Peltier dehumidifier

I hope someone with a technical background can help me with this... I am trying to make an DIY dehumidifier. The goal is to lower the humidity of my room during the summer months (humidity is around 70% at 25C) to less than 50, preferrable 30%. I have the following setup in mind: To achieve condensation I want to use a peltier that will lower the temperature of an radiator. The condensed water will be gathered in a (plastic) box. This water will then be used to cool the hot side of the peltier, using a water block and a waterpump that was left over after using watercooling on my PC. The image depicts an simple graphic of the setup. However, I have the following questions to be answered: - How cold (relative to the ambient temperature) would the cold-side radiator have to be to get optimal condensation - How much watts of cooling power would the peltier need in order to achieve the needed temperature difference - If i lower the cold side temperature with 20C, how much heat would be generated on the hot side? (my gues: 20C, but im no genius ;) ) Thanks in advance!

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Peltier coolers and condensation?

Hi there, I'm having this crazy idea of building a mini AC based on a Peltier cooler, and connect it to a PC case to introduce cold air inside of it. I have seen a lot of instructables here, but I'm worried about condensation. You know, the "electronics + power + water = Kaboom!" equation. Neither the peltier nor the "cold" heatsink will be inside the case, I'll just blow air thru the "cold" heatsink and inside the case, releasing hot air far away (maybe with a long tube?). My question is if the cold air will carry some kind of "humidity" from the condensed cold heatsink, and if it will be enough to blow things up. I can spare some 60 or 70 watts to make the peltier work, so I'll just grab a ATX power supply for the peltier and the fans. Do you think it will work? Thanks in advance, and Happy New Year. :)

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Powering Peltier Plates

Hey guys,So, I just got a Peltier plate, a device that gets very hot on one side while very cold on the other. It requires 90 watts of power. I was just curious what would happen if you powered it by USB or 9v battery. I found this tutorial which uses USB, however, I doubt it gets to its maximum coolness potential. Also, if I used a 9v, would that drain the battery in a matter of minutes, or even damage the plate?Thank you.

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how much heat does the warm side of a 12v thermoelectric peltier produce?

I'm thinking of using a thermoelectric peltier device to heat my body while sleeping during winter camping (I have a 12v solar panel and where I'm going it's always light out). Will the warmside of the peltier heat enough so that if its in contact wih my body it will warm me? if its too hot i'll just wrap it in a sock or soimething.?

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Is it possible to power a peltier plate using a 12v wall wart?

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Can i use Copper Oxide to make a Home Made Peltier?

Here's the site .  i thought that i can use Copper(I) Oxide to make a Peltier Module. Peltiers are made up of semiconductor materials like bismuth telluride. 

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keep getting a short when I connect a peltier module to DC power source

I am trying to power a peltier module (3.9V 9A 21.3W). I have connected it to a DC power source at 3v and I keep getting a short. I have tried different voltages below the 3.9V and am still getting the same result. Am I approaching this at too basic a level? 

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Does anyone know the best place to get a peltier unit? Answered

I would like one, but don't know where I should get it from.  I can get them from hong kong on ebay, but I don't like to have stuff shipped internationally.

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how to make Peltier cooler?

I like to make a Peltier air cooler. how much watts Peltier is needed and battery for Peltier cooler to run for 8 hour.if i use less watts Peltier does it affect the cooling rate. is it possible to place place another Peltier above heat sink while the other one Peltier is working, if possible how much amount of power can be produced from the Peltier placed above heat sink. Thanks

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How to mount Peltier elements?

A peltier is a element that gets very hot on one side, and very cold on the other side. Cold enough (with enough power) to make frost all over it. So. I got one, I want to make nice cold cold air. I read wiki, if you don't heat sink it, it will self destroy. If I heatsink the cold side, then a fan on the heat sink to blow the cold freeze air, will it be fine? Or must I cool the hot side too? Peltiers are cool :D

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A/C a room with Peltier units.? Answered

 Would building an array of peltier units in a windows frame work to cool down a room? This way hot air would stay outside and the inside "windows" would be cold. Either using heatsink and multiples computer fans to throw air in room or pumping water in pipes then on the units then to a big fan. Also, could this run on solar cells placed on the outside?

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Computer PSU's and Peltier elements?

Hey, I have 2 158W Peltier elements, that I would like to mount to some CPU-heatsinks, and power with an old 400W PSU. Can I "just do that"? There seams to be some caveats with how these units draw power AFAIK. Also, does anyone have any experience with how much heat displacement is needed to not just ending up frying the unit? Any suggestions on what heatsink to pair them with, and how strong a resistor to put on them? I want to use them at the maximum power I can get them to run with continuously for up to 2 hours. I have way too limited experience with electronics, and only a week to build my project, so I kind of have to go with the simplest approach here :(

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Where to get a peltier unit?

Hi, I live in palestine and I am making a cooling progect for school. I has thinking about where can I find a peltier unit at house? I need your help !fast!

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Required Power Supply for Peltier (TEC12715)

I'm going to build a Mini Airconditioner based on Peltier Module. I'm going to use 10 Peltier Module for better cooling. 1 Peltier requires Umax (V):15.4 Imax (A):15 Max power consumption (watt):231 Watt. Which Power Supply Driver is required to run all 10 Peltier Elements. [I am from Non-Electrical Background].

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I want to make a mini peltier refridgerator but I dont know how to make?

I dont know how to make a peltiers refridgerator.can I get the steps for making one?.Where would I ger the parts?

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help, where to start please? 20*20*20cm fridge

Hello, First post, please be nice =) I unfortunately know absolutely nothing about electronics, or soldering... you get the idea. Clueless. But, I need to make a 20*20*20cm fridge out of perspex (something to do with my photography, see I gather that a Peltier with heat sink might do it? Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction please, in terms of making such a thing? Many thanks

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Using peltier to cool my radiator?

I have this idea and wonder if it is possible and feasible. Stick a peltier to my car radiator to generate electricity and store the electrical and then using the same peltier to cool my radiator?

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what size heat sink do you use with a peltier?

What size heat sink do you use with a peltier, in order to make a mini usb fridge. 70w peltier

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Where can i find peltier units in my house? Answered

I want to make a mini fridge so i need peltier units. I can post the mini fridge instructable when I'm done but i neeed peltier units!!

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How many peltier module i have to use for removing heat load of 250 watt?

 i am using peltier modules  12706   ( vmax  15 v, Imax  6 A)               by checking it was running at   12 v  and 3.5 A and   peltier module 12715  ( Vmax  15V ,  I max  15 A )           was  running at  12 v  and 5.5 A I am using computer SMPS to run this peltiers so i can only get 12 v max is there any way to increase voltage to 15 volt.

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Heatsinks and Peltier Chips-WWWWWUUUUTTT?

I need a peltier chip for a project and I'm a little confused how they work. I'm pretty sure I got it right, but not positive. Can someone tell me if this is right? The hot side of a peltier chip is attached to a heatsink with "grease" (can someone tell me where to get that?) then a fan blows the hot air away from the peltier chip from the side and another fan blows across the side of the peltier chip to its intended destination for cooling. Is this right?

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Temperature stabilizer system with peltier battery

Hello everyone! I have a thesis to design a temperature stabilizing(controlling) system for solar cells.I need to use 12V Peltier battery and a simple pc fan.Any further help is appreciated.

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Peltier Cooler/Heater - Pooling Brainpower

I recently acquired a thermoelectric mini fridge. As a fridge, it doesn't work so very well - it will get down to ~50 degrees with an ambient temperature of 70. So, I took it apart. You know the saying: "If it ain't broke - fix it until it is." So I now have a peltier effect cool/heater. I put my meat thermometer on the cold side with the fan off - and it gets down to freezing (probably a bit below). On the hot side, with a big sink and fan - it seems to be ~85 at it's warmest point (this sink is about half a square foot and an inch deep). Ideas on where to use? It's 110 service.... It literally almost killed me a few days ago when I touched a transistor sink that was part of the rectifier circuit while holding a plate that was grounded (I got knocked out for a few seconds) I've got a couple ideas, I just figured I'd pool brain power and see what happens :p

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Peltier thermoelectric heat pump, can it be used as Solar Generator?.

Can a 40 mm square Peltier thermoelectric heat pump be used as a solar generator It operates on 13 Vdc @ 5 Amps. Operating at 13 Vdc, we measured the hot side at 190 Deg. F and the cold side at 55 Deg F. I have a 6 foot reflector dish and can add Reok led tracker. How many watts will it generate if it does?. Thanks for your help

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How to control the temperature of a peltier module?

What is the most efficient way of controlling the degree of hotness or coldness of a 12v 6A peltier module? Can I use PWM?

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Does anyone know how you would build a temperature controller for a (Peltier effect) thermoelectric plate?

I want to be able to control the temperature.

Asked by I_AmThe_Eggman 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Building a stove fan using a CPU Heatsink & Cooler

Hi All, I'm looking to build a stove fan and was wondering if It would be possible to attach a peltier to a CPU fan & heatsink like the one attached? Thanks!

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peltier cooling/heating system for transportable animal incubator

I am trying to design a heating system for an animal incubator that can be transported in a car to rescue animals and keep their body temperature level. I was thinking of using the peltier systems to heat the box the animals will be staying in but I'm not sure if they would have the capability of 70-90 degrees fahrenheit. Also the temperature needs to be very specific (plus or minus 1 degree) is there a thermometer out there that would work well for this? I just need some help on learning about these because I've done a little research but I'm still confused on how they work and if I could even use them. Also, is there a good website to buy these on? I could use a lot of little ones or one medium sized one (up to 1ft by 1ft) but not too tall.

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Trying to create a cooler that plugs on the mains. How should I make it

I want to use this item (peltier module) to create a cooler. It will use a fan + heatsink to blow cool air. I dont have much knowledge in circuitry (only highschool level) so I wanted to know what I would need to create this and how the design should be. Thanks

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Anybody working on cryolipolysis? Answered

I am looking at using a pair of Peltier panels to make a "spot reducer" using cryolipolysis. Cryolipolysis is what the Zeltiq machine uses to freeze fat cells such that they dissolve. On a bodybuilding forum they were talking about using cool-paks, those gel-filled plastic blocks that you put in the freezer.  My idea is to take a hand clamp and mount the Peltiers to it. I may need cooling on the hot sides, for that I will probably use liquid cooling blocks from computer CPU coolers. Then, you just clamp those babies on your love handles and crank up the juice. "Animal studies show a fat-reducing effect starting at around minus 1C, with the plate in place from five to 20 minutes." Since Peltiers get about 65 degrees C in differential, and room temp is about 26 degrees (warm room!) it will be a piece of cake for the junction to chill off those love handles. Would not be hard to put a temp controller on it to protect from frostbite or from burning up the junctions. Before you scoff, a Zeltiq treatment runs $700!

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mini fridge upgrade

Hello everyone, I found a Thermoelectric mini fridge at the dump a couple weeks ago and so far I have been disappointed with how cold it gets so I figured I would replace the peltier chip with a higher wattage one, the original ran on only 12v with 60watts but the new one uses 16v and 192 watts, so unfortunately when I switched the chips the fridge makes a clicking noise presumably from drawing to much current. the questions I have are, how can I build or cheaply obtain a variable (it would be nice to control power) 16v 12amp power supply or modify the existing board to output more power, would it pose a problem to run the fridge with no load attached to the previous 12v supply, and is it necessary to replace the fans with higher power ones? any other advise would be much appreciated, thanks in advance :)

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how to make a circuit board

Circuit board I need to make a circuit board for a project. It is all 12vdc, I have a 1a fan and a 6a thermoelectric device one setting 1, plus another 6a on setting 2, and a 3rd on setting 3 So 1 is 7a 2 is 13a 3 is 19a How to make the board. Also a second device has the 1a fan plus a 4watt element, plus another 4w on setting 2, plus another 4w on setting 3 So 1 is 1a and I think 0.4a= 1.4a 2 is 1.8a 3 is 2.2a. I think

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How to find hot side from a peltier element?

Hi how to find hot side and cold side from a peltier element?

Asked by sandy.12345 6 years ago  |  last reply 2 months ago

Any knowledge on a peltier cooler thermoelectric cooling module

Needs help putting assembling a thermoelectric module for a possible inventing.  Suggestions on the supplies and parts needed

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Controlling peltier module temperature base on CPU temps?

Can i use PWM on the motherboard or do i have to buy a separate controller? I plan to use it on a high TDP CPU like the Xen E5 1650v4.

Asked by PhuckhangN 5 months ago

connecting peltier element to 12v car socket? Answered

I have 150W peltier element, and I plan to build a mini  fridge for my car, so I was wondering if its safe to just directly connect peltier element to 12v car cigarette socket with 2 in parallel attached cpu cooling fans (12v 0.15A). Can it be done, or any other sugesstions?

Asked by xtony666 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Minimum voltage/amperage required for peltier cooler?

I want to connect a couple of computer fans and a peltier cooler to some solar cells, but I want to keep the amount of electronics to a minimum (for the sake of KISS). Assuming the fans and peltier are rated to run at 12V, and I connect the solar cells to provide 12V at peak, will I be able to leave it connected all the time, i.e. when it's night time there is no electricity being provided, maybe in the late morning there is half the electricity, and in the afternoon sun full power? I guess a simpler way to phrase my question is: Can these devices be run with much lower voltage or amperage than they are rated for?

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How do I drive a Peltier Cooling Plate with USB power? Answered

I just ordered some of these 20mm x 20mm Peltier Cooling Plates and would like to power them with a USB hub. Their rated at max of 4 amps and a max 3.8 volts and I know that generally USB is 5V and 500mA. So I know I need to just reduce the voltage, but I'm not sure how to accomplish this. I think I could drive them at 3.5V and still be okay, Not sure if I need a voltage regulator or if just resistors would do the trick. Thank you Kurt

Asked by KurtRoesener 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

How to evaporate/liquify acetone using peltier element?

Hello, I’m Georgios Grigoriadis and I’m trying to build a machine which could evaporate acetone and the liquify it. I want to use the Peltier element. My questions are: 1/ Is it possible to heat a metallic bowl, using the Peltier element, in order to to evaporate the liquid inside it (acetone) ? 2/ After having evaporate the liquid ( in my situation is acetone) I want to take the vapor from a tube to a metallic closed container, on which ( from the outside side) will be stuck a Peltier modules. Is it possible, using the Peltier module to freeze the container in order to liquify the (acetone) vapor? I also want control the temperature of the Peltier element but also how many time the Peltier module will work. Do you think that it is possible to use the Peltier modules in order to do that I want? If not what do you propose me ? Thank you very much for your interest and for any help. (I’m sorry if my English isn’t perfect ;), if something is very difficult to understand, don’t hesitate to tell me)

Asked by GeorgiosG1 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Thermoelectric <Peltier> coolers

I would like to know if anyone out there in Instructables Land knows about Thermoelectric Peltier Devices- what they do and how they work. I have 3 of them in my collection of various electronic components & devices. I consider myself as having a good knowledge of thermoelectric peltier devices. If anyone out there thinks they know more than I do, OR works at a place that manufactures them, please let me know at I'm currently unemployed, and would like to work at a place that manufactures peltier components- preferably in the testing and engineering department.

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Peltier Cells?

In the current make magazine issue #15 There is a project called the Seebeck Generator. I was wondering about the use of Peltier Cells. Can someone elaborate as to how they function? I mean can you get them in different sizes? Would different sizes effect the power output? If I took like 50 of them and somehow combined them could I get a higher yield? What if you used it in combination with something like Hydrogen? Ideally Hydrogen burns hot and if I had a large version of the Peltier Cell Could I use it to get a real power output? Possibly enough to power an electronic motor? Just some random thoughts the magazine sparked. Thanks, Jester

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I don't know my peltier unit's specification, Help needed to identify

I have extracted a peltier TEC unit from my small USB fridge. I intend to put the cooling unit into a bigger and more better casing so it'll cool other things rather than a can softdrink. The problem is, it's just getting 18' celcius and I need it to be lower than that. I've tried using a USB charger that outputs the usual usb 5V but 1 amp, the temp just goes down 1-2' celcius.I want to put a higher voltage power into the cooling unit, but I'm afraid that I'll just burn the thing out.But the problem is, I don't know the spec of the peltier unit that I have.So, can anybody tell me the maximum voltage and amps that the peltier unit can handle?The cooler loooks like this

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How to heat a metallic bowl containing a liquid, which must be evaporated, using peltier element?

Hello everyone, I'm Georgios and thank you for your time My goal is to create a mechanism which will be able, using peltier element, to heat a metallic bowl (metallic because of its heat conductivity). In the bowl I will put acetone and I want to evaporate this liquid. Also I want to control the temperature of the bowl. The evaporated acetone will be kept in a closed box. Then, using second peltier element I want to cool the acetone, to liquidity it? Do you know if this is possible? And in general do you think that it is a good idea to use peltier element for heating and cooling, only with electricity, acetone? My goal is also to heat in a fast way. The temperature must be 80 C for evaporation.

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What thickness of plexiglass is best to use for a water block? Answered

Ok, so about three months ago I bought a 168W peltier unit off of ebay. I wanted to fool around with the cold side, the only problem was that I did not have a large enough heatsink to disapate the heat. And thus the peltier would overheat after 20 seconds. So last week I decided to make a water block out of the heatsink, the design was very simple, encase the heasink in plexiglass and add two hose barbs. Now my problem is that I can't decide on the thickness of plexiglass I want to use, 1/16" would be nice but I worry that it will break, and 1/8" is a little more expensive. Any ideas?

Asked by junits15 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

making a mini fridge. need help!!!

 well i've decided to make a mini fridge out of an old computer case but i still dont really understand how. i know i need a peltier, heat sink, and a fan. but in what order? do i need a cold plate? how do i arrange all of the units to make the inside of the case cold? i'm not too techy so please be descriptive. :) my inspiration for this project is from this post,

Asked by carly_gurl101 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

tec power options

I was wondering where the best place to ask a question would be, ive been playin with peltiers lately and the ones i have are 0-16v 026A i was wondering if there was any way to make a power supply for them or some way to usa like a car batt. i was just worried as my deepcycle is like 1200 amp dont really want to blow up my 30 a piece tec's  the goal eventually is to mount like 10 to the undersides of an old aluminum icetray  so i can submerge the bottom in water and fill the tray up, flip the power switch and in like 40 seconds have myself some icecubes

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Stove fan problem - suggestions?

Hey guys I hope this is the right place to ask about this but apologies if not! I've got a home made stove fan powered by a TEC/Peltier module, and it worked ok for a long time but was pretty weak so I built a new bigger one to get a better result. This one uses 4x TEC modules (I think the code on them is 12706), with two series pairs connected in parallel (to double the voltage output, AND the current output).  So two pairs, with each pair in series for higher voltage, then the two pairs together in parallel. It works, but after a while it slows down & stops.  I think the reason is the top half heatsink is getting too hot from the stove where it needs to be kept cool. Problem is that i need these wide heatsinks both top and bottom in order to cover all 4 modules, so I'm not sure quite how to get round this problem? Can anyone give any good suggestions on this please? Many thanks! Jim

Posted by Mr Joshua 4 years ago