Help Identifying A VERY Old Vacumm Tube?

I recently got a 1920's RCA Radiola 60 Tube Radio , and when I was servicing it I kinda accidently dropped a tube and the vaccumm seal broke and the glass broke. on the side of the tube it says "Philco H 5" it has four pins two bigger two smaller. Here are some pictures of it for reference.

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Is there any danger associated with sawing the glass tube off the neck of a CRT picture tube?

I had an idea to saw the glass tube projecting off the back of a CRT picture tube (the part that has the pins on the back and surrounds the electron guns) that I have lying around and put it in a plexiglass case or something cause it would look cool.  I need to know if there are any dangers in doing this that remain after the obvious things such as discharging the tube and breaking the seal on the back of the neck.  I do know that the screen is coated with a phosphor that is not good for you but this should not be an issue because i am not going to be working with the actual screen part right?

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plastic/metal tube branding?

I am looking to brand my own products for my store. The products are small tube batteries about the size of a sharpie's body. They come in two materials, a plastic/rubber material that is difficult to scratch/dent but has a soft feel and the other is a stainless or anodized metal. I see two possibilities for branding but need help figuring out how to accomplish the desired effect. 2) I transfer my logo onto the tube by rolling it over a stamp with an ink/epoxy of some sort ( *magic ink* product unknown)\ 3) I get decals printed/made and transfer them onto the material. I don't know much about decals or permanent printing liquids, and would like to hear from you what you think! Please check out the attached picture as well

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Go Kart Inner Tube Size Answered

The inner tube on my go kart recently broke, and when I took it out of it's tire, I saw a large "3.50-4".  I also saw a small 78 on the opposite end of the tire, a "DDD" between the two previous mention marks, and a "D" by the valve. What do these markings mean and how can I find a correct replacement? Photos below picture the previously mentioned makings respectively.

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Animatronic hand help! Is this the right tubing? Answered

The instructables member Tannatraad  made an instructable on how to make an animatronic hand. ( and it is made using the black wire encasing tubing found in cars. I bought some, but mine has a slit running down the whole side. The picture shows exactly what kind of tubing it is (ignore the clear tubing.) Is there a simple fix, or do i have to go out and buy the right kind of tubing, if what i have won't work. 

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Make a bike out of polypropylene tubes

What do you think about making a bike out of polypropylene tubes? Yes, that ones that you use for water in your home. Here is a picture if you don''t know what I'm talking about: Obviously the design won't be like normal bikes. It will be more reforced. My questions are: 1-How wide the tube needs to be? 2-How I joint them? I want to do the frame for an electric bike. It will be a lot lighter than welded steel. Thank you. Regards.

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Any ideas what to do with network tubings?

I got my hands on hundreds of meters of network tubings last year, thinking I could use it for SOMETHING (have ten times more than on the picture). But I don't get any ideas!!! :-( Should I melt it? Into what? Should I build a statue? How? Could I make art of the tubing? What kind? I'm completly dry, pleeeaaase help... Would appriciate if you would send pictures to your ideas! :-) Thanks!

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Need help to Embed and Auto play a You tube Video in a Picture or Comment

Need help to Embed and Auto play this video in a scammer comment 

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Custom tube engraving/printing/branding

First post! I was on Google looking for a good forum to join and am glad that I thought to see if instructables had one :D <3 I am looking to brand my own products for my store. The first products are electronic cigarettes, there's a couple pics attached. The products are small tube batteries about the size of a sharpie's body. They come in two materials, a plastic/rubber material that is difficult to scratch/dent but has a soft feel and the other is a stainless or anodized metal. I see two possibilities for branding but need help figuring out how to accomplish the desired effect. 2) I transfer my logo onto the tube by rolling it over a stamp with an ink/epoxy of some sort ( *magic ink* product unknown)\ 3) I get decals printed/made and transfer them onto the material. I don't know much about decals or permanent printing liquids, and would like to hear from you what you think! Please check out the attached picture as well

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Micro K'nex Killer Kobra roller coaster

This is Killer Kobra, my first tube-supported coaster, and I want you (the people of instructables) to help me with the layout. So far I have made the lift and a drop. Now I need you to choose what I should do next out of the options below: option 1:Loop option 2:Zero-G roll The last two pictures show a loop and a Zero-G roll. After the first 7 comments are posted the element with the most votes will be added to the roller coaster. Check back for Updates on what I should do next.

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Why are my instructables picture for steps different sizes?

Would someone take a look at my instructable and tell me why the pictures are different sizes in my instructable steps?  I would greatly appreciate any help resolving this bug.  Thanks in advance.

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In a vacuum tube, are the anode and the cathode connected in any way? Answered

In the wikipedia article, they refer to the cathode as a filament, which I thought was a bit odd. The only other filament I'm familiar with is in a light bulb. I was reading a book about vacuum tubes earlier, when I looked them up in wikipedia searching for a diagram: vacuum tube. Basically, a vacuum tube is a capacitor with a vacuum as the dielectric? Does a vacuum tube retain a charge? They seem to have the same principle: anode, cathode, dielectric. In a way, a battery seems to also be similar; the difference being the galvanic process involved. I attached a picture of a Daniel's cell from back in the day.

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How can I make a TV CRT Monitor Picture Tube Degaussing Coil? Answered

My TV was stored too close to large speakers, and hence, a very distorted display. Also, any easy way to magnetically shield the speakers? (12" subs, three way mids/highs... floor standing cabinets 3' tall?)

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K155ID1 chip showing low voltage between decimal pins and power supply. Is the chip bad? Answered

Hello, I turn to those who know probably a heck of a lot more about this than I do.  I've been trying to build myself a nixie tube clock, and everything has been going fairly well. I recently got the driver chips in the mail which convert BCD -> Decimal in order to hook the nixies up to a digital logic system like an arduino. I'm using a 12 V -> 180 V switching power supply for lighting the nixie tube. It is connected to ground on a computer power supply that I'm using to power the entire project. The 5 V rail on the computer power supply is connected to the Vcc pin of the K155ID1 chip as shown in the picture. I've connected the ground pin on the K155ID1 to the common ground of the computer power supply. I have nothing connected to the A, B, C, or D pins on the driver chip, which from what I understand should be the same as inputting the BCD number 0000 or just 0 in decimal. If I'm inputting a 0 as my number, the chip should output a 0 in decimal. From every single datasheet I've seen talking about this chip, that should mean that pin "0" (as shown in the picture) should become effectively grounded, and assuming that the "0" pin is connected to the 0 digit on the nixie tube, that should connect the nixie tube to ground, which should allow 180 volts to flow through the nixie tube, causing it to light up. Unfortunately, this is not what happens. In fact, nothing happens. Nothing happens no matter what pin on the driver the nixie tube is connected to. The only way I can get the nixie tube to light is if I connect it directly to ground, in which case, it lights up very nicely, but obviously that doesn't help with controlling it in any way. I took out my multimeter and measured the voltage between the 180 V supply line of the nixie tube and the pins of the driver chip, and every single pin (except A, B, C, and D) show a voltage of about 80 volts, which is not enough to light a nixie.  My question is, is there something I'm missing? I would think that the chip was bad or that I popped it or something. Heck, you could fill an electronics graveyard with all the chips I've popped over the years. But I've rebuilt this setup 4 times now, and I've attempted this following multiple schematics, and even switching the chip out for a brand new one 5 times. Each and every time the result is exactly the same. Either I'm overlooking something huge, or I just happened to buy 10 dead nixie driver chips. Thanks, in advance for any input!

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need help transfering propane

I am working on desighning an airsoft "noob tube" or grenade launcher, and plan to make a modular fuel/payload combo as shown in the picture. my only problem is I need an efficient way to transfer propane from my tank, shown in picture, to the assembly.

Question by the mechanical engineer 8 years ago

Wiring NES Controller to NIX Digital picture frame. HELP!

Hello All, I am a new member to hack-a-day and was wondering if people had input into a project that I am working on. Basically what I want to make is a portable portfolio viewer that is a bit more quirky than what I have seen thus far. A lot of people are presenting on Ipads and the like... not fun enough. I want to wire an NES (original nintendo) controller to a digital picture frame and add a rechargeable battery to make it portable. As for the frame the most cost effective that I have found so far is Nix Digital 10" there are cheap battery packs available on amazon but they seem kind of wimpy...only 2 hours.;=askville-20&linkCode;=xm2&camp;=2025&creative;=165953&creativeASIN;=B00145CUJY And the NES Controller I have a bunch of. Also a battery indicator would be a nice plus! if any one has a successful nixie (or other lower voltage numerical tube) tube battery indicator method I would be very interested in reading about that. I attached an image of the wiring I would like to accomplish Any input about this project would be awesome. I am not as experienced in these kind of things as a lot of the cats around here just enthusiastic about figuring this out. Any help is appreciated! Cheers!

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What does a &quot;Q Multiplier&quot; do? Answered

I recently picked up a Heathkit HD-11 "Q Multiplier" for free, and I can't figure out what it does. I did some research online and figured out that it was used somewhere in older transmitters that had low IF frequencies. Unfortunately, I don't understand how I can use it. Also, I was confused because it only contains one tube, a 12AX7. The strange thing about this tube is that it is not suitable for radio frequencies because of its high miller capacitance. Everything appears to be intact and when I plug it in, the tube lights up. My questions are "What does it do exactly?", "What can I use it for?", and "Should I keep it, or take the parts out and reuse them?". My camera is broken at this point, so I can't post any pictures. Please help.

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Looking for specific tubing fittings/fasteners. Do they exist and where can I find them? Answered

 Hey guys, I'm looking to design a project using Nylon Flex Tubing ( The project design, as I have it in my head, calls for two fittings/fasteners that I can't seem to locate. The first is a fitting that will allow two pieces of tubing to cross over each other at a 90º angle. (First Image). The other is a simple series of fasteners that run parallel to each other to hold multiple pieces in place. Ideally, I need 6 channels. (Example, Image 2). Please let me know if you have specific links to or names for these types of fasteners. If you find the fasteners will not work with the type of tubing I've selected, please note that. I need tubing which is white translucent and quite flexible. Thanks, guys!

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Here is my Knex tube fed, shell ejecting BM shotgun. It was fed off tube feeding shell bullets, which were three grey spacers taped together with a white rod on the inside. It fired white rods only 30FT with two bands. It held 5 shell loaded rounds which ejected where a real shotgun would. The way you'd eject the empty shell would be to press the button in pictures 7 & 8, it would automatically load in another shell waiting to be fired. Ram rod powered. Built for engineering creativity, not looks! It was a fantastic little gun. There are no more pictures, the gun is no longer together.

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An idea for an alternative cloth wringer

I'm thinking about a new design for a cloth wringer like function. A product that will squeeze your cloth from water. Not pointing out any imperfections from a generic cloth wringer shown in the first picture but its just a thought of designing a new one since some say that the current mechanism of a cloth wringer doesn't do the job effectively or there is a separate need for a bucket for it to be attached. Anyway, the design I'm thinking of is to solve any problems that is experienced by a normal cloth wringer.I'm thinking of a new design that would include a tube that would let you insert your desired cloth and a separate cloth absorber that would absorb the water when you squeeze the tube. A picture of a tube would look like the second picture (taken from the internet, youtube aa product called "Easy Squeezy" by Vitility). However its mechanism isn't the same as the idea I have but its physical appearance is kind of the same. I can't make a new one since I still don't know how it would look like based on the mechanism I have in mind.The Easy Squeezer's mechanism includes two separate tubes and you'll need to insert your cloth inside the inner tube and close it by another tube. Then you'll need to apply a force directly into the tube so you'll be able to squeeze out the water from your cloth. As shown from the youtube demonstration video (Link:, an idea came up and the mechanism I have in mind is you'll need the tubes just like from the "Easy Squeezer" and a separate absorbing cloth (preferrably a microfiber one). Then, you'll need to roll your wet cloth along with the microfiber cloth and insert it into the tube. After you've inserted the two rolled clothes into the tubes the mechanism would allow you to create a twisting force into the tubes and ultimately squeeze most of the water from the wet cloth while preserving an uncreased cloth. Which is illustrated from the fourtth picture. Generally, you can do the twisting yourself even without the tubes but it would take a great effort to squeeze and make it a tedious job when you're going to do it for a large amount of wet clothes. The mechanism I have in mind is for the tubes' ability to translate a larger torque (or twisting moment) into the tubes while only having to exert little force. However, the problem is I don't know how to start in the design. Any ideas and suggestions on how to improve?

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Light Up Umbrella, Hydraulic Cardboard Arm, Easy Digital Picture Frame

Light Up Umbrella Hydraulic Cardboard Robot Arm Easy Digital Picture Frame Adaptive Kayak Paddle Galileo's Bicycle Amazing Coffee Cup Vases Flower Origami Ball Paracord Bracelet and Watch Band LED Test Tube Lamp Rotating Convection Sculpture Musical Tensegrity Structure Human-Powered Light iPhone Guitar Connector Playing Cards for the Blind Belt Sander Table Mount

Topic by randofo 8 years ago

What is this!!!???

Hi everyone! Someone gave me a small electric project and one of the part is now broken:( Its part of a heart beat monitor... there was 2 tubes like like plug into the machine.  How the machine worked ;  When you were touching the 2 tubes with your hands, its automatically started to pulse light (in the 2 tubes) It then synchronise with your heart beat. Now, I cant figue out How a kind of neon like this could DETECT AND GLOW at the same time?!?!?!  The two output connector ARE SHORTED TOGETHER!  And the big question is: WHAT IS THIS part!! i would like to replace it. It doesnt look like a neon, not even a lamp! so...??? I think its a kind of laser diode inside. You dont see very well on the picture, but inside the white ring on the top of what i think maybe is a laser diode, is empty, theres a hole the rest of the white glass tube is empty. Its the top part of the tube (dont see in the picture)  is broken.

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joystick wireing ? Answered

Hi , i need to wire a small joystick extracted from a toy remote control. It is life a ps2 joystick. it is working with 2 potentiometre. if you can make a picture It will be very nice

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Animatronic "Skin"

Hello, I am making an animatronic tail, similar to the one pictured below and I am not sure how to go about covering it so I can put the fur on. I am thinking that some type of rubber tubing (and what kind of tubing) or nylon/mesh stretchy fabric, but I am worried about glue seeping through the fabric and onto the moving parts. What do people use for this stage of their project? Help!!!

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Please Help me Identify This Material

I want to use this material to make something, but I cant figure out where to get it. Does anybody know what the flexible metal tubing in the pictures is called and where I can get it?

Topic by evangill 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Rocket Launcher

I need ideas for the firing system for a rocket launcher. I have some pictures of what i have built. But i do not have a firing system for it yet. Any ideas would be appreciated. This is a knex rocket launcher that used the Air Ball Tower tubes.

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Is it reasonably possible to build my own torsion springs? Please see details and picture? Answered

the actual coil of the spring could be no larger then 1/2" as it would need to fit in to connecting tubes with an i.d. of just a bit larger then 1/2"  The 2 ends would need to be around 3/4 long, if that makes sense.  It would not need a ton of strength as it would be bent by a small gear motor.  The only catch is that it would be under tension for potentially extended periods of time, 5-10 minutes.  I would be needing around 15 of them, perhaps a few more for any whoops that should occur.  So, if it is a long process it may be easier trying to source out on ebay.  I am on the extreme side of rural so it not simply a trip to the hardware store.  Any ideas would be great, thanks.

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Has anybody attempted this project before?

I got a 1952 RCA console TV I have Gutted the old CRT and chasis. I am going to replace the CRT [ TV TUBE] with a computor monitor and a cable box. I'll drill a front door peep hole viewer in front of the cable box IR sensor for remote control. I make a new custom trim plate for the new " picture tube" and I would like to use the old 8" speaker. Monitors have a more square shape than LCD TV's which is closer to the round tubes of the fiftys. Using a cable box would allow me to place the Peep site where I want it with relation to the cabinet.

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soldring question. can i solder steel to aluminium?

is it possible to solder a round 8 mm aluminium tube to a 1,5mm steel plate. i tried using glue but did not holde...? see picture,. are there some weld that may woork??

Question by sabladask 8 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

does this work out?

Production of light with low energy  for this take a long tube with both ends open.Now place a one way mirror in such a way that light passes from outside to inside and the other end with a colored glass except red [primary colors].before this just fill it with active medium or the elements used in laser[make sure that this medium emits any color other than red on exited] Then send red laser light into the tube for few seconds if my guess is right the tube will give a colored light outside Now let me explain it when the red laser light first enters the tube it makes the active medium in it excite and release a colored light along with the red light this passes all through the tube and at the end the colored glass [the same color which the medium emits on exciting] will send the emited light through it and reflects the red colored light back and the process keeps on going as the first one way mirror even reflects the red light back. I have a picture of laser active medium and one way mirrors.           So,energy is consumed only for the first production of light for minute.

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Light Tube, Skylight Ideas. Free 1 year pro membership to my favourite comment.

Hi Instructablers, Maybe you can help me with a little project I'm mulling over at the moment. I'm thinking of building a skylight to direct the early morning sunlight into my dark, west facing bedroom. My goal is to make something that lets me wake up naturally as the sun rises. I've done some quick research on what is available for sale in local hardware stores, and all I could find looked pretty ordinary and was very expensive. Ideally I would like to catch light from the eastern side of my roof and direct it through a light tube to the ceiling of my bedroom. The distance would be about 4-5m with a couple of bends. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make an efficient light tube? Flexible mirror lining a tube? Optic fibre? Light pipe? In case that's too easy, the next challenge is a bit more fancy. I'm imagining a slim light tube running down inside a wall, from the roof space to a translucent panel made to look like a picture frame or window. It would be a lot like having an actual east facing window. Keep in mind that I'm a complete cheapskate on a tight budget. All ideas are welcome. Mad or Mundane. Crazy or Crafty. Barmy or Brilliant. I have free pro memberships for my favourites. Cheers, Cammers

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Lloyd's Model E340 Series 255A

Look at this old calculator I bought for like $2 at a church sale. I just got around to taking it apart and it looks like a Nixie tube for the display, whatever it is, it's definatly sealed glass. I can't get any pics of it powered up srry because some dumb fart must have left dead batteries in there, I couldn't figure out why it wouldn't work with fresh batteries. Well I figured out, look at the pictures, someone never cleaned the battery acid out of the inside and it ate away at some of the PCB So I wanna know, can I like hook this tube/display up to my computer through the serial port or something?? It's got 9 digits. Sorry for the sh*t pictures :(

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Circuitry for lighting

Hey all, I have never really done much circuitry to this date, but I was hoping to make a fairly complex lamp that may require a good dose of it. What I'm looking to do is wire four cold cathode tubes (12V, the kind that are used to light computers), as well as two LED lights with arduino based flicker control, and run them off of a wall socket? The pictures are a (very) rough sketch of the setup, as well as a supply list. Is there any way someone could explain what this might require to me in baby terms? All the best, Adrian

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Fixing a handheld shower head? Answered

Hi all, The metal casing connecting the shower head to the tap has come away. The rubber tubing is still in perfect condition,  with no leaks. What sort of product could I use to rejoin the two pieces of metal? I've included a (lowres) picture to clarify things a bit. Many thnaks in advance!  Jason

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1/2" OD Square Tube Coupler/connector/corner for cold frame

Hi, I've picked up a fair amount of 1/2" square tube that's used in closet systems - supporting the wire shelves.;=d94ddeca8805b06f5f7339b629c7270df34a2b26&hei;=245&wid;=245&op;_sharpen=1&qlt;=85 I'm looking for some connectors so i can make some frames. the link below is a coupler for round tube, but i've got square tube pictured in the link above. I' making some cold frames and will attach single pane glass panels, or some opaque corrugated plastic (just like cardboard,  but its semi-transparent plastic). I don't have a welder so i can't weld the frames together. I'd like to get some 3-way connectors so i can connect a vertical piece and two lateral pieces to make something like this: or even something like this: i also would like to have something like this swivel connector to use for the opening top window portion: I can't seem to find any square tube couplers/connectors anywhere on the web (except for some that are in the UK) that are less than $5-$10 each. Has anyone else had a similar need, or know of a solution? if i made the drawings in ketchup, could someone reading this post 3-D print them for me to test/prototype??? thanks, Mac

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MIG Soldering Iron Concept

The plan is to modify a existing soldering iron remove the tip have a small nozzle at the front (made of a thick disk of metal, drilled with a normal bit until a small hole is poked, thus making a cone nozzle)(thinner than what i put in the picture, because the taper should be 45 degrees) the area where the tip is screwed in to will be where the solder liquidfies a hole will be drilled above that for a flexible copper tube to guide solder in the tube will be heat sinked so the solder only liquidfies when it is near the chamber the solder will be feed with some sort of unreeling mechanism or something that is controlled by a button the feed will be guided to the copper tube via another sort of tubing the pressure of adding solder will force the liquid solder out the nozzle the goal is to have a tiny drop of liquid solder, small enough for average through hole soldering, come out with a press of a button. flux should be applied before. does anybody see anything wrong that could happen with my concept? does anybody have other ideas and suggestions? had this been thought of before?

Topic by frank26080115 12 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

How to use tv board with monitor?

Hi. I have a t.v set whose picture tube has gone dead but its board ( I mean t.v kit )is in full working condition.Now i want to attach this TV board with monitor so that i can use my monitor as a Tv screen.Is it possible ? If yes, then how? Thanks.

Question by hasham awan 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

I have a 32&quot; Sylvania TV that the picture went all black. Does anyone know how to fix it?

It is a 32" Sylvania and it started getting dark a while back and kept getting darker and darker to where it is all black screen now but the sound still works. Does anyone out there know how or what I can do to fix it on my own as I'm not able to take it in to get it fixed. I am hoping it is a part that I can just replace so it would be a great help if someone could help me. Thanks to all who can help. Model # 6432TD 2003 year Model If you need more info please ask. big and heavy old style. I think it has a tube but I'm not sure. It looks like an over sized monitor.

Question by madrasi 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

2 free Fly back transformers and a SCR

I have one 300 AMP 1200 volt  SCR that I want gone!  I want $25 for it  . I am willing to trade it for crystal radio parts or small vacume tubes . I have two modern flybacks also if anyones interested sorry! dont have pictures

Topic by inductionheat! 8 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

My monitor screwed?

I've got a 19 inch flat screen crt monitor hooked up to my mac. And when I play my music really loud, the image almost shakes like it would if I had the stereo hooked up to the power bar with it like it used to be. The stereo is on it's own breaker right now, but is it doing that from the actual vibration of the picture tube or is it dieing on me?

Topic by Punkguyta 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

transformer for neon light

Hi- I have a couple of transformers for some neon lights I got at a place going out of business. I'm never going to start bending/blowing glass so if anyone else has need of the transformers (or the tubes of glass!) I'll be happy to give it away for the postage. Call if you want pictures or have questions. 813-541-2137 Terre

Topic by terrefirma 3 years ago

How to tighten a nut on a threaded rod from the side, through a hole in a hollow tube?

Picture a threaded rod, with a hex nut on it. The rod is inside a hollow tube. You move the nut down the rod by inserting an outside hex wrench into the hollow tube from the top. But what if you only have access to the rod from the side, through a hole in the tube (which is fixed and can't rotate around the rod)? Is there a way to tighten a nut down a threaded rod from the side through a hole in a tube? Context: the application would be a grip for a fencing weapon. The base of the blade of a fencing weapon turns into a threaded rod (the tang). The bell guard (metal disc to protect your hand) has a hole in the middle, and is inserted onto the tang. The standard grip is a straight tube-ish thing (usually solid except for a hole the diameter of the tang). You stick the tang through the central hole in the grip. Then you stick a nut on the end of the tang (which just extends beyond the end of the grip) and tighten the whole assembly down. Some special grips are curved, which means that you have to bend the tang in a curve to match the grip first in order to fit it onto the tang. Another kind of grip is straight and hollow, with a plate with a central hole over the end butting against the bell guard, to give the nut a surface to press against, and the tang is cut much shorter than the grip, and you tighten the grip with an outside hex wrench from the back end of it, as I described initially. The advantage is that a shorter tang weighs a lot less, and the weight savings can be really good in fencing. I want to combine the advantages of these two types of grips- a curved grip, which is hollow and lightweight, with a tang that is shorter than the grip itself. Obviously, it would be impossible to tighten the hex nut through a curved grip, hence my question. 

Question by KattB5 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Does anyone ever do stop motion anymore? I know I do

I was looking on You tube and I saw lots of stop motion and I really wanted to know if anyone on this site did any more stop motion. They are really awesome!!Please if anyone has the will to make a group for stop motion please do so.

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How to create a safe DIY Snuba Apparatus

My Idea so far is to use an air pump (maybe one similar to the one that pumps up inflatables?) is to feed air down a tube to a modified snorkle mask with a 1-way valve going in, and a one-way valve feeding just into plain water.  The air pump would have filters and a catalytic carbon-monoxide filter/converter (w/ small heating element) in the tube leading down to the mask. The idea is that there is always a fresh supply of air running through the mask that there could be no deadly build-up of bad gases within the small area.  Included is a picture of how I envison it (minus the lame Microsoft Paint drawing skills).

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Tesla's teleforce machine?

Okay, it has been forever since i asked a question. SO, i was wondering if some one could explain Tesla's teleforce machine (a.k.a. Tesla's death ray machine). Also i was wondering where i could find the full schematics of Tesla's teleforce machine, all i can find is manly 2 pictures and a whole lot missing.

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the adventurs of our gerbils there cool.

Here are some pictures of my gerbils they had a litter of 4 about 2 months ago they killed the other three named bill, socratice he was cool because he was white, abrahm lincoln, one we have left is Dave. thees are the gerbils in the pics. Palpatien the dad, A.J. the mom she has a boy name lol ,and Dave the baby. On August /1/ 07 they had another litter of 3 once they get there fur we will name them, this topic is getting big. well in the next few pictures the babys have now had there fur for about three weeks ,but I was to lazy to post some pics for a while. pic 17 the two white ones are named ed because we cant tell them apart lol I haven't rely tried yet though pic 18 same pic 19 same pic 20 I want it pic 21 I'm a cute one pic 22 this is my card board tube pic 23 never give a girble toilet paper tubes they will burn them.......not its fake. pic 24 a new power dave used last night.

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How can I Find help to repair an old-time AM Silvertone radio and the best place to buy tubes for it?

Maybe you can help me. I live in Kobe, Japan and am trying to restore a Silvertone 6327 (1947) radio (American). Recently I tried to replace the electric cord that plugs the radio in to a wall socket (the line cord). In doing this I soldered the "radio" ends to two terminals on a 35Z5GT tube. I then plugged the radio in. turned it on, and waited for it to warm up. At first the radio simply made a low humming noise even when I tuned it across the dial (no reception). After about two minutes the 35Z5GT tube briefly lit up and then died (like a "nova"). I'm afraid I may have done something wrong when I tried to attach the new cord line to that tube's terminals. I need to find someone who knows about repairing such a radio to see what the problem is. I want to do this before I replace the 35Z5GT so I don't just keep burning it out (which may happen). Do you know of any such radio repair shops in the Kobe/Osaka area? By the way, I know the radio works as I tested it before I did my "repairs." Also I would like to know is there a source of old tubes anywhere in Japan so I don't have to have them shipped from America? I have read the instructable on how to restore old-time radio; it was very good! Maybe the author of that piece can help me. Below is a picture of the radio from the Web (mine doesn't look quite that good. Thanks for taking the time to help me on this if you can. Bob Austenfeld

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Microwave Oven Transformer Stack

This is my Microwave Oven Transformer stack. It is currently current limited using a heater. There is approximately 10 36 watt 4' fluorescent tubes in a string around my garage that I am lighting with the MOT stack .My MOT stack contains 4 Microwave Oven Transformers connected with their outputs in series and their inputs in parallel. They are mounted on plastic cutting boards. I am using threaded rod to hold the layers in place while the PVC pipe covers the threaded rod and it also supports some of the weight. The output of this is approximately 8800VAC at 350mA The Input voltage is 240VAC Thanks for looking, Please comment and remember to rate if you like it! Just say if you want any pics of a certain thing, e.g. the MOT stack arcing to wood/metal etc. (I will try to get more pics of it arcing soon but it is hard to use a camera that has like a second delay before it takes the actual pic from when you press the button, stupid camera) ********************************************************************************************************** Edit The new pictures are of an arc between two carbon electrodes. The other pictures are of 12 fluorescent tubes connected in series but arranged in parallel so you can see them all

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What is a moldable material that can be drilled into?

Hi all, I'm a student working on a project, and i've run into a bit of a problem finding a material such as an epoxy or resin that can be molded to fit a groove, and be drilled into once dry. I have a plastic rim that I would like to fill in the grove where the inner tube would normally be. This picture is similar to the rim we have.  If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. 

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Identify OLD Electronic Components!

So today, i found a VERY old radio, it was the size of a cabinet!it had;some 2 12"s (the voice coil diameter is about 1.5")2 horn drivers!120v transformer, 30Vac 3 Amps, 5.5Vac 6 AmpsAnyway, i pulled some transistors (not vacuum tubes, which was what i was hoping for) out, and i need to identify them! and find the data sheet tooThank you in advance!Update;The last picture, those are npn transistors with hFE of 300

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