nikon? Answered

Nikon D3200?

Asked by jkellamla1 1 year ago

Nikon D5200?? Answered

I have a Nikon D5200. . Is it a good camera for this class ?

Asked by Sridhevi vaidyan 1 year ago

Does Anyone Know Any Video Tutorials For Nikon D7000?

Well the title kind of says it all: i am looking for any FREE online videos (tutorials) about Nikon D7000

Asked by rptech 5 years ago

NIKON COOLPIX L3 as a web cam?

Is there any way to turn my NIKON COOLPIX L3 into a webcam?

Posted by kojimagtr 10 years ago

Nikon or Canon? Answered

Which one is more user friendly?

Asked by levoo1979 1 year ago

nikon d60? Answered

Is my old nikon d60 capable to take photos for my e-shop? Or am I waisting my time trying?fThank you!

Asked by desemv 1 year ago

Nikon D60 Grip with shutter release?

I have a Targus D60 grip with vertical shutter release for my D60, is there a way to make the shutter button physically trigger the camera instead of IR? There is a set of contacts in the Battery Box, are any connected to the shutter?

Asked by macwhiz 6 years ago

Nikon D40 Question

I was reading this instructable and I was wondering if any has tried this on a Nikon D40. I don't have the link cable but I am sure I could find one at a Futureshop or Staples. I have a cable that hooks up to the computer and then my camera but it is looking like the cable might be to small. The port that looks like it might be the one, is the one above the USB port, underneath the hatch.Sorry if I am to vague, I would be glad to re-word it if you need me to.

Posted by Gimpded 10 years ago

Help! Flash/fiber optic wire question

Help help! I was following the instructions at to fix a flash on a camera I got on ebay. All was going great until the black wire came out. I tried putting it back in and got a terrible shock, and the flash no longer worked. So I thought it was a grounding wire. I tried to strip it and put it back in its little holes, but it did NOT want to strip. Downloading the service manual later showed me that it didn't want to strip because it's really fiber optics in there. In trying to fix it some more, I got shocked a few more times, pretty strongly (with the battery out, even). I'm not sure if I've fried a component or not, but at least nothing smells bad. I'd like to try to put a new fiber optic wire in there, but I have no idea where to find one. Can anyone help me? The gauge of the wire is pretty standard for small electronics. Please let me know!! Susan

Posted by susanrm 7 years ago

Nikon D3000- Is it any good?

Hello All i wanna get my lil sis a SLR camera forher birthday, dont wanna drop too much. Has any one got a Nikon D3000? If so what does everyone think about it? Are there any better ones at that price point?

Posted by drctsdctn 8 years ago

Nikon vibration reduction VR lens? Answered

Why would one want a Nikon brand VR lens and because it's VR, is it inferior quality?? Seems like VR are low cost lenses THANK YOU, KTS

Asked by Iceman153 1 year ago

Which DSLR camera would you suggest, Nikon or Canon?

I'm thinking of purchasing a new camera so I just would like some input which one's better and what's the special features.

Posted by DianneB 5 years ago

Mountain & Outdoor Photography

Photography is a passion of ours! We enjoy sharing our moments we capture in the field with people who enjoy photography.   Below are a few links of our work, as well as the settings used to capture this photo. We hope you enjoy, share and comment.   500px Facebook

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How to repair autofocus on Nikon D40?

Hello - I have a Nikon D40 with two lenses. The auto-focus works on one lens, but not the other. Suggestions I've already tried are to clean the lens thoroughly and clean the contact points. I'm not sure if I cleaned the contact points correctly, and I'd really like to know if anyone else has had this problem and been able to fix it. Thanks!

Asked by brandegor 8 years ago

I would like to know if the screen on a NIKON Coolpux camera can be replaced, it is scratched?

The screen has marks where pressure was applied to the screen.

Asked by 8 years ago


Ken Rockwell makes some of the best Nikon D50 camera reviews I've seen. For example: does outreach now?

Posted by stasterisk 9 years ago

does someone know the what the connector pins of the flash shoe from a nikon d3100 are???

Is it possible to make diy ringflash that connects to it? the ringflash itself is no problem but i don't know the connections thanks in advance

Asked by timothy demaegdt 6 years ago

Film holders are not recognized - Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED Answered

Nikon Coolscan 9000 ED I've been using for 6 years nearly every day now refuses to recognize the film holder._________It says, "No film holder detected. Try to clean the square holes at the front side of the film holder and if this doesn't work, try another holder." _____________ I tried all: cleaned all holders, opened the scanner and cleaned it from dust; restarted the computer; turned the scanner off/on/off/on with 5 min intervals. Nothing helped. ______ Then I tried another program - Viewscan. It also said, "Insert the film holder" while it was already inserted.______   Who knows what might it mean? That the scanner grew too old?

Asked by Farneo 8 years ago

Idea DC-DC converter step up from usual power bank as external battery for nikon DSLR

Can anybody build a circuit to convert the 5v-2.1A to 8.4v-2.5 to be able to power on the DSLR camera USB output 5V*2.1A=10.5W Camera input 8.4V*2.5A=21W The idea inspired from ifootage Electric Ray E1  ,I don't believe in would power on my DSLR nikon D7100 probably, plus it's too expensive for me 

Posted by assem555 1 year ago


Greetings I would like to 3d print 2 rings to be used as adapters for tilt shift photography . one of the rings would act like a fastener for the camera and the other would be the housing for the lens. A bellow (not 3d printed) placed between these 2 rings will act as a medium for tilt and shift. The issue is i am not sure of the measurements for the nikon d90 model mount and AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D lens The attachment  outlines the rough design for printing Thanks in advance. Za fer

Posted by ambroochi 1 year ago

Can you suggest some good lenses for my Nikon D40? Answered

Hello all, After using my Nikon D40 with the kit lens for about two years now, I think I'm ready to buy some extra lenses for it.  I have two primary needs that I hope to satisfy with no more than two lenses, and hopefully just one. 1.  Macro photography.  For my work on Instructables I take a lot of macro shots, and I find the kit lens (or is it the camera?) difficult to use for this.  When the minimum focal length is 8 inches or more it's just really hard to get a good shot.  For this need I'd be happy with a manual focus lens since I'd be the only one using it.  But, I really need tighter macro shots than the kit lens - whether this lens can get physically closer or whether it needs to be telephoto I don't really care. 2.  Low Light.  My wife and I often find ourselves in situations where we'd like to take photos of people (and especially children!) in low light, without a flash.  Obviously, this leads to lots of blurring and other undesirable mistakes.  I think a nice, fast lens on the order of f/1.8 or f/1.4 would do the trick, and Nikon makes a nice AF-S model for less than $200.  The trouble is the lack of zoom - I think I could deal with it, but my wife uses the whole range of 18-55mm on the kit lens and would probably throw her hands up in despair if that ability were missing.  So what's the solution here? Thanks for any suggestions you folks can provide, especially when it comes to older lenses.  Apparently the D40 can mount old non-AI Nikon lenses which is good news I guess, because it opens up a whole world of used lenses.  Beyond that I must plead ignorance... EDIT:  I'm somewhat leaning towards the fast 35mm f/1.8 AF-S prime lens and an extension tube set for macro.  Still researching, though.... EDIT 2:  Still liking the looks of the 35mm prime, but now considering a Nikon 3T or 4T diopter macro filter, if I can find one... EDIT 3:  SOLUTION:  I ended up buying the 35mm f1.8 prime lens and a 10x achromatic macro filter (I didn't manage to find a Nikon filter, but I did find one that claimed to be a true achromat lens setup.  We'll see when it arrives!)

Asked by jeff-o 8 years ago

Problems with Nikon D7000 Continuous Shooting?

When I put my camera on shutter priority and continuous high, the camera takes the pictures but the images come out VERY VERY dark I haven't changed any settings in the camera (I have the same problem in continuous low option as well) what is the problem? am i missing something? is there a trick? what should I do? p.s. i am unable to do burst shooting when the (built in) flash is on (is this normal?)

Asked by rptech 5 years ago

how do i dismantle the nikon coolpix l18 camera?

I need to clean its insides theres a bunch of sand in it blocking the deployment of the lens assembly.

Asked by uptownborg 9 years ago

How do I mod a monocular to give my Nikon Cool Pix increased telephoto capability? Answered

Red tailed hawks have moved into my neighborhood.  My only camera is my Nikon Cool Pix.  I've learned how to take closeups with a jewelers' loop.  How do I mod a monocular to use as a small telephoto?

Asked by Hubiewan 8 years ago

Camera Choice? Answered

Is the Nikon Coolpix L330 sufficient for this class?

Asked by Zmigbler 1 year ago

Can I use the battery charger as a direct power source?

I am making an automatic button presser for my Nikon CoolPix 4800 camera so I can make time lapse videos.  My problem is that I don't have a power adapter for my camera.  If I connect the battery charger directly to the battery slot in the camera, will the camera run safely? There is a jack on the side, but it's a strange jack that I have never seen before.  The jack is listed at 8.4V. The charger has an output of 8.4V and 600mA On the bottom of the camera, it says: 8.4V ---- 0.4A 6V -----0.6A Then, strangely, the rechargable lithium-ion battery says 7.4V, though it could be a typo. So, if I connect the terminals on the battery charger into the terminals in the camera where the battery hooks up, will it run safely? Thanks!

Asked by Wehrdo 7 years ago

Camera not turning on, how can I find the problem?

A friend of mine dropped her Nikon Coolpix point and shoot, which broke caused a lens error. She handed me a ziplock bag with it disassembled and half the screws stripped and asked me to fix it, since her warranty ran out. I found and fixed what was causing the lens error, but the camera won't turn on. I didn't think to check if it powered up before I started, but I'd like to fix it if at all possible. I didn't do anything that would obviously cause this problem - I used an anti-static strap, was careful with the parts I took out, and all my work was on the lens part of the camera. The battery is charged - I have the same camera and it works in mine. I tried plugging it into a computer, no luck. What might be some possible causes, and how can I test for them? 

Asked by applesnacks 7 years ago

My camera works only when hot, why?

Introduction; I live at Thailand, and Thais have holiday named Songkran where other people splash water on each other, so i took my camera out to shot some photos of the festival, and someone accidentally splashed water over me and my camera! So i took the battery out immediately and when arrived home disassembled my cam, it was full of water! So i dried some of the water with toilet paper and used a hairdryer on first lvl heat to dry it more out, after that placed the camera in the container with silica gel for 10 days! After 10-12 days i assembled camera and it worked, i was very happy.  Problem: Now after like 6 months my camera stopped working, and i found out that when i leave it near heat source (my laptop hot spot on top of the processor, sunny place, or even on very hot day) it starts to work again. First the display acting weird and messy, than it becomes green, and i leave it for 3-4 min like that. so it heats a little bit more.and after that camera works normally! but if i leave it to cool down it stops again! My Guess: I think i made a big mistake using hairdryer at all, and while in that process some of the connections could widened and made cold contact! I assume problem is somewhere on the main or power board since when i put the battery inside camera power control light doesn't respond at all. Question: Anyone can help me with some tip where the problem could be, or the possible solution? The Nikon shop does not want to repair water damaged camera and even if so, it is very expensive that i could buy new camera! Feel free to aks anyadditional questions! Thank you

Asked by speedfreakz 5 years ago


Hi Guys, Lets see what we can do best here: I have a an old NIKON COOLPIX L100 + APPLE iPod Touch Am planning to make out a car reverse cam or probably a car video entertainment system out of it with bluetooth connectivity etc etc  My car has an audio system but no reverse sensors as of now. Any ideas ?

Posted by nacho1234 2 years ago

Color Temperature ? Answered

I dont understand how to change color temperature on a Nikon D3200.

Asked by jkellamla1 1 year ago

Lens Filter Question

I am fairly new to the DSLR world and I like the use of polarizer filters but is a polarizer filter still effective with a UV filter on top of it? I have it like this so I can easily rotate the polarizer filter

Asked by physics_dude 7 years ago

I need a motion sensing trigger for a D5000 Nikon.

Motion sensing or breaking an Infrared trigger (like a garage door safety switch config.) It would have to be a two stage switch - one to depress the camera trigger half way to wake up the camera, and two, to take the picture with a full depression of the camera trigger. At this point I have a remote trigger for my Nikon but don't know whether it will wake the camera after the camera has "gone to sleep" because it has not be used over the prescribed time.

Asked by jgrimes227 8 years ago

Camera or MacBook?

Ok. So my birthday is coming up, and I want to get either a Nikon D3100 or a MacBook Air/Pro. I really can't decide which one I want more. I love photography and I don't have a DSLR, but I would also love a MacBook and I would probably use it quite a lot. I do already have a desktop, but I also have a point-and-shoot. I really need your help on which one I should get. Thank you in advance.

Posted by Ferrari576 6 years ago

Which camera is better? Answered

I have a canon camera but I'm not sure if that's the right camera to use to take pictures. Is a Nikon camera better?

Asked by Zadada_forever_ 1 year ago

Tethered wireless shooting with TP-Link router

Hi.... I've been following the instructable about wireless tethering using the TP-Link MR3040 portable router ( This is great and works very well. My problem is that the router in the instructable is now obsolete in the UK so I was wondering if anyone knows if the TP-Link MR3020 can be flashed with the same firmware? If not are there any other compatible portable routers on the market. I understand the firmware is based upon the OpenWRT firmware but that the author has added some additional scripts, if I can't find a suitable replacement router does anyone know what additional scrips have been added and if it's possible to add them to the OpenWRT 3020 firmware. Many thanks for any help.

Posted by kevdsn 1 year ago

which camera to buy? Answered

I'm a beginner and confused what camera to get whats your suggestion over nikon d7200,canon EOS 80D and sony A6000?

Asked by AravindhanC 9 months ago

These are nice - micro photography

Posted by FriendOfHumanity 5 years ago

will my equipment be ok for this class? Answered

I have a digital nikon coolpix p530 an LG V10, an ematic EVH625BL Action cam and then i have a Dell laptop and an iPad Pro

Asked by Shannonslove 1 year ago

sorry all this went over my head.?

The lesson here doesn't jive w/Nikon CoolpixI can't find the booklet on this old camera ...any suggestions

Asked by VrindaB 1 year ago

Is this a capacitor? What kind? (Sunpak flash/speedlight circuit for Nikon cameras)

UPDATE: I received one response (on the Strobist forum) saying this _is_ a capacitor, and I must desolder to measure capacitance.  I hope someone here can confirm this, and, if true, also help me figure out _what type_ and its likely _voltage rating_. ========================== This circuit board is from a Sunpak NE-2D dedicated module for Nikon cameras.  Can anyone help me identify the rectangular component with blue sides?   I can't find any markings on it. High res. pictures of the part and the board are linked below.  The capacitance tested around 47nF (still soldered in place).  I'm fairly new to electronics, so I don't know if I did the test right or even the right test.  If it is a capacitor, I'd like to know what type. (FYI: A dedicated module is a removable foot that attaches to various Sunpak flash units. The foot/module connects to the hot shoe connector of specific cameras.  This particular module is dedicated to older Nikon SLR cameras. It allows compatible Sunpak flash units to provide Nikon-specific TTL flash functions (Fire/X-sync, Quench, Ready light, etc.). ) Any assistance greatly appreciated.

Asked by macmcb 6 years ago

Is my camera enough? Answered

Though i cant afford to buy an expensive camera i still long to claim myself as a photographer .I just wonder that will Nikon coolpix p530 help me in this case?

Asked by AajmaienA 1 year ago

Can I convert a SCSI device (scanner) to USB?

I have a Nikon LS 2000 scanner I would like to use with a laptop running XP

Asked by 9 years ago

Creative Lens? Answered

I have a Nikon D3400. Haven't used it yet, bought for upcoming college photography class. My question is, how do I know what type/size (?) creative lens I need or will fit on my camera?

Asked by missourigirl61 1 year ago

How would one code this IR sequence for the arduino? Answered

 How do you code this sequence for the arduino assuming the IR LED is attached to pin 2.  The first code on the page...

Asked by flybye22 8 years ago

Any tips for a perfect portrait session?

I'm a self instructed person and I have a Nikon D70s camera. I would like to take advantage of this equipment, Have no lights, no lenses, no filters, just the camera and I'ld like to learn to use it well.

Asked by leolopezok 7 years ago

How would one convert internet movies to play on a Nikon L11 COOlPIX camera? Answered

I have two Nikon L11 digital cameras, one with a broken screen . They record and play video as .MOV files. I would like to use the camera with the broken screen to watch videos from the internet on my television. Is there a way to convert typical files from a DVD, or the internet, (say Youtube)to a 640X480, 30 frames per second .Mov files. that will play from the camera? I have a card reader/ writer, but havent been able to make this work yet. Any ideas would be welcome!

Asked by Ronyon 7 years ago