Hi what kind of herbs/seeds can i plant in a recycled plastic bottle?

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Fluorescent Plants

Recently I presented a science teacher in my school, Mr. Zhang with the idea of growing plants with tonic water which contains quinine to see if they would glow under a black light. Today we saw that these bean sprouts had defused and taken in the tonic water, as a result the bean sprouts were fluorescent under the black light. I first chose the mung bean / bean sprout because I know that bean sprouts are translucent and it would be easier to see the glow, but now I want to find out if the seed will take in the quinine, and if so would the quinine be in the flesh of the plant at all. Another test that Mr. Zhang and I were considering was to use a tonic water in a hydroponic system to see if the plants utilize the quinine. Dr. Paul Williams suggested that I grow fastplants in the dark, because their stem is translucent is grown in the dark. (Mr. Zhang knew him from a workshop he did involving fastplants) I'll be updating this as I continue the study, I'll start growing very soon, as soon as I order the supplies that are necessary. The picture below, is of two mung beans, the one on the left took in the quinine, and the one of the right is normal.

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Identifiying a plant

Does anyone know what type of plant this is?

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What plant is this? Answered

It has soft, fuzzy leaves.

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tomato plants?

I have planted my tomato plants outside in my garden. The low tempts have been 40-45ï20First few days were OK, now they are getting yellow leaves and looking bad. What is the cause for this and can I recover?

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What is this plant?

My mum asked me to find out for her what this plant is. Any ideas anyone? We presume it's from one of the seeds that's fallen out of the bird feeder. She let it grow so she could find out what it is. If it helps, she lives in the SE of England. Thanks.

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Robotic Planting

Peter Sands shows off his latest arduino-based creation over at adafruit industries. The giant robot creates a garden, plants seeds, waters them and lovingly tends to it. Check out the sweet video!via: Hack-A-Day

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Plant donations for vivarium/ plant scape?

Im working on putting together a small viv with running water and small plants and was wondering if any members had any plants they would be willing to donate to me(: im looking for any freebees but im mainly on the lookout for grassy/ mossy short  smallish plants like hairgrass, java moss, riccia if no one has any freebees if anyone can point me to somewhere where i can get some of the plants that im looking for without having to join another forum and become someones friend :p id also be willing to pay for shipping! located in SoCal Thank You

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genetic modified plant?

My 12 year old daughter needs to do a genetic modified plant or coss breeding of plants can you help

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poisonous plants in montana? Answered

What are any poisonous plants in montana? (preferably ones that will knock someone out) I am trying to write a western and the hero needs to knock out (or give them really awful stomach cramps) also they need to be able to be found in the wild, and please insert a pic or a link to pic (if possible)

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Artificial plant light??

So I am trying to crate artificial light for plants at night. I would like to have an IC that can switch during a certain number of hours at night. I want the IC to turn on around lets say 1900 with red leds and a few hours later blue leds come on. I also what to put a LDR on it that way it turns off in the moring when the sun rises. I have looked on here and couldn't find anything with an ic that can do that any suggestions would be much appreciated

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Flowering plant identification

I live in Chicago, IL and have a plant in my garden that I can't identify.  It is a  perennial.  The leaves are smoke-green and look a bit like marijuana leaves.  The plant drapes over and is covered in single yellow blooms that close up at night time and reopen each day.  Each flower has five flat heart shaped petals.  There is no odor to either the plant or the flower.  I will try to attach pictures to help with identification.  Thanks!

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Toxin-Targeting Plants

Plants in your home can do much more than make a room aesthetically pleasing. Certain plants can minimize or neutralize the damage of three of the most common household toxins: trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene. This chart from Good Magazine shows you which plants you can use to turn your house into a floral, detoxed home.Link

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How to reroot a plant??

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hanging tomato plants?

This is my first attempt at hanging plants. my question is will the plants eventialy hand down or will they continue to grow up. thanks.

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My self Mriganka Bhuasan Debnath, from Kolkata, India. I want to setup a electroplating adhesive  sticker plant. Some one help me to setup this type of plant. this is a youtube video link : THANKS MRIGANKA BHUSAN DEBNATH mail : Mob :+919933144910

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Repotting flower plants

I tried repotting flowers from one pot to another but they die.  I am doing something wrong. How can I repot flower plants from one pot to another.  What soils and other items do I need and is there a certain size flower pot I have to repot them in or does it depend on how big I want the flower to grow.  I want to put these flower(s) plants on my patio.  Sometimes during the day my patio has a lot of sun and other times it does not.  What is the best flower plant(s) for this. What is the best way to take care of a repotted flower plant.

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Plant Electricity Generator?!

OK. this is gonna sound very crazy. i remember learning this thing about photosynthesis. there are electron acceptors and donors. during photosynthesis, the electrons are passed on and on. it's like redox reaction. or perhaps it is redox reaction. anyway i came up with a crazy idea of generating electricity from plants. there just might not be enough electrons to do the "work" (to get at least 5V? impossible.). batteries have the + and - terminal. plants have electron acceptors and donors. crazy, eh? what do y'all think?

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Space power plant

International project. Space station. Geostationary earth orbit. Solar energy flow. Microwave oven generator of big power. Transfer to Earth of energy in the form of a beam (microwave oven beam, microwave oven energy). Geographical point for reception of a beam - the desert. On Earth of the microwave oven energy will be transformed to electric energy. It is offered to discuss this project!

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Name that Plant! I sure can't! :) Answered

I purchased this plant 3 years ago in Ohio at a Kmart and brought it home to Georgia as a souvenir. I try to save the nametags but this one apparently disappeared and I can't recall what type of plant it is! It doesn't flower and seemed to spread a little but hasn't really done so in a while. It is a perennial and stays green for the most part and doesn't tend to die out and return each year. Any clue? Thanks so much! (I had attached a picture and sure didn't know that it didn't appear!)

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can a halogen light bulbkeep plants alive indoors? Answered

Like this one

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how does plants divide oxygen from water? Answered

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Will an LED on 24-7 mess up a house plant?

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Good Plants to Grow in a Dorm (1 Gal Container Limit)

What are some good plants to grow in a dorm room? I am limiting the container sizes to about 1.5 gallons (About 6.825 liters). Preferably something that would bear fruits or something. No herbs because I can't do any cooking anyway. East facing window. I've though of -Cherry tomatoes (A bit too big) -Strawberries -Black Pepper?

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Do These Plants Need Stakes? Answered

Firstly, when I say "stakes" I mean a giant setup made out of 2 stakes and chickwire, extremely good for climbing (in brilliant Australian sub-tropical, metal in full sunlight still can't burn plants). Tomatoes Kidney beans Black-eyed peas Soy beans Adzuki beans Watermelon Mung beans Sweet corn Pumpkin Cucumber Zucchini

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Things a plant would say...

I'm working on something fun...  We'll leave it at that for now. I need a nice, long list of things a plant would say to a human.  Humor and biology geekiness are welcome!  Patches to folks who come up with the most phrases or the best phrases.  Keep it PG though, ok? Here are some examples: "I think you should become a meatatarian" "So when are you going to evolve and run on sunshine, like I do?" "Gahhh!  Aphids!  Get 'em off!  Get 'em off!" "I'm thirsty.  Water Me!" "Audrey II is my hero." "No worries, baby - I'm organic!" "When you belch it's like a breath of fresh air." "My pistol is useless against insects!" "If you kill me, I think you should try a rock garden next."

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need help with identifying a plant

Can anyone tell me what this plant is?

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Can somebody identify this plant?

This plant popped up about 18 months ago or so...its approx. 24" tall. With berries!

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need help identifying a plant

My mother recently received a plant that she could not identify if anyone can help out in finding out what kind of plant this is  thank you, fidgety 2

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Two diffrent avacados plants ?

I planted two hass avacodo seeds and they both look  diffrent,Can anybody tell me what the other one is?     

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Educational Planting Project for Children

Would anyone have a quick planting project for children that I would able to use at a Green Fair that is coming up?  Thanks!

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Is it safe to plant in plastic bottles ?

Although i havve a garden at my house, i would like to make a mini garden on my balcony and i was wondering if it was possible to plant in a plstic bottle..

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What dissolves plant matter? Answered

Hi, Thanks for stopping by. I do a lot of demo's for my family's kids to show how stuff works - it seems to work as they remember a lot, and they ask for more. I want to show how tough plant life is, and I have a range of acids to show how plants do not dissolve easily (to do with the cellulose) - does anyone know what would dissolve plant matter, please? Many thanks.

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proper Ginger beer plant?

Any kind person prepared to send me a small original  ginger beer plant. I'm in the UK and will meet any cost involved.

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Question on plant cell life?

Hey, As someone who wants to try micropropagation I would like to know how long plant cells can live when cut from the main tissue that they're found? And if the liquid that they're suspended in and the nutrients really make the difference can I be advised as to what solution to make up for transport? Any help would be great, Thanks, Tom

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Can somebody identify this plant?

I bought this plant a couple of weeks ago in the houseplant section of my local garden centre. It came with a label that I soon found to be completely wrong (It's certainly not a cactus) and now I have no idea how to look after it. At first it grew very quickly and then slowed down dramatically, so I fear that it isn’t getting the right care. It has long, smooth, chunky leaves (Though I’m not sure you would call them leaves) and a pale green stem. At first most of the plant was covered with a kind of hydrophobic white powder that has since worn off. If someone could provide the name of this plant that would be perfect, thanks a lot!

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Do Plants Such as Vegtables count?

Do the entries have to be flowers or can we also submit helpful Instructables on how to grow richer and better tasting fruits or vegetables?

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Is it possible to grow a plant in a bottle? Answered

I just got a great idea that I would like to try. I tried searching the web for similar ideas, but found nothing. So, I have decided to try it and post an instructable. My idea is to insert some garden soil into a 1.5 liter plastic bottle then drop in a seed and cover it lightly with some more soil. Then, I will punch a few holes in the bottle cap and screw it on. Will the seed germinate and grow? Thanks.

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Grow a plant in my locker?

Currently, this is an idea, and i am simply expanding on it. I had this great idea, mostly as a joke, why not grow a plant in a spare locker? I am currently a high school student that goes to a small school, and have way too much time on my hands. As i was looking at the empty lockers we have from students who left, or even just spares, an idea hit me. Why not put one of these lockers to good use? Why not put a plant inside of it, that can sustain most if not all of itself? Have a gallon of water in there, along with an arduino and a moisture sensor, that would end up watering the plant. I would also have an artificial light source to provide light, preferably LED. The hardest bit is the power. All of this would run off of either a SLA battery or two, or maybe a drill battery. I could swap the battery once every day, which means it would need to go for 24 hours without stopping. That, and the weekends, which would be three full days. I first thought about mushrooms, or other dark growing plants, but i find that boring, lacking a challenge. besides doing this just for jokes, i have also wanted to try out the idea of growing a plant fully indoors without the use of natural sunlight. I have never done this, so please feel free to bombard me with recommendations. Again, this is only an idea. I can only assume it's possible. Also, recommendations on parts and methods would be sweet. Some type of light that can be powered on 12-24v, and run off of a SLA or maybe even a lawnmower battery for minimum of 3 days. Also, plant. I was thinking a tomato plant? Some species that doesn't grow taller than 2.5ft? Anyway, that's the idea. If you guys could help with ideas, provide recommendations, or point me in the correct direction, that'd be sweet. Last note, i would like to keep this cheap. I am not going for some extreme garden or anything. Just a single plant, in a semi-self sustaining locker.

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how can i obtain seed of roses and other plants and even indoor bamboo plants?

how can i obtain seed of roses and other plants and even indoor bamboo plants, easily at home.

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How does infrared light affect plants?

Specifically tomatoes.

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What are some of the most poisonous plants? More explanation within. Answered

Well, to make a long story short, I am making a bed of poisonous plants and doing some research. It will have a fence around it and everything will be labeled so you do NOT eat it. We have lots of toddlers around.... and it would be bad if they ate anything poisonous.

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Talk about One of Your Cool Plants and Get a Totally Random Patch

Here's a challenge to get to know your plants better.  I'd love to hear about a plant that absolutely everyone should know about.  Please write a little piece on the plant (facts, how you got it, what makes it so cool, whatever), and please include a picture.  It doesn't have to be the most exotic plant that you own because what's exotic to you might be mundane for someone else and vice versa.  Of course, you're more than welcome to write about something exotic, but it's not required.  Just show-and-tell a plant that you love and think everyone should love...  well, a plant that every plant nerd should love at the very least. So let me tell you about Lenophyllum texanum: Lenophyllum texanum (aka Texas Sedum, Coastal Stonecrop, Sedum texanum, or Villadia texana) is a Texas native that I purchased last year at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center spring sale. This is a succulent with an herb-like habit. It's SUPPOSED to bloom in the summer, but mine bloomed all winter. It's also supposed to be 8" tall and 4" wide, but mine's the opposite and sprawls a bit like a lazy mint. I can chalk that up to it receiving more shade than what it would probably enjoy. There are only 7 species within the genus (Family: Crassulacaea), and this is the only species that appears on Dave's Garden. The genus was named in 1904 by J. N. Rose, and its status as a genus separate from Sedum or Villadia is a matter of discussion. Again, it seems to be another plant, much like the Leuchtenbergia principis, that's difficult to place within a taxonomy.    

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When I was a kid my mom used to have these clay worm thing in her plants to indicate when the plant needed water.

I would try to make them but if I need to buy them that is ok too.

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upsidedown tomato planting,how do I do this?

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I have a set of 6 small glass tubes. Is there a small plant or flower I can plant in them?

The tubes are 4" in diameter, 6" in length and have screw on lids. The glass is 1/4" thick.

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What kind of Agave is this? Answered

DUDE!   There is a lot of different kinds of Agave out there. These I "rescued" from a dry death at a foreclosed property. I cant seem to put a name to an image.   Thanks

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GIBBERELLIC ACID MIX? When using gibberellic acid for miracle fruit tree,what is the concentration mix ? Answered

I recieved my gibberellic acid kit from united nuclear and the bottle say's 1 part acid and 1 part water to make 50% stock solution.the mixture sheet say's how to mix for 250 ppm and 500 ppm, which is the right mix? the spray bottle is marked for the 2 different concentrations of 250 ppm and 500 ppm.Which is the right mixture of these 2 or is the 1part acid and 1 part water the right mix? i am not good with numbers or measurements, so please be spcific! thankt you !!!! As requested here are the instructions for the mix.The mix is to be used on seeds from the miracle fruit tree!

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