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Old people... kinda like a message in disguise

Posted by GianniMora 9 years ago


I've changed my email address but I still get your emails in the old account which will be closed soon.

Posted by artkennedy 6 years ago

What to do with an old hexbug

I have the original hex bug toy. It is the one that has the antenna to direct itself. (  http://www.hexbug.com/original ) I was wondering if there was any thing i could do with this toy as like taking it apart and making something new. PLEASE RESOND -Jason ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Posted by Frank Lampard 13 6 years ago

lliard balls

Hello creative guys, I need help. I want my old ugly looking aramith billiard balls to look like new. How do you do that? any creative suggestions?

Posted by Mighty T H O R 10 years ago

speaker help

I am trying to find how this speaker works and I can't. Please help me.Please respond.

Posted by Sun Gear 10 years ago

how do puch card readers work?

How do punch card readers work?

Posted by clasic_traveller_diehard 9 years ago

Go back to the old layout.

I've noticed that in the attempts websites make to become more and more advanced, they always somehow mess up and make their layout WORSE than the last one.  The one we had before was good.  The one before that was better.  Same thing for any other site.  Google has had the same layout for who knows how long, I respect them for that.  They made a simple interface, clearly laid out buttons, and they left out all the garbage.  When the stats and related ibles were on the right of the instructable, it centered the instructable currently being viewed on the screen which was good for my eyes.  I don't know why you guys decided to change it, it was fine the way it was before. Just my honest opinion here... Update: Thanks for taking my advice guys!

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

What to do?

I have a dying mac. More specifically, the moniter is dying. Unfortunatly the way its designed its apparently unfixable. Well instead of being wasteful and throwing it out any ideas to make it useful? I am saving for a new one and it'll take me a couple of months, until then I wanted to brain storm. I have the G5 http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.mp3-music-player.com/news/05_05/images/Apple_iMac_g5.jpg&imgrefurl;=http://www.mp3-music-player.com/news/05_05/Apple_g5.html&h;=342&w;=350&sz;=7&hl;=en&start;=2&um;=1&usg;=__hStptTAEa_XsrmyAgcrBe9RkqaI=&tbnid;=TbBXBgpVwRHQ8M:&tbnh;=117&tbnw;=120&prev;=/images%3Fq%3Dmac%2Bg5%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den

Posted by Sick like a sickle cell 10 years ago

What would you do with these?

Greetings all, I've made two of the coolest costumes (cool to me anyway) in the last five weeks, it was an inspiration that rose of it's own and I'm not really sure why or how they came to me: https://www.instructables.com/id/Constructing-Anubis/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Constructing-Bastet/ We really had no goal in doing those other than to share them. We entered them into some contests here, because if we win, I have a very good friend who is in dire need of a decent computer - but that is another story. Doing a thing for a specific goal robs it of all it's power. :-) We just returned from Halloween night and another tour of the Gaslamp in downtown San Diego, met with photo-op stops every five feet and "10-signs" and applause at all the outdoor restaurants. (It's traditional at Halloween that when you're seated at outdoor restaurants, they give you signs with 1-10 on them to wave at passing costumes, a Gaslamp Halloween Olympics of sorts.) We've had SO much fun sharing these. It's been one of our highlight experiences this year. Just the reactions from people, young and old, were priceless. However. Halloween is over. My wife is not thrilled about saving them for next year, it's like watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns. We'll need a new discovery. So . . . what would you do with these? You might think "keep them" but we have gone through some major changes in recent years, one of them a down-sizing of gargantuan proportions that required giving away or selling most of everything we own. As we did so, rather than the loss one might expect, we were more and more aware of how liberating this was, how free we became as we unbound ourselves from possessions. We vowed never to begin amassing possessions again, and this would be a dangerous first step in that direction. We thought about offering them for sale to Egyptian themed enterprises, such as the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, but that's just one idea. What do you do with your creations that obviously spark some awareness in those that experience them? Thanks for reading. Not sure what to do.

Posted by AnubisAndIsis 5 years ago

old giant battery?

Yesterday my teched teacher showed us an old battery. It looks like a supersized 9-volt battery. it was like 7 inches long or something like that and had a voltage output of something like 75.5 (yes, 75 and a half) volts. I think it's used for old radios? What are these batteries called?

Posted by guyfrom7up 9 years ago

Old Laptop; what to do with it?

Hey there everyone. I have not really posted here before but I am really stuck for ideas. I recently required an old, old laptop and I don't know what to do with it. It's supa slow and the screen is very dodgy. It's noisy and low spec. Any ideas?

Posted by Uru Wolf 9 years ago

Does anybody know a good way turn old scanner bed into PCB exposure source?

Does anybody know how I can turn my old scanner bed into pcb exposure source?

Posted by treichhart 7 years ago

my old laptop

I got my old laptop to work, windows 98, and it works perfectly now...this is hard, i know, i've tried, but, does anyone know where to get an anti virus that actually removes the virus? or something that rebuilds the registry?

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

A old coat

I have a really nice Plugg polyurethane snowboarding coat that doesn't fit me anymore but I want to make something out of it. Wearable if possible. Thanks.

Posted by Yerboogieman 8 years ago

Old RC Nitro Gas

I have a lot of old Nitro for an RC that I did not use. I do not want to just get rid of it. I paid for it. So what it's old and can't be used in an RC car. What can I do with it. I was thinking about making some makeshift lamps using rags and wine bottles. Will that work. What are some other things I can do?

Posted by presnwa 6 years ago


So my old laptop overheated again, i need help on stopping this...

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Old Search Please

 Like many other people here on Instructables, I prefer the old search. The new search has no filters at all, and anything with the specified keywords in it, no matter how far apart, will come up. If one of the keywords is in the comments it will also show up. I would like Instructables to return to the old way of searching. I understand that the new layout is simpler to new users, but the new search is confusing. If i was a new user to the site, i would be confused and annoyed at the search.

Posted by pgd5000 8 years ago

Old ways of wood working and building.

I am into learning how to build furniture and structures in the way it was done in the past. I.E with out nails and with hand tools because I find that these old ways produce very high quality furnite, and because I like the rough look. Dose anyone know of any good books websites forums etc that talk about this kind of thing?

Posted by Sedgewick17 10 years ago

As for my old laptop

As for my old laptop, im thinking of cracking it open and blowing it out, then adding an external fan, what do you guys think of that? also, what else should i do to it, talking software and hardware type stuff, and sorry, no Linux please, also if you care to leave comments also can you help me figure out how to fix the hinges my moms boyfriend Michael (not gorillazmiko) broke?

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago

Old ible is showing up as new.

This ible Was posted almost 1 year ago, but it is on the first page of the recents. It also has a date of 2009.I took it down for a few weeks, and then reposted it. I did not make a new ible.Can something can be done about this?

Posted by DJ Radio 9 years ago

Low-cost hearing aid for someone old

I know an old person--well, okay, my mom--who refuses to wear an in-ear hearing aid, even though she clearly needs it. For whatever reasons, she thinks its too expensive/too invasive/doesn't want to be bothered, even though Medicaid would probably pay for it etc. Not wanting to be reduced to shouting like I'm on an aircraft deck, I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions as to some sort of inexpensive amplifying device I could rig from some some more or less readily available parts. I'm envisioning something like the old style opera glasses on a long handle, though of course this device would be held to the ear (maybe like the old fashioned ear trumpet come to think of it). This way it wouldn't be too much of a hassle for her. I'm suggesting this arrangement rather than headphones of some sort, which again would isolate her (visually) from the rest of the folks at the old age home. If she could just hold something to her ear when she wanted to hear/converse and then drop it when she doesn't want to be clued in...well, that might be the way to proceed. As usual, low-cost design wins, as I don't have that much to spend. Thanks!

Posted by Dano312 9 years ago

Graphical Search

Once again I am complaining because the graphical search is missing. Last time I just overlooked the button, but now I don't think it is there at all. If anyone can somehow find a way to get the old search back it would be much appreciated.

Posted by pgd5000 8 years ago

old video games

I have about 4 boxes full of old video games. I have xboxs ps1 NES SNEs game cubes sega genesis gn twin. I do not have any of the plugs or controllers I do not know if they are in working order So am just selling them for 5 dollars each These are AS IS This is good for people who likes to repair potential broken systems. I have about 100 system in total... REMEMBER I DO NOT BACK UP ANY OF THESE SYSTEMS THEY MIGHT NOT WORK. BUT IF YOU KNOW HOW TO REPAIRS THEM THEN YOU WILL BE ABLE TO REPAIR IF IT IS BROKEN AND MAKE SOME MONEY OFF OF THEM.. 5 DOLLARS A PIECE. please email me at helpmenow316@yahoo.com

Posted by zan316 8 years ago

How to re-use an old speaker

So, I have a bunch of old speakers lying around and I`d like to use them, but the input is those two wires (sorry, dont know the exact term) and I cant seem to use them anywhere other than the sound system itself. The problem is that the soundsystem is broken and, believe or not, the repair guy said he wouldnt even take a look at it because he probably wouldnt find the replacement parts if needed. So now I have a bunch of speakers and nowhere to use them. Ive seen a few tutorials, like this one, but thats not exactly what Im looking. I just want to use these speakers plugged on my notebook, or maybe via bluetooth (Ive seen some modules capable of that). What do I need to get? Thank you all.

Posted by vitorassuena 4 years ago

Official Petition For Old Instructables

Hello, i have been searching instructables for years now, and i would just like to say, what the hell. you guys have made a mockery of this once worthy site!! the search engine doesn't have pictures anymore, and the search has freaking SPAM!!! i used to go to this site when i wanted to build something, and had it book marked and all that good stuff, but not anymore. it pains me to do this, honestly, and i hate to see one of my favorite sites be killed like this. just please, on behalf of me, and every other maker out there, bring our old instructables back. we miss it, it was simple, fun, and it was easy to find stuff. i am sorry to say this, but i will not be coming back to this site for quite some time, i just hope that my final cry will be one that lasts.

Posted by nave 8 years ago

Antique Fan

Hi, I bought an old Hunter antique fan at a garage sale  that I am trying to make work. I should mention that I am a 65-year-old female and have never done this sort of thing before. I have removed the cage and blade.    Through another source which has stopped helping me, I was able to unlock and de-grease the oil box. I did rewire the main cord and I see that the fan does work.  Yay!!!! Now the problems start.  There is a 3-wire cord that comes out of the motor head and  snakes down to inside the base.  This cord is majorly frayed.   It is not like the 2-wire cord I fixed that plugged into the wall outlet. I need some advice on how to replace the portion of the cord that shows the fray for both esthetic and safety reasons.  It is wired inside the motor and I don't want to remove that attachment.   I have enough wiggle room with the cord to add/replace a portion and snake it down to the base. I will attach some pictures to try and clarify my ramblings.

Posted by dani eggert 1 year ago

Mod for mini DV camcorder to write to SD card.

I have an old top of the range Panasonic mini DV(tapes) camcorder which cost me 2.5g 5 years ago. The tapes are expensive and it has been playing up with some brands of tapes. I dusted it off and was experimenting with it when I discovered it has an SDcard slot. I think this is only for 'still' shots and whe n I selected 'card' and tried to video it says change to tape to record. I wonder if there is any way of modding it to record video straight onto the SDcard. With the size and quality of SDcards improving I thought this would be better and more reliable than the tape mechanism. It seems such a waste to have it sitting around not being able to use it. I have already worked out a battery pack with 6 AAs to replace the dying lithium battery.

Posted by coolgadget 7 years ago

I have t-shirts older than you...

It's the weekend.I can wear t-shirts instead of the suit.So, I was browsing my pile wardrobe, when my eye fell upon my tee from the first Discworld Convention. 1996, a few weeks before #1 son was born.I dug deeper.One I bought at the first gig I went to with Kitewife, which makes it 22 years old.One I bought in Kenya, which makes it 24 years old.Good grief, I really do have clothes older than the vast majority of members here.They're all landmarks, though. Times and places that are important.It's weird - my t-shirts seem to be the only things I own that date me, that mark the passing of the years.I have books, lots of books, but most of them are still in print, in one form or another.I hunted around, and the only other things that I own which specifically pin down dates, anchor me in time, are my engagement ring (April 23rd, 1988) and my wedding ring (May 24th, 1990).What anchors you to certain dates? What anniversaries do you celebrate?What about your friends and families? What do they commemorate?What about the site? What anniversaries should we celebrate here? What is the exact start-date of the site? Are any of the Team approaching significant dates? I mean, look at them - there's not one of them over 21, surely?>Cue general philosophising on the nature of time and commemoration of its transit<

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

Older instructables being submitted to contests

I'm still fairly new to instructables, and I just joined the Valentine's and Tool Tips contests. As new contests come out, if a person created an instructable that would be perfect for it but did so prior to the contest, could it be entered anyway? I don't have any that I want to do that with right now, but if a sweet contest came up and I already published an instructable related to the topic, how would I enter it? Thanks!

Posted by iPodGuy 10 years ago


Please comment suggestions for new "Instructables" below. Hi Guys, I have posted before on "Instructables" but not much interest was shown. I want recommendations from other people so I know what to make tutorials for. You don't have to comment your recommendations but it could be beneficial as you can learn something new. I would really appreciate you spending some of your time doing this as it is vital to my popularity. Ainswy :)

Posted by Ainswy 3 years ago

An Old Electrolyisis Presentation

This is an old Powerpoint presentation I made in fifth grade (and yes, I know, it has some incorrect info and several errors).

Posted by puffyfluff 9 years ago

Old contest

It is May 8th. Shouldn't the burning questions contest be gone from the main page?

Posted by gimmelotsarobots 10 years ago

How old are you?

I'm amazed at the range of ages that seem to be represented here. So tell us, how old are you P.S. If you want to give a funny answer, fine just add the real answer underneath, Cheers

Posted by beado4ever 10 years ago

projector from old rear projection computer monitor?

Is it possible? because what i want to do is hook up my laptop to a old computer monitor and have it project the image onto my wall thanks fidgety2

Posted by fidgety2 8 years ago

Old ipods

Hi! Just wondering if anyone has any old ipods they dont want that i could have for free or for a small fee? I am looking to mod them and make an 'ible aswell. Please let me know if yoou can help :)

Posted by DELETED_JoshM96 9 years ago

very old laptop

Can I do anything with this old piece of crap other than scavenge parts from it? it has 1 floppy drive i think 64mb of ram 250-450mb HD space the ports you can see in the picture windows 95 and intel inside

Posted by the_mad_man 9 years ago

What other ye olde items may we converge ye nave minds onto maketh

What ye olde items do ye thinketh we should collaborate on to maketh. Or in new english. What do whatsit or whadagamakallit should we make next.

Posted by duck-lemon 10 years ago

Using speakers from an old 5.1 dvd player to use it as normal speackers( jack input)

Hello everybody, I founf some days ago an old dvd player, wich one had a 5.1 sistem with the old cable sistem. I opened and took the amplifier but now i dont know how to conect it to produce the sound. Im a newbie in electronic so i would thank you for some help.

Posted by Z1ac 5 years ago

Deleting a instructable entered in a contest

Im having trouble deleting a old instructable entered in a old contest, the ERROR 401 pops up every time I try to delete it. Any ideas on what I can do?

Posted by Evan2010 6 years ago

Old Laptop

I have an older Laptop. its nothing special but it runs Windows XP. I was wondering what ideas were out there to use them. I've seen the picture frames and revive instructables....... but I was looking for something fresh. Any idea's?

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago

Have you ever found a disposable camera that old?

While I was taking apart some disposable cameras, I found this "strange looking" camera's circuit, it looks like a old type of camera's circuit, it is probably used in the first disposable cameras. They are no SMD components, a large capacitance capacitor (160uF), three transistors, and a funny looking trigger transformer on the circuit. Have any of you ever found this kind of camera's circuit?

Posted by Plasmana 10 years ago

Feature Suggestion, Topic closing

After getting a comment on a very old topic and noticing some come up it occurred to me that giving users the capacity to close their old topics or possibly leave it at the discretion of a time limit or a team of, well not quite executioners but something or other may be rather useful, mainly to stop old topics coming back up without reason, some stay active for a very long time, others just occasionally pop up. If the topics were merely closed but still existent then they'd still be available for reference and any specific comments about something could be sent to the user in question's orangeboard, it's just a thought, I'm not saying all old topics need taken out back and, eh sent to the farm but it might keep the forums a bit fresher, without causing confusion...

Posted by killerjackalope 8 years ago

Tips for Aging Happily and Research

I am doing a mini research experiment for my psychology class involving interviewing 60+ year olds  who have aged well and are Exuberant in their old age. However being 18 I don't regularly keep in contact with many 60 year olds. I was wondering if any 60+ year olds (or anyone with wisdom regarding aging happily) would be willing to answer some short questions. If anyone is interested in helping me out these are the questions 1.How well are you enjoying your career/retirement? 2. How would you describe your last vacation? 3. What personal relationships have been important to you since you turned 50?  Describe the most important one. 4. Ask persons about their marriage relative to "the Four Horsemen".  Find out strategies used for successful marraiges. 5. Of the adaptive defensive mechanisms (aka Mature defense mechanisms), which do you believe you display on a regular basis. Also if anyone has any general wisdom on tips for remaining happy in their advanced age or how to stay happily married I would enjoy to hear it. (I'll write them down and store them away for 30 years from now!)

Posted by TheCheese9921 6 years ago

What to do with 2 bigs old printers...

Greetings Comunity ill like to know what to do with 2 printers very old, they are Dot Matrix Printers one of them brother m4318 and the other epson dfx 8000 here pages of them: http://www.dooyoo.co.uk/dot-matrix-printer/brother-m-4318/  http://www.tiendatinta.com/default.asp?ref=Epson%20DFX-8000 they dont work so i want to make thems something but dont know what, i was viewing the CNCs machines but i dont know much about programming or electronic (just made a pedal for mi guitar jeje) but ill like a cnc machine but dont know how where to start, well hope you can help me, and thank you all for this great site XD

Posted by neoygeo666 6 years ago

Some help

I was wondering if somebody could help me: I have this old Air hogs jet fighter ( or something like that ) and it was run over by a car and now it doesn't work ( no surprise there ) and i whanted to know if somebody new what would be wrong with it and how to fix it. and maybe some cool ideas on how to use the engines and rc

Posted by vince086 10 years ago

Dual Hard Drive Enclosure

Hey i'm work'n on use'n and old computer as a harddrive enclosure. So it house 4 or more hard drives i seen where you can buy one but you know how the site works it is better if we make them. I have like 20 160gig harddrives needed some thing to do with them. Any help would be great.

Posted by nabzaf 10 years ago

Used 35 mm cameras

As I was looking in a thrift shop recently, I realised that all the ones I had been to had these old 35mm film cameras for a really cheap price.  The burning question I had was what could be done with these cameras and the parts in them?  Are there sites where this is addressed?  There must be a ton of things to be made with them and they will become re-purposed materiel.  How about a contest? Anyone?

Posted by stormy0314 7 years ago

I Just Got an Old Camera! (Now what?)

I'm not sure what to do with it... Should I try to restore it, clean it up a bit, find some film on eBay, and use it?Or should I polish it up a bit and see how much I can sell it for?I like film cameras and all, but this one's a bit bulky... And I already have a really good Canon SLR that takes 35mm film, so I don't need another film camera, and I got a nice Polaroid too (what you think of first when someone says "Polaroid", not a camera made by Polaroid that isn't a Polaroid but is a Polaroid because it's made by them).So, here's some pics, taken with my Kodak. What do you think?BTW, Let me know if you want me to post more... I've opened it up already, I can do it again.

Posted by Labot2001 9 years ago

Something to do with an oldcd player

Hi everybody! Okay , Let's talk I have 5 old cd players here that I can break , open , use the parts and etc. and I want to know if there's a cool thing to do with these eletronics they are working , and there's no use for them, so could someone show me any cool ideia to do with them ? I tried to do a amplifier to my cellphone to listen to music here,but it didn't work as well I wanted Sorry if the topic is at the wrong place , and I have already took a look at the site, and didn't find some nice ideia :o

Posted by mcamargo 4 years ago

Access to "older" Orangeboard comments not available?

I've just discovered that the new profile interface provides only limited access to my Orangeboard.  The "first" page, with the most recent comments, comes up just fine, but there is no "next" link to pull up pages with older comments.

Posted by kelseymh 8 years ago