IIP !!!!!! (Instructable In Progress)

I'm in the process of constructing a new instructable! Check It OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! https://www.instructables.com/id/EK254QIFIPPIKIW/ BTW its a Pirates of the caribbean diorama

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How do you walk on water in pirates of the Caribbean online?

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how do i find /pirates of the caribbean/program/interface/ in potco on a mac?

I need to find /pirates of the caribbean/program/interface/ then in that  find interface.c if somebody could please tell me how to do that i would be so happy thanks

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How do you do the flying glitch in pirates of the Caribbean online/potco on a mac?

PLEASE!!!! only answer if you have something helpful!!!!!!!!! Any good information is appreciated. please... only answer with a positive comment!

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What to do with random stuff?

So I have lying around the following items: An rc car (all the components work, i just shorted out the battery, and they don't sell replacements here) A DVD player (The motor that spins the DVD around burned out, I tried to replace with a motor that was the exact same size and everything, and now it is behaving funny) a satellite box (it's good, we just cancelled our subscription, so they took our antenna) an lcd screen that I too from its casing (BTW, how do I tell which pin is which (I have a multimeter, but it doesn't really help in that matter)?) A Linksys wireless router (including the wall adapter) An old phone ( look here: https://fjallfoss.fcc.gov/oetcf/eas/reports/ViewExhibitReport.cfm?mode=Exhibits&RequestTimeout;=500&calledFromFrame;=N&application;_id=89654&fcc;_id=%27LJPNSW-1NX%27) A Pirates of the Caribbean alarm clock that is supposed to project the time onto the wall when you push it down. A dismembered remote from a different remote control item (I only have the remote for that one) A fishing reel that I haven't been able to put back together Miscelleny av wires, wall adapter, other wires So where I am going with this, is, what totally awesome machine can I build with this stuff?

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