Cinderblock - To paint or not to paint

I always had this question in my mind.  Was the cinderblock designed to breathe?  In other words do we want the moisture to go from one side to the other in case of cinderblock walls (say in the basement walls?)  Logically, I would think that the answer is that we want to prevent the moisture to go from one side to the other.  If that is the case, why the cinderblock makers do not make waterproof cinderblocks by adding water proofing chemicals during the manufacturing process? I would greatly appreciate your insights on this subject.

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Spray Paint

I've taken a small school desk and I'm trying to fix it up a bit. The table top is made of wood, but is overlaid with a thick piece of laminate. I've sanded the surface to take out the texture and markings.  I would like to give the laminate it a new paint job, but don't really know what kind of spray paint I should use. Ideas? Suggestions? I could sit here and look it up on Google, but I thought I'd try making a forum and see how it goes. 

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Mirror Paint? Answered

I am trying to make a death ray with a parabolic mirror. I have tried a mylar space blanket but it wasn't smooth/reflective enough to make a concentrated beam that burnt anthing. I was wondering if there was any such thing as mirror paint. by this I mean a highly reflective paint. If anybody knows about this or has any other reflective ideas I would apreciate it. Thanks.

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painting a bmx? Answered

Hey, my friend just sold me a bmx frame to me for a good price, but the paint is old and its rusty. I sort of have an idea of how to paint it; sand it, wash it, dry it, prime it, then paint it. however, that's just my guess as to how it would be done. camn anyone suggest some things that i should or should not do? thanks.

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Painting a Lawnmower?

Hey guys, I have an older lawn mower that I want to paint the handlebars, wheel rims, and some plastic pieces blaze orange. It's a gift for my girlfriends little brother who's birthday is in a couple weeks. I was wondering what paint I should use for it? I don't have a lot of money to play with so that is definitely a factor. I have a home depot, lowes, value home, and sears near where I live. Thanks for any help!

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Painting a jacket

I tried painting a black cloth jacket with white acrylic paint. I painted two layers of paint on it, which I thought would be enough, but later, it started to fade. And after a wash, it was a pure disaster. So I am planning on painting another jacket, so this time, I want it to be perfect. Any tips to preserve the design, or how to paint it, blah blah??? Thanks a load (if help shows up). PS I ve added a pic of my jackets current condition

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Mario Paint

How can I play mario paint on the snemulds DS emulator using the touch screen?

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Painting on leather

We'll I am about to make an instructable on painting and sewing with a leather jacket, my problem is I went to the art store and they did not have acrylic based paint markers, they only had oil based, the worker said that oil based would work fine but I am skeptical, Will oil based pain tmarkers work on leather?

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Acrylic car paint.?

Is the water based acrylic paint my car is painted with essentially the same as the artist acrylic paint I paint pictures with?

Asked by rickharris 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Spray Paint Drying

I'm hoping someone here knows something about spray paint. Specifically why some spray paints seem to take forever and a day to dry. In the attached picture the paint on the left (Metallic) dried quickly, within about 45 minutes whereas the paint on the right (Gloss Protective Enamel) is still so wet at 24 hours that I can scratch it with my thumb nail. FYI, I used both paints, one right after the other, on the same kind of metal. So if someone could let me know why some paints dry slower than others and which kind of paints to avoid if I'm in any sort or a rush I would be most appreciative. Thanks

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painting a lawn flamingo

I am trying to bring back the pink quality of several Yard flamingos.  I know I could buy new ones, but certain people would rather keep for sentimental reasons, so I am trying to restore them.  My problem is when they are painted, after a period of time it chips off, I believe it is because the paint cannot deal with the flamingo plastic swell and shrink of the heat of the day and the coolness of the night.  Any ideas to extend the paint's life, would be appreciated.

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spray paint shoes

I needed to change the colour of a pair of synthetic upper boots for a costume party, and this what I did. Firstly, I used spray paint. Even though I had sanded the surface, the paint would not adhere. In desparation I then used cheap acyrlic paint. Did the job superbly. The only problem is that acyrlic paint dries flat (no shine) but luckily my DH had Gloss Medium in paint box.

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spray paint problem? Answered

Yesterday i spraypainted faux leather. it looks good and everything, but it wont dry. i spraypainted it yesterday morning and its still really sticky. what did i do wrong? what can i do to fix it?

Asked by TimTheScarecrow 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Painting an inflatable boat. Answered

Hi folks. I have been given a Gladding Float-Pac inflatable dinghy that has been left out in the weather a bit too long & the surface of both the orange & green rubber has become stained from fallen leaves. I have had a look around the interweb & have found a couple of paints suitable for inflatables but to tell the truth they are a bit expensive just to smarten up a boat that will seldom get used particularly as I would have to buy two colours. The boat is in otherwise good condition with no holes or punctures & there is no scuffing or fabric showing through so finishes like Tuff-coat wold be a bit over the top. Does anybody have any suggestion for a pait that would be flexible enough for the job, i'm not really too worried about the colours although the original green & orange would be nice to keep. Thanks in advance for your suggestions folks.

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Brush Painting a bike

I've found some glow in the dark paint, which I'm going to use to paint my bike frame. The problem is that its brush-on not spray paint. I really want a glow in the dark frame, and I can't find any glow in the dark spray paint. All the bike painting instructables use spray paint. Does anyone have some tips on how to do a good job with a brush?

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Painting basketball shoes

I want to pep up these shoes. So my idea was to paint them, so can anyone tell me how to paint it, what paint to use and suggest colors and designs. And will the paint stay after rough use (playing basketball) and wash? Any way to make it permanent? Thx in advance.

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custom painted guitar

My guitar that me and my friend painted:) So now I`ve got a unique guitar

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abstract paintings on canvas,

Hi my name is mullerjeanfrancois I do art,If you interested in any piece please let me know.I hope you enjoy my Art I am an artist who works in many different types of media; oil, acrylic, abstract paintings on canvas, at

Posted by artmuller2003 6 years ago

Reverse batik painting?

I was looking through trying to rediscover how to do an art project I did years ago in school. Maybe if I describe it to you, you could very briefly tell me how to recreate what I did. I would be so appreciative--I really want to recreate this project, but I'm unsure how. The assignment was the creation of a painting that was, for lack of a better despcription, like a reverse batik. We were supposed to leave negative-space borders along every contour of every figure and then we painted over the whole thing with black. When dry, we gently rinsed off the black paint and I was very pleased with the outcome. Over the years, however, I've misplaced my piece, and I forget: what kind of paint is best to use? I have some gouache at home, will this do? I would really appreciate just the briefest of responses from you, and then I can get to painting! I'm so excited because I haven't made a painting in years!

Asked by Lauralabama 9 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Thickening enamel paint. Answered

I am looking for a way to thicken enamel paint to a buttery consistency similar to the acrylic paint you get in a tube. I worked out a decorative effect years ago which uses acrylics and is good for painting tins, but was never hard enough to last well. The only thing I could think of was ground glass, but I'm not sure if you can buy this as a hobbyist, as it used to be used as a poison. (If you're curious, the way I used to do it was to lay down a layer of acrylic in one colour, pick up the surface with a brush to make it stand out, wait for it to dry, then put a contrasting colour over it, and when it is dry sand it with wet sand paper until the colours from below stand out. It makes a marbled ripply effect which looks pretty e.g. in purple and orange).

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Green Skin Paint?

Hey guys, So for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie me and my girlfriend are going as Starlord and Gamora. We are trying to figure out our costumes and it seems pretty clear that for her costume to be complete she needs to be green. So I was wondering if you guys new what paint we could use for that, obviously it should be able to be washed off. So if anyone can help many many thanks!

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Conductive Paint in RadioShack!

Hi everyone, just a quick note to say that our conductive paint pens are now available in RadioShack stores across the US! (and online too) If you're not already familiar with what we do you can think of the material as a paintable wire (but there is a lot more to it than that). Check out our new group page for some of our Instructables or you can take a look at our site for more info about the material and applications. Can't wait to see what everyone gets up to with it!

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Whats the appropiate paint/substance used for waterline painting

A recently constructed 24' hull (plywood on frame, 3 sections) that belongs to a set of outriger cannoes now need a coat of paint for the already marked waterline. the boat has yet to be primed. im thinking  "couple layers of regular exterior paint should do it" but it'd be a shame if i did'nt ask all you satly's here at instructables what you thought. (priming under way)

Posted by Jumpin Jehosaphat 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

is it feasible to paint an aluminum bike by slightly sanding it and painting over it?

I'm looking to paint an aluminum bike and as i've read about it it seems that i need to chemically treat aluminum before painting.I would therefore like to ask if it's possible to just rough up the current paint and paint over it, as the current paint is in good shape. I have access to basic tools and possibly a compressor/spraypaint setup. thank you for your help

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Painting on Fabric - What type of paint works best on fabric?

We are making backdrops for our school play. We put together a 30 foot framework out of PVC pipe and now are attaching the fabric. What is the best (yet relatively inexpensive) type of paint to use? The fabric is actually king sized flat sheets (200 thread count if that matters).

Asked by mperrin 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

How to remove model paint?

OK, my little brother sprayed Testors paint all over one of my best nerf guns (Vulcan EBF-20) and I need to know how to remove it. sandpaper is out of the question, so I'm looking for some solvent that will remove it.

Asked by GearsOfAwesome 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Can mirror tiles be painted?

I would like to paint the mirror back splash in the kitchen of the flat I'm renting. Is there a way to make it look good and not cheesy? Thanks!!!!!

Asked by Half Pint TX 6 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

Making UV paint.- How to

Hi, I need some UV paint that is inviable under normal light that turns bright white under blacklights. I will painting it on a giant hanging sign. I need a recipe for some uv paint or a cheap source of it. It looks like it cost around $70 dollars for 1 gallon and I need around 3 gallons of it. I know that you can use tonic water but I don't have experience using it (How bright will it glow). Also you can use laundry detergent but I dont know if it will show in normal. The key is it to not glow the under normal light and for it glow brightly under uv light, and it needs to be cheap. Any one have any experience with uv lights, paints, or other related things. Any comments are welcome. Thanks for your time. Joe R

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New Ms Paint Group!

I clicked groups and there wasn't a single group for it. So I made it.I had just recently made a new group called MS Paint , can you please join? sorry if this seems like spam, worthless, etc. But I don't know where to find the thing where I can send invitations to people so they can join.Thanks!-Justin

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Krylon Spray Paint on fabric?

I have heard that Krylon spray paints can be used with stencils on T-Shirts. In fact their website even has a few project ideas along those lines. What I'm wondering is, how permanent is it? It seems so much easier to do than making silk screens and buying special paint, almost to easy....which makes me wonder if it dries really stiff and cracks.

Asked by norsehorse 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Thoughts on painting a toilet seat?

Hey folks! I wanted to tap the collective mind of the Instructables community on this one: We recently did a radical redecoration of our bathroom. One of the only things that wasn't touched so far was the toilet. Rather than getting a new (probably boring) toilet seat- I'd like to try painting the old one (I'm talking about the SEAT here, not the cover). Is it feasible for a long-term part of the bathroom, do you think? I've never really painted anything like this before- what paints / techniques would folks recommend? I was thinking of sanding down the surface, applying a rust-colored enamel (with some black patterns), and then a goodly amount of clear coating. Appreciate any thoughts (even if they are "Hey, that won't work- suck it up and sit on a boring seat like the rest of us"). Obviously any work will be documented and submitted to the site : ).

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How to paint a design on a car?

In auto shop are teacher is allowing us to bodywork to different degrees, and has allowed to to paint designs on the car such as our school logo. How would we go about painting on a logo or any other design. I figure we would need to clean the surface and possibly remove some of the finish to make sure the paint doesn't flake off. Any help is appreciated.

Asked by flashanimator 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Paint on rubbery material is sticky?

I used spraypaint (krylon fusion for plastics) on a material kind of like the plastic ruberry outside of wires, cables, cords, etc. It feels really sticky to the touch and I don't even know if I want it on anymore (I don't mind either way). What's the best way to go about this? If I wait long enough will the paint dry and stick to the material? Or should I remove the paint, and how?

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Tips for painting digi camo? Answered

Can any one give me some tips on how to paint and make digi camo stencils, or direct me to where i can get some digi camo stencils cheap? Thanks.

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Airsoft v.s Paint ball

Many paintballers disrespect airsofters and vice versa. which is better??? (i play both and i enjoy both of them)please post some pros and con for each sport.A.S=airsoft P.B=paint ball Pros and cons for 6mm paintballs:Pros: Can be used in any gun if 6mm, can see if hit. most biodegradable Cons: Sometimes burst in the gun and mess up you're gun fore ever, don't all ways burst. It is like for every paintball that doesn't burst, 10 6mm paintballs don't burst. 3X more expensive than normal BBs airsoftpros: cheeper ammo & guns. reusable ammo. grater gun design freedom. guns available at walmart and most sports stores, AS guns look like real guns -Co2 cost only about 50 cents you can airsoft anywherecons: cheating is easier, more painful, Co2 can only be used once, you can't tell if someone was shot, biodegradable ammo hard to find and only available in .2 & .25 gram bbs (most guns work best with .12g ) paintball pros: more fields then A.S. easy to see when hit, less pain full games end a lot faster allmost all paint balls are biodegradable cons: ammo not reusable more expensive need large c02 tanks you need a huge open space and no dangers of damagni property and often have to pay to use fields airsoft at parks and large aeraswana add to this list just comment (please do so nicely this is ment to help people to decide between the 2)heres a tally of preferences / = 5 tallys |=1tally P.B/|A.S / ||||

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Nerf Modifications and Paint Jobs.

Hello, I just thought I'd share the last few months of completed work with my fellow makers! I'm addicted to modifying and painting Nerf guns now because its something you put a lot of time into that is used regularly. It doesn't gather dust or become a paper weight like my previous model car hobby.  Anyway enjoy, and thanks for looking! More pictures can be provided if you're interested. JonnyBGood

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painting a concrete garage floor?

Asked by ronfoster 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

how to paint a leather shoe?

Asked by creichma 9 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

What kind of paint is best?

Years ago in school, I did an art project that I now want to recreate. I remember the technique well: along each contour of each figure in the painting, one was supposed to leave negative space. Then, when finished with the painting, we painted over the whole thing with black. Finally, when the painting was completely dry, we gently rinsed off the top lyer of black paint--the black had of course stayed in the negative contours and gave the whole thing a kind of dark veneer. The result was very pleasing, even to someone like me who isn't especially artistically inclined. What I don't remember is what kind of paint we used. I have a nice set of gouaches at home--will this work, or should I use something else? I would really appreciate any answers as I'm really excited about doing this. I haven't made a painting in years and I want to start as soon as possible! Thanks!!! Lauralabama

Asked by Lauralabama 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Spray painting over chrome

There is this chair I've always wanted but it had chrome feet. I do not like chrome. Could I spray paint it and if so what are the steps? Or could I diffuse it so it is duller? Thanks

Posted by MajesticDoge 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

wall painting side effect

Recently I painted my daughter's room with pink color (egg shell finish). Unfortunately there is lot of pink color reflection in the room. entire room feels pink, even ceiling, door and closet are white. It seems that color was darker side of pink. In the past when the room had white color, two bulbs gave good light. Now even with 4 bulbs not enough light.  I saw many houses with different colors, but never felt such type of huge color reflection. Now this room is no more good for studying. Why it happend? How can I fix it?

Posted by vadisa9 6 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Whats the best paint to use when painting on to a t-shirt or a hoodie?

Asked by Sulph 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Does anyone know the easiest way to shake paint at home?

Have paint that hasn' been used for about 2 weeks and would like to know if there is any way to shake it enough at home that it will be mixed well to use.

Asked by twoperki4u 7 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How do you get dry paint out of berber carpet?

Asked by qwertyuiop5433 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

I used acrylic paint on a drinking glass. How do I seal it to ensure the paint won't come off when I wash it?

I've read that baking sometimes does it, but I don't want to ruin it. I would also appreciate not poisoning the person I'm giving it to..

Asked by jstraut 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

paint ceiling with metallic latex paint?

Flat ceiling i want to paint the ceiling using metallic paint and i do not want roller marks

Asked by ob12 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Non Drip paint thinning

Does anyone know the best method to thin non drip emulsion paint so that it will pass easily through a sprayer?

Asked by leakyoldboats 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

how do you remove paint stains from clothes?

Asked by germanmadchen101 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Can I paint on shower tile?

I have a hardwater stains on my bathroom shower tile. I have tryed to cleen them but nothing.

Asked by nicole irwin 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Favorite Animal?

I'm gonna make an ible on how to draw cartoon animals in MS paint what should I draw?

Asked by popewill 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago