When i turn older what phone should i get?

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I need help with my HTC p3450 TOUCH phone!!!!!!!!!

Can anyone tell how to obtain the GPRS PROXY SERVER SETTING on my p3450 htc phone????? Also how to install games on it, I've got some games...but can't seem to install them on the phone! Please help me!!!!!!!!!!!! THANKS VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!

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Do you know if you can still record video with a camera taken out of a phone? If so, how? Answered

Me and my friend are doing a project. Help?

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phone charger

My wall phone charger is busting up could i just make a usb charger out of it, and howdo i go about doing that, the phone is a samsung

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USB to Phone

Is there a way to take an old USB cable and old cell phone charger and turn them into a Phone USB plug so you can plug it into your computer and upload ringtones and such?

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cell phone

Does anybody know if i could hook a cell phone up to my regular phone line at my house and how?

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How would you make this?

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Car Phone

No, not a phone in a car--a phone that is a car, or at least looks like one. This car is a converted VW Beetle that is being used to promote a phone company. I think this may be even more exciting to see on the road than the sheepdog from the movie Dumb and Dumber.Link via TechEBlog

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Phone guitar

Phone apps are creeping more into the musical space. Famous musicians have been seen using cell phones with apps to play in their shows. Steffest has combined multiple phones into a guitar and can be seen here playing the results. Now I want to see him add an iPad for the guitar body and make the entire thing touchscreen. via Make

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Phone recommendations

Hello every one I was hoping for some advice on a phone. i want to get a Motorola A1600 but its expensive at $250 or more i was hopping you guys had any phone recommendations that are similar to this one. heres the hard part it needs to be under $100; this may be asking to much.

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Phone connection Answered

I tried entering some codes to try to connect my samsung t301g to my mac. The phone didn't do much. I wasn't sure if I am supposed to enter the codes in the main menu. The link shows the codes that should work.

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USB phone

After finding out that my "high speed" satellite connection was only on down speed I now have 2 usb phones that I originally bought for Skype. What can I do with them now? Do I just throw them away? Does someone else want them?

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Phone not charging!

I have a nokia 6061, just got it a week ago and when i went to charge it today nothing happened. The outlet is turned on and the phone works fine it just won't charge! Any ideas on why this is happening!

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phone into a microphone

I was thinking about trying to turn an old phone into a microphone for a music performance or something? correct me if im wrong and i probably am but, a small crap microphone is a telephone would work would it? i was thinking if i left the whole phone in tact but made the cord come from the phone base into a microphone jack, how would i connect a microphone jack that has 5 legs to a 2 wire phone microphone? it couldnt be done could it? It would work if i just bought a crappy microphone and moved and fitted it into a telephone so it has all the circuit or what ever else is in one already in it I apologize if most of that doesn't make sence

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Phone Headset

I would swear I saw an Instructable on this somewhere, but now I can't find it. I have an old corded telephone that I want to rewire. I just want to take the actual handheld part and attach it to a standard 2.5mm stereo output, such that I could either plug it into a cell phone and have a giant cool headset, or use it with my speaker/mic splitter to do VoIP-type work on the computer. Do phone cords have standard colored wires? Am I just going to have to figure it out myself? The headset has a standard 4-contact CAT-1 phone jack, and I want to take one end off a phone cord and replace it with a 2.5mm plug.

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Emergency phones? Answered

I would like it if you could post as comments your country's emergency medical telephone numbers

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old phone? Answered

Today i was given a old phone. but its certainly a different phone, it has a cord, but the end on the cord is the same as one from a internet cord, but when i plug it in to a computer it has no effect. i think it might be a 'bag phone', all i know is its made by motorola. instead of trying to figure it out, i figured i would strip it down for parts, but other than the speakers, microphone, leds and a magnetic reed switch there isnt much. one thing that really interests me is the lcd screen it has, there arent very many pins connecting it to the board, it has a microship embedded of the back of the lcd board, covered in that wierd glue. does anyone know how i can reuse the lcd? would i need an arduino for it?

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Phone Problems!

I'm going to get a new phone and I narrowed it down to a few.  Help me Instructables community! which (in your opinion) would be the best choice: LG Neon Samsung Impact Pantech Impact Palm Pixi Plus Samsung Sunburst Many thanks!

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phone unblocking

Hi folks. i'm looking for instructions & codes for unblocking a LG viewity gt400 on vodafone. can anyone help ? thanks if you can & if you can't don't worry be happy.

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Phone vibrations?

I was looking to start a new project, and I need some help. Does anyone know anything about tiny electronic vibrators, such as the ones found in phones? What are they called? Where can I get some? I try searching for info on google and stuff, but, searching up vibrators just doesn't really give me what I'm trying to find... if ya know what I mean, its just all the wrong kind of information. Thanks in advance for any help

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Select Android phone. .?

Friend to the site, all Android phones. Do not know how to choose. . .

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transfer cell phone messages to other cell phone

A friend of mine once played her voice mail messages from her phone to mine while we were talking on the cells. Does anyone know how to do that? Please help!!! Thanks

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Uses for old cell phones? Answered

I found a cell phone in good condition in the trash. What can I do with it, it charges up. I don't want to sell it and I don't use TMobile. Anything fun I can do with it?

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What is the best phone out of these four?

The phone choices are: Samsung Impression Samsung Solstice Samsung Mythic LG Arena

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How can we turn an old Nokia phone for a scanner?

I know a friend who does something with an old Nokia phone and turn it to a scanner. He can eavesdrop on other people's phone calls, too. I was told that this is impossible with the GSM network as it has more security but i swear he does it all the time. He starts this by installing an old program on the phone first that activates the network monitor. Then he puts in codes on one of the menu and it works. I asked him many times to teach me but he does not want to teach any one this trick. Does any here know how this works?

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How do I stop cell phone use in the college classroom?

Assume that I cannot confiscate them, and that I have already asked in polite ways. I have also tried logic (cell phones rot your brain) and religion (have damned them to Hell, etc.). Many thanks in advance!?

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A lady made a cell phone signal jammer. Where can I find the plans? or info on this topic?

A lady made a cell phone signal jammer. Where can I find the plans? or info on this topic?

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does anybody know where you could get free cell phone ringtones?

I would like to know were to get free cell phone ringtones without having to sign up or anything

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What can i make out of old cell phones before i throw them out!!?

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I just got a new Boost mobile cell phone...i776w. I can't open the battery door. Can anyone here help me? Thank you!?

I just got a new cell phone from Boost mobile today. It's the i776w. I am having trouble opening the battery door to put in the battery the 1st time. Can anyone here please help me out? I appreciate it a lot. Thanks!

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I have this headphones and one side is bigger than the other dose any one no why

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how should i minimize the size of antenna which is used in cellphones?

Question by deepa bharti 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

how can i make an antenna out of a tv antenna to boost my cell signal?

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how do you take apart a SAMSUNG MODEL: SGH-A737, and fix it?

Ok my phone has been screwing up alot lately  and i cant get a new one because they cost alot and i cant return it because i still have half a year to go with it. and i cant get it fixed cuz it still would cost alot, the economy sucks so i dont have any extra $, the screen goes crazy everytime i slide it shut and now the buttons decide when they wanna work or not. I totally wanna throw it at a wall but if i did that then i wouldnt have a phone at all, so how do i take it apart and reassemble it??? PLEASE HELP MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

Question by hannah16 9 years ago

What can I do with a lineman's test set?

I bought a lineman's test set at a garage sale for a dollar. What can I do with it, anything legal?

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Nokia N95 8gb,Nokia N96,Apple iPhone 16gb,Apple iPod Touch 16gb


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Wireless in house works fine on laptops but not on phones?

Up until maybe a month everything was fine, then all of a sudden when people connect their phones (iphones/samsungs) to the network in the house it just doesn't work. The connection for laptops/ps3/xbox are fine but it just won't work on phones.  No settings have been changed.  We're using a Netgear N600 wireless dual band router.  Anyone have any ideas on how to fix it? 

Topic by MadMardegan 6 years ago

What is the going opinion of refurbished cell phones? Answered

Just curious to hear any horror stories or good luck with your purchase of a refurbished cell phone. I had a sales person tell me "your only purchasing somebody's problem"......and he's out of a sale! What was the product? Thanks

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Cell Phone Cancellation Fees May Be Cancelled Forever

Should i stay with Tmobile or wait for thisThe FCC has proposed a law that will give consumers signing up for cell phone services the right to cancel their service, fee-free, under certain conditions.Cancellation Fees May Be Cancelled Forever

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can leds be connected to a phone/phone line? Answered

i have an old red baker lite phone and would like to put some leds inside so that when the phone rings it lights up (like the bat phone) could this be worked of the voltage of the phone line or would a relay have to be involved with batteries i`v not take the phone apart yet to so have a look if any 1 has done some thing similar

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DC buzzer/noisemaker that doesn’t use a transistor?

I’ve got some nice homemade field phones I made out of old carbon microphone handsets.  I’ve currently got DC piezo buzzers for ringers (which have transistors in them). I want to them to be able to survive an EMP, so I don’t want to use transistors. Is there anything I can use for a DC buzzer/noisemaker that doesn’t need AC power, or a transistor?   The voltage of the phones is 1.5v - 3v dc    

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how can i improve the voltage of my solar power "my voltage is 1.3 volt with probably 10 mA? Answered

Is this possible and is there a circuit raise voltage PLEASE HELP ME

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locate cell phone?

Question by dcalvin4 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Phone to audio connector?

 I wanna rick roll my school, and our intercoms work with phones...i need to build a jack where i can plug my ipod in one end, and plug the other into the this possible? 

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prisms for phone cameras

Why are prisms not used for phone cameras (or are they) ? it seems to me that prisms may be implemented for bi-directional cameras, for lengthening the focus distance, for widening the view field and stereoscopic  images.

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Old Cell Phones?

We have two old bag cell phones that still work, but are analog. Is there a way of using them to communicate with each other like walk-y talk-y

Question by emit 9 years ago