Heyy! i tried to set miii uploaded pic as miii persona thing(so ppl can c miii) but it wont let miii wat do i do?

Posted by s3xiigurrl 10 years ago


Why can't I see the extra pictures on each page.  I get the main picture but if there are extra ones underneath that picture, when I click on them, they do not show up.  Is this because I am a free member?

Posted by rocdenindy 8 years ago

No pictures on RSS feeds on my Yahoo home page

On Sept 17th I noticed the several Instructable RSS  I have on my Yahoo home page don't have pictures with them, just white where the pictures should be. Is anyone else having the same problem?

Posted by foxwoodfarm 6 years ago

Can't add pictures to my library?

Just joined like 5 minutes ago, and I'm having trouble adding pictures to my library for use as my display picture. I browse the images, select them then click update, then the page updates but it keeps saying my library is empty. Help?

Posted by Tibboh 10 years ago

Using Pictures That Are Not Your Own

I didn't think it was okay to include images pulled from the web in your own Instructable.  I'm not planning to either way, but it seems to be acceptable.  Could someone clarify?  Thanks!

Posted by annahowardshaw 7 years ago

Why do instructables pictures never work as they are supposed to?

Anyone else notice the two javascript errors written into every instructable? Why has nobody fixed this? One of the errors is a simple problem of someone forgot a '}' but the other error is a more annoying one. 'imageSpot is undefined'. The upshot for my old computer, as well as my other newer home computer, is that images do not desplay correctly. I can see the thumbnails, but clicking on the images does nothing. Its extremely infuriating to read a great instructable, complete with lots of images and not be able to see the details on any one image! Why has this not been addressed! Just define the damn variable, and fix the bracket and we can all read instructables in peace. Thanks, -Mike

Posted by CoolMike 10 years ago

Drifting pictures

Paid for pro. Can't use site due to drifting pictures. Not happy

Posted by erkle01au 3 years ago

Uploading pictures

Hi, I seem unable to upload pictures for a step by step instructive. IPad 2

Posted by ppinny 5 years ago

How do I control which picture is used as the 'cover' picture

When you do a search for instructables each one in the list has a picture. How do I control which picture? Right now it's my last picture, but in other instructables it's the first picture. 

Posted by landmanr 4 years ago


hey guys tryed gettin some pdfs but no pictures will come up help

Posted by chicochan 8 years ago

Can't See Pictures

When I logged on now and click on some instructables in my box I couldn't see the pictures in the instructables. I Can see the ible's thumbnail but when I go through to it I only get the text and not the pictures. PLEASE HELP!

Posted by MegaMetal8 7 years ago

Flippin' pictures!

I REALLY dislike how the pictures now flip past on the website. As soon as I see something I might want to look at, it changes and I get something else! Grrrr!

Posted by JAGGIE 7 years ago

I can't see my slideshow pictures after publishing them but other can...

I can't see my slide show pictures but others can...

Posted by smidge147 9 years ago

Unwanted Pictures keep showing up in comments

Ok, so i was joking around with gmjhowe on Kiteman's orangeboard, and i posted a picture with a comment. then, i forgot to post the smiley that indicates it was a joke, so i did. The picture i posted in the other comment showed up in that comment. I posted some more comments to test, then a few apology comments, the picture showed up each time. I never posted the picture on purpose i have included the picture in question, and have asked kiteman not to delete the comments for your view.

Posted by DJ Radio 10 years ago

stolen pictures

Could somebody help me to contact this site which (unless I missed the credits) passed my ible's pictures off as their? Links to contacts and Google plus seem not working to me... Thanks!

Posted by andrea biffi 5 years ago

Instructables with the best intro picture

Which Instructables have your favorite intro pictures?I'm partial to:'s-Dice-Cube/

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago

No Pictures when Viewing Instructables Emails

For some time now the emails I get from Instructables have been missing the pictures associated with each project.  Instead I get a placeholder graphic that will not resolve to a picture.  Right-clicking the red cross provides options to Copy, View Source etc.  but not to view picture.  I am using MS Outlook 2003 to view emails.  Any one else using this mail client and having / not having problems? Any solutions?

Posted by Timbergetter 1 year ago

Pictures in comments

Hey guys i have found a bug with this website. I have found out that i cant click(site wont let me)on pictures in comments to make them bigger. This is a huge bother to me since i build the things in those picture comments most of the time. Um i hope this helps the admins fix what ever it is going on here.

Posted by silentassasin21 8 years ago

Pictures are acting weird?

Whenever I click on a photo on a instructable it will pop up on am other page instead of the box.  This has never happened before to me.

Posted by iApple guy 6 years ago

Can't Upload Pictures

I can't upload pictures for my instructables. I am going to Detroit on Saturday, and I would like to finish my instructable before I leave so I can enter it in the USB contest. However, I cannot upload pictures. I don't get any error message. I have a mac computer. Thanks, and please help! 

Posted by splazem 7 years ago

Famous Guitar Pictures

. I've noticed that there are several guitar players on here, so when I found these pics of famous guitars, I thought y'all might be interested.

Posted by NachoMahma 11 years ago

Picture comments

Alright so evidently the buttons to view next / previous pictures have been enlarged, not that big a change but it does screw up some of my work; with some of my ibles I use a small comment box to indicate what number picture is being viewed. Now these comments fall beneath the previouse / next buttons so you cannot hover(mouseover) to view the text....... if you cant refer to a picture number it gets confusing rather quicky when confronted with large amounts of text. if any solution can be given other than redoing all the comments please help!!

Posted by knutknackebröd 4 years ago

Uploading Pictures Error

Hi, Today I tried to make an instructable and I was unable to upload any pictures. I tried a few different kinds of pictures with different extensions and still nothing! This is the error I see: Creek.jpg (258.21KB) - IO Error Also can anyone tell me how to delete drafts of instructables? I only see the edit and publish.... Thank you ahead of time! :)

Posted by cheeriokate 5 years ago

How do I view full sized pictures on instrucables?

Can someone tell me why I was able to view full sized pictures when I first visited this site, and no I can only seem to get thumbnails on the instructables? Thanks!

Posted by brush126 10 years ago

I can't delete pictures in my image library even though they're not being used, but it saying that they're being used.

I cant delete/remove a lot of pictures in my image library because it said it's being used, even though I know they're not being used at all. I need help...

Posted by NATIVEBOY 5 years ago

how do you upload a file

How do i upload pictures to put them on my step by step instructable?

Posted by popizack 5 years ago

All Pictures not showing

None of my pictures appear when I enter as myself When I enter as not logged in , everything works fine When I enter in a Tor browser everything works fine This tells me that images are being actively blocked to my IP Why is that ? If you are trying to teach me a lesson then please say so not hide behind the door and throw s**t like cowards The operating system and browser are irrelevant as this is IP specific

Posted by tytower 3 years ago

Images did not post with my new Instructable, why?

I posted an instrutable and used pictures from my Flickr account and also from my computer.  The pictures did not show up in my posted work.  The files were listed before I posted the final work, but no images showed up.  What is wrong? 

Posted by s1mp13m4n 8 years ago

Does Pro Account Allow non-users to view small pics?

Does signing up for a pro account allow non-users to view the smaller pictures in each step without signing up? Jeff

Posted by laboratory424 9 years ago

Image notes

I have found a little bug that is very frustrating to me. The issue is with trying to see the image notes from an instructable. I have noticed that when you hold your cursor over an image, a box comes up that has the name of the step that the picture is on. The problem is that this box covers up the image note that I’m trying to read. I have to move the cursor off of the picture and then hold the cursor on a part of the image that does not have any notes until the box shows up, then go to a image note to read.  Fixing this issue will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by shaggs31 8 years ago

Animated GIFs

My cover image is a animated GIF and it works fine on a PC.  I tried to view my instructable on an iphone and ipad.    It doesn't animate at all on the Iphone app unless I click on the image.  It comes over as a fractured picture on the Ipad app.  Has anyone else had the same issue? Here is the project.

Posted by mtairymd 2 years ago

Specific error in trying to post image notes

When I try to post notes on pictures in Chrome on Mac, I just get the perpetual spinning wheel. Notes were working for me in Firefox, but today when I tried to add a note, I got this error over and over: error 400 -- invalid json: { top: 0.22568093385214008, left: 0.692, width: 0.24, height: 0.14591439688715954, text:Mmm. Note the focus, the concentration... the enjoyment. } I tried putting the note in different areas of the picture, but nothing helped. Maybe it's comma related. Aaargh, this grammar thing is killing me. I'll report back shortly.

Posted by susanrm 7 years ago

Not crazy about the new picture layout.

It's been a few days now & I've viewed quite a few things in that time both on my laptop & mobile and having given it some thought and a few days to get used to it I have to say that the new picture layout really does not tick the boxes for me. I can understand the desire to improve the layout where possible & I can understand wanting to show off the pictures at their best but it has been done at the cost of ease of use of the site. it works fine on 'ibles with only two or three pictures to a step but what seems to have been forgotten is that many 'ibles have a large number of pictures to each step meaning that the viewer has to scroll through all the pictures before getting to any text then scroll all the way back up again to refer to any pictures being described, on some 'ibles this may not be a problem but on many others I predict it will. The reason for the change has been given that "We wanted something that emphasizes your images in a format that is a bit more contemporary." which is all very well but I feel that the end result may well be that many images get overlooked altogether in an effort to get to the actual text of the 'ible & some 'ibles may simply get clicked away from because viewer's get tired of scrolling through image upon image to find out just what the 'ible is really about, I know I have already been guilty of this on at least one occasion in the last few days. I guess if the layout remains members will have to bear this in mind & decide on that basis how many images they will use but I can see 'ibles that have large numbers of images particularly in the introduction getting fewer repeat visits than when we could simply click & choose the images we wanted to view in greater detail. If I were able to choose between the old layout & the new one both to view & create 'ibles  I'm afraid I have to say that based on what I have seen over the last few days I would choose the old layout. i appreciate that HQ is constantly looking for ways to improve the site & a lot of hard work & thought is put into these things but on this occasion for me at least it has had a negative impact.

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 6 years ago

New "Contemperary" Layout of Pics Doesn't Quite Work

On I devices, such as the iPad I am using currently, the new picture layout gets messed up. I can't quite describe it but it takes a while to load, and if you tap certain pics it opens up another window and sometimes takes you to the users profile page. I would highly appreciate, along with others, if there was a option in the profile (like the option for all steps on one page) to be able to switch to the older version. I myself liked it much more than the new layout, because I can choose which picture I want to see, and not have to see them all. Thanks! MackeFeet

Posted by MackeFeet 6 years ago

display problems

The top and bottom of the screen are completely jumbled up and unusable. I also can't view images. The thumbnails are there, but the larger photos wont show anymore.

Posted by mcd76 8 years ago

Is there a limit on the amount I can upload in picture files?

I am working on an 'ible for the camera & photo skills challenge. I have 27 files I wish to include in it & want to show the better ones in all their glory & in some cases not so glorious faliure. To this end I would like to upload them without reducing the files size any more than would be done by simple cropping. I know many sites limit the individual file & total flie set size you can upload so before I upload about 15mb of pictures I would like to know it that's the case on Instructables. Does anyone know if there is such a limit in place? Thanks in advance for your input folks.

Posted by Nostalgic Guy 7 years ago

Is this worth the effort?

I've been playing with CorelDraw and Paintshop Elements on some of my past 'ibles. Was it worth the effort? Should I similar images as the Introductory image for future Instructables?

Posted by Kiteman 10 years ago

How to put pics inline in a step

I must be missing it, but I was wondering how to add images in line with instructions in an ible. I tried the standard HTML command [img][/img] and it didn't seem to work. Any advice would be fgreatly appreciated! Thanks Jeremy

Posted by jman 31 8 years ago

Images in the Instructions

To whom this may concern, an administrator or another customer/user of this site, I have a free account, and i know that i can't do things like download pdf's, though i didn't have a problem going through each page and read online, though now, i'm unable to see the multiple images concerning each section of instruction pertaining to the demonstration of the instructions, My questions is: has the free account been demoted by taking away the image viewing privileges?

Posted by thewildnative 6 years ago

What's the best way to organize your photo library?

I've only posted 2 instructables but have over a hundred photos. Is there a way to make folders in my library? I saw the FAQ on Tags but I'd rather not have to scroll through many sections to get to the ones I need. Also... If you clean out your library, will it delete images from your instructables? (Are the images from your instructables always referanced back to your library?) Thanks! Mikey

Posted by Mikey D 10 years ago

post pictures of your drawings

Ill start with mine ( so far)

Posted by Malhecho 7 years ago

Unable to drag pictures and steps

Windows 7, google chrome. I'm unable to drag (change the order)  of pictures or steps. Is anyone else having this problem?

Posted by bajablue 5 years ago

Pictures not uploading!

I cannot seem to get my pictures to upload succesfully! i need help. anyone kno whats going on? They dont even show up in my library!

Posted by zjschafer 7 years ago

Adding tags to already-uploaded pictures

Is there a way of adding tags to an already-uploaded picture? I have a few instructables, and I hadn't bothered to tag the pictures I uploaded to include in them, and now there are getting to be enough that it's hard to find the one I want. Can I add a tag to a picture that has already been uploaded? How?

Posted by jdege 9 years ago

How do i orgonise all my pictures in my album

How do i organise all pictures in my album into groups. i have some for one project and i have single pictures of other projects i have made. thanks

Posted by shedevil74 6 years ago

No longer able to to open pictures as original size.

Since the new update the little white box in the corner of a picture is gone. Therefor I am unable to open a picture in what ever size I want. Whether it is 48 by 48 pixels or 3000 by 2000 pixels. Please either show me how to open them in this way, go back to the original picture setup, or add an option to allow us to change it back to the original picture setup for ourselves.

Posted by tytiger33 6 years ago

Help me choose a picture for my "Simple Egg Custard" Instructable

I have published an instructable called "Simple Egg Custard." I took three pictures of the final product and it would be great if people help me choose which pictures looks the best, most pleasing, and yummy :)

Posted by jen7714 8 years ago

Problem with pictures in slideshow.

I am having problems posting my slideshow. I added all of the pictures to my slideshow and none of them will show up. I think it has to do with the format of the pictures (.JPG) but I do not know if there is a difference between .jpg and .JPG. If anyone knows why please help me.Here it is if you want to see the problem for yourself.It WorksIt is happening again!

Posted by n8man 10 years ago

Not able to upload pictures with both uplaoders

I'm using chrome on a windows 7 64bit. When I try to upload images and click the "choose files" button nothing happens or opens. Then if i try to use "the old uploader": I can select images I can click upload after upload I get an empty upload view and no uploaded pictures because I couldn't upload pictures I've uploaded them to imgur. I have this problem also when I want to upload a new profile picture.

Posted by geo bruce 2 years ago

I need all the pictures of the Instructables Robot.

I'm hoping to make a stuffed equivalent of Robot so I need lots of reference pictures. Have to get the shape right. I know there are forum topics, and I've found most of those, but where else has he shown up? :D I'm also wanting to make some stuffed versions of the Little Big Planet characters, so if you have any pictures of that feel free to post them as well. ;)

Posted by jessyratfink 10 years ago