piston valve? Answered

What is a piston valve and where i can get it ?

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An Electronic piston

Please guys I need a small 12 or 24 volts  device  that can give me a forward movement when it's powered on and backward movement when it is off or vice-versa. Just as pneumatic pistons work, but I need it to be electronic. please help it is very urgent. thanks

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Solar steam piston?

Right. Still hung up on this whole solar energy thing I've been looking into steam but it all seems: complicated, dangerous, expensive, and all kinds of freakin hassle. I think this is largely because people working in this field now are just trying to plug solar energy into where the fire would normally go, but in many ways light is a lot more versatile, and this might take a complete rethink. So, after twenty minutes of ill-informed and distracted thought, how about this: Two or more pistons, each with a little bit of water or other fluid. Base is thick glass, both attached to a shaft or gear to generate rotation. Concentrated light (like 6 kW worth, or whatever) is shone in through the base of one piston. The fluid vaporises and the piston expands. When it's fully extended the light beam flips over to the other piston. That one starts expanding while the first one starts contracting. you might have some sort of heat sink which is oly applied during the contraction bit. This would be fairly low speed, but should generate a fair bit of torque and would be really really simple. Someone just stole my patent, didn't they?

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Piston jump boots

I dunno if you have ever seen this guys 'rocket boots' (not really rocket powered) but they are sort of neat. They do not get the same results as simple mechanical leaf spring sort of moon boots I see, but the concept is pretty interesting for those of us who are fans of combustibles.  this is a video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w7s-tnzPZ3c article http://www.technovelgy.com/ct/Science-Fiction-News-Comments.asp?NewsNum=740 Now my question: How would you improve this sort of unimpressive piston powered boot? I was thinking if one could double or even triple the chamber size of that piston, or use multiples of them, maybe use a more potent combustible than gasoline.

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What are some createive ideas for an old piston?

My shop teacher gave me 2 old pistons from a tractor and told me make something creative outta them does anyone have any ideas???

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false piston: how the hell do I make that?

Hello Instructonauts, I have a bit of a problem. I need to make an object with a piston like action. This wouldn't be such a big deal if I could actually just use a piston but I can't. I need a method for creating a piston movement of a cylinder inside a tube so the device moving the piston cannot be any wider than the piston. I considered pneumatics but that would require supplies I do not have and have never worked with. Does anyone know a way to make this object?

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i want to make a double piston steam engine to drive a toy car/truck/tank. how can i do that? Answered

Hi my name's Scott I made steam boats with my father for the bath when i was younger(the simple syrup tin with holes, a candle and of course water.) and now since i taken time off from school i need something practical and educational to do. I wish to make a steam powered toy r/c car approx. size of xbox 360. I not going to worry about the r/c just yet. I've seen instructables on making steam powered toys but they were all ready made steam engines, i would much prefer to have satisfaction of being able to say i made most of that with the assistance of the more intelligent of my species here on instructables. thanks

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Need piston valved gun experts

I just built a big piston valved spud gun. I can't get it to fire. When I release the pilot valve no air even comes out. The piston is sealing though. I think it might be theres not enough air in it. I charge it using a 1.5 gallon compressor at 100 psi. The chamber is 5 foot of 3 inch tubing. I don't know why no air even comes out of the pilot valve. I know their isn't leaks or none big enough to hear.

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what would be a good material to use for the piston

What would be a good material to use for a piston other than pvc rod that's too expensive. I was thinking along the lines of cast epoxy or shapelock. I need a material that's pretty cheap too.

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Homebrew hydraulics?

I've been working on a project that, if I manage to build it as designed, would require four actuators or some kind no more than 1" in diameter. Hydraulics seem to be a good fit for this application (I wouldn't need more than 30 PSI, single acting only) since compressed air would be too "spongy." The actuators also need a total travel of about 24." That's where I run into trouble: I can't find hydraulic cylinders that meet the bore and stroke requirements. I have an idea to build my own which I'd like some feedback on before I dive in, or perhaps someone has an alternate suggestion. I have some thin walled, 1" chromed shower rod that makes a perfect outer cylinder (and the chrome finish would look snazzy!). Add in some 1/2" PVC pipe for the inside and I think I'm pretty close. First attempt was to make molded silicone pistons on the PVC. I got some pretty good results but it's not entirely leak-proof, so I lose pressure. My next idea is to use a rolling-sock seal made of 1" lay-flat PVC discharge hose. Bind the hose to the PVC pipe with a good seal, double it up over the pipe and seal the other end before stuffing it into the metal tube. Anyone think this is a lost cause, or have another suggestion?

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Quick Release Piston Blowback?

I have put a great deal of money into constructing a 6" air launcher, but to my dismay things didn't quite go as planned with the valve design.  I have attached a picture below of the valve's design.  The idea is that when the air is released from behind the piston, the piston should move back allowing air to exit through the 5" pipe.  The valve successfully holds pressure, but fails to fly back and I believe this is a result of the piston and barrel it is up against being equal in size.  I wouldn't have designed this in this way, but the large schedule 80 pvc tee only allows 1/4 inch around the sides of the piston at best.  I am curious if anyone has any ideas to make this piston valve work, I really don't want to pay 200 dollars to get a butterfly valve on it and would greatly appreciate any ideas that may make this work.  I promise videos of the beast once I get it up and running.  Launching 6" objects using up to 80psi will be a blast, literally if I ever get crazy enough to bring it up that high.  

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Single Piston Air engine

Hi all, need help/ advice in designing a single piston air engine, It is part of a mechanical engineering course I am currently studying, the only parameters i was given are - Single cylinder with vertically displaced piston with rotation of the input shaft on a horizontal axis - free standing with an operating envelope of 300mm x 300mm x 300mm - accommodate a nominal piston diameter of 20mm - engine capacity of 6.0cc / 6000mm (cubed) Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks in advance

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Piston heads- simple easy designs/ light materials?

I'm looking for an apropiate design soloution for making my own stirling engine piston heads. I plan on using O'rings for the seal and joined them to piston arms which in turn are connected to a crankshaft...please advice Once I'v built I'll upload pictures/tutorial (over the next few month)

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I'm making a pnuematic potato cannon and I need help on what is the best piston release method?

I know of two ways, but am looking for advice from veterans. I am not a novice at this, and cost is not a problem, so give all and any ideas. (illogical ones are accepted!)

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Is it possible to have a piston engine run backwards and generate electricity?

Such as a one-piston lawn mower engine.

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How can I make a piston? Answered

By that, I mean how can I make that disc that goes in the tube? I need it to be airtight (I'm planning  on using it in a homemade watergun). And if I can't make one, is there a non-online shop from which I can buy it?

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Is there a tutorial for a piston valve or a quick exhaust valve? Answered

 Does anybody have or know a tutorial to make a piston or quick exhaust valve for a pneumatic device

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gsmoon scooter 33cc removing piston?

i got the tranny off pull cord off engine is apart but cant get the rest apart to get the piston out can anyone help

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f-250 bad piston sleeve

cracked piston sleeve and no one will replace it without subjecting it to a need for a new engine block can i just replace the sleeve and keep the engine block

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can i replace a piston sleeve with out replacing the whole engine block?

F250 cracked piston sleeve and i want to just replace the piston sleeve can i do that with out replacing the whole engine block

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How is the little metal rod that goes through the piston rod on a food sealer vacuum pump held in place? Answered

Food save vacuum pump piston connecting rod pin.  Goes through piston connecting rod and into a little hole on the electric motor

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How is the piston on an old manual vac. pump repacked using leather sealant(packing) for which it was designed?

I have several antique manual piston vacuum pumps all of which need the pistons "repacked" with leather gaskets. The leather sealing gasket is specific for this type of antique pump and allows the lubricated piston and leather sealant to provide an airtight seal between the piston and the internal cylinder walls into which it inserts. The piston rod is pushed inward by way of handle which is attached to the piston rod in the cylinder. On manually pulling the handle or lever outward, and thus the piston, air is evacuated from a bell jar via tubing and a valve, the bell jar resting on a round metal plate or stage (sealed with vacuum grease) to which the tubung communicates and subsequently communicates with the pump. Upon pushing the pump lever inward (and thus the piston), air pulled into the pump cylinder on the evacuation stroke is vented to the exterior by means of a one way communication between the fore side of the piston and the aft side of the piston and to the atmosphere by way of a hole in the closed end of the piston cylinder. The cycle is repeated as necessary. Does anyone know how to repack the pistons with the required leather seals, or have a source for the leather seals, or know of a craftsman who knows how to accomplish repacking of these historical pumps (antique scientific instruments). Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Piston Travel Distance

I'm currently working on a coaxial spud gun with a 1.5 in. chamber and a 1/2 in. barrel. I need to know how much space behind the piston to leave. I was recently informed that the distance should be 1/4-3/8 in. Please tell me if you know anything

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How can I control hydraulic pistons using myoelectric (muscle signal) sensors ?

Hello, this is my first post. I've run into a problem. I've designed an exoskeletal armor system, yet don't know how to control it. I have an approximate idea; using myoelectric sensors on the major muscles of the arms, torso, and legs, it will track and replicate muscle movement patterns through hydraulic pistons in the suit. Problem being; I don't know how to activate the pistons using this method. I don't even know if you can attach the pistons to a micro controller the sensors are hooked up to. Any information that may help is appreciated. I am in no way a professional after all, and this is my most ambitious design yet. Certainly to be the most complicated, expensive, and tasking build I've done too. I will upload the designs whenever possible, as I have no scanner at this time.

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Comment réparer un moteur a gaz grippé d'un modèle réduit ? / how to repare a gripped gaz motor from a rc car ? Answered

My rc car motor piston ad been stock inside beacause of a little rock introduced by my friend wen he move up the candle...

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Steam engine model made entirely with glass!

Here is a beautiful model of a steam engine made with glass.

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Homemade airsoft sniper (need help on Piston)

Hey all :) , first of all , i dono if this is the right place to post this but , meh , tell me if its the wrong section... Guys , i need help on making a Piston with its cylinder . i have no idea what parts i should use , i thought of cans but most of them has a bend at the end... if u dont know what a piston is  , then here you go... and dont tell me to buy an airsoft sniper , they dont sell any here in bahrain -.-...

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New Vacuum Pump Idea

I have a new idea about a new type of positive displacement vacuum pump.  Its of the piston variety, but instead of a one way valve which doesn't work when the pressure gets low enough, another piston is used to act as a valve switching between the vessel to be evacuated (when the main piston is pulling a vaccum) and the atmosphere (when the piston pushes the air evacuated out). This solves the one way valve problem.  Could this pull a much lower vacuum?  I need a fairly strong vacuum, but I don't want to have to build/buy a turbomolecular pump. Also, i have a metal lathe, that's why i'm going with the piston variety.

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Stirling engine displacer design? Answered

I am designing a gamma Stirling engine (this type) and I am unsure how long the piston should be and how long its stroke length should be the specs for the cylinder and piston pipes are below. The pipe for the cylinder is stainless steel. Wall thickness: 1.56mm Outer diameter: 31.7mm Inner diameter: 28.6 Length: 200mm (can be cut smaller) (Stainless steel cap will be welded to one end, the other end where the shaft comes out will be plugged with this nylon/graphite stuff) The pipe for the displacer piston is aluminium pipe.  Wall thickness: 1mm Outer diameter: 27.88mm Inner diameter: 25.88mm Length: ? (Two aluminium plugs will be used to seal its ends) How long should the piston, cylinder and stroke lengths be based on the specs?

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I was thinking that what will happen if we arrange inlet & exhaust valves on the piston (spark plug remaining on cylinder head)? i think that may be by using metal foam on the cylinder head the knocking of the engine might decrease. please assume that somehow i use proper mechanisms for valve timing & they dont have any appreciable effect on the piston. just consider that the weight of the valves is added to the piston. i was wondering that this might increase the efficiency of the engine because suction will take place more slowly (so it will near a reversible process, so efficiency will increase) & force of the explosion will be better. please you ppl; if anybody can give me satisfactorily explanatory answers, do reply! :)

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is it possible to make a paper engine that runs off of hydrogen if it really sturdy and cylinder is lined with tin foil.

Ok so i have this edea to make a small two stroke engine out of paper and run it off of hydrogen witch i will make with a large battery and water like a fuel cell. But anyways ive allready built the piston and teh crankshaft and the encasing well most of it but i wanted to get some opinions on it can anyone help me? i should put on here that its not just a single sheet of paper thick um each component is 10 sheets of paper glued and compressed over 24 hours but also im thinking that if i lined the cylinder with tin foil it would stop the paper from burning and also the explosion will be very very micro sized probably 2x times smaller than a fire cracker and the compression will not be much of a problem because it works more off of the just the force of the pop. Ok so um the paper is yes just ordinary printer paper you can get at walmart for $2.50 but i cut out the shape i am making about 10 to 12 times sometimes 15 even and glue them all then stick it under a couple boxes of clay i have that are about oh well idk but allot of wheight and when its done each peace is about 1/6 of and inch thick so basicly about the thickness of chipboard.

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inflating and deflating a air bladder continuously?

I am interested in a project however what i need to do is to inflate and deflate a air bladder repeatedly on a continuous cycle (so inflation and the deflation). This making me think of a piston style pump hooked up to a motor which I can control through use of a variable resistor. Is there any piston style pump i can use or is there a alternative which would be better. (I do have a budget of around 70usd)

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how can I increase compression ...

How can I increase compression  in a small (5-10 hp) engine without buying a new piston or head?

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Do we need another cannon

So After toying with the Idea of making a large and powerful cannon without making a piston valve I do believe I have an answer to the problems associated with using ball valve (bad for power) and piston ported valves (too much effort) I think I've found a simple way of making this work, only question is, with gas power and pneumatics galore do we need another? It would be in the same sort of category as the behemoth but a simpler build, what does everyone think?

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Hi, i would like to make an electric machine that imitates a boxer throwing left and right punches(fixed to a wall)?

Im not sure whether to use hydraulics( like two pistons) or like a chain machine type thing. i would like to bolt it to a wall to practice my timeing, ducking and weaving- when i do not have someone to spar with. i would like it if possible to be able to have something which rotatets either arms like 2 pistons back and forth. i just cant seem to workout how to get the arms to go? thanks for any help

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FoodSaver Vac 500 pump parts?

I took apart my slowly sucking Vac 500 and discovered the plastic ring around the piston on the pump is broken and I'd like to replace the part.  Any leads?

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Subaru legacy outback 1997 no compression? EJ25 DOHC Rebuilt heads/piston rings/gaskets/seals/timing Answered

I toasted my Subaru about a year ago and just now am able to work on it. Had the heads rebuilt, piston rings,gaskets and seals...I do a compression check and zero on all 4. What else could it be? The lifters? I'm really at a loss and trying to fix it. Been contemplating getting an actual mechanic to come out and look it over, but I would rather try everything I can first. Anything at all to point me in a new direction would be awesome. Thanks

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does anyone know anything about different types of plastic? Answered

I am building a small compressed air engine, (3/8" dia pistons). I am looking for a plastic that will be cheap, smooth, and easy to manipulate, but not flimsy at all. It will not have very much stress from torque, tension, or compression. It will have a little pressure inside. I will use this plastic for the cylinders, pistons, and some valves. I am going to buy my plastic from www.mcmastercarr.com I am thinking PETE, UHMW, or PVC. Does anyone have any particular suggestions? feel free to ask for more details.

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Is there an easy design to eliminate air leak in the breech system of a Nerf Longstrike? Answered

I have a Nerf Longstrike, which i have modded for better performance. I removed the air regulator in the barrel, plugged some holes in the piston, and put padding in to protect the pieces from the increased power of the piston. As i was trying different barrel mods, i noticed something. The breech has a long tube that serves the functions of shutting the breech, accepting the dart from the clip, and delivering the air from the piston. When the breech is closed, this tube sticks into the back of the actual barrel. I noticed that where this tube fits into the back of the barrel, there is a 1mm crack all the way around, letting all the air out. the barrel isn't even a sealed system! I have tried several methods to seal this, but all have failed, ruined the performance, or prevented firing. Does anyone have any suggestions about this? If i can seal this well, all the air will be used to pressurize the barrel, without rushing out of the breech tube after the dart has left. 

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Engine Cumbustion & Etc.

I've been knocking around an idea in my head and I was wondering if anyone had an answer to a few problems associated with said idea. One of the problems/road-blocks is how do modern cars run? More specifically, is the gasoline that goes into the pistons for combustion an actual air/gas mixture, or is it air/liquid-gasoline? And is there a way to manually adjust the ratio of air-to-combustible? The reason I ask is because I was hypothesizing whether or not it would be feasible to replace gasoline with a more efficient combustible, and this combustible would greatly depend on what is actually put into a modern petroleum-based car engine's pistons. Thanks for any info!

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can we use the magnetic attraction and repulsion in petrol engine? Answered

Instead of using compressing of gas using  combustion and passing gas and using spark plugs ..... shall we use a dipole magnet in the place of spark plug and and a magnetic piston with a pole on top side.if we rotate the magnet at the spark plug place ,when the opposite pole comes down .......the piston due to attractive force goes up and when like pole comes up it will get repulsed and goes down by this crank can be rotated.this is basically based on the principle of magnetic attraction and repulsion........ i am just a college student its just an idea that came into my mind......please say whether it is possible or not...

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Increase compression of an engine Answered

I am hoping to find a way to increase the compression of a small.18 radio control engine. I was wondering if applying high temperature epoxy would work because it will go on the sleeve rubbing against the piston or holding aluminum foil with the epoxy. 

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Manual air compressor

I had this idea just drop on me a few minutes ago and I was wondering if anyone could give me some feedback on if something like this would be feasible or not. Also if anyone thinks it's a good idea just go ahead and build it because I dont have the tools or space for something like this in any case. The idea is to have some sort of tank with a large internal volume, cut it of at the top and arrange a sort of secured piston with a heavy weight on top, attach it all to a frame so that the piston stays level and secure. The piston with the weight on can then be connected to a multi-stage pulley system to allow one to lift the  heavy weigth, sure it would take a long time but for a manual air compressor it should be feasible Then at the bottom of the tank one would have a high pressure release valve with some sort of standard connector for transfering the compressed air to a sort of pressure tank for use. I never saw anything like this before, although I'm sure someone must have done it at one point or another. So what do you all think? Any input?

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weedeater repair and stuff

how would you fix a weedeater where it wont suck any gas in it has lost compression and you can actually hear grinding in the cylinder when the piston moves up and down and a screw stripped on the crankcase? and you cant get off the exhaust because it was like welded on.

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how can the shape and amount of spark gaps of a Tesla Coil effect the spark?

Want to have more plasma, tu use for vapourizing water to be used as motoric force (push pistons or turbine).  haven't made the coil yet, so it's a theoretical question for me

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Extending Office Chair?

I want to raise the height of my office chair, about 4" or so, but I don't know how to do it. The piston is already maxed and its still too short. Does anyone have any ideas on how I could accomplish this?

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Today I was shooting some targets with my SRC M16A3. All of a sudden, during a full auto burst, the gun stopped firing. Now, whenever I pull the trigger, I here this terrible whirring sound like a power drill, and the gun does not fire. I check the battery. Then, I tried to adjust the motor height, and that didn't do anything. I removed the motor from the grip to see if anything was wrong with it, and it is totally intact. Can somebody please explain to me how this problem can be fixed with minimal internal gearbox work? Because it is a sportline type gun, I don't feel that overhauling the gearbox with reinforced components would be worth the money or labor. I have a bad feeling that the bevel gear or piston may be stripped, and don't want to deal with the hassle of replacing, shimming, and re-lubricating all of the gears.

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How do I calculate how much air expands when heated?

I want to build an air operated damper control for a wood stove. I'm thinking of a tube attached to the stack, so that the air in it expands and moves a piston or diaphram to work the damper.

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How can I weld/ fuse aluminium without a welder? Answered

I am trying to make a Stirling engine, for the displacer piston I need to weld an aluminium tube to some aluminium plate and possibly bar but I don't have any welding equipment, so any suggestions?

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Tesla turbines as viable generators?

Anyone have any thoughts about Tesla turbines, potentially as something steam based to plug into an alternator? The internet seems to be of the opinion that they're either fantastic or crap. I'm thinking of this as an easier and cheaper option than a steam piston or Stirling system for my solar energy thing.

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