old people

Old people... kinda like a message in disguise

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is it possible to refurbish or speed up a old compaq presario 1220 ?

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Can anyone help identify an old tool? Answered

I got this in a box of old things. Can anyone tell me what it is?

Asked by masterochicken 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Use for old laptop?

Hello. I have an old toshiba satellite, that has a blown video card, and since the video card is on the motherboard, i can't replace it.  What can i use this for?

Asked by thewizard42 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

What kid of stuff can i do with an old computer?

I have an old Windows 98 computer, what kind of things can i do with it?

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What Can i Do with my old psp?

Iv Got a old PSP and it just lieing around and I just thinking is there any thing I could make with it. Any ideas?? 95styles

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Can anyone tell me what I can do with my old printer?

Asked by bigbadgibuu 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Can anyone identify this old tool found in a barn? Answered

Metal and wood with a chrome finish.  Makes a very LOUD clicking noise when the handle is cranked.  Handheld.

Asked by lilredhairgrl 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

How can I transform old wooden speakers into side tables?

 We have old wooden speakers, 26Hx17wx13D, How can I make these into side tables for our livingroom. The height is good but there is not enough surface area and the front of the speakers still has the ugly speaker plastic attached.

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What are some things I can make from an old xbox?

I took my old xbox apart a few days ago and was wondering if there was anything I could do with it. And please don't hassle me about using the search bar. I did and couldn't find anything.

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I've changed my email address but I still get your emails in the old account which will be closed soon.

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Can someone please help me identify this old relic?

I found this old relic while metal detecting near an old 1800's ghost town.  It is 8" in length.  You'll notice that one end has 2 parts that look like a "t" or a cross.  One of these "crosses" has the ability to swivel back and forth about 180 degrees.  The other "cross" is stationary and doesn't move or swivel at all.  If anyone knows what this could be, I'd appreciate the feedback. Thanks.

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Wiring schematic?

Need wiring schematic for old Turf rider 4 golf cart, 36 volt, GE motor

Asked by ejredmole 4 years ago | last reply 4 years ago

Old German(?) thread spooling machine?

Although somewhat difficult to explain, I was told this threader was used along with a spinning wheel-the treadle works fine and spins the hooked piece which then feeds the thread to the spools on the right. Ingenious !

Asked by ronfoster 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

ive got a super old jigsaw

I have an old jigsaw aperently my great grandfather used when he was young or something anyway im just trying to find out more about it. sears roebuck model 110.0401  .  so far im unable to find anyting anywhere on the internet anyone or anything that knows about this thing. not that im so much looking to sell it or anything i would just like to know more about it.. exactl how old it is and whatnot. so if anyone knows anything it would be cool to hear about it. ty

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What are some ideas for old tires landfills want money to take ??.?

I have some old car and truck tires I would feel bad about throwing out besides landfills want money to take them and I've heard steel belted tires can not be recycled What can I do with them so both my daughters generation does not have to deal with them

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What to do with an old hexbug

I have the original hex bug toy. It is the one that has the antenna to direct itself. (  http://www.hexbug.com/original ) I was wondering if there was any thing i could do with this toy as like taking it apart and making something new. PLEASE RESOND -Jason ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Old fashioned sweets? Answered

This will probable only apply to UK based answerers of a "certain age" When I was a kid (1960's) we could buy a nut based sweet/treat - in a cardboard box, the resembled brown wrinkled peas - they were chewy (not Toffee) and a natural nut - slightly sweet to taste Any idea of the name - it's driving me nuts.

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lliard balls

Hello creative guys, I need help. I want my old ugly looking aramith billiard balls to look like new. How do you do that? any creative suggestions?

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Geriatric help?

Listen, y'all---that reset password thing is HARD!  I'm OLD!  Gimme, gimme, gimme!  Turned out it was my SCREEN NAME I had wrong...Can't y'all talk DOWN to me like the little girl at the grocery store does?  GAH!

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I want to purchase a lcd monitor. What can I do with my crt monitor it is in working condition

I have a samtel crt monitor it is in working condition. I want to buy a lcd monitor. What can  I do with the old monitor

Asked by SAJAMEEL 8 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

I've got a "what is it"? Answered

Help ! This has been in my garage for years-what the heck is it ? catrtoo@yahoo.com

Asked by ronfoster 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

I need one old working computer from the mid 90's to 2000.

I have a program designed in the late 80's for determining noise levels from an text input file.  Namely the Stamina 20 Optima Noise Assessment program.  Been awhile since I used it but I have had a need now to use it and can;t with my current systems, Windows 7 etc. I'm hoping there is somewhere where I can find just one for a fee of course.  Ina garage, attic, warehouse, anywhere.

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speaker help

I am trying to find how this speaker works and I can't. Please help me.Please respond.

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how do puch card readers work?

How do punch card readers work?

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Go back to the old layout.

I've noticed that in the attempts websites make to become more and more advanced, they always somehow mess up and make their layout WORSE than the last one.  The one we had before was good.  The one before that was better.  Same thing for any other site.  Google has had the same layout for who knows how long, I respect them for that.  They made a simple interface, clearly laid out buttons, and they left out all the garbage.  When the stats and related ibles were on the right of the instructable, it centered the instructable currently being viewed on the screen which was good for my eyes.  I don't know why you guys decided to change it, it was fine the way it was before. Just my honest opinion here... Update: Thanks for taking my advice guys!

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Is this from a medieval spear?

This was found in my tyre and looks like it's from years ago....maybe medieval? Looks like a metal leaf or a spear head....just want to know what it is really....it's about 1.5" long x 1/2" wide and is solid metal. 

Asked by landreou 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

I have a Sargent 5131 mortis lock and the flat spring has broken. Is there somewhere i can get one?

The lock has a flat spring, not like the round type springs, and this flat spring keeps tension on the latch to keep it out.  The spring broke and is there a place where I could get another.  Thanks

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What to do?

I have a dying mac. More specifically, the moniter is dying. Unfortunatly the way its designed its apparently unfixable. Well instead of being wasteful and throwing it out any ideas to make it useful? I am saving for a new one and it'll take me a couple of months, until then I wanted to brain storm. I have the G5 http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://www.mp3-music-player.com/news/05_05/images/Apple_iMac_g5.jpg&imgrefurl;=http://www.mp3-music-player.com/news/05_05/Apple_g5.html&h;=342&w;=350&sz;=7&hl;=en&start;=2&um;=1&usg;=__hStptTAEa_XsrmyAgcrBe9RkqaI=&tbnid;=TbBXBgpVwRHQ8M:&tbnh;=117&tbnw;=120&prev;=/images%3Fq%3Dmac%2Bg5%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den

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What would you do with these?

Greetings all, I've made two of the coolest costumes (cool to me anyway) in the last five weeks, it was an inspiration that rose of it's own and I'm not really sure why or how they came to me: https://www.instructables.com/id/Constructing-Anubis/ https://www.instructables.com/id/Constructing-Bastet/ We really had no goal in doing those other than to share them. We entered them into some contests here, because if we win, I have a very good friend who is in dire need of a decent computer - but that is another story. Doing a thing for a specific goal robs it of all it's power. :-) We just returned from Halloween night and another tour of the Gaslamp in downtown San Diego, met with photo-op stops every five feet and "10-signs" and applause at all the outdoor restaurants. (It's traditional at Halloween that when you're seated at outdoor restaurants, they give you signs with 1-10 on them to wave at passing costumes, a Gaslamp Halloween Olympics of sorts.) We've had SO much fun sharing these. It's been one of our highlight experiences this year. Just the reactions from people, young and old, were priceless. However. Halloween is over. My wife is not thrilled about saving them for next year, it's like watching Dukes of Hazzard reruns. We'll need a new discovery. So . . . what would you do with these? You might think "keep them" but we have gone through some major changes in recent years, one of them a down-sizing of gargantuan proportions that required giving away or selling most of everything we own. As we did so, rather than the loss one might expect, we were more and more aware of how liberating this was, how free we became as we unbound ourselves from possessions. We vowed never to begin amassing possessions again, and this would be a dangerous first step in that direction. We thought about offering them for sale to Egyptian themed enterprises, such as the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles, but that's just one idea. What do you do with your creations that obviously spark some awareness in those that experience them? Thanks for reading. Not sure what to do.

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Where can I sell my old electronic gadgets and appliances? It is on as is where is basis...thanks?

I would like to sell my old electronic gadgets and old appliances. Is there a site online where I can post my ads..thanks

Asked by ayreeh109 6 years ago | last reply 6 years ago

How to refurbish an old pair of roller skates?

I have an old pair of roller skates that look like this. They are really old and dirty, but they have sorta new ball bearings. How should  I refurbish them and should I refurbish them or get a new pair? Thanks.

Asked by JoongYin 5 years ago | last reply 5 years ago

What to do with three old Cylon thumbs?

I have three old low capacity ( one 256 and two 512mb) usb thumbdrives. What's the coolest thing I can do with them? 'Nuff said.

Asked by fauxmunk 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

old giant battery?

Yesterday my teched teacher showed us an old battery. It looks like a supersized 9-volt battery. it was like 7 inches long or something like that and had a voltage output of something like 75.5 (yes, 75 and a half) volts. I think it's used for old radios? What are these batteries called?

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Old Laptop; what to do with it?

Hey there everyone. I have not really posted here before but I am really stuck for ideas. I recently required an old, old laptop and I don't know what to do with it. It's supa slow and the screen is very dodgy. It's noisy and low spec. Any ideas?

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Does anybody know a good way turn old scanner bed into PCB exposure source?

Does anybody know how I can turn my old scanner bed into pcb exposure source?

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my old laptop

I got my old laptop to work, windows 98, and it works perfectly now...this is hard, i know, i've tried, but, does anyone know where to get an anti virus that actually removes the virus? or something that rebuilds the registry?

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Ideas for old phone?

My parents were cleaning out the attic, and they found an old phone. it is like the one in the picture only without the rotary thing (it has buttons). So they gave it to me to take appart. Any ideas for what I could use it for?

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A old coat

I have a really nice Plugg polyurethane snowboarding coat that doesn't fit me anymore but I want to make something out of it. Wearable if possible. Thanks.

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I found a old joystick in the garbage, what can i do with it? Answered

It is a Mouse Systems Bogeyman. I am not sure what the connector is.

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Old RC Nitro Gas

I have a lot of old Nitro for an RC that I did not use. I do not want to just get rid of it. I paid for it. So what it's old and can't be used in an RC car. What can I do with it. I was thinking about making some makeshift lamps using rags and wine bottles. Will that work. What are some other things I can do?

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So my old laptop overheated again, i need help on stopping this...

Posted by Yerboogieman 10 years ago | last reply 10 years ago

how to turn an old laptop screen into a monitor ?

Many old laptops were left useless because of newer PC brought or maybe cant boot up and cant reinstall the newer systems, but the screens are still working fine and in good condition. How to make use of the screen for use as a monitor or as a second monitor for another PC?

Asked by homerchui 9 years ago | last reply 9 years ago

Old Search Please

 Like many other people here on Instructables, I prefer the old search. The new search has no filters at all, and anything with the specified keywords in it, no matter how far apart, will come up. If one of the keywords is in the comments it will also show up. I would like Instructables to return to the old way of searching. I understand that the new layout is simpler to new users, but the new search is confusing. If i was a new user to the site, i would be confused and annoyed at the search.

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What can i do with a VERY old computer?

I have a VERY old compaq laptop.Now it is OLD.It is running Windows 95 and internet explorer 5.Any suggustions? also side note: for some reason I cannot connect to the Internet so........I guess it's usless in my eyes........but that's what this great site is for!Right?

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how to revive old wood? Answered

I want to use old planks that have been exposed to the weather for +20 years. the wood has no paint and no lacquer. i tried to step on 0,5 inch plank but it crushed like a toothpick. i am quite sure the wood isn't hardwood so it is even more fragile after so many years. should i revive it or forget about it?

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Old ways of wood working and building.

I am into learning how to build furniture and structures in the way it was done in the past. I.E with out nails and with hand tools because I find that these old ways produce very high quality furnite, and because I like the rough look. Dose anyone know of any good books websites forums etc that talk about this kind of thing?

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