Insists That it Will Only View All Steps at Once

I made a new step-by-step in instructable, and it seems to insist that it all belongs on one page. ( )  I wonder if, perhaps, this might be a recent problem because my sister recently made her first instructable here and it did the same thing to hers.

Posted by ZephyrAryn 3 years ago

new contests have the same bug-new entries not showing up

In the two newest contests it says "7 entries" but there are no entries

Posted by bravoechonovember1 3 years ago

Error:No files.

I was putting the finishing touches on my newest instructable  and when I try to upload the photos that I need it says "Error: No files." Anyone know a workaround?

Posted by bravoechonovember1 2 years ago

iPod Touch

How do you jail break the ipod touch 4th gen? (newest one). And what exactly does jailbreaking do? please answer. thanks

Posted by stevenh429 7 years ago

TBOS (Thunder Bolt Oodammo Sidearm)

Here is my newest, and best pistol so far. It has a great range and accuracy. Check it out!!Killer~SafeCracker

Posted by Killer~SafeCracker 9 years ago

the "vote" button disappeared

On my newest instructable I got the acceptance email but when I tried to vote i realised that the "vote" button wasn't there

Posted by bravoechonovember1 2 years ago

Cool Gadget

This might be old news but I've just found this and thought it was a very nice thing .

Posted by FriendOfHumanity 9 years ago

Jameco's newest Puzzler

Ok guys n gals, I felt good enough this morning to wade through my email, and I found the latest Jameco Puzzler, just waiting for me. I puzzled over this for about 3 minutes, and then guessed and low and behold.......(see the figure below) So anyways, HERE is the puzzler, make a guess before looking at the answer :-)This is NOT a contest, have fun with it....for those that have electronics background, think about it for a bit, remember how an opamp works, and you should be able to get it right on the first guess. Above all though, have fun with it.

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Featured Author: DeandrasCrafts

Did you see our newest featured author interview with DeandrasCrafts?  Is there a question you wish I had asked?  Now's your chance!  Ask it here!

Posted by Danger is my middle name 4 years ago

Browsing by categories crash

When I open the app on my iPad (iOS 10.0.1) the app just crashes to the home screen. This goes for pressing both the top menu and the drop down menu. My app version is the newest version (2.64.5)

Posted by GuestPolis 1 year ago

terrible overview about instructables' comments

Hi there, is it possible to sort comments? I see comments in nearly random sort, but want to see the newest first.  Any forum at this planet will do the job, why not thanks in advance Thomas

Posted by ttäschner 4 years ago

Knex Ball Machine - Xyphos

 This is my newest Knex ball machine, Xyphos.  It is five and a half feet tall, has five paths and three lifts (credit to Shadowman39 for the first two).  Hope you like it!

Posted by DELETED_KnexLord1 8 years ago

Knex Ball Machine - Schizoid

Here is my newest ball machine, Schizoid.  It is four feet tall, uses a chain lift and has seven paths.  It took ten days to build.  Enjoy! KnexLord1

Posted by DELETED_KnexLord1 8 years ago

videos and slide shows

Do they need to include instrucions. most slide shows and videos do not but it is suposted to be a instructable. i am plaining tom post my newest creation as one of there but i am not sure if it will have instructions. does it need instructions?

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

What is wrong with my instructables account

My instructables account won't stop signing out on me! It lasts about 30 seconds then times out Cookies on\ Using I.E. (newest version) I have only had this problem with instructables ARGH!!

Posted by Buzzsushi 8 years ago

Is there a way to embed Audio into an Instructable?

If there is, I would like to know how. I Once I get my newest project "packaged" all nice and pretty, I want to demonstrate the sound quality as opposed to the mere squeak it was before. Before and after pics below...

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

Dawn Simulator

I heard theres LED's or something like that, that sense light and turn a device off (for example: an LED hooked to a battery.) what about turn a device On? also check out the updates on my 2 newest instructables, although nothing to do with this topic.

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Robotic Girlfriend

Japanese marketers are targeting "lonely adult men" with their newest development: a robotic girlfriend. Reminds me of this, a product from a few years back.[ Link] via Neatorama

Posted by joshf 10 years ago

Ible isn't being listed

Hi, I got a problem with my newest ible: Even thought I published it yesterday (some time ago) it isn't listed anywhere exept if you visit my profil.

Posted by Sorunome 6 years ago

top thrill dragster

Here is my newest roller coaster top thrill dragster I'm making it as close to the real thing as possible meaning I'm doing the theming just like the real one that includes making the supports tubular.the test vid!!!

Posted by the_burrito_master 10 years ago

New post: Teardrop Trailer Plans

Hi everyone, I just wanted to post my newest instructable--now that Spring is here, you should check out how to build a teardrop trailer and paint it with crazy murals. Here is the link.

Posted by MakeItWithJason 5 years ago

Bakenbitzes Knex Assault Rifle

This is my newest gun, my assault rifle. It shoots dark gray connectors with Y connectors on them. It has good range and power. I might post.EDIT: The gun is now posted

Posted by bakenbitz 10 years ago

Pdfs not downloading

Hi all,  since ive upadated my new iPad Pro to the newest operating system from Apple I cannot download PDFs anymore, it worked fine before I downloaded the new operating system, anyone else have that problem? anyone know how I can fix the issue?

Posted by cockleman1 1 year ago

Inflatable Animals on NYC Streets

Joshua Allen Harris makes awesome animal sculptures out of plastic bags and places them over subway grates to that they inflate when the gusts of hot air shoot out of them. Here's a video of his newest one as well as a couple of previous animals.

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

Comment of the Week! 10/27/2014

If you looked at the most recent newsletters, you may have seen randofo's newest project.  The comment of the week is this hilarious sentiment from jodyja.  It's her first (and only) comment and I hope to keep seeing her wit around the site!

Posted by Danger is my middle name 3 years ago

Which CNC build is the best for a beginner?

Which CNC build is the newest and most successful? Many of the ones I have seen are many years old and the technology keeps improving and I would like to give it go building my own, but I am not sure which design is the most straight forward and durable.

Posted by cadams15 4 years ago

my newest project

Well I am working on my newest project using knex. the download for it will be here when I am done! project is going to be a fps game using knex guns! it will be multiplayer over the Internet and I will program it with pictures of all the knex guns and there range, power. you can give my data for the pic of the gun by making it with mlcad.i am sorry world but my game programmer wont let me make a 3d fps. n I will try to get it to let me but until the happens you will have a over head view of the game when you play. sorry. it will still have your guns in it.update:the game is 10% done( as in the shooting works and enemys shoot at you. you can also move. right now i have pacman sprites :)when you make a picture in mlcad all you need to make is the top and it just needs to be the shape.update: 12/27/07update:i have good news and bad news.bad news: the program fell a part. every thing started to glitch up the other programs and i do not have time to fix it. good news: i found a different fps that i should be able to mod to have knex guns. so the game will be a fps game!!update:i am starting to run test of the web server.

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

View published instructables not working

When I click on "You" then "Instructables", the whole page reloads. I'm trying to edit an unpublished instructable. Tried it in IE and it works, but the editor doesn't, so I still can't work on it. I'm using the newest version of FF, and Windows 7 Home premium. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Posted by kcls 8 years ago

I got a new computer!

It's been a long time since I've had either the newest or the "most powerful" computer in the household, so I feel like bragging a bit. Mac-Pro 8-core 2.8Ghz, 10G memory. It'll have about 2TB of disk (320+750+500+500) once I've moved things around...

Posted by westfw 10 years ago

Comments Functionality?

Your Comments Section really sucks. Actually, it's pretty much non-existent as far as I can tell? There is no way to follow up on comments you've made, (or even find them), there's no subscription, there's not even any kind of sort function. (Newest, Most Popular, Oldest). C'mon.. look at any random internet page, and they will have a more functional Comment engine. It shouldn't take much to improve this.

Posted by FishNinjaY 3 years ago

How to make a 737

Southwest has put out a video showing the construction of one of its newest Specialty Planes. It's all done in just 2 minutes, 30 seconds, too. It's like watching a kit being put together. Also love seeing the application of the paint job in a succession of masking and painting. Check it out and be sure to mute the soundtrack. via Core77

Posted by fungus amungus 8 years ago

Small gun :D

Hey, so I came across these pictures of this gun I made a while ago that was a modified version of my "Newest Gun". This one isn't to different except its has a sliding trigger that is a lot more strong than the previous one. I basically made this to get rid of the trigger mech on the top which I think is pretty ugly, anyways hope you enjoy!

Posted by didexo 4 years ago

photos not uploading

I am trying to enter into the newest contest and not all of my photos are uploading. They are all the same size and I am mot getting any error messages it just takes me back to the upload page after I selected the photo I need uploaded. I am on a samsung galaxy tablet so it wont allow me to use the new uploader I have to use the old version for some reason. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Posted by JenniferB59 3 years ago

Embedding Instagram Video Into Instructable

I was creating an instructable yesterday for the newest "Burning Questions" contest, which encourages submission via instagram video and vine. The issue is, these video hosts are not supported by instructables' video embed function.  When attempting to enter the instagram embed code (OSX, both Chrome and Safari), the iframe placeholder will appear temporarily, but will disappear when the instructable is saved or when the user attempts to publish. Only when uploading the video to an approved host was I able to post a video sourced from instagram.

Posted by thatkidwithayoyo 5 years ago

K'NEX ARX-160 Steel Bite

Hey guys, I'm back! I just thought I'd drop by and give you some pics of my newest K'NEX gun, the ARX-160 - Steel Bite from Advanced Warfare! Let me know what you guys think! I'll hopefully have it ready to go by next Tuesday! -The Red Book of Westmarch

Posted by The Red Book of Westmarch 3 years ago

Question: Has anyone had any trouble concerning the PopUp ad on the Survey ?

Lately, when I sign in (under Fire Fox, newest upgrade) the Survey pops up and runs a script that makes it impossible for me to sign on (it keeps taking the FOCUS off the text input box). I have to cancel it, many times I have to cancel it 3 or more times to get it to go away. Is this just me, or have others gotten this also...?UPDATE: Here is a screen shot of the survey I mean...

Posted by Goodhart 9 years ago

Has anyone used the new Makerware 2.2.0?

Makerbot released the newest version of their Makerware last week. I haven't had a chance to play with it much.  There are some updates, but I've heard that some aren't so new (if you used skeinforge).   As cool as kitty-cat infill is, what do you guys think? Autodesk also released a 3D printing utility - on your 123D models page, click the "Fabricate" dropdown, then "3D Print at Home".  Give them a try!

Posted by andrewt 5 years ago

Knex Turret Bow

Hello everyone, this is my newest gun. This is a turret bow, obviously. And I know that I will get comments about it, but yes I acknowledge that it looks like Zak's turret bow from 2009. Although it looks like his, I couldn't really get figure out the internals so I made my own(which work very well). I would like to post internals of this gun for people to build but wasn't sure if I should because of its similarity. Comment your questions, comments or anything else below regarding this.

Posted by didexo 4 years ago