The manual (driver side) door will only open a few inches, because it thinks the gas cap door is open-a safety feature.

I have a toyota Sienna 2005 minivan. The sliding manual (not power door) door on the driver side is catching on the mechanism build in to stop the door from sliding all the way open when the gas cap door is open. After filling up the other day, and closing the gas cap door, I am no longer able to open up the sliding manual door on the driver side. This has happened before ver randomly and I used to be able to get it to open by manually pushing the little black "release" button on the inside of the gas cap door a few times, but this no longer works. How to fix this? Thank you in advance.

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how open mobile phones to any networks?

My mobile is a single network subscriber i want it to be opened to any network so that i can change sim cards for corresponding networks in my country ,Philippines.

Asked by jovenhatsjr 9 years ago | last reply 3 years ago

Make instructables links open in a new tab/window

Does anyone else find it really annoying that instructables external links don't open in a new window ? I keep losing the original instructables page when I close the linked page, forgetting that it didn't open a new tab. Maybe it's just my computer !

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how do i open the case on an 80gb ipod classic? Answered

I have an ipod classic that is 80 gigs and it has suffered hard drive failiure. i want to open the case to change the drive but the case is aluminum and i don't have ipod opening tools. the clips on the case are aluminum

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12v automatic lid opener

I have a dc 12v winch that I want automatically open a lid of a feeder at a specified time, remain open for a spercified time and then reverse the motor to close the lid for a specified time and the procedure will repeat itself  the next day. I have a timer that will work but I want the motor to reverse automatically.Any info appreciated. Thanks

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How do I open a Certificate Trust List in Inventor so I can pull dimensions and manipulate the object?

I am trying to open a CTL file that was downloaded from thingiverse and Inventor is giving me problems opening and manipulating the object(engine block). I converted it to an STL  but it still will not let me place it in a drawing.

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i cannot open my foodsaver model # V3835 when i push the green buttons?

My foodsaver got wet coming home from coast 2 weeks ago. now i cannot open the bottom where the trays are at ..partialy opens but thats i. what can i do

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How can I prevent a envelope pillow cover from popping open on the back?

I have made two of the envelope pillow covers and on the back the opening does not lay close and flat like the picture shows.  My thought was a tight fitting pillow would cause the opening to split open but both pillows fit loose and still the opening still does not stay closed. Any ideas on what is causing the gap?  Any ideas on how to prevent it?

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PDF won't open

RE: I can download a PDF, however when I try to open it, it gives me the following message. I have gotten around this by creating a "custom" PDF. Message is from normal PDF. It opens the PDF, but it is blank. Whoops! I take it back. I get the error when trying to get a normal PDF, NOT a customized one. The customized one opens. Thanks. Catherine iMac, System 10.10.5 Firefox, version 43.0b2

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can i open up my 80 G ipod classic third generation?

I have the red " X " of doom and i would like to open it up and see whats wrong

Asked by maxzzthepyro 9 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

can apple see if iphone has been opened?

I know that inside the iphone there is water detectors, but can apple tell if the phone has opened other than fingerprints and missing screws/do not remove sticker. grim

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group empty, keep it open or delete? Answered

I created a group over two weeks ago, but as no one has joined it, what should i do? should i leave it open or just give up on it and delete it? thanks bye

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Where is the open source code for

Last year, a URL shortener similar to and announced that it was going open source and giving its code to the world. Does anyone know where to actually get it?

Asked by Marsh 8 years ago | last reply 8 years ago

Open Exe (Executable) Files on a Nintendo DS?

I am wondering if anyone knows how to open exe (executable) files on a Nintendo DS. I already have an r4 card.

Asked by qazwsx755 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

How do I open Minecraft.jar without any special programs?

I want to open Minecraft.jar so I can get the Texture.png file, but without any special programs. I went into the Properties of Minecraft.jar and changed it to a .zip. I opened it up as a .zip, but the Texture.png wasn't there. How do I get it?

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How do I program a key to close a webpage and open a new webpage, *please*? Answered

How can I program a keyboard key so that when pressed, the computer will close that page and open up a webpage which can be independently changed by the user, *please*? For example, to program f12 to close my website and open up the company's website? Thanks.

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adobe pdf document opening?

I got an error message at opening .pdf file via Adobe Acrobat DC: The file is damaged and could not be repaired. But I have seen such error first time. I should like to repair damaged pdf.

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Google Earth: How to open facing a chosen destination? Answered

Google earth opens with the globe turning to face the USA. I would prefer changing this to Europe, or when on vacation, to face my temporary location.  Is this possible?

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Network, open port searching!

Lets say i want to test the security of my computer/internet connection, i want to see/know/test what ports are open, how would i do this? i'm looking for a program or website that does this for me Thanks!!!

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even opening file is a problem?

I made a powerpoint presentation using a lot effects, one moment when I was saving .pptx file, the program hung. After, I opened it and got - The Presentation GorF09.pptx is incomplete. Please reload.

Asked by Compan89 1 year ago | last reply 1 year ago

How can I open .pcb files in eagle?

Someone sent me a .pcb file to look at but all I have is eagle, is there anyone here who knows how to open .pcb files in eagle? Thanks.

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Passwords opening Rar Files

Could someone please help me crack the password for this uploaded file?

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for pc to open the regedit if it has been disabled by administrator?

I want to install my gta4

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I cant open any tutorial in here. when i click on it it says"javascript error" and so on...?

I cant open any tutorial in here. when i click on it, it says"javascript error" and so on... can someone suggest what to do? and sorry for my bad english..P.S I have uploaded image with my screen ...

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Temp controller

I need to activate a garage door opener  with temp control. Opener uses momentary switches   There is a solarium on the out side of my shop garage door, When the temp between the door and the solarium reaches +/- 90 degrees  the door would open and +/-60 degrees the door would shut. Because the opener needs momentary contacts a regular thermostat  will not work. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated..

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error from microsoft word when opening, : This file does not have a program associated with it...? Answered

All office programs will not open and pop up an error according to the appropriate program: error from microsoft word when opening, : This file does not have a program associated with it, for performing this action create an association in the control panel. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still receive the error

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Open circuit mosfet?

Im trying to help out a friend by doing some research for him.  Im in over my head being a newbie to electronics.  I was wondering between P- Channel and N-Channel mosfets which ones started out as open circuits.

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Is it possible to open 2 user accounts in windows simultaneously , Ive heard of it happen with linux. Please Help!? Answered

I read that on linux you can open 2 separate user accounts simultaneously is this possible with windows?

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Open-source how-to framework

I remember reading about an open-source how-to framework that was being created by people with previous(?) ties to Instructables. Does anybody know what it's called? Basically it was a global, unified structure for how-to's should be written. 

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cant open pdf files just become pro member

just become pro member so could open pdf document but when click on pdf get link asking to become pro member! HELP!!!

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Clubworkshop open in Denver

Clubworkshop recently opened its doors- they have everything from woodworking to welding, CNC mills and rapid prototyping equipment. 16,000 square feet of maker heaven. I know I could spend some serious time there!

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DIY garage opener circuit

Hi, i was thinking of how to make my own garage door opener circuit. To make it simple, im just using a DC motor for my gates and powering using relay.. Any idea on the circuitries??

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how to fix car trunk which is not opening by key? Answered

It is chevy aveo 2008 before it was right but some day before i close from then it does not open i put key in and rotate it then it does not pop up what to do help.thanks

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tool identification? Answered

Is this a plumb bob? If so what kind? What is the purpose of the rectangular opening? Tightening the screw make the rectangular opening smaller. Thanks.  

Asked by JamesM594 2 years ago | last reply 2 years ago

how to open port 6112

Now that i have my computer up n running i lost the ability to host. some guy on the game told me to open port 6112. how would i go about doin that? (some random comic)

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How do I make a button open a document. [HTML CODE]?

I'm a beginner in HTML coding. When I click a button it should open a page or document. How should I do it. Sorry for my English :-((

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Is there any chance entries for contests will be opened for Czech Republic?

At what conditions will be the entries opened for residents of Czech Republic. Thank you for answer.

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How Do I make my ipod 30gb open my garage door?

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Website does not open when is typed

I have a website which works fine. But when I type, then the site does not open, say 404 error not found. Can someone tell me why this happens. Till two days ago, both ways was working fine. Can someone help me rectify the problem. Thank you.

Asked by leathermall 7 years ago | last reply 7 years ago

Instructable emails no longer open in gmail.

One or two months ago, I stopped being able to open Instructables email links.  It used to go directly to an HTTP:// address, now it goes to " . . . . ." and the page simply says "NOT FOUND"  Evidently it's going through facebook (which I have open and logged in)  I can't even unsubscribe because it goes through that same address. Any Idea how to fix?

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Best way to create an automatic lobby door opener?

I live on a third floor of an apartment building, and tired of using a key to open the lobby door. I was thinking of using Arduino and something similar to a car alarm remote to make the arduino open the door for 30seconds while I get to it. What do you guys think is the best way to do this? is my idea even possible? Thank you very much.

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How can I open and close a window that works on a roller from left to right?

The house we have incorporates a security panel that prevents would be thieves from breaking in. My mother is close to 70 and from the kitchen counter the door I am trying to open and close is 38" from the edge of the counter. She is 5'6 and does not have the energy to slide the door open. She usually unlocks the door and then steps outside on to the balcony and opens it from there. I want to find a way to make it electric if possible. I haven't finished the tilework so I can still run electrical lines and switches to the area. The best idea I can come up with 12v automotive power window motor that is mounted on the right side of the opening. A dog ear be mounted on the top part of the opening for support, and a dog ear be mounted on the door...just right of the LEFT dog ear support itself which will have motion. Attach (weld) a screw onto the power window motor. When engaging the window motor to open the threaded rod revolves in place and the door opens. Same happens when the door closes. My problem for when the door is ACTUALLY supposed to stop in order to be locked by the built in handle. It needs a limiting switch that is engaged to cut power when the proper distance has been traveled. I got this idea from my gate opener for my driveway, the only difference there is that it operates on a chain and has 2 limiting switches for open and close. My father wants to go a simple route and put a pulley on each side of the window and if you want to open / close the window you pull the appropriate line. I just see that as ugly and will be breaking eventually.

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Error opening file in Adobe Illustrator

Hello ! Working in Adobe Illustrator there is a problem , attach the screenshot of the error below , maybe somebody faced such problem ??

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