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Can I etch my own PCB's at home? If so, where can I get a step by step guide for it??

I'd reely like to have all the details....cuz im sick of not finding any1 to do my PCB's for me!

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Whats the best Laser Printer to buy to make pcbs ?

Whats the best Laser Printer to buy to make pcbs using the toner transfer method ? alot of people seem to use HP but dont know what model to buy, is there a certain type of toner to use are they all the same please help

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PCB etching question?

I wanted to start making PCBs. However, I read that because the chemicals dissolve the copper, you can't dump it down the sink or throw it away because it is "hazardous" and should be taken to hazardous waste disposal. I'm still in high school and can't really do that and/or my parents would think I'm doing something dangerous. Is there any other way to etch PCBs besides using chemicals, like a knife or something?

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Whats the best method to tonertransfer a _double_ sided pcb?

I was mad a lot of single sided pcb layouts with the toner transfer method. now i want to make some double sided pcb layouts, but i dunno how i can do it right, so that its 100% same position on every side.

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Will someone make me 2 PCBs??

I need two circut boards done and i have copper clad and PDFs and i can't get Mine to turn out right. How much would you charge me?

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It is possible to make homemade PCB blanks? Or is there a good place to buy blanks in Canada? ?

 I know there are many places online to buy boards for 2$ or less but shipping to Canada can be upwards of 8$. Anyone know a good place for Canadians to buy blanks. I imagine making your own blanks would be too difficult, hopefully someone can correct me on this. Thanks

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ferric chloride?

What is the best ferric chloride constration?

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Found this on the road. Any idea of what it may be? Answered

Was walking in the city when i found this in a corner

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Installing Capacitors how to locate the capacitor on reverse of board

I am trying to install new capacitors on a PCB ,  I know which capacitors to replace from the capacitor side how do you find the pins on the reverse i see the code number but there are so many pins arounf this number im just not sure and its not on an outside edge either ie first in line.  Can anyone suggest how to confirm the right pins to desolder.

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PCB fab lab questions? (and nixie tubes?) Answered

Now that I have a new oscilloscope (rigol DS1054Z), and have learned a LOT about programming and electronics while down at NASA langley for a research program (semi-intern), I feel like I should start working on a real project (other than my quadcopter), and was thinking about making a nixie tube clock. I would like to make it from scratch of my own design as I feel one learned the most about electronics by not using other's designs. However, I do not have the resources or time to bother trying to etch my own PCB. I attempted that before and was not able to get usable results. What kind of costs am I looking at if I locate a relatively local company for the job? I hate calling people and companies, but I suppose that is still the most practical way to figure out what I need to do and place an order, I don't know. Economies of scale is a great thing, makes things in bulk production cheap! However, would the costs of ordering one or 2 PCBs be non-economical and/or non-practical? Should I consider many smaller projects and stuff to be created on a breakout board? I hate messy, sloppy protoboard, it is just nasty, though easy for non-high-density boards. however, I would love to hear the opinions of others for these things. When dealing with nixie tubes, are sockets for the 1N-14 avalible? A lot of the new old stocks seem to have very thin and long legs, almost as if they are meant for through hole soldering directly onto a PCB like capacitors and resistors. I would prefer a socketed tube to make replacing them quicker and easier. 

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I need a circut board done- and I can't get it to work at home and I'm to cheap to fab them will someone do it?

I need a circut board done- and I can't get it to work at home and I'm to cheap to fab them will someone do it?

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can i get the circuit diagram of a variable 0-12vdc motor drive circuit using 741IC?

I've made a dc drive circuit using bridge rectifier and 3 741IC op-amp circiut, but the problem is im getting 0-18v across the pot instead of 0-12v.. Canyone suggest how to rectify this problem ? 

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Hack A PCB

Is there a good way to solder or just connect wires directly to traces on a one sided PCB?

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How to clean PCB?

There is a bunch of gunk on my R/C car's PCB, how do I clean it off without damaging the circuits?

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Help about PCB? Answered

Hi Guys, I happen to be stuck in a situation in which i need a pcb but only have a schematic and do not know how to make a pcb. So I was wondering if anyone ov er here could design me a pcb from a schematic (provided below). Help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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need pcb help

Im wondering if I can use a ink printer to make PCB layouts, Because its all that I have, and im on a low budget.

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online PCB Fabricaion with shipping to india?

I am looking for a pcb fabriation shop, to design my schematic. Please help me if any online shop available in india or any shops that will ship the pcb to my home(Tamil nadu state, India)

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How to print PCB images on laser printer to scale?

I have a Samsung laser printer. Many of he PCB board designs found on he internet are only simply image files and are not associated with a specific PCB design program. My question is what free mage software is available to print an image of a PCB board to scale. Thanks for any help Bob T

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Where to purchase LARGE Prototyping PCB for Projects? Answered

I'm looking for approx 9" x 12" single sided PCB's with just solder points. Anyone know where to purchase Prototying PCB this size. I found a 7" x 12" on eBay from China, but can't find a USA Source.

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pcb schema of 8 layers

Hi please help me to find a schema of 8 layers.I have a training on a multilayer circuit board machine tnx

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PCB Manufacturing

I was wondering if anyone knows a cheap place to get some PCB boards printed? I used ExpressPCB to create the board (first thing I found on the computer at work) and it's giving me a .pcb file. I assume this file-type is pretty standard? I tried using their built in pricing software, but it seems a little pricey for small quantities. Any suggestions?

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PCBs (2)

I want someone to make me two PCBs, I am willing to pay you and shipping. I can get many different file types, and Drilling is preferable but not required, will pay extra. If anyone wants to be a giant help, you could do it for free?

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Best price for PCB? Answered

Hi,   I am looking to make one PCB with dimensions 7"x7". I know that this is rather large, but was wondering if anyone knew the cheapest place to have this made as long it is decent quality? Time is not an important factor. It will probably be 2 layers, 4 at most. I know about Sparkfun's BatchPCB service. Thanks for your help.

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how do i wire my monitor and pcb?

I have an arcade cabinet that is jamma wired with a 25"monitor and working  power supply set to 5 volts.the pcb is an icade 60 in do i connect everything?i have little experience in this field but im willing to learn so please have patience.thank you

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my usb pen broke im going to connect a usb wire to the pcb. can anyone tell me where each of the 4 wires go onto the pcb Answered

Ok so i kept hitting the usb pen that was sticking out of the computer and eventually the metal part broke of the pcb. As my local shops dont do the correct metal bit that has broken of i have thought of cutting the male end of a usb lead and soldering the 4 wires to the pcb of the usb pen. Only thing is im unsure of which of the 4 wires is which so i can solder them onto the pcb

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Need recommendation for PCB manufacture 10-20 boards at a time.

I have some Eagle schematics i would like printed, drilled, screened. To sell in a kit. Only want about 10-20 at a time currently. Cheapest possible

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Circuit tracer???

Can anyone tell me how to make a device that can scan and trace an entire electronic pcb and give a schematic result ???

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Low cost PCB service !

Just had a flyer through from these guys VERY low cost PCB making - around 6 USD/sq inch for double sided plated holes -  and they have very liberal design rules, so they'll cut boards to weird shapes too Looks like free UK shipping, I don't see what they are saying about international orders.  Steve

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How can i transfer only schematics (layout) on PCB? Answered

Hi everyone and sorry for my english. I have a inkjet and a deskjet printer. I dont want to spent anymore on printers... I want to transfer only schematics (layout) on pcb, because i have a pcb marker to make the trail, or how it`s call. the UV method i dont know if i can do it, because in every tutorial they say about toner printer and special plastic sheet (i think). if anyone have an idea about how to. please help !!

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Help With Eagle PCB Layout

Hello All. I'm trying to etch a board created in Eagle.  2 Questions: When I export the image, the "plastic part" of the pin headers on my board are showing up in the exported image. Is this image really "doable" using a toner transfer method due to the thin clearances and trace widths? Exports of the schematic and board images are attached. Thanks! Cam

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I need some PCB help

I'm trying to help a friend make a PCB for a project of his, but I've never made one myself. Using westfw's design rules in Eagle Free Edition, the board is riddled with jumpers, but there are only three with the default-width traces. I ask you, O wise Instructables community, what should I do?We were going to use the iron-on laser printer resist method, but that won't work if it is too sloppy to make thin traces. How thin can the traces be made with this method for a beginner? We also are considering using this film, in hopes that it will be a little easier to use...does anyone have experience with it?The other option that comes to mind is transferring everything to ExpressPCB instead of Eagle, in an attempt to make a bigger board that could use bigger traces.

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Can anyone identify the ic used in Walmart chasing led icicles? Answered

I bought a bunch of these Walmart chasing led icicle light sets after Christmas and was hoping to hack them to have more functions like other lights with slow fade, etc.  The ic has no markings to indicate what it is so I am attaching a picture of the front and back of the pcb. 

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Making/Modifying a USB Hub

I'm currently designing an accessory for my computer which will house 4 USB ports as a USB Hub.  The issue i've got is I need to be able to contain the whole USB Hub in an area that is only 22mm deep and 170mm wide.   I've taken a cheap USB Hub apart to see what it was like and I have run into a few issues. The main one is that the total depth of the PCB to the end of the USB Ports is 35mm, 13mm over the size I need.  The next issue is that I need room to place a screw between the USB Ports, 2 either side.  These screws have a width of 3mm and a head size of 5mm.    Putting a hole like that in the PCB would break and short the connections. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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Electronics kits production , How to ? Answered

Hi i live in Egypt All electronics here are being imported even the basic kits which can be easily made i had a friend who owns a small company for importing electronics and i want to convince him to produce some of kits (assembled) instead of importing it for example something like this what are the needed machines that would do something like small basic kits something that able to make PCBs  and assemble the parts on it with medium quality  ,good price,and for small or medium business ?

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Long Range Locators Metal Detector

I'm Looking to build of long range locators for search gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from  someone as soon as possible...!!!

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Long Range Locator Metal Detector

 I'm looking to build of long range locators for search of gold. Please help me with an idea to pick which is a good kind of instructables match for device-search coil/ antenna, transceiver, frequency meter/ counter, vibration, light led, radar, and gps. I'm looking to forward hearing from someone as soon as possible...!!!  

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Printing a circuit on clear plastic?

Hi Guys Inside most modern keyboards, you find a rubber membrane that presses a sandwich of three layers of plastic, with the upper and lower parts having circuits on them that make the contact. Is it possible to 'print' this type of circuit at home on standard laser or inkjet printers?  I could use Amanda's method with bare conductive ink, but printing would be better. Any info appreciated ;)

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PCB Repair Process of 3 different kind of circuits

1 Power Supply Circuit: During the circuit board repair process, power supply part should be inspected at the first hand and then come to the other part. +/-5V, Power supply failure can occur under below several situation: (1) NO power supply voltage or power supply voltage is deficiency, NC system is often used +/-5V, +/-12V, +/-15V and +/-24V, a few of them use +3.3V, and the varied or unstable voltage of power supply will cause the system working impropery; (2) Use voltmeter to test the voltage of power supply, and the result show is normal. Voltage waveform detected by oscillograph has shown the existence of big ripple. This situation maybe caused by open circuit of Filtering capacitance, bad rectifier diode or cold soldering, but sometimes it could be caused by an overloaded component which has been brokendown and damaged by power. (3) System can run properly when it is just being opened, after a while of operating, the voltage begin to drop off. This is usually caused by voltage stabilizing circuit and large power triode. (4) The voltage decrease accompany with temperature increase maybe cause by component cold soldering, it is electrical connection can be affected negatively when the temperature high up. (5) NO power supply voltage or supply voltage decreases significantly will cause the system to interrupt or stop working, this fault can be detected and spotted easier. (6) When the capacity of power supply load drop off or filter circuit become invalid, it will cause the system halt suddenly, this situation which is very difficult to justify can bring damage to the equipment and facility even get personnel wound. 2 Clock Circuit: Clock circuit mainly exist on the systematic motherboard, it is the foundation of large-scale integrated circuit system through which it can work, it can generate the constant square signal in the circuit base upon the crystal oscillator (commonly known as crystal), Once the crystal oscillator stop working, it is same as the heart of human being stop beating, the whole system will fall into the status of paralyzed, only after crystal can work under normal condition, the systematic circuit can operate under the command of CPU according to the frequency of crystal. The number and frequency of the crystal could be different due to the variety of numerical control system, but generally will at least one crystal, different clock frequencies required by the other circuit can be solved by frequency dividing circuit or other crystal. Crystal possess a higher rate of failure or damage, below are some malfuntions of crystal: (1) Leakage: Use multimeter and switch to P*10K level to test it, if the resistance is infinite, then it can be viewed as normal; (2) Internal OPEN CIRCUIT: Value of resistance is infinite tested by Use multimeter, can fail to generate oscillating pulse in the circuit; (3) Alternative crystal: Due to the transformation of crytal will cause its internal parameter change which can only be detected by osillagraph or cymometer. Although the crystal can still has oscillation, but the clock frequency is deviated from its nominal value, and the still existing oscillation pulse can’t make system circuit work properly due to the value of oscillation is wrong. Only cymometer can test its tolerance now. (4) In clock circuit, the both ends of crystal would be connected to ground by one ceramic capacitor value range from several picofarads to tens picofarads, failure of the clock circuit result from this capacitor leakage, deterioration is also more common. The best tool to test whether the crystal is good or bad could be oscillagraph or cymometer, multimeter is very difficult to detect the root cause. 3 Reset Circuit Reset circuit also exist in the circuit system of motherboard, it is unique set of large-scale digital integrated circuit. Microprocessor and interface circuit are all possess reset terminal. Reset pulse generate by reset circuit will clear the progam counter, force CPU recall the orginal files from the memory, execute initiation process on all the controller chips, system will occurs the phenomenon of disorder or crash as a result of faulty reset circuit, the method of using cymometer to illustrate the reset pulse is turn on/off power supply repeatly, observe and record the pulse value at the right moment of power supply on/off since it should be the normal square wave-form. If there is no existence of reset pulse, all the resistor, capacitor and transistor in the reset circuit should be detected. The reset terminal of integrated circuit should be regular low or high electrical level, or else, it is probably the malfunctional reset circuit or damaged integrated circuit.

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dedicated pcb?? Answered

Yes i was wondering if its possible to dedicate certain circuit components to one pcb? like say one pcb has only amplifiers on it? 

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PCB traces? Answered

so if i have a high current device (inductor) on a pcb? it will run somewhere around 2 amps of power. Is there a minimum trace width to keep my pcb trace from being blown up?

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Aurora 9 bar Kit & Custom PCB Prices Reduced!

Aurora 9 bar kit & PCB prices are reduced! The kit is now $25, and the PCB is now $7.50. Take advantage of the new pricing. For the detailed information about the kit and the PCB please see this post. ( Thanks!

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PCB making? Answered

Hello, Can I use H3BO3(boric acid) and HCl for etching?

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How to make solder mask for a PCB at home?

I made a diy PCB at home, how can I make a solder mask for it at home?

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Aurora mini 18 Kit and PCB Back in Stock!

Aurora mini 18 Kit and PCB are back in of stock now!!! Thank you for waiting! Click here for the details.

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How to solder Star LED PCB's in series circuit?

 I need to connect 3 star PCB's with 1 watt power led each in series. Please send a wiring diagram or picture.

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