when is pi day? Answered

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how to make this RPI(b+) work ?

I have two rasspery py model b+ and when i make sd an put on it any os and put ot in two rasperry pi just one work correct and the other  one is stay the two leds green and red ON with or without the sd card and no screen kind of dead not do any thing no blink  and sorry for my errors in typeing

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what is the square root of Pi? Answered


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Raspberry Pi

Hey everybody!  Do you like pi?  More specifically, Raspberry Pi? Well I made this to you can get help, share ideas, and chat about it! 

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Raspberry Pi help?

Hey people, is there any way I can add usb or hdmi ports to Raspberry Pi? I sort of want create a Audio/video splitter out of the Raspberry Pi. In a way it'll be a advanced video ratio box.

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how do I install xbmc directly to the raspberry pi using only the pi?

I cant figure out how to get XBMC

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Raspberry Pi Category

Is it possible to make a raspberry pi category in the technology section? Due to the increase in projects and popularity with micro-computers, it would be great to create its own little category.  Any Supporters? 

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Pi day pie challenge question

Is this contest limited to edible, food base pies or can you make a pie from some other material, like say for example a felt, yarn or clay pie.

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Basic info on the Rasberry Pi

I heard that you can install Android on a Rasberry Pi. Could I get one and do that and be able to do these three things?? 1. Download apps and use them 2. Go to the internet 3. Listen to music Thanks!

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i want to callibrate a camera with an rasberry pi kit , to record an video or take contiue pics?

I am an beginner and am confused with which kit to buy for the pupose?

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how can i send camera view from raspberry pi to my own server?

I've seen lot of webpages showing how to access raspberry cam thru internet browser by using ip address of raspberry pi. And what i need is it. I can't my raspberry pi get own fixed ip address so i'm trying to make my raspberry pi send it's camera view to the server then i can access it thru internet. I'd appreciate any help or comment.

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Hi all looking at getting involved and getting a raspberry pi finally http://www.amazon.co.uk/Raspberry-Pi-Desktop-700MHz-Processor/dp/B00LPESRUK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid;=1407694298&sr;=8-1&keywords;=raspberry+pi is that the one I should get? I plan on getting it with a case and wifi adapter thanks map

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raspberry pi in portable DVD player

Hi! i have an old dvd player that i dont use. i would like to know how i would go about of turning it into a mobile raspberry pi. i dont care for the DVD playing ability. i want to hard wire the PI directly into the player without using actual AV cables. anyone know how i could go about this or have any links for this? thanks

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raspberry pi touch screen

I have this touch screen http://www.seeedstudio.com/depot/bmz_cache/f/fab0724a7d0b1839477e9cbfa903f165.image.300x225.jpg is there anyway that i can hook it up to my raspberry the screen works on my ardino uno

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projek FYP

I want use raspberry pi to to my projek FYP , hv any suggestion simple but intereating

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How do I upload a guide ?

I want to upload an image tio Pi guide.

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How to Remember Pi!

This nifty poem I created is called a "piem", a pi poem. I only made a poem for the first 10 digits, but you can make more. For example, the first word has 3 letters, representing the # 3. The second has 1 letter, representing the # 1. et cetera. Here is one I made up:    For a week a broke belittled he person aided all. Notice the coinciding #s: 3     1    4    1    5          9        2       6         5     3  -->  3.141592653 --> the first 10 digits of pi.

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Raspberry Pi Composite?

I have built the Ben Heck portable Raspberry Pi.  I had it working, but then I bumped the case and after that, the video will not start up.  My wiring to the monitor is all still good, and I know that it is getting power.  The only thing is, that during the bump, the video data and ground cables may have shorted.  Could this have caused the problem?  Whether it did or not, can anybody please help me fix it?

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Want to make small heated wire with Raspberry Pi?

OK, so here is the details. I am playing around with thermochromic pigment that changes colors at 92F I want to use a very thin wire to heat parts of it for a few seconds at a time. I have a Pi 3 and a portable battery that can supply 2.4A and 2A at 5V. I would love to power straight over the GPIO (max of 16mA per GPIO or (50 or 60mA across multiple) on the Pi but powering it from the battery (or another battery pack) and controlling with the Pi would be fine too. Any ideas? I currently trying to see what it would take to heat something like this https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000FMYBMQ/ref=biss_dp_t_asn

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Channel Suggestion

There are Channels for all kinds of things from Art to Food to Laptops etc. I think a new Channel dedicated to Raspberry Pi would be brilliant! There's one for Arduino so why not RP?

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Raspberry Pi 24/7 Panda Cam

So I'm trying to make a birthday present for my girlfriend and something for her new apartment. She loves pandas and loves to watch the 24 hour live panda cams at the Smithsonian National Zoo. So I came across the idea of using a raspberry pi and a digital photo frame monitor to give a live feed of the pandas 24/7. Only problem is, I didn't realize Rasbian doesn't support Adobe Flash and there's no way to view the feed. Does anyone know if ARM Linux would support the feed. Or have another completely different take on a way to tackle this project? I want it pretty seamless so all see has to do it plug in the power supply and maybe an Ethernet cable and the rest be taken care of with a python script or something similar. I program for a living as well have a degree in Electrical Engineering so even if its complicated let me have it. I appreciate your help. Thanks!

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head set help!

I need help with my headset, its just a little microphone and speaker, but when i put it in the headphone port, it doesnt read anything on voice recorder thing. Help please

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Raspberry Pi Philippines

Raspberry Pi Philippines

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happy pi day!

For me, maybe not for you it is pi day today!march 14 is pi day (3/14)check out these links for more pihttp://www.vvc.edu/ph/TonerS/mathpi.htmlhttp://pi.ytmnd.com/http://www.ballandclaw.com/upi/pi.50000.htmlhave fun :Pedit: okay, maybe you didnt know this yet but pi day was over a month ago now!

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what cool projects can a raspberry pi be used for? Answered

Just wanting to get an idea i get my pi in february

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Free Raspberry Pi?

I can't afford one currently and i thought it wouldn't hurt anything if i asked the community of makers if they had a extra raspberry pi to give away or if they had a raspberry pi model A that has been replaced by the model B.

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Raspberry Pi

Hello everyone I wanted some suggestions from the users of raspberry pi on where to start after getting the raspberry pi. I've searched the web and found a lot of things, but they weren't exactly beginners friendly. I am upgrading from an Arduino to a Raspberry pi and the difference between them is enormous. Arduino seemed a lot more welcoming and easier compared to Raspberry pi. So do you guys have some tips or places to start from for me? Any help is appreciated. Thank You

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Can anyone recommend a good Raspberry Pi case?

Hello! I am looking for a good Raspberry Pi case for a project.  I will be selling it so it needs to look smart, be highly robust and not be expensive.  Any recommendations?

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how do I get to the rubbish bin on a raspberry pi with wheezy OS?

Getting to the rubbish bin is a must for me because I want to dump it

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The Sounds of Pi

This is a rather interesting website... It converts the first 10,000 digits of pi into sounds.Here is the website!It will come up with some keys. You then select a note for 1's, then one for 2's, then one for 3's, and so forth. It's hard for me to explain, just give it a shot. There are instructions on the website.

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At a stand still in my Raspberry Pi project. Help?

So I have been posting a couple questions concerning the raspberry pi and things related to it lately and I have trying to keep it vague because I'm attempting to build something with the pi and I don't know if it has been done before (it probably has and I just haven't found it).  Anyway, I want to make a rear view camera in my car, like newer model cars come with.  But i Have run into a few problems and i need the great people of this website to help me be able to figure these things out.  The problems: 1. I want to hook up the pi to the power supply in the cigarette lighter in my car, so that when the car turns on, the pi also turns on and boots up.  However, I want the pi to boot up and automatically open the camera preview function (with the Pi Camera Module) upon booting up. I do not know how to do this. 2. The display connection.  I want the display for the camera to be mounted to the dashboard somewhere, but the Pi, with the attached camera module, would need to be in the trunk somewhere, looking out to the rear of the car to actually function as a rear view camera.  So, I would like to connect the display to the Pi wirelessly and I'm not sure if that's possible.  I've seen a few boards and shield that you can mount on the Pi to enable wireless connectivity, but I'm not sure if that would work for a display. My display was originally going to be a screen i salvaged from an old laptop, to keep the price down low, however i have no way to connect the screen to the pi.  So now i figured I'd just put out the money and buy a touchscreen display. So please people help me figure out how to solve these problems, and keep in mind I'm fairly new to the Pi and programming. Thanks in advance!

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Is this possible with the Raspberry Pi?

So I have recently purchased a Raspberry Pi and I finally go the time to mess around with it a little bit.  So far i have only installed the NOOBS software and have downloaded the recommended Raspian operating system, and have been using it as a desktop computer.  That is all I have done so far.  So I have an idea of something i want to create with the Pi.  I also have the camera module for the Pi and I'd like to put it to use.  I would like to have the Pi, with the camera module attached and operating, in one location, with a monitor of some sort, possibly a cell phone or just a display i would purchase, and have the camera wirelessly send the video feed to the monitor.  I'm assuming this is possible because i have seen instructables on here where people use the Pi to make security cameras. My idea is similar, just none of the ibles i found quite hit the idea on the head.  So, i guess i'm looking for someone to tell me if this is possible, and point me in the direction of how to go about doing this, or if there are any ibles on here that are exactly this that I have missed. Thanks

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How do you make a bluetooth remote shutter device?

Hey everyone, I’m new here so go easy and forgive any ignorance on my part! I want to create a simple Bluetooth command button that can connect to a Raspberry Pi Zero W. I’m looking at 2 options: 1. Adapting an off-the-shelf Bluetooth smartphone selfie button – but how can this be integrated to capture images from a Raspberry Pi and attached Pi camera? 2. Create from scratch a small remote control with a single command pushbutton that transmits over Bluetooth – which components could this work with this to connect to a Raspberry Pi? Can anyone help at all please? Thanks!

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mirror cell phone to comp or other similar device

Does any body know if a company makes a device that can wirelessly display your phones information on a small monitor or lcd device. My thought is to replace my factory GM radio with a raspberry pi and have the Pi have a "live" view of my cell phones screen for GPS google play RDIO etc.

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Arduino or Raspberry Pi?

Well I am a 16 year old High School student interested in engineering and things of that sort. I recently took an engineering class at my school and was thoroughly pleased with the concepts. My father is also an engineer, and would like me to dive deeper into these sorts of things. Being a long time Instructables  user I came here to seek guidance. Most of the Instructables of recent times have used Arduino and/or Raspberry Pi. I would like to learn more about these tools and what they are used for. Which one do you think is better, easier to use, and/or faster to learn.  

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will a motorola lapdock 100 work with the raspberry pi?


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How to make a DIY headset display and camera? Answered

Hey everyone, I’m new here so go easy and forgive any ignorance on my part! I’m looking at creating a rough and ready binocular headset with a Pi ZeroCam NoIR camera, connected to microdisplays for each eye interfacing through a Raspberry Pi Zero W.  I’m hoping to be able to view the camera feed directly through the eyepieces and later I’d like wirelessly video stream or transfer captured images over to a separate CPU through the Raspberry Pi if possible. I can’t find any microdisplays that might be suitable - so can anyone help me find what I’m looking for or provide some guidance please? Thanks!

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how do I make my RCA DRC69702 monitor powered by a dc/dc converter ? Answered

It has 9-12V at 2.5A max input, what kind of dc to dc step up converter do I need? I will use it from my raspberry pi's USB to the converter into the monitor http://www.amazon.com/RCA-DRC69705-7-Inch-Screen-Mobile/dp/B002RCDKVK

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Why am I getting following error message when I try to edit my published collection?

I'm getting following error message when I try to edit my published collection. I don't get such error while trying to edit draft collection. Something unexpected happened! If the error keeps occurring, file a bug report!

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RPi2: OSMC Terminal Issue

I am trying to make some changes to OSMC through the terminal, but there is an issue with the login portion of it. When I quit OSMC, and wait for the boot screen, I hit Esc, and it goes into the terminal. Next, the login. I enter "osmc", then its to the password. But, it refuses to let me type anything in when I get to this stage. If I hit enter, it tells me that my password is wrong and then it goes back to prompting me to login. After about 15 seconds, it just continues to boot into OSMC. Why on earth will it not let me enter a password, and how do I fix it?

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How do I stream H264 from Raspberry Pi to Paspberry Pi?

Doing a college project in which we need to stream live footage from on Pi to another over a network. We are using two Pi B+'s and the Pi Cam. We have no issues connecting the Pis, it's only the streaming that we have difficulties with. There is nothing that we've found yet that works and we have tried a lot. It would also be helpful if we input to a terminal at the same time but that all being hidden because we need to control servo motors too which are already working. All inputs and displays need to be on one Pi and the other Pi is connected to the Pi Cam and servo motors. We have heard that a common video from for the Pi Cam is H264 it doesn't have to be that if better options are available.

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Dell Inspiron (works...ish) for raspberry pi

Will trade a working black dell Inspiron for a working raspberry pi of any kind.the dell runs windows Xp but has no keyboard and is unhinged.Pictures by request.

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can I use a 5V 1A 6600mA battery on my pi and it be fine? Answered

Https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11360       Will this battery work for the raspberry pi and the CD/DVD drive?

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Calculating Pi using simple JavaScript

One day I was bored and wanted to calculate Pi for myself. After finding out the Leibniz formula for Pi. When it is solved for Pi one gets: Pi=4/1-4/3+4/5-4/7... And so on since it's an infinite series. Since one can see a pattern that can easily be defined I concluded that a simple program using a loop could be made. I decided on using JavaScript for its ease of use and use a for loop. The program I made at first was mainly: var Pi=0; var n=1; for (i=0;i<=1000;i++) { Pi=Pi+(4/n) n=n+2 Pi=Pi-(4/n) n=n+2 } Where the variable "Pi" is the value of Pi, "i" is the number of times the loop is repeated, and "n" is just a variable to help in the formula. This I however found could further simplified to: var Pi=0; var n=1; for (i=0;i<=1000;i++) { Pi=Pi+(4/n)-(4/(n+2)) n=n+4 } Of course the more times the loop is repeated, the more accurate your value of Pi gets, and while 1000 may seem like a large number, the value of Pi which it calculated is wrong after the 3rd decimal point. I've had it repeat over 100,000 times and it gets more accurate, however, remember that making the number of repeats can slow down and even crash your browser (I speak from experience). If you want some ready made scripting, then here's some scripting I've made which lets you easily control the amount of loop repeats. It is based as an HTML document: //Made by Masterdude var c=0; function Calculate() { var c=prompt("Enter number of cycles:","0"); if (c>0) { var Pi=0; var n=1; for (i=0;i<=c;i++) { Pi=Pi+(4/n)-(4/(n+2)) n=n+4 } alert(Pi); } else { alert("Canceled or Error in input: Input must be positive."); } }

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Which model of Raspberry pi should I buy? Answered

I want to buy a raspberry pi. My budget is about 30$ (Rs.2000 INR). And there is not any specific project for which I want to buy. Also I’m beginner to this. So 1) Which model should I buy? 2) Where can I find raspberry pi at lowest price? 3) Any kit available in this price range?

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can I use a usb hub from rockband 2 for my raspberry pi? Answered

I will be getting a raspberry pi soon and i am wondering if I can use the Rockband 2 hub for Wii for my raspberry pi

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Removing USB from the Raspberry Pi?

Hey guys (and girls),       I'm working on a TOP SECRET ;) project with my Raspberry Pi and size has become an issue. I would like to know if removing just the top USB port from my Pi will cause issues. I only need one USB port anyway, so if I cut away at the top one (without destroying the other, or other parts of my board) will my Raspberry Pi function the same? I saw a site (http://www.oliverjenkins.com/blog/2012/6/changing-usb-socket-on-raspberry-pi) where a guy had all sorts of issues removing the whole thing, but I just want to remove the top one. Thanks in advance!!

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