How's about them ninjas?

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How cool are Ninja?A lot of people think just the word is cool, that Ninja are the ultimate (everything).A lot of people spend much time bickering over who are "real Ninja" or not.People also find Ninja films amusing (or even hilarious, myself included)And of course the "Official Ninja Website"Beyond people who think Ninja are totally awesome, I'd like to know what they've really done?WW2 - any involvement in the Pacific?Assassinations - anyone famous?Kicked-organised-crime-ass?Overthrown any governments?Killed anyone?Are the real Ninja subject to some conspiracy-outlook where "if you've heard about them they aren't real Ninja"?Anyone?

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ninja weapons

Discuss about the many different ninja weapons and gear!

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ninja armour

Discuss ninja armour

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ninja wepons

Hi im wondering about a few ninja weapons one is how to make a senbon i looked but i coouldn't find any guides and two how to make good cheap caltrops

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Ninja Stars

OK well i was wondering, is there any other ways to make a Shuriken? Because i have made a few but i want more. But i want them NOT to stick in my wall. Just so i can throw em at anything with out busting a wall. Any suggestions?

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Ninja Hoodie/mask

Does anyone know how to make a ninja hoodie with a mask like the one in this link? NinjaHoodieI've searched everywhere but i can't find anything on how to make this.

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Ninja Thumb Tacks

If a ninja worked in cubeville this is exactly how the papers would be stuck against the corkboard. Isn't business a battlefield? If so, we should start getting armed and be ready to assassinate sheets of paper at 50 paces. Linkvia BBgadgets

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Ninja Power contest!

Featured author Sunshiine has just posted an instructable with a built-in Ninja contest. This is an awesomely generous thing for her to do - Go, see, win!

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Business card ninja

It's always amazing to see people take some simple skill and take it to ridiculous extremes. This video showcases one man's insane talent for throwing business cards. Popping balloons, up through open windows, and knocking stuff over. And here we were all wasting our time using them to share contact info. via TechEBlog

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Welcome All Ninjas!

Welcome all ninjas! These tools can ONLY be used by ninjas.

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Ninja Weapons 101?

May I ask what qualifications you posess? When you say you "know the way of all the weapons and how to make them in under 10 mins" you are lying. Yes they can be made badly form odd found materials throughout the home, but to make for examble a ninja-to bokken or yari spear at best will take days.

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Ninja Vs Secret Agents

Who will win

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The President Of the United States Is a Ninja

This morning I awoke to find Our president strewn about the news in a rather comical way: He had nearly been assassinated by shoes (joke) and I took some video using the technique from my recent instructable and converted it into a gif if you are going to use this on anything please make sure I'm mentioned, it's just common courtesy XD

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Hey, lead ninja here! Please start adding instructables, we need them to promote our group!

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Welcome naruto fans

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Here you can post instrucatables that you've made or found regarding the totally awsomeness of ninja weapons. Examples of what you can post: instructables for:Kunais, Shurikan, bokken, shinai, etc. This is basically a reference forum for our club members.

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Demon Shadow-Windmill Shuriken

Hmm.... I have seen all these shurikens on Instructables, but none of them have pleased me. I think it would be cool if someone made the windmill shuriken....

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what is the best metal for shurikenor ninja stars?

Limeted supply of money ($10)

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I have all the printer software installed and the comp wont see the printer for some reason, can some help me. usually i would be on top of this, but i dont have lots of time to worry about this kind of thing. please help.

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Naruto's Jacket

I made an 'ible on how to make Naruto's jacket. If you are in need of a cosplay, check it out.

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What is the best way of making a ninja costume that doesn't use the t-shirt method? Answered

I would like to know where to buy the items or just what the items are for that matter :P. Thanks in advance!

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Powerpoint 2010 ninja game [beta testing]

Before reading this, I would like you to know that yes, it is possible to make a game in powerpoint. You may have seen my previous post about the powerpoint OR. But this is a new post about my ninja game which is in beta testing. All that’s included right now is an attacking system and a menu which is on a separate powerpoint. If you have any name suggestions please fire away. Thanks          -vroom…vroom…

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what about this group?

Why doesn't this group, the office ninjas, have any instructables except mine. the author hasnt even posted any! come on guys!

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Does anyone have ideas for a futuristic ninja costume inspired by master chief?

For a while now I've been wanting to make a semi-working futuristic suit of armor. The main part of the armor would be the helmet and wrist band. The suit is inspired by Master Chief from Bungies "Halo" series although I would like to bring in some aspects of anime and ninja/ranger characters.A combination of past and future including blades/knives, lights, camera, a walkie-talkie, etc. I can't really access any fiberglass or anything like that so I'm going to modify a motorbike helmet with some material, glue, paper, electronics from a cheap Australian store, etc.So I was wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what I could make the suit out of and what features I could include in it. All In all I want it to be a futuristic ninja. So I'm asking people with any ideas or expiriences as to what I should do with this plan, keeping in mind that I have very little experience in electronics and I am ridiculously short on cash.

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Walking Stick to Weapon Conversion

If you've followed my 'ible Whittle a Staff / Walking Stick, you can convert that walking stick into a awesome looking "medieval marshal arts bludgeon"! Head over to my blog to check out what I've done: Walking Stick Bludgeon If you're not using it for decoration, fending off a bear, or fighting ninjas, you've added some nice grip for when you are going for a hike!

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Airsoft swat Shield? Answered

I have an urban airsoft team and we want some more swat gear and i decided we'd get a shield well i need some help please and thanks

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What is a good laptop for around $500 USD or less? Answered

I am going to get a laptop in a few months and I would like one for around $500 or less. I could go over $500 to about $550. I would also like one with Windows. I mainly surf the internet but I also might need to edit videos and type papers for school (I'm going into 9th grade). Having a CD/DVD drive, at least two USB ports, and at least an 80 gigabyte hard drive is a must.

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General Discussion for Discussion

(In a musical gameshow like voice) It's time for the General Discussion for Discussion Blog. This is a blog where from week to week the owner will post something new and exciting to discuss and he and the audience discuss it in a general discussion matter With your host Mysterious Ninja Of Fire. Each week within the last post I will be giving a hint as to next week. This week is ninjas. next week will be democians.

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How does one use a certain ninjutsu technique? Answered

Could someone please tell me the basics of the technique to slow down your heartbeat? It's a technique I have heard of but not seen. Apparently it is used to fool an opponent into thinking that you are dead. Anyone know how to do it?

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Protect my house on mischief night?

Last year my house was egged in a drive by "shooting". in past years there were attempts at TPing my tree but its like 200' so it was a fail. Anyways i need suggestions on how to defend my house. so far i have Airsoft sniper in the tree Water hose Super Soaker Flame thrower Chasing them on a bike with a 100Db alarm on it MORE airsoft guns Paintball Bazooka "homemade" Camera flash for blinding them Firecrackers (possibly if i can find them in time) panic button for car alarm POSSIBLY putting a trail of gasoline on the road so in case of a drive by someone in the bush can light it and scare the crap out of driver and prevent them from leaving Playing random music VERY loud and getting like 10 people to give a GIANT group hug SMOKE BOMBS Night vision (kipkay design) pitch forks and torches Please any other ideas would be helpful

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Converted 1990 Ninja ZX-6 Electric Motorcycle

Hi, I'm cross posting this here as I know this is a community of folks who might appreciate something like this project.  I've recently converted a sportbike to electric power.  It was a grad school project but since I'm in the Active Army, I have to PCS (move) to Izmir, Turkey for one year.  Since I don't want to let it sit for a year in my garage, I'm selling it on ebay.  Please check it out and spread the word to anyone interested. It would make a great bike for a college student to ride around campus or the local town.  Or a great starter bike for someone beginning to learn how to ride motorcycles as there's no distracting engine noise or clutch work.  I live in Kansas City, Missouri but have a flexible schedule so I can work with different shipping methods that you use. here's the link and some features: Specifications: -Top Speed: about 52 mph as geared depending on windspeed and terrain -Range: about 15 miles depending on terrain and riding habits -Acceleration: adequate for traffic -Charge time: 5-6 hours -Motor: 72volt GE series wound DC -Batteries: 6 x 12volt 35ah Power Sonic AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) -Controller: Alltrax AXE-7245 (Programmable and with data logging capability via USB cable) -Charger: 72volt 8amp, plug comes out of gas cap and can be plugged in any standard outlet -Contactor: Kilovac EV200 by Tycho Electric -Main Fuse: 400 amp -Battery cage and motor mount: welded angle and tube steel -Weight: 422 lbs  (47 lbs lighter than the factory weight) -72v to 12v converter to run factory wiring harness Features:   -PakTrakr display to show total pack voltage and individual battery voltages -Motor controller can log data via USB cable for battery pack voltage, Motor current, Battery current and throttle position (the graph picture was made by importing the data to microsoft excel) -Factory key switch enables contactor -Neutral dash light wired to show contactor status -Manual switch enables controller -Sidestand switch linked to "interrupt" relay in contactor circuit -Street legal, registered and insured in Missouri thanks -chris

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'Random Istructable' feature

I was thinking, that for people like me who just want a project to do, and don't want to search or anything why, why not have a 'View Random Instructable' link/button? It seems to work pretty well for wikipedia!

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I would like to see an ible on a time travel machine!?

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Ninjato Sword ( Should I post )

OK, I just made a fully functional Ninjato out of some scrap metal. It is not very high quality, hence it's called a Ninjato. It is cut into shape, heat treated a bit ( not too much, not really good at it ), When not used covered in cloth ( acts like a sheath ). Should I post?

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Does anyone else think we need a random Instructable button? Answered

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"Re-making" Ninjutsu, combining Krav Maga and Wing Chun

Hiya guys! Recently I had to give up studying Ninjutsu, because there were no close Dojos. I decided to study Wing Chun instead, but I was still very sad I won't become an urban ninja. Later on, I watched some material art TV shows - I then heard about Krav Maga. It's an israeli martial art that focuses on self-defense. I don't want to give up Wing Chun for it, and nor it for Wing Chun. Now here comes the interesting stuff - I came up with a great idea. Ninjas were basically assassins, but that's not what I wanted to be. I wanted a lifestyle. If I will study parkour, I will be able to run jump and hop, like ninjas did. If I will study Wing Chun, I will be an expert an unarmed combat. Krav Maga will teach me weapon stuff - defending attacks, disarming, and fighting with them. All left is to be sneaky, and here I am - a whole new modern ninja-like life style, designed for life in the city! My question is, will I be able to learn Wing Chun and parkour at the same time, and as soon as I'll reach Wing Chun Mastery I'll start with Krav Maga. I'm not sure if I'll ever make it to master 2 martial arts, but the ninjas mastered fighting with almost any weapon, so I guess it's possible. Your opinion?

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A sweet Idea for a movie!

Ok, This Idea is either really cool or the dumbest one Ive had yet! What if They made a movie about aliens coming to destroy earth by infecting us with an alien virus that makes us turn into zombies, so the Worlds military makes Super advanced robots to fight them! and because all of the military personnel are fighting aliens The world erupts in mass anarchy and pirates start to sail the sea and attack coastal cities! So chivalrous ninja protect the people from the prates and aliens. But then the Anti-virus the Drug companies makes to stop the virus in the infected mutates and causes certain people to turn into vampires! I think it would be cool but it might also be a bit much! :)

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Building a home-training program?

Sup all! I'm really interested in becoming a modern ninja, so I googled it a bit. In order to be an urban ninja, I will have to learn parkour and the highlighted of the traditional 18 ninja skills, others will be useless.(Horsemanship? It's Urban Ninjutu, in a city...) Check wikipedia here for more info. unarmed combat sword techniques stick and staff techniques throwing weapons techniques pyrotechnics and explosives disguise and impersonation stealth and entering methods water training tactics espionage escaping and concealment meteorology geography I need to find a good book/DVD series that will teach me traditional Ninjutsu, thus will teach me all of the listed skills. I want to focus mainly on unarmed combat, followed by stick, staff and sword techniques and weapon throwing. The rest is stealth, to sneak into places without being detected. That should make me a basic ninja. Finally, after I'll know these, I will study the less important skills - the italic skills.  What I ask for help is, to give me a good DVD or a book that will teach me either parkour or Taijutsu(unarmed combat). These are the things I want the most, explained before. I prefer the course to be free, like an online study course.

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Non lethal poison blow darts???

Non lethal poison blow darts.? I was thinking about making blow darts then the topic struck me, could common natural non lethal poisons or toxins be used in blow darts. This sounds a bit vague, so heres and example: you take poison ivy leaves and either wipe the darts on the leaves or grind up the leaves then rub darts in the mix. Would this work, how effective would this be?. I am not planning on even attempting to try this, this is for informational purposes

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your clique

What clique are you in? im a gangster/skater/ninja/mexican/prep but i mainly am an outkast i could fit in with any group... ...i choose not to

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Bike dynamo help!

I figured out how to make a bike dynamo.  How can I use the power it generates to charge a 12V battery?

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old computer monitor? Answered

I have an old computer monitor but I don't know what to do with it. What are some neat things that you can do with a computer monitor

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tabi boots for parkour?

Tabi boots are the split toe'd canvas boots that "ninja"/'shinobi' wear, what do you guys think?

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how do i make a prop detonator?

I want one that has a key switch to unlock a cover that protects the "big red button" and maybe other switchy switches

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how do i make a grim reaper costume?

 i mostly just want the cloak but  all assistance is appreciated, oh and i have a sewing machine but im a novice  

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How can we better use technology to preserve the environment?

I'm part of a "Technology Battle Royale" that will be hosted by the Ninja from "Ask A Ninja." One of the questions for this event is "How can we better use technology to preserve the environment?"Yes, I know this sounds ridiculous, and it is. More links once the website is live.In the meantime, what do you think? Help me answer the question. This is the second of two questions for this week, the first is here.Edit:The battle site is now live here: http://www.fmbattleroyale.comDisclosure: The FM site is being sponsored by Toshiba, who is also an advertiser on Instructables.

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