instructables pictured in bbc news article

Hey instructables! Well done, you guys have made in on to the bbc website. Now millions of people will see your page.

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Choose Your Own News with DailyMe

Check out the new instructable - How to Create a DailyMe Customized News Digest. It's a neat little tutorial that will help you sign up for and become the editor of your own newspaper incorporating content from the world's leading newspapers, blogs, RSS feeds and journals. Registration is free and although the sign up process is easy, use this tutorial so you may maximize your choices. No longer do you need to read the news you are served by the TV, newspaper or even the internet. Choose your own with DailyMe.

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I was just wondering what day the newsletter comes out thanks.

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Instructables in Trendwatching

Instructables was mentioned by Trendwatching in their September 2006 Status Skills article.Here's a quick selection of sites helping the masses acquire a bewildering array of skills:Instructables is a project by Squid Labs, who create a lot of stuff for business and pleasure, and have now documented their how-tos for all to see and use.More news articles about Instructables here.

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Instructables on screen for a photo on a BBC article


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Instructables in the New York Times -- Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed

Instructables, member mzed, and his Low-cost Spherical Speaker Array all were mentioned in Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed by Penelope Green at the New York Times. ..."I think there is a movement around looking at all the products that are available -- this global stream of stuff -- and realizing you can tinker with them and rebuild them," said Michael F. Zbyszynski, 36, the assistant director of music composition and pedagogy at the Center for New Music and Audio Technologies at the University of California, Berkeley, whose own hack is a speaker array made from red plastic Ikea salad bowls, and who has made other musical objects from PVC plastic and coffee cans that "live in the zone of the hack," he said."It's all about not accepting what's presented for sale as it is," Mr. Zbyszynski said, "about not just doing a 'paint by numbers' of your life."...ReadyMade is part of a universe of D.I.Y. media and forums where Ikea hacks appear and are then found by Ms. Yap, who links her blog to them. It's a universe that includes Make magazine (more science than design-geeky, for the handmade-robot set) and Web sites like, which was created by M.I.T. Media Lab alumni as a forum for its users to share knowledge about how to make or do practically anything, including, as a glance at the home page the other day revealed, a quick banana nut bread and "hacking a toilet for free water." Mr. Zbyszynski's speaker array, with its goofy "Lost in Space" aesthetic, first appeared there.See more news mentions of Instructables here.

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This day in history

This day in history. Sure a lot happened, and here is one of them: Day in History: Discovery Jan. 3, 1957: Debut of the Electric Watch, a Space Age Marvel

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I realize this (CNET mention of Instructables) is old news and it was probably posted when it happened...

But as long as I have been going to CNET's site, this is the FIRST time I have seen this: Instructables link from CNETMaker Faire: CNET visits the tech DIY show MEET YOUR MAKER.(4/21/2006; updated 4/28/2006)Are you a compulsive tech tinkerer, a closet MacGyver? Do you wish science fairs weren't just for students? Well, now there's an event for you: the first Maker Faire, where backyard inventors show off their projects and demonstrate how you can build them, too. CNET's on the scene, checking out the fashions, the music, the gadgets, the robots, the tech running on alternative energy--from steam to biodiesel to, yes, trampoline--and, of course, the homemade rockets... Turning a VCR into a cat feeder....Dinosaur sitings !

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Newsletter not working...

I have 2 emails and I usually recieve my newsletter in my hotmail and I also have my gmail acct. Where I also would like to receive it. For the last month, every time i receive the newsletter in my hotmail I sign up on my gmail with a "Your email has been added!" confirmation message, but at the end nothing happens. After all this time I still receive the newsletter only on my hotmail only. I've tried everything I could think of: to change the subscription at the bottom of the newsletter I recieve in hotmail (but it lets you change everything but the email itself, so...), I changed the email associated to my Instructables acct. I checked for junk mail, but it's useless... Im not receiving the newsletter on my gmail at all. Can you please help me?

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Hey guys!

Hi people! As you may have (hopefully) noticed, I haven't been around as much. Well, I've been swamped lately in between some family sickness, internet troubles, my laptop going poof, and Swine Flu hitting us over here, as well as an exaggerated wave of panic (we tend to have at least triple the panic in any other place!), I haven't been able to use the computer much.AND I HAVE MISSED YOU PEOPLE!!I just wanna catch up for a bit. What have I missed? Who's gotten famous? What did Kiteman do now? Whats the latest KNEX feud? (like I really care...) and most importantly, how has Pro been working for the site so far?Please update me, I wanna be up to speed again and start building.I hate myself, I have not managed to make anything lately. On the plus side, I've been writing a lot. I have so far: 6 anime concepts in the works, 2 screenplays in the works, and 6 sci-fi concepts.I have blogs about these, so my little internet time has been spent working on these.

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What Happened to the Instructables News Feed?

For serious! Where'd it go?

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Found posted in the ASPCA forum

I found the following post about instructables in the forum at ASPCA forum "PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! The site below is promoted on FOX BUSINESS NEWS surely unbeknownst to Fox News Executives. Prepare to be sickened:'"Report this site everywhere and send emails to Fox News complaining about Fox News promoting this web site on Fox Business News and allowing this site to state on its web site that Fox Business News promotes and therefore supports the site."PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!!! The site below is promoted on FOX BUSINESS NEWS surely unbeknownst to Fox News Executives. Prepare to be sickened: this site everywhere and send emails to Fox News complaining about Fox News promoting this web site on Fox Business News and allowing this site to state on its web site that Fox Business News promotes and therefore supports the site."I can understand someone being upset about finding the recipe for Kitten Stew on a site they saw promoted on a national news channel, I myself felt it was in poor taste when I saw it, but to each their own. What I don't understand is why someone would post something like that and risk hurting the site as a whole? I believe in a persons right to free speech and freedom of expression, but I also believe that as a member of a community ( both on line and off line ) we all have the responsibility to use common sense and self restraint else we not only make ourselves look bad but the community as a whole. From what I have seen the instructabel on how to make Kitten Stew is not in violation of the sites rules, but, does that mean it should have been posted? I personally think that it should not have been, but that is my opinion. I do think that we all need to ask ourselves one thing before we consider posting something that might be offensive or possibly harmful to the site,Just because I can post this does that mean I should? In the case of the recipe for Kitten Stew I think the answer should have been no.

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Weekly World News Dies; Bat Boy Captured by the FBI -- Obituraries from Time and The Washington Post

The Weekly World News, home to stories about Bat Boy, Elvis's faked death, and Laundry-eating Space Aliens, closed its doors in late August. While at MIT, my house had a subscription to the WWN that we read right next to the Boston Globe and the New York Times during Sunday morning coffee hours. The WWN was the only paper to be consistently read cover to cover.Check out these obituaries for the WWN. They are positively brilliant,8599,1657629,00.html'm pig-biting sad to see it go.

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Maker Update (weekly video series)

Hey everyone! My name's Donald, I'm a former Project Editor with Make: magazine, and I'm starting up a new weekly video series called Maker Update. Each week I feature a handful of projects (typically from the Instructables community) that catch my eye, along with tips, maker news, and events. I'd like to know what you think, and I'd be grateful for some subscribers if it's something you're interested in. Thanks!  -Donald

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Instructables in the News

Instructables seems to be finding its way around the news media. Here are links to the mentions I know of. If you see any others, leave a note in the comments, or post a forum topics and I'll add a link to it here. If you're from the press and would like to arrange an interview, please contact me here. See the most current news about Instructables with a Google News search for Instructables. The Top 100 Websites of 2011 - PCMag Share What You Make with Instructables - Forbes Autodesk 2011: On Autodesk Acquiring Instructables - Core77 Eric Wilhelm featured on NPR discussing DIY "Sous Vide" cooking techniques Maker Faire and the Growth of Do-It-Yourself - Entrepreneur Autodesk Buys Instructables; Design Software Giant in Consumer Marketing Push - Xconomy Instructables, A Mecca for Makers, Reflects Eric Wilhelm’s Passion for Building Stuff and Telling the Story - Xconomy Autodesk Acquires Instructables and What it Means for Makers - MAKE eBook Evolutions: Instructables - Forbes Blog Eric Wilhelm discusses high-tech Halloween projects on NPR's Science Friday 2010-10-22 New York Times - Bamboo Bicycles New York Times - Growing Vegetables Upside Down DIY Green Projects - ABC News Instructables in the Daily Green Taking an Open-Source Approach to Hardware - Instructables in the WSJ FYIs for the DIYers - Instructables in the Sacramento Bee Do-It-Yourself Guru Makes Treasures From Trash - Tim Anderson Profiled on NPR's Weekend Edition Instructables on WGHP Fox 8 - Paper Wallets and Marshmallow Shooters "It's not like everyone who does DIY is a communist!" - Instructables in the Financial Times Instructables in Inventors Digest - Five Questions with Eric Wilhelm Instructables on KSL5's Studio 5 How to make your own high-tech Christmas gifts - Instructables in New Scientist Build It Yourself at - Instructables on ABC's Ahead of the Curve DIY Holiday Gift Ideas - The Best of Instructables on NHPR's Word of Mouth Instructables on NPR's Here & Now 11/24/2008 Instructables on NYC's WCBS-AM 880 Monday Eco-nomical: Homemade Gifts -- Instructables Mentioned on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday 2008-11-23 Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Saturday - 2008-11-22 Homeowners go greener with do-it-yourself jobs Faberge Egg Contest Round-up by Forbes Dry-Ice Martini and Electric Cake - Hungry Scientist and Instructables in the NYT Leah Buechley and Instructables Written Up by Forbes: "A Blinking Fashion Statement" Instructables Part of PC World's 100 Incredibly Useful and Interesting Web Sites Customers increasingly drive firms' innovations Netting circle - The crafting and DIY crazes are catching on with websites such as Etsy and Instructables Eric Wilhelm wins Technology Review's Top Innovators under 35 Award Tiny Talents - Learning Bar Tricks in the New York Times Magazine How To Fix The World & Grassroots Innovation Takes Root - Instructables in Forbes My Belt Sander Can Beat Your Circular Saw - Instructables in the New York Times 3 How-To Projects In 60 Seconds - Eric Wilhelm of Instructables on the Forbes Video Network Eric profiled by Technology Review in "Instructables pioneer loves to kite-surf" This, From That - Maker Faire and Instructables in the New York Times Instructables on NPR's Talk of the Nation April Fools' Day 2008 - The Top Five Office April Fools Pranks Instructables on NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday March 9th, 2008 Innovation: 'How-To' Web Sites Let You Learn Just About Anything - Instructables in Fox Business News Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Instructables in BusinessWeek Instructables in SmartComputing Instructables on LA's KROQ Instructables in the Telegraph -- Weird and wonderful inventions The How-Tos That You Do: Instructables Keep People In Step After Step After Step. - Instructables in Helio Mag Instructables in the New York Times -- Romancing the Flat Pack: Ikea, Repurposed Instructables in the New York Times - In a Highly Complex World, Innovation From the Top Down Mouse Mouse in FHM-Germany Instructables and Squid Labs featured in Tech Closeup's April 2007 Show Instructables in the New York Times - How to Improve it? Ask Those Who Use It Instructables wins the 2006 WIRED Rave award for Industrial Design Instructables in World Changing Instructables mentioned in Jane Mag Instructables in the Sydney Morning Herald PodTech Network Instructables team interview: Eric and Leah Instructables in FHM-Netherlands Laser Cutter Origami - Squid Labs in the New Yorker Instructables in Trendwatching Instructables in Edutopia Instructables in The Village Voice Instructables in Network World, January 2006 The Dream Factory - Instructables debuts in WIRED, September 2005 Squid Labs profiled in WIRED news, September 2005 More cool stuff about Instructables here at the guided tour.

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Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Instructables in BusinessWeek

Instructables got a really nice mention in the BusinessWeek article Arts and Crafts Find New Life Online - Web sites are building communities -- and businesses -- on the growing do-it-yourself crazeby Heather GreenEric Wilhelm's experience reflects the urge to be more hands-on. While earning his PhD in mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the then-23-year-old took up kitesurfing. He didn't have thousands of dollars for equipment, so Wilhelm built his own boards and posted detailed designs on his Web site. Readers asked for more information and help building other projects. So two years ago he launched, where anyone could contribute how-tos and get reader feedback.Now, Instructables has 7,500 directions for everything from making a pinhole camera to sculpting a chair out of wood. "My grandfather had a bunch of baby-food jars with screws and nails in the basement, and after ignoring the skill it took to use those, people are now seeing that that's valuable," Wilhelm says. "They're afraid of losing touch with how to do stuff. That's why it's hip and cool to knit now."More news articles about Instructables here.

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I have a terribly sore back....

Because last night, when I went out to the car to go home, there was a foot of snow all around it.  Getting the car from the parking lot, 50 feet to the road took half an hour of digging with a plastic ice scraper.....oh what fun ! BTW:  that is NOT me in the picture :-)

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Instructables in the press

Instructables is in the press again, this time as a recommended website in the UK's Simply Knitting magazine (Issue 39, Spring 2008).Prepare to be amazed, as the craft section of this American site, dubbed "the world's biggest show and tell", includes a host of wacky projects.If you've never tried shadow knitting or would like to knit a "baby space invader" hat ... the site gives you step-by-step instructions on how to do it....It's a good site to visit when you've run out of inspiration - there's sure to be something here that will get you whipping out your needles.Good crafty fun that'll amaze and inspire.From a British journalist, that's practically a request to have Eric's babies...

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Dear Newsletter editor.

Hi... This is an open letter.. made with a new id which i will never use again.. i promise you that my sole intention is for instructible to be better. Lately it's been very difficult for me to follow the one rule "be nice policy"... I'm still trying very hard... It's been made very hard by the newsletter editor, or whoever's job it is to choose which instructible to feature..  It's like you just choose randomly (or is this the case???), some times it's such a ridiculous ible that i can't hold my self much longer.. I want to be nasty in the comments of the ible.. But it's not the ible's writer's fault..  S/he's just making and sharing what s/he wants and i wouldn't even open the ible if it wasn't featured!!! To me, featuring means that you think it's a really nice piece and everyone should have a look at it.. it's brilliant! it's new!! it's unique! A little screening should be done prior to featuring.. Featuring doesn't mean "hey guys.. look at these random pages and see what you think.. or whatever..." Some of the ible's that was featured lately  that i dont think that everybody should see: "is my sweater blue?"  i admit it's a funny one.. well written.. yet it's pointless!  anticlimactic! i was expecting so much more only because it was featured. If i stumbled on it on my own, i wouldn't have put so much expectation and wont be too disappointed.. might even enjoy the joke..  it was 1st of march!!! Not april fools!!!!! "router hack"  more like router 101..  or how to use your router.. look at all the breach in the be-nice-policy comments... I wont even comment there..  A few was a re-post of older ible, some even a only re-make (i dont want to say plagiarism), and few more i care to remember... Were they innovative? were they interesting? were they everyone-must-see material? subjectively i say NO, NO, and NO. But if i look at the other commenting on them, mostly breaching the be nice policy, i'm not alone! I'm seriously starting to see instructible newsletter to be more junk lately.. Not like before when i got excited everytime one arrives in my inbox.. now i'm like "meh.. gotta screen to these stuff again because someone didn't do his/her job properly"... Please do something about this.. I'm worried that instructible would spiral down into the abyss, becoming flamming troll land due to the domino effect from negative comments making others feeling negative and spreading like a virus.. If it happens, there's only one to blame: unscreened newsletter featuring undeserving ibles. So i say again: please.. please.. please.. Anonym

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The Best of TV News Lip Slips

It just kept getting better, thank god for the internet and these news anchors with there completely embarrassing, uncomfortable, and downright amazing choice of words.The Best of TV News Lip Slips

Posted by toreyray 10 years ago

Instructables project makes BBC News!

Just over a year ago, Instructables member Aerocoop posted a mobile-phone controlled drone, the Flone. Today, it has been featured on the BBC Technology News page, and, as I type, is cropping up on other UK news feeds. Bravo, Aerocoop!

Posted by Kiteman 4 years ago

Ibles on the Morning News

It's cool to see where your ibles end up getting a mention. Here is a CBS Sacramento morning news talkshow segment that I came across from their tweet. I think it's great that something I made is inspiring people to make and just have fun with it.

Posted by caitlinsdad 2 years ago

New Scientist

I'm sure people are aware but this weeks issue:Someone in China has spent some time analysing the US power grid, and figured out that it could be collapsed by taking-out a lightly-loaded sub-network. The US department of homeland security is apparently looking into this. However, Prof Ian Fells (a jolly chap with a beard) of Newcastle University UK says "they only need a bunch of guys with Semtex to blow up the gridlines near a power station"The Mythbusters are interviewed, but even they don't know why thermite on ice explodes, do you?And Richard Dawkins has a new book out, from the review:"Implying that your audience is stupid does not qualify as a great new angle. Yet this is precisely what Dawkins does"."It's really kind of comical. If "spot the condecensions" is a new drinking game, then bottoms up! There's one in just about every chapter"LThere's much more, but I mainly wanted to post the Mythbusters link, and the Dawkins review.(There is an article on Velociraptors)

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Anyone else having trouble with Firefox lately?

Lately I've been having trouble with Firefox. I go to a site and it says problem loading page a lot of times. I'm thinking its either trouble with firefox or my firewall settings.

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

The Final Life

 My friends and I are creating a new place for news, podcasts, and reviews on video games. We are currently building the website and are trying to get content up and rolling. We are open to anyone that would like to help get the site up and running. If you are interested send me a message, or visit the site and click on the "help wanted section". Also, if you could take a look at the website and tell me what you think and what we should do differently that would be great. Thanks! The website is:

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EDN (i.e. Electronic Design News), an electronics Engineering magazine has linked to Instructables concerning the taking apart of a CFL: "Here's a photo of the innards of one of the CFLs that failed: Note the brown, too-hot-looking marks on the plastic base. (If you want to take a part a CFL yourself, I recommend the how-to article at"The link to the EDN article is HERE.

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How can you adjust timezones?

OK, everytime I see a comment, the time is very diffrent from mine.I just posted a comment. My time ( checked ALL of my watches) was 7:03, yet on instructables, it said 3:03I was wondering if I could do anything so that my times match? Perhaps on Instructables or Firefox???

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

Tetranitrate Lives!

Just got my alumni magazine in the mail.  I open it up and see one of the former ibles interns featured in a two page color spread - Tetranitrate.   I guess he answered our "Earth calling Billy" to see what he has been up to lately.  See the article here  I had met him at Maker Faire last year with his LED dredlocks.  So what is the moral of this story? Somewhere out there is a market for the pants kilt.

Posted by caitlinsdad 7 years ago

Innovation: 'How-To' Web Sites Let You Learn Just About Anything - Instructables in Fox Business News

Innovation: 'How-To' Web Sites Let You Learn Just About AnythingNew York -- Want to learn how to make your own roll-up keyboard or a computer case made out of Coca-Cola cans? What about how to drive safely in rain or silence a barking dog? A slew of Web sites claim to have all the answers.How-to and self-help Web sites have been around for sometime, but the proliferation of user-generated articles and videos thanks to Web sites like YouTube and blogs, has resulted in a slew of sophisticated portals that rely on social networking to teach us how to do just about anything....At, video and pictures are a big component, as is the quirky. A quick visit to and you can learn how to make a wireless Internet cantenna, a roll up keyboard and even how to dodge a military draft (if there ever is one again), which went live in 2005 and has been seeing "rapid" growth of close to 10% a month, said Eric Wilhelm, founder and chief executive officer. "Users post what we call instructable articles that have text, images and video and show something they are passionate about." Users rate the so called instructable and often times replicate the projects, he said."I think it will grow a lot bigger because there's a lot of intellectually curious people...and they want to see other smart people," said Wilhelm. "Everybody wants to learn."More news articles about Instructables here.

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FaceBook Slammed....

Far be it of me to downplay the impact of activists on the Facebook ToS issue but it raises interesting questions about why some companies get pilloried while others seemingly get a free pass...More Here' GMJHOWE asked me to link to his posting on security at Facebook, so here it is....

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Game Nox Un-Subcripted Newsletter 1

This is the first non-subcribed newsletter for Game Nox. We urge you to subscribe for you will get a lot of features. We are also sending FREE newsletters that have extra material to subscribers. PLESAE SUBSCRIBE!!!! Also you can ask questions via E-Mail for awnsers if you subscribe.

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Mags, Websites, Fairs Tap Tech DIY Boom - Instructables in the Washington Post

Instructables, Make, and Dorkbot are all mentioned in this Associated Press article: Mags, Websites, Fairs Tap Tech DIY Boom By SETH SUTEL NEW YORK -- What do you do when you've bolted a computer onto a remote-controlled car, hooked it up with Internet access, a wireless router and a camera but you don't have anyone to show it off to? Just ask Mike Davis. He brought his mobile Internet access point to a meeting with other readers of Make magazine, a how-to publication for people who just love to tinker with stuff. The 28-year-old systems engineer from Brooklyn found people who built homemade LCD displays, a clock that makes you solve a math problem before setting the alarm and a class in mastering pipe mechanics - something with many uses beyond just making a potato cannon. Make magazine, not yet three years old, is leading a new wave of interest in build-it-yourself projects. Even as technology comes to us in packages that are ever harder to take apart and tinker with, Make harkens back to a time when it was OK to build your own radio, get under the hood of your car and open up electronic devices like record players just to see how they worked. Its Web site sells hooded sweat shirts emblazoned with the credo: "If You Can't Open It, You Don't Own It." People seem to be catching on. In the summer of 2005, not long after Make's first issue came out, an MIT-educated engineer named Eric Wilhelm launched a site called with how-to instructions for all kinds of projects, while a meet-up group called Dorkbot has been springing up in cities around the country to showcase artistic, musical and just plain quizzical inventions with one thing in common - using electricity. ... Wilhelm started an early version of while still a starving grad student because he was seeking advice about how to make equipment to support his kite surfing hobby on the cheap. The site is now nearly profitable and is seeing online traffic grow about 10 percent a month, hitting 2.5 million unique visitors in January, said Wilhelm. One of the most popular projects is the "Invisible Book Shelf," made by attaching an L-bracket to a book which you then attach to your wall, and then pile more books on top. More news articles about Instructables here.

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Photoshopped? No, but can you do better? Deadline coming.

When I first saw it, this sinkhole image looked photoshopped to me (original story here). It turned out to be legitimate, but air.command suggested adding a Silver Surfer to the image. I did (see below), and quite liked it. So, I have decided to open up another photo-editing contest. You can either... Add something to an image of a real sinkhole (or other hole in the ground) - what caused it?  What's climbing out or falling in? Put a sinkhole somewhere interesting Do both - add a sinkhole to a scene, then put something else in the hole. Use any source images you like, but images that involve classic projects will be more likely to win the Silver Surfer patch I have just created. I will also put all entries together to make a slideshow as well. EDIT: This contest ends June 30th, midnight GMT

Posted by Kiteman 8 years ago

Watch out everyone, the worlds ending. Sorry about that.

Scientists hit with 'end of the world' legal challenge over Big Bang experimentSep 1 2008THE biggest scientific experiment in history has been hit by a last-minute legal challenge - amid fears it could cause the end of the world.Opponents of the Large Hadron Collidor claim the machine may create a mini-black hole that could tear the earth apart.The £4.4billion machine, the most expensive experiment in history, is due to be switched on at the European Nuclear Research Centre - CERN - in Geneva, Switzerland, in nine days' time. Those behind the project hope it will unlock the secrets of how the universe began by replicating the conditions of the Big Bang.The machine will smash pieces of atoms together at high speed and generate temperatures of more than a trillion degrees Celsius. The collisions will create temperatures 100,000 times hotter than the centre of the sun in a space a billion times smaller than a speck of dust.But opponents fear the worst. An application for an emergency injunction was rejected on Friday and now the case will continue under human rights laws.German chemist and academic Professor Otto Rossler, one of the project's opponents, said: "CERN has admitted mini black holes could be created when the particles collide - but they don't consider this a risk. "My calculations have shown it is quite plausible these little black holes survive and will grow exponentially and eat the planet from the inside."We do not believe the scientists at CERN are taking all the precautions they should in order to protect human life." Professor Rossler claims in the worst-case scenario, the Earth could be "sucked inside out" within four years of a mini black hole forming. He argues the research violates the right to life under the European Convention of Human Rights. The legal challenge is against the 20 countries, including the UK, behind the project.Scientists involved in the project have dismissed concerns as "absurd". Particle colliders have been used by scientists for over 30 years without any noticeable harm to the planet. This latest machine, however, is the largest and most powerful ever constructed. Built 300ft beneath the French-Swiss border, it will fire particles round its 17-mile circumference 11,245 times per second before smashing them into each other.The machine will be activated on September 10, although it will be several weeks before the first particles are collided. Scientists hope that, among the debris thrown off by these collisions, they will find the elusive Higgs boson thought to be responsible for giving every other particle its mass, or weight.The CERN facility faces a second lawsuit due to be heard tomorrow, filed by environmentalists in Hawaii. But a safety report published this year gave the project the all-clear. It said nature produces higher collisions than the collider is capable of when cosmic rays hit the planet.CERN spokesman James Gillies said: "The case contains the same arguments we have seen before. "We are now concentrating on firing the first beams around the collider and then on fine tuning it until we can get collisions - when the science will start."Source: Daily Record OnlineWhat do you think about, A) this amazing use of particle acceleration and B) the technically plausible but remarkably unlikely end of the world scenario it might create?

Posted by lifelong-newbie 10 years ago

Info Map for the Paranoid or those that like to be informed of world news...

Are you curiuos about the rest of the world? A link to the world and what is happening out there.....

Posted by Goodhart 10 years ago

DIY Helium Flying Saucer floated away with 6 YO Boy

OCT 15th 2009 Noon PST A CO boy climbed into a Helium filled Flying Saucer shaped balloon his Dad made. The 6 YO climbed in and released the balloon. It left Fort Collins CO and is flying East across CO. is covering live.

Posted by SFHandyman 8 years ago

Macs can't get viruses?

I've heard that macs cant get viruses because their coding is different or something.What would happen if you were to access a virus site on a mac?Can anyone also explain why exactly people say that macs cant get visures? aside from the fact that most viruses are for windows

Posted by Keith-Kid 10 years ago

Twins Separated At Birth Met And Married

Http://;_ylt=AoZvBFiQ44VpuITp2zqX9sWs0NUEI know it's not really what iBles is about... but I couldn't resist posting it.Here is the article from Yahoo! News:Fri Jan 11, 2:33 PM ETA couple discovered after they had married that they were twins who had been split up at birth and adopted by separate families, according to a member of Britain's House of Lords.British peer David Alton recounted the story to parliament last month to support his argument that artificially conceived children should be told who their biological parents are.Alton said he had heard the story of the separated twins from a High Court judge who had dealt with the case."This did not involve in vitro fertilization: It involved the normal birth of twins who were separated at birth and adopted by separate parents," said Alton, an independent member of the Lords. "They were never told that they were twins.""They met later in life and felt an inevitable attraction, and the judge had to deal with the consequences of the marriage that they entered into and all the issues of their separation," he said."I suspect that it will be a matter of litigation in the future if we do not make information of this kind available to children who have been donor-conceived," he said.Alton could not immediately be reached for comment and no further information was available about the twins or where they were from."I think it's a very tragic story for the people involved," said Pam Hodgkins, head of a group that helps adults affected by adoption."It is a lesson that we need to learn and apply to the situation of donor-conceived children," she told Sky News."Whilst ... nowadays it would be most unusual for siblings to be separated ... the risk of secrecy affecting the lives of people born as a result of egg and sperm donation is exactly the same as the risks that have affected adopted people in the past," she said.

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Mother Earth News DIY Archive

For those who might not know it, or care ;-) Mother Earth News has an archive of DIY projects online. And don't just think it's a bunch of hippie green projects because of the source, check out this project or this.The only down side is that in many cases the diagrams are not available, but that just frees you to use your own methods.

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Email notification about other people project

Hi,     I think every member weather pro member or normal member should received with Instructable news regardings project outline or created by those members in every three days of one week. But I haven't received any project news running on this email routines sending, why? Thanks, BY KLTAN.

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How to Create

Here's an idea - an Instructable about how came to be Made by the Instructables Staff in their spare time. The first step would be the original idea. Then how some of the staff came to be a part of Instructables, how scripting started, how Instructables has changed and so on..... Oh Oh! And how the Instructables Robot came to be!!!!

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Condensed News

HeyIf anyone is interested, here's my shared items page from my RSS reader:LinkTheres an RSS feed on that page too.Before you go all "What's the point of this!?" on me -- let me explain.I go through about 400 items a day. This is the condensed version. I share 2 things mostly: Things that are funny/ironic -- and things that are interesting. Its a pretty even mix. My feeds include:Blogs:Make, Lifehacker, Gizmondo, Engadget, Consumerist, Slashdot, WorseThanFailureAnd:Instructables & diggTheres a few others, but they aren't good often. I'll gladly add any other feed that you want.I've only been doing this for a few days -- I need to get used to hitting "share". Anything I view, I share. Theres some things that I really don't care about --but others might -- that I'll also share.Hopefully, this can help some people shave time off their news-reading. Let me know if theres some other source I should read!(This post sponsored by Kiteman's Zeroth Law)

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Free!! (Dark / Light Sensor LED Circuit)

Giving away free circuit - world's best dark / light detecting sensor circuit for LEDs... see my projects!!

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Instructables Receives A Blurb!

MSN mentioned Instructables as a highly useful site! I don't know why they didn't put up a screenshot like most of the rest of the sites mentioned, but hey! Now we know MSN isn't completely useless!

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Look here if you need Ideas!!!

Lots of people are asking for ideas for instructables. Here's a few ideas that might give you a new idea. If you have any ideas, post em here, so people can hopefully make em.Tech:* As suggested by Redrev: Take a DVD-Player/recorder that the DVD drive has died and take the tuner and video hook ups along with lcd screen(that shows the channel and dvd section numbers) and connect to the computer to watch t.v. and dvd's ala win-tv.Climbing Robot- a robot that can climb a little stairs of books or something. Or at least crawl.A model of an elevator- you know, you hit a button on a remote, and the elevator rises to that level.Model Train- one of those little trains. Would be cool to learn how to make one.Model Forklift- Its basically an R/C car, but can anyone make it lift a little notebook?Pencil Sharpener? (Electric)Introductions - Theres a lot of big words out there, but most of us have never heard of em. If you're good with something, why not shre your knowledge?FlexinolsmtOffBeat:Weird Uses for satellite dishes- I've noticed how many thing you can do with old satellite dishes. Be creative!Naruto Costumes and accesories (not paper)Dragon Ball Z style effects with smoke- how about pressurizing fog or something to have it shoot out of a tube? Would be neat.A DS Game CaseArtHow to draw Anime Hands- personally I find that hands are the hardest thing to draw. Maybe someone has a little trick to get em right?Bridge of toothpicks- Its a bridge made or little wooden sticks that can hold a grown man. I've seen it in a lot of science fairs, and it would be neat to learn how to make em.As much as I hate myself for doing this, yes this is another post of an old topic I had. Just saying it before anyone else.

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Cruse ja Associates Kiinan selvennetään käytäntöihin/BLOGGER/WORDPRESS

Http:// Cruse ja Associates 21. Maaliskuu Kiinan valtion hallinnon verotus (SAT) julkaisi "Ilmoitusta koskevista tuloveron käytäntöön perustuva siirtämiseen yrityksille (ilmoitus [2013] No.11, jäljempänä"Ilmoitus") 20. maaliskuuta 2013 aiheista, jonka tarkoituksena on käsitellä asioita, että ilmaantuu toteutettaessa"Hallinnollisia toimenpiteitä tuloverolain käytäntöpohjaisen yritysten uudelleensijoittamiseen." 10. Elokuuta 2012 Kiinan SAT julkaisi "Hallinnolliset toimenpiteet tuloverolain käytäntöön perustuva siirtämiseen yrityksille (ilmoitus [2012] No.40, jäljempänä"Toimenpiteet")," joka tuli voimaan 1 päivänä lokakuuta 2012. Toimenpiteet tarjoavat yrityksille käytäntöpohjaisen siirtäminen verokohtelu. Lisäksi tällaiset yritykset saavat siirtäminen korvausta valtiolta ja muiden asianomaisten. Lisätietoja löytyy alla. Siirtäminen tulojen "Siirtäminen tuotot" yrityksen sisältävät yleensä siirtäminen korvauksista ja omaisuuden luovutus tuloja. Erityisesti siirtäminen korvaus kattaa raha- ja ei-monetaarinen korvaus tuotoista yrityksen koska muutto, mukaan lukien: Korvausta pakkolunastetun omaisuuden Korvaus siirtäminen ja tilitys Korvausta tarjotaan vahingosta ja keskeyttäminen Vakuutussaatavien saanut hyödykkeen tuotannonsiirtoprosessista aiheutuneet vahingot Muut korvaukset tuotot Muuttokustannukset "Muuttokustannukset" koostuvat siirtäminen palkkioiden ja omaisuuden luovutus. Yksi merkittävä muutos käyttöön toimenpide on, että kulut, jotka aiheutuvat yrityksen omaisuuden hankinnasta enää katsoa muuttokustannukset, jotka vähennetään siirtäminen voitto ennen veroja. Verokohtelu Veronmaksun lykkäystä Siirtäminen tulo- ja yrityksen siirtäminen aikana aiheutuneet muuttokustannukset voi sisälly tilikauden verotettavaan tuloon ja voida selvittää konsolidoidun aikana siinä uudelleensijoittamiseen päätetään. Toimenpiteissä on enintään viisi vuotta uudelleensijoittamiseen. Yrityksen net siirtäminen tulot = siirtäminen tulot-muuttokustannukset Jossa siirtäminen on valmis vuonna yritys sisällyttää netto siirtäminen tulojen verotettavaa tuloa kyseisen vuoden osalta veron laskemiseksi. Siirtäminen tappioiden vähentäminen Negatiivinen kuluttua vähentämällä muuttokustannukset siirtäminen tuloista yrityksen katsotaan siirtäminen tappiot. Jokin seuraavista tavoista voi valita siirtäminen tappioiden verokohtelusta: Vähentämällä siirtäminen tappiot kertaluonteisesti siinä uudelleensijoittamiseen päätetään Vähentämällä siirtäminen tappiota ennen veroja saman verran siinä uudelleensijoittamiseen päätetään kolmeksi vuodeksi Tappio siirto ajan Kiina sallii menetys siirto ajan veronmaksajille verovuonna aiheutuneet menetykset. Yritys voi siirtää tappiot verovuoden seuraavien vuoden ajan; eli se on seuraavan vuoden tulot kumoavat tappiot. Tällöin siirto-ajan voi olla enintään viisi vuotta. Jos jäljellä tappioita ei ole vielä tehty ennen siirtymistä, siirtäminen ajan yrityksen voi vähennettävä menetys siirto ajan. Lisäksi toimenpiteet edellyttävät yritysten käyttäytymistä eri verotuksen hallinnosta ja kirjanpidosta siirtäminen tulojen, muuttokustannukset ja siirtyneiden varojen verokohtelua. Jätämme huomiotta tämän vaatimuksen yritysten tuloverosta hoitoa niiden on suoritettava osalta siirtämiseen liity politiikan sijoittumiseksi. Ilmoitus Ilmoitus selvennetään, että jos siirtäminen sopimuksen käytäntöihin perustuvan yrityksen siirtäminen-projekti on allekirjoitettu ennen päivää, jona toimenpiteet (1. lokakuuta 2012), mutta siirtäminen selvitystilaan sen ei valmistunut aikaisemminkin, omaisuuden ostaa jälleenrakentamisen aikana tai tuotantoprosessin uudelleen yrityksen verotettujen siirtäminen tulojen muuttokustannukset. Veron perustana omaisuuseriin, edellä mainittu yritys ei sisällytetä siirtäminen korvausta ja siirtäminen sopimuksia käytäntöön perustuva siirtäminen yritysprojektien jälkeen 1 päivänä lokakuuta 2012, ne suoritetaan toimenpiteen mukaan. Lisäksi aikana tuotannonsiirtoprosessista takavarikoituun omaisuuteen, joka antaa hyödykkeen korvaavan menetelmän, hyödykkeen korvaaminen sai verotettavaa hankintameno on oltava nettoarvo omaisuuden pakkolunastettu sekä kaikista veroista ja maksuista aiheutuvat. Ilmoitus on takautuvasti effectiv Cruse ja Associates READ MORE ARTICLES:;

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I nees Instructables Pictures

Um, hi.Im looking for pictures related to instructables.Mainly the staff, logos, Robot (although I have enough RObot pictures) and Eric in particular.Im working on a small project. Its not an instructable, more of some photo editing.Its basically what I did on this pic. Except of course, Ill make it better. The whole point is to put as many Instructables stuff in my room as I can. This was a bit of practice to see what woud work. Please dont steal my idea yet.Does anyone have any tips on how to make the pictures not stand out so much, or how to blend it with the background. I want to try all the methods.Name all the cameos you see here:

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Hows my new replacements for my group is?

Is it good or crappy.

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New Home Page!

As you can see we've launched a new home page + new headers and footers! Please poke around, as the dust is still settling, please submit any bugs to the bugs forum. We will be doing bugfixes as we find things to fix. We hope you like the new layout! Gregg Horton

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New Header

Last night we released a new header, it quickly gives you access to all the areas of instructables that you know and love! If you see any issues please put them in the bugs forum, thanks!

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