jet packs

Does anyone have any experience making a small jet pack, one which would power a skateboard?

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Battery Pack?

Hello everyone,  I want to build a battery pack so that I can charge it with solar.  i bought some 12v 1.3ah sealed lead acid batteries but they don't do the job that I want to and they are not very appealing.  So I have seen the tesla powerwall and it is great and also slim, so what I want to do is to buy different batteries which are the panasonic 18650 and the stack them together to my own specifications so that they can power small things such as lights and pumps.  The packs that I will make would be small at first just to test and have an idea. So is it worth investing in these battery types or just buy some sealed lead batteries and then stack them together.  Thanks

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Instructables prize pack?

What is the instructables prize pack, besides the robot t shirt?

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portal fan pack

I will be doing a portal fan pack ( portal gun and almost life size companion cube) i have already started on both of them, so keep an eye out.

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Led to battery pack?

Hi, I just bought a led (5mm) Infared and a battery pack but when i try to test the led it dont work? either i am doing it wrong or something i dont know lol....

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Battery pack rebuild

I read the instructable on rebuilding the 14.4v cordless tool battery pack and I've done it before with a decent Milwaukee battery. Now I have one that the thermistor is shot. It said 6k8j on it. It was a disc like an advil pill with two leads. Where would I find a replacement? I've looked on but can't make heads or tails of it. I imagine you would want it to stop charging at 70 degrees c like a lot of r/c packs do.

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service pack 3

Comes out tomorrow, this is just funny to say, The Box said Windows 98 or better....SO I INSTALLED LINUX! (ubuntu gutsy gibbon is my favorite)

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amazing packing peanuts

I was thinking I could do a conversation about this under my instructable and I probably will but maybe I can get different feed back from here but I guess you would need to check my instructable first to really know what I am talking about unless you are some one who is also sticking organic packing peanuts as an art media. AND I would love so much to here from some one doing the same stuff because I have yet to hear of any one else doing this or even if I could start to hear of people starting to do this would be cool.

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Building Battery Packs?

Hello all! I am currently in the process of designing an (increasingly) large project using LED light strips. These are the strips I intend on using. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? It should be. The other thing is that this is a portable project, one that I want to be able to use without being tethered to an outlet. Basically, what it comes down to is that the project involves using about 8.25 meters of light strip. I say about because I haven't done precise measurements, but I'm buying ten meters which should be plenty. This adds up to 264 LEDs total (for the 8.25, not the 10). Each LED can draw up to 60 mA at full brightness, so all of them at full brightness would draw almost 16 A >_< I am thinking that the best way to go about this would be to build four smaller battery packs, each powering about 2 meters of strip. I was looking at using these Li-Ion cells. The only problem is that I do not know how to accomplish what I am trying to do. I am still befuddled by the relationship between a battery's "C" rating and its mAh, and I am quite unsure of what kind of circuit these batteries need to be used with to prevent killing them, or worse, fires. What I really want is to be able to run the entire thing for 3-4 hours on a single charge of all four of the battery packs. But I also want to have the possibility to run all the LEDs at full brightness (albeit for a fraction of a second) without damaging the circuitry. Another problem I am encountering is that these batteries are 3.7V, and the strip needs about (but no more than) 5V to run. I appreciate any advice, help, references, etc. you can give me. I don't need a full blueprint or schematic of how exactly to do this, but I do not even know in which direction to start looking. Thanks again.

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where to purchase a cordless tool battery pack stud connector ?

I would like to rebuild my cordless tool battery pack but I broke the stud connector on top of the pack I can not find any place online or otherwise to purchase it. I can find every thing but that can you help me find it. I

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What is in an Instructables Prize Pack? Answered

I would like to know what is inside of an Instructables Prize Pack that people get when they win a prize for a contest win? Thanks!

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[~7.4V 800mAh] alkaline battery pack Answered

I need to create a battery pack with 7.4 to 7.5 volts and 800 mAh (or greater) in the lightest package possable with alkaline batteries. If circuitry is needed that would be fine. Its for a mid-small sized RC Helecopter

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Jet Pack Speed Record Set

Over in Scotland, some crazy fellow has just set a new speed record for the jet pack at 61 mph. The official speed reading was done by some cops with speed guns apparently, although I'm sure the video evidence also helps. via Gizmodo

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Cell phone batteries/battery pack

Hi all,i want to build a battery pack from mobile phone batteries my plans is to connect them in parallel 4 of them and charging it from a single TP4056 module the batteries have a built in protection circuit  each battery is 3.7v 1500mah. what do you thing is a good idea to put them in parallel or they need something special to keep them balance any help is highly appreciated thanks in advance

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Building a USB Battery pack for Nintendo 3DS

Hi everyone, I'm not a total stranger to this site, just my 1st time signing up and posting. I'm asking for some advice for building a USB Battery pack, I've already got my prototype for a simple pack using 3x AA Dry cell Batteries, i know some things about electronics already, but i need a little more advice about Undervolting and Overvolting. Using the Dry cells I have 3 batteries which will give me 4.5v, my intention is to use 4 AA NiMH cells, and those are 1.2v which will give me 4.8v, and the 3DS has a 4.6v requirement for a charger, i have a few other questions too. i'm worried these might damage the 3DS in the long term, would the 0.1v undervolt or 0.2v overvolt actually damage my device with the DC Current, or would it just draw what it needs? Would i be better to add in a voltage protection circuit, and while i'm at it, are there any circuit diagrams for building in a Charger for the NiMH Batteries in the unit? Thanks for any help in advance, and will appreciate the feedback

Posted by CodeFuApprentice 5 years ago

practical uses for plastic six pack holder rings? seem like they are very durable and useful.

Thought these might make good tool organizers, mesh bags, or any potential items that would be practical, useful, and eco-friendly. Discarding these without clipping the rings has had a negative impact on wildlife by entangling them, so thought would try to put them to good use and save money. There are likely many gardening, art and craft applications for these also.

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Portable rechargeable battery pack with state-of-charge meter and can be charged while in use?

I've been looking about for something like this, and have yet to find something that will work for my needs. I plan to break ground on a portable Raspberry Pi system, and will need a battery system for it. I've seen a few others around (both RPi portables and battery packs) but I would love to be able to make a battery pack that I can charge while the battery pack is being used, along with add some form of meter to know how much charge I have left. Any and all help is greatly appreciated!

Asked by DoctorWoo 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

It is possible to get 8 AA battery to series/parallel circuit? Answered

I want to build a battery pack for my project to have most mAh but able to charge an laptop I plan to buy 8 AA 3.7V battery with 2600 mAh I going to tries to have 4AA battery in series circuit and 4AA battery in parallel circuit and some how connect those 2 to get  a battery pack with 14.8V output and about 10000mAh  It is possible

Asked by Kyosoul 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Is it a current limiter or what???

when rebuilding a battery pack for a Sears cordless drill,I encountered a tiny diode or fuse or thermistor of sorts,in the wire coming from the negative pole.It appears this is only active during charging. At any rate,what is it and where do you find a new one??

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Simple Lithium Cell Balancer?

Could your balance a lithium cell by simply hooking it up in parralel for a short period of time every once in a while?

Asked by snowluck2345 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

how to make 6 volt .5ah battery power supply?

Is it possible to built by 1.2 volt 2500mah NIMH batterty. or any other way?

Asked by atmhoque 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Laser Tag Pack and Gun

How would you create a laser tag game set, like at Ultrazone or similar? Would you just have a bunch of Photocells in parallel connected to your gun, or something? Can somone point me in the right direction?

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monkeylectric battry pack install?

Asked by james0007 7 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Li-Ion battery pack

Hi, I have 4x PANASONIC CGR18650CG LI-ION BATTERY 2250mAh 3.7v.  I have connected them in series and it gives around 14v. My internet router is working on 12v 500mA. Is this battery pack too much for that router? I was thinking to use that battery pack as backup for my router when there is no electric power, because it's winter and every few days there are problems with power. Thanks!

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Battery packs keeps melting? Answered

Right now i'm trying to build a circuit that goes from a two AA pack to a switch to a potentiometer to a motor but every time I try to add a resistor of any size it always stops working. When I don't add the resistor the battery pack just melts and I have to buy a new one. Does anyone know how I can stop this from happening?

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Alpaca pack system designs?

I'm looking for a design (ie: instructions, ideas or patterns) on how to make my own Alpaca pack. The packs are too expensive to purchase from the local co-op or grange. I have priced them online as well and am completely shocked at the prices. If you have built this type of item for a llama, donkey or mule it is probably adaptable. We are looking to use our Alpacas around our farm to carry feed and tools as needed, and also to help carry firewood back to the house from the back country. Any ideas will be gratefully appreciated.

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charging 10s5p battery pack

I'm working on an ebike conversion. I'm buying laptop batteries to take out the 18650s and put them in my pack. I'm looking at a 10s 37v pcm. If I make it in 10 sets of 6 to get 37v 14.4ah, then how can I safely charge the battery so that they don't charge unevenly in each set?

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#ibles ornament prize pack

Hello everyone, I just won a prize for the instructables ornament and I was filling the details form. Then, I read one statement which stated that if I live outside US then I will receive a coupon of the prize value. I am not a fan of money but a fan of Instructables. So, at last I want to say that I would like to get the instructables prize pack instead of a $10 coupon. If you will send the pack, it will remain with me forever but the movey will get spent Thanks

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Rechargeable Battery Pack Install

I have a project that I have been working on, and it currently runs on two different battery packs for different components. I want to put rechargeable batteries in these packs, and I want to install a wall charger to charge the batteries.  I am having trouble finding a good tutorial on the circuitry of this.  Will I need two different chargers for the two components, or can I charge both from the same power supply?  Can anyone help me out? I can post some photos of the project and its current circuitry if needed, its a laser spirograph. 

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Convert A/C to Battery Pack?

Ok here is what i wanna do, and your all gonna think I am crazy, but this is mostly for my little girl.  I want to take a very cheap dvd player and another cheap video screen, (the kind you find for the back of auto head rests) and glue them together, make a battery pack, and wire the two together to the pack and, the point is I have the devices and they both are rather low energy draw devices, so i just need to know if I can make a battery pack or perhapse a radioshack project battery holder and how many batts I would need etc.. I will admit the math is a bit confusing for me. but here it is, the dvd player is rated as AC 120 v, and it says it has a draw of 10w, which if I am not mistaken is very low drain and awesome for an ac device.  the monitor is DC with an adapter but can also have an optional car adapter (which I don't have, but I would just use the transformer's cord/jack to wire it in.)  The back of the monitor says it's DC output is 1.2A and again 12v and the transformer itself says it's input is 24w.  So if my math is right, I am looking to make a battery supply to support a total of 34 watts and then I will use both cords to wire them parallel to a battery pack that I need to make, so where I need the help is what kind of a batt pack do I need to make or is it even possible? 

Asked by blackmagickfox 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Adding a resistor to a battery pack? Answered

I am new to LED's and havent messed with electronics since the 80s, so excuse my ignorance and all of the questions.    My question is, if I have a 3 AAA battery holder, each battery is 1.5 volts, for a total of 4.5 volts.   If I have a 2 volt LED and use only 2 batteries (3 volts), can I solder the resistor into the 3rd battery compartment to lower the voltage, or must I use a dummy battery and put the resistor between the battery pack and the LED?  Thanks!

Asked by pennsteve 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

deep cycle battery pack

Does anybody know what parts I'd need to make a 12v rechargeable battery pack for an upcoming road trip? I also need to know where I can find deep cycle sealed lead acid batteries for this project. I waited long enough to make a lithium ion pack, but now I changed my mind on the battery type to get 12v, and now I have no idea of what protections and electronic components I need for it. I'l post more info on available casing later, but I'll tell you now that it's like a small blue lego briefcase from when I was little. It's about the size of a texbook and I'd like to be able to put it in a small backpack to carry around school sometimes for my windows tablet. Update: I am available to buy any particular case, but wiring in a case can sometimes look bad, so I'd like it to store all wires internally and have a friendly look. Appearance was part of why I switched my plan from li-ion 18650s to lead acid. A block with printed volt and amp information looks better than a group of oddly sized cells. Also, no clocks.

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Cordless drill battery packs.?

I have a ridgid impact. It cuts off when im assuming the curuit board inside the battery senses to much load. ide like to fix this problem with an override on the circuit board or just bypass the board itself but i need to know, does the battery charger know when the battery is charged or does it need feedback from this curcuit board in the battery? thanks

Asked by thomas7.3psd 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

18650 battery pack question

Hello everybody, I need to install (build) a recharging battery pack for my plant shelf.  it will be running an arduino nano, just 3 leds (3mm 20ma each) 1xNTC and 1x water sensor probes (nails).--  no LDR no yellow LED. . I was thinking about getting a 2x 18650 battery holder - I need more battery hours, should we wire the batteries in parallel to get more mAh and boost them 3.7V to 5V. so basically this is what I am trying to custom build to get more hours; DIY Mobile Power Bank Case Kit . I would just buy the mentioned product BUT under specifications>battery it says the capacity range: 1000mAh and below. but the batteries I have are 3.7V @ 5000mAh. does this mean that the remaining 4000 will be lost because the system can't handle it?  . basically what I am asking for is how can I make a long lasting arduino nano powering 18650 battery pack BUT also with a recharging module. these are the items I found that may work together, please remember that I have no electrical experience from before. I have learned everything that I know from instructables, this is a too advanced build for me to figure out without asking a few questions. thank you for your patience, let me know if I have to clear anything out. batt holder:  recharger: boost: am I even in the right track with this thing? can these be connected together and a switch. again, the goal is max battery life.. maybe add 4x 18650 - 2in parallel + 2in series, 7.4V to arduino Vin, eliminate the booster, even more battery life ? . thank you in advance, love & peace akin,

Asked by Akin Yildiz 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Monster battery pack for pedalboard

Hi! first of all happy being here in such a full and interesting community. Since some time i have an idea fix, i would like to play guitar in the street, not for the sake of money but for pure entertainment. Following that intention i´m being gathering all equipment i need for that purpose. I was asking myself the question about power source for all that stuff. Actually i can make it easy, since i already bought roland cube street, that runs on 6 AA batteries. BUT, i guess nobody here likes easy things. Therefore here is my project: using acoustic guitar with 4 effects and the amp running on the SAME external battery pack. short description of the project : 4s4p battery pack for a total of 14,8V and 12 000 Mah more or less.. will depend on cells themselves. Theoretically it will mean 10 hours or continuous run with all of equipment. of course there will be step down converter and other bells and whistles that i will be happy to share once i start doing it. Questions mainly are : I know that Boss pedals have center negative connection, What the hell does it mean? please someone help with this cause im getting mad. Is it just inverting the leeds? positive one going to the sleeve and negative/ground to the pin? OR it means that the pin has to be  minus 9V? This is the main question as i dont want to burn 200 euros pedals second and less important one: i will mostly go with NCR18650GA units. And will arrange a balanced pack. As the charging rate is 1A rough it takes 3,5 hours to charge. If the total capacity is 12 amp as i'm planning will it be neccessary to wait 12 hours to charge it or 4s4p scheme will still need 3,5 hours to charge all of cells at the charge rate of 1A, can i also charge it at faster rate as cells state that discharge rate is10A and so i coud use up to 10A charger? Or maybe the smart chargers identify by themselves the best charge rate? thank you in advance please know it's my first project of the kind :D

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altoids tin hygenic pack

My next Instructables is going to be how to fit all your necessities for good hygiene into an altoids tin.Yeah, I know, there are like a million altoids tin can projects, but this is different... kinda. Anyways I have a list of things that will be in the tin and I just want to know if anyone thinks I am missing something, or anything else someone wants to say .Thanks! Here is the list of things going in the tin: toothbrush toothpaste comb soap wash cloth deodorant lotion floss q-tips any more ideas or things i should put, please comment, thanks!

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Retrofitting a battery pack into an ebike.

Ok I was just looking at this ible. And noticed the type of battery the guy used.  So I did some googling and ended up here. Wondering to myself about trying to retrofit this type of battery into a veloteq challenger from 2008 or so. Remembering that its a 48 volt pack built from 4x 12volt lead acid 20amp batteries(cells) wired in series thus to stack the voltage and not the amperage.   Now I know amperage is simply a measurement of consumption so I'm guessing that these Yellowtops are way above the usual 20amp's that the veloteq asks for but I'd imagine that shouldn't make much of a difference.  Seeing as I only want to throw on two of these as to not blow way past  the weight restriction on the ebike itself by hitting 48 volts with four of these also to avoid breaking the bank with an 800$ purchase.  Could I not add some sort of transformer to step up the voltage to 48 volts or something like this? Any suggestions are welcome but I can't imagine this would really be all that bad of an idea.  I'd imagine it should boost the range somewhat if not a fair bit.  I'd imagine that my assumptions here are not far off but I'm here to either be validated or corrected. Or even educated if someone has any suggestions or advice.

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Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack

Does anybody know when the Halo 3 Legendary Map Pack is going to go free?

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Any disadvantage in using a capacitor pack to replace a battery? Answered

After I watched this video I wondered if there is any disadvantage in replacing batteries with a pack of capacitors.

Asked by blkhawk 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How to convert a battery pack to AC power? Answered

Wife owns a very expensive piece of Japanese cosmetic device that uses a very special Li-ion battery pack but the battery died! No way I can find a replacement for the battery pack and I am wondering how to convert it to an AC power? I have no experience doing this at all, so if you can provide as many details as possible, that will be great! The battery pack: 3 wires connected to the connector: red, black and yellow; 7.4V, 750mAh The AC adapter used for recharging the device: INPUT: 100VAC 50/60 Hz 8VA OUTPUT: 9VDC 500mA Thanks a lot!

Asked by car2i 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How to build battery pack 9.6v from 18650 batteries?

I would like to create a good battery pack for my dead hilti drill. Originel nc-cd 9.6v battery. I have some panasonic cgr18650cg batterys here.  But when 3 in series, the voltage is higher. Maybe the drill can work with a higher voltage but I dont know. Will it work, would like to create first a 3S pack and maybe later a 3S2P  I need a PCB and thinking something like this one : Or this one? And how to charge a pack, can I use a common 12v laptop adapter or other adapters or specia li-ion charger? I dont think the original ni-cd charger can be used with pcb's above?

Asked by rnijland 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Portable battery pack using smart Blackberry D-X1 batteries

Firstly: Big admirer of your collective works. Secondly: My electronics/electrical knowledge is practically non existant. (my ideas are great IMHO, execution blows FACT) I have been given half a dozen D-X1 Blackberry batteries. They run at 3.7v. I thought of daisy chaining them to make a large, rechargeable pack charged by USB B mini, then connecting a USB A port to them and using it as a portable (And relatively flexible) power source for my USB powered gadgets. They charge well, and hold a decent quantity of power if the Blackberry is anything to go by, they were free (yay!) and I have a bunch of them. I'd like to make them into a device that attaches to my rucksack strap. The latter is a detail, the real issue is how to make 4 or 6 D-X1 batteries into a rechargeable pack. Any ideas for the electronically subnormal?

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Project - 1 Man tent that transforms/collapses into a hiking pack: Need ideas/advice/help/hints!

Basically what it says on the title - I have an idea for a one man tent that collapses or transforms into a hiking pack.  I need any helpful ideas, advice, or hints that you may have to offer.

Asked by jlensher 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Paper airplane starter pack!

Go to a paper airplane starter pack now if you are new to paper airplane builder or don't know how to make paper airplane!

Posted by wat. 8 years ago

What would Douglas Adams do?

So I'm about to embark on a month long voyage across the US and A (well, pretty much the places JetBlue services) - here's a cross link: now, I'm left with a situation. I've never traveled for 1 month at a time (a week, at most, is my experience). And obviously packing light is a must (no problem). So that leaves me with a question....What would Douglas Adams Pack?1. A Towel - I'm claiming that one before the first 42 replies state so2. ?...What else and what would/do you pack? I've got clothing covered ;)

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Halloween Prize: Zombie Gift Pack from ThinkGeek!

ThinkGeek has put up some awesome prizes for the DIY Halloween Contest! Their zombie pack will be included with all of the first prizes and grand prizes.The zombie pack includes the new Dismember Me Plush Zombie, a Zombie Brain Gelatin Mold, a Zombie Protest t-shirt, and The Zen of Zombie and The Zombie Survival Guide books.

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 Im interested in peoples feedback towards current flat-pack furniture or D.I.Y products. Problems and annoyances with current methods of putting together these products, problems with materials and fixings used etc. Any problems regarding requiring tools that aren't provided or instructions being awful? On the other hand, has anybody had a great experience putting together anything flatpack or D.IY? (Eg: bookshelves, bedside tables, stools, BBQs, anything requiring assembly really)? Any insight would be great!

Posted by mustcreate 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Need help on first DIY project Idea

Hello, I would like your help on an idea I have to make an external recoil pack so VR players with existing gun controllers can add recoil force to existing controllers that do not feature it. Recoil and haptic force feedback controllers are $500-3000 in cost. Can you help me out. I have not attempted this sort of DIY thing before. I just need some tips and what I need to buy in order to get his done. thank you. I have all the time in world and would love to know what parts I will need. So far I have found some good candidates. I should add that I want this pack to be powered by a wall adapter and cable. 12V I am thinking. Recoil and hard hitting rumble will need juice. I can find a way to affix the device. I just need to know what parts I need, and how to wire it all up. I know I need a switch that can be physically connected in way that a trigger pull will engage the motors. I know I need help. Please any help would be appreciated. I also would like to use "solenoids" or "Actuators" I just need to know from more experienced builders what would be better for an external universal type "pack". The idea is that the pack can add great force feedback to any gun with a physical trigger pull, or something of the nature

Posted by JonathanH248 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago