Photos not showing

I am trying to figure out why my photos are not showing when previewing instructable. I also cannot get it to format where I have separate pages of instructions. Please assist.

Posted by ralema69 5 years ago

Lost the ability to modify photos

Hi guys, I have lost the ability to modify a pic once uploaded on the website... B

Posted by BaptisteL8 1 year ago

posting photos - how to get the nice pop-up?

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to make body photo "pop out" like the main photos of a step.  Some of my image details could be better viewed using the pop-up, so I put them in the beginning section.  But the photos would fit better embedded in the flow of the instructions.  But images in embedded in the body don't have the pop-up function...they are the size they show up as on the page. Here's an example of what I mean: Just wondering about this. Thanks!

Posted by electronichamsters 4 years ago

Question about viewing Instructables

How can I consistently view full sized pics? The first time I viewed an instructable each step opened up with a fullsized pic. However since I signed up I get no pics or a tiny pic only slightly larger than the heading pics. Sorry but my eyesight isn't the best and I can't figure out half of what is going on in the pics. Mostly I consider them useless. Sort of why bother putting pics up if all I can see is the tiny icon photos. I changed my setting to open all the steps on one page. However, I get either the steps with pics just a tiny bit bigger than the previews or no pics. I know bigger pics are available because I see larger pics in the right hand previews. Thanks

Posted by villagecraftsmith 10 years ago

Various Photos

Here are some photos that I took today, mainly because I was bored.

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Hobbsisepic's photos for January

This is my thread for my photos of January. For explanation see here: Photos as of the seventh:

Posted by ItsTheHobbs 7 years ago

Offensive photos

This "member" posted a comment and the link to his Instructables page contains lewd photos: cuckholddon Can you remove?

Posted by robbtoberfest 5 years ago

Cant mannage to upload my photos

Hi, I'm trying to submit my photos to your site, using the upload option, but the photos dont get uploaded. it says: image not found! Why is that??

Posted by taltula 9 years ago

Problem with adding photos

This is concerning the box "Click to ad Images". ONce images are added you can not add more until all the current photos are used or deleted. Makes it a hassle to add photos. I must use up all the previously added photos, Then I can add more. I have to go back and remove extra photos that I did not want to use but had to so I could add additional photos.

Posted by BeeAmaker 4 years ago

Missing Photos from Instructable

Can someone tell me why some of the photos of my instructable are not being displayed?

Posted by MaskMarvl 5 years ago

Posting photos of our inspiration

If we make something that was inspired by (for example) a costume in a movie, are we allowed to post a photo of our inspiration piece? I know that it says that images in our instructables must be our own, but I can't exactly take this photo myself. Should I just mention the piece I was re-creating, and let people search for a photo themselves if they would like to see it?

Posted by SnazzyBot 4 years ago

Adding photos to an instructable

I am trying to create my first instructable but I can't get my photos to load. The image numbers,such as P1010199.JPG show up at the bottom of the edit screen, but no pictures appear. What am I doing wrong?

Posted by alpratt 6 years ago

Google photo links don't convert to images

I am creating an instructable (not my first) and I drop a link such as into it but it isn't converted to the image, in the preview it remains as a link. Does the image only display on publishing or is it something I am doing wrong or is this a bug? Thanks

Posted by Microbe 1 year ago

All photos do not show

I created an Instructable today. It contains about 15 photos. Looking at the published page I only see the first set of thumbnails. I can't scroll to uncover more. Clicking a thumbnail does not enlarge it. Jim

Posted by jschrempp 6 years ago

annotating photos in instructibles

The weird thing is that I should be ANSWERING this question instead of asking it. In my first Instructible I was able to add notes to the photos that would appear as square outlines until one hovered over the square, then my note would appear.  Just like in the first photo in Step 5 here: Now, doing my second I'ble, I can't manage to get this done.  So I bring up the photo and click on "edit", then on "add a note".  The text box comes up and I can enter text, but if I try to drag it to some location in the photo it won't go to anywhere outside of the upper left quadrant of the photo.  And once I leave the photo the note disappears, even though I clicked "save".  I'm using Firefox browser.   I tried Chrome as an alternate and I couldn't even enter text in the box.  Haalp!

Posted by LesB 3 years ago

photos not uploading

I am trying to enter into the newest contest and not all of my photos are uploading. They are all the same size and I am mot getting any error messages it just takes me back to the upload page after I selected the photo I need uploaded. I am on a samsung galaxy tablet so it wont allow me to use the new uploader I have to use the old version for some reason. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance!

Posted by JenniferB59 3 years ago

adding photos to instructable

 i have been writing instructables for a while.. suddenly when i go to add a photos to a new instructable the ... 1) select add 2) select photos and immediately the window appears and cascades down my screen... it has the  browse button at the bottom left corner trouble is now the bottom edge of that window has taken to cascading down to below the bottom edge of my screen so i cant access the browse button..??? i cant drag that box .. nothing i seem to able to do - even moving the task bar will bring it back in to view???  how do i add photos now?

Posted by agatornz 1 year ago

Having posting my instructable

I keep trying to add more photos to my tutorial. Every time I try to add a third photo something it says it has an error. Can someone please help? Thank you so much.

Posted by dreadyjazz 6 years ago

Suggestions For my Photos

I am working on a series of photographs, as you can see I am playing (ha!) along the lines of instruments being played. I am hoping to eventually sell these so I proofed them (sorry). Any ideas/suggestions would be great! Thanks!

Posted by RoboTable 4 years ago

Photography contest?

Ermm I've noticed a real nuisance with the photography contest, so far the majority of what I've seen is 'how to take a professional photo' the problem is everyone's suddenly become a professional photographer overnight... I don't mean to offend those that are by the way... My big gripe is the fact that there's not as much variation on these, like the pocket contest varied far and wide but everyone has seemingly made the same instructable... On the upside there will no longer be any really bad photos about the place. I just want to see some more variations...

Posted by killerjackalope 10 years ago

I'm having problems loading pics- Please help soon!

Im working on a photo instructable every time I try to load a third picture it acts like its going to load but then it gets an error. I'm really confused why it will let me load the first two and not a third. They are from the same camera and in the same format. Please help quickly this is a entry for the sew it warm!

Posted by dreadyjazz 6 years ago

Decline in quality instructables

Am I the only one who thinks the site has had a SIGNIFICANT drop in quality since people were allowed to post just pictures of a completed project as an instructable? Isnt that kind of against what the website is all about? I'm getting sick to death of one or two photo posts with no description of the making process and just a generic "hurrdurr I made this" description.

Posted by demonfox 7 years ago

Photographs from negatives on my computer

I have a scanner and I am trying to scan negative pictures and turn them into photographs.What is the best way to make them look good???

Posted by funlovin420 11 years ago

Can anyone identify this project for me ?

Hey there. I'm wondering whether someone remembers a project someone made and can link me to it.  Someone had put small, passport photo sized pictures of their friends in a grid and mounted them on a wall frame. It looked like a guess who set I suppose. Anyway, it was a way of alerting him or her when friends came online. Their light went on when they were online. It was a great project and I want to something similar. I think the board was hooked up to Adium or something. Can anyone remember ?  Thanks so much James 

Posted by JamesV38 2 years ago


How do I find my items and is there a way to help them get seen. I noticed items just posted have several views but after a few days I have none. Just wondering if I'm doing something wrong. 

Posted by kyles13 4 years ago

"Show All 8 Images" -- not liking it

The page formatting has recently been updated so that not all photos in a group are displayed. Instead, there's an item to click, "Show all 8 images". I don't like this feature... I'm reading the article, why wouldn't I be interested in seeing the images? Alternately, is there a way to specify a "see all images" preference? I also don't like how now the images in the image sets fade in rather than just being images on the page.  In general, the older style of images were much more functional. Sorry if I'm sounding like the grumpy old man complaining about the kids and their new-fangled Web 2.0 coding!

Posted by marhar 5 years ago

Can't add images to forum comments

I know there is a post about someone being unable to post pics in ible comments, but I am also having the same problem on the forum. I thought I'd start a new thread with specific problems I am having and what I have tried. If I click the add images button I get a box that says Add Images and Files from your Library, but does not show the images already in my library. Under that, I have three options 1)upload, 2) your library and 3)flickr import. 1)If I choose the upload button, I get a button that says Choose Files. When I choose a file it does upload and appears in the box and when I preview my comment, I can see the text and the picture yet when I hit post comment, the forum topic reloads without my comment. (I had thought it might be a delay thing, but my original attempt was made almost a week ago and still hasn’t appeared) If I choose the old uploader from the upload option, I get the file loading image spinning for a few seconds, then it just disappears but without the image being uploaded. – Actually it does upload the image but just does not display it on this page. When I go to my library from the me page, I find countless copies of the same image that I was trying to add. 2)your library – if I choose this option nothing changes. There are no images displayed even though I do have images in my library. 3) flickr import. Again nothing changes when I select this option. I thought that maybe the problem was with Firefox –(I have the latest Firefox running on Windows Vista) so I tried using Internet Explorer. Using IE, when I click add images, I get the image loading graphic and it says loading your library, but nothing else happens, the graphic just spins and spins and spins!

Posted by Twinmum 7 years ago

I can't seem to add notes to my photos

Hi I'm writing an Instructable, but I don't seem to be able to add notes to the photos. Every time I try it just hangs on the saving screen with the little wheel thing going round and round... Thanks! Graham

Posted by Grahamwithimps 7 years ago

Unable to use photos in the library in multiple different steps

So I am working on an instructable where I have a few steps already in progress, and in a new step I wanted to use a photo from my library that I had already used in a previous step. I had done an in-image box w/ caption in the first step I used it in that appears when I add it to the new step. If I delete the comment in the picture in the new step, it also deletes the comment in the previous step the photo was used in. I'm not sure if this is unique to the way the photos are stored, in that the comment boxed are stored with the photo. I'd much rather be able to use photos twice in different steps when they have the same information in the photo but I'm zeroing in on a different aspect of the photo. Should I just upload two of the same photo with different file names to overcome this or is there a way to use a single photo in my library twice? I'm working on a 2009 Macbook Pro Model 5,3 with a 3.06 ghz processor, in the Chrome Web Browser version 26.0.1410.43. I don't have a current instructable draft where this can be reproduced unfortunately because I ended up just using a different photo to get the instructable published on time for a commitment to a forum. Although it behaves the same in using the old photo caption when I brought an old photo in the library into a new instructable (Helpful Preferences for LectureNotes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1). I have attached a screenshot of an example image where it brought in the old comment to the new instructable. **Also is there a way to search the forum to find if this has been reported/asked before?? I'm very sorry if this is a repost as I couldn't search the forum itself.

Posted by milessthomas 5 years ago

Show me your best lightning strike photos

G'Day, We have just had quite a large storm roll through and I thought I would send you the best still out of the footage I captured. Attached is a photo of a lightning strike that hit a tree less than 100 meters away from me!

Posted by JM1999 3 years ago

Larger Photos in PDFs

I am a long-time free Instructables member and a brand new Pro member. Now that you have subscription memberships, would it be possible to offer in the PDF downloads a third image size choice (currently standard and small) of LARGE for those of us who would benefit from larger photos? That would be a fantasticly awesome feature that could be a Pro-only benefit. What do you think?

Posted by susyn 9 years ago

Take a Photo, Get a patch!

Hello Everyone. Some of you know me too well, some of you new people may have no idea who I am. After some time away from instructables for various reasons (partly because I have been helping with my local Hackspace in Nottingham) I am back with a vengeance. One of things I would like to start up again is my 'Take a photo, get a patch' monthly give away. As a site that revolves around the sharing of photos accompanied with instructions, photos are a big part of what we do. I want to help encourage creativity around taking them. The photography patch give away is simple. I set a challenge, you then have to go out and take a new photo, post it in the comments and you get a patch. You have until the next monthly patch giveaway to submit. This months challenge is 'Reflections' I recently posted a new instructable about a 'black mirror' here Find something with a good reflection and take a picture, try and get as little of yourself in the reflection as you can. Remember, every new photo posted as a comment gets a patch. Edit: Bonus prize of a 1 year Instructables membership for the best photo (chosen by myself) and a 3 month membership for the first person using a Claude Glass!

Posted by gmjhowe 6 years ago

Enter the Snap, Style & Share Photo Competition

Hey there. I'm the community manager for Pixlr. Wanted to tell you about a contest that might interest you.  We recently launched a contest that celebrates not just taking photos — but editing them, too. It’s a contest that’s perfect for students, but just about anyone between the ages of 13 and 24 can enter. We’ll be giving away some great prizes like an iPad, an iPad mini, and an Olloclip iPhone lens (among many others). The contest is called Snap, Style & Share, and that’s about all you have to do to enter: Snap a photo with your smartphone or camera. Style it in Pixlr Express to improve and enhance it. Share the before and after photos on the contest site — and anywhere and everywhere else that you think will give you a leg up on the competition. Everyone will vote for their favorite photos, with a panel of judges choosing the ultimate winners from a big batch of popular finalists. We’ll be tracking (and showing off) some of the top photos here on the Pixlr blog in the coming weeks, as well as some of the more interesting ones that catch our eye. Whether you’re a serious student of design, someone who loves exercising their creativity, or just someone with some great photos sitting on their phone from summer vacation, this is a fun and easy contest to enter. So, enter now!

Posted by supereric 5 years ago

How do I add tags to photos in my image library?

When I uploaded photos I didn't see an option to add tags (maybe I missed it?). Now I'd like to add tags to those pictures in my image library. Is there any way to do that? I found this forum topic from a year ago but I don't seem to have the link to add keywords when I get to an image's info page.

Posted by ModMischief 4 years ago

Flickr Import

When I click on the Flickr importer and type in my email address, I can press the button to get the photos but then it goes weird and seems to open another Instructables inside the first Instructables as shown in the image. I run Windows XP and the most recent Firefox

Posted by The Science Guy 6 years ago

I really need help making my first Instructable

I'm new here, and I am making my first instructable. It is a photo instructable, and at the bottom it says "The first image is the 'main' image". When i upload an image and go to the full preview, it doesnt show up! Help?

Posted by PoniesSwag 6 years ago

Can't upload Pics

Every time I try to upload a photo I get an error message and a pop up that says the image may have been corrupted. I will admit I'm not the most computer literate person. The only thing I could think of, is that the images may be to big, but I have resized them and still get the error messsage. Any advise?

Posted by PadiDiver33 6 years ago

I am frustrated with the way posting works in the forums.

I just spent the last hour writing a post in the forums, only to have the software delete the whole post when I attempted to add a photo to it. This is completely frustrating, mostly because I know it could have been avoided. Sure, now I've learned my lesson to save my post before attempting to add a photo, but what little I know of web programming tells me this minor disaster could have been avoided with a simple prompt to save what I had already written before adding the file for the photo.  I was very nearly done with the whole post and now I have to type the whole thing over or decide if it's even worth it to do so. I got up early this morning so I could complete that post. Is there any way the programmers for Instructables could look into an auto-save feature or a prompt to remind users to save their work before adding photos?  Instructables may be missing out on some very good content for their forums from people who don't feel like re-typing a lengthy post. Sincerely, GeekTinker

Posted by GeekTinker 3 years ago


I frequently upload images that look right to me, but that are rotated on instructables. Is it possible either for )instructables to recognize exif information or )for instructables to implement a rotate-r? muchos gracias! *

Posted by stasterisk 10 years ago

post your amazing pics here

Post great pics here so people can see and comment them. I'd watermark them first so people don't steal them

Posted by PiggyBacon21 6 years ago

Take a Photo, Get a patch! (my new monthly give away)

Some of you may have noticed that I stopped doing my famous 'Desktops of [current month]' Forum topics.  These few days of past, I may have bought myself three cameras, so it prompted me to think. Thus I bring you my new monthly forum topic, which I hope more people can get involved with than the Desktop wallpaper topics. Essentially, every month I am going to post a topic with a distinct theme. The task then is for you guys to go out and take a picture along that theme, and post it as a comment. This months theme is an introductory one -    Camera Self Portrait Go and take a picture of your camera using your camera. Make the most of reflective surfaces, and interesting techniques. If you own more than one camera I want you to use your favourite, because this is the first topic, think of it as a 'hello, meet my camera'. You do not have to be in the photo, so you can still take part if your conscious of putting your picture on the webz. Remember, the best camera is the one you have with you. I know that one of you could easily take an amazing picture with your phone, while someone with a nice Canon 7D could struggle to find a nice shot.  Every person who posts gets a patch!  Here is a picture of me with my Canon just after I had got my 50mm prime lens!

Posted by gmjhowe 8 years ago

Decorating with Photography...

Found this company, Juicywalls, online. They make custom designed wallpaper and canvas prints of really high quality (and pretty cheap, for the type of product). You can determine the precise size of the prints or measurements for wallpaper, which is great, but the really cool aspect is that you can upload your own photography for these products. It's high quality digital printing, so the image is super clear and sharp. They also offer an option for photographers to sell their work from their own site, with an application called the Walldesigner. You integrate the code into your website, and sell your photography, and Juicywalls makes the product, deals with all the customers, and handles the payment and shipping. Seems like a really cool way to either get your photography out there, or just do some cool, personalized decorating! The website is

Posted by nkelley5 10 years ago

Photos "by reference" ?

Is there a way to put a photo in a forum topic (or instructable, but mostly for forums) by including only a link to the location of that photo elsewhere on the net (this is how videos work)? When posting "look at this neat instructable-like things I found elsewhere" type entries, it's a pain to have to download the photo and re-upload it to instructables, not to mention the vaguely uncomfortable feeling I get WRT intellectual property issues...

Posted by westfw 10 years ago

I like the new "slide-show " treatment of photos!

Lira pointed out that there's a new sort-of-slideshow thing going on. It's in forum topics and Instructables. I like it.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

Take a Black and White Photo, Get a patch!

 Hello again. It's time for another photo contest! This month the theme is a nice broad one, just to get things going after the first one last month. Black and White This months theme is Black and White. Try and focus on those distinctive shapes and defined shadows that make black and white photos pop. Get into the mindset of what will look good when in black and white. A good contrast is normally a good basis for a black and white photo. Any black and white photo is allowed, digital or analogue. Nearly all modern digital cameras have a black and white mode. The one stipulation is that you have to go and take a new photo! Not just upload an old photo. The idea is to encourage you to take some new pics, opposed to showing off what we have done before. Attached are a couple of shots I took today! Every black and white photo uploaded gets a Patch! If I missed giving you a patch last month, let me know in your comment, and I will send you one of each to make up.

Posted by gmjhowe 8 years ago

Can't Upload Photos

I'm brand new to Instructables and can't even get a small icon photo to upload. The new uploader won't even respond at all and the old uploader will let me select photos but stalls instantly when I try to upload them. It will grind away indefinitely with no results. I even let it go for several hours on a small photo icon I use regularly with no results. For what it's worth I use Safari on a Mac runing OSX 10.5.8 Thanks, Hope someone can get me running on this. I tried the FAQ and found nothing relevant. Most of what I did find was 2007 & 2008

Posted by BrianJewett 7 years ago

Photo Arrangement

HI again.  You know, the new instructables page layout is really nice, no complaints.  But I really liked one aspect of the previous setup, specifically the photo arrangement.  I liked being able to place a photo anywhere in the I'ble that I wanted.  It allowed you to visually represent a specific thought without having to say "see picture 4", and then the reader has to scroll up and find the picture, possibly losing the context of what was being explained.  Is there a way to compromise what we have now with what we had then?   Any thoughts from other members?

Posted by Attmos 4 years ago

Night Photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

Jonathan Haeber shot some inspiring night photos of Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch. Haeber gained access to Neverland somehow and shot many beautiful photos which are available on Flickr.Apparently Jackson's 2,500 acre children-only amusement park was up for auction tomorrow due to a debt of $24 million that Jackson was carrying on the land. Luckily (?) it was announced yesterday that Jackson was going to be able to save the ranch from auction.What's this got to do with Instructables? It's easy to see from the photos that just about everything in the Neverland Ranch is custom made and tailored specifically for the needs of Jackson and the children. Such craftsmanship, so unique, so well executed - could Michael Jackson be the ultimate Maker?via Laughing Squid

Posted by noahw 10 years ago

Laser etching photos on wood

I am using an epilog 40 watt laser to etch photos of animals on 4 x 6 pieces of wood such as cherry, maple, and bamboo. In the final product the image lacks luster and the "wow" look I am wanting.  If anyone had advice as to improving the processing and post processing, please let me know.  If I need to apply a coating in post processing, please recommend one.  I tried Olde English but wicking became an issue and the image became too dark.   Any advice will be appreciated!

Posted by mjones0731 11 months ago

parsererror when trying to add photos

We have been trying to publish an instructable for my daughter in the toys contest (and time is fast running out as we have just got our internet working after a technical issue since yesterday!) and when we try to add a photo we get the following error message: There's been a problem updating your Instructable parsererror SyntaxError: JSON.parse: bad control character in string literal Any idea wha's causing this.. she has been working so hard on her entry and now can't submit it!

Posted by Twinmum 6 years ago