The Madylight 2.0

Hello everybody, I have added a step 8 to my instructable: The Madylight 2.0What the Madylight 2.0? It is YOUR Madylight ! Show your creativity on this support. Create your pattern in black and white according to the following dimensions: 1181px x 1181px in 150 dpi.Contact me by private message and I will take care of the rest (ZIP file, simulation of the final result in 3D and credits)What do you think of this idea?Who is interested?(There are already two new patterns available at your disposal!)

Posted by Greg Madison 10 years ago

Flight Patterns

This is a video of all of the flight traffic in sky. It is very beautiful. VideoHome Page of the site.Thanks

Posted by joejoerowley 11 years ago

For Sale Adorable and Beautiful Hand Made Items

I have two online shops that I think you might be interested in seeing..the sell handmade baby items and home decor items and pdf crochet patterns. and I am under the shop name Sandy's Cape Cod Originalsplease go check us out and maybe sign up for an online shop for yourself at the crafts boutique..thanks for lookingsandy

Posted by capecodcrochet 10 years ago


Http:// Copy and paste  the above link to see lots of knitting and crochet patterns available in my ETSY SHOP!!

Posted by Emiemi 5 years ago

Woodcarving Patterns

Sometimes woodcarvers will work off of patterns, if you have any patterns you've created and would like to share you can post it here!!!! You can also post an idea for a pattern (including roughly what size you would want it to be) for a woodcarving project, and maybe one of the members of the group can create the pattern for you.

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

Looking for a Crochet wolf hat pattern for teen, anyone have one?

Looking for a wolf hat pattern for crochet, I have searched everywhere. For teen boy. Thanks

Posted by Connorscorner 6 years ago

Origami Crease Pattern HELP!!!

I love origami... I have tried to use crease patterns to fold models but am having problems... I need a thorough explanation or tutorial explaining how to fold crease patterns. Thank You.

Posted by DELETED_PatrickSymus 5 years ago

altering sewing patterns: general and specific q's

I'm currently working on a hoodie using a hoodie pattern, but i'm hoping to convert the hood into an obnoxiously oversized collar. and for the future, are there any general rules in making/altering sewing patterns?( i got my pattern from #543 the hemmed hoodie. it was the closest to what i wanted)

Posted by yokotei 10 years ago

Free Knitting Patterns

If  you want some free knitting patterns, like baby booties, baby hats, lace hats and shawls; go visit this site: Knitting My Favorite Craft And by the way...soon Christmas is here...well,  at least if we want to have som knitting projects done before Christmas we might start now! On the same site we also have free Christmas Knitting Patterns for you to download. Welcome!

Posted by karennerak 5 years ago

Free Amigurumi Patterns from NeedleNoodles

Remember needlenoodle's winning crochet project Amigurumi and the Perils of Deep Sea Diving?  She's back to share another free pattern for these adorable baby puffer fish with us on her website!  While you're there, scope some of the other awesome free patterns, and get a look at the book, Creepy Cute Crochet, which I know some of you used as inspiration for your own Critters Contest entries. And as always, be sure to share your creations here on Instructables! Click here for free pattern

Posted by scoochmaroo 8 years ago

Space Invaders bracelet pattern

I figured since I made this pattern for a Space Invaders bracelet a while back I might as well share it. Try it, it's fun :DHere is how to make a beaded bracelet like this.

Posted by Sunbanks 9 years ago

Digital Sewing Patterns?

Hello! I have an idea for a Halloween costume that involves using a service like Spoonflower to create custom fabric to make into a suit. However the design isn't just an all-over design that I can just lay the sewing pattern over and cut out, but instead relies on me being able to make a custom design specifically for each piece of the suit pattern. Basically, I want to do something along these lines, only for something larger like a man's suit. I'm trying to find a digital sewing pattern or template that I could open in Photoshop so I could design each piece of the pattern the way I want it, but either I'm really bad at searching for stuff on the internet, or this sorta stuff is super rare/doesn't exist. I could buy a pattern for the sort of suit I'm looking for, but I'm not sure how I would be able to scan or otherwise transfer that pattern into the computer in an accurate way. I'm afraid I will scan the pieces in poorly and end up with an unusable pattern by the time I'm done. So I suppose my question is: Does anybody know if there are any patterns available in a digital format somewhere online either for free or for purchase? And failing that, does anybody know a reliable way of digitizing a pattern that will insure that the measurements won't be screwed up in the process? Thanks!

Posted by korybing 8 years ago

Free Patterns from Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn just announced that all of their patterns online will be available for free!I don't know if anything else really needs to be said, as that's awesome enough by itself. But if you're curious: Lion Brand used to have a whole lot of free patterns, and quite a few more that you had to pay for. All of the patterns people used to have to pay for, no longer require any monetary exchange.Let me be the first to apologize to you if you've ever purchased a patten from Lion Brand. There's one easy way to get them back: go find as many free amazing patterns you can, and craft away!

Posted by StumpChunkman 9 years ago

Kids Animal Mask Patterns

The cutest felt masks for you to make.  Simple, step-by-step instructions and colour photos for every stage of the creation process.  For more great designs, go to

Posted by EbonyShae 5 years ago

Knitting Pattern for a chill pill

I'd love to find a knitting pattern for a chill pill, similar to this one by artist Ben Cuevas - any clever knitters out there who can design one??

Posted by gorgeous junk 7 years ago

z8f042a Microcontroller

hi to all!!!       can somebody teach me how to program the z8f042a microcontroller that controls a 9x6 LED matrix having different patterns...and i'm using a rotary switch for each pattern...please!!!! it can be 6 patterns...

Posted by janesan_14 8 years ago

Popup camper

Does any one know were I may find a pattern for a pop up camper I have one and all the canvas is all gone There was none  so I could not get a pattern from it. Cost to much to buy it new. Thanks Bernadine  

Posted by witchdragon13 2 years ago

The Perfect Costumes for Pillaging

This is me and my sister as pirates. We made pretty much everything from scratch, most parts are made from Simplicity and Vogue patterns. It was SO much fun. One of the photos is (obviously) hyper-edited, but the rest are untouched. I'm in pink, my sister is in black. A few costume tips: - Start early. This gives you time to shop around for cheap fabric and trims. Most of these fabrics came in at $2 a yard or less. - Have a teammate. Two people are more convincing than one somehow. - Think creatively about patterns. Look at costume patterns and normal clothes patterns for parts to use. Combine things from multiple patterns - we used 4 different patterns for this. - Too much is never enough. Layer, add decoration, add parts, whatever.

Posted by technoplastique 11 years ago

Doodle with Pattern Background

So I had a problem choosing a pattern that I was going to decorate a notebook with. I looked up patterns and designs on Google images, but most were either all too complicated or just not appealing to me. So I decided to create my own design. I had a few guidelines for the design: 1. It had to reflect my personality somehow. 2. It can't be too complicated 3. I had to like it, of course. I looked around for inspiration on Google and Ikea, and found this design where it was a feather with stripes surrounded by lines, circles, and curves. And it hit me, a picture surrounded by different patterns. Since I'm Asian, I immediately thought of a cute panda. Then, I google searched a tutorial for a panda, drew it, and behold, a panda! After that, I thought that it needed more, so I started drawing random ovals behind it. The ovals looked too plain so I thought about adding more, with patterns! I drew a variety of patterns in the ovals/circles and the picture is my result. If you look close enough you can see my other attempted patterns on the back of the paper, including feathers and toast. I'm just random like that. Pip pip toodley doo!

Posted by t0ast-tastic 6 years ago

Teddy bear pattern out of army material? wanting for daughter before he deploys :-(

Hi,  I'm wanting to make 2 smallish teddy bears  one for my daughter out of her dads old army shirt and another for my husband out of daughters old sleepsuit, I cant seem to find a pattern anywhere, I ideally want a hand sewn pattern that's fairly simple as never made one before, if anyone could help me it would be greatly appreciated as wanting to make them for each other so they  can have while he's away on tour x

Posted by aysmith 5 years ago

Men's Suit Pattern?

I'm looking to make my own men's suit - i.e. jacket and pants. Does any have, or have a link to, patterns for a suit? I can't find anything using google, but not having looked for patterns before, there may be an awesome resource out there that I don't know about. We are hosting a Zoolander-theme party, and I want to make an awesome suit out of animal/snakeskin print material. As a side note, how much effort would it be to make a suit? I'm not talking something that you could display as art, just something that looks the part, and wont fall apart on the night. Thanks! Alex

Posted by trialex 10 years ago

2D pattern from a complex 3D object

I am trying to make a piece of cloth to go over a complex 3D tool, see picture. It has to fit exactly over all the ridges. Does anyone know a good way to make a pattern that I could cut the cloth from?

Posted by dbrogi 10 years ago

Need Help With Harley Quinn Patter

I have a friend wanting to make a Harley Quinn Costume and we are having trouble finding a pattern. Any Help is greatly appreciated.

Posted by boliver3 6 years ago

A request from #2 son

#2 son has just seen =SMART='s Paper Robot, and, of course, he's making one.Now, though, he wants to see another version.He wants somebody to make a knitting pattern for Robot, then he could persuade Kitewife to make him one.(And, personally, if anybody has a copy of the infamous Adipose pattern?)

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

I need help with arduino

Hi everyone,  I am playing around with arduino, and I got in trouble with the push button. Is there any possibilities to switch in between the LED patterns. I got the coding for three difference LED pattern here. I want to switch from 1st to the 2nd , and from the 2nd to the third by pressing the button. Thank you so much, I really appreciate your help. These are my LED patterns

Posted by tompham89 3 years ago

Printing a Random Pattern on the desk

A couple of weeks ago, I bought an Ativa (Office Depot store brand) wireless mouse on sale for $15. It appears that they were clearing out stock, because they no longer list it on their website, but this is the closest thing I've found. I like the mouse, particularly because there is a built-in charger in the wireless tranciever for the two Ni-MH AAAs it takes. Yes, AAAs, the link is for a different mouse.Problem: Lousy resolution, I think. the wired Lenovomouse that came with my computer worked just fine on my smooth, blank desk surface, but this one requires much more of a pattern. I don't like mousepads. Scribbles with a pencil work well so far, but they smudge after a day or so. I want to put some sort of pattern on my desk for it to read. My best idea was a laser-cut random bitmap stencil and a can of black spray paint, but I don't have a laser cutter. Ideas?

Posted by CameronSS 10 years ago

Advice needed! how transfer designs to fibreglass sculpture

Hi I have a design submission to decorate/paint a 3 foot high fibreglass Rabbit! I want to create a pattern similiar to a wallpaper flock pattern but I don't really want  to do it all by hand. I thought I could design my pattern and create a decal, transfer, (acrylic image transfer is something I am hearing and reading about) and apply it to the rabbit. Any tips or suggestions would be great. P

Posted by aluapartx 3 years ago

Free Sewing Patterns

I'm trying to find a bunch of patterns for various pieces of medieval garb. The idea is that I want to make a bunch of outfits from my book, mostly as visual aids, but also as cosplay (because it's way more fun to dress up as your own characters than someone else's). If anyone can help me find the patterns, I need them for: Tunics (both laced and otherwise) Trousers Hooded cloaks Kirtles (sleeveless and long-sleeved) A buckled leather jacket (i.e. a jacket with buckles in place of buttons) (it's for a male character, by the way) I would preferrably like the patterns to be free, but, if not, I need them to at least be downloadable. The jacket will probably be a little tricky, since it's leather and not a very common design, but if anyone can find somewhere that sells them fairly cheaply, let me know. Of course, I'm not going to dump the work on everyone else and then slack off. I'm going to keep searching as well, so I can compare ideas and suggestions from everyone.

Posted by timmycutts 6 years ago

Amigurumi contest Rules question.

I have read through the contest rules but I wanted to ask about this rule: Each entry must be entirely the original work of the persons identified in the entry Since this is an amigurumi contest, is it okay if you make an amigurumi using someone else's pattern? Giving credit of course.

Posted by HanakoHeals 6 years ago

Video Game Craft Patterns

Sprite Stitch is a neat blog devoted to turning classic video game scenes and characters into cross-stitch patterns. Since that just means gridding them out and picking suitable colors, it's also a great resource for all sorts of projects: knitting, mosaics, or even LED art. Who doesn't want a Pac-Man scarf, a Super Mario Brothers tiled shower, or a glowing wall of Space Invaders?Bookmark this one for future use. I'll be referencing it when we redo our bathrooms.

Posted by canida 10 years ago

Need a funky cool lamp shade pattern for an atomic age table lamp

I just bought an antique, funky, table lamp that is need of a shade. I have seen the kind I want online but they are wayyyyy too expensive. I know I could make one very inexpensively if I had a pattern and knew what kind of materials I need. I want a geometric, atomic age type of shade. But, I am open to any other ideas. I would upload a picture but I am in the middle of restoring the wiring and getting the rust off the base. Anywho....Here is a link to the type of shade I would like to make:;=2   Thanks for any help :)  

Posted by Rootntootnscoot 8 years ago

Build circuit - programmable LED blink pattern

Greetings! I'm looking to accomplish the following - Have (2) 5mm LED's go through the following patterns: (1) LED's Solid On / Full Brightness (2) LED's alternating blink (3) LED's off I would like to be able to press a single button and cycle through those presets - 1,2,3 I would like to make this as compact, least amount of parts, and low power requirements as possible. Please let me know if you guys could point me in the right direction perhaps? Rafael M.

Posted by rmarrero 6 years ago

make your own amigurumi-the most addictive DIY.

Amigurumi(100%handmade knitted stuffed toys) is easy for the beginner. once you know the basic skills, you can make your own amigurumi according to the pattern. After enough practice, you can creat it without other peoples' pattern. At that time, you are a master.

Posted by lmmamigurumi 7 years ago

downloading a pattern with step-by-step-instructions, that has been posted in Instructable

I have permission from Mirka Hokkanen, to download (  I subscribed to this Instructale site as it informed me I would be able to download all of the pattern and instructions at once and pics and text would follow in order rather than piece-meal after the download.  I downloaded into Word and am trying to downsize pics and delete references to make fewer pages; however, with doing so things aren't staying together as promised.  Please advise on how to do this.  I do NOT have the full PDF loaded on my computer and prefer to use Word for downloads. Thanks. Omakam

Posted by omakam 6 years ago

The Copyright FAQ for Knitters

The Copyright FAQ for KnittersI've been trying to work up a human-readable description of copyright and patent law, as it applies to Instructables. In my research, I found this really interesting resource for those looking to better understand copyright law, and to see how it differs when applied to various crafts. Some highlights:A knitting pattern is by default copyrighted, but utilitarian items (clothing, for example) are not copyrightable. You can make and give away items made from a copyrighted pattern. You may not make and sell items made from a copyrighted pattern. A recipe is a process and cannot be copyrighted; only the expression of the recipe can be copyrighted. A patent is required to protect a process.

Posted by ewilhelm 10 years ago

Washcloth Bunny or Boo-Boo Bunny DIY **EASY**

Super easy but fun to make.  These are good for Easter or any Spring-time party.  The Boo Boo Bunny is for the little ones.  Stick an ice cube in the middle of the washcloth and give it to your child when they complain about a boo boo.  Somehow bunnies make it all better.  Here's the free pattern:  The washcloth pattern is on my blog but also here on Instructables:  (I'll make an Instructable for the Bunny soon.

Posted by HandmadeByAnnabelle 5 years ago

adding download link to an instructable

Maybe i'm just really stupid and did not find the right button BUT: how can i add a download link to one of my instructables? i want to upload a pattern for a sewing related-instructable. if i upload it as s picture it will not be true to size, so i wanted to add a download link so that the pattern can be downloaded as a pdf. i've seen that this is possible at other instructables. for example in this one (step 1) so how does it work?

Posted by sursula 5 years ago

How to make a beaded necklace like this

Hi all, Another beaded necklace topic (sorry!) but I was wondering what tools/equipment/technique/materials I would use to make this sort of thing. I notice some are knotted, but generally I'd like to know how to make more complex patterns either knotted or unknotted. Any simple patterns/books, I'd love to take a look. Cheers!

Posted by jarris 4 years ago

Why Doesn't My Instructable Show Up In The Search Results?

Here's the url: When I search from the Instructables home page for "Free Crochet Pattern" or "How To Crochet a Washcloth" my instructable doesn't show up.   It doesn't show up when I drill into the category it's under. What have I done wrong? Thanks, Annabelle

Posted by HandmadeByAnnabelle 8 years ago

Help for first Arduino project

Greetings all! I just received my Arduino board in the mail on Saturday, and trying to learn how to write code for it. I have figured out how to make a button press trigger a pattern of LED's.  When button1 is pressed, pattern 1 is played.  When button 2 is pressed, it will run pattern 2 (once the first pattern has run twice). I would like to learn how to: 1.  Keep a pattern running continuously (unless the other pattern is initiated). 2.  Press the same button a second time, to turn the pattern off. Here is my code (forgive the sloppiness...I'm new at this): int pinled1 = 1; int pinled2 = 2; int pinled3 = 3; int pinled4 = 4; int button1 = 5; int button2 = 6; int buttonstate1 = 0; int buttonstate2 = 0; void setup() {   pinMode(pinled1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(pinled2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(pinled3, OUTPUT);   pinMode(pinled4, OUTPUT);   pinMode(button1, INPUT);   pinMode(button2, INPUT);   pinMode(8,OUTPUT); } void loop() {   digitalWrite(8,HIGH);   buttonstate1 = digitalRead(button1);   buttonstate2 = digitalRead(button2); if (buttonstate1 == HIGH){ {   buttonstate1 = digitalRead(button1);   buttonstate2 = digitalRead(button2);     digitalWrite(pinled1,HIGH);     digitalWrite(pinled2,HIGH);     delay(500);     digitalWrite(pinled1,LOW);     digitalWrite(pinled2,LOW);     digitalWrite(pinled3,HIGH);     digitalWrite(pinled4,HIGH);     delay(500);     digitalWrite(pinled3,LOW);     digitalWrite(pinled4,LOW);     }} else if (buttonstate2 == HIGH){ {   buttonstate1 = digitalRead(button1);   buttonstate2 = digitalRead(button2);     digitalWrite(pinled2,LOW);     digitalWrite(pinled1,HIGH);     delay(500);     digitalWrite(pinled1,LOW);     digitalWrite(pinled2,HIGH);     delay(500);     digitalWrite(pinled2,LOW);     digitalWrite(pinled3,HIGH);     delay(500);     digitalWrite(pinled3,LOW);     digitalWrite(pinled4,HIGH);     delay(500);     digitalWrite(pinled4,LOW);     digitalWrite(pinled3,HIGH);     delay(500);     digitalWrite(pinled3,LOW);     digitalWrite(pinled2,HIGH);     delay(500);     digitalWrite(pinled2,LOW); }} {   buttonstate1 = digitalRead(button1);   buttonstate2 = digitalRead(button2); }} Thank you to anyone who can pass on some knowledge!

Posted by huck alexander 6 years ago

Wild Thing hat prototype is done!

Yay! I will hopefully have an instructable and pattern up for this pretty soon! The hat is ready to go, but the shape of the ears and their placement is going to be fixed. I want them to be a little smaller and a little further back on the head! The finished product is going to be made out a polar fleece, so it'll fit better and won't be as stiff as this one. It's made out of old curtains. :P

Posted by jessyratfink 9 years ago

How to project a shape through laser pointer/projector

Hello,  I want to project this specific shape of rectangular with laser. Something similar to what Laser keyboard does, except I don't need all that complexity. Or it's something similar to laser pointer heads with different design patterns.  Please let me know if you have any suggestion. I would like to do this on my own as much as I can. Thank You!

Posted by shili13 3 years ago

Wood Cutting Question

HI, I need to fit wood in a pattern shown. I'm not sure exactly how to fit the boards, I'm looking for structural integrity and angles that aren't ridiculously  hard to cut.

Posted by The Cartographer 6 years ago


Hi there! I'd like to sew a toy rabbit for my niece, does anybody have a pattern (model) of soft toy rabbit? I'm going to use my sewing machine. thx a lot!

Posted by ankapolanka 4 years ago

Can you guys help me?

I have a large piece of white fabric.I also have several squares of solid orange, pink and sheer orange embroidered fabric. I am trying to make a dress for my sister with this. I attempted to do this free handed without having a sewing machine available. I am going to my grandmothers this Sunday and she has a sewing machine. Can some one help me with a pattern for a dress that I can make before Christmas?

Posted by TheDreamer 5 years ago

Touch sensor connected to magnetic lock

Hi everybody, I would like to know if anyone can help me for this idea. Indeed, I would like to create a touch sensor which will be connected to a magnet system. To be more accurate, the idea involve the same process as a touch screen phone where one needs to do a pattern with 4 touch sensitive cases . The pattern would create and electrical impulse, which would unlock the box by detaching the magnet. So in a nutshell I will need a touch sensors pattern programing that would send an electrical impulse to detached the 2 magnets. I need this system so it could help me for my 1st creation. It needs to be very small to fit in a box of altoids candy for example. As I said, as a 1st creation I am completely lost for all theses "programmation" skills required. Thank you for your help. Beniver

Posted by Beniver 3 years ago

Removing silicon from pcbs (leave the copper patterns)

How can you dissolve the silicon (and possibly solder) off of a PCB to leave the copper traces? Thanks

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

Lace Knitting Note Cards

Check out my Lace Knitting Note Cards. The swatch is from The Art of Knitting 1897 and the pattern is on the back. They are blank inside. Note Cards

Posted by bgcyclist 10 years ago

How to make 'Where The Wild Things Are' Max pajamas for a cancer patient...?

I wanted to make a set of pajamas like Max's from the storybook 'Where The Wild Things Are' for a friend of mine who is sick (cancer) and in the hospital. She really loved the story and I think it would cheer her up if she could have some fun and wear something comfortable and warm. Does anyone know of a pattern that would work for that? I've searched online but so far the patterns I've seen online just aren't really cutting it. There IS an Etsy seller  that makes a totally kick ass pajama, but they're over $100 wish shipping and handling and I just can't afford that. :/ Does anyone have a pattern that's similar? Something with buttons and an attached hood with the collar pieces that stick out? Its perfect! 

Posted by aeiriz 7 years ago

Patter For A Backpack

I am looking for a pattern or tips/tricks for making a backpack like the ones in the photos I have all of the materials I need and will be using ripstop nylon to make the backpack. Anything would help. Thanks

Posted by naish27 5 years ago