DIY variometer for paragliding or parasailing,

I would like to build an audio variometer for paragliding, low battery consumption, very low weight Does anyone have built one or have circuit schematics and/or software for pics? Thank you all

Asked by ian bernal 8 years ago

Which is safer, hang gliding or paragliding? Answered

I am very interested in buying a hang glider or paraglider. It seems to me that hang gliders are less expensive, but I am more concerned about the safety than I am about the price. Which do you recommend, a hang glider or a paraglider? And, which goes faster and farther? Thanks

Asked by Technicolor 6 years ago

African Makes Paraglider From Plastic Bags

Awesome.Cyril Mazibuko grew up in the shadows of the mountains. Born in a small kraal at the foot of the Drakensberg range in the southern part of the KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa, Cyril would often look up at the 3,000-meter basalt peaks, a playground for African paragliders. Enthralled, Cyril made a decision: He would build his own glider and join them in the sky.Now 26, Cyril is the only black South African currently registered with the sport's ruling body. And it all started with a glider he made from plastic bags, purloined rope and baling wire, a glider that flew -- sort of -- though it both amazed and horrified the professional paragliders who saw it. Wired story

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Hi It's me your creator, I need some help'

I have built hang gliders but i am trying to venture into the realm of paragliding all i want is a basic almost more of a parachute just to make short decent flights in sand dunes national park. Is there anybody out there that could send me the dimensions of thier paraglider I weigh 130 pounds if its bigger i could scale it down. I need the height of each cell, the length of each line the lenghth of the canopy and the width at the center and the ends of the canopy. if you could do this or direct me to a place that i could that would help alot. Thanks, Your creator

Posted by buildingteen 11 years ago

How to connect 2 lines power kite strings Answered

Hi ,I bought my kids a power kite that shaped like a paraglider ,it has a control handle with two strings coming out of it but the Kite itself has five Bridles ended each with an anchor point ,two in the front end,two in the rear end and one in the middle .any Ideas on how to connect them lines...??? Thanks

Asked by mbourhan 7 years ago

Mountain Wingsuit Flying Videos

Who wants to learn how to fly in a wingsuit with me? Shall we learn to paraglide first? Man, Mountain, Wingsuit - Click here for this week’s top video clips Another video I couldn't embed:

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How to build a super-thrust blower out of electric blowers to drive a paraglider ?

I want to build a paramotor which is electric and not propeller driven. Therefore, I want 'hand dryer' type blowing technology to provide sufficient thrust. Does anyone know if large super blowers are available in portable electric form ? Could this work ? How much thrust does the propeller create ?

Asked by gregsmithsays 9 years ago