my own contest?

I've had the notion of hosting my own contest for a while. I've seen people do it in the form of an instructable. Do I need some sort of approval first? Thank you?

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How to create car using small bike engine?

I wonder is how to create my own car using a motorcycle engine i think is just move the motor cycle engine into a small light weight car.

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Your Own ISP? Answered

I live in Yuma, Colorado and the internet here is unbelievably slow.  Now just to entertain my mind a little bit, lets say I wan't to start a ISP buisness.  The towns pop. is about 3000, some of which can't afford internet, quite a few who don't wan't or need it, and then the rest are already tied up in one of the two ISPs in town.  Now I wan't to be a WISP with speeds of around 20 - 100 mbs.  Now how long, big, and expensive of a fiber optic cable would I have to run to be able to provide these speeds, where would I run it to, what kind of switches would I need, what antennas, radios, amps, towers, ect.   This isn't a super serious question, but I would like to know this stuff, just because, and I like large community pools so you don't have to be an expert on everything, but if you know everything about fiber optics, or wireless communication fill us in.   This information pool could help someone greatly so please share.  You never know when a millionaire will decide to move to the middle of nowhere and wan't fast internet, so please contribute. 

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Coin Press Want to Make

Do any of you have plans or the know-how to build a homemade coin press that can stamp 1 1/2" aluminum coin blanks?  Any help is appreciated.

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How To Create my own font in MS word?

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Laptop cannot discover own WIFI

Greetings to all, it been almost a week, only my laptop(ASUS A55V series) unable discover my own wifi. All of my housemates can connect to it, even my own phone and tablet can connect to it, just my laptop cannot. Can anyone help me? I have tried to restart the router for countless times and I have used local area network connection too. When I connect by local network area connection. It shows I actually connect to my previous SSID instead of my current SSID.  Besides that, It only connect to the internet when I changed the IPv4 address. I really dont know what happened to my laptop and router, someone please help me...Thanks in advanced

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Creating a knex gun advice is needed

Hi. I really want to make a knex gun of my own, but dont know how to do the inner parts like the trigger and stuff like that. any advice? Thanks, Techdeck30

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My Dishnet just got blown over by wind/rain. It will take possibly weeks for them to come out and re-point the dish again. Is there a way to make your own Satelite finder? We live in a rural location.

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I'm building a kickbike out of two mountain bikes. The goal is to do it without a welding kit. I'll have pics up soon. cheers, Dick Lawless

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Doyle's Drive Thru's (exsiting Business ) i.e. drive thru conviecne store necesities novelties anf more

Hello, My name is Steve i will give all a quick run down of my situation on march 12 2007 my best friend of 35 yrs suddenly was found decease well to make a cery long story "possible foul play blown off" any way I became trustee of his estate which goes to his 12 year old duaghter at the age of 23 i am at the moment waiting in the next few days to recieve my completed website from and we are a very customer oriented business in are industry if we do not carry an item and you become a regular customer we order it any thing legally we can do so question is kind of on going if you went into my store what are some of things you would enjoy or like to see anything feasible to make a business stand out from everyone Example of somethings we already do or have Done::: 1)  special order certain items for individuals 2) fundraisers when are customers lose a loved one or becomes ill 3) Over 3 short years i have been there i have on several ocasions have been taken       advantage almost to where i have said no more but i feel all employers and business should take time and/or money back into the communities So I'm looking for ideas of products, Display Design ideas for store's and website security physical/personal/business/ how i can get others in the community areas and on the web involved for advice, finacial,moral, just to get people to care for that individual or family member,or to work together to change are local communities get rid of corporate greed and politition crooks, or that cocky, crooked cop that makes and puts there fellow officer in harms way by there actions. PLEASE HELP ANY IDEA INFO I MEAN ANYTHING  ! P.S. SORRY ABOUIT THE BAD GRAMMAR DIDN'T DO SO WELL IN ENGLISH !! I JUST WANT MY BUDDIES DAUGHTER  TO HAVE SOMETHING SHE AND HER DAD WOULD HAVE BEEN PROUD OF TOGETHER

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If anyone owns the iPod Classic....

Could you measure the click wheel? I'm working on a project that involves it, and want my proportions to be correct. The measurement can be in any format (inches, millimeters); I'll just convert it over to inches anyway. Thanks!

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Minting My Own Geocoin

I've been Geocaching for a while now and I wish to make my own Geocoin. I looked around all the "official" sites, only to have my head explode at the prices. $1,507.38! That's more than my high speed camera!Three for $27 with the fine print stating that you will more than likely end up paying $360-$540! Is it too much to ask for one or two custom coins at a cost in the lower double digits?! Why would I want to pay so much for something that will travel around in caches subject to anyone's whim? My question is, how can I make my own custom coin? The tracking code will be provided by one of the Travel Bug Dog Tags I own (at least those are cheap). Any help or advice will be useful, just let it be known that I am absolutely terrible at molding.The desired end result should look something like these rough sketches, front and back (followed by an example coin that I picked up and moved. No tracking numbers, no cheating!).

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make your own black light ideas

So in order to make a black light i (the stupid half of me) would think to dip a lightbulb in black paint. i (the smart half of me) would assume there is more to it than that here is some random 2 facts about the blacklight (wood's light) it is not black its a deep-bluish-purple what a blacklight emits is: lamp emitting electromagnetic radiation my question is how could i make one and would it be cheaper to make it or buy it...

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Instructable: how to make your own Buster! (members collab)

Hey dudes! lets make a collab on how to make a buster!! apport ideas! my idea is making him from an old max steel, action man, etc, burning and crashing him and putting him dummy-like stickers or paint!

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Are YOU affected by Pokemon seizures? ( Watch at your own risk! )

So, as many of you have known, the animated TV show Pokemon is famous for causing over 700 Japanese kids seizures via continuously flashing red and blue lights. Now, I am proposing you a challenge, can YOU endure the infamous red and blue lights? I can. only feel a bit dizzy, but nothing close to seizures. No YouTube viewers are affected by it ( although few felt dizzy ). So, are YOU affected by Pokemon seizures? Or are Japanese kids wussies? Find out by watching the video!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WARNING!WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK, YOU WILL NOT HELD ME RESPONSIBLE IF YOU GOT SEIZURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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DIY Espresso

Hey all! I'm looking for collaborators in this project, I'm planning on making an espresso machine for my venue (The Alibi). Since professional machines can cost over 5000 dollars, I would like to make one for under 150. I will compromise and allow us to move back to the 50's and have it be hand pressed, in fact, a steampunk espresso is exactly what I'm looking for. Huge levers and spinning gears are perfect. The only critical thing would be the water temperature (i hear it has to be =>199 & <=201.Any ideas?

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can you make your own portal in minecraft

I'm not good a  minecraft so please be nice can you make portal to other part of your world (not the nether) making one end and the other end  and other about  help will be nice thank you

Posted by act casual 6 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How can I get a cheap laser cutter? Answered

How can I get a cheap laser cutter, and If I can't, what is the most low end but still good one out there?  Is there a way I could build one cheaper than buying one?

Asked by Garlikguy 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

anyone own an airsoft winchester out there?

I know there are airsoft winchesters out there but does anyone actually own one here?

Asked by Mattonater 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Who owns material / posts on reddit?

I was just wondering, people post all sorts of cool stuff on, but who actually owns the material? Am I allowed to use it, or is it copyrighted to someone else? Does the person who posted the material own it, or do they give up ownership when they post it onto the internet? Anybody know?

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Build your own Lego Skull

Waaay back in 2008, Noah Scalin published a Lego skull on his popular Skull-A-Day blog. A reader of the blog has now put together a really nice set of instructions to build you own, in a stylish PDF document. So, go, download the instructions, build your own skull, and post a picture on Skull-A-Day.

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Make your own "Memory Foam"?

Can we make our own "memory foam"? I'd like to buy "memory foam" in a spray can - but I don't think that product is available. I was hoping to find something like "tempurpedic" in a spray can.    I'd like to replicate the really soft top layer as seen in those mattresses. The "great stuff" foam spray cans come to mind.  However, the end result of those is not a flexible soft foam. Would like to fabricate my own custom foam inserts with the material.  Any ideas about making or sourcing materials? Thanks!

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How to build your own Sputnik

It seems incredible that the technology that went into building the first successful satellite 50 years ago can now be found lying around the average house. You could even build one yourself, as Paul Rubens explains below. Fancy having a go?

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Make your own philips screwdriver?

If I want a flat screwdriver in an odd size, I can take a piece of metal, heat it, pound it flat on one end and file or grind to shape; something within reach of even the clumsiest blacksmith. Is there some trick I'm missing that allows similarly simple home construction of a philps-style screwdriver? Or are they part of a plot to allow only factories to make screwdrivers :-)

Posted by westfw 11 years ago

Biocouture: grow your own clothes.

Every so often, a bit of cutting edge science makes you sit back and think; This is so simple! Why didn't they think of this earlier? Instead of using animal parts, or plant fibres, BioCouture aims, ultimately, to grow entire garments in a vat. Right now, they grow mats of bacteria and yeast in a bath of nutrients, which spin mats of cellulose fibres that can be shaped into garments, resulting in a material dubbed "vegetable leather". The use of the material is limited - it cannot be worn in the rain, and it decomposes like any other vegetable matter, but the original team of artists have turned their idea over to "proper" scientists, who are working to modify the final product to be hydrophobic and longer lasting.  Until then, the garments they produce are unique, and transient, since they can end their useful lives on the compost heap. In the mean time, this is stuff grown in bath tubs - any Maker with a spare room and a biological leaning could be producing this stuff themselves. There's a patch for the first member to grow their own Robot t-shirt ;-)

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Torrenting a movie you own (Legality)? Answered

So, i have been wondering this for a while now, and thought to ask here before I did something stupid and got the feds at my door :) Is it legal to torrent a movie I own? For example, I have an old copy of the Incredibles, but since it was released in 2004, the movie has seen its fair share of use, and at the moment is too scratched to be played (Unfortunately I did not rip a backup...).  So under these circumstances, would it be legal to torrent the movie file, as I have the actual, physical disk of the movie? What about VHS tapes (got my fair share of those). Getting these on my computer would just be some $70 software/recording equipment... it would be faster and cheaper to download them instead of getting shoddy quality off of a 15 year old VHS.  What about for a disc that has been solen? We had our car broken into at one point, and got some 10 DVDs stolen out of it (around 8 of which didnt have a backup)... I would like to be able to get those back, legally, without having to spend $150 re-buying movies already purchased...

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Instructables Meeting

I was just wondering. For people who are not able to make it to the Instructables events like the one in San Francisco, could one of us here host our own event or a sort of get together of people here at Instructables. For example I live in Kansas and would it be ok if I organized that for people in this area. I'm not saying I will but I'm asking this for if others want to host one in their area as well. If thats alright of course.

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Game Console

I was just wondering how easy it would be to make your own simple game console to hook up to tvs. dosent have to have 3d graphics but it would be a plus. i just kinda want something to play around with and make my own games for it. price isnt really a problem but even a computer that can run .exes from a cd, and plug into a tv, and posibly even play through a online server with other people. edit: ok i meant like using microcontrolers now. i want to make a gamboy like system and possibly even wireless. i know you can play games using micro comtrolers, but no idea what i would need. anyone with any idea about this please comment. oh, and a lcd screen too, so that would prolly ne a little work, but im up for it

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Photoshop showcase...

Thought it would be good to have a forum for showing off you photoshop work, be it advertising silly pictures or even actual art... Here's some of mine... there's too much for one forum though or I just got sick of uploading images... By the way the sig there was for a forum called that died but i was bored and came uip with this

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You really CAN rate your own ibles and forum topics!

Hey everybody! You heard right, it's true. Don't believe me?Go to one of your ibles or forum topics. Hover over the stars. I know, it says "sorry, you can't rate your own." Ignore that and click 5 stars. It shows up! Yay!

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Your Dream Game

Let's say that you have an idea for making a videogame. You are good with 3D software, designing, game flow, you are creative, and you are a programming GOD. What woud you dream game be? Would it be a simple arcade or a puzzle game? Or would it be a complex RPG or action game? Would it have a story? Are you even working on it now? Do you have artwork or ideas you wish to share? Remember-it is your dream game. It's whatever you want it to be.

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How can you make your own letters in Microsoft Word?

I know you can do this, and I do beleive there was an instructable on it. I cannot find it, and a link would be generous.

Asked by PKTraceur 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how to make own modem's peak tail??

Asked by madworx 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how to build your own chocolate fountain?

Asked by sweetcharminglady 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Can I make my own group?

 I am currently working on an Instructable theat is basically a blunt object. So I was wondering if I could make my own Group.

Asked by Ekzile 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how to make your own diesel engine?

 i want to know how do we construct a diesel engine and what is its working

Asked by kashish8 8 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

I want to build my own safe ?

I want to build my own safe instead of having to buy one if anyone has any information on what equipment i need to build one or a link to a website with helpful info you would be a great help to me Thanks

Asked by kenobr100 8 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Wow. "Make your own vacuum tube"

This is pretty amazing:Video on making a vacuum tube by hand.(Lets see if Instructables likes Dailymotion videos...)

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How to make a inverter and battery of our own?

I want to make inverter and battery at home.If we make at home whether its cost will reduce when comparing with outer outlets.Please tell me in brief if possible.

Asked by anilr13 6 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

starting own website on "sending FREE sms' "?

Hi,i m viplove from india. i want to know what does it take to start "free sms"website on own . does it  require to contact service providers to start ?? i dont know anything about it as there is no such topic shared on the internet before,and even if it is present it isn't worth. can i get a help from you about how it is done and what to do?? thank you

Asked by viplove12391 6 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago


I am 3rd year student of engineering (ELECTRONICS & INSTRUMENTATION) . I want to create a own TV channel for study purpose then how it is possible and what i am doing to achieve this. i want to help from my seniours who worked in this organisation . and want to ask you how a channel telecast ..... please inform on my email- id please anyone have a information about this please share it.                                                                                            Thanks                                                                                      Abhishek Upadhyay

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making your own gamecube games? how?

I recently heard there was a way to make your own g-cube games. so, I want to test this out. here's what I want the game to do. #1, can run light shows of somekind. #2 can have a shape move arround on screen #3 be able to activate the controller's rumble pack #4 be able to hook them all together. if you have any ideas on how this is done, please tell me. ps-- I also heard you could export pc games to the cube... ~.~

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Is it possible to make your own venetian blinds? Answered

I need custom-fit blinds for about 18 windows and to pay retail for that many of them, especially since I'd like to have higher quality than your basic white PVC blinds, it's going to be well into the thousands. So I'm wondering if somebody can explain how to make your own venetian blinds. I have some skill precision cutting wood and metal, so that part wouldn't be too difficult whether I chose to use wood or aluminum, but I think I would have a problem figuring out how to create the pulley system so the blinds will not only go up and down, but also open and close.  

Asked by noahbody_ 8 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Walking globe- how to make your own??

I'm looking to make my own walking Globe; a big ball used to balance on top of or walk around and preform circus tricks, I'd like to make it myself. Any ideas or plans for how to go about making a large sphere(32-54') that can support about 130 pds. Right now my best option is wood, but im sure a community of creative minds can come up with atleast a few more options. plz help any thought or ideas? I've also considered a bunch or cardboard(like alot) glue together and then shaped into a ball and wrapped in ducktape..?  Rubberband ball?  the bigger the better or atleast easier to practice on.  The main goal is to not spend more than $100 in making this thing :D

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Make your own organic solar cells.

I occasionally see questions from people wanting to know if they can make their own solar cells.Previously, the answer was "no".Now...The latest issue of Science in School contains a "how to" for making organic solar cells from dyes instead of silicon, that produce useful amounts of electricity.Link to "how to".Also in this issue...The archive of back issues is here (can you find my article?).If you browse the magazine, and like it, you might consider passing the URL on to friends, colleagues and potential advertisers. Previously funded by an EU grant, the print magazine is distributed free. The website is funded until October 2010, but the print magazine needs finance (sound familiar?)Anyway, if you are part of, or know of, a company that would like to target their advertising to science educators across Europe, point them at or contact them directly at

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Attempting to make my own toe prosthesis...

Any helpful suggestions? I'll explain my situation: I have a partial right big toe amputation. basically, the entire tip end where the nail is supposed to be is gone, right to the joint, leaving me with a stubby, short half-toe. I've found some companies that will make realistic prosthetic toes, fingers, ears, etc, but the cost is too much for me. ($3000 for something with a life expectancy of only 2 -3 years!) I've decided to make my own using silicone. My plan is to make a mold of my sister's toe and fill it with silicone. I'll also mold my poor little stub, make a plaster replica of it, and stick it into the silicone-filled mold of my sister's toe. The idea is to custom-fit it to my toe. The parts that I'm finding difficult are painting it to look realistic, and also finding an acrylic nail large enough to pass as a large toenail. If anyone has any suggestions, or even a better method, please feel free to enlighten me! Thanks.

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What is a good program or game to design your own car in detail?

What is a good program or game to design your own car in detail?  If you've been to the test track in Disney and made a car I want a program/game like that.  Where you make the shape and then color and style it and change the wheels and everything.  Please respond! :)?

Asked by Tuckertcs 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

so are tesla coils illegal to build and own or is it okay?

Asked by teslapulsa94 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

how to make my own homemade paint stripper ?

Asked by jensemail33 8 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago