The phrase "You have no right": What's the deal?

Recently, I saw someone use a variation the phrase "You have no right to say that".  Location and who said that are not important.  Anyways, my bull detector went off, so I just decided to post this topic. For all the people who have used this phrase before, guess what?  They still said it.  The receivers of this skewered phrase obviously don't care if they don't have the right to say it, which brings me to this train of thought: Why do we call it a "Right"?  Most times people say it as if it was not a legal right at all, but matter of fact is, that most conversation on the internet is not really anything to involve cops or authorities in (Well, at least the conversations with the phrase I mentioned above), so why are we treating this as something straight out of the constitution or bill of rights or whatever? Offtopic: I kept the poster of the comment and the location of the comment anonymous for a reason.  It would be smart for him/her to not blow it with a poorly written comment. Why I posted this topic: There have been a bunch of phrases on the internet (some offensive with cuss words and whatnot) that don't make sense when you go by their definition, and I felt like ruining one of them.

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Coin a phrase, or one liner

Have you ever wonder were, phrases come from like  " That's what she said " or  "See you later.......not if I see you first" or "Well, there's your problem!" I think i may of coined a phrase, but of course I can't prove it  " Its funny cause its true"   I even heard it on TV the other night, I have been saying that for years. Anyways today after a student made a mess I gave him a mop and bucket and told him to clean it up. After 20 minutes I came back and he had managed to make the mess about 100 times worse. I was very annoyed with him and I was inspired to say  "Never send an idiot to do a job a monkey could do" Anyway there is, If it takes off I will now have proof that i said it first on 20 april 2016 So whats your favorite phrase or one liner?  Maybe you could come up with the next "That's what she said!"

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Should the phrase "all new" be hyphenated? Answered

Google hasn't been able to provide a definitive answer yet.  I've seen it hyphenated many times, but by the rules I can seem to find on the subject, they suggest that it probably shouldn't be.  Any grammar whizzes here who can help me out?  The sentence I'm looking at is along the lines of "go look at our all(-?)new website".

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A 8 or 9 letter word or phrase with no repeating letters?

I found a Alphabet Pal at a thriftstore for 1.50 and couldn't help buying it. There are 26 little boots on it each one containing a letter a-z. I am making a project that only needs 8 or 9 feet,but i was hoping to spell something cool out. It is a little bit of an odd creations so weird words are accepted. click on the link for a picture.

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Best. Phrase. Evar! Where did you first hear that phrase?

I first heard the "Best. (insert anything here). Evar." line on a remake of pride and prejudice. Char. A: "Best. Date. Evar!"Char. B: "You say that after every date."But in the last few years, and on instructables in particular, I've read the phrase much more often. I'm wondering if the ultimate source for the phrase was the movie or something else. I like etymology, what can I say.So anyways, where'd you first hear that phrase?

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Wonderful Phrase

From Your require pages is cannot open by blow Reason : Connect this pages through directly deep link

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What phrase would you paste on a five foot cannon ?

Exactly what the title is asking.

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Arduino Moon Phrase

Hello I am a 12 year old boy and recently got interested in Arduino. For Science fair I want to make a simple moon phrase displayer using leds, however, I could not find any projects simple enough for just a beginner. Also I only know the basic of coding giving me a hard time trying to understand complex codes. I would appreciate if there is a simple way to make the moon phrase displayer. Thanks in advance.  

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Search Engine

The web guys should write a search feature that counts the number of times a word or phrase is searched and then displays that value whenever that same word or phrase is searched. A separate page containing the top searched words or phrases could be added. A feature such as this would allow members to create instructables about topics in demand.

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What is the most humorous definition of the phrase "staple my biscuit?"? Answered

It just came up at work is all.... "staple my biscuit" Ready.... GO!

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Every body knows Adams phrase I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN or THERE'S YOUR PROBLEM Do you know some more? Give your opinion on them? Which is the funniest to you?

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lol im in ur computer tellin u 2 post ur phrases LOLCATS

I luv me sum lolcatz. I took this picture a while ago (mine has no caption) and I found these lolcats things on teh internets. Post ur phrases lol and heer iz sum examples.

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How can I create audio palindromes?

There are plenty of guides to writing phrases that are read the same backwards and forwards. But how can I create some phrases that sound the same when the recording is digitally reversed?

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lower case to ALLCAPS

Highlighting a phrase and clicking to bold is a nice feature. But whatabout those sites that only allow allcaps for emphasis? Is there a quick way to highlight a phrase sentence or paragraph, and click to change to allcaps? That'd  be quicker than delete+retype. THX.

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Well here you can say 1 random word (or phrase) that pops into your head.

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Opinions about "Food Porn"

Is that a phrase you find offensive?   No need to clarify your reasoning... unless you'd like to.  ;-)

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Crack the code, and win a patch! :EDIT:

Below is a picture of a phrase in a code, which I hope you don't know. There are several steps to cracking the code. The rules of winning the patch is simple. -Figure out what the coded phrase is. -Post it. -Win a patch from myself. Enjoy. :EDIT: Willard2.0 figured out the code. Expect an other (harder) code soon.

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How to paint "phrases" or just words onto wood without using stencils. The "phrases" appear antiqued or aged.?

I want to be able to use varied fonts so I dont want to use stencil technique. I don't think its air brushing I want either, I am not sure. I want to take a piece of luan wood and paint it and then add lettering to it. Like the vinyl cling-ons you can purchase for walls in your house.

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ørst electrical conductor? Answered

Ørst electrical conductor can anyone tell me what this is. Google no help. The phrase comes from a patent application:

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Where can I find a keychain-sized device to hash passwords?

Where can I find a device that can fit on a key chain or in a wallet (cell phones and graphing calculators don't count) and can perform a common cryptographic hash (like MD5 or SHA1) on a short phrase? I know there are proprietary single-use password generators and devices that store cryptographic keys, but I am curious if there are devices that use a well-publicized hash on the entered phrase but store nothing.

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Not Anagrams

We're all familiar with anagrams?Rearranging the letters of a word phrase, or name to produce a new phrase, using all the original letters and only once each.For example* "Ripley's Believe it or Not" - "Lively enterprise. Boo it"Or anagrams of a former US PresidentHowever, more fun are not-anagramsFor example*Tony Blair - Lying hairdresser.Richard Branson - Lucifer chinned racketeer.Peter Stringfellow - Tangerine child catcher.Do you know of any amusing "not-anagrams"?Not-anagrams should sound like anagrams, they're not clever or amusing if they don't(Original idea from Viz comic / magazine, years ago)

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Continue the story!

A few days ago, in registration, our form tutor decided to play a game! She gave us an opening phrase, and we had to say a word each going one after another! so I decided to do this here.RULESYou are only allowed to say one word, and may not reply to your own posts. You can reply to an opening, or make a new 1st opening. That's it!So the starting phrase is...One day, my friend Jim and I...Have fun, and I hope we get some interesting results!The Jamalam

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Silly, trivial question about titles for Instructables...

Is the prefix phrase 'How To Make...' superfluous when creating an instructable? Which is better?: "How to make Fruity Oaty Bars" or just "Fruity Oaty Bars"

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Does anyone know how to bypass 8e6 technologies internet filters?

I need to do research for a debate at school on gun control but it blocks the phrases guns and weapons.

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Venue dropping

Killerjackolope happened to drop this phrase into an otherwise unrelated thread:Oh by the way I'm going to be speaking in westminster abbey...Aside from the lack of capitalisation, we must ask ourselves... why? and to whom?Do tell, KJL...

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More club buddys needed!

We need more club buddys!(Sorry, my imagination just went dry and that is the only phrase that I can think of.) Does anyone want to help and does anyone agree with me?

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YAFR: Make "last post" a link to the comment itself

Since the I'bles database knows which comment was the most recent in a given forum, how about making the "last post" phrase in "last post by XYZ" a link to that comment? WITHDRAWN 14 Nov 2008: See my comment below.

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New Knex ball machine contest closed Winner: Purple Waffles

As some may know I have started a new ball machine. I'm planning to make it my largest yet using over 20,000 pieces.  Here's the contest: This will work a bit like hangman. You guys guess letters until someone guesses the answer and the one who finds out the name of the ball machine will get frequent updates on Skype or Email with pictures of the ball machine plus a preview on another project I'm working on. Shadowman39 will also be providing a patch to the winner (Thanks Shadow).  Two letters will already be given and spaces to fill in the rest. As poeple say letters I will add them to the phrase. Rules: You may only guess ONE LETTER per day. If you guess a letter that appears twice in the name then only one of the letters will appear. Some people who already know what the ball machine is called CAN NOT give away any answers in any way (I'm talking to you Shadowman39). You have to guess the whole phrase. you may not guess part of the phrase. Without further ado, let the contest begin! DRAGON   JEWEL Good luck members and happy guessing. :-)  Purple Waffles won the contest. Thanks for participating    

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Okay, so some smart-alecks have been bragging about the easy problem. Here's a harder one.(307438)x(450193473643)And another(I know, simple):IN: OUT:38 19043 215884012090nFind the pattern, fill 'em in, and gimme the algebraic phrase for N.Ha.

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Negative Google

There are ways and means of putting websites high on the results of a google search.Are there ways of dropping it down the list of a particular search, though? I am thinking particularly of the S-word - if one googles for a phrase that contains the S-word, this site comes out as third hit.So, is there a way to make Instructables less popular for that particular search?

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I need a simple way to program a batch file to emit a beep.

I basically need a simple way to have a batch file emit a beep when i want it to, say, after a phrase or pause. Is there a simple way to do that. I also need it it to be able to make as many beeps as i want in a row.

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looking for one of those squeeze toys that play a random sound byte. Anybody have any ideas?

I remember seeing one of these for Napolian Dynamite. It was a keychain that said random phrases from the movie whenever you squeezed it. I'm looking for something like this to hopefully make my own circuit with my own sound bytes.

Asked by Spaceman Spiff 9 years ago

First Word That Pops Into Your Head

So I saw this on Amazon, so I decided to start it here. One word or short(One sentence or less) phrases, please, and you may not post another time until someone else adds to yours. The word is(what a surprise)---- K'Nex Have fun!!!

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Things a plant would say...

I'm working on something fun...  We'll leave it at that for now. I need a nice, long list of things a plant would say to a human.  Humor and biology geekiness are welcome!  Patches to folks who come up with the most phrases or the best phrases.  Keep it PG though, ok? Here are some examples: "I think you should become a meatatarian" "So when are you going to evolve and run on sunshine, like I do?" "Gahhh!  Aphids!  Get 'em off!  Get 'em off!" "I'm thirsty.  Water Me!" "Audrey II is my hero." "No worries, baby - I'm organic!" "When you belch it's like a breath of fresh air." "My pistol is useless against insects!" "If you kill me, I think you should try a rock garden next."

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Arduino Wi-Fi shield

It is the second Arduino Wi-Fi shield board that i buy it and I have the same problem, after a period of work the shield stops working and shows a phrase " Wi-Fi shield not present " i don't know if it is hardware or software problem, please if anyone can help me because it is an important part in my master thesis.

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I can't understand Spanish grammar (and pronouns)

Given my native language's partial use of the Spanish language, it should have been easy enough (not counting the time it takes to expand my vocabulary), but no. All I'm aware of is that should you use some type of adjective, in Spanish, it would be the reverse of how we'd use it in English. I took that to heart, but as I find more and more of those common Spanish phrases, it seems that I'm missing something. Oh, and from the same phrases, it seems that the Spanish language also doesn't have too many fixed pronouns (e.g. "que" may be used as a subjective pronoun, or as a question "que?" or "what?"). I can't find a way to get over that. I just need some sort of direction to get over these issues. In the case that you didn't understand anything I said, that's because I'm listening to Eye of the Tiger :P

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Should Instructables titles begin with "How to..."?

I tend to write the titles of my 'ibles as if the phrase "How to..." was already there. Thus: Get Any Information... Knit replacement pads... etc. I notice, though, that most of the Burning Questions begin with "How to..." This suggests that people are searching using those words. So, should I change all my titles to start that way, or just leave them as-is?

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What for are these connectors on (older) Arduinos? Answered

On Arduino Duemilanove and some other boards (but not on Arduino Uno) there are four small plates near usb socket, numbered 4 3 2 1. On official photos they are just plates, but on my Hong Kong board there are male header pins instead. They are not mentioned in general texts about the board and I can't seem to know the right phrase to successfulli google it. What are these four connections for?

Asked by Libahunt 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

one way air valves (like on a football,basketball etc)

Looking for valves see photo (ok don't uploader not working) Well a valve that you stick an inflator needle into like on a soccer ball, basket ball etc. Need 12-50 or so. Anyone have a source? I've searched but no luck, it might be I just haven't phrased it right but... TIA Danneauxs

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How to Write & Submit Questions

I haven't been a member of this community very long but I've enjoyed looking at many of the posts and have learned a thing or two.  I also enjoy helping people by posting comments and answers to questions.  One thing that I've noticed is that a significant number of posters write very poor questions.   Not that the question isn't valid, but rather the phrasing or context is not clear.  Some of them remind me of the old programming axiom GIGO - Garbage in equals garbage out.  Posters don't get good responses because they didn't form a good question.  The curious would get much better answers if the questions were clear as to the information requested, the context, conditions, the desired outcome, etc.  One might start with the old "5 W's" (who, what, when, where, & why and perhaps how and how many).  A little extra effort in phrasing the question and perhaps some good manners (please & thank you) will result in better responses and more community participation.   Perhaps as a collaborative effort, would there be value in developing an instructable on how to write a question?  Not as a set of rules or a format, but as a general guide as to what information should be included.

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What is this song? Answered

Hello, I've been trying to track down this song for years but just cannot remember anything about it except: It was was two guys, one with a beard. It was very dreamy with a video in field with flowers.. It went like this...Baby, I spent a couple of hours something with the flowers and a something with you...on a beautiful day. It repeated this phrase quite a lot. I don't think that they had another hit after this. I had a feeling that it might have been Air but cannot find it in their catalogue. Anyhoo, wild guesses will be appreciated.

Asked by FriendOfHumanity 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Has anyone seen the online fridge magnet game recently? Answered

A couple of years ago there was a website where you could drag letters around, fridge magnet style, to form words and phrases to your heart's content. The snag was that others would be doing the same, pinching your letters, modifying your words etc. You could do the same to them. A brilliant time waster, but I can't find it now. Anyone seen it recently?

Asked by AndyGadget 9 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

What is the best way to make a very fine stencil?

Hello! I'm trying to paint text on glass, but the font I'm going for is rather small. I'm doing a lot of different phrases so cutting out individual letters from printed paper with take forever. Does anyone have a better idea for cutting our stencils that I'm not thinking of? I've thought of using a laser cutter, but I don't know what kind I need or how expensive it might be.

Asked by NunchakuMan 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Is there a program or plugin that will create a playlist to fit a specified time?

I'm looking for something that can create a playlist from a selection of mp3s to get something close to a given time slot. For example, I plug in 15 minutes, and it comes up with 5 songs that will play for a total of 14:52, or 6 different songs that play for 15:12. Does such a program exist? I tried Googling, but couldn't come up with a good search phrase. A plugin for WMP11 would be ideal (yes, I still use WMP).

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Instructables Needs Fall Interns!

Instructables needs interns for this Fall in the San Francisco area! We're especially looking for people to help us do community management and build cool projects. See the seedy under-belly of the site! Learn that "scalable community management" isn't just a silly buzz-phrase I made up! Help us make Instructables users happy. Please send a resume, cover letter, and any other useful information to iwannawork at instructables dot com.See all the positions available at Instructables.

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Random collection of trending search-engine-friendly phrases

Favorite service charges spam I can give a little advice? Most readers of this page are free to readers and English (or at least an American version), so it is for you to determine the loss of business at least a summary of physical skill hiring language Google Translate? Or, if you have an electronic transfer, the original text in the target language at least two or three instead of going through other languages. Otherwise your message to a random number generator, and online dictionary noise illigitimate offspring. I'm just saying ...

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Interstellar Movie Tars Robot

Hello! I would really love if someone could make me a replica of the robot from the movie Interstellar. My version of the robot can be much more simple. I have no need for a robot that can actually fix a spaceship lol. I would just like for it to be able to walk (in the movie the robot moves several ways - but one way is enough) and talk (only saying four or five phrases). The below link shows the structure pretty well. Can anyone make this happen for me?

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Ornament Patch Giveaway: Snowball Fight!

UPDATE: Giveaway is closed! Thanks for fighting playing! Once again, I'm going to be giving away some ornament patches to decorate your profile page. If you want a patch, post a new comment with a picture of a snowball and your attack phrase.  Check out my first comment below for an example. Never added an image to a comment before? At the bottom of the comment box, click "add image," then click "Choose Files." Pick your image and click "Upload" Snowball fight ends at 1pm PST! Get it in by then to get a patch.

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lazer following display help

I was wondering if it is possible to have an icon or marker show on a screen where you are pointing, as a screen displaying a camera feed and an icon to show where it is pointing. My initial idea is to use a laser pointer and an icon to show on the screen where it points by using the colour of the pointer.  I simply wish to see if its possible in one way or another and what methods there are. (not sure I am phrasing it right so apologies if I need to clarify it further) thank you for any information you can you can give me

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Library for easy alpha-numeric display on an LED matrix?

I'm looking for a library for either the Arduino or AVR line of microcontrollers, that enables easy display of scrolling text on a 5x7 or 8x8 LED matrix.  Here's what my requirements are: - The library should contain a table of common alphanumeric characters (alphabet, numbers, and maybe some symbols) - A function should call up any number of letters to form words or phrases, like this: Scroll(H,E,L,L,O,sp,W,O,R,L,D); - Once the function is called, the text automatically scrolls across the display - The function can be called from anywhere, like if/then statements, case statements, results of random numbers, etc. - Additional modifiers, like scrolling left or right, speed, and repetition would be nice to have but not necessary. I've searched the AVRfreaks forum and various Arduino forums, but haven't found what I'm looking for.  So far anything I've found is basically hard-coded bit-banging, making it difficult to change the text and impossible to store more than maybe 100 total characters.  My goal, with a set library of characters, is to have the ability to play back hundreds or thousands of characters, arranged as single words or phrases.  They should be as easy to change as typing in a new sentence in plain language into the code.   So, has anyone come across such a thing?

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