I keep getting logged off

So, I sign in, Go to the food section, go to recent, right click and interesting instructable, ope it in a new tab, and TADA! I get logged off. What's going on? It's really aggravating!

Posted by josheggleston 8 years ago

On/Off/On Toggle switch to 2 separate power sources to power one device?

I have a device the i want to have an on-off-on switch power the device switching from 12AC adaptr to off to powered by 12DC battery. the switch that I have has a 6 terminals

Asked by jagoabn 4 years ago

Is there a way to turn off a computer monitor with the keyboard, by a hot key or something like that?

At work we have a computer hooked up to a fluorescent microscope and when we are analyzing something on the scope we need the room to be completely dark, which includes turning off the LCD monitor on the computer. But then we need to turn the monitor on again to capture images on the computer, so we are constantly turning the monitor on and off and it is starting to cause some wear on the on/off switch. So my question is: is there a way to turn off the monitor from the keyboard?I have tried setting the screen saver to blank and turn on after one minute, but I hate waiting a minute for it to come on and the mouse is often nudged so the screen saver goes off. And sometimes we use the keyboard to move between microscope filters.This being a work computer, they don't want any software downloaded on to the computer. They don't even want us to change the wallpaper (god forbid). So can this be done with out the use of a program.The computer is running XP.Thanks!

Asked by ChrysN 8 years ago

I want to switch between batteries for my electronics using an on/off/on rocker switch?

I have equipment that runs off a 12v deep cycle battery, but only one at a time, in parallel it causes noise in the system.  We have to switch batteries halfway through the day because the electronics don't work at certain voltages.  We currently have to hop in the back of our rtv, unscrew the wing nuts and switch the power cable (positive and negative ring terminals) to a new battery.  Id rather make this easier for my crew and found an on/off/on rocker switch that seconds as a volt gauge for whatever battery it is toggled too.  Could someone help me out with the wiring configuration using this rocker switch? 

Asked by RyanS428 10 months ago

Any tips or tricks to obtain free or buy cheap land in the pacific northwest ?

I'd like to give up the silicon valley and move on my own land somewhere that is suitable for an off the grid cabin/year round home. Ideal land would be suitable for small family sized garden, be near fresh water and not be a total snow pile like in klamath falls in the winter. 2000 feet above sea level or lower would also be ideal for what I'm looking for. But I'm sure others might like to know how other people have gone off the grid without having to save money for 20 years just to get there.

Asked by solar 9 years ago

We live off grid and are looking for answers for power and grey water system. Can anyone help? ?

We currently have a gasoline generator and this provides all the electricity but would like to use renewable resources. We have built an elevated water tank and use gravity but this is only accessible during the summers, we live in Iowa. We haul the water in and bring drinking water we bring (only there on weekends currently). In our county they said we need to have a septic tank. We have an outhouse but no grey water disposal. In our county we cannot allow anything which touches the body to touch the ground so throwing it out on the ground isn't a long term option. Any options we are aware of are OK with the county but we would still have to run it through a septic tank first. This defeats our low budget project. We want to live simply and I have a hard time understanding why it is OK for the cattle lot just up the creek from us to run off from the lot into the creek but our bodies would contaminate our land. (I think the cattle lot already does this as it is sewage washed down to us) We do not currently use any of this creek water. Our cabin is about 1/4 mile away from the creek. Any new ideas?

Asked by kathyrobbins 9 years ago

How do I report a rip-offed Instructable?

Received the Instructables newsletter today, Feb 21 2013, and immediately recognized one of the 'ibles to be from a blog I frequent. The Instructable is called "Wall of Paper Hearts": https://www.instructables.com/id/Make-a-wall-of-paper-hearts/ It's written by "okrolomi" and it's ripped off wholesale, pictures and all, from Jessica Jones of How About Orange: http://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2013/01/wall-of-paper-hearts.html The guy didn't even bother to make his own version, just took it, words, pictures, and all, from somewhere else. And it even got featured in the newsletter. How, and to whom do I report this? Can his post be taken down? 

Asked by madebygenie 5 years ago

Need help with a wiring diagram for a on/off/on switch parallel/serial battery

Ok I'm not really electronic savvy but I can solder and follow a diagram. This is what I want to do: I have a toy four wheeler for my kids. Has one battery and a push button that makes it go. When you release the button it stops.  I want to add another battery and push button so when you push the original button the batteries run in parallel. The speed will run the same as with the one battery but twice the run time. (please correct me here if I'm wrong) When you push the the new added button at the same time as the original button it will switch to running the batteries in series so it will be faster running on twice the volts. So i'm figuring I need some sort of on/off/on 6 pin switch and a push button switch but not sure how to wire it exactly. Found this which gets me close but I want to add in the push button switch to make it work instead of the toggle switch.  https://www.instructables.com/id/SIMPLE-ParallelSeries-Select-Switch/ The original button is on the handle and you push it with your thumb. I will add the new switch on the other handle. Something like this https://www.ebay.com/itm/5x-Red-Square-Pre-Wired-Momentary-Push-Button-Switch-Reset-1-2-AC-250V-Car-12V/182680718419?epid=11005923516&hash=item2a889e8c53:g:YoMAAOSwr9VZwoA7 Any thoughts on this would be awesome!

Posted by ty8 7 months ago

Guessing game for you...

We have a lot of LCD projectors at school.As you may, or may not, know, they work by splitting the light from a bulb into three beams, shinging them through three different-coloured LCD filters and them re-combining the beams to form a full-colour image on the screen.One of our projectors developed an odd blotch in the image, and a few minutes' furtle by our IT technician found that one of the LCD filters had packed up - the layers had delaminated slightly.Cost of a brand-new projector - 465GBP.Care to guess the price of a replacement LCD unit?

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

im off to school!

Im off to school, see you later.

Posted by Yerboogieman 9 years ago

how to log someone off on a macbook? Answered

Im at school and i want to know how to log someone off

Asked by daniel123456789 7 years ago

Support the Clap Off Bra

Hey everybody! I put the clap off bra on Kickstarter to try to raise some funds to have it manufactured. The way Kickstarter works is that I only get the funds pledged if my funding goal is met. This is a good way to see if the clap off bra is actually a viable product. I am excited to see what happens.

Posted by randofo 7 years ago

Arduino On/off button? Answered

Hey so I had a question. Can somebody post some code of how to make an LED come on when you press a button and stay on, then once you press the button again it goes off and stays off until you press the button again? Thanks!

Asked by HavocRC 5 years ago

The same button/trigger twice with Arduino, on/off?

So I'm having the hardest time trying to figure out how to make Arduino do this: if statement == true LED on and if that statement if found to be true again, LED off then every time that statement == true toggle between LED on and off. So how do I go about this?? Thanks!

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago

comment count off

Latley I've noticed that when I recieve a few comments at one time, the couner is wrong, specificly it skips ahead a few numbers.  For example; I checked my account yesterday the number said 441, today it said 444, however when I checked the comments, I found that only two were actually new.  Has anybody else experienced this? 

Posted by junits15 8 years ago

I GOT RIPPED OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, so i decided i would get the Motorized madness ball machine. it had 2004 parts, chain links, gears, and a motor. i thought that would be a jackpot.but i was wrong, as most of the parts were those tiny knex parts that we all hate. there was only one bag of real knex and a bag of chain links and gears with the longer rods. the 5 balls were also of good use. so, what was the best knex set you ever bought?

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Australian Workplace Agreements

Just a question..... In Australia we have a few new changes in laws regarding work hours.... One of which is that an employer can MAKE you work up to 48 hrs in the week... This would be fine if you were paid for them but.... with these changes employers only have to pay you for 38 of those hrs and can give you "time in lou" > Time off for the other 10.... So basically I am forced to work extra hrs so I can have that same time off at their discretion....?? Does this seem a bit weird to the rest of the world or are you seeing similar changes too?

Posted by Lftndbt 10 years ago

How to turn on and off a stream of gas?

The exact setup I have is a little difficult to explain, but basically I'm designing an extremely simple heat engine, based on boiling ethanol, and need to be able to mechanically alternate the flow of vapour. I have a little boiler, sealed except for a pipe out of which the vapour escapes. This lifts the column of ethanol in the pipe, pouring it into a water wheel which turns. The ethanol then runs back through a second pipe into the system to be pumped up again. It works, and fairly well since I'm not looking to get a lot of power or efficiency, but only if I pinch the tube on and off. This allows the bubbles to collapse, which sucks in more ethanol to replace them. When I release the tube the bubbles rush out, lifting the eths, and repeat. I have two valves to keep the system one directional. So now I'm looking for a way to automate the opening and closing of the gas feed. I've been trying a few things but nothing seems to work well enough yet. The other consideration is that; due to the nature of the larger project, whatever I use has to be extremely simple to construct, preferably from reclaimable materials. 1 second on, 1 second off seems to work best. Any ideas? cheers, Daniel.

Posted by SolarFlower_org 8 years ago

iOS6 logging out issues.?

I do a lot of my casual browsing on my iPod. However, since "upgrading" to iOS6, I seem to get logged out a lot. Not just here, but email pages, other forums, even Skype - if I spend too long off a page, or not actually on a Skype conversation, then I get logged out. Anybody know how to fix this?

Asked by Kiteman 5 years ago

No nails Australian wood shelter?

I saw part of a show about how to build a wooden shelter using no nails from logs.  It didn't look like a log cabin.  The sides were split logs held in an upright brace also made of logs.  It was simple to make but very hard work as much of it was done with hand tools.  But I think modern tools could be used now. ( This was sometime in the 1960's.) Anyone know anything about it?  It would be a good thing for off-girders.

Asked by rookie1 7 years ago

What wrong with this Circuit ?

I am trying to build this circuits, But its not working. could some one tell me whats wrong with this circuits? http://www.electronic-circuits-diagrams.com/designimages/1.gif

Asked by EZELab 7 years ago

Looking for a type of switch

Hi People of Instructables! I hope I am posting in the right place. I am looking for a switch that when you walk pass a point it shuts off and when you walk the other way past that point goes back on.   For example... I have a flash-light in my hand, when I walk through a doorway into a house the light turns off.  I go through the doorway the other way (to the outside) the light turns on. Conditions: It has to be able to do this through cloth as the flashlight could be in my pocket. It can only work when you walk through the doorway but not when standing near the doorway Does anything like this exist?  if yes what is it called? I have been searching the 'net and not been successful as I don't have a clue what I am looking for. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for reading my post! TheLastPrincess

Posted by TheLastPrincess 6 years ago

Same Same...but Different

Two years ago I spent my fall semester in Vietnam.  While shopping in the markets I often heard the phrase "Same Same...but Different".  This usually referred the knock-off North Face bags (mine fell apart after a month) and designer sunglasses that were, according to the vendors, just as good as the real thing, but a little different.  Although knock-off often has a bad connotation associated with it, it really just means same same but different. What types of things have you encountered in your everyday life that you've thought, "hey this is just like this other thing I tried"? examples... - the perfume I wear smells just like this designer perfume that is 3x more expensive - this bands has a similar sound to this band; they're a little less known but their music is just as awesome! - the city I live is a smaller/larger version than this other city I visited you got the idea

Posted by Carleyy 8 years ago

My somewhat official sidearm VIDEO ADDED

Shotguns can be side arms too right?( i will add video after youtube inspection )EDIT: what attachments do you want on this?

Posted by Katarukito 9 years ago

Why do you have those crappy ads on the right side bar?

This stuff is pure crap. I got ripped off by one of them.  "Sun City Mom discovers shocking method for erasing wrinkles. Dermatologists hate her... " The funny thing is that Sun City AZ where I live is a senior community. This kind of adverts make you look bad and only add to the bad rap that the internet has. Clean up your site. I do love the rest of the work you have done on it. "Bad with the good" you may say but this stuff is at the other end of the spectrum from what you are trying to do with your site. lol Michael Townsend

Asked by townsend1212 7 years ago

ReadySet Specifications

-----  Charge Input Specification Solar Solar Array Voltage: 16-60V Solar Array Power: 5-75W (up to 5 of the Fenix solar panels in parallel) Solar Power Algorithm: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) Note: Due the characteristics of the battery, the charge rate is limited to a max charge power of 30W regardless of available solar power. If energy is being drawn from the power ports while charging, the ReadySet can convert up to an additional 30W of solar energy and provide it directly to the outputs (bypassing the battery) for a total of 60W of solar energy conversion. AC-DC Brick Normal Power Brick Voltage: 16-19V Normal Charge Power: 20W Normal Charge Current: Charging is constant power, current will vary based on input voltage High Power Brick Voltage: 20-60V High Charge Power: 30W High Charge Current: Charging is constant power, current will vary based on input voltage Charge Source Qualification Once voltage is detected on the charge input, the ReadySet qualifies the input to determine what type of source has been attached. Voltage is measured and current is pulled from the input source to determine its stability and characteristics. If measured characteristic match those of a solar array, MPPT is enabled. If not, constant power charging is assumed and charge power is set based on the open circuit DC brick voltage (per previously enumerated AC-DC brick supply specs). The brick included with the ReadySet Kit is rated at 18V, 1.3A (23.4W). -----  Charge Output Specification CLA Output Voltage Range: 11.5V - 15VDC (nominal 12VDC) Current Limit: 6A±0.25A combined (approximately 72W@12VDC) USB Output Voltage Range: 4.75V - 5.25VDC (nominal 5VDC) Current Limit:  2A±0.1A combined (approximately 10W@5VDC) Note: Upper USB port is configured to signal 1A charge capability for Apple devices -----  Battery Specification Nominal Voltage: 12V Capacity: 9Ah Chemistry: Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Max Charge Power: 30W Usable Energy: 54Wh Note: Usable energy is intentionally less than the full battery capacity to protect the battery from deep discharge and extend the lifetime of the battery.

Posted by ReadySet 5 years ago

how do i turn auto logoff off?

Its simple, for a game i need to keep logged on. but after a certain amount of time, it logs off. windows XP service pack 3. ask for more info if u need.

Asked by godofal 8 years ago

why does instructables chop off my head in my avatar? Answered

How do i get my picture looking centered in my main image?

Asked by thematthatter 9 years ago

Easy way to strip paint off plastic containers?

I am trying to take paint (printing) off of a plastic container -- the body is a 5 and the lid is a 2. I can do it by hand using sand paper but it is taking a really long time. (And I have 18 containers to strip.) Any suggestions for something that would strip this and not be too crazy with fumes, bad for environment, yadda yadda yadda? Thanks for the help!

Posted by kellybasinger 9 years ago

Looking for a simple cheap way to turn on and off multiple usb devices power via a computer program. How can i do this?

I am looking to use my computer to turn on and off   usb devices (like a LED light) via a computer program.  I know that USB devices have a constant five volts of power to their ports, and that the normal way to turn on or off a device is using a microcontroller board.  I've looked into buying such a board, but they are prohibitively expensive for my project (over $30) and require high level programming skills. I know a little Visual Basic programming and that is about it.  With usb devices so numerous and cheap, i am sure there must be a very cheap usb device that can be hacked.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to have the computer run timed on-off events and remotely control these over the web.  Any help would be great.

Asked by DarkRubyMoon 8 years ago

Lipo battery charge/discharge on the same port with button?

I like to have the battery charged and used on the same wires with a switch in between. How to achieve this? The switch has a on, off, ground and kill.

Asked by DennisK20 1 year ago

Component Compatibility Answered

What do I look for when trying to find components that work well with each other? For example: If I have a 120V, 6.5A motor; how do I know what type of on/off switch to use?

Asked by luch 9 years ago

Usb ON/OFF switch device? Answered

I wanted to have a large amount of green LEDs power on with my xbox 360 slim for ambient lighting and just to look cool, with 30+ LEDs I cant power them directly from the USB port so I was wondering if there was a way to have them still turn on by only pressing the power button on the system.

Asked by lamboboy732 7 years ago

Who thinks they have the best Nerf gun?

Plez show me mods and pics!!!

Asked by yoda-iz-my-idol 8 years ago

Sequential fading LEDs. Power / intensity loss by the end of the string. How to make all LEDs the same brightness?

Trying to build a sequential fade on when power is applied and fade off when power is removed LED circuit. I have problems with power loss by the end of the LED string.  The current layout has 4 LEDs that will fade on one at a time until all 4 LEDs are lit and then the fade off in reverse order. My original idea came from osgeld's No CPU / MCU led pulse-fade circuit.  Any ideas on how to keep the power to the LEDs consistent from the first to the last? The idea is not needing to program any chips. Once I/we have figured out how to complete this circuit as desired, I will post it as my first Instructable.

Asked by pinhead1984 7 years ago

What driver would I need to run 36 Cree xm-l leds for an offroad light bar?

I'm new to diy led and would like to know where I can find a driver suitable to run 36 xm-l leds.  I would assume that my Voltage could spike up to 16V on the charging system.  I would like a simple on/off as I have a svt raptor with factory upfitter switches. 

Asked by Jambat1 5 years ago

Offline Instructable maker?

Is there any sort of program download on this site that can be used to make Instructables offline? I have a few instructables that I would like to make, but my internet connection is nowhere near good enough to make one.

Posted by scob89 9 years ago

Car Accident

Well Today on 9:45pm My families car got hit by a motorcycle this was horrible as it is but, the better news is the guy has no insurance or motorcycle license I can't believe this I wonder what is gonna happen next.

Posted by D.L.H. 8 years ago

Contest Prize Help

I won a prize inthe off grid contest and haven't recieved anything.  I entered my address in the link bar. The rules say I have to fill out a form, and to either call or email support.  I called and got a meesage to email and then a beep and the call disconnected.  I emailed and got a n autoresponder about how to cancel my membership. Needless to say I am a little confused about how to get the prize, which is sad because I was planning on doing a video review of the cool fenix kit for my website, but cannot because I just cannot seem to get it in the mail... tngun

Posted by tngun 5 years ago

Anybody know how to wire up this IR ON/Off Board?

So I bought this 12V IR Control Receiver Board 1 Channel Relay With 2 Key Remote Control here: http://www.banggood.com/12V-IR-Control-Receiver-Board-1-Channel-Relay-2-Key-Remote-Control-p-933441.html?currency=USD&utm_source=google&utm_medium=shopping&utm_content=ruby&utm_campaign=Electronic-xie-us&gclid=CjwKEAjw5ZKiBRDhqa-Yjcml9kYSJABia-RnbvWTZ1n8jFGeBpzKi0nt-SCNMEzh-UVp5sTF4ulsqhoCuInw_wcB Does anybody know how to wire or set one of these up?   It came with no instructions.  I've looked at a couple similar boards and thought I knew how to wire it up, but I am not having any luck.  I can't figure out how to wire up the power and the led light strip I have to get the IR remote to turn on and off. I thought it was a gate sort of thing where you put the positive and ground on either end for the power and then wire up the ground of the LEDs to the same ground as the power but the positive to the center post.  But using my multimeter I can't see it turning anything on and off.   I used my phone camera to see if the remote is working and it is at least IR blasting, I can see the light. So does anybody know how to properly wire one of these up? EDIT: Ok, the two pin terminal by the LED receiver is the power in.  The connector I was using before was bad.   But still trying to figure out how to turn on/off the strip now.  The gate is working as expected with the left and right always having power but the center and ground only have power when the unit is on.   But it's only getting about 1 volt out when on.   My power source is putting out 12v, 2 amps.   Is that my problem?   I have to say I'm not very good at this yet, and I can't really tell what the numbers on it are telling me.   I thought it could do 12 volts out though.

Posted by technicallyartistic 3 years ago

Supplying power to the PIC12F508 through a transistor.

I'm trying to supply power to a PIC12F508 via a transistor, so it can turn itself off once it has finished working to save power. The Idea is for the push button to supply power to the chip, which sets GPIO5 high on power up, so turns on the transistor, allowing power to continue flowing to the chip after the button is released. The PIC turns on correctly when the button is pressed, but will not remain on, despite power being supplied to the transistor from GPIO5. Another possible issue is that while the chip works properly, it continues to put a high on GPIO4, lighting the LED while VSS is disconnected. I have checked that the code functions correctly, and have tested this without the additional lines from the programmer. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Posted by The Skinnerz 7 years ago

P.M. D.C. Motor for Treadmill

Hi I am working on an Image 15.0 R Treadmill. As soon as you start it , it shuts down as if the circuit has been interrupted. I unhooked the drive belt so that there was no resistance to it and it does the same still. The speed sensor seems to be working okay so I pulled the controller (board) and tried re-flowing it. as I flip the treadmills switch on not starting the treadmill-just turning the power on the motor runs for about 3 seconds. Because the cover is off while I am working on it I can see that during that 3 second window the motor has a spark (bolt) from one of the bolts to the post (I think stater) the one that if the motor were disassembled the part spinning inside the copper wind. I don't remember what it's called (armature?) Anyway this arching does not re-occur unless I completely unhook the board once more and re-assemble. After re-flow the motor still just begins to load (start) bumps about 1/2 a rotation and stops. I read an article here that Iceng had commented about bringing his P.M. D.C. Motor model # c335483304 back to life......it is the exact motor....my girlfriend has been on me about fixing her treadmill so here I am. Anything would be of great interest and help to me. Thanks a million in advance. Troy

Posted by ill build u one 4 years ago

I might not be on so much this week - I am BACK

Well, as I said in my last forum topic, my laptop's wireless card was being faulting and only working every few days so I am now sending my laptop in to get it fixed, so as I said last time, I might not be on so much, so don't expect me to have quick replies. So I might be here, I might not, it is just going to be harder for me to get on Instructables. Hope I can be here this week n8man

Posted by n8man 9 years ago

Off-Grid Stealth Cabin Plans

Hi everyone, I just entered my off-grid cabin design in the outdoors contest and I would like to invite you to view it, leave feedback and vote if you like the cabin and off-grid systems. I am a long time off-grid homesteader and I live in a 14x14 solar and wind powered cabin with many off-grid systems of my own design. My contest entry:   https://www.instructables.com/id/Off-Grid-Stealth-Cabin-Plans/ Thanks LaMar

Posted by LaMar Solarcabin 3 years ago

The email alerts can not be switched off!? Answered

Those email alerts are really annoying and clog up my email. When I try to change it it just goes back to sending them to me. Can you help?

Asked by PotatoCoffee 5 years ago

How do I make a wireless on/off switch?

Hello guys I'm a beginner so go easy with me :D I want to make a simple wireless on/off switch. I press button A, the power is off. I press B, the power is on. I don't care what method as long as it is NOT line of sight.  Please direct me to a website with a simple circuit of the likes of that. Thanks,

Posted by HavocRC 5 years ago