paper origami?

Asked by jmanlk456 9 years ago

I just acquired a ton of paper from my elementary school files. any project ideas?

There's literally alot of paper and its such a good oppurtunity, didn't want to dump in recycling.  Any ideas to use up alot?

Asked by Coliflower 8 years ago

Paper crossbow Ideas

I need Ideas for paper crossbows.Not as complexed as seen on Myth busters, but something nice. Please respond!! I Have Ideas for the barrel- a rolled up piece of paper but the rest isn't creative enough. Or at least could you help me get a barrel strong enough to with stand 5 elastics. If you could, please post up some designs. Or E-mail Them To Me At

Posted by awsome 10 years ago

How do i write a technological paper? good Answered

I am in middle school and i am writing a magazine. part of it is a technology part and how to make some good stuff. i need some HELP PEOPLES!!!!!!!!!!!1

Asked by sibblyman541 9 years ago

do you have origami?

Asked by jmanlk456 9 years ago

How to submit a instructable?

I saved a instructable, and X ed out. How do i go back to edit it further?

Asked by Paperworker99 9 years ago

the best paper gun ever

It is the best paper guns that you see in your life so awesome paper guns.

Posted by Waren-Neutron 7 years ago

Best paper airplane maker

Who makes the best paper airplanes on this site?

Posted by Aerofan 7 years ago

what is the best fighter paper airplane on instructables?

What is the best paper airplane with the most agility?

Asked by Aerofan 7 years ago

how to make paper mache dress form?

Step by step instructions for a paper mache body form.

Asked by azztasticme 7 years ago

how do you make 8 sheets of paper with10 drinking straws paper glider? ? ?

need 8 sheets of paper 10 drinking straws glue to make it

Asked by axelson360ontherun 9 years ago

how should automatic paper towel dispenser work?

Sir, i want full details off automatic paper towel dispenser, how the sensor board will work automatily, how we get a paper in few sec

Asked by sundar86 6 years ago

how do you make paper airplanes?

I have forgotten how to make paper airplanes for my son. Is there step by step instructions any where?

Asked by robzgirl 9 years ago

How to Perforate paper

Would like to know how to perforate paper. I was thinking of a punch kind of machine that would perforate 5 - 10 sheets at a go and not a roller to perforate the sheets individually.

Posted by Sivaz 8 years ago

Long range paper airplane? Answered

Can someone plz tell me where I can find a paper airplane that can go at least 40 feet? Update: I have made a really cool paper airplane that can go almost a hundred feet!! Thanks rickharris!  

Asked by flyboy36D 7 years ago

Edgar Allan Poe Paper Sculpture Hanging

This Edgar Allan Poe hanging mixed media sculpture was created from a cereal box and paper. The art piece measures 6.5 inches long by 6.5 inches wide (wingspan). The images are digital stamps from Smeared Ink. See my blog for more information about this paper crafted dangle.

Posted by wendylynns paper whims 5 years ago

trying to find a repair manual for a lawson paper drill?

Need a repair manual for a 1965 model paper drill, mainly need for the drive of the electric brake for engaging the up and down motion.

Asked by whitmarsh 9 years ago

How do I make very small paper barrels to put into a project that I am doing?

Brown construction paper barrels, how do i make them?

Asked by 9 years ago

Is removable sticky invoice paper right tool for etching?

I just received an parcel from UK.the invoice paper come inside caught my's removable,you could print patterns on it.i want to use it etch portraits.but I don't know what brand the paper is?it should be a common office sticker paper i think.Please identify this.

Asked by gada888 3 years ago

Best Paper Mache Recipie

Hello, I was wondering what people have found to be the best paper mache recipe out there. I'm currently using flour, elemers glue, clove oil and water, but was wondering if there is a better recipe out there.

Posted by The Cartographer 6 years ago

sail plane made from paper clips

Who would be interested in an instructable about how to make a working glider made from paper clips, food wrap, and a small engine? I was going to do this for the launch it challenge but I didnt have time to do it.

Posted by Pat Sowers 10 years ago

A paper craft magazine is newly published online

This magazine is newly published online. I hope you would like it. Although most of the text are Chinese, the pictures and the content are wonderful. It also introduces some Chinese paper model and craft artists with their works. The website is:

Posted by sulstzx 9 years ago

Why are there so many instructables on making paper wallets? Answered

Is it a man thing? I am genuinely puzzled at the number of instructables out there devoted to paper wallets. Please explain someone!

Asked by j-bar03 9 years ago

how to make paper roses using dollar bills Answered

Want to make roses/flowers using dollar bills as gifts for graduations, weddings, birthdays. Any and all suggestions will be appreciated. thanks.

Asked by emmaloveland 6 years ago

How do I collect my A2-sized paper without having them rolled when comes out from the plotter?

 I am in Engineering section and each time I am printing some map in A2 or A1 size, the paper will cut of the big roll automatically, but there is no machine to pick them nor sort them. the paper falls on the floor rolled. So imaging for 200 sheets that i am printing, I have to take like 2 hours just to sort them up. I would really love  you to find a way to have the paper comes and collect by itself or one paper falls on the other one when printed. Thanks 

Asked by Stephanelombardo 8 years ago

paper protection?

How can i make: 1) photo-copy evident protection (when photo-copied will show void) 2) how can i make special markings such as are on official documents and store gift cards by myself to protect my documents ?

Asked by kaerez 9 years ago

looking to make DIY Journals, need some advice!

Ok, i'm looking to make DIY Journals, and i want to use 100% recycled paper, but the problem is it seems like its very hard or very expensive to get 100% recycled paper thats over 20lb. Does anyone feel like 20lb paper is too thin? Thoughts anyone?

Posted by MorganJesse 10 years ago

Paper Mache

Hey i want to make a mask with my son of paper mache. Now i read somewhere that some wallpaper glues are bad because they cause rashes on the face. I bought one from Bison (becasue it was the only one they had) but how can i find out if this is a good one or not without giving my 4 year old a itching face?

Posted by TrickyD 8 years ago

why am I not in the contest?

I don't understand why my instructable, the sphere lamp, isn't in the coffeecup contest anymore. Is it because of the use of plastic cups? Because as I mentioned it was intended with paper cups but I didn't had those available. If so, why didn't I got the message about disqualification at first and are there other instructables in the contest which only have plans about using paper cups but no cup was used? Will it help if I rebuild it with paper cups?

Posted by Dave A 8 years ago

Paper Shredder won't stop Answered

Ativa MDM 8000 in auto mode should time out and turn the motor off after last shred but no longer does this, just keeps running. Took apart and cleaned all sensors but did not help. Checked all wiring, looked OK.  Any ideas how to fix ? Must be a problem with circuit board.

Asked by phantom9 6 years ago

Looking for design help for ten folded paper hat patterns. ?

I can follow folding directions, but lack the three dimensional skills to come up with the actual pattern to follow. I have photos of of some hats already constucted. I would like to express thanks for help on this project with some kind of reimbursment, but since I am a newbie to Instructables, I don't know what is appropriate. Thanks!  

Asked by fernandwillow 7 years ago

Does anyone know if it is possible to colour hot glue?

I am having difficulty locating hot glue sticks in black/red/blue/purple etc. that I need to assemble 3D paper projects. The ordinary "paper" glues out there take far too long to set up so I really need a quick grab glue that won't show when if it ooozes out from the edges...

Asked by kdkos 8 years ago

Help to find folding paper box

Hi I found a video on how to make a paperbox (possible origami, not sure) but I can't seem to find it again It was a box with sections and you could fold the box like a "magic box" and inside you could put truffles or whatever (hidden until you flipped the sides of the box) Does anyone now where I saw this or how to make it?, I don't remember what keyword I used and am desperate to find it Thanks //Jessica

Posted by jelmblad 9 years ago


Here's somethingHere's something that you crafty people at Instructatble will enjoy."Everything You Need to Make Amazing Paper Machines!Automata are animated toys that use several basic mechanisms to come alive and they're made completely out of paper! Using the ingenious punch-out designs included in Gizmos, you can assemble six enchanting automata by designer Rob Ives and when you've mastered the fundamental techniques, you can create new designs of your own. Gizmos includes:A pre-made pop-up frog ready to jump right out of the box!Pre-stamped punch-out parts for two snap-up models that are perfect for first-time buildersComplete punch-out parts to create six full-color, fully animated paper machines: Die Fledermaus, Mouthy Moose, Schrodinger's Cat, Shrimp Boat, Surf Bunny, and Marching RobotA 144-page book with an introduction to automata and the simple mechanisms, cranks, cams, and levers that give them life; easy-to-follow instructions to make eight Rob Ives models; and handy reusable templates for each of the model parts, to get you started on future projectsGizmos is a fascinating way to learn about basic mechanical principles as well as a guide to paper-crafting techniques that will enable you to design and build paper toys that capture the imagination!"

Posted by robives 9 years ago

Keeping some promises

Right, I've finally caught up with some promises and updated some of my papercraft templates as PDF files.The Papercraft Grave is now fully-PDFed, including a half-scale version on a single page.Heed is PDFed, and has an updated link between the head and body (thanks Mykhailo).The now-classic Paper Catapult is also PDFed, and has neater graphics on the arm.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago