Riddle - A kid walks 5 miles up hill to AND from school - How does he do it? Answered

A kid walks 5 miles up hill to AND from school.- How does he do it? I thought of some unconventional ways that this is possible. Just get creative with your answers, this should give us some laughs.

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Is it legal to use a midi file for backing and sell the recording on my own album?

I want to sing, improv, and add a guitar (keytar) solo to Phil Collins "In The Air Tonight" for my upcoming album, but I don't want to learn all the instruments in it.

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Myspace Music Profile

Check out my music. http://www.myspace.com/kyledurkinmusic

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Funny Video

A friend of mine made this funny video about a tea party with a lunatic. Watch it! Tea Party Hijinks

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I Wrote A Song

This is my first original keytar song. It sounds like a mix between Pink Floyd and Santana. Revelations In The Night

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The Future Of Knex Guns?

What kind of guns do you foresee in 1, 3, and/or 5 years? Where do you think that the hobby of knex gun building is heading?

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Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 3

"Necessity is the mother of all invention. Competition is the mother of all necessity." -Oblivitus The Challenge: Build a weapon that can survive being dropped as many feet as possible without breaking (30 or 50 feet for example). You will need video proof for this (the best way to do it is probably to throw it up in the air, DON'T HIT ANYTHING). Remember that how well it fires is also very important in this competition. Rules: 1. You may enter as many knex weapons as you like. 2. You may not enter siege weapons. Criteria (in order of importance) -Performance (how well it fires) -Innovation (how many feet it can be dropped from without breaking) -Appearance A weapon that was posted before the beginning of the contest will decrease its chances of winning. Grass is fine for dropping the gun on. However, dropping the gun on a harder surface will score bonus points. If the gun survives falling on more than one section (for example; on drop one it falls on its barrel, and on drop two it falls on its stock) the gun will score bonus points. Deadline: August 1st. Judging: I'll pick the winner. Rewards: The winner will receive my 5 star rating on their slideshow or instructable. The real prize, however, is the satisfaction of winning. The winning weapon will be announced in a forum on or shortly after August 1st. Entering The Contest: Post a link or photos of your weapon on this forum to enter. I will be posting a new contest near the beginning of each month until further notice.

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Should I shorten my name to Blivit? Answered

I just realized that Oblivitus is kind of an odd name. I might change it. Any ideas?

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K'nex Concepts 15

Semi-Auto Pinch-Fire: Uses the concept of this gun to create automatic pinch firing which is then controlled by the semi-auto trigger system shown. -by Oblivitus This concept has also been posted to: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts/

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Ghost 3.0 or Z35?

What's better, Seleziona's Ghost 3.0 or the legendary Oblivitus's Z35 K'Nex guns?

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How do I convert a video file to an audio file? Answered

I want to convert my music videos on my computer into files that I can listen to on my Ipod or put on a cd.

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Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 1

The Challenge: Make a firing knex weapon without elastic bands. Weapons that use elastics are allowed to be entered, but each instance of elastic use will reduce its chances of winning. A weapon that was created before the beginning of the contest will also decrease its chances of winning. Rules: You may enter as many knex weapons as you like. Criteria (in order of importance) -Performance -Innovation -Appearance Deadline: May 1st. Judging: I'll pick the winner. Rewards: The winner will receive my 5 star rating on their slideshow or instructable. The real prize, however, is the satisfaction of winning. The winning weapon will be announced in a forum shortly after May 1st. Entering The Contest: Post a link on this forum to enter. I will be posting a new contest near the beginning of each month until further notice.

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The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 3 Results)

The moment you've all been waiting for! Or at least thought about, or something... You get the idea- anywhoooooo, Oblivitus still has to give me his complete list, so here are my own list and I_Am_Canadian's list. Remember, your score can still change. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- VICCIE.B1993 1: Killer~Safe Cracker - K'nex Solar Alarm Clock - 750/900 points. 2: Cj81499 - Tnkit Round 3 Cj81499's Entry - 600/900 points. 3: Owen-Mon-82397 - K'nex Fan - 550/900 points. 3: K'nex Mad - Knex Grabber T.N.K.I.T Round 3 Entry - 550/ 900 points. 4: DJ Radio - Video Cam Holder - 540/900 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORE LIST: Knex Mad: Entry: Knex Grabber T.N.K.I.T Round 3 Entry. Practicality: It is practical for the elderly and lazy people so 200/300 points. Sturdyness: Looks like a solid construction, the grabber might be a bit inreliable, but in the video he said he solved that problem so 250/300 points. Extras: No extras, so 100/300 points. Total: 550/900 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ Radio: Entry: Video Cam Holder. Practicality: It's useful if you want to make a K'nex war video. 170/300 Points. Sturdyness: He said it's sturdy, it looks a bit wobbly though so.. 170/300 Points. Extras: You can mount it on a gun to use as a scope, or to make a video, two extras so.. 200/300 Points. Total: 540/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- K~SC: Entry: Solar Clock Alarm (!?) Practicality: Everyone needs one when they have a job or school so.. 250/300 Sturdyness: The clock almost looks sturdier than the lockbox that he showed in the same Ible. 250/300 Extras: Three extra, three bonuses. 250/300 Total: 750/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cj81499: Entry: Tnkit Round 3 Cj81499's Entry. Practicality: It's smarter to just get one from the fridge, but this way you can store them in your room or wherever you are at most times so.. 250/300 Sturdyness: The legs to make the cans go down looked a bit wobbly when he pressed it but i'm gonna let it slip because the rest looks surdy. 250/300 Extras: No extras, so.. 100/300 Total: 600/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Owen-Mon-82397 Entry: K'nex Fan. Practicality: You won't need one now over here, it's like minus 5 sometimes. But in the summer this might be useful. 200/300 Sturdyness: Looks like a solid construction to me. 250/300 Extras: No extras. 100/300 Total: 550/900 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I_AM_CANADIAN: 1: Killer~SafeCracker - Solar Alarm Clock - 750/900 points. 2: K'nex Mad - Grabber - 480/900 points. 3: DJ Radio - Camera Mount - 400/900 points. 4: Cj (numbers) - Can Dispenser - 380/900 points. 5: Owen-Mon-(numbers) - K'nex Fan - 340/900 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SCORE LIST: Killer~SafeCracker: Solar Alarm Clock Practicality 270. Sturdiness 280. Extras 200. Total 750. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Knex Mad: Knex Grabber Practicality 200 Sturdiness 180 Extras 100 Total 480 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DJ Radio: Knex Camera Mount Practicality 180 Sturdiness 120 Extras 100 Total: 400 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Owen-Mon (numbers): - Knex Fan Practicality 140 Sturdiness 100 Extras 100 Total 340 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Cj (numbers):  Knex Can Dispenser Practicality 150 Sturdiness 130 Extras 100 Total 380 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OBLIVITUS: Still have to get the completed score list. This is about it now, i'll send the contestants a message when Oblivitus sends me his list. Cheers, and for many years more! -Viccie.B1993-  

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Z35 Assault Rifle Review

Ok so I built the Z35 assault rifle to day and I thought why not make a review for it. Link-https://www.instructables.com/id/Z35-Knex-Assault-Rifle/ -Comfort 6/10(the handle was really flimsy) -Range 9/10(I got around 65-70 ft flat with 2 strands of 32's tied together) -Power 8/10(when I shot my hand it really didn't hurt to much) -Accuracy 8/10(the gun is kinda accurate) -Reliability 9/10(the gun is really reliable) -Body Weight/Balance 8/10(the gun is kinda heavy it helps if you include the carrying strap) -Magazine 9/10(never jammed for me) So I would recommend this to anyone who wanted a blue rod mag fed gun or just an assault rifle.=)

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K'nex Concepts 13

Spiral Drum Mag: Drum mag with two rods that rotate in one direction to push rounds to the outside of the spiral and into a firing chamber. -by Oblivitus Layered Drum Mag: A drum mag with multiple layers that fill the entire space within the drum which both rotates with an elastic and is pushed up by an elastic. When the outer layer is emptied of rounds, the drum moves up and the next layer begins emptying. This layer changing would be achieved by making the rounds press upward against a flat surface on the gun. -by Oblivitus These concepts have also been posted to: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts/

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My New Music Album- Awakening- FREE TO DOWNLOAD

Hey guys, I just put together my second musical album called "Awakening". This album is FREE TO DOWNLOAD in it's entirety, so check it out and see if it's something you'd like to have on your computer or MP3 player. Just enter your email address and zip code to get my free music. http://noisetrade.com/kyledurkin Here's a quick video previewing all the songs on the album:

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Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 2 Results

The winner is the C.A.A.R. (Combat Adaptice Assault Rifle) made by 182515. His stats for the gun; Turret: 110 feet with finned red rod, 80 feet with oodammo. Oodamo mag: 70 feet Grey Connector mag: 50 feet # of removable/ interchangeable parts : 5 and 1/2 (I'll explain that in the slide show) ,a removable mag and 2 sights. I will not be posting this gun. Although i may post a improved version Thanks to everyone who participated. The next contest can be found here.

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Revolutionary Knex Gun Competition 1 Results

The winner is a weight powered slingshot made by Hiyadudez. His explanation of how the gun fires; It's basically a normal gun rail, with a 'car' on the rail. Attached to the 'car' is string that runs to the front of the gun and over some pulleys. Attached to the other end of the string is a big weight/counterweight. When released, it pulls the car forward (the bullet is in front of the car) and sends it flying out of the barrel, but the car stays in. It shoots a blue rod 10-15 feet. Thanks to everyone who participated. The next contest can be found here.

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Your K'nex Concepts - Share your ideas here!

Post your own knex invention ideas here. Include pictures as well as an explanation. If I like your idea, I will put it on my K'nex Concepts instructable crediting you with the design.

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K'nex Concepts 14

Turret-Fed Shotgun: A 3 barreled shotgun, each barrel capable of 50 feet of range, that strikes 3 rounds out of a TR-18 turret simultaneously. One trigger pulls all the blocks at the same time during firing. One master pin pulls back the 3 firing pins. It is also important to note that the blocks should just barely touch the firing pins because there will be 3 times as much pressure for the trigger to overcome as a typical gun because there are 3 blocks. -by Oblivitus This concept has also been posted to: https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Concepts/

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What causes irrational numbers such as pi to never form patterns? Answered


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Advertise Your Yet To Be Released K'nex Guns

Post pictures of your not yet released k'nex guns here!

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Star Spangled Banner On Keytar

It's me playing my Roland AX-Synth Keyboard. Watch and comment. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0wB5NLsFM8

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Knex Gun Database Open To New Members

Created December 2011, the Knex Gun Database is a wiki (open to editing by any member admitted into the group) that stores all the knowledge on knex guns. It's purpose is to quickly bring new knexers up to speed on knex gun building so that they do not duplicate past inventions and can therefore can continue to push the community forward and innovate. TheDunkis and I (Oblivitus) believe that this is ESSENTIAL to the future of knex guns. If you would like to join us in this noble endeavor please go here: http://knexbuilding.wikispaces.com/ Sign up for an account and request to join the group. Please follow the formatting that all the other pages use. Thanks for your help! With your support, we can move knex gunning forward! If you are reading this, than copy, paste, and re-post this entire block of text in your own forum to get this message to everyone. Thank you, Oblivitus

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Zelda Knex Sword

I found this on deviantart. I've never seen it on this site and thought it worth sharing. http://videoboysayscube.deviantart.com/art/Zelda-K-nex-Master-Sword-183122955?q=boost%3Apopular%20knex&qo;=36

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What Real Guns Do You Want To See Made With Knex?

Post pictures and suggestions for knex gun modeling here.

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Good knex pistol to dual wield???

I want to know if there are any good knex guns to dual wield!

Question by muffinslayer2 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Is it possible? Is it possible for a motorless knex fully auto with a ram that goes back and forth? Answered

Well, i was wondering is it even possible at all? Oblivitus' Bolt action mg would work, but would only have 5 or 6 shots. Not boasting or anything, but is my mg the closest there is?

Question by Millawi Legend 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Group Management Tools Won't Work

I can't delete any instructables from my groups, when I try to, I get an error message. This has been going on for about a year and I really wish that someone would fix it.

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Avatar Making

Hey guys, if you want a cool new avatar just let me know. I made this one for mad mick after he wanted to get one from oblivitus ~~Mad Mick~~ ~~DJ Radio~~ ~~Darth Gecko Man~~ ~~Jollex~~ Oompa Loompa

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DarkOwlKnex's Project Update Three

I've been doing a lot of stuff the past week.  I have to memorize songs for band, do summer homework, yada, yada, yada.  But, as always, I've found time for K'nex, and this is what I've come up with.  If there's enough interest in any combination of these, I'll post accordingly. The first picture is of the 'collaboration project' I had with Dr. Richtofen.  X3  It really wasn't a collaboration...  It was really me looking back through Dr. Richtofen's many successful attempts at a non-shooting Walther PPK and trying to make them shoot.  When I was finished building, I realized something: there was no firing pin for the gun that would make sense; the red rod was too short (it didn't reach the end of the barrel) and the black rod was too long (it stuck out the end).  I could've used a red rod firing pin and jammed the bullets down the barrel, (it was a singleshot) but I thought better of it.  I'd say at least 50% credit goes to Dr. Richtofen for that project.  The second picture is just a random little pistol I made out of boredom after scrapping the PPK.  it was cute and compact, but the next day, after I woke up at three in the morning because I couldn't sleep, I had a revelation...   What if I used the type of trigger off of The Racker Rifle (link below) on a mag in the handle gun, and positioned it just perfectly as to have the trigger block behind the handle.  I'd then give it removable magazines like on Blue Mullet's K'nex Handle Removable Pistol (link below).  The last three pictures are the result of about an hours work so far; I may update again soon. (Oh, and the Elvis mouse pad is my Dads, not mine; my Dad's a big fan, obviously.) The Racker's The Racker Rifle: https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Racker-Rifle/ Blue Mullet's K'nex Handle Removable Pistol: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-Handle-removable-magazine-pistol/ Thanks for viewing! UPDATE:  The big pistol thing is now named George, and I have pictures of it completed structurally, and internally.  It is now in Pre-Beta. UPDATE/NOTE: The internals you see in the last picture won't work, sadly.  I've updated it so that it now functions.

Topic by DarkOwlProductions 5 years ago

Good knex guns?

Alright, whenever i find a cool knex gun and I make it im happy and I pull it back to shoot.........and it doesnt.... or the ram breaks etc....  can some people please post some good guns here.   That would be great (currently i have oblivitus' beast pistol which actually works! :))

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Top 3 K'nex Weapons Of 2008

Vote for your favorite 3 k'nex weapons released in 2008. You may not vote for any of your own designs.VOTING HAS NOW ENDED. PLEASE SEE THE SLIDESHOW YOUR FAVORITE K'NEX WEAPONS 0F 2008.

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The New Knex Innovationists Tournament - T.N.K.I.T (Round 3)

Thanks to I_Am_Canadian for the contest round idea. You have to build something practical! Like a grabber for your gramps, or a K'nex keyboard maybe? Or a soda delivery cart? Something you would use everyday. Last day for entry acceptance is 30 Nov. 2009. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ratings will be judged upon these categories: - Practicality 300/900 points. How good is it to use in your everyday life? Do you / would you use it often? - Sturdyness 300/900 points. This speaks for itself, if you use it often, it has to be sturdy. - Extras 300/900 points. By the normal use of your entry, can it do something else too? You start with 100 points on this. Every added function is worth 50 points. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Judges: - Viccie.B1993 - I_Am_Canadian - Oblivitus ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contestants: - Killer~SafeCracker ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Knex-solar-alarm-clock-with-built-i/ - Knex Mad ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/id/knex-Grabber-TNKIT-Round-3-Entry/ - Silentassasin21 ENTRY: - AJLeece ENTRY: - Millawi Legend ENTRY: - DJ Radio ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-video-camera-holder-TNKIT-entry/ - Owen-Mon-82397 ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/community/Knex-fan/ - K'nexguy ENTRY: - CJ81499 ENTRY: https://www.instructables.com/id/tnkit-round-3-cj81499s-entry/ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the quarter final. Three people will be eliminated. Good luck, my fellow K'nexers! -Viccie.B1993- Link to round 4: (NO ROUND YET POSSIBLE BECAUSE THIS ROUND IS STILL GOING). UPDATE: I'm waiting for Oblivitus and I_Am_Canadian for their grade lists of the entries. Oblivitus is wide awake, but i think I_A_C forgot so i sent him a message. In the meantime, go do something else than stare at a screen.

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Why won't the CD that I burned play?

I FIXED THE PROBLEM, THANKS I tried burning songs to a cd multiple times on THREE DIFFERENT COMPUTERS with an .mp3 and then a .wav format, I closed the session every time and the cd will not play on my PS3! I am using CD-R discs and our computers all use Windows Vista. Everything seems to work just fine until I put the disc in the PS3 and nothing shows in the music folder. Update: I also tried burning an audio cd format with Itunes and it didn't work. I also tried the disc a few times on a cd player instead of my PS3 and it didn't work. I also tried using a fresh disc and it didn't work. And I downloaded a program to scan my computer for updates that I may have needed to burn a disc and it couldn't find any. The music I am trying to burn is music that I recorded and is not protected. And someone told me it might be a Windows Vista error (all 3 of our computers that I tried burning it on are Vistas) I FIXED THE PROBLEM, THANKS

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Possible accidental early publishing?

Today, I got a comment from a random stranger whom I have never seen before on this site.  The comment was posted on an unpublished ible, which I have NOT posted a link to on the site.   Interestingly, looking at the publish date, it says it was published today, although I never published the ible at all, and earlier today it said [date] in that spot The instructable IS a collaboration with Oblivitus, who agreed to help me with a few images for it.  Keywords and categories have been added if that helps any.

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my 1 year ible anniversary!

Yay! I made it 1 year strong! I really like to thank everyone who stuck with me all the way, such as oblivitus, The Jamalam, viccie, gmjhowe, Izangi telos, and others that I forgot to mention. I have managed to get 19 ibles and slideshows out (I had more, but I deleted them due to them sucking so much). anyways, Ibles rules, and Im gonna stick around as long as I can, hell, im gonna ask for a pro account for christmas! And thanks to everyone for helping me get the second largest orangeboard on the whole site (right behind Killerk)! Good day ladies and gents!

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How much knex do you have?

This is a forum (Not sure It's been done) Of all the knex you have, post picture of all your knex (Note I have a little more than what is in those pictures below. 1. Oblivitus's Z35 2. Oodalumps's Not a Rectangle 3. Beameron's Wolverine Claws 4. Shadowman39's and Hiyadudez's Hole Puncher 5. Logic Boy's Knex Knife 6. I_Am_Canadian's Spiff 7. Pile of rubber bands 8. LogicBoy's Logic Bow And all the rest of my pics are miscellaneous pieces from around the house/coasters being made.

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Seleziona's Top loading rifle review

This is my review of Seleziona's Top loading rifle review. The gun in the picture below is not mine. Range:                7/10      45 feet Accuracy            7/10      No barrel Reliability:          8/10      The barrel lines up well with the ammo Reloading:        13/10     VERY easy and quick Ram:                  10/10     Black rod with pin guide  Mag:                   7/10      Holds moderate amount of ammo, inside walls are not smooth Trigger:              9/10      true trigger positioned well Handle:              7/10     decent handle with a decent connection Stock:                 8/10      strong stock, a tad uncomfy  Sturdiness:        9/10      blue rod thick well made Over all: 85/100   NICE JOB SELEZIONA!!! GO SUBSCRIBE TO HIM!!!

Topic by KnexFreek 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

New K'nex ideas and a request.

'Sup people, K'nex.X here, I got something to ask you, does anyone has any ideas for a new K'nex gun? I've practically ran dry and I'd love to have something new to work on. Don't come showing me pictures of models, I'm talking about real innovation like bolt action, lever action and/or semi auto's with a potential range over 30 feet. Next, I got an idea. What if we stop focussing on making models, replicating them as best as we can with the limited forms of k'nex pieces? We could focus on real innovation, the world needs about a 100 more Oblivitus and Kinetic's. Just check it out. Even though most have given up hopes, there are still loads of ideas to improve, perform or make. Take a look at thedunkis' forum topics, Oblivitus' concepts I'ble and Kinetic's mechs. For example, I'm now working on a bullpup, bolt action, horizontal magazine gun. Concepts are far more challenging than replicas. Just try it out for yourself.  Another thing, the veterans left. So stop making a 1001 forum topics about where everybody is, they have left. Mepain, DJRadio, Oodalumps, Zak, Shadowninja31, Coolbas, Killer-safecracker, IamCanadian, KILLERK. They all left. stop complaining, instead of whining, go out there and design something new! The red book of westmarch, Senior waffleman, Drrichtofen and all the awesome new(er) guys. You are the future of K'nex guns! Yours sincerely, Knex.X

Topic by Knex.X 6 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

knex side arm list

This the list of knex side armstrauts side armtds or the dunkis side armloosewires slide action pistolflie-ing goose side armdsman195276's side armtd10 a mod of the tds made yet again by thedunkisOTTG1 by OblivitusP 2000 by the one the only ironman69TheDunkis's Mini-er TDS lol loads of mods for the TDSOKP K'nex Mini Pistolthe TDS2 a major mod or overhaul of the TDSdj radio's 357 knex pistoldgm's mesIf you want your side arm posted please comment the url and the name you want it posted as.Also if you don't want your gun posted up here message me and i will take it down.

Topic by knexfan9182 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago


Hi everyone, Mortarion here. I have been ghosting around instructables for about a month now, and finally decided to get an account. I will eventually post up some gun designs and so on but for a while I will just comment on upcoming stuff and start things in the forums. Hope you are accepting, from the earlier forum posts I have seen, you have been trying to get new people to sign up for a while to no avail, a warning though, I have almost no gunbuilding pieces ATM, all i have iis 3D connectors for another 5 months or so (Christmas will be here eventually. My thanks to Oblivitus who, although I haven't told him before now, is the inspiration behind me finally starting up. Nice work on the CS3. Mortarion Out.

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Knex Gods?

Who are considrd the Knex Gods on this site? Im not shore but Ive heard its Darth Trainman, The Jamalam, DSman, Killerk and thats all Ive heard can you tell me if Im wrong or tell me some others?*PLEASE IGNORE THE DOTTEN LINES*knexperts:---------------------------------------------------------knex GODS:(your name here)-----------------------------------------------Darth Trainmanajleece-------------------------------------------------------------I_am_CanadianDath Trainman--------------------------------------------------Viccie.B1993The Jamalam----------------------------------------------------s0lekill3rbenfoxg------------------------------------------------------------tombuckey ( o.j )The_Burrito_MasterTheDunkisTrautsWickyDSman195276I_am_Canadianknexlord1Jollexshadowman39mepainBakenbitzIronman69KatarukitooblivitusKillerKOompa-LoompaSilentassasin21glitchedViccie.B1993KnexguyoddaDarth Gecko ManDutchwarlordDJ Radiokiller~safecrackers0lekill3r

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Your favorite knex weapons of 2009.

Oblivitus isn't doing the list this year, Mr. Muggle is.  However, he screwed up and made us choose from a rather restrictive list of guns to choose from, which I think ruins the spirit of this vote.  So I decided to do my own poll. You can vote for ANY GUN* you wish for.  Yes, your vote will be counted regardless on the type of gun or rating.  The only restriction on the vote is that the guns have to be made in 2009.  (EXAMPLE): My 3 votes are: -ZKAR v2 -TR8 -Mepain's shotgun pistol thingy. (www.youtube.com/watch) You can not vote for your own guns.  If a gun you vote for is not posted on ibles or KI, but on a site like Youtube or The Knex Forum, you must provide a link to it. That is all. *made in 2009.  May not be your own gun. EDIT- Up for debate- Should each of the 3 versions of the TR series count as one gun, or as 3 seperate guns?  For example, If I vote for the TR8, but someone else votes for a TR36, should it be counted as 2 votes for the same gun, or 1 vote for a different gun each?

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Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle: Review

Here is the review for the Z35 K'nex Assault Rifle by Oblivitus.What to expect:Innovation: 9/10 Very innovative loading system. It also has a new trigger system. Strength: 9/10 Very strong. The one weak part is the handle, the connection to the body is weak.Range: 8/10 The range is good for a mag gun, about 40-45 feet.Looks: 9/10 One of the better looking guns on this site. The one thing that could make it look better is using less blue rods.Parts: 9/10 Uses quite a few parts, But it's worth it. Handle: 7/10 The handle is good but the connection is weak.Stock: 9/10 very sturdy Barrel: 10/10 Innovative slide mech. Trigger is very innovative as well. Magazine: 9/10 New and doesn't use cut parts.Extras. Bipod:8/10 not the best but it holds up the gun.At the end: I would give the gun 9/10.Here is the link to the gun. https://www.instructables.com/id/Z35-Knex-Assault-Rifle/Thanks for reading.Killer~SafeCracker

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Jollex's Innovationist's Tournament [Round 1]

ROUND 1 WILL LAST FROM MONDAY, JULY 26TH TO SUNDAY, AUGUST 8TH This first round is going to be different from normal contests because it will be done in teams of two. There are 24 participants, therefore there will be 12 teams, picked by me. If you do not like your team, you may mail me and I will be willing to change them. The top 6 teams will move on to round two. The criteria for this first round is gun mechanisms. You should try to make the most complex mechanism you can with the most moving parts possible. Range will not be a factor when your entry is being judged, however it will boost your entry. Teams: -Jollex -TheDunkis http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0CtpzMbJTg -Millawi Legend -logic boy -cyborgold1 -lukas rider -Sketch98 -knexfan9182 -~Aeronous~ -Seleziona -sprout_less -rec0n -megametal8 -Killer safe cracker -Zak -Bakenbitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZeL3VT8hqg -shadowninja31 -razzlekunai -DAI GURREN DAN -Loose -Ally http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?932-Patacult&p;=13320#post13320 -DJ Radio -Oblivitus http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?930-My-entry-for-Jollex-s-innovationist-tournament.

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My Sincere Apologies to Everyone

Hello everyone, this is DarthVader, and I apologize to everyone that I have been wrong to, and I hope that everyone forgives me. I was mean, I spammed a lot, and I have felt guilty about it. I hope you understand. I apologize to DJ Radio for spamming, and responding to his every comment with an unkind remark. I apologize to Oblivitus for impersonating his account. Yes, it was me who did it, I did it to see if you really couldn't see the difference between the capital i and lowercase L, and I got too carried away and started being unkind, and everyone thought that it was him (except for a few). I am sorry to Gorkem for calling him names and making fun of him, I never should have done that. I am sorry that I said that you weren't innovative anymore, Extremebuilder, and to Loosewire: SOE Operative for annoying you about not posting stuff, as I now realize how busy some people are. I am also sorry to Dr. Wierd117 spamming and slowing down all of your computers. I have been a terrible person, and I now realize that. I will try to do better next time, and I give my sincere apologies to everyone. There are probably more that I have to mention, but for now, these were the top that came to mind. Thank-you.

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!!!!!!!!!!!!SAVE KNEX GUN BUILDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Knex Gun Builder is giving up knex forever. This saddens me greatly and I don't want such a wonderful builder, and such a wonderful member of this site to just walk away forever. Knex is such a wonderful thing and you can express your ideas through knex whether you are young or old. If you want him to stay and keep his knex, LEAVE A COMMENT. NOW. If we can  get 30 people to leave a comment saying they want him to stay, then, he will. C'mon guys, be a part of this, and post the link to this topic on other's orange boards. So far we have: EDIT~  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WE SAVED HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  1. knex_master  2. RC-1207SEV  3. 182515  4. axiys zx  5. Shadowman39  6. knexsuperbulderfreak  7. knex_builder_freak  8. Raikou-san  9. smattman22  10. tornado96 11. rec0n 12. stale56 13. Oblivitus 14. ninjusk 15. silentassasin21 16. cupcake43 17. leon0862 18. weirdo10112  19. Dj Radio 20. Rock Solider  21. Kiteman 22. assassin1321 23. megametal8 24. knexfan9182 25. Spycrab 26. dutchwarlord 27. The Jamalam 28. Physco Curtains 29. rofl495 30. The Dunkis 31. qwerty987 32. cj81499 33. Hector_27 34. Mykhailo doesn't want to be added to the list 34. sprout_less 35. Shadowninja31 36. bounty1012 37. webby427 38. Seleziona 39. knexgeek 40. geodez 41. i am awesome 42. knexguy

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Nonleathalbychoice style weapons/"props"

Hello to anyone who follows me. Yes I am still alive. Now the reason I am posting this is because I feel like I need to give back to the community I have been using/involved with for years now. Not the craft community but the Knex community here. Many of them have moved on from Knex since starting college and so have I. Mostly do to the lack of space and already messy room. So in order to give back I have come up with a better more interesting method. Instead of using Oblivitus's method of making the Knex guns in a CAD program I will instead be giving you the plans and basic instructions to make weapons/props inspired by Nonleathalbychoice.  This being said unlike the Knex guns these items are going to be less accessible, more difficult, and dangerous. To do these things it will help to have a computer with Solidworks 2014 on it. Later I will post PDFs of the cutting plans in order to reach a wider audience. That being said  some of the projects were  and will be inspired by scrap metal I found and will be costly and wasteful to replicate. However I believe that the raw materials for 4 of the projects came in at under $100 total. So still cheaper than many of the larger Knex guns. Also I probably wont be posting these things as step by step instructions since most of these items are made by just cutting out sheet/bar metal. Any advanced instructions will be noted. The time frame for these instructions is going to be very slow due to college. Expect maybe 1  a month if even that.  I will try to inform you of changes and fixes as soon as they become apparent to me.  Also I am first writing this after only an hour of sleep. So if any of you spot grammatical errors please point them out to me.

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Ultra Pistol 2 Review

 Okay, if you guys haven't built the ultra pistol 2 before, then get building! Or, if you built the original and liked it, then you'll love this! This is my first review so, yeah, i've seen many done, so I'll be fine. We'll start with reliability: This gun is very reliable, it's easy to fix when broken, it doesn't mess up when firing, and it's pretty much impossible for the new trigger to mess up. I give it a   10/10 Strength: This one is much stronger than the ultra pistol 1. It's smaller, making it stronger, and the new barrel is shorter, so it's stronger too, the only thing wrong is the handle and trigger connection, making the handle wobble a tiny bit. I give it a     9/10 Range: This gun is very powerful, due to single shot, so it can get a good 45 feet, or 55 if you use more bands. I give it a 9/10 Rate of Fire: It's a single shot, so you don't get a good ROF. I give it a   6/10 Comfortability: The only thing that you are holding is a handle, the handle is right handed, and i imagine it is comfortable like that. (i hold guns in my left hand. I give it a   8/10 Accuracy: This gun is damn accurate, even more accurate when you have finned rods, but not everyone has time or wants to make those. I give it a   9/10 Looks: This gun looks a lot like a magnum, which is a really cool gun, but there is something missing on it.... I give it a   9/10 Trigger: Trigger is a teensy bit forward, but it doesn't mess up or anything evil. I give it a   9/10 Last but not least- ammo: This gun takes a lot of different kinds of ammo, and you can test out which ones you like and whatever. I give it a   9/10 Overall: 8.7- a very good gun by Oblivitus

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